Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 21, 1907
Page 4
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—-TOR lOM PAILl-BBfilgPBB, HOWAT ETEmrarOCTdBBB'ai. m7^ CIRCULATION 4.000. Teli^boiies. Reporters' Room ..222 Basiness Office 18 SrBSCRIPTIOX R.4TES. _ "By Carrier In lola. flOB City, Lanyon, l_ yfUf or La Harpr. -6no Week lO VM U H One Month ; H ct^nls One Year la.OO Hj Mall. One Year, In'advance i...$t.00 three Months: in advance $1.00 ©ne Month', Inladvnnce 44 Entered at lola, Kansas, Po.stoJIice, as i • Sccond-clas.s Matter. Advertising Rare.s .Made Known on Application. man niiipac she ;cdald;lkit liiaitiUii in the one possessed a BeaniDS aversion, to the attentions of othi^ men and efae bad an ifoacoonntable harr^a for religion, ail of which, taken in ^nnneetion with the story told hy Wliltlow. would suggest the bility or an unbalanced mind. The whole storr, is so strangely inexplicable that sftaie peopfe are prone to pronotince WTiiUow tniilty of mui^ dor offhand. Yet th3 fact remains that some of the jitranKest details of the Rtor .v are corroborated, if ,1 mo live could tie ostaljllshod why the ac- cnaotl man fi'niild (liavo munlered the .1^ 1(1 Bolvins: tlis mysU'ly, but no motive girl. It nilshr RO si lonK way towards 4 )FFICUI, PAPER. CITY OF HAS .SET. jtEMBER OF ASSOCI.VTED PRKS.S, - The lola Dally ResKtor is a mrmlicr flf the .Vsjiocialed Press and Receives tte day report if that irreat news or- iMBlution for Exclusive Ai'tirnnon .Fflbllcatinn In lola. A REMARKABLE STORY. Sapp Case Is One of Mn>.| .Mjstilied Tragedies Thai Ever Occiirrrd in the West, : (ToppU.a .Sta:o .louriKil.) The wisest man wh<i nycr livo'l was KinK S<iloiiioii. yet ilu'ii- wore soino lliin;:.« iiu ;'zIoi| .-viMi .Snio- nson. "There lie ilm-e iliiims Vliic!; are too woiidi-rful for iin-." ii.^ one wrote, "yoa. I 'fiiir which I Know no:: "The way uf an va^ih- in iln- .Tir. tl;. way of a tijiiii in tlic v.idst of tli'' .sen: - and the w^y of a ni;in witli a maid." In vi«'Wjof Solomon's confosRlon o;" iCTorance.. ii i.s nn uii>:il wonil <>r th.? details li:i<;I< "if ihi- S .Tpii -Wiijilow tracedy at' Moian ar.' iiorpifxinn. The -Moran case is one of lhi> Btransesl 'traseflies tliat f \«M- happou- ed in hnman history in tlii.s tran.=; MiSBissippi rogiou. A younii uomiUl, refined and fairl.v well educated. |)0f; sessed of tiinre than ordinary gooi! looks, and the danshter of well-io-do parents, had no suitors. That is one peculiar circumstance. She went ou't into th^ back yard of her home on.' evenings soojd after mipwr and with In a few minutes was li^ail to s -• nm. Her mother rushed out r:,! fou.- 1 Oh'. girl de:i(;.. Iior tliroa^ cut. --i,! O.T ? in Right and no sharp instrnjuenf lyin-; near. - For d'^.v.". the dot .ii 's of Ii<>r <\--::',h •were an inexplie.nhl'- ;nv.-f''rv. '! li. ii C resperi.ihle and r '>sp.'i- - i: i.i.!ri-.<'i Tfi.nn of iiiiddli' :t»' coiiii fwrwaiil and relntos one of th • ):i(i^t i -Mmor- •Hnary tales imasinahlf- .'. <>f an unacco:i !!lTl)le love of fii :y i :it u-- ty. turning to "ii.'.tn-d \v!:( n u V.M-S U W^ iHilOi.i'.t ifd. and en'H i? in a nivs;-: '.-.d Slinsuinary • '. .Ainl .ill til' 111 a quiet little ot); i>!ry vjlir^i-. ".yhf !