Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 15, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1891
Page 5
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JUST RECEIVED, 10,000 Nickleby Cigars! Best Cigapin the City. Y;/- THE ;GMND BAZAAR'! i : - .-special Saieisnow m FULL BLAST, Ttie Gtrand Bazaar, St. Down go the Prices! : On Pictures,. Frames '•' • '••- ":"•- and^Easels, at B.M.MeMillen's : 5JO Croadwuy, Bet. ; , . . aprlSd&wly MON E. Y, aensral Insurance and Loans. All kinds or In. raranoe plao*d in first olass companies. Endowment policies pnnhaned, Bondg of suretyiu.-. •rttten 'or parttee holding poelttenn of (ran •hire itottid IB required. ' SI» PEAKl. ST. C1oss o Daily Journal. THURSDAY MORNING,. JAN. 15. Pat Rooney to-night. Bargains at the great clearance sale it the Golden Rule.' . " : ;' 'Turkey red damask, only 18 cents, at the Golden Rule. c.^ •Some after-inventory bargains in -McCaffrey's .-advertisement -this week. The most famous canned goods in the world from the Oheida community, at McCaffrey's. Nervous debility, poor memory, • diffidence, sexual weakness, pimples «ured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples f f ree. at B'. F. Keesling's. (6) Uprorius comedy and unbounded hilarity at Dolan's to-night. Ladies merino vests, silk trimmed, only 39 cents.—Golden Rule . Standard ginghams, 51 cents, worth 8J cents, at the Golden Rule. There are surprises in tinware at McCaffrey's, in quantity and prices. See "Pat's Wardrobe," a wonderful collection at the opera house to-nig-h Put Rooney is a Logansport favorit and will draw out a great crowd to night: It is on the thousand househol necessities, little and large, that Me Caffrey saves you. ' Things more valuable to you thai to .us in our advertisement this week at McCaffrey & Go's. Many things you did not know were ever put in cans are among McCaf [rey's canned goods, and everything you do know of. Those bargains in dress goods anc silks are going off lively at the Trade Palace. See .the way their cloaks an •oing at such low prices. No dull season at Spry's; we keep our stock always complete in every department. We have full stock of millinery -at very low prices now. Frank Jones, whose health has been n a poor condition for some little ime, has gone to Hot Springs to recu- >erate and rest. He will probably be •"Ooe two or three months.. The case against Frank Bending and oung Walter Coble, 'charged with dminiatering eatharides to a Carroll ounty girl, the mixture nearly result- ng in her death, has been quashed in he Carroll Circuit Court, the indictment being faulty. John Hugo, a well known engineer n the Richmond division of the Pan ianle was united in marriage to Miss Ella Fye, an estimable young lady of Richmond at her home Tuesday evening. They will reside at Richmond. The groom's many friends in this city extend congratulations and well wishes. Kpkomo Dispatch: Michael McTag'- gnrt, Michael Garreg-an and Pat Mahone, three bright young Logan- sporters, spent Sunday in the city calling on 'friends... .Mrs. George R. • Stewart and charming little daughter, left Sunday for Logansport, where they are being entertained by friends, • n THE,BIG FIGHT, TJ»e Tall New Zenlnndcr Knocks One 111" American AiitugoiiiMt in the Thirteenth Hound. In local sporting circles considerable interest centered in the Dempsey- Fitzsimmong flight at New Orleans last,night.and-bulletins of the result were awaited with no little impatience The results was announced much earlier than was 'expected and con-, veyed intelligence that the New Zealander had knocked Dempsey out. in the thirteenth round. While much interest was taken in the fight here, but little money changed hands on its result, Electric Bitters. . ; This remedy is becoming so well cnown and so popular at to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of. >raise.