Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1908
Page 3
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-t. I 1/ A BIG SALE One lot of richly trimmed broadcloth Suits, v^orth $30.00, on sale Friday and Saturday, All of our 125 00 Suit?, on sale for One lot of 115.00 Suits on sale Friday and Saturday, choice Arabian Net Waists, with lace and IhPer- tion trimming, regular $2.00 value, CI nti Hjilp fnr .' tPl.07 A big reduction on all Separate Skirts for Friday and Saturday Ail $5.00 Separato J^kiris on salp for S4.15 All $6.00 Separate Skirts on sale, for $5.00 All $C.50 Separate Skirts on sale for $5.25 AH $7 .00 Separate Skirts on sale for '. $5.85 All $7 .50 Separate Skirts on sale for $(}.15 Ail $8.00 Separate Skirts on sale for $0.85 .\11 $8.ri0 Separate Skirts on sale for $7.25 il • i..r $;.S5 All $fi.00 oSparatp Skircs on All $10.00 Separate Skirts on SIIP for All $10.50 Separate Skirts on sale i'or $8.15 A'l $12 .r .0 Separate Skirts on sile for #8.95 All $1 .1 .00 Separate Skirls on 8;ile for $10..'?5 All $17.50 Separate Skirts on saie for . . .• $1:?.85 When the Register's chief admirer of Christy Matbews(n(.;^^e . Uiooos pitcher of the New '.Yodc leagije ball team. ni <^r^ sas" City paper on his arrival at the office this morning, an expression of disgu.ot. then of indignation and finally of excruciating pain passed over his face. In season and out, he has always been a worshipper at the| shrine of the great twirlfer. . Whenever the big ball tosser lost a game last summer, the Register's baseball fan refused to believe that it was' because of any fault of "MJatty." Even when ri.p star twirler lost that last game against ifordecai Brown, he re- m&ined steadfast and insisted that "Matty*" was the greatest pitoher in the^ world. When it was sn^ested som^ time aeo by an lolt citizen to nin Mordecai Brown for the presidency, the fan was up in arms and he proceeded to arrange meptlngs in; :hls w.inl for Wathewson. Then the talk about ninnin.t; Brown suliSided and I lie fripnd of thp Giant pitcher leaned back in his chair, pxprcss- ion of triumph on his facp. But the "blow that killed father" fell this n^orning when iiip fan opened tffp pagps of the Kansas City paper and t w with his own eyes that Matty d addressed a Democratic meeting in New York city. While ^^he had never taken up the matter of politics with "Matty." he had never suspected for .1 minute that a twirler with such a mighty arm. with .^ucb a keen baseball insight and with such gentle- n-anly .-onduct eoulil subscribe for a minuip to any of the tenents of Bryan. Hazing at the telAale lines in the dispafch giving the account of •'Afatty's" sp'^pch. the fan exclaimed with utt.'r despair in his'voice. "How the mig;;ty have fallen." "Matty's" chief backer was gradii- ally recovering from the shock this af- tf-rnooii and when the oth^r reporters, joshed him about Christy's political siunt, the fan .said with forced cheerfulness in his voice: "OJi. T never did believe Matty was much of a pitcher. I was just kidding,you." SAMPLE BALLOT* FQB GEXEltAL ELECTION HATE-BEEN RECEITE1>. WIDE AS A RJEGISTER PAGE ARE FORTY NAME.S IX EACH OF FIRST THREE rOLITTV -S. All Have Full List of faadldates fnr the State Offices Except the independent. PLAY PRANKS? YES. CAREFULLY. Police Will Not ^Tolerate Depredations on Hallowe'en. ••Ju«t a.- long as the Hallowe'en prank players keep themsplvpj^ within the bounds of rea.'son and no damage is done to property, the police l.xniANA GL.VSSBLOW- ERS FOR TAFT. Thej Decliue to Follow fionipcrs Into the Camp of Bryan. Glassblowing is one v.( Indiana's important Industrie.'!. The glassblOw- ers are an intelligent class of workers, and they mean to act on their own judgment in making a choice of can- will not interfere with the celebration 1 dld.iies. They decline to follow C.omp of A if Souls day." William C.atos. "^jj^l^ camp of Br.van and "a .. , , „ .J . . .... tariff for revenue ouly' because they chief o! police. .<;a.d fins morning. "It ^^^^ 1,^. ,,5^,^^ experience what that i:= to he rv|,pc !H(l :hat I '.iere will bo would mean. Many of them voted for more or less noise next Satur.iay Cleveland, and got the Democr.atic Wil nlsht and tlie kids wi'l be out for their ««>n-Gorman tariff as a resulV. bring , , , ^ ^ ing with n four years of trade denres- fun. hut It should be understood that ^j^,, ^.