Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1908
Page 6
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6 liMitAT iTBinrc^ oCTOiiEE i»;im. P. E. Smith Received Duplicate of tht dATlfOB ENG. (JO^ BBIKO AGTIOir ,Chji$jir, ^Kted' Allen Counfty >air AS^kiiation In 1^ ' HON IBCH POBUbi^. Class in Allen county hiatonr. standi v SAYS COMPANY IS INSOLVENT A^en. County F^r AsJicMMatJon^was.oF- ^iiflaed? (b ),i9 It operaUn^ under »|chkrter frbm the atete? (6) When|Cl.AIMS THAT PLANT HAS •was the charter granted? (d) Who y^re the incorporators? ,^P»>ba'bly there an embar- wsring silence^, If fiiese questions j ^sk. Judgment for Wl >,OOa -ippll«»- Twere'asked of many who have lived in irOTl KEPT COKTBACT OJT PAtHtHTS. tlon for Beceher to be Heard on .. November Tib. For TdiiidrhoiiiVyThiiraday Every piece of Woolen Dress G-oods and Silks in tlie house at a big saving in, price AJlen-sCounty for years prior, to the or- ganlisatfon of the fair ^iEutaocfatton. Hany of the present ditiitors knew there was a charter, but did not know wieh it was granted or who the orig- AiiojjiDg that the Monarch) Port- Inal incorporators were, the original ,^0^ Cement company, whlcli has a copy of the document having been pj^^^ ^^^^^ construction at Hiimboldt. Is insolvent, that It Is unable |to meet To thijow light upon the subject, obligations and that it has large Prank m Smith, secretary of the as- indebtedness, the Gaynor Engineering flocUtion; wrote to Charles Denton, company with headquarters at Inde- aeqret^ry of state, asking for a copy oendenco, has applied to the dlatrict of tte cl:a.rtpr granted the Allen Cpurt for a receiver for the Institu- county association. Today he receJv jjon. ed tiic desired document from Mr. The petition states that on (he 18th I>enton- - " jf September. ia07. the plaltoUtt en..Tha copy shows that the charter ^gred into a written pontract ^Ith.the 85c qua the was, granted on July 27. 1S89. The capita] atock was $l,noo divided Into -200 shares. $S par valno. Clem Kreu- tor, "W. P. Northrup, A. J, Pulton. A. W. Htowland. .1. W. Coiitflnt, W. A. Cowan, C. It. WlUtiaUor and A. .1. McCarley woro the Incorporators. The assoctatton is still operattngi cement people to fiirnlsh details, jlanii nnd Hpecitkalioas tor a 6000> jnrrel dally ctapaclty cement :)lant to )0 located at Humboldt, nnd to super- 'ntend the er<>ctlon of the plant and, o act in an advisory capacity In maters pertaining to financing the enter* jMse; and that the plaintiff'further J All 50c and 60c qiiality Panama Serge and Batiste in blue, brown green, grey and black, .^C to 42 inches wide on sale for. .41^ AU 75_C quality plpin and fancy Woolen Dress goods in black and colors, on sale for 39^ $1.00 quality Serges, Cashmere. Panamas. Taffetas and Cheviots V in black aud cploi's, on sale for 82^ 11.25 quality Broadcloth. Chevron Worsteds. Serges. Oiagoiials and Herrlnjgbone Serges in black and colors, special price SQt $1.50 quality B^dcloths. Series. Diagonals and Cheviots in black and colors, special sale price per yard $1.22 |1.75rFancy Stripe Cheviots and Serges In blue, brown and green. on sale for $1.89 12.00 Broadcloths in black and color, plain and striped, special price S1.60 $1,00 quality 36-lnch black Taffeta Silk on sale for .-TO** 11.25 Black Taffeta Silk, on sale for .....^ 89^ S6.Inch Ouaranteed Silks for'If .Si. $1.50 Moneybak black Silks or York Silk Co.'s colored silks In new blue, brown and red: special sale price per yard 81.22 $1.75 quality Black Silks nn sale for $1.10 $2.00 guality Black Taffetn or Peau De Sole Silk. ?.