Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1907
Page 8
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1 Now We Come to Watches And if we are at home anywhere in the jewelry line it is here. Oar watch trade is growing all the time. We buy more and sell more every year. If you consider this or that watch make the BEST we can accomodate you Most people have preference you know. We Carry all the Good Lines, so can please everybody. J. W. Coffey & Son, YOIB JEWELERS. EAST SIDE SQIARE. Tbe SANTA PE sells HOMKSEEK- t3RS' tickets first and third Tuesdays la each month for one fare phis $2.00 for the round trip to certain points West and South West. Return limit 30 't.iys: One way second class C»lonist tick• ts to Lo.s Angeles and San Kranci.sco and flthor California points for t25.00 Portland. Oregon, Seattle, Wash., '>tc,.for $2o.30, every day during Oc- -j.ber, 1307. Please sec ns for stopover privileges,' and so forth. W, E. RALSTON, A|t. y\. 1», vox HAS ni«>KKX ELBOW. Llgmnre (Jrain .Mini Fell in Man- Hi If. (Elsmoro Leader.) •V\'. D. Cox had the mjsforuine to break his ami at the ell)ow joint last JSaturday atternoon by st-^pping in a nianiole at the elevator. Mr. Cox had nis arm broken forty two-years ago in Th^ same place and when it knitted to- .^fther it left his arm stiff. Mr. Cox lad 'practically no use of tliis arm and when he st^ppod into the hole ocald no) pn>iect him.solf troni the iull, consequently his whole weipht came on this arm. snapping it at the <^lho^-. Dr. Ivongnocker set tlio break and >Ir. Cox is getlinp alnn?: as w;'ll 1-: could be expected. He says suf- •••red a very little from tlie injury and -at his ofllce as usual. Mou^lay. 'loing his work. •HELP lOLA t>KniA>A(;E. corji from another and will leave no! from the effects of the oi)eration he| the ju(lgi>8. The judj;es have not! been s.'^locted yet but they will be announced later. After the contest the corn will be sold and the pioceedsj therefrom given to the lola Orphans Home. The cont;'st will afford a two fold purpose—an opportunity of showing what kind of com is being raised in this part of the county and also of helping a most worthy institution. If every one of the bank's patmns who are farmers, will bring a sample of corn several bushels will be collect- [ ed and the amount of the proceeds will amount to a sufficient sum that will lie much appreciated by the management of the home. Henry K. Jones, of Tampa. Kla.. writes: "I can thank (lod for my present health, d\ie to Foley'.s Kidney Cure. I tried doctors and all kinds of ki<iney cures, but nothing did me iiiueh ;;ood till I t(M)k Foley's Kidney Cure. Konr bottles cured me. and I have no ninre pain in mv back and .•shoulders. T am t>l' years old. and suffered long, but thanks to Foley's Kidney Cure I am well and can walk anil enjoy myself. It is a plcjisure to recommend it to those needing a kidney medicine.'.' Burrell's Drug Store. W. E. KOYSTER BACK TO CHAM TE Fornier lola Teacher Will Medicine. Pmclice Moral! State Bank tn H<ild Com Conlot. (Chanute Tribune.) Dr. \V. E. Royster and family have arrived from liouisvilla, Ky.. and will nialie their home in Chanute. Or. Royster has'just graduated from a medical college to take up the studies in which he resigned as snperin- t.indent of the Chanute ciiy schools after holding that position several years. He is lookinc somewhat ihin. not having recovered fully as yet fro nithe effects of the operation he unile-wc^nt last smnnier because of appendicitis. He has not yet decided wliether he will .<;et up to i)ractice for himself or whether he will associate hinis.-'If with an cstal)Iished physician here. (Moran H.'rald.> Harlan Taylor, president of the Mor;:n ;State Bank, makes annouuce- raent thi.<; week that the bank will .i-ive. cash prizes for the lipst twelve "ars- of com brought to the liank bo- l'or.» Eaturday. Novenilier 2. The i.rizes will be awarded on the follow- i ;:!g Saturday." Xoveniber ".ttli. The' yrlze will bo divided into throe: the jirst being $.'