Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 21, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 21, 1907
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TOL. TX. >'o. 413. Whole Xo. difa. SIX riGES. lOLl, KA?(SAS, OCTOBEB 21, 1»7^M0XBAI EVEmfi. SIX PAGES. FBICE Tiro THE "RABBIT" SCOOTED THE COrXT OF MAILS. I.dii l '«is |«ifipe Has fn-nl Out S9,1J.1 Pleop*. PETERSON TOOK SHOT AT HiM PRISOXERIS AWAITING SENTENCE FDR LAKCEW. JIITOP wnu STKI'ITII I.IT WIl ' Thirty nine dioiisan.]. one hiiuUrel JAILOR KERR SIKlILn ft I AM) fori> throe. Is the exact numbe- -CLIFF CARTER .MARE (JKT-A-WAV. '''( Pi<'<'f"' ot outgolns mail handled by j r!.o lolii )>ost ofncc force in one week. I Til • uiin' atuiiiint of revcnno repro- M.'iii i| l.v nil.' wocli's biisiufss i-i Ill ; iin.'i'.i'.it dr.iiliilosK soenis larR.-* ID I'.ic («!ili:;;nv iiut as a niat- ii 1 111 i:i . !.r-s .:ono by Ih'; 11-! (iii'ic • f.rc - :s nut any\vh?re !;i . irir .•• :i: i! • li'.Iay liiisinesfi. 'I'lic- iii'.iiiu in-j I'l.. iMiiiilicr nt 1I'<<'C-; ."ni nil' II . (Kl.^i- olfiro iillil ;>!-.• I... lli(> in.til \v;i.s I-'iist fla.-s. 'i'lcli p.- i-ils. »1."..277. S'cond clri'^'i . ic; all locai pajiiTs MIM <IIII >. nmniy. ('i.lTl. Second rlas.s fn-o wlrih is : ral p.TpiMs s< ni in<-iM' ••U>- Scfonil rlaf^. irnnsiont. I:>S. I'irsi rl.T-~. p.TPka?''-, •"•'.». Thiril c'.as^. i^rinu'il ninii^^r l-'cmnii olasK, M<lf., Kr.mlccil or ofRci.Tl. Penally. i:ir,o CLEMENCY FOR YOUTH "Was Cfliisht Ai ((T Fdiir Hours .Senroli In Pnsliiro \orlli of (he A po.=i.'!p of ffuiniy and <-iiy olTieers went on a -l^iLliir: hum n')rlliea.«t ol town luday. ( (i;!n>i lails and jacks were passed u;.. Tin. (ifliccr.. were after biKziir iiani Clifl Carn-r. or "Ifab- bir" •(•.•irier. in lie is IICII.M- known "Rabbil" was IJIDIISIK in wiilioui be- Inp winded. Carter is a prisoner ni the jail await inK sentence fur steaiint; cloihins fron the Parnian sionr on Soiiih .lefforson street. ' "llaliliii" evidently d<»es noi look forward lo a lenn in the penitentiary Willi Kreai deal of eniliii- sia.'^ni. At le.isi when an opimrainiiy presentf-d ilseif this inornin:; lie "scooiert" ont of the jail, bounded over the hi?h fence and .s'ped to the pastures and undl•ri)ru.•^h. Wlien' .lailor Hoover Kerr jroi up this niornins he ihoaslit it wmild be a Rood tinje to do a liwle Iioii.-o <-leanin He therefore pm the p.isoners to work cleaninjz up around the jail. OIK of l-he prisoners iliou;rln he .'oiild do ;: belter urade of worK if he had a li'- tle> "chewin'." as lie expre.>is«Ml i'. nieaninK a plus of navy, and so .Mr. Ker.r, oblipinK .iailor that he is. went down to the liincii siand which is eiiuated just north of thi> jail .vard. i.> Ret the tobacco, farter, seins tin jailor Rone fiirured rbat it was to "scoof and, iiinnin;; oui of -.he door, went lo llie northeast cnrnrr of tin jail y.Tid fence and ;.'ol away. ^yhen Mr. Kerr ROI back and fo.nid •'Rabbit" ROue he wliisiled lor SlUTif! lUillinRer. Couiily Atiorney I'fiersnn Chief Gaies. Odicers Todd and flii- dreth and Mar.-hal f'redrieksoii of Ha.s .sell, and pni ilieni oii the trail. Tin seen; was pood from the stari. The\ found no difliciilty in irac-kiii;; "l^ili- bit" ihrciiRh the iiorili pan of lowii and over Into tlie pasture iioiih of Spears* addition. In ilie ravin»'s and uiiderbrush in the pasiure CaiKc found « eood liidliia place. ilnc.' hours of (lili',.'('iil .•-•(•arch were rcMiuin-d before the ••IL-ililiii " was "siaried" acaln. Several of (he nlllec-rs had KU- en up the/«j''arc!i and were on the way home v. li-?i ••|;;'l.n:i" .^lldde:ll\ spruiin up from ih. iall L'ra-s wlieri- lie was hidden .ii.l N:iilcd u> iii.iki' lii.^ Rct-a-way. lie wa« liii'U bin a .-lior! dlsiance from Couiity .Viioriu-.^ I*<';cr- son who drew a formidable lookinp pun and ordere<l "Kalibii" lo hall. Carter was poinc so f.isl iliai l;e could not liear the prco:iii>;o,y co!ii:naiid of tiie oflicer and continued to speed over the prairie, ."dr. IVier.son then took a shot: ai him. -U:!!)!!!!'" he.ird Lie- 8lio! and Uircw up bis paws in siir- rmdi-r. ShcritT Uollinjrer anil lITe county atiorney put i,lie pame in tli" biippy and brciii-iii I;:iii n> uiv, u .