« Inches wide. on sale for $J.45 3G-lnch Satins In all colors. $1.00 quality, on sale for 82^ Skinner Taffeta 36 inches wide, wear guaranteed for two seasons,on sale for $1.89 $1.SO Satins 36-inches wide, on s-ile for $1.35 -| ]!»-inch Taffeta Silk in all colors and black and white, worth; 65 and 7oc. on sale for 52t lf>-inch China Silk In cream and black, on sale for. yard 25^ 27-lnch Crlna Silk in white black and colors, per yard 41^ 20-Inch Fancy Warpprlnt Habutar Silks for dres.'ses or scarfs, a Jof. value, on sale for ."^ 55^ $1.00 quality'27-Inch Taffct.i in white, black and colors, will,not crack or spJit. special sale price, per yard 81<^ CrepedeChine in all color.';, regular $1.00 value, on sale for per yard 76^ $1.00 quality Fancy Paon finish Velvets In all colors and black and white, on sale for per yard 82<^ .''.O-Inch Black Fur Cloth for coats, worth $5 .0iT yard, on sale for. per yard $3.65 Brown, green and red.Bear Skin 50 inclios wide, on sale for $1.02 "White Cnrley Bear Skin, with black dot, worth J -I-SO yard, on sale for $2.29 Fancy Cotton Suitings In all colors, worth 17M;C. on sale 12H^ under the old -charter and Secretary! igreed to keep a pkiUed engineer on Smith has ni'>d the copy of the original document away with the important papers of the association. MEDAL TO WRIGHTS. British Aero Club H »9 Honored Am- eriean Inventors. ^ London. Oct. 2S.—The British Aero club has awarded its gold medal to "Wlrlght Brothers of Dayton, O., for their remarkable achievements. Master Stuart Busy.•Master Stuart Clapp went to Hope] today. He will do fancy skating stunts there on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He will be at Ottawa and probably at Ohanute next week. he work a$ superintendent of Iho onst^uctIoh work and it was agreed .••at in consideration therefor; the Ce- nent company was to deliver on de«- nand after the work was completed, 100 shares of common stock of th6 par /alue of $100 each and in addition the cement company was to pay the Gay-J aor people $850 each and every inonth .hey were actually engaged in Work commencing from the date of |the contract and continuing until reasonable :?me for the completion of the work jad elapsed. The engineering company says it -•arrled out Its contract until Septem- )er 1st, 1908, when the cement peo- AI.L FAJiCr SILK BKAIDS AJftt THmilXflS AT ONE.FOUBTH OFF MASKED PBICE 'fV- - ALL F.iNCY .SILK BR.4IDS AXB TBDIMD1G.S AT OlfE.FOUBTH OFF »ABK£D PBICE CLASS T£.U[S ;VriLL BATTLE. To Decide Championship of K. V. for LoTing Cnp. A HOTEL MAN NOW Lawrence^Kas.. Oct. 28.—This is the vork and has since refused to let football team. The seniors, which is :hem proceed. , the class to he graduated next spring.; The Gaynor people say that they are have held the championship title for Republican party council. "The present system Is a failure and has given to our pupils bdoks that are a disgrace to the state, and in Topeka, at least, the cost has not been reduced." CROUP QUICKLY CURED. Leavenworth Times Says J. E. Falty* It Managing the Delmonlco There. Of J. E. Paltys there seems to be no end unless the one and the origin Of getting In and out of here, tSere and everywheVe with a "now-you-see- me-now-you-don't" manner which makes you think that there Is more of him than there really is. Following a sensational story printed In a local newspaper to the effect that Paltys had been ift-rested for participating In an alleged robbery In South Omaha. Nebr., comes this from the LeAvenwbrlh Times: "J. R Fa'fys. who arrived last night fro mKansa^ City, is to assume the managership of the Delmonlco hotel. Pred Schwaneke says that he , Iia? found that there is plenty of work to do about the hotel without trying to do It all," This may or may- not be the J. E Paltys who operated the Majestic thea j tre here. antllled to receive, under the contract, three years, or eVer'Snce 'the'y wei^^ whS!