Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 29, 1908
Page 2
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w9fmawj Ifr CM Hiti EgtaMfahgd 1869. MMt luk h Anil CI. + • + . AUTUMN HAZE. Across the pearly dlstancp It'lies on hill and strpam. In banks of airy turquoise As softly as a ilream. Phone. FOR LAIJIES 1JEY. A slumbrous smoke that rises Serenely:in tl^ cold. Prom autumn woodlands blazing In flames of rosy gold. , Richard Kendall Kunkittrioki Xlie h(!st« .motiUt perfect, Hi »-to-date !mpn wil naUrrns —Tlio Ilonie^ .Toiu-nal ratterus. 'n jj^., Free demonstraiions at (he Neiv York j rnmnipnoinc: next Monday, the skal- rink will be open all day .is well ja.-j evenings, and for a limited time the Imorning.s will be devoted exclusively fo ihe .'.idles. .Vo admi.ssion charge will lie made and no oharge for skares. riiinking v.ater will also be free. No ill be allowed In the rink and hojied ihat the ladies of lol.a will lake rtfivantage of this generous offer and i!£;e the riuk as a place of enjoy- Sl«re Friday and Saturday. • • • ^ At Home Club, .ii'.eni. The manager of the rink and ;Mrs. Ghas Ward, 209 South Third sku.o nir.r.i man will be the'fe to take stf%et, w^ill be hostess of the At Home!care of wraps and see that everything oiub of the Methodist church for!is made comfortable. their meeting tomorrow. Little Gleaners. I . • .• — The Gleaners* club will meet on wrists • is to applique the edges of 6ii!turday afternoon with Miss Hazle each wii.^.; to a half-inch band of filet rierron. This will be a Hallowe'en enihr);<liry of prec:;,ely the same col- ,0*. If the gloves are for even^; use ,ihe narrow tinsel ribbon.; will answer iam' provi^ mote serviceable than lace. party for the club membevs. • • • Net Blouses Passed the separaie while with bi!>.:-".; f;lf»ves the jet baiTTN L\ departure from white blouse of net that for many, sMi.<;ons has been In the wardrobe ably, if Dresden or Pompa'lour em- for affairs Informal. Is .-^een in tli.> broidery l.s UM -d anywhere about the silk muftlln nlltticked blouse whi-h eosiuu'e w: Ich the gloves are to ae mttie up precisely to match the color '^n»>l>-i"y it is quite of the street suit. Some of these are of that, ribbon at the; of Y^fiically tucked back and front and the gloves, but it hUve full length closoly-ntfinp slrev* s thjRl are.shirred four times on the out-| or side and-once on the inner seam.'. . n . ..... _^ ^ , , re=. rmnir ihe Home .lonrnal l»»Hern.«. Otters have both body and sleeves „ieased t.. see all the ladles of •wldiBly cross-tucked, pointed collars, jola sii><l vicinity at the >'ew York frUled with white or matching tulle store Friday and Saturday, free dem- ings are gooil. n.< they wear Intermiu' correct to use It the of should be of the balfinelj or bracelet width, t • • • . i' Miss nirhanlson cf New York, rep- stmdar to that edging of the wrists, wiileh also are sharply pointed. | * • • .Friday and Saturday at the : Y^rk. store free demrmETraTion an'' interesting talk's on T^aahion, by Miss, oust rations at the pattern counter. • • I For Miss Bostwick. j The teachers in Garfield school gave . a plea.sant yesterday alter- noon in compliment to Miss Ella Bost- Rfoh'ardson of New York, represent ins ;«ick, who was celobratin? her birth- ttie-tfome Jonmal Patterns at Paiiernjday. T'ere was a five o'clock lunch- Counter. !eon foi'the guests. * 4. • About Pawnee Rock. ! * • * - », ^ , , i Mothers' Club. Women of the Kansas Day elub re-j ^^^^^ ^.^^ ^.^^^^ profitable meet- cenlly compiled a list of interesting, in gof the .Mothers' club yesterday at notes about the preservation of Paw-i Builders' chapel. The business af- n§e.Rock- and some historical factsl^^'^'s were given «)nslderaHon and 1 X • . J. some unnnished needlework was com- •whlcht make historical readmg. pjpfp^ There are several stories depicting .