The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 4, 1963 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1963
Page 5
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MR. AND MRS. GARY WILLIAM RICE Barbara Dryden Weds Gary Rice Barbara Jean Dyrden,' daughter of Mrs. Lorene Dryden, 512 Willow, and Gary William Rice, r- PRINTED PATTERN Look pretty while you work in a coverall that protects you from spots and splashing sauces. Easy- sew, has wide straps, deep pockets. Printed Pattern 4853: Misses' Sizes Small (10-12); Medium (14-16); Large (18, 20). Medium 2 yards 35-inch. FIFTY CENTS in coins for this pattern — add 10 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mailing. Send to Anne Adams, The Ottawa Herald, Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME, ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. OVER 100 ANSWERS to "what-to-wear" — in our new full color Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog. Casual, dressy, school — all sizes! Send 35 cents now. son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Rice, RFD 2, were married Jan. 25, in New Hope Baptist Church. Rev. R. B. Shoemaker performed the ceremony before an altar setting of candelabra and bouquets of gladioli. Sharon Rice sister of the groom, lighted the candles. Ruth Ann Shoemaker gave organ selections and accompanied Marilyn Shoemaker who sang, "Because," and "I Love Thee Truly." The bride wore a gown of white chiffon and lace over satin. A crown held her short veil. She carried a bouquet of pink sweet heart roses on a white Bible. Mrs. James Jones, the bride's sister, was matron of honor and Mr. Jones acted as best man. Mrs. Jones wore a light blue rayon taffeta dress with pink carnation corsage. The candle- lighter wore a pink chiffon and lace dress over satin. The bride's mother chose navy dress with white accessories and the groom's mother wore a royal blue dress with white accessories. Their corsages were of white carnations. Pat Chambers and Sharon Rice served a three-tier .wedding cake and punch at a reception at the couple's home on RFD 2. The bride is a member of the Ottawa High School class of 1963. She is employed part time at Crestview nursing home. The groom graduated with the OHS class of 1957. He is a farmer and works at Franklin County Sale Co. By HELOISE CRUSE )ear Heloise: I am seventy-three years old and have been struggling with ace curtains for 50 years. Recently my daughter gave me some dacron panels. Some of them had to be shortened: tTien the idea came to me of mtting a hem at the top of the nirtain. (This really is a small uck stitched just below the leading of the space where the rod goes through.) T h is extra leading was very simple toj make. > one had ever told me t h i s simple, easy and pretty way Helois* io shorten a panel before. Also, they are always one hundred per cent accurate. I hope this will help others who have "curtain headaches." Mrs. R. L. Mitchell Gals: . . . This woman has discovered something! And let me tell you what it does. This prevents turning up the hem which has been put in by the factory, therefore eliminating that homemade look at the hem line which we usually get when we turn up our curtains, so many inches. Works beautifully. I just did some dining room panels this way. Heloise Dear Heloise: Here's the way I cleaned the bottom of my frying pan. I took the legs of mine off by removing a little countersunk screw with my screwdriver. Add Lemon Next time you're using tha bone from baked ham in a split pea soup, add a couple of thin slices of lemon. CERAMIC WALLS & FLOORS FORMICA TOPS Inlaid Linoleum TILE Christian Bros. FLOORS CH 2-2285 Ottawa Ywr INCOME TAX You know you're in the right company when Block figures your taxi Our serv- H DUAL ice h fait, accurate and guaranteed to be rightl Bring your taK data to the STATI nearest Bl^lf nfficn todoy! BOTH AND Nation's Largest Tax Specialists — 346 Offices Across the U.S. 201 '/a S. Main Week Days 9-9 p.m—Sat. & Sun. 9-5 — CH 3-4324 Appointment Necessary Hints From Heloise, Here's Pretty Way To Shorten Curtain I saturated an old towel in ammonia and laid it directly on the bottom of the frying pan. Next I wrapped the pan and cloth in a plastic bag, fastening it as close to the base of the handle as possible, leaving the handle protruding from the bag so the finish on the control dial would not be damaged. I left my pan overnight — in fact I gave it "the treatment" three times since it was in such sad, sad shape. The black corrosion came off easily with a scouring pad. Now the pan looks new. This method is the same principle as painting your oven with ammonia. It really worked for me. A Reader Dear Ladies: If your fry pan is old and everything has failed — you might like to try this. I did. I felt that I didn't care if it ruined the aluminum. It might have, but I couldn't tell any difference and my pan is clean! And remember: this carbon builds up layer by layer! The more layers we have, the harder it is to get off. Keep the pan clean once it gets "that way." Heloise Dear Heioise: I have had trouble for some time with lumpy batter in prepared cake mixes — yet I