Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 21, 1907
Page 2
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N^finPidn k'^-m^ Asse^ 11,200,000 Eftabllfllial 11 IMut Itil k inn Ci. Society I: 1^' .. J :rwr. "MbCaU. 420 South J?r-. :terion, .win entertain the Cheerful CfttSe oh VPedne^day afternoon. ~ Tlie New Bclipse Club will have a fdance In Masonic Hall on Thursday : • • • [<bwton Brigham, who Is attendins;: uuiisu;'Unfvai^ty, spent the week ' end; witb bis patents. Mr. and Mrs. E • F. ftrlsham. ; ' -, ; • A * <. The literary Hwieties of the high ^Ifool will begin their year's wor'i thib weftk. The Chl Omega will hav.- a jifdgriun'-on iVJednesday artemooii in the audltoriuqi of the building. * *• • ilr. and Mrs. "Guy Garlock have r.^ turnip from a visit In Missouri anl other eastern states. ! • * * • Hffls-Mable - ifa;, of Fort Scott ci^e over Satui^day evening, to b? ib.^ gite ^t 'of ill© Mlsfles Adams for a few day?. - 4. • • 3flas Edith May, of Okiawn. ha* eOBB to spend the wlntot- with h. r •l^tJor. Mrs. A. W Drown. . ? ' * * * JTbe MothodtBt Aid socloty will gire a t*a at (he homA of Rev ;u)>I Mrf. J. "W). Mason tomorrow aftomoon from three until six o'clock. Ln'ii <M of ttl«*^eotlfireinttion and of o;b<r ' otittrthef'are Itovited to attend. ^Tbe Baptist 'Aid society will have a •pealal meeting on Prirtny affpi- - ntion" at' the ' hbme of Mrs. BecUey. .214 North Buckeye street. The 1a <Ilea will worit apoh articles for thcr ale of art needlework. The Baptist Missionary society win - be In session $n Thursday artomon -i .* in the church,- parlors. The I PS.'JOII w)Jl bQ taken from the book ••Chr:s;ns Redempter.'.' -.: y * * * • ^ The many friends of Mr. ainl .Mr.=. Otorge A. Nicholson will be glad :.> hear'that they-have returned from an -CcitendM tonriof Ewrope and Esy))t. - Tjley" will be 5at home to frl?nds ;n SBldwhi. * • * , Ker. and Mrs. VT. H. Gai^ielil nr.> spieodiQg a fev days in Kansas Cirv. * + + Mrs. Harmon Hobart. nos Somii State street *ill entertain the hiRli fire dub on 'Thursday afternoon. ;V The Uttle Cleaners Had an enjo.'- abte'afternoon .party on Saturday w^tlt Uise Joyce Cblby. Tliere were tho usnU sabes and mtisic and the lios tesi serv'ed at:fve o'clock. t "Hia. Current 'Event club was in sesaton la Library hall • this affer- xboii.r Miss Ida Stepnenson. a return «d Jlisflonary lectured to the mem- '"bere? upon'People of Various Conn: tries tit which- she worked and oUior tUD^ Of intetest to the women. J - • ^ • * <. Mrs. Bruce OstMme who has done a great deal of'art work of late, both " burnt wood and painting, has opened a aladlb <» Bast Jackson street. She win nv^e a specialty of burnt wood and painting on wood. Crr • Wni'ki. tu tk Recftter Look at Our Libbey Cat Glass, Rookwood Pottery and Hitncl Painted China. Sewall, Jeweler and Opticiai 104 North Washington. IT IS SAID TO BE FINE MIXTURc KVEUYHODY HEIIE SlIOl LD KNOW UV THIS PKES('im'Tm.\. .Vrls Prnniplly on the KIrnejrs and : liliiddiT and .Sliiiiild Ite (>'Ivpn 11 Trial liy MniYcrer*. Cut thin oiii and (Uii in wmie .siife jilaco. for it in vullable and wjirili more tlian iinythln>; cltie in tb<! world If you Khoiild hiiM' un uttiick of rhounialisni or bladder trouble or any diTiingntiient of Ibc kidneys wliatever. Tlie ineserliuloii i .s Klniple. iind "in be made up by anyone at home. The ingredleiit.s run l)e had at any nood pre.>?crli)tion pliarinury and all that Is necessary is to shake tlieni well in a bottle. Here it is: I 'liiid extract dandelion, one-half ounce: tonii)oiind Kar^nn. one ounce: t>cinpoiind syrup of sar:.:i- pnrilla. three oiinees. ' Tal;e a reasponiul after each niiMl and at lietilime. .