The Danville Register from Danville, Virginia on July 30, 1971 · Page 3
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The Danville Register from Danville, Virginia · Page 3

Danville, Virginia
Issue Date:
Friday, July 30, 1971
Page 3
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WORLD WEEK STIATECIC AIMS LIMITATION TAIKS OH AGAIN WITH SOVIET IN HELSINKI STEEL BARGAINING ON IN WASHINGTON, UNLIMITED COST OF LIVING ESCALATOR IS BIG UNION AIM MICHIGAN SUPREME COURT .*ULISIFDOCTO*SAYSHE CAN UfAT YOU* AILMINT SUCCESSFULLY, HE IS LIABLE AS UNDER CONTRACT THREE APOLLO IS ASTRONAUTS AT CAPE FOR MOON LIFTOFF JULY 26 TYPHOON HARRIET PUTS BRAKE ON VIEV HOSTILITIES "BLOOMING" ORGANISM KILLING MILLIONS OF FISH ON GULF COAST U.S. RELEASES FOUR ILLEGAL CUBA f ISHERMEN, CUBA IN TURN RELEASES 18 AMERICANOS IPRESIDENT SUHARTO U.S. CONCERNED ABOUT MICRONESIA TEXAS-TO-ARGENTINA SKYJACK PAIR TO BE TRIED IN 8UENOS AIRES--AIR PIRACY SUWASDSHIP--2,141 ISLANDS IN WESTERN PACIFIC--CONGRESS HAS VOTED $25 MILLION V/AK II DAMAGES 1 EMERGES STRONG IN I INDONESIA'S FIRST :1 VOTING SINCE 1955 Iii Bailie At 'A Village* In Cambodia The Bust Was A Bummer The Register: Danville, Va., Friday, July 30, 1971 3-A 'Hippie' Group Unable To Get Arrested M P W i R ' K " M T / A T ) \ » f _ . . i _ . say Enemy Stampedes As Viet Force Advances A A f i r r A r* r+ .* i. ~ ,1:.. ^ * ·*-» \ - . · NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - Some days you just can't get arrested or as they now busted even by trying. That's what a hippie high school pupil, a civil liberties lawyer, alid seven reporters tried to do this week in a lest of alleged harassment of long- haired drivers on certain roads by stae police. The bust, as the jargon goes, was a bummer. The nine of us, with locks ranging from long to longer, jumped into a decorated Vol- kswagen camper and drove along 150 miles of roads in New Jersey where, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, lonr-haired youths are con- stantly subjected to illegal searches, mostly for drugs. Our only bad experience came in Seaside Heights where three subteeners stole some of the psychedelic stickers carried in holes for attracting the po- A VILLAGE, Cambodia (AP) -- No one knew the name of the village and no one bothered to ask. There were too many men in black pajamas firing AK47 rifles from its thatch houses and palm groves. Cows, pigs, and chickens stampeded wildly as the South Vietnamese helicopters carry- ing troops thundered down from the sky flanked by Huey gunships spewing rockets and bullets. Crack reconnaissance troops of the South Vietnamese 25th Division hit the ground shoot- ing. North Vietnamese regulars and Cambodian Communist guerrillas returned the fire of huts a sergeant from bunkers boles--openings and spider to tunnels-- around the village. Two terri- fied water buffalo were caught in the crossfire. As Die 75-man South Viet- namese force advanced, the enemy panicked. Running fig- ures flitted through the palms, heading for the huts. Some left their weapons in the bunkers, others could be seen lugging rifles. Three North Vietnamese ran across an open rice paddy 40 yards in front o f . three South Vietnamese. Two made it to a hedgerow, M.16 rifle bullets spattering around their heels. The third turned and shot one of the pursuing South Vietnam- ese in the leg, then threw histhe Cambodians and eat their was calmly bathing one of her :ifle away and fell on his face food. children in a small pan of wa n the mud. Terrorized Cambodian wom- en and children fled their ionics as the fighting swirled closer. The South Vietnamese soldiers allowed some to run across the paddies unhindered, 3ut fired warning btirsls to turn others back. About 30 wailing Cambodians were found in a well-dug bunk- er beneath three huts. The South Vietnamese herded ihem together and began poking around. One dived into a duck pond and came up with enemy packs of ammunition and bundles of clothing. Another found an AK47 rifle in a haystack. He continued to jab at the hay- stack with a stick, felt some- thing soft and pulled out a bad- ly wounded North Vietnamese. The man's legs had been ir- tualiy cut off by machine-gun fire, hanging on threads of skin. A South Vietnamese med ic applied bandages and gave him morphine while others questioned him. He answered, grimacing in agony. · "He says he has been in Cambodia one year. He is from Hanoi," one of the South Viet- namese said. "He says he is with the' 88th Regiment. He says there are many men from here. They Jive wit! food. "He svould like a cigarette." The North Vietnamese died Before he could light up. South Vietnamese soldiers found more AK47 ammunition, mortar shells, an American- made light machine gun, and a Viet Cong flag. A Cambodian-speaking sol- dier singled out a peasant in the cowering group of villagers and began questioning him, pointing to the enemy material found