(• I rople liveii th --i' :/.i ".pl' lives •wl.h-'.:; rxrliemrnr :ir.-^ pi-aeo .'.nd o^-'-i'ineiif. ,.At list Snjuiiel \\••li!.'l•^v'^< ^'>iv scri<"' ihnt o^ a df-ni • • I M .m ).• i l: is :•.:( It has ])?i-u <• > ipir),.'. 1 in nMjT 111 (aits. Tho t» i li .i; I K ••n «••; tg'>![lf.! Hint ih.' .!••.•! i ;iil • ni'" n'.'n visitins iii .s iioii,.' rtr 'd '-f nighl—and •' i; .ii.o h< 1-i ' uiKMisililo f .'.-itiii.' :<f !•- < --i Ti''f .""iKinpV inlai ii:iii II'. ru ;.i , ;,>•: afra >£t to a fccu/.y .<.: :iii'<s. .>l.ii!: ' IM tiii: .voiins Pill '•• 'iial .e i.n.i iniM '-Iriisto a man in:<iiv u. .-i ii< • foanior, against her wishes. r>ndeavor- inV to ctar him from hi.s family, an'i ><i.:t eii iifaluation will Mi ii.- hid 11 c r/sjst. friends. 1 • .-. -ly.s it mfid with a man-are as pns; fi: ti,ir: o'.it as the wa>-s of .i man wirr n m,,;.!. "Acoompanying this love f<ir oi :e has yet appeared, and the man (ells his story with such a conviction of innocence that one is impelled to believe it. At this time, in view of the outcome, it is easy lo se3 that WTililow should have t(dd his wife of Miss Sapp's actions at liie start, but In the imperfectioji of human judgment one can see how n man can easily err in ilii' mailer. iH.-;lil.inK lo provoke po."!- .sililo public scandal and to .'endanger the gill's r.'imladon. and living In the hope thai sh<- would outgrow her unhappy infatuation. Truly ii is ,a caso. tho piiycliolo.!;y or which is too der'p for most men. And if Ranipel AVJiitlow's story is true he is the iiiifoiluuate yet Innocent victim of an iiifaii'atlon for whicli h." wa.s ill iKi wav rcs 'ionsiblc. OiTAMA »VAM.s TI'RN AHOIT. Thinlis Wlilllow Case .Should Re Tried There. I I i.-; so ii. id .'ii.iiiiid pricilic -tK bavin;: to do wiih the di.'-iriei <-ourt this wei'K. liiai ihc clerk and si.'iing- raiilier hiaii wiiii i.aiprise when ,iny- one C (mie.s' in. It i.s hiiK ^cesled liy .sonu of the reprc-^eniaiives <>{ tho liar Ihnt as a fair tiiiii for the taking of ihe Itohrhaiiv'h <M .se- lo Io!a. the Whiilow case should !»• >eiil up isi-re. 'I'h^' Whiilow c.i.s," -LIS al.oiU the same ra'ik as :i ci'liiiiiial |iroserntioi> as ihf I{ol:rliau>:h '-a .-i' has as a civil suit. I' is siiggc;-^!ed liete that there may be too many nn-n in .M '.eii county who j. have ii.-.-'d .-.i/.nr or been hotherd by women to allow a jury lo be .secured. L 'li here all ilii' men are shaved ;ii the h.Trber shops and none of ihc-m are foIioWeli Wollltll. •BBTCMTTrTiriiiilFTiTr^' Ccpyrifhr 1007 by \L<: !,.ittp.iT S Marx YOURSELF You can do so here with hi^h gradz Clothing, at a very MODERATE Cost. Thai's our policy and that's what has won for this store the wide popularity v/e so largely enjoy. Step in to-day or to-morrow and let us fix you up in the best Suit and Overcoat you ever had for the^oney. Copvrip'it 1907 by H..r: halKncr Mar« Nettleton and Florsheim Shoes for Men. Knox, John B. Stetson and Imperid Hats •1 ni'T! if>s !'i:<ni'r. M. i:. (liriM H IS RI'IU.LARI/EI). The Titici .S«'cur(s i $IO and a .SnII of Old < iothcs. (Cliaiiuie Sun. 1 The Methodist church on .Souili Lincoln was bnr.slarlzed last night ilu thief secnriug $10 belonging to tlir benevolent fund from Dr. I'ulliam's study and a suit of old clothes from the lot intended for distribution to the needy in C'haiiuie. ICnlraiico was effected through a basement window, from which tlio thief wont first lo the r'po^itory wlier;' donations of c!oth- 11^ and oilier articles for the iioor are stored, .