\!i«i2"L^I'K]'*nM"'*'' siiiiiicu u . freshmen, and if they can win the While ^URIniT for the Dodor. 100 shares of common stock or their championship again this year they, /alue $40,000, and are also entitled become the owners of a loving j Hyomel, the miraculous, antiseptic. 0 receive $20,400 for value of services cup. To win the cup It Is necessary < dry air treatment, will cure croup in 'or reasonable time in which to build that a class win four straight cham- P'ther the first or second stages. Ea.s- .or pionship Utle.s. Ily Inhaled, even when the breathing he plant, which the> tnink is two juniors, sophomores and fresh- Is irregular, it reaches more promptly /ears. • men have all determined that the sen- ^^an any other remedy the terribly In- However, ihcy say. the cement peo- jopg shall not win this year, and It ''^med membrane of the windpipe. Its )le have paid on this amount $10,786.- begins to look as though the seniors soothing balsams act Immediately, the * ~ . Inflammation Is allayed, aud the swell Ing reduced. "Not long ago our little boy. Waiter, awoke )n the night with a bad attack of croup. We allowed him to inhale are doomed. The final game to decide . , ^ I . . .n^fino iJT „jji»i«n I the champlousbip will be played Rat­ al Majestic magnate has the faculty 'or their services $,08 In addition! ^.^^^ afternoon on McCook field, and 12, auti that there Is now gue them PRR'TED TEXTS. (First Published October 5, 1908.) SHERIFF'S SALE. The State of Kansas. Allen County SB, In the District Court, Thirty- Seventh Judicial District, sitting In^ and fo»- Allen county; State of Kansas Midland Saving & Loan Company et al, Plaintiffs, vs, Oliver ^telnman et al.. Defendants. By virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the Thirty-seventh: Judicial District Court, in and fori 0 the $40 000 In stock. They say they sVnTe ^h^Vels'no wg ^iTa^rT ^relTrgam^^ •lave demanded the amount claimed It will be the big athletic attraction! •jut pajTuent has been dented them. of the week. The preliminary games j Hyomel; he began to breathe easier. They further claim that the ceipent *^*="r Thuraday afternoon, when "and in half an hour wak fast asleep people are insolvent and unable to TJT^ZXnlors^'':!!^^^^^^ ^'^^ ^" '^^"^ ^ neet ihelr obligations and have large seniors, ndebtedness. They therefore ask tor 1 judgment of $49,613.08 and for the ^v.iXTS ST4TE 'ppointment of a receiver to take harge of the property and that it be Bobert Stone Belferes L«w Would old to satisfy their claim. The appll solre School Book QuesUon. atlon for n reeclver will be heard •ovember Tth. Topeka, Ka.s., Oct. 28-Robert Stone. The suit was brought through Ja«. Republican Tiandldate for member of Cole of Kansas City and .Miller (he house of representatives from the Chlford of this city. South district of Shawnee county, has Card Of Thanks. ,^ ''^'^ ^V^^^^f ' *hlch We wish- to thank the friends and H^f^"'^ ^'T °' tclsbbors. also the choir and the Gar- ^"^''^^ .a * :ie\d school for their assistance and «r ». •. , dndne.s during the Illness and death ^ JJT. f '^"^ >f our son and brother Claude L. Seitz. «ln nf I t^'^ MR. AND MRS. J H. SEITZ. li!