-md placed him in jail. POSTPONE THE MEETING ii.i.-i wliic'i :•.- liii,-r. p.-it il etc.. GOV. 1I0( H WRITES JIRGE.S I.\ BEHALF OF TOOG CRI.MIXALS. FOUST APPROVES SU66ESTI0NS YOITHFIL ALLEX COOTY OF- FKXDERS ISI'ALLY SK.\T TO REFOH.MATORY. THE WEATHER. I Fortcast for Kansas—Fair ton^hl | and Tnesday; n-armer tonigbt. Data recorded at local office, U. S. Weather Bureau, yesterday, today and a year ago. OftO ^MT 20. YeKterday. Yr. Ago injiriitiar}- for Hardened Criminals, Not Fir>t Offenders—Result of Govenior's InTefdi^atloii. SCOTTISH RITE REUNION .Mectiiiir of !)ias»nir (tnler to Be Held in Fori Seolt Next Ueek. There will be at !• asr five candi- ilaies from ihis cify in th;' doiibl.- eeii- H!r\ c!-jss of Scottisli UTiers who will iiiei'l in I'r. Scoil one week from to- ClaiKb^ fuiiierlson and O. C. Morrow are two of the five who will lie cauitiii.itis from this city. There :ire a minilier of candidans frmn Gas Ciiv and LaHarpa. There wii; be a number of visitors to attend fraiii this city als'i. Tlie fnl'.ov.-inp is wliat ihe I'l. Sc..;t Republican has til >-,•!.• of the reunion: Witii If.ii ipplicarMns already n- reivf'il ilieie is ev> ry reason to be- lievr' tiiat at liie rori.icomiiip mee; iiiu' of iiie fort Sciitt Oonsisior>- llie e!ass will n-aeh the double cemiiry mark. WHien liie Scnuish Riter.> set abou. workinp iiiis reunion they lieierniined lo have a c.ass of lOi). Tliis mark was reached at such an ailj date and such wide interesi was inauifeste .l ti'iU the ori;:ina! estimate was niullijiiied by two. .\.s the reunion lilies not occur until November .".111. fiiii and Tih, and there are al- r. ail.v mo !ipplieations :n and more assiire<l it i< "•.•riain lliat the cla.;-; wll f:.ll bii Iliil' siioii of the 2nft iiirirK. v.liile ilie ch.iiie. are it will n-.-ich ii. lola. rily. lallarpe. Ple .T-nnlon. C'<'ffi-\ villi'. Inil.->penilence. Parsons, in fiict al! ili<> ciiic. wilhin 'lie iciriiorv of liiis cunsisiory will be re|ir\sent- ed ill liie cla^s. Ti .e eandid.'it.-s to- vei'.ici- Willi 111., (iilii'r tiu'niber.* of the liii.|.\ wlio w:ll 111- l,;-n- will brinp the nuii'in'r of visitors uji .'i 100 or ."lOO anil ii::il>e l)i.> nieelim; one of llie big- zest fraternal affairs lliai Fort Scott ever known. Xr.wbere jr can the wn;k be i.uf an * • • • • the 1' p. ni en 1 p. in 70 I'l p. ni ....CI f.7 S p. Ill ."i; 10 p. Ill :>-2 ni i:.' iiiidui^lii ...17 ."S .\Ia.\. Tiiiip 72 70 .Mill. Temp 47 .')2 Precip. 7 ]). ni 0 0 October •it. Today. Yr. Ago a. ni 11 r,T •1 a. Ill ....12 ."0 , fi a. :.i ...a 49 S a. Ill ....11 .->4 10 a. m ... lis 12 noon ...» .... c,:'. 7^» I'recip. 7 a. ni 0 0 SALOONS START TODAY FOUR CARS REPRESENTIXG GREAT >ATIO>S TO LEATE ST. LOFIS. PRIZE IS S2,500 AND GUPS M*ILL BE AWARDED TO PILOT COYKRIXG GREATFST DISTANCE —People of the CUj Greatly Interested. .Iii:l:;e Oscar Koiist ha.<: received a leti:-r from (Jovernor 1=:. W. lloch in vvliich he iirites that whenever circumstances will permit youthful uffond- ers he sent lo the reformatory rather to t.K- penitentiary. The gov3rn- or has be.>ii investisatini:; conditijlis ai the stale peniienilary and ha.s found dozens of joiinp men there who. accordinp to his opinion, should lie in the fst.'iti' reforniator;.. ;fo believes that » hoy or younp inan wlio commits his first crime should bo given'' a chance at reformaiio.i nefore sentencing him lo wear ihi> stripes and I lie liile of a convict. Ill order lo e.irry oui iils iri'^as CnxeriKU- has written a leiter to ev- eiy dtsir'ct jiidpe In tiio slate urp tip iliem to be more careful tibont .send- inp youthful offenders to the jianiten- tiary. In the letter he siippests that this class of offenders -le sent to th.- .'•eforinaiory at Hutchinson or released on parole by ilie t,.s:i:ci jnd.ff.-'s as provided for in a law pa.=-.sed at the last session of l.epislature. The leiter and its rsuppestions come iis somethini; of a. coinpli.Tieni to .liiri'ie Foiist as ho has oe.n piirsiiinp il^e policy indicated 'u ;:ie •.^ovelnor's letier Whenever I he circiinislances would p.