Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 21, 1907
Page 6
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• 1-6: : - /. •,"--^-^'P»«-- '..... X— will >ji— i*. IL. w.. -..mjeLi PAgi^ig^^^^^CTAgjyj^gtig^^j^^ Has been marching ahead steadily for years. Watches have more brains and skill put into their making today than ever. And still they are getting cheaper all the while, which is rather Btrange. If you would like to learn just how far the watch making art has advanced, thi.- is the place to come to. If you wiph to find out bow cheap a really reliable watcli can be sold Our watch stock contains all that tlie art of watch milking has to offer, and we willinglj' place our time at your .disposal. J. W. Coffey & Son, TOUR JEWELERS. EAST SIDE SQIARE. W OF i The Work and Experiences of Ber. S. If. Irwin. Wondertnlly and Quickljr relieves aad CHres the painful sufferings of inHOen;- to the maiden, the mother, the woman in middle life it i^; a friend Indeed. Hundreds and even thousands of sicltly, frail and f-delicate women have been restored to vigorous health through Us use. So can you For full information, testimonials and a 50 P box of the remedy •j -free. call on MRS, MARY E. BEOK, «!7 yorth FirsJ. Phone 933. lola, Kansas. Local Mgr. The Woman's Mutual Renefit Co., Joliet, 111. Agts. wanted. I The resignation of Rev. S. M. Irwin, of Geneva, from active work In the ministry was accepted by the Presbytery at Emporia last Saturday. This marks the close of the active service of one of the most u.seful ministers in southeastern Kansa.s. Coming to this county on September 11, 1SC7, Rev. Irwin preached on the Sabbath following at Geneva, and has preached continuously since that time nnill September 11th of this year, when he handed In \\\% formal resignation. In tliat early d.-iy when llils section was a wild waste and was particularly in need of a religious aiiUosphere. JRev. Irwin gave the best of his efiorts I in tile c.iuse which he made his life's devotion. Without any attempt at display or ostentation. Rev. Irwin has made every year's service coimt in the work he believed himself called upon to do, until now he c;iu look back upon a long life of unseHlsh service, fruitful in lasting benefit to fho.'^e who came within his influence. Although perhaps regretful that Impaired health has at last compelled him to give up his cherL'^hed work, it must indeed he a comforting solace to him to know that to hundreds of people in the surrounding country his life has been a wonderful source of inspiration. In his forty years in the ministry. I Rev. Irwin has preached every other 'Sabbath and for three years every : Sabbath at Geneva. The alternate I Sabh.aths he has served Neosho Palls . at different times over twelve years, the Liberty (now Piqua) church thirty-four years. Carlyle three years. , Ozark (now Kincaid) every fourth Sab bath of the niontli for over four and one half years, missing but once, ancj •Spring Creek and Leroy three year.^!. ' He has received into Geneva church one hundred and eighty people, Plqun oue hundred and eighty-five: baptized !af Geneva adults and ninety-seven rlilldren. at Liberty thlrty- aditlts and eighty-four child- :reu. He has preached over two hun- . dr<-d funerals, married oue hundred and sixty-three C (iui>les, only seven of which <.-!o far a..; he knows) have been divorced. .\s a pioneer juinisler. Rev. Irwii' had some experiences of an exciting nature. He and .Mrs. Irv.iu spent their flrfit'Thanksgiviug, that of ISC", in Xeo.slio Kall.s. They were altempf- jing to croiJS during a heavy misl. GOODBLOOD NfltBE^ PROmnOH AGAINSr DISEASE ' The preserration of beaTuli and prevention i^ainst disease is alraast entirely ocpeadent upon pun*, healthy- blood; every ors^aa, tissue, nerve and •inew of the body draws on ^th^ vital fluid for nourishment and strengtli. PoisoAs, htuao^ and germf \ from various sources often get into the blood, •ad then this freat life-strc am becomes a source of infection and di.