Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1908
Page 7
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S«Vea pointed QMrles I*r«paiuiM tk* Democratic CaadMato. if^«d i* Ansvn As? at tbc QaaBtleaa. Prior to bis recast speech at Omsba iHr. Brjraa ti^d propounded to kim tJB« : ftilowin<-_ pertinent OMStions by «» 6kaha Bee. Mr. Btyan did not see ! fit to attftmpt'to answer any of them. 1> Tod,'ifr. Brysn. are nukinc much of D*taocratlc- Trlendshlp for labor. : Why Is it that/practlcafly: no leti«l*t«<» to protect iibor has been Enacted In tb« Southern States In; which Oeoio- crata lia ve absolute control ? Why a re there no «falia Tabor lAvrs in the South? Why are there no laws to protect women': wage «Tn;ers in the South? You and jour fusion friends hhd absolute axecutire and leslslatire control of Nebraska for sereral years. Why was iw'ieglalatlou to protect labor passed tiiea? Why did the wage workers of ^^braaka hare to welt for succeeding I'llepublican legislatures to remove the SSkWO death damace limit to get an •gtiltable employer'a Uablllt}' act and to get a chUd labor law? 2. You, ilr. Bryan, are trylug to make your paramount Issue. "SJiail the people rule?" The muec advanced sttp toward popular rule has beeu tlirough the direct primiiry. Why Is it,, Mr. Bryan, that your fusion friends when in complete control did not give Mchraaka a direct primary law? Why te it that the Republicans of Nebraska J^ad to secure the direct, primary law orer the. opposition of the Democrats? Why U it that the progressive Republican States have enacted direct primary laws to bring the fiUiog of offices cRKMr to the people, while in the Democratic States of the South direct pri- aiary laws' have been enacted avowedly to disfranchise the people? XoH, Mr. Bryan, are bidding for efllce on your anti-trust remedies. Wliy is it that all the effective leglsla- dMt - against illegal combinations has ^n anacted by Republican congresses and for. the most part by Republican Statfr legislatures, while the Democratic States have no effective antl- tntst legislation? . 4. Ton, Mr.. Bryan, are bidding for Uibor Tetes by promising to abolish the . writ of injunction In labor disputes. -Do yon not know that injunction abus<9. baTcr been - chargeable as S|ucfa to. State courts as to federal courts?. Can yon name a single Democratic State which has passed a law tji freTent the abuse of injunction by Mat* courts? Why was no such law passed in Kebraska when your fusion itt^nds wei^ in complete control ? ' -'6. ' Yon, Mr. Bryan, are bidding for Totes on your scheme of bank deposit guaranty. Oklahoma is the only State that has put such a law on its statute tto^u. Why have none.of the other Democratic States enacted deposit guar- Mty laws? You. especially, intro- iSaced such a bill into Congress in the early 90's. Why did you not get your tosibn friends to enact the bill'as a dtate law when they were in complete control of Nebraska? A deposit guaranty bill,; which you endorsed, was offered in' Congress last winter as a anbititute for the Vreeland bill, but iily a\handful of the Democratic Con- gressineu voted for it, ^ the remainlns ethers voting against it or refusing to vote. The only Democratic Congress man .from Kebra^a was one of tbos« who refused to vote. If yonr endorsement of that bill was unable to make these Democratic Congressmen vote for It last winter, how will you be able to make tbem vote for It next winter* 8. Too, Mr. Bryan, are trying to make much of the popular election of' Ubtted States Senators. We bare the statement of Mr.- Tibbies, made three years ago, that a large sum of money, aald to be $15,000 or $20,000, was contributed by "Ryan. Belmoat A Co." tu ISOi. trough your brotlier-In-law toward jbiir campaign for United States a^iiator in Nebraska. Is Mr. Tibbie* nlMiiken in his assertions? If so, why ^'{^ yon sot correct them long ago? If iiot, -why did yon not put your name -OS the ballot as a cwdidate for Senator and ask a vote of popular preference under the 'Nebraska law which gives yon that right? Why did the Democrats refuse to sabinit ..eaadldates for Ualted BUtca Senator to popular vote in KebrailBKlB 1898. inlMO and 1804? T. -'l<m.; -ifr.- Bryan, art making nvcb <tf'jpoMicIty of campaign cmitrt- bufioBt.