> .j. A ploi^r Jife and other feature.<i .o an-'ei^tencc in Kansas which are especially worth while. Is'ptibllshed In book form and ^ prettily bound and printed. To Remodel Gloves. Here's a way to jet rid of long gloves •whJeh lire hot needed: A goo4 ts^ayto join the long wrists of-flljk,gloves to those having .short Buy; New Hom.e Mr. and Mrk Edward W. Stanfle'd The writine''!*^*' purchased the residence on So. ^' Colborn street' known as the P. Bennette Smith home and will change their residence to that place at once. The hotise is one of the most artistic in town and a very plea.sant location for a home. er^Ibd ^^haT(& also been' invited and there iml be an elaborate banquet tonight for the vlslfors. - ^ Miss Simpson to Leave. > Miss Vera Simpson oj McPherson. win leave early next week for her home. She has been here for the past month wHh her sister. Mrs. L. W. Mayberry. . , -VIss JileliardJion, of the Home Jonr< nai'i ^atieni Co. will be at the New York'Store Friday and Saturday. All are invited to attend the Free Demon* .•itrntlons' and interesting talks. To Kansas City. Mis3 LottlQ Defenbaugh who haa spent the past year in lola. left a few days ago for Kansas City. She win have a position with the Kansas Portland Cement company. • • * * Jap Rose bath and toilet Is irnns- parenl. but different from the "so- called" Glycerine Soaps, which are of ton injurious lo the skin. A trial will convince you. .\| all dealers. • AiKt;T^y Other painful and disti^'ng; ailments from wliich hidst mothers suflf^r^ 1 be iv6ii&SL^ by using ler's Friend. Thisrem- _ - a Gbd-send to expect- 4J'^^„^ 1 ^ . mothers, carrying them ihV ^jJlf/^^^ .^^^ '"^'^^"t birth; for it robs th^ ordeal of its dread and insures,safety tojife of motherand chUd, leaving her m a condition— ^^2^ _^_^»J »|S ».W!HH. more favorable to speedy recovery. The chUd is also healthy, strong and good natUred H"'. cnntBlnlng valav K. . iatonutSonwaCbo feat BRADCTELD REGtrtJtTOR CO. AOaata. Oa. Science Lecture. The. local church of Christ Scientist, is arranging for the annual lecture which Is given under the auspices of tSe ohurch. Miss Mary Brooklns of .Minneapolis, Minn.. Is to be here on the evening of Thursday, November and it is expected that a large number of interested out of town people will attend. • * • Mrs. Smith Out of Town. Mrs. Prank E. Smith left at noon for Kansas. City, where .she will re- Hfaln for a short time. + + * For Visiting Girl. There was a very happy party last evening at the hom^ of Miss Juaniui Hale on North W'ashington avenue for Miss Mary McQueen of Missouri, who Is to spend the winter with relatives here. Several merrj- games were introduced and there was music durin.^ the evening. .Among those who were asked to meet the honor guest were: Ethel ILarris, Vera Spurrier, Emily .Slocum, Alpha Walters. Ru^h Walters. Nettle Adams. Laura Cooper, G rover Butcher, Wesley Stuart, Herman Davis, Douglas West, John Pruitt, Barl Reed, Harold Erickson and Albert! Smith. TO LO.\.\—$5,000 private miney on farm land at 6 per cent.—Tola Land Co. Business D^rectgry, WANTED—Zinc workers at Spring j » ifield. 111. Inquire R. C. Hall at Acid • Works.- I • WA.NTED— lola property to SALESMEN & AGENTS—S % ; ^.'iO.Ort pijr week and over can be made selling I » • New Campaign Novelties from cow! • until election. Sells to Stores. Coun-; • NC7ELTY CO.. Cbi!:ago. 60 Wabash Ave., - the the afternoon was presented by .Mrs. J. "1. Price who told of "Riley 's literary creed." Mrs. C. .1. Doxsee also gave a reading. After the program an inform.-il reception was held In compliment lo Mrs. C. J. Doxsee, who is a member of the club. The favor of the afternoon to the guest of honor was a hand- .son«eI-- ongravd spoon fiven in the eveni. of Mrs. Doxsee's approaching removal to City. Mrs. Garling- houKC gave a small luncheon during the social hour in compliment to her guest.".. •:• •:• Mi.s.