\ few dose.s is said to relieve ainloBr any case of bladder trouble, freqtieni urination, pain antl scalding, weakness and backaclie. jiain above the kiilnrys. ere. It i.-! now claimed to ii" tlie method of oiiriiip; chronic rhemnatfsni. beraii.^e or its direct and po.=ltivi' artion ujion ibf ellniinative tijH.-iies of the kidney.-;, li cleanses these swnslike organ-i and gives the nilife and power to .sift ;!n<i strain the poisonous waste matter and uric acid from the blood relieving ihe worst fcjrms of rheumatisni and kidney and bladder trotibies. The extract dandelion act.>» upon the stomaeli and liver and is used also extensively for relievinK constipation and indive.-;- tion. ComiKJund sarsaparllla clt.ui> and enriches the blood. As you or anyone of your family, oi- liecially the old folks, may be attacked at any time it would be wise to cut thid out and save it. A well-known local drupsist is aii- flioflty that this prescription is saTe to use at any time, .\fis it yourself. E.lKTIItilAKE SHOCK liEi ()i!I)i:D. Orisin of Violent Quake Bclie\ed to Ue tlie Inuian Ocean. u. Hej^ There J "Where are yea going?" ' "Goiiik after a sack of U, MmPmfimt Plour. My wife JmKn'iTaik imything else." Waslilnston. O.-t. L 'I.—The weailier > bureau today annonncod that its in- siniinenis reslttered an rartliijiiake ln'slnnliiK at eleven o'clock last iil ^'ht Mild lasting until early this moniiiiv and its oiisin may have been at a point west of ,\UKlralIa In the soiitn- <ru Indian oceiiii. It l>: IpcHoved m iiave iiern of Considerable Intensity a' lis oii ;;iii. KETCnNEi) .MI.S.*JIO\.UlV S1»0KE. .Miss Ida S(<'|)h(>n<ion Told of Chlnexe Hi 51. E. ilinrch. Miss Ida Stephenson, a returned mis sionary from ('hinn.. spoke last nislit at the .Methodist church. .Miss Sie|)h- enson gave a very latereiiiuH: aeconn! of the habits and costumes of the Chinese people. This afternoon she is Ihe guest of the Current Event club and will give a short address at club's meeting at the Library hall. I It*s:the good in a man—not his looks— that counts. ' Your "goodness" may be hidden be• neath a poorly-made suit of clothes. •V."Better look as good as you are. You're at your best whenever you're dressed in P £^ ! you Sophomore miLLINERY SALE llBi^Uiifte ^iUW iajr laiye stock ef MilUntry at one^, I will offer for fire -^^l(iii»|ffag aatoriay. October 19tta, aH tmiMMEO HATS ;«U^tolMB» Ml ftf ecDt 4lM «|ttni.. Come at onre and hare a choice .^Bvar Mr tferjr lie seleeUn of HaU. .0]^ C |Ut H««ie Block, Rcr. J. yi. Mamn Doesnt Think Ladies Should Play for Prises. Rev. J. M. Mason of the M. E. church. In one of his characteristic sermons took tM -easitm to rap card playing .vesterday mornluK. In speaking of the different evils ivhith liad a tendency to weaken the walls which fortify the church he mentioned card playing. He referred especiallv to card playing for prizes' by ladies of (he church, declaring that It had a damning influence on the church as an institution. * nev. .Mason also regretted in his sermon that there were grounds for the feeling that the church was doing away with the told time revival. He went ahead to say that he was glad that he was an old lime camp meeting preacher, which .some people choM- to call him. He defended the old litue ri 'viyal with vigorous arguments. lEOHIlHAItJH KEI..VTIVES TO Sll -.l 0/lu-r KInfolks Mill Try f.»r Pari of Kunsan's EslHte. Oilawn Ka.s.. Oct. I'l—A new ixi;.