The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 18, 1986 · Page 23
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 23

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1986
Page 23
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Fun The Salina Journal Saturday, January 18,1986 Page 23 2 Cooper films had same theme The Far Side Gossip By ROBIN ADAMS SLOAN King Features Q. I caught an absorbing Gary Cooper action movie on the TV late show, all about a ship's officer unfairly accused of a negligent act that cost lives, thus creating a maritime trial. Can you supply the title, which for the life of me, escapes me? — W.D. A. Oddly, Gary Cooper starred in two different movies with the same theme. Though produced two decades apart, they weren't remakes. The first, "Souls at Sea," was filmed in 1937; the second, "The Wreck of the Mary Deare," in 1959. Now it's up to you to recall which plot fits the deep-sea puzzle you're trying to fathom. Q. As a student of opera, I was impressed by an interview with Metropolitan Opera star Barbara Conrad, who told of her early, difficult years as a black undergraduate at the University of Texas, and how she successfully overcame issues arising from racism. Conrad ac- Cooper knowledged Harry Belafonte as her mentor and constant source of strength. Can you define the role he played in her life? — H.M. A. Harry Belafonte has been a mainstay of Conrad's career ever since the day he phoned her at college after learning of her difficulties, quietly saying, "Barbara, this is Harry Belafonte, and I want you to know there are people out here in your corner. What can I do to help?" Impressed with her fine singing voice, Belafonte remained in close contact, eventually helping to finance the remaining years of her tuition. He arranged for her to come to Manhattan, suggested cosmetic dental work, and offered to back her voice lessons. • Q. A biographer of Greta Garbo claims she possesses quite a droll sense of humor, yet he doesn't come up with specific illustrations. Is she really capable of being funny? — E.K. A. Garbo's dry wit surfaces mainly when she's comfortably in the company of those she knows well. The legendary star was strolling along Manhattan's East Side with a longtime friend when they passed the tramway to nearby Roosevelt Island, situated right across the river. "How much is the fare?" "Ninety cents," was the reply. "All you need is a subway token." "And, how much to return?" she continued. "The same amount," he explained. "That's a dollar eighty in all. I don't think I'll go," mused Garbo. "I may like it and never come back!" * * * Got a question? Write to Robin Adams Sloan at King Features Syndicate, Inc., 235 E. 45th St., New York, N.Y. 10017. Crossword By Eugene Sheffer "Don't be 'fraid, Dug. Me teach him sit on finger.... Closer, Dug, closer." The Family Circus ACROSS 1 Flock member 5 Chums 9 Afternoon affair 12 Spoken 13 Hodgepodge 14 Museum fill 15 Tibetan VIP 16 Stable resident 17 Brazilian resort 18 Actor Guinness 19 Goad 20 Singer Joan 21 Isle 23 Wise one 25 Sculptor's stone 28 Naval builder 32 Sign of spring 33 Climb 34 Fix 36 Hyde's better half 37 Model T rival 38 Planet 39 Campus area 42 Army miss 44 Hawaiian isle 48 "Hansel — Gretel" 49 Bottle part 50 "Woe is me! 51-Actress Lupino 52 Feed the kitty 53 Wander 54 Male turkey 55 Like child's play 56 Accomplishment DOWN 1 Singer Falana 2 Soviet sea 3 Lucille Ball movie 4 Notorious pirate 5 Cartoon sailor 6 Sleep like — 7 Cants Avg. solution time: 26 min. 1-18 Ans. to yesterday's puzzle 8 Bean type 9 O'Hara home 10 Buffalo's lake 11 The gamut 20 Schoolroom need 22 Famous cow 24 German river 25 Impair 26 "Diamonds Forever" 27 Tear 29 Howl 30 Building wing 31 Conger 35 Ivanhoe's love 36 Silks wearer 39 Retire 40 Loosen 41 Early evictee? 43 Bible book 45 Lily plant 46 Possess 47 Previously owned 49 Scottish denial Tank McNamara IT|SK)T , A BASJAv&.SQjp ME WJ NOW For Better or for Worse KNEW HEP BREBKINGUPWH , 6DNNlE.U)flSRU)FOU.v/ CRYPTOQUIP ITS T6D. •feNBte SHOWED WORKfTf Daddy did the laundry and now we all have pink underwear. IMZ IBNRDRDL SRKQ SHB MPXYW KHDLXMHBZQZD R X ANKKZO N OHAY-PQZDINBW. Yesterday's Crytoquip: ALL OF SCULPTOR'S FRIENDS PROUDLY CHIPPED IN FOR HIS PARTY. Today's Cryptoquip clue: Q equals M © 19B6 King Features Syndicate, Inc. The Lockhorns TRUST ME 50*1 a> Hagar the Horrible I. CAM'T^EE AMYTHlM<£- L.OOKATYOUF2 "THIS COULD TAKE AWHILE, MR. LOCKHORN SHE'S GOING TO NEED TH(?EE COATS." te v«V**l *OtCrf &-lx> © 1986 Universal Press Syndica PARPON MY I&NORANCE, MR. WORLP-CLAS6 PANCAKE FLIPPER, BUT SHOOLPN'T / J ,m T H£ STOVE BE TORNEP ON FIRST? AMP NOWTHE WORLP-CLAS5 PANCAKE: FLIPPER WILL PeMONSTRATE HIS SKILL VOU KNOW WHAT UJISMV-WASH 1 / PEOPLE NEEP? NOBOPV APPRECIATES HOW UJI5HY- PEOPLE SUFFER.. OUR LIVES ARE IN CONSTANT TORMENT CRIN6E BENEFITS ! i Hi and Lois Wizard of id PlTTo HO/VIE Rex Morgan M.D. Beetle Bailey i eeneve i TOLV YOU THAT I'VE PATIM6 A VOUWG WOMAN.' 1 EWJOV BEIK1& WITH HER , EVEN THOUGH I'M CONSIDERABLY OLDER THAN KAY ." UUST ASK IM MY rJEEPLEP<2IN/T &ROUP I HOPE I I CAN 86 OP I ASSISTANCE, r ee© TO PIFFER I THIMK X AAA OWE OF THE I APPRECIATE GEJ OKI A TEAM... TELL A JOKE... PRIHK A BEER- JULIUS, TO 0e owe OF THE YOUR "SEEING ME ON SUCH •SHORT NO-TIC e, DOCTOR.' AS 1 OVER THE PHONE. IT5 NOT AN EMERGENCY—BUT [ED SOME ADVICE NOW i WONDER WHETHER -SHE'S BEEN TPATIN6 ME ONLY BECAUSE -SHE PEELS SORRY FOR ME—BUT I THINK OP HER CONSTANTLY / Born Loser NOW FOR THE TEA AND COOKIES HOW ABOUT — SOME TEA AND COOKIES ? HURRICANE?

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