-^rniit .lud.ce Koust ha.s been inclined lo pive yotiiip offemler.s an oi'portunity to po to tiie reformatory and clianpe their .vay.s nuiier than to send Ihi'tn to the penitentiary, .iudpe Foiis! said todav with reference I , ., . , , t., Ih.^ letter that he" had always at-'''P"' '""^ ""•^'•'1 Sr. I.oiii.s, Oct. 21—\V\th the brill- portant matter, and ask their cordial' ipiit aiiinniu weather, and the snap CO operation in Rivitip full force and ) pinp of the racing currents, nine mam- .^ffeet to tlio spirit of this n-fonn-un- nioth balloons, representing four of deriaUing? I have already taken the greut nations of the world, will steps to have as many as iwsslblo of start this afternoon on a jonrnay titese yoiins men transferred to the re | which •should add an important chap- fciinainiy where tliey vishtfuUy b?-{ier lo the history of aerial naviga- li;ng. but. alas, ihey go there with ; tion. The contest is officially known the peniienilary brand already upon i as the second international aeronaut- li.em. I ie cup ctmiest and the prize is a mass- ••.\nd while I am addrepsing the dls-rive silver trophy and twenty-five hun- irici judges on iliis siiiiject. (for this i dre.ldollars in ca.s.i. to bo awardsd Itii-r will be sent to all of teni).;in tiie piloi whoso .skill or daring may I not with impropriety call at-1 lands his car farthest from the start- TIIE MARKET.S. Kansas City, Ont. 21.—Cattle, receipts IS.OOd. Steady. Native steers $4.7.^>ffr4.(iO: stoekcrs and feeders $a .00 ^."t.lO; eows and licifers $4.7.%- bulls $2 .ri0 (rt';!.«o: calves $:!.2.j5tf !.r>n. •jfogs—Receipts t.,00ii. Five lower, heavy Sfi.0.">@G.20: packers $C.10@C.ab. pigs and light $.5.S5(fi !l.:!0. APPEALST0Y0UN6MEN In an Intenlew Seeretary Taft Tells .4bout Bnslnes.s Life. WIU FIGHl Tlir THE STATTDIBD 0Il4 IXIjOiBI^f WOULD HATE FINS WIPED OCT^' SAY THE RULWfi WAS WAS MADE VTHVER WXatli^At AND IT HAD BEEN BI f( 111 ion to the law enacted by the last lepislaiiiro conf.rring discr?tionai~- Inp iioint. The first of the balloon.=; will he sent away at four oclock this ramie power npcn the judties and ask • afternoon. Others will follow at in- iliai in provl.iioiis be piven a fair-tervals of five ininntes. Early indi- liial? Some jiidcoK. I know doubt I cations show that the start will b? its wi.siloni. but I b.^g them to waive j witnessed by the largest crowd ever thi'ir dciibts in favor, of the experi iiiriit. i'.i least until it has demonstrated its unwisdom in operation. •".\nd may I siipgesi "n concliis'on that these siihjecis be piven promin- I nee on the program of the n.-'xt mi-etinp of the .State liar association? A'ery lesp.-'clfully. •K. \V. IIOCII." IHM II FOR TIIE .MISSOIRL Stnjresant Fish Has Had St-sslon of DlrevtArs of Illinois Central Dela}-e<t. Chicago. Oct. 21.—S'.iiyve:-ant Fi.-h early today secured a jiosl poiieineni of the Illinois Central siockholdcrs meet I HR until December 1.*!. The Harriman i)eople agreed to the adjoiirninene alfhouph they had piexiously Peei: anxious lo push mailers as rapid'y a.". j>ossible. Tlie decision lo adjourn thi> meeting was iln- result of a <-'»tifir eiice held ai three o'cloi k ibis morning beiwecii W'm. .Nelson Cromwell for Ilariniaii and .Iiidpe K. H. Farrar for Fi.sli. The overuire.-- came from (roiri- well. RETIRES FRO.M FIRM. to greater 'advantJipe than in Fort Scott cathedral waii iis well equipped theatre and a.i the acees.-or- ie<. The lianonei hall will be com- pleicd liy tae fii.-,t of l!ie iiiniilli. it is liopeil. and everjt'iing will be in Iiaj.',' to a- lire a rucces.siiil renn- ieii. Tlur» a great in ibe bl- aiiiiu'il se.-'-;ion of liie snuthein jur­ is.Miction of liie Scotii.^h Riters which i; Tiieeiing in Wfisiiiiigton at this time. Ir will be Known ai this nieet- •ng whetlier or nni .1. n. flo^lmrn. of tl'it c'ly will be made .n X'.ri] degr<-e \iuo'.:i. H.' was knipbted four years ago. t AN-T .MAKK PRi:SS.MEN STRIKE. John Anderson of Tailoring Conipanj UIII R«->t. .lohn .Ander.-.on. band bailer. ;in'; Well known inus'ciau. «lio ha-, for sev emi years li'-i'ii <'nt;;i-<'d in th;' tailoring bieHiii ^ • In lola wlili .