- slbillly in the contniv.-rsy now l.eln!; wiiued between organizations of tlie .\l (thodlst Kidscopal ehiireh and rt >'alive-: by inarriaKe of the late CiilDiici .S. II. Ilobrbaiirh of Ottawa Is n'liMved ill ilie report that i)ie liroilirrs iiiid nieces of the late Colonel itolirban;;!) are to brliiK aellons in tiiiiii lo set aside Ihe will and elalni ilie property by rlubi of InlKMitmiee. Colonel Itolirliaiiuh. a I'entisylvaiila Diiiclinijiii. came to Otinwa ililriy years at;o, with noiblng. He dli'd last siitntU(>r. worih a|ipro\iiiiaii >ly $-'()•).He btilli the inwii opera house— one of the (Ini'st In the west—and had a larse iminln 'r of band .4onie brick business blocks in tlie city. Prior lo bis death be had triveu $2i).000 to ihe construction of the new .M. K. ebiircli in Ottawa. He had always beoii a larKc contributor to the church. His will, made in MKi:!. made extensive beiiuests of real estate and other property to the First .M. E. cliurtb nf Ottawa, to Hetbauy hosidtal, Kan.-as City. and to Haker universiiy at Baldwin. Mr. Uohrlmiigii liad for years made his home with the family of his deceased wife's sister. Jlrs. E. P. Hubbard. He left 110 direct lieirs. Alemliers of the Ottawa church. charKftig that Mr. Rohrbau.uh was being unduly influenced to part with bis jiroperty and that bis estate was be- iiig dissipated. brouKlit proceedings in February to have a jjuardlan appointed for him. .\o verdict was reached by the Jur.v, but immediately after the filing of the pn>ceediugs, .Mr. baiiRh deeded all his property to inon;- hers of .Mrs. 's family. .\ction to set aside the lirsi of those deeds was tried at tola on chanse of venue from this county—Di.strict .ludse Smart beinii the e.xecuior of the Rohrbaii «h will—last week, and i.- now in the jury's li.inds. .\ Ions list of similar actions is pending. Tiie ai- lions are based on the claim that .Mr. liOlirhaugh was of unsound mind, and was improperly influenced. It is now rejiorted that nieces of Mr. Hohrbaiigh. who live in western Kansas, and thai other relatives in Penn.sylvania. none of whom were remembered in the will, have employed counsel and are o .ily awaiiiiiK ihr- outcome of the present lifii ^aflon 10 brln.:; procedlngs to set aside the will and claim the entire property. Bl..\I>E DIKHIN ii¥.XS jci.OWI. Thiir« Ihe Fori .ScoH IloyV Per Cenl of the PoK( SeiiNon Baxe llnll flame*.—Home 8anday. ll'ort Scott Repulillcan.) n'oPM It pay to become a profi'sslona! ball pla.ver from a pecuniary standpoint? It would seem a proflt- able business flnanclally speakins. if cmr can make good in either of the nmjor leagues, lliaine Diirbln. the Fort Scott boy who used to piicb In the pis-pen league on Fort Scott's band lots a few years ap;o. seems to have made a success of base ball a.^ a profession. He drew a substainial salary from the Cubs all season and is to receive approximately $2,000 from the post season games. There .-ire; twenty men on the pay roll and Blaine is one of them. He was an alteranfc In the |K )st -seaKon games and was eligible to pitch-in any of the world's frames. Tlie Cubs per cent of the first four da.vs' games was $32,900.14. President Murphy made the players a present of JT.O.ID.CC, or enough to bring the .imount up to $40,000. This purse is to be divided evenly among each of the players and Blalne will land two thousand of it. There js another Fort Scott plaver who will come In for a share of the post-season games. Red Downs, who played here three summers ago. who is now a regular man at Detroit will get an eqiic' sbTe of the sum lo be divided among the Ti.gers. Blaine Durhin was to have arrived home today, but wrote his father that he had been asked to remain unti; Saturday and pitch an exhibition same. He will be here Sunday or Monday. The young man 's showing in the greatest team in the world's greatest league has been a signal s jc- cess and next year he will be more regularly used as a pitcher. TO H .iVE XEW FOOTB .