Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 21, 1907
Page 5
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TO mi. .mi mmm. .«H.At »T «n.«. oc«>«. «. Q AtiTY Not price, remains longest in memoty. Real troubles are «voided by patronizing an instl- imioa whose motto is ' QUALITY." Telephone I02 and learn the lull meaning of that term, as applied to the art of laundering. tOLA LAUMORY. mBBBBBSBBSBamammBBBBL tela VmtaHaary HoapHml W> St Street, lola, one b ock from square. Dist-asea of domesticated auimals successfully treated.cbarges : moderate.good box stalls for patients' Calls a sw red promptly night orj day, 20 years ex ericnce Veterinary Dentiati y a specialty. Frank S. BtsaUte, V, S. Honor Qraduate of Ontario Veterinary College, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 CITIKEWi. Mrs. CantrelL Phone 1097. Gunther Good Candies i.ld at PEN ER'S REV. JENNINGS was in lola lUis week as a witness In ilio Hnhrhiiiinh will TAKP which "is IxMiis hoarS then(in a chanfje of venue from Ottawa.— Haldwln Ledger. nr. ReraoMii. Phan^ m Bet. «14. P. E. Waai ^h, DmlsU Phone IMS. UlUce oTer Bnrrpirs Drag Mtore. MRS. RAI.PII l)r.nKo. Mrs. .1. V. Nijiht and Mrs. Uolxri Thoniiibon lift Saiiird.iy for Cawlfor Ciry for a fow days vl.>dt with friends. FOR RENT—Knrni.^hpd Ijnii.'je. nir..I- ern. Apply this oflice. DICK roCHR-V*. who may 1.,. r- momlierod liy Uila hase hall fans ilie crark third Itaseinan with Ihf .1. r- ferson City hall toarn the first year of the Missouri Valley loa.^in'. was in iho olty Saturday eveninj; on liusliio<s. He is now in the Santa Fe nlfioes a; TojM^ka. Molcr Barher ColleBe. CKy, VIo. Teaches the trade by free clinic ind careful InBtractlons in few weel.-s. Positions waiting for everybwly who will learn. Write far particulari. A Nl'MBKR of tho local atlortip.vs wi 'iit to Ft Sroit this mornUi}: lo at- itMiil dihlrlci court whicli con\fn>>s in that city this inornin!;. The conveii- iiK of the Uotirljon County court wai IMistpanid lifcause the workmen had not yet finished the repairs on ihi »ourt hons.'. NEWTTOX BRIGHAM. who is at tending the State L'nivprsny this year, «as down yesterday from Lav.- rence for a visit over Sunday. How illogical we are to have fresh succulent oysters deliciously cooked and then spoil the feast with hard dry oyster crackers when we can get rBterettes Those delicious little oyster crackers that are always fresh and crisp and flaky, with just sufficient salt to give zest to either soup or oysters. in moisture proof paekaitt NATIONAL A V} BISCUIT \ COMPANY IN YIGKSBORG Wanted—E\'erybody to know that A'. R. Kelley & Son have moved their transfer and storage olfice to 211 •South VVasbington. Office and Day Phone 290 Residence and night "hone 17 ^H£ IGCeiT TOCK s s HANNON'S WO IG TORES To Be Sure Well, Friends Pancalces are in order. We have the materall to make them of. Ralston P. C. Flour, per pltR 10c Ralston Prejiared n. W. Flour, per pliC. 10c Peruna \\Tiole Wheat Flour, 1216 sack 30c Good Fresh Meal, jier sack I'Oc \ Syrups to eiit on Pancakes. Maple, Fancy Table. Wiiio Table, and Sorghum. THE PARADE of the national Elli.s' convention through the streets of Phil- 1 dpiph a. is to he one of the f.^ature reels at the Crescent Tiieatre this week. MISS RACHEL .Tones, of Altoona. came up yesterday for a visit w::h her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jon?'? of North U'alnut street. Dirt For Sale. Luccock. A ROY was born this luoruinR to VT. and Mrs. Marion Lyons of No. 10 Bassett. COMPANY M is to drill tonight in dres.