^^^^ ^ the fun must he kept within the lim- and they didn't want th:it four year.s itation of common sense. If the eel- over again, with probably worse con- .ebration approaches the depredation d'tions under Bryan. Wliile. therefore , ,„ , . , those who are members of the Feder- stage. he will arrest those who so of- j^^bor will remain in the Fed f'^nd." [cration. they refuse to be diciaied to Several sperial officers will walk'hy Oompers as to their course on beats to .see that Hallowe'en mis-j ^'f.^'""'^ay 'hat nie-.ins that ihey I will vote for Taft. walk mischief-makers do not violate the law. Undoubtedly the same will The First and G'ossard Corsets at Less tban Re|iilar Prices We have received fr «Bi the fHctorji lU doxeu 01* thei«e tiossnnl Corsets, whirh, on exiimluiit !0Q, we find to hare "klcMCh sitot .s,** some the lilie «f a thuwh u 'l, Konie H trifle hinter, sone srarcely diseernlhle, Bothioir more serious than a slffrht disroloratloa here and (here, which in no nay weakens the I 'aiirirs or affecU the ('»ir>et. Kvery Corset sold will he 'fitted nith the exlrenie ^ar^ exercised h) our expert fitters |.i ke|liii|r (lOssard Corsets at regular price. ^HIS BIG CORSET SALE CONTINUES ALL WEEK be followed by a multitude of other members of the Federation throughout the rnlicd States. Kno^i-ing that when they joined that organization they did not surrender their indiiical .freedom. :ind conscious of the fact that he iri- miiph of Iti-yanism would mean ruin for .Vmerican industries, hosts of labor unionists will aisslst^ln piling up a majority tor William H. Taft and !bo K^ublican polioy of jjroiociion. pro.sress and prosperity. XBAR. DEATH'S DOOR. "I was near to death's door. 1 The ioctor said he had ^done all he could; that my stomach was old and worn out I was so .weak 1 could not walk. I took Mi-o-na tablets, and have been ^able to work like eating hearty ever since, and I am a tiger.' T wi.'sh t could go and thank you myself. I spud yon my picture, and' you can use my word and my picture, and I thank you again."—Mrs. \-hr.n Lucler. Ill' Ki.«h Si.. Afhol. .Mass. :»Ii-o-na cures dyspspsia. If any of the readers of The Register are suffering from stomach trouble of any kind. Chas. B. Spencer & Co. will seil you a box of .Mi-o-na for 30 cents with an absolute guarantee of relief, or money b.nck. In many cases one box will pfi>ct a permanent cure; in chronic conditions more .is necessary. Rut one thing is certain: one box of Mi-o-n.i will make you feel so much better :jn«l brighter, so much more energetic.! that you will not give it up ilil cur.d. NEWS OF GAS CITY TIIK CHOItAL (LIB WILL HAVE CilAIKlK OF I-KCTCKE COCK.SE. Fin'nirn of City Will .Meet in Regular Session This Evening—.Much Busl- ness Will Be Considered. Whilp enrotite to Tola from Moran4 early this morning C. C. Ausherman Republican candidate for county treasurer, met Gipson Holt, his opponent. Mr. Ausherman had been to Moran to hear Senator Long while Mr. Holt had attended the EVemocrat Ic meeting at Mildred. Said Mr. Holt, "Well what kind of a meeting di^ you have at Mbran?" "Well," ?aid Mr. Ausherman. "W« had what I wotild call a splen.lid meeting." Then answered Mr. Holt. "We had what I believe to be the best political meeting ever held in I lie city of Mildred." Mr. Ausherman reflected a minute and then replied." I think tKIs is onei time when a Democrat is telling the trutK f have an idea your meeting was the best ever held in the city of| Mildred. If I am not mistaken. Mildred is a vprj- young town am^ never had a political rally before." Firemrn to Meet. The member? of the ciiy fire depart- iiiPiii will ho:d Ihei:- regular meetinc ;hi .N evening. There are a number of iiiiportan! matters to be considered and it is hoped that there will be a full attendance. DRY CALL FOR BOTKIN ..The Kansas State Temperance Union Refures Statements Made by Democrats About Speech. T»»j»<'l<a. f^'t- -"•—The stato tern- p.'rancc union issued .1 signctL stat«^ un^nt through Roh.»rf Norris. us sec- P 'lary. tiMliiy. While the statement do* s pot advocate the defeat of J. D. Botkin. IVmocraiic candidate for coventor, if pivps i im faint praise. In the statement Mr. Norris says: ".Mr. Stuhhs'has for, a number of .\<-ars been a supporter of the state temperance union. Mr. Botkin hfs likewise always supported the union. Three is no question as to the per- ronal sentiments of each of these j gentlemen, btit somp how the wet i.nnd lawless element of this state are I actively lined tip against Stubbs and I Jackson. I The cause of the statement was the p'marks made by Mr. Botkin and other Democrats that the union was being managed in the interests of the Republicans. Mr. Norris refutes this statement and shows that the Democratic candidate for governor was of- Will Have Charee. Tli.