^ Richardson of die Home .four- nal Pattern ('o„ is noi only an authority on Patterns but in considered a criterion on dress. She can lend you assistance in most anything pertaining to Woman's wear. Come In and have a talk with her free to all. .Vew York Store. Friday and Saturday. • • • Entertaining Club. Mrs. Harmon llobart is giving a whist party today for the Thursday club. • • • Euchre Party. .Miss Nelli*^ Baker, who was a guest of Mrs. P. L. Travis until today, was honor guest at a party given by her hostess yesterday afternoon. Five tables were occupied by the guests for euchre and prizes were niveu Mrs. W. C. Teats and Mrs. D. P, Northrnp. Mrs. Travis had the assistance of Mrs. Marion Travis In serving the refreshments at small' tables. Mfss Baker bus visited here prev lotisly and this occasion in real- '•!it:e reiiow and w.inied i:> r«nii!Ui.>; y<QY{ S.VLK—Three fre.-ib miUh ity a reunion of friends whom she had.'^be fight v.-hlle "Shop" who is a !<.o\vs F 1)' IJann Moran K:<s known before. . . D^. HILDBEO CDBTIS Fbysklan and Sorgeon. • Office over Bu"*reirs Dmg Store • i Office Phone 554. • Residence "214 R Jackson • Salesman Wanred. Experience un-' ^^""^ necessary. Sino per month and ex-! . (..-HKe-x Royal Ciggr Co. Ohicago. Hi.;, ^ I»RS. REIT) A BEID, , • , J , , J , Physfefana and SHrgedm. change for and Missouri l.-ind. • x -Ray and Electrical Appliances. • Golden West Land Co. Ofllee over Iowa I • Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat, • Store. lola. Kas. i * Office Phone 357; Res. 39C. * ex-i. I • '*•••••• „ . „, . J „ . ... I' Special attention given to the ty Pairs. Picnics and Private tamilles.,, treatment of all Chronic Diseaa- Complete line of samples, charges pre-| • gnd Diseases of Children, pa'.d for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. I ! • Office over Burrell'* Drug Storo West Madison. TO RKIJKVE THE 3 I 0 N 0' T 0> Y. I)og FiKbt oil the Street Tills 3lorn- ing Stopped Politics for a Time, t ______ Two dogs belonging to "Billj" Huck and "BIU" McClure, respectively, mixed on the sidewalk In front of Spencer's this morning and put an end irf an active politieni dl-scussion. Huck's dog is a little white fellow who looks l.ike he mighi be par: bull and .'cnaijily aci.>j like It. while Mc"Clure's is just a grKit big handsome Slieppard. For a time honors v.ere tlivided even and the crowd was ju.- getting ready lo call Ii a "dog fali jwheu the «iwn«'rs iuterfcrtHl and W.\NTED—Young men to prepare' _! for coming examination for Railway.;* • .Mail and other Government Positions.'.* Superior instrnction by .Mail. Kstab-;, I'.shei^ It years. Thousands of .suc -J« rtssful students. Sample questions ] • and "How Gov't Positions are Se-|* cured^sent free. Inter-State Schools.' , 391 la. .\ve.. Cedar Rapids. Iowa. • • • Phone 687. Ret. 701. • OR. 0. L. GOX, « Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • Offic^t Tel. 1083 NUht Tel. 4M • FOR S.\LI^—An organ: .'.11 Souili Cottonwood. when the own.-rs luterfcrtHl and stop- r.|l»ed the fight. Huck's dog is a ;:ani.- j N,'"^J. !5tt!e fellow and w.-inied to roniliui.*' yxiJi S. FOR S.MJ-:—One .ler.sey huM. two f.. jyejirs o!d. ttmk l>lue ribixiii ai .Moran ' .\gri.-ultuial i.iir. t:. 1- Merrill. .\!f.- DR. R. 0 '•"•'»-••?» N • Pliyslclaii • * -.I ...II. • Rooms 7 ana •^ Kvuua t'.;ti«. " \ • • • • • • • of a peaceful old l)oy was ready i«) | .shake and call it off. lluek says h'^sj PGR SALE OR TUADE—Singer dog will fight any d*g on earth irre- g^^.jn^ Machine for cow. horse or', spcctive of size, breed, age or oibcrl^^^^ ^.„^ UBBEY'S CUT GLASS .VflNt nrllllaiK BMt Cut Thp Worid'N \Ufs\ 'OlA.AAMSt \ PaC "anr*: Xe and M. K. & T. ' mitek iBSpeeton. Dont inlHs the opportunity of a.