<;easp, iasteadof a< nourishing, 1 leallU-sustainiug fluid. Heredity is likewise an ftoportoat factor, regulatin % the quality of the blood. Some persons are bom •Hth tainted blood from dif «ased ancestry, and Scrofula in one of its numerous fotms is sure to crop ouLliome time in life. Not only poisons in the blood sreyesponsiblefordisessi:, but when thecirculation is run down and becomes Wlien far out in the river the harness poorand weak in quality, then we see the effect in a general bad condition broke and they were carried some dis- of health,]sucli as weaknesfe, sallow complexions, boils, and various stin - . . _ eniptioos.'^ All blood /troubles require a tonic and blood purifier, nnd none other equals S. S. S. It goes down to the S ^ffm j^^^^ very foundation of the trouble, a^ removes ^^^^ /^^^? every particle of the poison or impurit}' from - t ^^fc i^^fc blood. And not only does S. S. S. % ^|^#, «|^^# * antidote the poisons, humors and germs, hut miDCI V tfrCfoTstii c ^ it possesses health-giving, tonic properti&s, . rVntLT Vc .tV £TABLb which build upand strengthen weak, jmpov- saished blood, andfortifiesthesystem against «S^M.V S. S. S. J lermanently cnres Rheumatism. Catarrh, Sores and Ulcers, Scrofula, Eczema, Tetter, and all otlier pkin diseases and disorders. Rook ga toe bXoodao^ . any medical advice free, ~ THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA. ^The S .ANTA FE sells HOMESEEK- ERS' tloketB 'IXt&t and third Tuesdays In eac^ Wcm& for one fare plus ?2.00 for tSie ^rouDd!'^ trip to certain points West a 'ad Sou th West. Return limit ?.<\ days.| Ofje way setond class Colonist ticket', to LoB Aiigelcs and San Francisco ^.ndlother Calitoriiia iwDlnts for $25.00 Portland. Oregon. Seattle. Wash., eta, for I25J30. every day during October, lioT. W. E.mST0N,A8t. Kansas City (Vrnin Markets. Kansas City. Oci. 21.—Wlieal, receipts 297 oars. Half to one cent higher. Dec. f«7=;: .Mav $I.02',i: .No, 2 hard $1.00i51-»i-'.i; -N'o. 2 r.-d tl.OO^i Corn—Unrhanged to lower. Dec. r ..1ij,; .May 55; .\o. 2 mixed .'/•'i'gCO: No. 2 white CO. Oat.f—I'nchanged to lower. .\o. 2 white 50®51; No. 2 mixed J.S 'i. Hye_86@91c. Hay—Choice timothy $i:i.2.'>(fi 1.1.7.'); prairie $l].7.=i@ 12.00. Butter—Creamery 29; parking 20. Eggs—Extras 22; firsts 20. lance down stream. Rev. Irwin res- rurd hl.s wife from drowning, and carried her safely lo the shoi-o and then went back into the stream and aided his faithful iiorse to reach the bank. This is but one of the many similar experiences that Rev. Irwin had while serving his different appointments. Frequently be found the river almost unfordable while going to or from his appointments at Neosho Falls, but he did not allow it to interfere with his triing his appointments. lu a rereiil issue of ihe Huniboldi Herald, the editor. .Arthur Cunuiiig- haui, paid the following de.qerviug tribute to Rev. Irwln. "The reilrement of Rev. Irwin of Geneva from the pastorate of the church which he has served as a pastor for forty years closer the active period perhaps, of the most useful and helpful life in .Allen County. Rev. Irwiu is a graduate of Princeton University. He is a man who has the mental aldliiy and physical pre-venee. to have held the pastorate in a largo eiiy. church. Hut for forty years he Home Matfe Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Pout^ and Hides OTTO HINZE, Uf-TO-DATE MEAT MARKET 111 East Madison Water Oit» Imadred ponnda of CrfB- Mica will nuke 12 gEllons of «MUed watisr soiUbla for fl^my lua. Try It ii]jilGeCMdSt«ifeC« fffKANK8ID0LB.Mfr. ' WOMEN SUFFER Many women snffer in silence and drift along from bad to worse, knowing well that they ought to have immediate asKistonce. How many women do ^on know who are perfectly well