* uniform as tonight is inspeciio!'. night. .A CiIRL ^-as liorn l.lsi week to Mr and Mrs. S-ih nart'ett. prominent farmer.- livins youth of town. Pre.«lileiit lioflseTelt Is Melrnmrd hy II lleleiratluii of MlNKisMiitjilans. Vickshur;r. Miss.. Oc-i. 21—Kx'ur- slon trains arrived here n)day with a crowd of vi-;Iiors who will jcu'n In VIcksliurg to welcome President RooseVelt this afiernnou. The thoroughfares are decorated and everywhere larse plciiires of the president are In evidence. President Roosevelt arrived at two o'clock. The parade will he picturesque. Every type of craft available will he pressed Into use. l.ate in the day the jiresldent wil, speak in the court house square. SOMETHING nOIXJ AT Y. M. C. .V. PERFECTION WICK ;i^;'s OIL STOVE TO HELP MERGAKTILE riearlns Honse Will Extend Aid to Mercantile National Bank . Foot BaU Came at Chsnnte EBde« Is Wnurle Orer Seore, The Gas City foot ball team which played at Chanute yeaterilay afternoon returned home last evening looaera, but in reality vlctorloua. Ac- ctrdlng to the count of the official the score ended five to six In favor of Chanute, but acoordhig to the true version of the story, as the boys tell It, the score should have been to 0 in favor of Gas City. Chanute made her touch down after time was called for the game to be over. The Gas City boys had started to leave the Held when they saw a Chanute player dash down the field toward their goal but paid no attention to him tbinUng the game was over ailowing him to make the touchdown. It was when time was announced by the seferee that the touchdown was legitimate that the trouble began. He gave as bis reason for making a break so unnatural to a i^ofld official by saying that he did not bear the timekeepers say that time was up and the game was over. Bven after the time keepers said that they j called time, he remained firm In his declson. giving the game to the Chanute team. Some of the Gas City players became so enraged at the ab; surdity of such a decision that they attacked the referee, but. before any damage could be done him he was taken from the field. Besides the wrangling at the close of the game it was as clean a game as ever seen in southeastern Kansas. I the teams being evenly matched and were doing every fair thing to brlniJ victory their way. Neither side could score hi the first half. The ball was passed back and forth between the two teams In the middle of the field. In the second half Gas City got away for the only touch down of the game until after time was called. Gas failed to kick an easy goal. A return game has been arranged lo he played at Electric park on November 10th. Both teams will be in better condition at that thne which will make the game one of the most Interesting to be played here this season. Manager Frank Delany of the Gas City team is this morning trying to get a game with the Qarnett team to be played at Electric park next Sunday afternoon. Or. J. F. Jameson. Oraduafe Aoction- eer and Yeterlnarian. Sales or ralh iiade anywhere. Phone 13, lola, Kas. OSC .