The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1951
Page 9
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fUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1351 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ints Are Given Jor Cutting Cost Of New Homes Architect, Builder Should Be Visited in Winter's Slack Season Since careful planning is required lo eltect the cost savings (:>e family planning to build fls' own home should consult a good architect and building contractor m Ihe winter when they are not rushed. Most of the expensive changes that later crop tip can thus bo marte oil paper before building si art* in the spring. Basic Principles Anting the b^.sic principles to remember: A 2-stcry house costs ler-a than a one-story dwelling because of the larger plot retired for a one-story house of the same urea as the 2-story home. Added to this is the cost of the greater amount of rocf area, foundation and wall perimeter, interior partitions and more costly floor and ceiling construction of a single- .story house. I /^ square or rectangular house Without angled walls, offsets and dormers and gables costs considerably less. Simple straight'lines are most economical and usually permit better tise of the interior'space. Coit-Savcrs Listed After the style and sliape of the house are chosen, here are a few of the many cost-savers lhat can be lued in construction. Dry wall construction instead of plaster; If plaster Is wanted, use rock lath instead of wood or metal lath. Insulation of the walls full- thlclt with baits and bankets of mineral wool, together with com- plets insulation of the attic with this naturally fireproof material, costs less at time of construction than later, of equal importance Is that architectural engineers have found that mineral wool insulation will allow a smaller heating plant with R saving of 23 per cent to 30 per cent. Let wide overchanglng eaves shelter the parches. Use truss construction instead of conventional rafter framing tor the roof it a high attic Is not wanted. Not only dp the trusses go together faster. '3fe tne - v P ernlit less costly Inter&Y partition constniction, and eliminate time-consuming culting of rafters at ridge and eaves, Modular Planning Recent experience shows that room dimension.* planned on R 4" module will effect a 10 per cent saving in over-all cost. Ijirge sheets of structural board for sheathing cost.s le.-^s than conventional tongue-and- groove lumber. Prefabricated closets sava money. Another money- saver is the use of ordinary wide window-stops to make baseboards Instead of wide, expensive millwork. 1.0 0.5 New, Petmantnl, Non-Farm DvtHing Unilt Started 7 Home-building In 1952 will be well below the high level of 19M' S ikn-Z" 0 " Un " S !. but wil1 £lil1 be »«"• the »«-« avera« of ?£T T™, T1 ". S iS lhe ""' mate made in Defense Mobilize' fh ii V V ."T 5 1 uarler 'y "port to the- President, on which Mr « e nT£, a , a0 'rf ? ^^ U °™-» M *™* «°w \> running 40 per cent below iBaO, forecasting a probable 1,000,000 new homes for the year. Matching of Wood Veneer Achieves Variety in Design The matching of hardwood face veneers is the final important step before the veneers are fabricated i into plywood lor the manufacture of high quality furniture, wall pan-'; els or for television and radio cabinets. Veneer matching has been perfected to the point that almosl any tie-sired effect in wood figure de- 1 sign can be achieved, realizing the ! full value of every wood. Face veneers are cut thin, approximately I/28lh of an inch, so that consecutive sheets contain identical grain or figure markings. This duplication of wood pattern makes it possible to conceive a wide variety of designs. Veneers are matched in the following ways: 1. Book match: Two adjacent sheel.s of veneer are opened up !i'-e a book and then spliced side to sicte. i. End match: Similar lo the book match, except that lire ends instead o! the sfdes of two sheets of veneer are used as a hinge, and they are spliced end to end. 3. Four-way match (shewn in illustration): This design is made up of two end matches (Nos. 1 and , 4 and N'os. 2 and 31. and uvo book i matches (Nos. 1 and 2 and Nos. 3 and 41. 