?.oo for the liest twelve ';ars; $2.0(i. for the second liest twelve <ars$1.00 for the thtrd ifest. The vorn" is to be tal^en to the l)ank where it will be dis))iayed and each one 1 ringing corn will he regist<Ted by numbers'and a corri'sponding number attached to the corn. Ry doing this no one will know one sample of For It^st and Qnirkest Rrsnlls B «e the Begist4>r Want Tolnms. TO PLAY BALL I> AKIZOMA. (U>on Brothers Accept an Altnictiie Offer in the We>f. (Savonburg Record.) Sylvester and Enjory Olson left Wedne.sday for Bisbee. Ari/... having been guaranteed transportation and a lucrative salary to play ball th^re this winter. The two brothers have earned a wide reputation as professional players and have also earned some good money. The Record and Savonburg friends wish thpm a ideas- ant and profitable sojom-n in the west. DBPRICrS CREAM Baking Po¥fder Witbout question it makes the finest, the ^ most healthful food. Dr. Price's Cream fUln"g Powder has been used throughout Nordi America for Aree generations and b acknowledged to be the standard baking povrder for ease and economy. Si The Great Annual Sale of Blankets,Comf orts and Outings IS NOW IN FULL PROGRESS! We always aim to hold this important sale about the middle of September, but the manufacturers wcie behind in filling our Immense orders—bought when the season was dullest and prices littlest—but every minute's delay meant a whittling down of prices, which makes it all the better for our customers, in fact, these Blankets and these Comforts are ours at less than the old prices, before the great advance of wool and cotton; consequently we will offer them in this sale at such a price difference that youMI rub your eyes to see if you have read aright. 10-t Signal Blankets in tan, gray Cflfl and white, in this sale, per pair uUll 10-4 Ashwood Blankets, ia gray, tau and white, soft German finish, in this sale, TCA per pair, 10-1 Starten Heavy Cotton Blankets, in white and gray, Poft German fiuieh, ^ j iu this sale, per pair, wliUU J1-1 Sylvan Cotton Blankets in gray and 'white, soft German finish, in this ^| An sale, per pair,.. OIlUU 111 .\ngora Cotton Blankets in white only, fine G«*rmau finish, full size, in this ^| -AC sale, per pair, vIlZu 12-4 Stauhopi Cotton Blankets in gray on- 1}', extra large size, fine German fin- Ql QQ ish, in this sale, per pair, vIlUU 12-4 Alliance Cotton Blankets, iu white only, extra large size, big enough for ^| C A two, in this sale, per pair, vlivU 12-4 Somerset Extra Plcavy Ct )tton Blankets, in graj'and tan, pretty border, Ql QQ iu this sale, per pair, vliuO 12-4 Sentinel extra heavy twilled Blankets, in gray and tau, pretty borders, iu QA AC this sale, per pair, OZlZu 12-4 Guernsey Twilled Heavy Cotton Blankets, e.xtra large, iu this sale, per QA C A pair, VZIJU 11-4 Bcacou Wool Bhiukcts, in gray and blue, with pretty borders, iu this A A sale,.per pair, .VUiUU 12-4 White Wool Blankets, with pink and blue bordere", and silk bound, iu 00 Cfl this sale, per pair, OviuU 11-4 vSalida Wool Blankets, in gray with pink and blue borders, special in 00 QQ this sale, per pair, .OOluO ^ 114 Sycamore Wool Blankets, iu white and gray, absolutely sanitary, in this ^C AA sale, per pair, VwiUU 11-4 Palnidalc Silver GrayTslricily all wool with pretty borders, iu this sale, per tf >C QQ pair - • VJiuU 11-4 Mt. llcruou White Blankets, made from fine, long ;\ii.stralian lamb's wool, and steam shrunk, iu this sale, per Q'Q pair Ol luU 11-4 Princeton Strictly Pure Wool White Blank»Hs, California lamb's wool, with beauti- tifiil borders, iu this sale, pei* pair, $8.50 COMFORTS. Large double bed Comforts, with fancy silkoline covering, ^| A A in this sale, each •••wIlUU Large double bed Comfort?, with fancy silkoHne covering, A| Ar and.white filling, in thiw sale, ecch OiiZu Full size bed Comforts, with Chintz covering, fast colors, ^| CA in this sale, each vliuU Large Comforts with fancy Cambiic covering and sheet ^| cotton filling, hand knotted, iu this sale, each i Full size bed Conifort^, best grade of whitii filling, and QA CA fmcy quilted or hand-knotted, in this sale, each OZluU Fine French Satire Comforts, quilted, filled