-k- iiig i|Ucs(lons on 'How to use a pattern; how lo make old dresses new." eie. Your only «hanee Friday au»l .•Saturday at the .\'ew York rftore Pal« Icrn CfluiiU-r. •:• .> Expect 'Many Guests. The \v. C. T. IJ. Is ex|>ectlnK lo eiiti«rl«ln a large number of guesta tomorrow at the social to bo given. TI .ere will be no biiMlneHS uieetltu^and the «'nilre uftej-noon will be Hpent socially. •:• • • Sorosls Club. A program featuring Riley's writings and events of his life was a part The first time In lola a de.mcnsi ration of patterns; it will interest yon.! FOR RENT—Five rcom modern c^t j Frid.iy and Saturday at thg »w V«rk.<»Sf; en built two year... lm,u!re Store. HE WAXTS TARIFF REDITED. of H. M. Dowler. FOK RENT—nirnished yrooms; i board if desired. 403 West Madison. | • • * Miss Ellett Leaves. Miss Virginia Elletf who has been . here for two weeks to visit her bro-'qi'alif'catibn.':. Unlike the usual dog ^ ^ ~ . , ,,. ther. Rev. R. H. Ellett left today for nahi. the owners took no pan and ih,.;.south ihi'd. i hone 1—4. Chlllicothe. Mo. to spend a week with, 0 *51 fighi did not follow, other relatives. • • • The Art of using a pattern if you are not convinced as to the thoroughness and good features of a Home Toarwil Pattern, interview ITUs Rich- irdson on Friday and .Satnnlay at the »w York Store. V • * Serve Banquet. Ladies of the First M. E. church and a corps of girls and youn? women will serve the banquet for the brotherhood of the First M. E. church tonight. The banquet will be served In the basement of the First Presbyterian church. •> Visit in Sapulpa. .Miss Gertrude Holmes will leave late in tlie week for S.ipulpa. for a visit. She Is to be a guest of Miss Morj: Hilles. who formerly lived in loia. i-.»r. F. F. KiBTIH,' Surgery and Diseaaes of Women. Office and Residence Pbone 57C Office 7 North Jeffersoa. • • • • • • • JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jewelef; "110 East Street. Philippine Commis .<iIoner IVonld lielp| .Vorket for American .Vachincry. Washington. Oct. 29.—Pablo Ocampo de Leon, one i )r the two resident KKIGUTS OP PirmAS^Neoahli FOR RENT—One^T room house and Lodge No. 43 meet3 every Monday Washington school: good water and chrls Ritter. K. of R. and a Apply to Nelson P. j' in good reiiair., App.y lo . MMSOH r.j OF MACCABEE&— rLHS^tTtMr^ ^!.'.uri?'£'whu" i^^""^ Knights of^ Maccabees of the^ Wbrtt the 1 nited State.-;, called at the \\ hit->.. ,_ xr -a TJ-H ...^..J J - , —, House yesterday to talk with the pre.^i | POR RKN T-A good room for of- ?kturday nfeht" ot 'Sf monS^"? dem_on polui'al and econo^^^^^^ -^cn. monin. * ir,-s in connection with the islands. He hinks congress should grant an ex-'-^PP 'r to Nelson P. Acers. Mineral T O Kansas Ciyt. .Mr. and Mrs. .1. T. Lowdermllk. 12" North Third street, are expecting to leave in a slon time for Kansas City to live. They will probably lenve lolji In a short time. • • + Every woman can be her own dres*: •nak<'r. An Interview with Miss lllch- ardHon will convince you of that fact Froe OemOQktralion at the s'ew York -?ior.' Friday and Saiurdnv. • • * Mrs. Thittler to Return. .Mrs. Fannie MeCliire Thisiler nntl chlttlren will return to their home In Chapman, this state, tomorrow. They haw bei'u a guest of .Mrs. Thlstler's parents. .Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McClure. • * • To Chanute. A large number of ladies who are members of R. N. A. cami» 1281 left tension of certain political righi.s lo Well Park. Phpne No. 4. the Filipinos and mak,e provision in | •• — ibe tariff for the free entry into ;b.->j fOR EXOHAMOE rnlte<l States of sugar and tolvu eo 1 L from the Phillppinec-. j Six Clear \ja. Harpe residences $7000 He advocates a reduction Madison. W. Postwalt, commander^ R. B. Foi" ter, record keeper. - ^ ' W..0. W,—Camp No, 101 meeti 1» K. of P. Hall every Friday night. W T. Steele. C. C. A. H. Davis. Cl«%. Visitors cor^ally invited. - -_ A.