4. Miscellaneous: By combining the basic matches already described veneer designers are able to achieve additional effects known as slide match, diamond match, reverse dii- mond, herring bone and others. Asphalt Shingles Protect Homes Mony Builders Choose On Basis of Building Changes in Decade Significant changes in home construction which have Inkcn place in the last decade are pointed up in a .survey made by the Housing and Home Finance Agency. The study houses buill In the first half of 1050. shows mat more than four- fifths of such homes have asphalt shingle roofs; nearly one-lhird have forced warm-air heating: nearly one-fourlli have steel windows; almost, half used copper or brass piping for Interior waler systems' and nearly one-fourth had concrclc "slab-cn-ground" .first floor con- Real Estate Transfers Susan Moore to Luihar Oann, for S850: Lot I of Block A of D. M. Moore Addition lo Blyibeville leretil in Lot 45 of Mock 5 of the Original Survey of Manila. Charlie and Vivian Wilsrui lo Marcus and .Minnie Evranl for; Lot 6 of Block •• of niytl e- 'ville l. M ml*r Company second Addition to BiythcvMlc ' ' M ' "• tmd Ella """•"bank to : Charlie and Vivian Wilson for S 0 j a " rt <>.!,«• valuable com,do,"on 'LOI 6 of Block 2 of niythcville Lu.n- lb "- Company Second Acidiiion to : lilylhcvillc. ' Russell and Snllie Shelhv to I James nay for $6.COO' Norili 44 ! feel of Lot 1 of Block' 1 of park- view Addition lo Manila Casey and Lois Adams to Melvin and Helen Shlnmill for SH 500- llic NW, of SB', of Sect. 33-T14-R10. Survey Shows How Homemaker Can Make Dwelling Fire-Safe Current trends In home design and construction should lower tin- loss of life and property reisukiiii; from home tiros, ' only type of flooring which can be Farm Needs a Modem Shop, Machinery Storage Center Gl Home Loan Still Possible For Some Vets WASHINGTON, sept. 23. CAP) — Some 2.000.000 World War II veterans who previously used nil or parl of Ihelr GI home, farm and business loans are entitled to additional home loans under the new Defense Housing Acl. the Veterans Admin-! (slratlon aaid recently. j •'Comparing the new schedule for! OI loans with the one in effect! previously, (he minimum down payment on a S7.000 transaction Is S280 Inslead of S500," VA naid. "At 810,000 it Is S600 Inslead of 11.300, and at S12.000, It is S960 instead of S1.900. The new law grants to most veterans who used all or part of their guaranty rlghls the difference between what they used and J7.500 for home loans only. However, if the veteran obtained a home loan after April 20. 1350. no additional guaranty is provided. Wilh their crops harvested and under cover, and warm, snug winter shelters prepared 1 o r livestock, farmers now can turn their attention to the storage of machinery and other equipment used during the growing season. Agricultural engineers point out that because the modern farm, is a highly mechanized operation, it is vitally important that tractors, trucks and the various implements used In planting, cultivating and harvesting crops be kepi in good working order, olherwise, Ihey caution, equipment failures may result in costly delays and possible crop losses. In preparation for storage, implements should be inspected, repaired and thoroughly greased so they will be ready for use next year. If he la to operate his farm profitably, the modern fanner also must be a mechanic. Tills calls for a w'ell-equlpped repair shop and, consequently, the up-to-date machinery and storage repair center U taking the place of the old-fashioned tool shed on most farms. The accompanying sketch Illustrates » storage and repair shop, the design and plans for which were prepared by the Better Farms Building As- Prompt Service Expert Service) Experienced Service PETE IS THE 'LUMBEI iitTnmv.vt.Mi 109 N. First Phone 2731 FUEL BILLS Save one-third with INSULATION. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. spend for Your Home first IT'S TOUR OHIY REAL SECURITY Roof aves • orch paint Artie Insulation eplace tiding SEl US FOR AU YOUR NEEDS E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Friendly Building Service sociation. Farm Needi Modern Shop Prime function of a machine shed K to protect machines from the destructive effects of lhe weather, so it doesn't pay to compromise with good construction In the roof cr sidewalls. Generally used on farm homes, barns and other buildings are asphalt shingles which meet the requirements for weathertight protection and also are economical to apply and maintain. Tire safety, essential with costly equipment, also Is provided by asphalt shingles which minimize the danger of fire caused by Hying aparks »nd airborne brands. The storage shed must be large enough to house all equipment and provide convenient access for removing or sloring pieces of ma- j chfnery. The structure show in the ' Illustration has over dimensions of 60 by 24 feet. The right wing Is 34 by ;>« feet, with the open canopy extending 12 feet In front. A Cedar Closet 1J50.000 new homes construcled In 1050—an all-lime record—have as-i phalt rools. This reflects a <harri! inci-ease in the use of asphalt shin- ; gle-s over the past decade. A similar .survey made in 1940 by ihe Federal Housing Administration showed that less than half of the houses i buill at thai time had asphalt rcofs. A wide array of attractive colors, fire resistance which reduces insurance rates, each of application and high production permitting low cost, are credited lor the growth in popularity of asphalt roofing Figures released by the U.S. Department of Commerce substantiate the increase in the use of asphalt shingles shown by the HHFA study. Manufacturers shipped almost 87,000,000 squares of asphalt roofing in 1950, the Commerce Department, reports, almost doubling the 44.000.000 squares shipped in 1940 lo meet unprecedented demands lor remodeling s.5 well us new construction. ThR HHFA reports that steel and aluminum window frames and sash were being xised more extensively for both double-hung and casement windows. Current restrictions affecting use of metal are modifying this trend, however, and for the same reason, copper or brass piping Is being replaced by materials not in such critical supply. _ Weights Vary For Different Types Asphalt roofing products are manufactured in varying weights, with the heavier rooting*, such as a.sjihah three-lab or individual shingles, best, adapled for permanent structures having sloping rather than flat-pitched roofs. Well suited for use on summer collages,! small (arm service buildings and! temporary storage structure* are! lhe lighter weight roofings of lhe; I Right Read Courier News Classified Ads SPEND FOR THE HOME FIRST. It is Your Best Security. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Nails Longer nails must be used In applying new asphalt shingles over old roofing material than in all- new conslructlon. Nails must not protrude through Die roof deck however, because moisture condenses on ihe exposed nail point, weakening Its hold in the board, and may form icicles that mell and drip. Wood Beauty Stressed The surfaces of high quality furniture in hardwood veneers" are painstakingly finished -- usually hand-rubbed—to bring out the lull beauty of the wood. The trend away from mulii-story houses with fire-spreading open stairways, and the shift from highly combustible wood to fire-jTsisiftm building materials will Increase home fire-safety. Even a single-story basemcrilless house built largely of materials other than wood ran be dangerous if construction details ignore fire- safety factors. Many of these details can be incorporated Into existine 2-or 3-story frame houses, it is pointed out. Suggestions Offered Fo!lo«ing a special survey among fire experts and building amhorlties, Construction Research lluroau, na- tioMit clearing house for biiihliug Inforiimtion, offers thejc non'lcrs for buildinrj fire-safely into hew homes and for Increasing the file- resistance of existing houses: Exterior walls of brick, concrete block, cut or cast stone, asbestos shingles, stucco or gla« afford good over-!!]] fire-rcistancc. For the basc- mentless house, a precast concrelr joists. In combination wilh an as-' phalt asbestos roof, will provide structural strength as well as fire- safety. Recommended are gypsum boards or Kentile for inferior wall finish, should be of fire-safe gypsum or metal. Providing range for color expression and offering flre-resislaiice at the same time, Kentile Is recommended for floors. Oivltig to Its as- beslos composition, this material will not support fire. It cnn easily be installed directly over any hard, smooth, firm surface, nud Is the reistant partitions. A conventional - concrete in direct contact with addition, cigarette I be buffed olf willi steel wool. " ! for Basement Jl.rasrs' j „„.. „,„„„„.