—A purer medicine does not exist and it is guaranteed to dp ail- that is claimed. Electric Bitters, will cnre all diseases of the Liver and; Kidneys, will remove Pimples, Boils, Salt Rheum and other affections caused by impure blood.—Will drive Malaria from the system and prevent cocstipa- ti'on and Indigestion. Try Electric Bitters—Entire satisfaction guaranteed,, or money refunded.—Price 50 cts. • and §1.00 per bottle at B. F. Keesling's Drugstore. to!7 Ufe IM OTlMcry To thousands of people who have.the taint of scrofula in their blood. The agonies caused by the running sores and other manifestations of this disease are beyond description. There is-no other remedy equal to 'Hood's Sarsaparilla for scrofula, salt, rheum' and every form of blood diseased ; 'It is reasonably sure to benefit ail who give it a fair trial. Be sure to'get Hood's. 2 Hev. Swadener ut Dayton. Dayton. Journal: An old time -'protracted meeting" is in progress at the churr.h familiarly known as "Raper Chapel." Large audiences have been attracted by the eloquence of the Kev. M. Swadener of Marion, Ind., who has assisted the pastor, Rev. D. W. Clark during the week. Mr. Swadener is a man -of'"'fine presence and pleasing manners^" In exposition of Che scriptures and pathetic appeal he has few, if any superiors. The singing in this, meeting has been very spirited and well sustained by a largi chorus under direction of Mr. H. C Service. Mr. Swadener will remain until next Wednesday. The presence and help of ministers and Christian people not other wise em ployed will be appreciated. Person desiring to hear Mr. Swadener should not fail to, as bis stay is short. Bunk OfflecrH Elected. The board of directors of the State STational bank met yesterday and elected the following officers: President, W. li. Johnson; Vice President, A L, Pague; Cashier, John F.'Johnson; Teller, H. J. Heitbrink. The election of officers of the First National bank, also held Jyesterday was as follows: President, A. J. Murdock; Vice President, W. T. Wilson; Cashier, W, W. Ross; Assistant -Cash- 'ier, John T. Brobkmeyer. SLEDS FREE WITH Confirmed. The favorable impression produced on the first appearance of the agreeable liquid f<-uit remedy Syrup of Figs a tcvr years ago has been more than confirmed by the pleasant experience. of all who have used it, and the suc- ess of the prorietors and manufacturers, the California Fig Syrup Com- Dany, . . - • A Lady In Texaw Writes. My case is of long standing; has baffled many physicians; have tried every remedy.that i could hear . of > but Bradfleld's Female Regulator is all ,hat relieved me. . Write The Bradfield. leg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for ' further, particulars.' Sold by Ben Fisher. _ to!7 Sleeplessness, nervous prostrations ervous dyspepsia, dullness, blue's'^ ured by Dr. Miles, Nervine. Samples ree at B. F. Keesling's. .(2) The greatest cut OQ wool hosiery nd wool and cotton .underwear. See lose bargains from the wreck, at the - rade Palace. Boys and Children'! SUITS. OTTO KRAUSJ OF COURSE. MONEY TO LOAN, a any mm M the LOWEST rate*. Prtvat* tnndj wily. Money Blwaye lc band. No red tap* or d •y. Interest and principal parable In Local jort. SMolal arrangements «» to payment of irtnolpal scd Interest, msde to suit the wlnh»« of Borrower. For farther particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 2M Fourth street, opposite Court House. Both the method and results Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasai.1 and refreshing to ..the taste, and act* E jntly yet promptly, on the Kidneys, iver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and.cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is tl« only remedy . : oi .its kind ever pro duced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in ita action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c aad 81 bottles by .all leading drug• gpsts. Any- reliable druggist who •may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try,it. substitute. Do not accept any CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO SAN FRANQISCO, CAL, LOUISVILLE, KY. NF.W fOIiX, N.