\, Morrison. Hiid'T ilie (inn name of ,\nd'r won & -MorriMiii. has retired from tlu.i firm. .Air. .M-ifiison. the otln-r partner of tlie finii, will coiidllcl the busi- nesfi alon.-". Mr. .\n:!er^<m has iioi d--- cWed lust wjiai he will do In the future, but for llie present he will rest. CAI»T„CAS.S(»> TO ARKANSAS CITV. Sjlradon Army Oilicer Will Be Sne- eecded b.v Mirliita .Mau. Captain Ca-ssou. of the Salvation Army,, who lor s:-veiai niontlis has had charge of the junior work in lola. haS' b^en ordered \o City, Kans., where he is to be placed in full charge of the imst. Captain Casson Tiill be ass'sted In the w'ork at Arkansas City by l .ieiitenanl J. W. Y »'il- tou, who has been stationed in lola. Captain Grable. of Wichita, who is said to have the best .singing voice of any officer in Kansas, is tja uke cliarge of iiie work formerly done by Captain Casson. Mrs. Grable will also aecotntuuiy lier husband. Kecfftor W«Bt Aiim le • W«rl. r. S. .Iiidae Sajs tlilicers Would Rreak a Contract by So Doing. Ciuciiiii.-i'i. O.. 0<-i. 21.—A uiupor- •ii-y iniunriioii againsi ineiiing a strike li.\ ilir liiii'ina!ional Pre-jsni'-irs I'li- ioii r .;r an eiphl-hour d.iy nas made periii.iiieiii loday by fnii'd Stales liid'.;!' Tliiimp.-ioii who held sili h 1,11 acii'ui on till' pari of the niiiiui of- licri- wiiiiid be ilii- breaking of a valid I oui rail. Thi' iiijiiuc!i.iiriw;is soiiplil liy I 111- Cniied TMioiliciae of "^America and (•.•iiaiii publishiijg concerns. A DRINK TALKED BACK. Touk So (lillrcr l'redrirJi >-OM IJI. lllni .1. A. Williile, an empViyee of the C;.ii'(,ii llridiie company, was anest- • d last iii:-ht In llasseit by Odleer .llm )•'.•• iliTlciiMiu <.a Ih' riiai-pe of being druuli. Williite. with two oilier men. was driving Ihroir-li Hass.-'lt. creating some disiiirbanci . and Officer Fiedericlison called hlin down. Wil- tilte inclined to "-'talk bad;" and the o(lic.=r irok him in. Ii cost hliu and trimmings -n poiiee court this morning. JOHN .M. .M'DONALD YEBY ILL. Will Known CitizenV Condillon Is Alarnifn? Today. John M. .McDonald, ex-county coni^ missioner. and one of iiie oid settler.? of Allen county, is lying critically ill at liis home at SOI North Sycamore street. Mr. McTVinald has not been well for some time, but his c(H)dition last night and today is such as to alarm his friends and relatives. His eonditfOR is thought to be traceable to service in the army. tempted lo pursue tlie siip^cKtion of llie poxernor as tliey met his appro- ballon. The following ;s a copy of tiio letter received by .liidge Poust: ••.My D<ar .liidge: Jly i'xper'oiice as n <ivemor liau pn-atly ei!lari:ed my vision as to the prison prob|e;ii and prf-atly intensified my interest in it. It is a great iirolilein. I'erhaps the trend of clvlllzjtlon toward better tJiintss is nowhere more than II till' realms of peiiolo-^y. Students of criminology know that many men comictcd of crime are not bad men. ^t. heart, that many of them are victims of sudden i'>niptalioii. or gr.-'at provocal iiiii. of evil as.soe"ales. or the drink lialiit and of counliess otiier eoncomit.'inis of crime. Prison life m.iy confirm these men in crime or 't mav help to reform (hem and restore them to soci.^ty and relieve .he state of tlie burden of their case. K?- pecially is all Ihis true of young of- frndcrs. • In harmony witli these views Kan- .sas was oiic of the fir.-i Siai ••s (o <'s- tabli-b a ref.irmalory tin lM »r .l for the incarcoraiion of offenders between the age.s of ifi and 2."i ycirs. I hat they miulil be sejia rated from older and nior-> hardened and liojie- iess criiiiina's. Rut few stales iireced- ed Kansas In this pood .iioveuient and I believe even .'is yi.t only abonl half a do/.eii have joined in it. Th.> ex- periiiK-nt is ainiily vindieateil lu-re -iud elsewhere by the logic of results. ••Oiir reformatory. Iocaie<l at Hutchinson, has nearly as many of its vouiip men out on parol.' as are within its walls, and the record of their reformation is gi-atifying indeed. Only about S per <:enl violate their par- o'l- and are reiiirned to t-ie institution. This in.siituiion Tias reform ni.