^ Choral Club of this ciiy will have charge iif -rhe leciure course. Prof. T. K. hsborn. superintendent of the ciiy schools, has been chosen chairr.ian of the committee frpm the elub which wili have the manage-, mem o^tbe course. The Choral club will furnish two*of the numbers. Talking Politlc.«s. Folijics 1 .1 the principal subject of coiAt rsation these days. On the strfct.=. men can be seen cougrepated toseiher. Jt would lie a safe bet if one should drhw near he would find bai polities was ln'ini; discussed. Distributing Advertising. Cunls advertising the foot hall game bei-.veen ihe .Triplets, a foot ball team :'i)n;|)Osed of tlas Ciiy, La Harpe and loLi playors. and a team from Inde- prndenci*. Kas.. are being distributed in this city. The game will lie playpd ni Ihe Kleciric park next Sunday .tf- ii rnoun Tcrsonals. l^ F. Bor.^er. of .Muran. was in the r;i> .ve.-icrUa.x aIi«'riio.^n on a business \ .sit F. U. Tliayer. of Topeka. Kas.. was I •re yest»-rd*> vtstilng his brotht -r. .Mr. and .Mrs. Wycoff returned 10 I'leir home lit Thayer. Ka.-«.. this rnorn Ifew When Jim Frederickson alighted from a Bassett car as it reached the junction on north Washington street this morning he carried a large gal vanlzed can used as a receptacle for election iJcket.s. 'VSTiat are yon doing with that. Jim?" inquired a friend. "Well you see there are no Dejtaocrats in Bassett and we won't need to have an election. We will jitist turn into the county clerk the number of qualified voters in Bassett, that will be Taft's majority."Mr. Frederickson was bringing the can to lola to have repairs made on ir. " — THE PERFECT WAY. ing iifier a uves in ibis Mrs. G. F. the Luesi of dsi^s visii with rcla- ciiy. Robins, of 1^ llarpe, wa5 relatives here yesierday. Texas Land.«. See us aliout (;ulf Coa-t Country lands that (an be Imughi on monthly payment plsn, lands that will produce from $3tW to ifi ^W per acre; aUo liome exchanges. WIIITAKER & nO .NNEI.L. Over' Our Way. Scores of lola CitlzeD.<; Hare Learned lt._ Jt you .suffer from backache. There is onl.v one way to cure it. The perfect way i> to cure the kid neys. A bad back means sick kidneys. .Neglect it. urinary troubles follow Doan's Kidney I'iMs are made foi kidneys only. Are pndorse«i by lola people. W. B. KeJley. of :t07 N. Huckeyp St. lola. Has., says: "I have been troubled with backache on and off for years and .attribute it 10 the bard work i have done. Sto<^>ping or lifting wa sure to bring on a pain acro.-.-s my luin .s. Finally 1 came to the conclit sion ihni my kidneys were to blame and I went 10 t'has. U. ripencer> druc stnre for a boi. The morning I call ed I had bpcu doin;; .some paintiuc and my l>ack was cuiKsiu.ii nie a Kood deal of trouble, .\fter dinner I ivKtk a duse and half an hour tifier my back was free fnHU imin. 1 kepi on lAk ing the reniPily until ih.» ^Mutiip left nie. and fitun that time until A »hurt time ago I did not hare any sign ot backache, in layinz a walk I over exerted mys»*!f.xnd ihi.s brought on a return of the trouble. I)oans Kidney Pills soon relieved me. however.-and 1 Will always? have a good word (c speak for ihem." For .sale by all dealer.^ Price iiO cents. Fo.-ter;Milhurn Co.. Buffalo. New York; .-ole agents for the I'nited States. Aemember the name—Doan'=—and take no other. Sample copies of the ballots ^hich will be used in the coming election have been received in lola. There will be three separate ballots—one for the presidential electors, state and county ticket, one for the township ticket, and one for the two constitutional amendments and the high school proposition. The big ballot i.s'\a large one. It fs almost as wide as a page of the Register and longer than a Register Beginning at the left jside, the Republican ticket comes first, then the Democratic, then the Socialist, then the Prohibition and then the Inie- pendent. The latter i.s followed by a. blank column. All five panics have a full list of Presidential electors, and all have a full list of candidates for slat© offices, except the Independence, who made no nomination of candidates for jnsti.ies of the supreme court. WTien it comes down to the county tickets, there are three in the field— the Republican, the