\fier seleciiiig a .-lull which lilieil- him. he went diieefly to th'. pastor's study wlil.h,>e opt ued wiih skeleion l;ey. The desk was loeked and rvidciiil\ no! invliig any key wbicli woi;ld fi the lock, h- rorrlhly li.V..- ..|ii'ii il e «-i I 'l.. \ sni.ill Slim of iiio;ii\. j .hoiii .fifl, licIoiM ^ii .fC lO lb. •.(•lie .ob -.'il fiind. ua -i SeiMlied Till.-? money was in ihe care of \lo\. Pulllani who will have 10 make good the to the chtirlty. ,\fter ruin'aging thoroughly throuch the desk without finding atiylhing e;.-c of value ihe limglar dep.irled ihr ..iii-li ihe lament u i-i-! t'i.'i'S A HE AI.'.VIVST lt\l» IM.'liy.; ilow. I Held" r.o eliie and v. a ivid-in K a ; Sjarlcd by Sale of **.SeCiiiid-('la-» ; >; f t.'eorgi' \ icImlMHi .Spenl Mnc i iiofe .-sidiial. as lii> po>..(ssiii:; a >-K( le- Stiira-'c" for **( (iiinlry.'" j Mnuilis Abrwad. • on key would liidieale. lie pioh- ^ [ iilaldwiii l.e<i.:;e:-. i i I 'lly only passing ihroiiuh lowii ami AVashington, Oct. lil.-Tiie povcn -i . M ,. ;,,„] .\!is. Ceo:^;!- .\. Xiehoisoii ; 'eft on soiii.. of Ihe uiulit Iraiiis. The nient is about to begin a campai.:?!!! airA ed in iJaldwiii Wcdne.sdav cveii- a;;ainsi bad e.ggs. SevL-ral i.iorchaniKJ ing ;-ft.-r a niiie monilis' tour"of Kii- hoir w;i.s piactieing in Ihe building intil nine thirty so that the burglary .ra.-^ committed after lliai hour. THE FAR.MERS' nsTlTlTE. To He Held ut Lallnrpe on Ociober ^th and .lOtli. Ill WJtsbington recently hav<- been rope as well as Kgyjii. 'rhiy jilso selling 'ecmnny fresh eggs" for I. .s.; j spent some weeks in" special study in money than they ctm be lKm.';ht for in the country. Other deiUers coiildn t understand how It could b.-» done. So they employed secret service men to find out. After working on the cases for a brief lime the secret servici ui.->n di.scovored the secret of the the rniversity of Herlin. Ualdwin peo plo give them a hearty welcome to our city. (ITVS HOOKS HAVE ARRIVED. Tlie farmers' insfiuiie movciuent i-.-. tii.^n di.scovored the secret of the ^<'n' Bookkee|iiii(r System C.'oes Into becoming to he one of the gl•e .^ter^ ' thin-'. The "frosh country eggs" palm- <^ ElYe«'t Toda.v. in lh» west. This fall tlioiisai;ilr ot. ci oif on ihe puhlic liv the siisp-c,'! books which the" city ordered •he farmers of Kan ;as vill atteiiil |e(! iner<>haiils were s. cJnd chi.-.s co'd j '"^ "^'''^ 'hf these meeiiii_s for ihe disenssloii of' > :or;i ^'e eggj.-. Fir..| class told si(<r I "^falliiig of the new bookUeeping sys- ^nbji'cis i .f impoiiai.r(> ;o ihi'in 11;;;,. ,.