^tliods not possible p.Tlinps in a 'I'nitf-iitiary. siu-h. for instance, as a d:iy school, the need of whidi is ev!- d< need hv the fact that over ."0 per "lilt of Ihe inmates iiiiisi enter lb.-? fMst and second read<-rs. an alarming s.lowing, by till- w-ay. as lo the n-la- lidi of ignorance lo rrime. •'To keep ;he penil :iii i;iry brand oC men when po.-.sible is a matter ot trcn)<>ndoiis concern not only to ilieni. but also to the slate, fur It is a brand that won't rub out, and ii is •..isily more ilifflciili for an <-x pep'. i.-nMary <-unvlct than for an ex refi.r- Malory inmate to make uood. and ev i-ry one w hf» fails becomes a menace apain to society and a burden to the ••tate The law nn»ise;y. r think gives 'he trial judg.» discretion a.s to wli'-- •her these young offenders shall he "•ent to the n-forniaiory or to the penitentiary. 1 be'ieve they should all 4)e sent to the reformatory and trans- f>'rred from there .wTipn necessity demands. But fciirely the discretion. If wisely possessed, shoi.Id be exercis- d in favor, of tiio refonnatory nn- 'f •• extrao.'-dinary reasons dictate ol-i" . v> ise, •A n^ent investigniloii made by me revealed the astounding fact that here ar.-> more than 100 jirisoners In "<e K-JU'i.'is penitentiary under ^n«T! r-f age. There are 40 odd un- 'ler 20 years: about 00 under 21 vears and 9') under 2.1 years of a?^. These .•?«ouishing figures Justify this letter. Many .iudge.<j exerc'se their di.~- cretion In this matter w'selv, but some seoni to give ths subject no serious (bought, '^ity r not without ''ffensc call the attention of all the trial Judges In the sUte to this Im- Uiinsns Exerntive Say.s l.owe "Twisted"' His Speeeli nf llcmphU. Toncka, Kas., Oct. 21—"Abom the shorusi and most emphatic way that I can a.nswer .1. .M. Lowe, the presi- f eli-ciioii coniiiiis- sioneis of .lackson conniy. Mo., when he say.s that I "knoeked" on ihe ini- proveineiit of ihe .Mi.woiiri at the Mem phi.s convention. 1.=; ip say that he do--.- iiol ."^tale ihe iriilli." Till-; is the way in wliich Governor llocii this niorning replied lo the story printed In the .loiirnal yesterday In whieh Cominls.sioncr l>owe declared thai he was "loo mad lo see" because lloch said he had pledged the whoie Kansas dtiepation to the improvement of the .Mississippi to ilic exclusion of the Missouri, and because he understood lloch to say that Kansas w.i.s the only state in the convention untouched by a navigable stream. Mr. Lowe immediately camo to tJie defens<! of Atchison. Leavenworth and, City. Kans., and wanted to know why lloch had slighted them. ••I can't see what was the matter with Lowe" continued Governor lloch. "When Lowe says that I knocked on the Jfissouri and that Kansas in untouched by a naviga'.ile stream he does not tell the truth. 1 said jusi the op- jioslte. I am in favor of improving tho .Mis.s-onri and heartily .so. I think ihal iho wa yto improve the|)- pi is to begin on tho Missouri. Ixiwe may liave gotten some sort of a twisted impression when I replied to John Sharp William.s. Williams said that he ilidn'i pariicularly irit.^i tlic North: that the Souili had had some experiences. 1 pot afier wmiams a little on that score. I lold him that 1 didn't care wlieri- ilie work was begun, north soiiih. or in the middle. I rcrtle home With Ihe Kansas City deleaniion. Tliey invited iiie lo share llieir train with them. The majority of that delegation know that I favor the Mis.wuri's improvement from top lo bottom. 1 lia\e said so in the public prints since thai lime. I said so in my speech. ' "Concerning the niaitiT of Kausas and iiavipal}Ie streams I said (hlit: •Kansas sliori'S are not washed by ocean wiiv.-s. The stall- Ifi not traversed liv a single navigable slrearii." That is II nainly ii fact. I said that our stall' was ilii- nio.-.: Inland, Why Mr. l.^)we wished to distort (his Is cer- i;ilnly more than 1 can understand.^ I simply wani to put up the truth of this propo.Tiiion lo the other members of llie Kansas City deleiiailoii. f don't warn, a statement like Lowe's to go out nncombatied. 