and strong? Thecause may be easily traced to some feminine derangement which manifests itself in depression of Bpirils, reluctance to go anywhere or do anything, bacltachej dragging etii .sations, flatulency, nervousness, and sleeplessness. These s^'mptoms are but warnings that thei^'is danger ahead, and unless heeded, a life of Butfcring or a serious operation is the inevitable result The best remedy for all these symptoms is Lydia E Plnkham's Vegetable Compound made from native roots and herbs. N6 other medicine in the country has reeeived such widespread and nDqualjfled endorsement. Ko other medicine has such a record of cures of feniale ills. Miss J. F. Walsh, of 328 W. 36th St., New York City, writes:—"Lydia MISSJULIE FLORENCE WALSH E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound has been of inestimable value in health. I suffered from female illness which caused headaches, dizziness, and dull pains in my back, but your medicine soon brought about a change in my general condition, built dreadfi ^1 me up and made me perfectly well." Lydia E, Pinkham*s Vegetable Compound cnres Female Complaints, such as Backache, Falling and Displacements. Inflammation and Ulceration, and organic diseases. It is invaluable in preparing for child-birth and during the Chancre of Life. It cta«s Nervous IVostration, Headache, General Debility, and invigorates the whole system. Kin. Pinkham's Standing Invitation to Women Women snffering from any form of female weakness are invited to write Mrs. Pinkham. at Lynn, Mass. Ber advice is free. A bu*y week for you and a busy week for us. 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Special W5.W $30 Tailor Made Salts, $25 Gracefully Tailored Coat Suits in smart three-quarter and semi-fitted models, the coats are lined with silk or satin; skirls are made in the newest styles, made of fine broadcloth unfinished worsteds, serges or fancy mauish mixtures of exceptional merit audiailorlng at mm $25 mmi Suits $18.51 Arti.stically made Suits in Prince Chap semi-flfted and cutaway effects, fabrics are fine serges, cheviots and heringbone worsteds in black, navy blue and brown, in fancy niaiiish mixtures. Your choice all this week . $i8JiO Fiae TaiKred Suits at $35.00. High grade man-tailored Suits, embodying this season's most desirable styles for fall and winter wear. .Models with short, medium or "C-lnch length, coats in litted, semi-fitted or cutaway effects, plain tailored or stylishly flnished with braiding. The skirls are variously plaited and either plain or with self-fold at bottom, come in all the newest fall shade.s and nianish inixiures. 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Batiste. •All Wool Batiste Waists nicely trim med in black and cream at $1.98 beautifully $2.98 . Chiffon r>atiste Waists trimmed in lace at Chiffoii Taifeta Silk Waists, black, brown and navy blue at $;{J)8 Kxira Fine Chiffon, Taffeta Silk Wiiisis, black only, at $J.98 Iteautiful Net White, from ... Waists. Arabian and $3.98 to $10J» MILLINERY SALE New Arrivals all the Time. St 'cond Floor MILLINERY SALE New Arrivals all the Time. ' Sicond Floor J. has led his life in tlie quiet Utile com-[ber of the Neosho Presbytery. There munlty of Ceneva preaching to Ilo.-k!'^ »»« l«stor in the Presbytery but which afifr all UK'SP yearn nuinliers; Iwhom has been strengthened and en- biii iliiriy soui.<. .\t would jjourago din faith which his work by llio noblr, accei>ii'd tliecrfully and seem that his life had not been .-!