-;js are bad enoiii:li bm n.,,.,,„,;!'eui. arrived in the city Saturday and The Junior Department Store Get your Gas Ught Supplie* from usm A Wolabamh lamp Goatplmfo far 7Go Moderate Price lalumel Baking Powder Sl .000.00 will be idTni for huvsiibstaiirvinjaricuto bcaJiti f oQBft in Caiumei.' A Great Roast I 'Over a ton of Arbuckles'Avit'sa Caffee is roasted at a timo, hi a o revolving cylinder, which dfor" iHc coffee through heat agaiji and ag:..!! until each bean is uniformly roasted. BTo other coffee is m sufii" ciefit demand to afford s^ch scientific and perfect preparation. The sales of Arbuckles* Ariosa Coffee exceed the sales of ail other packaged coffees combined, and this scientific roasting, which no other coffee can afford, by its very magni' tude» reduces our cost to a minimum, anci; enables us, with our other advantages, to give better value in Arbuckles' \^08a Coffee than is possible for any one else. ArbttcMes'Ariosa Coffee is the cheapest good coffee in the worldy and th0 best of all for you. ^eSOCKlSi SROe.. Vvn Toik Clt^. Old the piiip'i,-. Tills \.Mr ilie super- j 'iiiendent of l!i.-;litiiies has ai liia -red | o have livestock rtniihasizcd :ii allj tneeiings—hogs, poiiliry.;.. eii., The .\llen foioily |''armer .H' Insiiiuiei will meet at l^illariie on OcioI.ei i.'!iih ind .lOih. The tir.^t se.;slon will bc- <in at in o'clock on 'I'liesday moitiJig the I 'nth. I'rofessor Wlieilcr of Ihe "ollege and .Mr. P. i;. Crabiree of ,\ll.s-) soiiri will be present ihe llrst day. thei 'ormer talking on hogs and pure bred' itock. and ilie latter on 'l-'a-m Poiil-i ry." The local counnliie will have i ither siilijecis and local speaker.--.' \lr. Crabtree Is s'lid to be (ii>c oi the lii 'vl po^led poiillrv iiicn in ihe v.-e:i. Tl'e seeoml d'v r-'-'Oii y.i 1 le\.It'll to crop and hoiiseli<d;i siili 1 •icls with addresses by I'rin. 'rene>kel Old Mrs. Uenrietia .\. Cjiliii. (if the I < Slali- .\: M MMiliura! Colhue. ! The boy.s' corn conii si will be uivei! in! :he morning and all boys lit the i-oii-| est are expected 10 be on hand wii'i heir best leu ears of corn. The far- ners .should Cfiiue out ihis d .iy wiih heir families. Local speakers will be )a ihe program this dav also. The sessions will hesln eai-h day at iu:Oii a. m. shiirp. ;ind emi at I:!.'! •burp. Mreiiiius .11. o|;eii lo ail a-id .•voiybody will bi- welciurie. Coniii.' ! •iiliu'i iiiteiiilents ev-rywhere are lieiii;: j isk <'d to e.vci'.i" boy.s .•.iid gir!;-; li-riij -ehool to attend Ihe secoufl days' M s-. -ion. who ifiiii the r;'.rnier.-' instllnt.-i ir (d<l laenl^er.: lp.•.^•in;,' upi will 1 1-j .live frci- litis .\e ;.r ibe -s ar.^ worse. Kcgiblcr Want Ads Hrlng ItcsDltit. wer.-> Installed. Ttidnv the employees of the city v.ill begin the new sy.';- lem of bo(d;kee|i;ng. The bofiks an- xery siltislactory. lola Business College KlgM or Dmy Sosmhut Penmanship, Arithmetic, Eloeulion, Bookkeeping. . Knrrlish, Physical Ciil- turo, etc., Shorthand. Letter Wi'lting. For hf*t and Qnlrlrest Resnlts ii ?c tite Uegristfir Warnt Colnms. liJ' South IFusliingioii.—Kcllo 111. LNEQIJALLED VALLIES IN WOMENr^^ €0AT6, SUSTS AND SKIUT5. c Read these items about W.^men s New Ready-to-Wear Apparel,' tlien come and see the garments themselves, and yon will nndersta.nd what we .m.ean when we say see the stylos and learn what our priccss are- '•iiiii I .ii hiMts. Sv l.ll.Ie I 'a irii I' til' 111.;. Sli' •Mel • !.<• ''..r'" lloi .1. (• iM)i;.