1 leave it to (In- rest of the members of tho Kansa.s City delegation, as to what 1 said and how 1 said it. l' wiil leave it to them if I have not again and again cxjiressed myse'f in favor of the improvement of the Missouri Rivor. To really get at the iruih of what I am for. 1 can say that 1 am just .-vactly for the oppo-* site of wha: .Mr XJOWS .says 1 am for ' assembled in St. Louis. The people of the city have talked of little but balloons for two weeks past. TO BE LOOKED INTO St. Louis House of DelesiJles Will Be luvcsd'gnted. St. l.oni.s, Oci. 21.- \\"i;e:i the grand jury assembles here ttnuoirov.- after- iiocu at 2::ii.i o'clock, it is understood il will inaugurate a investigation of the recent acrs of the house of deI?Bates of the City of St. l.(uiis. including a tliorouph starch for the real (-ause of the de'ay in acting OTI 111!' bill for a five bridge across the .Mis.-; Ksippi rivi-r here, and why many olht r bills are lield i.p in the lious.> <ii' iiel<.-;;ates v.iihuiit aii" apparent p.Ku! re.isoii Till- grand jii:-v v.ill first look u'' llu- case against Delegates W'arne,- ;ind Priesnijer and i'nd/>«vor to trac:- I lie five nuirkcil 51i'(i inl's. wiiicii ;:. is charged were piven by Circuit Attorney Sagcr to Henry Ay.]u r and by him given, according to his state- nient. to Dc!egat;-s I-\ \V. I'ricsmyer. and which were later found in the C^ty National baiilc. deposited in tli'> name of Sam W«isnian. a tailor and pi ofessionaI hondsman. \\lhile W.'cisman h;is told from whom he received HUT money, the chain of evidence Is not complete, and for thi reason a number of prominent citi zens have been summoned to appea before tlie grand jury tomorrow as witnesses. The marked bills have been identi ficd as tho bills Circuit Attorney Sag er gave to Asher. .-Vslier has testiflei that he pava them lo Priesmeyer, Among the witnesses Monday wjll he Thomas J. Leonard, clerk of the house of delegates; Daniel E. HaugN ton. assistant clerk of the house, and William ("Sport") Brady, sergeant-at arms. Many leading citizens interest ed in important bills are expected to appear during the general overhaul Ing. In an Interview published in tho New Y"ork Times, Secretary ot Wiiirixrial of Taft appeals to the young men tojjive their servic?s to tlie country. He is rpioted in part as follows: \\>^alth can give no felicity like that which confronts the man who has identified himself with something bigger than himself. "Unless it is recognized by its .voung m?n that there are careers other than money making and tho pur- 1 company, to have the suit of pleasure: unless the spur of million^ two hundred and fortTii loyally, unselfish and patriotic mot- and dollar fine, assessed by , ives is strong enoiich to turn them to Landis wiped out;^ by the; the service of their eOnniry, a repub-| States court ot appeals; were Cane WUl ^ocar fat J M> ttiiiT. • Chicago, Oct, 21.—Plans for W«>.-HJ I'mchdous effort that will b« madJI^t the attorneys for the StaadWc*'*'^ lie is in a bad way inde.-'d. "I aeknowlcdse the necessity of the material pursuits. None of them is in danger of being neglected by Amer- ic.tns. But there ar.'' interests whieli are not material untt itiere is work to l,be done which IK not that of busi- ne's.=. The very possibililv of conduct: ing business depends upon conditions ettabli.shed by government—•^nd government is itself a sort of biisines.-. or a profession, or. at n:i ev.^ls, a diiiy which has to tie undertfiK^en b^i- some one. "I say to you that if the young men of Ibis country, enchanted by ihe glit; tering prizes of commercial lif.-». close ilK'ir eyes to the lofty duty of patriotism, foriiot that tlieir country ealis no inciinsidorable number of them to ber own definite, professional service. a!as fcr liie country! '•|f the insiri!cte<l. disinterested and patriiitic .ibiiiti.