Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1908
Page 5
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TBM lOLA PAILT BECBgHBB, TTEBITESPAT STSOKfl^ OCTOBER 28, IMS. RamembBr ! • A DEPOSIT in our Savings Department does not tie np jonr account for any given lengths of time. You can draw ALL or ANY PART at /NY TIME, and whatever amount is in the bank on our interest payment dates, (which are January 1st and July hst of each year), draws THREE per cent interest for tlie time it lIa^ been on deposit. The only way an account in o"?r Savings Department differs from a checking account, is tiiat you do not issue checks against it, and that it DRAWS INTEREST. Should you wish to draw any part of your account, sim- pljf^bring your Pass Book to the bank, and we PAY YOU THE CASH. Isn^t that easy? iola Bpya Want^^me.' ,An lola football eleven composed of bo;3 welghins on an average of 110 poandB each, -wants tn play a Cfaan- ute team of similar weight. The Tribune bfLs receive dthe foHowln? cbal lenge from the lola team: "The boys of lola * challenge, the boys of Chan lite for a game of football at a suitable date. Onr average weight Is lift ponnds to the man. Address n. If Mayfield, care of Hunt Engineering company. Inla. Kansas."—Chanute Tribune. state Savings Bank CmpHai S23.00q Mm, Kmnmmm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! A tew hundred % srcfinns \o. 1 irestern Ihnd at $10(HI and niii GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. Office Over Iowa Store. Thorpe & HoDgh Contractors, Engineers, Sdrveyors. Fully equipped for all kinds of Tirveying, estimating, patent draw- lag, bine prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office Over <T«moa8.'* I I Short Stories on tola Happenings Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—better than most. Don't Forgot Our MEAT MARKET W'o handle only the host of Trosb Meats, Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, and will luiy the hlchost market price In cash or trado. Come In and Kce «s. We are sole agents for J. M. llom's COFFEES and TEAS If you will give this line a trial you will u'sp no olher. Fryer Bros. Phone 301, SOS. lola, Kansas. £vaiis Bros. Received One Here. Chairman J. X. Dolley of the Republican State committee gave out the information last night ttat he had secured indispufa'-^le evidrtnce that \V. IF. Kompor of Topcka, is nsing his posiiion as Grand Master of the Orand Lodgo nf I. O. O. P. of Kansas, lo lioosr liis own campaign for Secretary of State on tho Democratic tick. C. E. DiMiron. present sccrctar>- of state, and a candidate for re-election, is also an Odd Fellow. Chairman Dolley .says this action on the part o 'f Kemper is not only in violation of the laws of the order but that it is contrary to tho teachings of fra­ ternity.—Topelca Capital. Yesterday an lola Od.i Fellow and a Republican received one of Kemper'-? letters and tore it tip as soon as he saw what it -was. -Dr. J. n. Pepper. OenUsL Phone ID. Krejts Men Meet A ineetlni; of the managers of the Kro.?s .stores, one rjf which is under erection here now, is helnp held at Pittsburg thi< week.' This is the first (•r>nv<>ntion to lie held hy tho .Mate tuanaKers ami wilt last four da.v.«!. ^^ta^e conventions are being held at tliis lime In each slate in which the l\r«'ss s\nilicate operates stores. The Kress company find that they are In .1 ureal measure re.sponsil»le for the lioml trade that lins been enjoyed hy th:ir company in the face of the panic. mtktlonmry, OUm Blmnk Boakm ratmmm Sohool 9up0tMmm Off lorn SUP0//M Wlur« aa«Ut7 la main eonsl<« •ration we buy the beat Where demand* will inatitr. we carry all gr^M and prtcea. Goshorn at Ctianute. .lolin F. Gnshorn, chairman of the Democratic cotinty central committee, •iave an address at a meeting of tho Rryan cla Iia? Chatinte lasr nicht. —Frank S. BeatUe. V. 3. Phona 139. THE IQLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO, . MMHifaetiirers, WholMola