Democratic and t>.p. Socialist. Altogether there are forty names in each of the first three columns, from top to bottom. Beneath the heading of each ticket is a circle and by making a cross mark >n this circle the voter can cast a ballot for every candidate on that Ucket. The instructions for voting priiited at the head of the ballot lay down the followifag rules: If you tear, deface or wrongfully mark a ballot, return it to the judge.i and receive another. lola voters will have a township ballot to cast, the same as dwellers In rural precincts. The township officials who are to be elected in this city, are two justices of the peace and two •constables. There wjll be tWo tickets on the township baltot. which will be a separate ballot. The two will be tte Republican and the Democratic Besides these two ballots there will be a third one. It will contain the two propositions to amend the constittition and the proposition to adopt or reject the Barnes high school law. The first proposition submitted -is the one to amend the constitution With regard to compensation for member? of the legislature. If carried It will the pay of state senators and renrpsentatives from |3 a lay tb $500 for each repular session and $100 for each special session. The second one is the proposition to amend the constitution the judicial amendment to the constitution. The amendment proposed is as follows: "The justices of the supreme court and the judges of all courts of record of this state shall, at stated times receive for their services such compensation as may be provided by law which shall not be increased during their respective terms 'of oflSce. Sit;h justiceis or judges shall receive no fees or perquisites nor hold any other office of profit or trust under the authority of the,state or the Fnited States, except the oflBce of Judge of any federal court or justice or judge of a' court of this state during the term of office for which such ju.-- tices and judges shall be elected, nor practice law in any of the courts in the state during their continuance in ofHee." ' The high school proposition is one which, Jf adopted, provides that the county commissioners may levy an annual- tax of not less than one-fourth of a mill nor more than three mills for the benefit of -the high schools in Khe county. If it carries it will dO away with the collectton of tuition from students wbo do not live In the district in which the high school they attend Is located. In order to share ill the disbursement of this tar. the high school^HJUst be on ti*^ accredited list of lb**? Kansas university for-a year before it reoeives any money raised by such taxation. Squares after the words, "Yes," and "Xo,'^are printed on this ballot, and the Instructions printed across the h <>adins: give the follow-ing rule tor voting: * "To vote in favor o'f any tfnestion submitted upon this baHot, make' a; crost X ma-k in the sqa«r» aftep thtt~ '*ord "Yes:" to vote against It mako a similar mark in the square after the word "No." N.Y.BYSAFEMAR6tN FREIGHT STEAMER FOUNDERED. London. Oct 29.~Wreckage -pfckea up ia tiie North sea confirms the fears tbat^lhe steamer Tarmoath- foandered ed fered every opportunity to speak at every day in the bank so that custom- Posting Daily Statement. . The SUtd Savings Bank haa adopt-,wr» days ago in c.-cjslBs.<fPom toe 1 a plan o|f posUag their statements Hook of Holland to Harwich. The the union convention early in the ers may,see ST month, but did not make a s^eh. the progresB of tiie-li*iik. for their own information iTannouth vAs a channel freigjiter and a crew of twenty-three are believed to Uratre perished. - - -— This is Ooinion of A. Kavanaugh. of New York City. lr> Latter to Mr. L. L/hJo'rthrup. / CiOod word from New Yorfc, ,.L. Li Northnip, chaii^man of the Republican cdunty central committee.'bas"received a letter fromi A: Kavaaaogh. casbier of the National Cttybaak of New York city, the ,biggest bank in the United States, iq which.he says: "The general feeling ihere is that Mr. Taft will undoubtedly carry this state by a very safe mragin.-'* --r Mr. Kavanejigh is in a -poslUm .to determine the drift o^f political seiifl- niMit iq New York and great)-hsworl- ance can be attached to bis 8tatemei|,l^ ^Mr: Kavsnaogh aSk^d Ifr: 'iTortlnln^ tor his opiaian on tbej SaaOaw^T at recently and .the l^t^r - vepUed^: thujt be thought Kansas w^uld give the Republican nominee a

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