\it Keifor. of near Elsmore. was in ti'.e cit\ yos;orday visiting frienil?. BRl'CE Hn \viu> reitirniii yesterilay from a fivf weeks' vawilion in Denver. Cc:I<). He look up nis duties in Couiaui's iin .ilwarc store ih's morning. FRN PR BROS Qr'icery and Mea Market Pbo; s 3u8 and jOl LiVtnq^tftn ^ Co • untrmetara nd BaQ4erai \\\ kmda of work a specialty » Huatfe HyeaBw*. PktM llfil For Sale Cbeap, Good Farm ann City Property. Sea the THE JATHAWEEB LATTD CO. for quick results. Old Court Houses toU. Kaas. : Public Sale. August Sbiefelbine will sell at public auction ^t bis place 1 mile north and half mile west of lola on Thursday, Nov. 7th, a lot of horses, cattle, hogs and farming implements. Luuch on STQuads. „ .1. V. Tanner, licensed auctioneer IMI SHIF i-rirr. 54)5 >urth SIcBea, Gas ••H). r -M. GILIJITTE. presiding • •'il. r I 'f T J U- Viiiled Breihern churrb. • :!s .:i ilii' <-^!:. yi'si.rday iitiouiling ie r. v;v;il :-c.-vii-.-... which are heins held ill ii.i' liicjl I'liii'"!! • Bretheru chur.h. It'-v. Gi.'I"i;.- was formerly of city, livin:; for alxjii: fiv.' ji-ars. .-I vi -ia! years ago. .\ HOY was horn Saturday mghi ;o .Mr ami -M'-^. lI. W. Baker, prominent farr-.e."-.-.- Ji\in.:j <oiithea!.i of Ifiia. TE.VCHEKS WILL \ISir IN TOPEKA .Monday. ."»:00 p. m.—Boy's Bible class. Studies in th? Life of Jesus. :J0 p. m.—Basket hall practice. The five teams will practice for the tournament. Tuesday. 4:00 to 6.00—Boy's gymnasium cla.sscs and basket bail practice. 7:30—Business men's gymnasium classes and volley l)ali game. Any clerk, business or profe.ssionai man can enter this class. Come up and get some exercise. Wednesday. New York, Oct. 21.—A more favor ahl:; sentiment in business and bank ng circles is resultant from yesterday's changes in various bank managements and promises of support made by the clearing house association, received something of a setback today when it became known the debit balance of the Mercantile Nat on- al Bank at the clearing house was nne million, nine hundred thousand iollars. The debit balance of the National Bank of North America was eighty five thousand dollars. These figures indicated that heavier with- irawals from tlie two banks were be- ng made and the totals were referred to by one member of the clearing house as "unexpectedly large and disconcerting." It was announced In i a. short time, however, that the j clearing house association would ex. tend assistance to the Mercantile Na' tlonal Bank of North America. Seth —-f^- I M. Mllllken, the newly elected presl- LewlH Daagherty I.s >ow With the j dent of the Mencantlle'bank said to- Letiurnos ((ingress of Shows. , ^ay that counting out the Helnze , . , , . . , Morse loans the assets of the bank Lewis Daugherty. formerly of this ^re one dollar and forty cents for ev- clty. Is touring Ml8.sourl as the young-iprv dollar of liability, and that the est aeronaut ill »he world under the j lojns in question are of value. The iiame of the lola Kid He !s wth Le • stocks todav opened strong and hlgh- ; Uurnos Congress of shows and is this • .._^„ „ t SAFE CONVENIENT ECONOMICU. If jonr ifia doa't bunBa it; write to THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY lOlA BOY AERONAOT A CBAZY MATf .•,:.^0-Morse Bible S"for men. Les- I r^u^hertvTen"Tofa''>l'^er'-!r- m^oThf S"'"^*^'^ .son. "Caleb's Faithfulness Reward "l'"'^''"'-' '"^^'""^ ing of bank presidents succeeded in ed," Josh. 14:6—Some froml'^" finally eliminating the Hsinze. Morse your work. • lu-ii n iifkVPiTii iti'Tl ni\n """^ Thomas interests on certain of -o„^v«.,.„r m»n= ,rtn,„.n=iiim ni.o« " "H*-" Ht'SfltAl- lUlLiM.M* Clearing housc banks. your work. 7..';o—Youug men's gymnasium class. Thursday. S:00—Illustrated lecture on "China and the Chinese." The pictures will show the country of China in a way that you have not .seen I( before. This win be free to men and women. Friday. 