around his hut. The man wailed his in- nocence and the soldier slapped him a few times, but he didn't get too rough. "He is Khmer Rouge, a guer- rilla," explained a lieutenant. "We will send him to headquar- ters for more questioning." The man was gagged and forced to squat among the cap- tured weapons. A Cambodian woman suckling a child weeping from the group tried to pull him away from the South Vietnamese soldiers. HCL daughter followed and tried to pull her back. T h e South Vietnamese allowed her to talk with him, then shoved her back among the civilians with her children. When a medical cvacualion helicopter arrived to pick up the suspect and one wounded Vielnamese soldier, the woman and lice. The idea for pedition came Tuesday's ex- Nagler, executive the New Jersey from Stephen director of ACLU. He .er. In another group South Vietnamese , cilled what he claimed were 10 North Vietnamese soldiers hid- ng in a bunker. He simply tossed a grenade inside. It was mpossible to identify the re- mains. The South Vielnamese hailed their advance under vicious sni- per fire and called for ait- strikes. Soon South. Vietnamese propeller-driven Skyraiders and Huey helicopter gunships were blasting the village with bombs, rockets and minigun fire. The troops on the ground joined in with a bombardment from two recoilless rifles. Air support for most of Ihe day was provided by the South Vietnamese air force and its pi- lots showed no hesitancy in div- ing losv despile scattered ground fire. Late in the day they were joined by U.S. Cobra gunships and F4 Phantom fight- er-bombers. The sky was black with smoke from exploding bombs when the troops moved in. They continued to find more bodies, more weapons. "If you want to go home to your families safely, rush to an area controlled by Cambodian liberalion forces and surren- der," Ihe leaflets exhorted. wanted us to see what his orga nization's clients have charged in state and federal suits: tha young, hippie-looking drivers in old cars or vans are constantly being searched for no othei reason than their appearance. The ACLU has been on the case since last December when it went to the aid of about 4( young people who claimed thej had been illegally searched ert Haw ruled Court Judge Rob ert haw ruled the federal court didn't have jurisdiction Nagler appealed to the 3rd Cir- cuit Court of Appeals in Phila- delphia. No decision has been ssued. In a non-ACLU case later New 'ersey's second highest court 'uled in favor of a bearded r outh who was searched solely n grounds of appearance and ·onvicted in a lower court of narijuana possession. In that case, the police offi- er who arrested the youth ad- nitted the long hair was the inly reason he made the search The appellate division ruled hat long hair and exotic cloth- ng aren't prpbabJe cause for a earch and dismissed the case. On our excursion, we certain- y looked the part of hippies but t didn't do any good. Sitting in the front were John BeJasco, a 17-year-old Mapl- ewood pupil, Carl LobaL, a jeardfd, scraggly haired law- yer who has handled many of .he harassment cases, and bearded newsman John Need- ham. The rest of us, dressed like beachcombers of sorts, cram- med into the back. Jim Bouton the former major league base ball pitcher turned broadcaster lately cuddled iti a space at the rear window and fell asleep. Here's a partial rundown 01 what happened: small Seaside Heights alleged by Nagler to be the no place for hippies, we followed 2 radio car three blocks, and nev er drew a glance. --On a highway near Mon mouth Park Racetrack, threi state troopers on traffic cruised by. --Again in Seaside Heights, afer those kids ripped off our isychedelia, a policeman drove )y, snapped our picture, grin- Approve School Busing To Get Racial Balance VIRGINIA BEACH (AP)--The school board Thursday approved :using of children to achieve a racial balance for Ihe first time n the city's history. In a special meeting that last- id less than four minutes, the board changed, attendance zones at six schools to remove the ·acial identity of Seatack Ele- mentary School, which has been more 90 per cent black. Seatack will exchange stud- enls with Alanton, Cooke, Kings- ton, Linkhorn Park and Trant- wood schools, making those ned and drove on. Toll takers on the New Jer- sey Turnpike and Jhe Garden State Parkway took our mohey without comment. The only people we seemed to impress were the counterman at the tiny snack bar in Sea Bright, who filled a giant ham- burger order and about six kids in cars along Ihe way, who flashed us "peace signs." Back in Newark, Narler greeted us with, disappointment that we hadn't achieved our goal. "We get Ihese cases by the hundreds" he said. Nine out of 10 times you won't get stopped. If we did this 10 limes maybe you would get stopped." There were ho takers. schools 15 to 20 per cent black. 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