|)(>ni • uncDmplalningly the duly set before .it Its lust. A larger pastorale would ;li. Not a iierson who In the f <Mty liave been priiduttlve of larger re.sulls.!years in which Ilev. Irwin visited uii Hut second thought does away wlili'.iiid down the district, as a member this. iMjr forty yt -urs tlie liiMe church'of the Presbytery but wbal has been of which be wj'.s pastor has been send-j helped by ills kindly spirit. And In lug out li .t young proijlc all over the i his own church, how many lives have land. There is hardly a city of ini-Mieen strengthened by his ministra- porlance in thf lulted Slates hut | lions. How many FOUIS have gone lo what has among its nion and women'their Maker fearlessly because ot his of usefulness some one who has spent} strength giving helpfulness, their youih tmder the kind earne.=;t liie ! Such a life is not measured by the of Rev. Irwln. Po.-^sibly some harum- slJc of the chtirch or the fame which scarum yoimg folks who did no|hing j draws crowds lo hear him. Ii is mea- but worry their i>astor and friends by thoir pranks. Pos.-dbly ihey left the comuniiy without ever giving an indi- caiion thai the words and life of their pastor had ever laki-n effect. Hut the seer by a noble life was there and in nine out of tf n it took root and •if the pastor could only know It lie i is responsible for many an active, use- jful, christian life sent out to the broad !er life of the country. This Is not Ihe extent ot his usefulness however. Ev- jer since its organization, Rev. Irwln ' baa been an active and honored mem- drilling. aured by a greater standard than this and shlne.^ out to all as an exaini pie of u life well spent." MAY BE HUNG JURY W. S. BURDICK of the firm of Kwtng vt Biiriick, retvtmed twlay from Cliicago. where he has been buy tug hi.s tioliday goods. Jary In ItohrlmuKh (':i>e As;ree After Being Out Forty Honrs. I'nabie ."Nearly to BRUCE EVANS of Pleasanton, was III th<» city y(%>terday visiting relatives knd friends. . Aft.^r being out nearly forty hours the jury in the itolirliaiiKh case was slill iiiiable to reach an ' agr«>emont j pg^ing; CQH^pg^j at three o'clock this aftemofjn. They have not been in the jury room continuously since going oirt. having been excused at nie.ii times and all of last ni«ht. The two que>nions submitted to the jury were: was .Mr. Rohi-baugh nit-n- tally capable of looking afier his nfss at the tirae he gave the dee'ls to his prop.=rty. and was undue influ- enct! used to "secure the deeds? -OPaaATION at t^e deep well was shut down again this morning. The again, making it necessary to pull a part of it and re- case, "it probably will ue a week before' the break can be repaired so that drilling can oe resumed again. .STKIt K .SALT WATER. The drillers ahandon ^i* the well which tliey were dr lling on tlie Hor- iioy farm'soutluves: ot lola for thf city. .\t a depth ot five hundred feet salt water was struck, making it uii- ucceq.sary to continue drilling. \ snvall vein of gas sand was struck also, but th? drillers did not think It of sufficient consequence to continue < .l\-r KEOPU .N RIVEJt ("A.SE, r. S. .Supreme Court Benied a Petition for Kehearlnc. Wiashingion. Oct. 21.—The Supreme Court of th? t 'niied btates* t<wiay tle- cline<I to allow the JCaiisas vs. Colorado case to be reopened bff denying a i>eiitio» for rehearing sulmiltted by Kansas. Tlit» case was an attempt on the part oi; Kansas to prevent Colorado from using tha waters of the Arkansas riv #T. It was decided by tha supreme ojurt last spring in fairor of Colorado. , FOUR BLOCKS of tlie Cherokee smelters at Gas City are on dead fire at the present time. They wlU imdec- ;!0 rejiairs before they are started again. ; It prihably will be several w eeks before everything can be; put in readiness for the starting of the smelter". .T. 'SI: BROW>,'. an employee of . tbe lnd?x. had one of his fingers ba41y mashed; this morning by getting it in one of-the presses. JASON Watstm returned yester^iy front tiot Springs. Arkansas. wli«i© he has- been for a two weeks' tlon. tV'hJIe away Mr. Watson inir- chaB.=!d • three handsome BruneK}ek pool tables which will replace soloe of the iotbers now in tbe^least atd^ pool h%p.

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