\LL GROl'VD .Snperlnti'iidMit .M8«i«onirBle Will Improve (•ronnd'i in Park. Superintendent l/Ce Massenga'e of ih? lola Rl(»ctrlc RaMway company nni'ouiiced this morning that ho would fit un the grounds west of the Park Aud'tfr'niii at the Electric park for foct la'l pnmes. The groundj »r» central'y lo;;»l»'d and cou'd be us"d by Inla, -fias City and I.nHorpo. Mr. "•r«p-nepip offers Irausportatlon to the players who play on tho grounds. W/VNTEn— Two boarders In private (amWr. 405 .North S«coBd atreat. / When Yon Boy A WATCH from us you can rest assured that you get just what you pay for. Our prices are as reasonable as they can be purchased for any place, and our guarantee has been made wod dnrinsr flfteen years in lola. McXEIL BROTHERS. THE JeVHCLBRS. THE CARNIVAL IS HERE P.IKKER AMUSEMEST C01IPA>T WILL SHOW FOE A WEEK. HAS TWELVE PA D ATTRACTIONS I SHOWS WILL OPEN ,1T 7:15 THIS i EVEMNO. •^Iie «Irl From Bagdad," a Comic Opera, Is an Unn.snally fiood Feature. JOSEPH TESRQE DEAD Hod} Will He Itroimht to lola for Huriiil—itciuthe Ciiu't ll«' Found The lola .VLisonlc order toda;. r-^ C'hed « Icltcr (iMiii I'lieulo, Cijic). MiuIiiK .los.'pli fe.src.'', .1 iiKui I ir of I lie i'lii'lild 1)1. U-r. iiad db-il a', t' place oil tin- i;itli (it ()<• <ilK'r wiiilld 111' sliiiipi'il Sunday evfiiiliu to III!' r.'lii.iins wiiiild hr sluipped Sii,i ilay fVi-iiiiiK to lola and would be ac ccnipanied by .Mrs. Tcsroe, .\ ti leKia.ii was also Kent t<i .Mrs Tbeo StaeK, of lola. t.-llin;; of .dr. Trsioe's de.itli, bill afler a ear in! .••larch <if tin- iKist olllce and t;as ,if- lice books, the Wesleril I'ntoil people W (!ie unable to locale lliat p.'r.-oii III liila. The lobi .Masons are unable to do anything In ivgard to Ihe iiiat- ti-r. other than lo meet the train and w.ien the body arrives make ib^? iieetvs.sary arrangenmnis for burial in the lola cemetery. The body is expected to arrive in lola this evoninK oji ths .AMssourJ Pa- ciflc train. PROFESSIONALDIRECTORY If. H. AM)EB80If, Attoner-it-Law. Notary and Stenographer In OfiSce. Phone 455. • I • H. A. Ewing, S. A. Gard. O. R. Gard • • * EWDiG, GARD A GABD, • • • Lawyers. • I • Practice In all Cootta. • > * 9% W. lyiadison. FhOM ti^ .Hit. .\M> .MRS. HK.VDICKER ILL. Husband Was Not Expected to Reenter Last Night. Both .Mr. and .Mrs. Ed. Readicker whose home is on Kusi Lincoln stroo!. are now lying In a serious condition. .Mr. Readlcker has be^'u in a vi^ry si-r.'oiis condition for some time suffering from an attack of typhoid fev- <r and is not expected 10 live nmre than twenty four hours. .Airs. U'-ad- ii'ker became ill Saliirday. It was ai firsi tlioiicbt ibnl sh • bad cnntract- fd typhoid fev:-r but it lati-r do \ eloped to be a nervous attack a.s vlie result oi worry. .Mr. RvadicKi r's I'fo was despaired of fur aj time last evening:, but Ii;> is thoii;lil 1(1 be some better loday. SEFTLE fTRBING DISPITE. Some Dispo.xltion of Difliciilty .Vay Rc .Made at .Vdjourned Meeting. Tlin matter of the South W^i'nut curbing dispute w ll likely be disps- fd of at the adjourned council iiii -etinp: toni.