-Kebraska lus a oanpalga pub- iifi ^ilaw, but it was enacted, as you kiibWby a <epnl>lican Legitiatare af- &r: your fnsion State administratlea iuia failed te 'iiitM :raeb.aJaw. -Why is ft^Jikr. Bryant that your brether-la-Iaw Democratic campaign aiBagua persistently and willfully vioIatM «il.p(abraaka eampalga publicity law? fOiy. if you sire so derpted to canpaicD publicity, war* ypu so loiilrtent |t<tbe $50,000 eontrtbtttion .to your ptign made by im Bcaactt will be fcsft •«a *lt ! loo. labs W. Kara. OMioeratle tor Tlce -presldent, who visited thfi^ty yesterday,, was "starrad" la Lidda, Murrie and. Mss Pari Har^ din. will start for California soon. We wish them well in their new home. Grover Myers Is carins for Howard MoorWs stock in his absence. Mr. Benjamin's of East Ida, had his huckster wagon out regardless'of the weather last week. Mr. and Mrs. Foster Funk are in Topeka where Mrs. Funk is taking treatment. ,Her brother is caring for the stodc Wheat looks fine since the rain. Wess Smart got word that It was bis cousin that was found on the railroad track in Oklahoma. He had |40 in his pocket when last seen alive, but when found it was missing. He was a son of Mrs. Judge Abby, of Bronson, and at one time a plumber for Shannon of Inla. Fnnl play is the supposition. Howard Moore • has gone to Oklahoma to see the rcunlry. He will visit Will Erwin while he is gone. Will is an Allen county boy and a brother- in-law to Mrs. John Montbeck of the Vltlley. Mr. Joe Mumphrey has bought a farm over by Bronson. He sold his farm on Big Creek to Otha Foard of Stillwater. Okla., who will move here soon. Mr. J. F. Kaisbeecrhas two brothers that are seAoualy ill: one in Colorado and one in Illinois. Many were the sad hearts In thCj Valley when they Tieard of the death by drowning of tho son of Rev. Beese. He is the pastor of the Valley church. I CK>£D£H.T1£LET. 1 lilHETT KETTNEDT WAS MARBIEII XAND-iT TO GABiltTT GIBU pvbsoiutely PURE Tbe •'Plelrap*' Foot Ball Tram Is This Afternoon Playfag Triplets at Elertrie Park—Persoaals. Why these; grapes ? Because from the healtliful grape comes the chief ingredient of-Royal Baking Powder, Royal Grape Cream of Tartar. Alum-pihosphktc powders are mad'^ with harsh mineral acids and must be »-oidcd. Beal Closed. The deal whereby George Rhoads comes Into possession of the J. E. ^\rert building near the lola Electric Street car depot was closed yesterday afternoon. Mr. Rhoads has moved his glove factory into the building. : RFSSIAN- PRI80NBB RELEASED. niED FROX A WOUVD HeistnepasioroLuie YUMc, „f^jnoo to Cover BaU Sub Coming as It did in the presence of ,F«nd of^^ to L^^^^^_^ bis wife and himself made it terrible! Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Walker were the guests of Mrs. Walker's father, Mr. I .A .11SUP, xtn Sunday. ' J. S. Walker, Jr., was the guest of Russell Boyer Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Smart visited Harry Fronk's Saturday. PBAIBIE ROSE , St. Petersburg. Oct. 28.—Ni<ibolas j Tschalkovsky, an aged patriot who was imprisoned here for nearly a year," was released this afternoon. A fund of $25,000, subscribed hi Enj?- land to cover the bail demaiided by the Russian government, was deposited in the Imperial bank today. Mrs. Maude Rice, of La IT.nrpe, visited last week at the home r,.' iin- sister, Mrs. Myrtle Mattock. Mr. Biggs and family spp;. :nday at Mr. Heckenliabie's. Ed Eflin and wife were at .Archie Eflin's Monday picking ^.pples. Ange Knapp has been quite .sick for over a week and nnal>le to attend school. Harry Miller and wife and Iva Slrickler took dinner at Elmer Strlck- ler's Sunday. Robert Rogers killed a beef and delivered it Monday. Will Wood brought out a new pump that Mrs. Miller is having put in the well for him. Miss Sadie Lowry spent Thursday and Friday nights with Mrs. Jones as it was too stormy to go home from school. Mr. Biggs and son, Marion, went to Jji Harpe Monday afternoon to make some repairs on their stable and crib before moving there. The continued rains last week filled the creeks and ponds to overflowing. The water train that had been hauling water from lola to the water tank here was taken back to Parsons. The mail carrier was unable to make his entire route Thursday or Frl day on account of high water. Harry Miller expects to have a pub lie sale on Thursday, November 5, at which time he will dispose of his stock and implements before his departure for California where tliey will make their home. Rliddle Has Pets. Judge Biddle Is fond of pets. Years ago the judge had a burro for hi.s .grand-children and became attached to the animal. Later an old goose made Us home at the judfre's residence. ;Now the judge Is going lo buy a Sootqh collie pup.