7 :,'?o—Business men's g.mnasium class. —.Matched game of basket ball between teams four and five. The jiubllc is invited to see this game, iiatnrday. '.i :fMi to 12:00—Boy's gymnasium class and swimming contest. J:r!0—News hoy's gj'mnasium clas.«. 7:;;ii—Young men's gymnasium Sunday. .'::!!•—(toy's Gospel meeting. :".:;(•—-Men's Gospel meeting. Speaker. Rev. R. H. Eiletf. Sutvlect: "The Great Renunciation." All men are invited I-'OR .'S .VLE—A ilK* North Elm. mare, family broke TWENTY PROFESS COXVEBSIOX. Are Very WILL nriLD HOSPITAL BlILDIXG llr. V. S. Beatlle Will Have .Vodem Room for Y«'terinary Work. Dr. F S. i'.eattie this morning an-i »' I'- ("hnroh nounced that he will begin Immedi-1 tnectlre. atelv the construction of a big veter-' . , . j j .t inat^y hospital building. Heconsum-| , "/S" T« T**?- R oh. roh mated a deal this morning whereby he f^l'-'^Hf ^-rvices at tha L. B. church came into possession of the property 'ast night, every available seat being occupied. The chorus of forty voices and the sunbeam clas? of forty-five little children both enlivened ths services by their mu.sic, and Mrs. E. N. Sione sang "The Holy City," wiih telling effect. Evangelist Hicks in his effective style presented the Love of God to the large audience In such a wav as to melt many hearts to tears. Twenty persons have expressed a ds- slre to become Christians and lead a life of devoti(m to God by the uplifted hand or by presenting themselves at fh? altar of prayer. The meetings will continue throuahout the week. The pubt'o is cordially, invited. FAKMERS MAKE RESOLITIONS. | Will \<k tongress to Extend Time of Payment for Indian Lands. owned by Mrs. Ralph Thrasher where the WilliamB .Marble Works is now located on West street. He will move the building that now .serves as the marble works hack and build a modern brick building 2.*)x56 feet and one story high. This Dr. Beattie will fit up properly for the puriKise of performing surgical operations on animals. A hospital similar to the one Dr. Keattle will build is seldom found in cities the size of lola. They are especially scarce in the west. In the t -.istern ana northern cities they are more plentiful, it will put lola on ' ijii- level with eastern cities as far jas caring for sick horses, cattle or in jfact. doing anything pertaining to vet-, ''>rinary work. i «. W. A. MEETING AT HUMBOLDT. TOPEKA MANAGER AHRESTEft. Tile lola D) l«-itall»n Will Loave on Thursday. On Tliursilav afternoon the teachoi^ <,f Io;,-i will leave for Topeka wher*' tiiey win bpAd all day visit-^ •g the Topeka schoo s. it has been' the cti^nim for s-ve.-al yeans for the' lola uarhers to sp^iiil one day in the year, K-IIMC iii'-as from the other sciiroJ-. Tht^ vMt wli'i incidentally give i!]H loia school •kids" a day and a half holiiia.. and therefore they ar:?| V- ry srlad to have the teachers get new ideas. Fffie Suhm and Come to-ni.;ht and look them throngli Oklahoma City. Oct. 21.—The Farm-' ..rrS^l Con^s^;odaAd.;;;t^ .nanaget- of the , res..l..tIo,is favoring reciprocity with ^»?„r"ir't^..'f^^eeninf xl foreign nations, initiative and referen- atms a . '> ^'^t.^P'lLK Topeka. Has.. Oct. 2J.—L. M. Craw- iheatc.^ ith vio- foreign nations. Initiative ana rereren- •• — .... —, the play dum, prohndtion of dealini: in the fu- liouse open ve'sterday. The case will ture in agricultural products, the ini- Ko "> the suiii- .su|>r»-me coiiit. provrinr.nt of ail waterways and good roads. .A resolutiun asking congress' ^=BS^ to extend the time of payment by farm T!