^bt. Th? American Con<a \>te company asked for additional time last week to ascertain whether or not some arrangements could be made to settle Ihe dispute over the curbing without taking the entire w<irk out anil without KoInK into court. The properly owners say that the differences can 1 )0 settled by the contractor ptiit'ng in a curblne which fills the .-peelMealions. Several oUicr matler:; win be tak?n up at lonigiils meet ing The Carnival is here. Travelin.? in its own special train of twenty-two ears, the "Streak of Gold Special." the Parksr Amusement company arrived .M 'sterday afternoon from Coffey^HIe where they exhibited last week. Bet^inning this evening at 7:15 all of the .iliractlonR will be open and give continuous perforninnces until 11 o'clock. The Bavdad theatre, however, gives bill one performance each evening, and that beg'hs at S:45. I'pon the arrival of the carnival ira n ..esterdny the cars w .Te spotted at a convcmlent crossing and unload'•(I. Thirty-five moiister wngons are required to transport the fronts and ilages of the various shows and these hauled to the show Tot on S .vcamori! and .(ackson. Tho woift of setting up the shows was postponed until fills morning as the Parker people do 110 more work on Sundays than la ah soliilely necessary. Tho Parker shows consist of three fi3e and twelve paid attractions and they are all new this season—^just a little different from anything ever seen with a street fair coihpan.v. "The Girl From Bagdad" the feature show of the aggregation, is a comic opera skit emp'oying twenty-five peo- nle on tho stage, and an orchestra of ten pieces. This show plays opera lioiises ail during the winter season at dollar prices, and Is really a wonderful jierformance for tlie price of admission—twenty-five cents .\ft''r .Monday n'ght in every town the Par- Ker company has made this season tirs attraction has turned people away and the canvass auditorium in wliich the nroductlon Is given seats a' thousand comfortably. The otiier paid Tit tractions are: I Pharoah 's Daughter—A wonderful illusion, into wh'ch Is woven tha thr .^ad of tho Biblical story of the finditiff of Moses lnt:>e ou'Irushes. D OR and Pony Circus—Absolutely. the best trained stock and the blg- L-.e-.; show you ever saw for the nione> —bar none. ' j The Tyrolean Alps—A beautiful electrical production. Th.^ Volcano—Another electrical production eiving a realistic view of .Mount Vesuvius in action. I Electric Theatre—.Moving pictures,' and as good as the best. i Penny. .Arcade—Twenty machines with bron new pictures. j Carry-Us-All -Genuine galloping' horses, where grown-ups as well as little folks ride. ( The Ferris Wnieel.—-An elevating past'me for young and old. i Hale 's Tours -All the sensation of a railway ride in a foreign country. Katzenjammer Castle—Tha foolish house where everybody goes once DR. McMILLEN, • Special attention given to the • treatment of all Chronic Diseaa- • eg and Diseases of Children. * Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. • Office in Mrs. Turner's Bldg., • West Madison. • •••••••••••••••**•• Phone 687. Rea. 701. .DB. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • Office Phone 10S3. • DB. B. 0. CHBISTIAir. • Fhyalclan and Snrgeoi. • • Roomi 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. Phoifo 554. Tola. Kans. • DR. EDITH S. HAIGH. • Office and Residente over Bur- * rell's Drug Store. • Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 8 • to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 eveninga. * Sundays by Appointment *^ ••••••••••••••••••• Practice Limited to SargMT. * F. H. MABIIN, 16 N. Buckeye. Phone 678. • • • • • • Phone 932. Fuller Bldg. DB. GLY5S, Specialist Bye. Ear, Nose and Throat. Glasses Furnished. • R««. Tel. 198. Office Tel Ifi.'