=s. e.sprcia'ly of its e;lucated youUi are not at the call,of ilie country, aias for it. and alas for tiieni: To Iiiile aval! liiey have read tiieir lato and been told that they wh-j '!o uoi take llif^r siiare in the gov?rn niei't shall be slave:; of a fcovernnien* ! y liie inore ignoble. ••The service of young men of weabli is likc'y lo 'i.; especially effie ieii! because their income niakfs ''.em indeneiiili-nt. ^-Tiie iiulifferencv^ I'cy wr.iild fe(>l witji r-card lo ilie ed yesterday. Thii twenty -liT»> points, eiach one of which:;tbe^ neys wilt argue, is sufBclanr^: the record-breaking, fln»-^:: void, wil| be advanced when fhcK^ comes toi trial in January. ^Tn^ icg the constitutionality ot' act and in contendins~the • rh.T Hepburn law made It (o prostMJUte for violations of' 1 pealed Elkins measure. The Oil attorneys hope in the event favorable dec'sion to fumlsh.^a^t lor freeing tho company from nv ou .s other suits pending. DYNA.1IITE FO^ HIS IOFRV, A .Iciilnn<i Great Bend, fits,. Xaa a Fuse Bombw - ' ^*' /Ireat Rend, Kansas, Oct., 21 .-T -Iil« jealous rage E. E. Stacy tried to his wife with a dynamite- bom)>- ihis moirning. Stacy's, mot- saw heii daughter's peril anflv her frotii the rgom before the: ion. Stacy followed the womeni-i strJL,.-,^ ing at them with bis flats.- No OQe^ was injured when the boimb explotlf^ ed. but some damage was donft- ti e Valley house, tlie sra^U hoteto wl>icli the biiiiib was throv;n. There. was trouble in the family hisi. summer and he • took Ills two small children ao ^i;^ other-in-^n ^pushed ;^XpIl«r?Q i-:!m"ii:; of oi'iee would lend lo!'" Deiiv:-r, whore he got Work a«- WOILD REPRESENT KANSAS. Roth Johnson and Atwood Want on the National Committee. C F. MILLER nf Fort Seott. who nas forraerlv president of the Good Rrarln As60< iaticn and sister of Miss Man- Mller. were in lola vesterdiy. visit'ng Dr. Edith Haigh. Miss Miller will spand a week in lola. Topeka, Oct. 21.—.Tohn H. Atwood of Leavenworth, and J. G. Johnson, of Peabody, have each written to every liromiuent democrat in Kansas,With, a liraper for the position of national committeeman. Both say they are ••clos?" to William .Tenuings Bryan. .lohnson was vice chairman of the Democratic-national commit(ee in the campaign of liiOO. .\twood was national committeeman in IftOi. \\'3iere Democrats talk it i.s said that the present state organization is friemlly (o Johnson. Atwood's friends wiy their man has kept in C1OH.» touch with state affairs, (hat he has been busy looking all the ground over right along and that the Kkirmishtnu now on don't hurt a hit. Johnson ban been (jilt of tlie slate considerabli! I.'itely. It is more than likelv that two con- v.' will be held. tJie second to nanie the state ticket. The org.iniza- (lon of the state committee will hinge much on the Atwood Johnson fight. (TRTIS FOR KANSAS CITY. Thiuks it th^ Place to Hold Repnb- llrau National Coiiiention. WushingTon. Oct. 21.- •1 am in favor of Kansas Citv as (he place for I'.oid'ng the next Republican national convention." said S.^nator Curtis, of Kansas. ••Kansis Citv Is the nio.=;i available place." he <ieclared. "because it has splendid transportation facilities ami hotels and a l.-ir^e convention hall that will seat,I'2.O00 people, as compared to S.OfjJKro the Chicago coliseum. .As tl»® convention will be held in the latter part of May or early in June probably, ii will not be too hoc at that time in tho city." B«fflster VnU telBff resvlli. fi-.ixi- ilie.m faiilifiil •tfdrpeii'ieiii. eoii- -lieiilious o/llce-holrb IS. "As til i-e-.var-Is. I do not 1,'ilk of r>^- wiii-is. For tlie class nf nien »o whom 1 would hav? the idea of public service appeal the niatier of rewai-ii'.", would be irrel-'vant. "I .-ay (o you tliat tiiere are re- which are unknown to him who '.-leelcs oiiiy what he regards as the subsi.Tniial on.7s. Tl'.e best of all in llie pure joy of service. To t'o iliinu.-: tiiat are wnrtli doing, to be in llie thick of it—ah! taat is to live. •'Tiie poor man who choose.s this way \vill have to live plainly, as thintr.- •-o now.idays. At least he won't pile up a .surplus of wealth. Why should ba want to? Wealth provides small satisfactions but not deep ones.' Tt cm give no felicity like (!jat which comforts the man who has identified himself with something bigger than himself, which thrills the heart of the patriot, o." Ihe public servant.'" Wit WOAIAN RAFFLES IN DESPAIR. Srr.s. Komadka Talk.s of Penitentiary or Asylnin. Chicago. Oct. 21.