—Ft. SoOn Tribune. I Death of .\Iexis Deevers, of Joplin, Surrounded With Mystery—Two Arrests Made. JopJin, Mo.. Oct. 28.—Alexis Deevers, a junitoi. aged 36. died this morning from a w^uund inflicted during the night. W. \V. Bowman, a miner, and his wife. Anna,, who claim they found Deevers wonnded in a vacant lot. are held for Investigation. Bowman had just returned, fi;om Parsons, Kansas. There he ha^ been for three weeks. EWS OF U HARPE C1B • a=«?E- r-••rw^- WILL LIVE IN WELDA, KANSAS MRS; PETE JURY WAS ELECTE0 PRESIDENT OF LOCAL W. C. T. V. WJll Sead DelegafM. The local missionary society of the. Presbyterian church will send delegates to the meeting of the Allen County Missionary Society which convenes in Humboldt next Friday and Saturday. The delegates are Mrs. Bright. Mrs. Worley. Mrs. Boj-den. Mrs. Fowler. Mrs. Robins and Mrs. Moorehead. Emmett Kniaedf Ls Married. I^nst Monday night Emmett Kennedj and Miss Parmer of Garnett, Kas.. were married. They will make their home in Welda. Kaa.' We have on hand a full line of Reznor Reflector "MOXEY-BACK eUARAXTEED GAS HEATERS.* The stove that heats the floor —^we live on the floor, not on the ceiling—will burn-a .Vinch flame on a \i or., gas pre .^?=Hre. i Prices »2JM» to m. BRIGHAM HARDWARE CO. East Sld(« Sqnare. NEWS OF GAS CITY FI7BNACES AT CHEROKEE WILL BE CHARGED AT 6 .4. ¥. T«ke Cm •( Taar Eyes! We«piared to with eyeglasses for your reading these long evenings. Our stock is complete and we do not charge for testing the eyes. WATERS & DANPORTH. Drugs and Jewelry. The Membeni of the Ladles* AM Soel^ of M. E. Chnrefc WID Serve Dinner and Snpper Electloa Dajr. Playli^ Triplets. The team of pick ups from this city is playing, the Triplets at Electric park this afternoon. The gaihe is a practice game. The "Pickups" play Moran Friday aftemon and the Triplets play Independence next Sunday. Electied Mrs. Jnry. At the meeting of the lociil W. C. T. U. which was held yesterday afternoon Mrs. Pete Jury was elected president to succeed Mrs. Montgomer)who moved to Wichita several days ago. ^STEOPATHT— ^ DR. W .H. .\LBRIGHT. Reentered Osteopathic Physician. iSuu Banic Bldg. Phone 145. Only Osteopath in La Harpe. Hector dc Silvia, ihe champion skater of .Australia who was here In May of this year, is booked for a return date commencing tomorrow night. One of De Silvia's great acts is sliding down an eight-inch plank on one fool l.lind-folded. The plank i.^ just an ordinaiyfliere of lumber borrowed from the Inniber yard and re-' turned when ho is lli!ou;;h with ii. No grooves or track of any kind for Apples! Apples! For sale, hand picked genetin apples Price at Claiborne's farm, Carlyle, TO cents per bushel; at Claiborne's mill. Tola. 75 cents. Sweet cider made from selected apples 25c per gallon; 5 gallon order |l. Poi-e apple cider vinegar 25c per gallon. Delivered to any part of the city. Phone 195, In a tight place; must have money. Owner of lot 3 ftlock 15, Highland place.- gave |200 for lot some time ago. .but Must Have Money and if takap in five days Sixty ($60) dollars ukes the lot. Good title.—D. W. Bostwick. 519 EJast street. Phone 7l5. Joplin Wants JSunday. The Joplin Ministerial alliance, at its regular weekly meeting Monday morning, voted to extend to Billy .Sunday, the falmous evangelist, a call |to come to ttila city at the.earliest , date possible. It is hardly litely that h'e can <^me before next fall.—Joplin Heridd. the .skate to follow. Other skaters use the plank act but none of them have ever dared to venture on so narrow a plank or one that is not prepared in some manner or other. Of course this is not his only act, but It is one of the leaders. The show De Silvia i)uts on i.^ywell worth the small admission price charged and there seems to be no doubt but what he will get good hoHses every night. Personals. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gilbert left yesterday for Neal. Kas.. for a few day's visit. J. P. Myers, of Kansas City, i.^; here visiting his son. Dr. Myers, i Messrs. - Camberlin and Cohoon, of Milo. Mo., are in the city on real estate business. i Mrs. Jake Hudlcins, of Chanute. was a La Harpe caller yesterday. I J. C. Thomas of Yates Center, was here yesterday on business. . Mrs. Roy and Mrs. John Donnan who have been here visiting at the home of C. H. Hackney left yesterday for their home in Genosse, N. Y. There is Only One Thetis LaKBtSve Bromo Quinine UMBO ruewomjf oven TO oime A OOLO IM am OAY. Always remember the full name. Loot for this signature ou every bux. 25c. T^OS.fH. BOWLUS, President. J. F. SCOTT, ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRBCTOi^S A. W. Beck, L. C. Beatty. A. J. Fulton, W. J. Kvans. J. O. Rodgei^' W. L. Bartlea, Thos. 1i. BeWliia. WES88UE OUR OWK OttAm OH MU UmOPCMK fOmf9* • , • . •• SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR HENT FROMfa f O |» PER VtAlt"^ INTEREST PAIfwOVr TIME I^EPOSITS. ' ^ Win Attend WeddlBf. Dr. Leavell will leave Friday for his home in Allen. Kas.. to attend the wedding of his sister. Miss Myrtle Maude Leavell. to Mr. Arthur M. Bates. Is Xo Better. John Bstes who was taken to Eldo- radoi Springs several days ago for hir health is no better, from consumption. He Is suffering Xre Cbiargbig at Six OVloek. In the future the furnac^ at tho Cherokee smelter will be charged at.6 o'clock in the morning instead of 4 o'clock as has been the custom. Will Serve Dinner and Sipper. The Ladies' Aid society of the Methodist Episcopal church will serve dln- lier and supper in one of the down town buildings election day. Miss Foster Enterfaiaed. Miss Mable Foster, of the millinery department of Cole Bros, store, gave a dinner party last Thursday and a house party that night at Mrs. A. Bennett's to the young ladies, who assist her in the store. Her guests included Misses Maude Graham, Margaret Bur- gerhouse. and Eldna Perry and they report is a fine time.—Garnett Journal. lAST TENN^ GAMES Nevada, Mo., Players and Winners of Local Tournament Will Meet Friday. Final arrangements were miide this morning for tennis games to be played in this city between the winners of singles and doubles of the Nevada, Mo., Tennis toornament and the winners of the Allen €bhnty Tennis tournament, -which was held two weeks ago. ,The games will be played next Friday on the Pennsylvania hotel courts. The winners of the doubles in Ne> vada are A. B. Cockerill and his son. They will meet Rex Bowlna and Phil Stover of this city who won the doubles in the local tennis tournament •Hanr Cockerill, the [winner in sin: gles of the Nevada tournament will meet Ed. Owen, the l|cal winner. Since the tonnumient the local players^bave not been working regularly and consequent^ will JDOt be In the best of condHkm for the boat However, beginning toniilit. th^ wfl practice as often as possible in av effort to get Into condition. Personals. P. R. Williams, of Kansas Clity. was in the city yesterday on a business visit. Mr. and Mrs. Parmer, of Garnett, Kas.. were the guests of Gas City friends yesterday. They returned to their home yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. William Whycoff, of Thayer, Kas.. was here yesterday on real estate business. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Martin, of W3ch- Ita, was here yesterday. He is on a deal for Gas City real estate. J. A. ThompMns left yesterday for Neodesha. Kas.,' for a few days. Mrs. J. W. Fines, of Chicago, is here visiting relatives. Mrs. Ulm returned to her home in Lawrence. TSsa., yesterday. She has been here ristting her daughter. Mrs. George Elhly. Landed on SeciAllfm. During Senator LoBi('» address last nU ^t a Socialist sh^ed "amen" to some remarlc^he thoi^fc sounded Bbc-' rl^sUe. \^en Seniibr liong woi F^ogh teO^ tim .iHuit he really "thon^t of 86ciaU8m.'^ff fellow wia* 'eft he had rented quiet \ MEAK8 JUS'E WHAT IT S.4YS. Better than any otheir;^Oq («:d <er on the market Xe giyc «flle!'^ its campedtlaa. Does not ^^e no matter how GOldr'-i ^olimly ae iaa«nr In handUng. Trojaa instead of glyecHne iuid save the Dres eC year •ie«,.ii^d your company froin' " salts.

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