* who did in the Kiow-a. (Comanche Indian lands was approved. CAe Baft lay Shields. Clothing THE STORE TUIT SATISFIES. COUNTY CLERK Eraiuftt Ciiibert .=;on has completed making up the tax<»s due from the railroads, telephou"- lines, telegraph lines and oil and gas | companies in the coumy. They are as I follows: Missouri Pacific. $7.22S: .M.' K. & T.. 114.254: A. T. & S. F.. »S?,. "•S6; Prairie Oil & Gas Co., $lU,C.".8.i:t: Mo. & Kans. Telephone Co.;'; Kansas Gas Co.,|164".47; Kansas PIp<? Line Co. $4:J26: Sagerbrook Oil Sc. Gas Co. $24S7: K. C. Distance Telephone Co.. »19796; Yates Center Tel Co.. (6.66: Eastern Kans. Telephone Co. $21 ..-ifi: Wli'sreni Union Teiegrajih Co. |4:i0.7S: Pullman Car Co. |3n5..'H. Diamonds! BEST COLOR BIST CUT LOWEST PRICES lehi and Chanale Teams WOl laHlate Lante Cbuis. The M. W. A. lodee is to 'nave a big time next Thursday night at Humboldt, Kas., when a Iarg9.class Is to be initiated. Arrangements have been made for the Tola and Chanute teams to put on' the work. The Leanna lodge Is also expected up to attend the affair. .Aftsr the class has been taken in a big supper Is to be held. HIN SPECIAL CARS. Snprrlnt^ndent MasseBinle Will Accommodate Csmfral Patrons. Found Eating an Egg, Shell and All— People Are Amaced. A crazy man was recently found eating an egg-shell and all and it was declared additional proof of bis Insanity, as eerr}- one realizes that the shell of an egg has no food value, and is both indigestible and Injurious. It is Just as crazy for a sane person to swallow a lot' of cod liver oil ti get the benefit of the medicinal elemente contained th^ein. as for the crazy man to eat the egg, ahell and ail. Scientists agree tfut the oil or greasy part of cor liver oil has no medicinal value whatever, and only upsets the stomach and retards recovery, but It Is the medicinal elements enveloped in the cods' livers and their oil wfach represent all the tonic and curative power of that famous old remedy. Vinol ocntains all the medlcin curative dements of cod liver oil, bul is entirely free from oil, and Is therefore, the best strength creator and tonic reconstructor potiflible to obtain. The reason Vinol is BO far superior to, the old-fashioned cod liver oil and emulsions is because It is made by scientific, extractive and concentrating process from fresh cod's livers, com- bininp yitta peptoUate of iron all the medicinal, healing, body-building elements of cod liver oil, but no oil. Vinol is unexcelled to restore health and create strength for rundown debilitated, tired, overworked people, old people, weak women, nursing mothers, puny, Ailing children, convalescents,'or for people suffering with hard colds, hacking coughs. Incipient consumption and bronchitis. Try It M it fails we will return your money. S. R. Burrell, Druggist, Tola. Kansas. WESLEY ART STCDIO OPEX. Local Artist Haa Rooms In Sleeper BnlldlBg. ProL John 'WJesley has now opened up bis art studio in the rooms above the post office in the Sleeper building. Prof. Wesley invites the nubile to visit his studio and view his pictures and confer with him on any work they may wish done. 3'nce coming to the city some time ago he has completed several contracts for local people which can be seen at his rooms. For heft ant qniekrft rcfilti ue (ke R^Ifter Wut C«luu. Superintendent Lee Massengale an- J nounced thi.i morning that he would I run special cars from La Harpe. Con- creto and Gas City this evening to the [Carnival, and will continue to do so i every evening while the Carniva' : runs. Many Gas City. Concrete and (La Harpe people are nlannlng on at\ tending and to give them the- oroi>er ' • '< service .Mr. Massengale has decided to I run the sneclal cars. The first cars I will leave La Harpe about seven twenty o'clock this-evening. »«. Pae,, Santa Fe, aid M. K. A T.