aad KataO Decaars CRYSTAL ICE And Dittilled Water Hew CaM BtorB »a SeUj lar Vntnett. Phoie 111. FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Wreck Near Garnett. Santa Ke freigln No. 220 was in a wreck at Tanner, between this city and Oarneit early this morninpr. The train was hrinpins a large consiRn- menr of stock and was doubled with the crew and caboose of Condtictor Reeves who was to take the stock extra from this cit.v- to Kansas Cit.v. A ; broken rail, caused by a slide of the Isoft track, threw several cars off, :biit the n-niainder of the train stayed on the rails. The caboose was well filled with stock men but no one "was Injured. The passengrers transferred to the front end of the train and came into Ottawa. The crew of train 2iri. huD'A nil here by reason of (lie wrecl,-. wa.»: .'icnt to City with a drap on 22o 's time. Express' N'o. 204 was on the wron;r side of the WTcck and was d<>Iayed .<M 'veral hours. ,\ wreck Ins crew came down from .\rpentine. Ottawa Ri'pnhlic. Set up and connected,' also any other gas fitting:. ' Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. 7 ^ —AJway.s time to eat at Otir Way. To and Prom Ottawa. jMrs. Rirdle Smith returned to her home at lola night after a visit with the UmWy of Smith Bradshaw. * * « Mrs. Irenei Worden of St. Paul. Kas.. returned home via Tola last nighj. She had been visiting relatives in Greenwood township.—Ottawa Re public. Douglas in Line. Congressman Chas. P. Scott •will speak at the opera house here on Friday -night. Mr. Scotrt has made- this date here because ooir people wanted to hear him. He has the support of all the Republicans here but he Is going to talk stralsbit.BepublEeanism. —l^awrence Journal. -«erduaii'» Landi at Oar W«r.\, •~Be a Booster—Home Indtistry— Neosho River Cat at Our Way. Parents Repudiate Boy Robber. E. E. Gregir. the Santa Fe special acent. received a telegram from St. .Joseph. 'Mo., today, to the effect that the parents of Willie Childers. one of the hoys who broke Into a Santa Fe merchandise car between Ottawa and lola Sunday morning, would not do anything to assist him in his trouble. They/have had trouble with him on different occasions. He asked that his parents be notified of his predlca ment and Mr. Gregg telegraphed th*. superintendent of terminals at St. .loseph to notify the lad's parents.— Chanute Tribune. —Bfd. Laihrep. Osteopath.^ Plione 4 «a Hinkey Officiated. Frank Hinkey. of this city, was referee .It the foot ball game between Yale and Carlyle List Saturday at Philadelphia. Mr. Hinkey was at one time captain of the Yale team. Rooms for men. Y. M. C. A. building. Steam heat in each room Baths free. Parole Officer He**, if. F. McKirahan. a parole officer of the Boys' Industrial .school at Topeka, was in the city yesterday. He is looking into the possible surroundings of several former lola hoy.^ who hope for a pardon. —Cnnnlnpham k Amett, 8 per cent money. Ooen Branch Office. Spitzer & Company, the New York- Toledo brokers, who hold lola city improvement bonds, have opened a branch office in Topeka. The Capital says: Spitzer Sc. Co., the Xew York- Tolejo broker.<;, have est.iblished a branch office in this city. Rooms have been leased in the C-^ntral National Rank building and 0- T. Staebler has been pLnced in charge. He will have charge of the K.anRas territory. Spltz- •»r Si Co. deal entirely in municipal bond.s. and lue company claims to hold more Kansa.<; improvement bonds than any o»her compan.v. In fact. thi .<5 com(>any buys more tniprovenjent bonds fmm Kansas cities than any other state in the tmlon. Spitzer fc Co. handle on the average of Jl.ftOft.OOO worth of Kans.t-- secnritirs every year. Aineral Yesterday. Funeral services for the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hoerning of -"irS North Kentucky street, were held yesterday aftenfoon at tiie home. Wahoo nr.c j>er l»m: e ni Mnndis'. «—Six per cent ttone.r: no ooinmlsslon: no delay.'