—"There is nothing left in life for me. It matters not whether 1 .go to the iienitcntiary or am placed in an asylum." Having given up in despair Mrs. Ev- Caine Roniadka. ihe yoiing wife of Charles J. Romadka, the Milwaukee millionaire, sobbed the above words in closing a pitiful inter\-iew at the Harri.son street police station annex. Yesterday much more incriminating evidence rolled In again.^t her. she was surrendered to the police by her bond.^ man. she received the news that her mother was dying from the shock ol her daughter's behavior, and. on top of nil (Ills, word came (hat her husband had fallen III and (hat ho had nstltiited divorce procredlnps against ber. • Prohably the most siariling thing In (lie day's deevloptuent.s was the Ideu- UCication of .Mrs. Iloinadka by a switch man of the Rock Island rallroptl. The man w-a;; taken to ihe annex by Assistant Staie'.i attorney Clifford Roe and declar«!d that he had seen Mrs. Romadka and .Mbert Jones, (he woman's alleged confederate, pioding in ;i private car on a switch of the Rock i-laiid several months ago. There *as anoiiier man with them, it was declared, and the other man was al^.; a ne-« gro. It is believed liy the police that the man was a Pullman car porter, and hat he is interested in the] numerous mrglaries and robberies. ! WANTED— Stock to winlfer. Call on or adilrcss Guy Turney. lola. FOR RI-:NT—A desirable five room cottage. Iniiuire 62S East IJncoln. Beglster Wnt Aiu le • Wni. laborer. Soon afterwards Mrs. St wear (d Denver to live withi Mm.,;, few weeks afio she returned to>Ordat| H.n<!. Sfucy wi'o(e several lettsrB.^tOj" her. asking her to .return, bnt;: did not do so.' Ho arrived here tbls^ nforning and went to the hotel, wlilol^ is run by Honnan Welsh, Mrs. Staer*^ faf.ier. Mrs. Stacy was staylngiii thD hotel. . Stacy found that his wlffe was^'ll • he kitchen and he went there to : with her. He insisted that she.,c into the jiarlor wliere he had. {e liis sacehel, but she refused, sO' went to the parlor and returned^ the bomb under his coat "the* of the bomb was lighted wh«t. drew^ it from under his coat.- rush^ up to Mrs. Stacy and tll «drfi put it into the bosom of her drMK^ The only other person In thev' nt tlie time vras Mrs. l^Ich.- knocked the bomb from Staej^'ft^l and shoved Mrs. Stacy ont roont into the yard. Stacy, u ed and struck his wife and h ^i er-inlaw. The explosion did i^ot' him to csiise his attacks Qpon^ women, and ho was arrested! bjT* ers who ran up to:--see: whatlwas-I matter, when they heard, jthet plosion. i The bomb was not a large} did not do very great damasetfV^I hotel. A hole was torn in the^i^ of the U'tchen, several wlndowBrji broken and a flight of stairs: shattered. Stacy was taken! tit^ jail at once. He did not disiniai^ matt.^r further than to say tlJ«" wife had treated him hadt^ u^;;; it would be better if hotk:«^m4 It was rumored that he tried: himself after being taken to jiU^I the jail authorities did ndtU this report. ^ •it:; DOCTORS CRY FOB HEKP. H Fear Kanu.o EpMemle^ CM^J Will Bain TiMav. Topeka, Oct. 2L—Df. 8. Ji-vl bine, secretary of the isto^^ health, today received"^ Ol0 tiartling letter: ; •If your boad of health . :wlHr move tiie cause of the ala amount of good health wbifih state is enjoying, it will render a-I ing service to our' prflifescIoQ. erwise. you had better I ask the Inture for an anproprlation- to^au.. THE DOCTORS OUT? OP X JC KANSA.S HEN ENTER BACK? il Dolman and (ireet After DIstriet «oi-ncrN Berth In-.OklskMmiii WTashington. Oct. 2t—Two-foi Kansa.4 men have entered the district attorney of the Ea«teni..( homa district when statehood They are L. S. E>ollmuit?*iufm' late judge at Topska. and J. iSTs former] V an attorney of Plttjii 31 ANY BBOKE SlT7n »A¥ ]<41f| Presented to Grand Xhier t{ List of Kanus City Tf Kansas City. Oct. 21.' taining the names of se^ persons who vesterdav against- working cm prepared today Cor morrow'to the griajj^'" mentfl by tb9 wltoleaitf^: 3r>

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