„ ^?:-:=« M «svr 1=^ ;' ts--: partition faced on both sides with gypsum board will retard the spread of file for one hour. Doors which close EuitotnatLcaUy when fire strike* ni^Scr'on ^..VS" " "' "W'iome' a^I s Our New Number 4507 Woods Drug Real Estate LOANS • Commercial • Residential • Farm Best Service—Best Terms TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 lust PAINT It M Ju*t mix C«d»cot» with w«t«r «nd paint It on. Dri»t to a c*dar ton* with wonderful fragranc* of natural c«dar. Bonds to wallpaper, woodwork, platter, metal. Never needi repainting. Cedacott i« (UftrantMd to contain mor« th&n twic« M much ipnulnt cedar all (which mothi dctMt) a* cedar •£ WIKXJ IL..U. $ UffftS PRAISE The magnlflcient HoUl Waldorf AitorEa wrttea "W« have u«td Ctdicou In our eloicU for approximately Ihree ye.rt and have r«un4 K very >atlifact«ry.- CEDACOTE Hardware Hubbard 213 W. Main; Pho. 2015 NOTICE TO RESIDENTIAL WATER CONSUMERS In The City of Blytheville The Blylherille Wafer Company will render the water statements for water consumed every other monlh in the future instead of monthly as has been Ihe practice in the past. All residential meters easl of Frisco Railroad tracks will he read during ihe following months. October, Decemher, February, April, June and August. AU residential melers west of Frisco Railroad (racks will be read during Ihe following months, September. November, January, March May and July. All residential sialemcnts rendered aflcr monlh of October, insi will be for Iwo months water consumption. All statements will he due on or before lhe 12th of the monlh following meler reading. *v All commercial and industrial accounts will |, e read and hilled the same as in the past, on a monthly hasis. For further information, call our business office at .115 West Main Street. Phone Number II l!l. Watch your plumbing for leaks. Call your local plumber for repairs and checkups. We are not responsible for your leaks in plumbing. All residential accounts will he billed only six limes per vcar milit nolioe of any change is given. We are Mlemplin B to furnish the very hcsl water and service lo our customers at the least possible cost. "Water h Your Cheapest Commodity" Blytheville Watsr Co. and first-floor sub-floor wiih lire- i resistant paml. Fire-slops at lhe Interaction of floors and walls, ami at the point! where the chimney passes ihroiiyh' each fioi.r, will ri'lard lhe sim':ulr of fire, upward through the. house ' Mineral-based materials like asbrs-'j tos board, spun glass plaster board' and spun slag provide non-cotnbus- Ublc insulalion. j rlrc-Safe Chimneys | Chimneys should be solid from the ground up. Wood construction i should not be used to support them- nor should a chimney support any! part of the hoje Itself. Flues should: be lined; chimney walls should he about 8" thick. ; For the greatest fire-protection | open stairs should be shut off with up or exposed. Bi " ls "°"" s "oth the keenest »>"! farthe.s.-sighted vision. , ro[n t 0( CEL-0-GI..ASS Every Home Has Need for Some. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. A Home is lhe Greatest of all Aids lo Success. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. New FRIGIDAIRE Electric Ranges jf—^. ., —•^•^ ^^r • RadtanMx Ivnfot* MnIM • Hfgh-SpMd Broil.., wa4«l-M • Porc.laln flnilh. ImM* and I • Full-Wiitt Sloraa. Drawtr Model RO-70 §.'«)7.50 Model RO-AO §384.75 HO-50, $344 —bakes and broili c) lame lime, or quickly converts )o ona BIG oven I — biggest oven in any household ranga COME INI ASK ABOUT ALL THE NEW \L~^-—^^°^~' <f EtECTRfC RANGES, NOWI ' $222.75 • Itei'imditinned Kcfi^i'i alms. Ranges. Washers • Adams Appliance Co, Inc. • SALES J. W. Adams, Mgr. • SERVICE 2(l(i-20S \V. Main [.| lone 2 071 Stepped Upf Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Mile* Extra Power Gel The Best I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 SHEET METAL WORKS ^—•• OF ALL KINDS Custom wnrk for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 'i inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South liroadwiiy Phone 2651

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