^.,*'^ ^ CARL AND DAISY SEITZ. * ^^'^^ *° «««« «^ t>o Ob 00 0 000 o 000 o o o. o O LITTLE BITS OF KANSAS HITS O O _ O O A Medley of Prose, Poetry, News O O Notes and Comment. O O O 0000000000000000 It has been discovered that the-following ingredients compose the whiskey being sold by Wichita jolntlsts:'[ Cayenne pepper, laudanum, prickly ash, rain water and a scant spray of new whiskey. Now it can be readily;* Dd why so many of the Wich-. Ita ja? Mrtists become frenzied while under the influence of the decoction branded whiskey. a -remedy that will rob croup of its terrors."—Rev. Geo. Sisson, pastor of M. E. Church. South Londonderry. Vt. Hyomel (pronounced HIgh-o-me) is guaranteed by Chas. B. Spencer & Co.. to cure catarrh, coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis and croup, or money back. A complete outfit; including a neat hard rubber pocket Inhaler, coats only $1.00. .\n extra bottle of H.vomel. If afterwards needed, cost but .'»0 cents. filRL BABY FOB THE SZECHEXTl.S. The Countess, Formerly Miss GIady .4 Yanderbllt, Gives Birth to Daughter. Budapest, Oct. 28,—The Budapest newspapers announce that Countess Szechenyi, formerly Miss Gladys Vanderbilt, has given birth to a daughter. George Nicholson, president of the United Kansas Portland Cement cojp- pany, came in yesterday. Hunters report that the roorbacks and canards are beginning to appear In some considerable numbers. They seem unusually timid this fall, how-ever, and keep out of shooting range.' The rejiorter who calls the sheriff j 'Harvey" and depicts him as "grasp-; ing his fni.sly six shooter and sweeping down" on the offender, is working in Independence. Mr. Teaup: No. lola dealers have none of the "liquid sofas." This brand of goods is found principally- in Cof^ feyville. The "interior" of the sofa Is a nicely constructed ice box wherein "cold drinks" may be secreted until such time as the sheriff may come. TO CAUPORNIA LD M£XICO THE NORTHWEST AND \ BRITISH . COLUMBIA VIA John Truman Is Toronto's one great genius, according to the Republican. Jehu is 88 years old. yet he Is the champion "fid" player of the state. No Mozart or Mendelsitohn for him. His favorite tunes are "Zip Coon" and ".\rkansas Traveler." Fifteen barrels of wine, confiscated by the sheriff, were dumped into a sewer In Newton. Kas., yesterday by the order of the court. The ceremony was attended by a large and enthusiastic audience. ON SAI^ S^t. Ut to Oct. 31st Ask tor Full InfomuitloB. C. p. Hde, Agt. \E!Y CORX XOW 55 CEXTS. A U3>I0X POBTLAXD aiEETIXG. X Business Session of the Directors | Yesterday Afternoon. The directors of the United Ivansas] Portland Cement company held their regular meeting yesterday afternoon. Nothing but routine business was Allen County, State of Kansas, in the I transacted. The out-of-town directors •who were here were O. V. Wilson, Kan- (fysters WUh *'Sea Tang" Ovsters with the tne oysUrRti\ot— the kind you've smacked vour lips over at the shore. above entitled cause, and to me directed and delivered, 1 will on the Seventh ^ City; M. L. Ader. Kansas City; M. day of November, A. D. 1908, at 10 Kaffee, Carthage; G. W. Vandevler. o'clock A. M. of said day. at the south Nevada, and Dr. L. H. Callaway. Ne- door of the court house in the City of Ipla, Allen County; State of Kansas offer for sale and sell^ to the highest FLOBEXCE TO COFFEYVILLE. bidder, for cash In hand, the followInF | j^,, Q^J^^ ^y,„ p.