\ For sale by B/F, Keesll 'and all druggists MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought In any sum over $25 at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO. B. FORGY. FREE READING ROOK! Open Daily and Evening^ 321 Pearl Streoi Welcome to Ail ing and g Crisis! • -Jo TO RAISE CASH) For Clearing up Stock,, Nothing like it ev,er Jieard of. Must have Money :to complete arrangements in firm, best known to ourselves. and 321 DRESS GOQDiS, ; i ''- ^ Cashrae«B;';and Serges all wool 35.' ce'nfe.^as fl.^cts"::;: Plains 5 , cents was 10 cts. For 25 cents cloth all wool, ;was 40 to 60 cts!, a, -yard, " Black JJress goods Slaughtered,in, 1 'price 1,000 Remnants of dress goods'at 25 cents 'on . the -dolter. Blact,dress goods at a big cut frjm a childte to'the the -largest sized .vdress'pattera.'ddn't miss this sale. : ''""' : ,. ; . ;,". ','.-.-,',..'}..' . . SILKS; •[•: ••;,:. ,f;- ' ]';• ^ -Big : 'drive in evening shades only ; 25 cents,,a'-yard'worth 75 cts. : Silk dress ppatteras at $4, -75 worth $12.00 to $15.00. Remnants of silks must go Trade -Palace. , ..^...^.^O.pieces!of Plushes and Velvets at"48 cents a yard in all the popular - shades '^Ofth from 50 to 75 cents a yard, others at a big cut. " ;•""' Linens and house furriisHngs, doyles 4 cents worth 10 cents, towels way down. To clean up table linens, reduced one third. Now is a chance for cheap napkins TradePalace. ' . ." . UNDJELRWEAR; Caildren's underwear 5 lots to close from 5cts., up. Trade Palace, .--:; : HOSIERY,^; •,;.;:: i ; v.iWqpl-Hose now 23 cents,:was.S5"cts. Fine hose. 5 ; cts'.,.! English cashmere ribbed colored hose now 25- cents, was 70 to 85. eta:;, -.a'v-.pair. All ' ~ ' •" ; Dress.Trimmings all at ridiculous prices-to clean up. 500 dozen handkerchiefs at cut prices. Ruchin'gs etc,, to close Vat. 'prices cut in two. See the laces and embroideries. New Buttons at your own prices.'' Big ribbon sale 568 pieces all silk 7-9 and 12s, at 9 cents a yard. drive in gloves and mittens 10 cents up. Big WHITE GOODS, 9 From a railroad wreck slightly soiled checks at 8J cents, cheap at 15 cts. Same wreck, plaid dresagoods 36 inch,9 cents,,worth 20'Cts. 25 dozen Ladies Jersey ribbed vests at 15-centa, cheap at 35 cts.. Slightly soiled • toweling rashes etc, all at cut prices.' See white flannels:' : Ladies and Misses cloaks, jackets, of all kinds •from: 75 cents,, 'each ..up, jelow all competition. Shawls at-less than half what others ask for them. : 1 CARPETS, ...;.'. A good Ingrain carpet 12J cents. A good Hemp 1-0 cents ~chefcp - atH cents. A-g0od,,'shade r:e'ady.made 15 cents, cheap at »5'cente. -A gooT ehWs mounted 50 cents, .was 75 cts. A s good rug at 89 cents, ww» 60 cents/ Atf o'tfcersj cheap, see our. carpets', lace curtains,'chen'iles way down, 'don't mi«f u it: •" " you'll regret it; -'Trade Palace. ' . . 3 Plush"jackets.price now ?5.25 was $10.75 to $15.00. children, slightly soiled from Brankrupt sale worth 60 cents now Big drive on blankets 69 pair reduced to- 73 cents a pair, all others at Jrfg A reduction. Ladies flannel skirts way down in price. Cotton flannels 5 cents, cheap at SjJ cents. Muslins yard wide 4J- c'ente a yard, cheap at 6 cents. Prints 4 cents a yard. See the sheetings and inge, wool. Flannels at prices to surprise the manufacturers. Men's suitings at half price to close this department See them arid save'J money. See the Jeans. ., , i C U T T H I S 0 U T A N D B R I N G I T A L 0 N G! Hundreds/of Bargains not oa here to surprise the closest buyers. - Gom,e quick/ as these goods will be closed qui^k at theso prices -^ / ',' SEYBOLD'S Trade Palace, 319 and 321 Market St., Logansport. ! ' *^ -*• HAi<) ', .

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