\i:i:Ki; i^'.1. \V. II.Wl.M. .'^ •! ;. la-^.v Ntl \V.\y (ASKS M- l'!.\t.M:. Last One Hcporfed hi San rniiicisce Was October It;. I Pan Francisco. Oct. L 'I.—Wliile flu' ad<Ied death has liicre :is <'d the death j rate to 01.-I per cent, a fract'on higher than at any previnns lim,''. no ail- iliiioiial cases of bubonic plague have l:<.-ii ii -porti -d s!;ic<' (Ictobi -r HI and j s'.v more pa'ieiits have been disch.-ir^- eil «iire<l sine la- llili. The tiiN to <l:i!e jiro ar. follows: I Virili.-d lasi -s. sevnty: <le.iths. for- jtythree: death rale, til.t per <'"u': njKjiecis iiiKbr obs. rvai ion, llilri.\- :wo la decn a^e of 'our sjnctr Ociober I<; I ; discliaiged as CUHM I . sevent 'cn: iiinler tn'aliiienl. ten. Dr. nine, of the public li.-'alth and j marine hospital service, n-sisted b.v 111!' city hoard of health. Is proseciit- lug vlfforoii >l.% the work of tlon. Long Louse Coats at' $10. A V'ricc achiiivciueiit nnp'Oi c- tletUctl, positive jiiOf) to ?i } co values, t.pci -l .illv priced for it- iinlay lo <l..'ul•.)n^ Init'- a-:i(k-i-hij> in eNtrcinc v.ihu- giving T'-ic new loi]g loose coai.s in broadcloths and liejil wci.qht Ken,; y, lined thioii^jliGnt wilii j^ray or black satin, large IpU sl.;eves with ttiruovcr ciiff.s. edged with military braid, full ripple back, iulaid velvet collar ornaiuenicd with silk braid, gracefully lull and sweeping styles, price SI0.00 Coals at Si2.50. Stylish loose or semi-fittin.o models, made of, light wei<;lit me!i(.)n or impcKted broadclottis, collarless Siyies. The neck fiuibhed with a ^-ide facing of black velvet outlined with black .silk braifZ; band.s of wide SL%k braid applied al.ont the arm holes give the new Japanese sleeve eilect. Hned ihrongh- ont with good (|nality ol .salin, .t iplendid vali^- ;it HltrXKK CA.SE t'ON'TIXrED. Assault Cnse ^Vtil rome V\\ for Trhil Xest Week. The CISC of the city of IjiTIarpe vs. R. O. nruner which was set for trial 'n Police .Iud,?e Clevcnger's court lu I .4iHarpe this morning, has 1 )3eu cou- tniie<l mie week. Flruner Is charged with as .sault hy .1. Keim. who alleges that he attacked him at the street car depot one week atro this ?vening. The case vlll tie contest- en by the defendant who has seenred Ihe s «»rvlce8 of J. L. Barnes of lola to defotd Um. Ladies' Cloaks, $7.50. This is a regular Sro.oj louK 50 inch cloak,' .some lined throughout, nicely trimmed, a big a.s.sorlment oi styles to select Irom, our price $7.50 Cloaks at $5.98. Ladies' Cloalts, 50 inches long, plain, black and fancy mix lures, none worh less than $8.50. Wj|l go qnick at $5.98 .-^[iicial values in liaiiz-lsome coat:; at ;.£5. ^ij-jo liud $20. Sale Of New Fail Waists. There are too many pretty styles to describe all but yoa will find the tlainiicst lace wrvibts conceivable at this price. The taffeta waists are iii:ide in llic desired tailored effects, .specially priced, , A Sale for the Little Ones: lob white fine Bearskin Coats, all ages, lined throughout, large pearl buttons., Would "be cheap at $3.50. Special sale price— 200 best grade Bearskin Cloaks in white, brown, red', bltie and gray. - This is the best grade. Will go for 44?

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