^ m BI« described real estate, to-wit: Lot Thre9 (S) In Block One Hundred ant* Eleven (ill) City of lola. Allen Coun ty, Kansas. Said lands and ten^mentf viU:|)«. sold without appraisement t ^j satlstr said Order of Sale. CO. BOLLINGER, dieriff of Allen County. Kansas By J, H. KERR. ,Deputy Sheriff. Sherlffii. office, Ida. Kjansas, Octo . The copatant dropping water wear; .'ftvri^ .the/hard ^Bt 'stpne. ITtir Cpiptaiit «BBW of T<^ser mastl- ^- f t^^lfp toai^«rt bone. .Tlw-.eewrtint jjswlnir Jkwer carrier livtqr the bliuihing maid. BaUy. A. F. Florence's reputation as a "spell binder" has passed beyond the limits of Allen county. He has accepted an invitation to speak at a Republican rally at C6ire>-ville Saturday night. The meethlg is 10 be a big one. Mr. Florence will no doubt give them a good speech. On next Monday evening Mr. Florence will speak at R'elda. XUs Poa^ Js Home. Miss Blanche Ponsler ~cama IQ tliis morning from Idalia. Mo.,.where ske And 'ttT STns 'tiiri ^v^s^r Is tbe|^« ^^^m ?or,.he past several !mWWlio <Mrr8 ^e trade. IWB. Farmers BriDfln? In LHtle at That Price .4.ronnd Salina. They are shipped in a ft,, el container. air-tight, sealed, pncked wiUi ice . . ^ ^ . KMond the container. No ice or scaler itmekes the oysters. You get solid msata—perfect «od unbroken. 'Seabhipt** C^rsters go fmther and tiate M disereatl Come and see them. Ask for "SEAVaiilPT 8EN8E "~a Book About testers All the foUowing dealers sell "Seolafaiiit": FREYER BROS; OTTO BINZE; OCR WAY The genuine "Sealshipt" Oysten are alwaya add from a mUe Poredain Diq^j Casebeoring the "Sealidiipt" trade : laark in Uoe. This ia for yonr protection—look forjlt. The "S^aliiipt? Ourier System ^patdited. ' , , . _^ patebted. Infringe- nenta wfll ^be yniteoted to the fnU extent of tIteTaw. CARRIER COMPANY Salina, Ka.«!.. Oct 28.—.\bout the first new corn to reach the local markets nrrlved Saturday, all of the mills getting some. The quantity Is not great enough to amount to anything but it Is the first corn of the season.) The auality was excellent, too. The new corn Is starting out at Go centsia bushel. ITfty-five cents for new corn is an Exceedingly high price. It Is probable that this price will tempt out a great deal of corn that is now being husked. The other markets remain high and unchanged. Old corn is| still quoted at 73 cents although none is cpming^f to the local market. Wbeat Is bringing 88 cents a bushel and may rise or fall, probably the latter, as generous rains have acted on the market and may do so still- more. . Roblnion Has Gone. i Archie Robinson, his wife and mother went to Denver this morning where they expect to remain fpr the present }trs. Robinson will secure a theatrical engagement In one of .the play houses ,m'Denver. Mr.. Robinson was feel-] i|ng quite well when he left. He has gained 20 pounds since .he began to l|et.better, and believes that with the ipountaln.air his health: will be greatly-and penoanently beneflted.~-Atdii- son .Champion. EXCHAKGE OB SELL. List your property with me. I have a lai^e list to match from. No expense unless a deal is-found for you. I have 240 acres In Neosho county, Kaa. to exchange for good lola property. J. T. 1I1CB8. Room 10, Old Cwt HMse. FOB, S^U&-An organ; 511 South) j^^^j ^^^l^ ^iJ^ Low Rate. Annual Interest. Payments reeved *^ any time without JU )Ucei.'aiBd in- terestfease^ on amount paid. LoBf wt Skatt Tiaie i«a«s. Cunninshain & Araett HACiAzmps xsn cBuppiCjiii^. can. be secured oic , J. E. Hcaiicbni wbo deals with tba. pabUshers aii# fondahea them at the lowest prie* |^o««lliI «L ^IMaI ..«Bl »eripti(« to Cottonwood. m

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