with fine Cfl white cotton, assorted patterns, in this sale, each WvBuU Plain and Fancy Outings One lot dark ouliugs in checks and stni)cs, in this sale, ' Cp spi'cial : Jll Ouc lot dark and light Outings, checks and stripes, in this Q||| sa'c, special '. U3u One lot dark and lit;lit Outings, \;hccks and stripes, in this jAp sale, special |||u One lot plain Outings, cream, while, blue, pink, navy and jAp red, special, IUu One lot plain Outings, cream, while, blue,,piuk, navy and 10In red, special IZ2u Pretty Flannelettes iu a great vaiicty of colors, dark and- light, single and double faced, beautiful goods, they lOok : (Cn C (Qn like French Flannels, at |UU ^ lOu 1 I WE ARE UA6ENTS| tOR THF lADlESnOMrJoURNAL ^PATTfRNS/^ ^^kiy HONTHIY imt BOOK PHtg tViy miLD sr>KE> <;AKI»KX. TO ()K(i.V.MZK .MO.M)AY. ( hris KiUrr Hits Ipoii I'lan t« Pro-j U'v\ KI <nv»Ts From Cold. W <irknuMi arc toflay niakini:; I a • snnkPii sanion" nt the home of At- I foniey Chris Rliter on South Elm street. Mr. Ritt?r is a great lover jo! flowers and tests every new jilan I tc improve his flower gardens. The , sunken pardon is almost two feet low- j er than the surface of the earth snr- ; ro 'indinL' it. People who have made it a sttidy say that by lowerinp the parden the flowers are protected from high winds and dust which are injur- Icnis to their welfar?. Mr. Ritler is also making improvement^ to his residence by building an addition. .IWctiuv' iif Kunwis Conin-cs^iionul lloii>e IMHctfutioii Is (alU'd. Topeka. Kas.. Oct. 10.—The Kansas congressional honse delegation will meet in Topeka on .Monday at the call of Congre.ssman Cald'-rhead of Jlarys- ville. who is chairman of tlis delegation. The purpose of the meeting is for organization. Home Made Sausage of all Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE. UTTODATE MEAT MARKET 115 East Madison •••••••BaBBHOBnan The Junior Department 5tore Get your Oas Light SuppUo» frotn **». A Wehibach tamp Gomploto for 780 rO \BKESSM.\> SrOTT rOMINR. To Hold H KM-eptlon Tomorrow Mom iiie in the >Ve^t Side. , Kansas City, Kansas. October 19. I —Congressman Charles F. Scott, of. I the Second district, will be in I ; the Wf>st Bide tomorrow and Sunday. , Toniorn>w morning from 10 o'clock ; uptil 12 o'clock Mr. Scott will meat old soldiers and others desiring to see him at his rooms in the Grund' hotel. Mr. Scott will be the guest at Itmcheon of accmmittee from the Mercantile club. will spend Sunday wlOi -W. R. Childs, the West Side postmaster. / •I I;l„.l. of r-ni..Ilr. ct,.-li fi i -d i t » .Iu Hi* any C"" 1 I'lt 1 r"il:i<l i;.;ut Ihllig i- «t lly fa.- ,v.T, full ..f ri'npl'i l.lvlc- ' h'-a.U. After imki"i; t'as'-ar ^tK Ihej all If -ft lam i coiilltinlric tJi'. tt<''i'> >>i'l r^rumin*>ti>htie thrni I 't luj frffntli. I f^'l flni, when I rl.e n tli« I Dorninic. iivpe W> Lave & chance to recommend \ Vocareta." rred C. irtiCD. 7< tim St.. Kewark. V.i. ; 5e3T For ; { CAMOTCATrlAimC t PERFECTTOPT^ WICK fixh OIL STOVE rteaaanl. PsIatahie p,.lent Ta«t-f;<v>^_PoOooA. Kerer Sl'ken. Weaken firil". l»c. Zl-. J).;. Se»er tolil in l.iilk. Tlie ij;>uu' tablet alampe.1 CCO. Guaranteed to rare '<t >"Uf mouer baek. Sterline Remedy Co.. Chic »e<» or N.Y. S99 ANKUALSALE, TEN MiLUON BOXES Distilled Water One hundred potinda of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of disUllcd water suitable for family use. Try it lolalce&ColdStorapCo FRANK RIDDLE. Mf^;. Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any j case of kidney trouble that is not beyond medical aid. Burrell's drug store. / SAFE CONVENIENT ECONOMIML W y<wr ileiUer donHMraile it, wrfu to THE STANDARD OIL. COMPANY. Well, Friends i Pancakes are in ord'T. AVe have the imaterail to make them of. ^ Ralston P. C. Flour, per i*g. 10c I Ralaton Prepared I?. W. Flour, '-i per pkg. ......10c Peruna Whole Wheat Fiour, 121b sack ...50c I Good Fresh Meal, per sack 20c Syrups to cat on Pancakes. Maple. Fancy Table, White Table. : and Sorghum. FRYER Bi;^€l^ , Grocery aod Meat Markef4 .-j Plioaes 308 and 301; e

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