-^The M. W. K, Lod^ I Six Clear i.a Harpe resiaences 5 (uwu ^ A —The M W A. Lod^ it! 'jip and $3000. Cash for merchandise or m ^Jj everv Friday night to M. W A. •nut ihe fann. \V. O. I .enhart. lola. Kas. «-„ visiilnir hporh«ra-tii»i»^ v n of the Sorosls club meeting yester-j today for Chanute to be present at a d^y. Roll Call was.answered by quo- special meeting of the lodge there, tetlons from Rllcy and the paper of T\to Humboldt camp ant^ several olh TONIOHT Friday- «od' Saturday Nif his— Sat. Natiree Philippine tariff so as- to perm entry Into the islands free of duty .Vnirrlcan atirtcullnral luachinery. He said ibi- Kiliiiinos d>-sired free trade od farm. Neosho county. Owner wants' H&n. Visiting brotberOuTlted. P. C. FOR KXCHANGE-A finely Improv- Coffield. V C. W. A. Cowan. Clerk. COTAL XEIGUBOBS^IoIa Cam» !i^'T-J^''^.!L'^_*l'V"l^J''!^^ buslneR .s property. V .bl .aker JC- -"^'O' ^"^^^ Nelgb ^ra. meets >M- Donnell. over "f)ur Way." States only In tobacco and stigar. PIt-Pat the besi drug store. taffy at llurre'l'i ,ond and, fourth Taepdaya of ead^ , month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraolv - .Mrs. Mary llutton. 413 Weat 8tr ««e 1 Recorder. < FBATERNAL BROTHEBHOOD^ , Fratornal llrotberbood No. 880 mett^ OUR TELEPHONE second andJourUi XhuraHay of . ., , . , a imonUi in A. a U. Wi Hall. VltiUifi la constantly rinting these day.<«. Sop- memberi cordially inTlted. W. H. A»- MOtV DESILIVA IS HERE itember. you know. Is the time to have d*r«oii, prealdeat" GoIdaljlMn .. . 7~, „ , I the summer dost cleaned out of car- t^rr. F.inry .Skater Arrived TliU Mornlny' ni.i« From Sprlngtield. .Vo. liroior de Silvia, the fknter of Australia, arrived this morn In..? Iroin Springfield where he has juM ! completed' a three-nlgbts' run. M** rc- ; ports the ring there doing a bl;-'| ncs.< tnd says that prospects for a' good ri.'ik business are excellent all ' We are busy, but you% order wlM ' 'receive prompt and careful atienM<'ir.' cbamiHon phone us today. ^ uver the country. De Sih'la wat; here last year and made a decided hit with • the crowds . aiu^ therefore had no ; trouble booking in here again. | Hi-': performance will commence • proii.pily a,t nine o'clock A. P. Harria' Cousin Here. Ira a Harris, of Kansas City. Mo.. jCm ^ratriodarr.^ out Sr^^^t^^ly^Jie?^ =ir ^£B^eiialhtKan- Denver to Kansas Citj'. where he is (First Published. October 14, 1908.) Treasury Department. Otttoe of the Supervising Architect. Washington, U. C October 12, 1908—Sealed Proposals will be received at this office until .". o'clock p. m. on of November, and then opened, for the construction (including plumbing, gas piping, heating apparatus, electric conduits and wiring), of the U. S. Post Office at lola, Kansas, in accordance with, the drawings and specifica- . „ tlon. copies of which-inay be had frwn List of Speeches for November Sec- Custodian of the site at lola. Kan- ond Published ~o«y- ' sas. or at this office, at the discretion Topeka. Kas.. Oct. 29.—Cnair«an a,.^^l..t^t— •— I^wls of the Speakers' bureau for the a revised lOLA RUG FACTORY Phoaent. CHANGE BRYAN'S SCHEDULE. of the Supervising Architect. / JAMES KNOX TAYLOR. • Supervising ArcWtect. The train leaver Kansas City at engaged. in. the'insurance business, s.t- ,„ th^.^^„i*,^^t,vii^ ^ • —. v-j- <>U<M». He sp^nVthe morning looking over tfJ^^ u-^l^""' congfani gniiw. of Tiij^r. laastl- the facuJiea.!^. ^ f^',^^'^ ^.^^M'-^m.^ carries Seieca. SaBOtiia.' AztMI -'and Marys- xhe Par i^l —I fl »iAMt rrnnltn x„ tfai^'le^^ away fii^'bin WW wi« qaiekest ,malU trj 5 o'dbcK for Lineoln.^^ebr., wuere And^tte Ur«,'^ixan apeabs at nlgbt . maa wi Tto ItCgiiJbNr nut MlMB. Btaiil^ is ihe

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