| ^^.^ cillessen. of the Register force, Wgteli laspeetAr. ^P^nt Sunday In CoffeyvUIt. Bl'RNED B¥ FLASHLIGHT POWDER Miss Jessie Wilson Inlnred on Saturday Evealng. Mis.<; Jess'e Wilson, assistant photographer at the Grant Miller studio had her hand »3verely burned Saturday night by flash light while taking a picture of a slumber party at the home of Mrs. Boulson. of 222 South Washington. The flash was out so quick that the hand was not burned deep but it proved very painful. Miss Wilson, however, showed much courage by taking several mora pictures after tbe accident had occurred. TO SELL POTATOES. Harry Croefcer wni BOT In jrinaesota and Sell at Low Price. Harry Crocker, tbe city broker be- I'eves that be has hit upon an Idea wheroln he can snpnly southeastern ^'dnssa with notatoea at a leas coat than they have Iwen paying heretofore He baa alresdy shipped about fifteen cars to TlfiriouB points in thia section of the state, Includ'ng lola. He buys the poutoea in Minnesota and ship* them direct to tha city wfcere he expeeta to >ell thaoL Monday, October 28. '• "The Girt of tbe Street^" Tuesday. October 29. Th« DerU 'a Anetfon. Saturday, November H. <*Sweetert Gbl la Dlzteu" Ibe Iowa Store Prices fir TBe.di7 FLOUR. U. S. Patent. 48n >B 11.45 U. S. Patent, 24n >s 76c Polar Bear. 48tbs ..11.45 Polar Bear, 241b s 76e Fanchon, 48n>s .ItdS Fanchon, 24n >s 78« CERrAI..S. t 3 Packages Egg-O-See- S$e 3 Pkgs. Price's Breakfast Food lor SSe '. 2 Packages Shredded 'Wheat'foi; = .iSe' 1 Pkg. Ralston Pancake Flpur for Ite 6 lbs. Ralston Pancake Flourvfor SSe Best Carolina Rice, per lb. . .. .l*e CAJrSED GOODS. Cans Corn for 2 Cans of Peas for ......> I5c ' Can of Chariot Pears i N. B. C. Ginger Snaps, per lb,'M.l (te Oat Meal and Graham Crackera^ per pound package LAUNDRY SUPFLIESi 7 Bars of Silk Soap for tSe 7 Bars of Lenox Soap for 8Be Bulk Starch, per tb. 1 Package Pearllne 1 Package Gold Dust 3 lbs. Sal Soda for ... 1 Bottle Ammonia — FRUITS. The Best the Market C«B . Toka Grapes, per lb ..e, IKT' Pony Baskets of Grapes .... Vm Large Basket of Concord Grapei 4ie Nice Large Apples, per peck Bellflower Apples, per doi. ....... Blue Damson Pluma, per baaket ije Fresh Celery, per bunch ... 6 «•! Ife Large £gg Plants, each ...Ifi vaA 2 «e Cauliflower, per lb. 16e Fresh Lettuce, per lb. Fresh Radishea, 2 hunches tor ..^ Nice Oranges, per dozen «•« Fresh Parsnips, per lb Fresh Carrots (choice) per n>.j...a« Our supply (or Today Is Luffs »•! fresh and nlcei Respectfully A. G. Mumma. Call on L.EFFI.ER When needing anytHinj; in tne Jewelry line. A. S. BitFiLLAM, fieaeral C^itraetw. Flagstona and Cemaht Sldawalki ui Cnrblns a apaehUty. - OBM U 6 East 4Mks«B ATa FkMc IN. For Exebaagci Farming lands in the Panhandle Texasi for farm lands or liva.Btock, or for lola, Gas City or La Harpi^ rentals. WHITAKEH & DONMELL. If its a piano bargain that you are looking fur—yon will find it an easy matter to drive trade with us. We are showing diffenmt makes ipA all hed'fferent styles made, enabling you to suit yourself, both as to the finish and size and price of the instnuhent. Come IB today and hear Vum, ' We irHI gnaraatee yoa wiU fee pleased. John V.Roberts Piano House

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