? • DB. J. B. PEPPER • DentisL * Is permanently located over * E. C. McClaln's Clothing Store, * and Is prepared to do all kinds • of op-io-date dental work * Evening work by appointment ••••••••••••••••••• DB. W. B. HErLMCn. Pbyslclai ft Snrgeon. * Office N. E. Corner of Square. • Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. • Res. Tel 38 Office tel. 602 • DB. L. TOZEB, • tola infirmary, 202 E. Jackaon, * We use X-Ray, V161et Rays. • Static. Galvanic and FaradIa • Electricity with vibratory stiin- • nlation in nervous and chronic • diseases. Phone 386. • • • • P. L. Lathrop, • • Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. • OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS. • Special attention given to Diseases of Women and Children. * Over East Side Hardware. * Office 'Phone, Main 468. • "KeepweU" is better tlian "getwelL" Scott'^ EmuUion fortifies the body against disease and strengthens it during convalescence. It is composed of cod liver oil. and hjrpophosphites in easHjr digested form. It builds up faster than work, worry and trouble can tear down. ALL DRUGGISTS; SOc AtiD 9\M. and then again to take a frend through. The Baby Lion — Platform show where n baby lion five weeks old is ••xhlblted. The crowning feature of all the Parker attractions is that they are absolutely clean. Xo rowdyism fs tol erated. and ladles and children without escorts can safely visit the shows any evening. Lowney's Chocolat»es TH \Y ARE FRF, H. A cho c a^sortm nt of thi- popular brand it CR. A BB S. When you buy Lownev's Chocolates hrre, our per>on-il pie i>;e d thfir tresliness goes with? them. Get \ourntrx cand> at Cral-b'- and-ee how wel! -It pleasts you CR ABB'*> DRUG STORE, Corner Washington an^i WesfSts. j FRATERNAL IMON DAXCE. ( Local Order Will Entertain Friends I Tomorrow Mgbt. The nieiuliers of the local order of the Fraternal Union of America will dance v.iih their friends In the Masonic hall tomorrow. Tuesday, evening. Organizer Wlthrow says that every pretty girl in the city wil; be present. He has made every arrangement for the siiendlng of an enjoyable evening. An Invitation has been extended to every one. ! SHOCK KILLED MOTHER. Woman Dropped Dead When Told of I Danghtei's Death. Oregon, Mo., Oct. 21.—AVJien Mrs. Johathau Gulp received a message last night saying her daughter Mrs. Silas Allen, had been killed by a shock from an electric light wire, she dropped dead. Mmmdiem to rn 20,000 Dlffmrent Mskmm We can furnish needles an ; shuttles for your -.•wing machiu'. no n:at- t^r what its n'rae or of 'A-hom yon purchased it. f, J. W. QOFF£Y A Slide For Life! Prof. R. B A i Hri.>. tie Whirlwind .tte: <i! c.I?. Lis world famous exhibti 11—A SL^DE FOR LIFE-- oce w xk commencing Saturday Night, Oct. 19, RoIIaway Skaung lUnk North Side of the Square. Good Music. Good » »rdcr. Good Floor. DON'T MbS IT, DON*T FAIL TO COME try e Want Ad, in ihe RegMer Baths of AH Kinds. Exclnsire Apartment for Ladles Dtioicomb Bath Hoase add Mioeral Well (1,500 Feet Deep.) Located at 4th and Scott Ave., Fort Scott, Kansas. This water Positively Cares nbcaroatlsm, Brlpht's BIseMe» Stomacb Trooble and Agne. Prof. J. L. Bishop, the most Celebrated Xassa^Ist and Hydropttk* 1st In the Conntry, In attendaaee g :lTlnir ,nia9*ageb WATEB SHIPPED IJf FITE (5) QALIIiiy BOTTlES OlOiT. ' 1, ^

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