always exactly follow the mixing directions and use a portable mixer. My 12-year-old daughter informed me that she always "pinched" the dry mixture with her fingers before adding the liquid. I did this and went one step further: I added the liquid gradually and blended it with a spoon instead of with my mixer. Now the batter is always smooth and I bake a finer textured cake. M.L. Why not dump the cake mix into the bowl itself and turn on that electric beater for a few minutes? This way, you don't even get your fingers dirty. I find that if I beat any of these prepared mixtures first while completely dry and then add my liquid I have no batter trouble at all. This does not pertain to pancake mixtures. They are supposed to be lumpy! Heloise Dear Heloise: From about the age of three a child is afraid of lightning and thunder at night. . . so tell him that Mother Nature needs light to see where it is raining, and the thunder is excitement! Give a child a flashlight and he will love it. You can show him how he too can make a light go on and off easily and quickly! My child always falls asleep with a flashlight in his little hand during a storm. This is the only time he can play with a flash light and I do believe that he enjoys a storm every so often. Just a thought to share. Rita Heloise welcomes all m a i 1, especially household hints which she can pass on to readers as space permits. However because of the tremendous volume of mail she receives daily, Heloise is unable to answer all individual letters. She will answer readers' s-i»r.kms in her column whenever possible. THERESA KAY is the 1-year-, old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Mille, 608 S. Poplar. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Gene Mille; 220 S. Cedar; and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Griffin, 908 W. 6th. (Wright Photo) The Baby Has Been Named The son born Jan. 31, to Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Conner, Chicago, Dl., has been named Reagen Dean. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sewell, Kansas City, Kas., and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Conner, Ottawa. At Ransom Memorial Hospital: The son bom Jan. 29, to Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Eugene Pearson, 515 W. 2nd, has been named Kevin Eugene. He weighed 5 lb., 4 oz. The daughter born Jan. 29, to Mr. and Mrs. Everett Harmon Roecker, Williamsburg, has been named Susan Kay. She weighed 7 lb., 5 oz. The son born Jan. 31, to Mr. and Mrs. James Cook Weidner, 1016 N. Poplar, has been named Theren Dean. He weighed 7 lb., 11 oz. Youth Week Activities Youth Week activities of the Nazarene Church included a young people's banquet Friday night in a valentine theme. There were 14 young people, three adults, and two guests, Beverly Winters and Kathy Hettler. The program included skits with several taking part and a reading by Rozella Hinton. Rev. Ralph Edwards gave a talk on the topic, "Purity of Heart." On Saturday night a bowling party was held with 15 present. Last evening the youth group was in charge of the evening worship service. Rozella Hinton gave a reading, Everett and Eddie Davis gave a vocal duet, Bon nie Marconette recited the NYF motto and Carolyn Snethen told of Youth Week activities. Rev. Roy Armstrong was the special speaker. Dessert Tip If you want to use packaged custard - flavored dessert mix in making Trifle, the English dessert, make up the mix according to package directions. Then after the dessert has set, beat it with a rotary beater (hand or electric) to make it soft custard sauce consistency. Socialettes Visiting Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Young, Westphalia, were Mr. and Mrs. Clare Shadle and Bob. Weekend guests at the Young home were a daughter of the Shadles, and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Young, Geneseo. Also present yesterday were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Young, Harris. Mrs. Guy Young has just returned home from a three-week stay in Anderson County Hospital, Garnett. AAUW will meet Tuesday night in Fellowship hall of First Metho dist Church. Club Forecast BETA GAMMA, Mrs. Rilph Crawford ENTRE NOUS, Mrs. R. 8. Byrd CHAPTER OL, PEO, Mrs. John Hudelson PAST PRESIDENTS, Mn. C. J. Pence JAYCEE JAYNES, Mri. Jim Orogan HIGHLAND AVENUE, Mri. C. A. Waggy FAITH BIBLE Church, Ladlei Missionary Meeting NAZARENE Missionary Society PROMENADERS Square Dance Club AAUW, Fellowship hall, First Methodist Church. DRAKE'S BAKERY For Rolls-Donuts-Pies and all other bakery products A Complete Line Of PRATT & LAMBERT Paints and Varnishes NUZMAN LUMBER 113 E. lit CH 2-1572 FEBRUARY RITE — Mr. and Mrs. Joe Scott, 837 Tre- raont, announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Carolyn Sue, to Leo A. Akers Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Akers, 927 Cypress. The wedding will be this month. Both young people attended Ottawa High School. Mr. Akers is in the U.S. Navy, stationed in California. Transfers To Ottawa Lodge Royal Neighbors welcomed Mrs May Sargent as a transfer mem ber Friday evening at the meeting in Masonic temple. The group accepted the audit report which Mrs. Sargent read. Mrs. A. 0. Head presided. Plans were made to hold the annua Royal Neighbors anniversary dinner March 1, for members anc families. It will be a potluck with dessert furnished. Mrs. Chester Louderback and Mrs. Paul Boyke served refreshments. PLAN MARCH RITE - Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Stevenson, Rantoul, announce the engagement of their daughter, Phyllis, whose marriage to Norman Lee Johnson, Council Grove, will be March 3 at Ruhamah Baptist Church. Mr. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. 0. K. Johnson, Layton, Utah, is employed by Fairmount Food Co. Miss Stevenson is employed at Bruce Co., Inc. (Wright Photo) Ann Landers Just Let Friend Strut For Awhile Ani Dear Ann Landers: We are two girls 12 years old who want to know how to get rid of an ex- friend. She used to be a very nice young lady, but ever since her mother bought her a coat with a raccoon collar she is like a different person. This girl actually w e n t to the principal of the school and asked h i m if s h e could h a v e a locker all to herself because she didn't want her raccoon collar to get crushed by somebody else's coat. We are all sick of her strutting around like a peacock and we want to let her know. How can we do it? Thank you for your advice.-AGAINST SHOW-OFFS Dear Against: In a few weeks the coat won't be so new and she won't strut so much. Be patient and wait until the girl returns to normal. Dear Ann Landers: I've been married to an almost perfect husband for 13 years. He never loses his temper, his disposition is remarkable. He is successful in business, generous with money, good to our children, and we've never had a serious fight. We get along beautifully so long as he keeps his hands off me, but this he doesn't not want to do. I've been trying for years to tell him I don't love him and never did. I married him thinking his good qualities and generosity would make up for the missing ingredient, but I was wrong. His kisses leave me cold. His love making is clumsy and inept. I get nothing from him. I thought he'd improve in time, but if anything he has gotten worse. Shall I divorce him, provided I can find some grounds? Or should I stick with him for the children? You may think I'm unbalanced to complain when I have all the material things, but believe me I'd rather scrub floors and have something of the other. We had it financed thru Interstate ... so we call it financial house modern • Loans • Budgeting • Financing [Interstate U OU86 ^J FINANCE COMPANY TOM TOULOUSE, MANAGER 429 South Main St - CH 2-1090 Can you advise me? — NO PULSE Dear No Pulse: You married this man for his good qualities- one of them being his ability to provide you with material things. Apparently he has delivered. You don't say why he married you — but he didn't marry you to "keep his hands off." The unsatisfactory sexual THE OTTAWA HERALD Monday, February 4, 19W aspect of your marriage is .a reflection of your dissatisfaction with the whole man. You two need outside help. Divorce is not the answer. Cure it. Don't kill it. Dear Ann Landers: I am an 18-year-old college student but already I have some definite no* tions on how to raise children. I am not learning from psychology books, but from my older sister who has three children. I'm learning what not to do by watching her. My sister constantly repeats, in the presence of her children, the cute little things they say and do. She also repeats the naughty things — and they hear every word. My sister claims this is good because the complimentary things make them pleased with themselves and the bad things make them ashamed — thus improving their behavior. May I have your views on this? -YOUNGER SISTER Dear Younger: Repeating the cute antics of children within their hearing doesn't do anything except encourage them to be show-offs, since this is what produces approval. Telling others about the naughty things they do gives children a feeling of betrayal. Both practices are bad. This information is for you to use on your own children, Toots — so don't clobber your sister with it. Confidential to N e e ding Privacy: A 14-year-old girl should not have to put up with such tomfoolery. Tell your mother to get a bolt for your door — and the sooner the better. Confidential to Treading Lightly: Poor my eye. Soap and water is cheap. Tell her. To learn the booby-traps of teenage drinking, write for Ann Landers' booklet, "Teenage Drinking," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self - addressed, stamped envelope. Select Dairy (Home Owned), CH 2-1607 1020 N. Main Your Fa$hion Store ONLY A /core// FITS LIKE A KORELL KORRL PLUS-SIZES FIT YOU PERFECTLY ... with no alteration* if you're 5' 5" or under! ."... Two for the Show of 88% rayon, 6% Dacron polyester and 6% silk. This ensemble of a crash linen-like fabric has a dress v,>;i l an open round neck, short sleeves and a slim skirt. The button to -. ... waist jacket has three-quarter sleeves and a round notched collar Colors: Brown/brown, Blue/blue, Olive/olive Siz«s; __ lOjslys io 20 plus- $17.95 I

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