—Smith A Travla : To and From Cherryvale. Mrs. \V. H. Herron and daughter. U'iniiie, of fo?a. are the giiest.s of tho former's sister. Mrs. .1. E. McKinney and liiece. Mrs. Willanl Morrow. * » • Mrs. !E. C. Cricg went to Tola today to spend a couple of weeks visiiing friends.—Cherryvale Republican. .\ny one havine anv j.b work d<^>ne 'et me know. 11. V. Sbr.nk. I'.L':; Nnrtb .Teffetvson. Murh Beef on lola Team. There was no football game between the local team and lola yesterday, the tickets having been cancelled. The loin ream weighs on an average of inn pounds and the local .ig- gregatlon of p'ayers would have had much beef to overcome, had ihev l»een there.—Independence Star. —It—Onr Way,Soda Water. Moving Candy Store.y The Brownfleld & Davi.s candy people are moving their stock to their new building on Madison. The Atchison millinery store will occupy the room they vacate. SItrgtas to PtnBSflTBalB.' D. H. Sigglns, president of the Un- iop Traction company, was in Cherry- rale Sunday. Mr. Siggins was e'nroute. to Warren. Pa., his home. To the Republican Mr. Siggiti-t Slated that the loss ofi the bridge I across the river would: delay work on the Cherrr\-ale division of tbe intr-rurhan. Mr. Siggins .said this less would fall on the \. M. niodgett Bridge Co.. of Kansas City. sul)-pontractors. The Traction company let the contmct to the Pitts burg Bridge Company and this firm fo. the RIodgett company. The contractors were to have completwl the bridge^over a month ago hut w.a.s delayed by various causes. The work w^as about half completed when the fliood came and now ail will have to be started anew. Mr. Siggins said no work could be done oni he line until the bridge is completed. Mr. Siggins expects to be gone but a few days.— Cherryvale Republican. —Fitzgerald Co. IIonsehoM iStaraee and Transfer and piano morias: largest store room in rilr. Phone Sifi. .'•es Registered in Hnmboidt. The registration of Humboldt was completed Friday evening and is very sarisiiactor.v. Practically every voter in town was registered and it is douhtjfiil if there are more than forty votea in the town that will not have the ^jiBht to vote as far as registra- ;ion i,U concerned. Of course rhpre are •:omej who lost ibcir riuht by moving 10 I.'i're ro re' a re-;idence in their new jward The total resistrjuion is (fiiniho'dt Herald -^Our Oysters. Way. Mumma to Chicago. .A. G. Mnmma of the Iowa store left yesterday for Chicago where he will buy goods for his store. An opportunity was pre.=;eni<^.i him to set special bargains. -11 -. II • The story of Mrs. Matilda Warwick, of Kokomo, Ind,^ a$ told below, proves the eiirative properties of that v^ell-known female remedy, Wine of Gardui,j Mrs. i^arwiek says: 1 It Wffl Help You *I suffered from pains in my head, shoulder^ limbs, side, stomach low dowTi. dizziness, chills, ncr- Tousness, fainting spells and other female troubles. I was almost dead. Thre? doctoi's did not help me. At last, I took Cardui. and with the first bottle obtained relief. ^S'ow I am cured. But for Cardui,, I would have been dead." Try Cardui. AT ALL DRUG ST0B3 M.iard and rooms in privat.' family; •nodern. l":' South Street. —Oysters any style at Oof-tvay. Taneht Here i."! Tears. .\ person gets a comedown if they waif long enough. Miss Nettie Chambers has been teaching school in Hum joldt fcr the past nventy-Jive years >nd can teach for the next twenty- five if she wants to. She naturally .-supposed that .she wa.s fairly weil known in Humboldt and that her oc- }ui)ation did nor nei ?d any advertis- .ng. She was talking with a Humboldt Lady the other day who has lived here for over twenty years. Dnriu.g he conversation the lady .-vsked her .f she W.1S teaching. On receiving an affirmative repl.v she asked: "A\Tiere are vou teaching now?"—Humboldt lerald. —Ante Garage and Repair Shop for all klad .4 of repairing. Aatomobile ilTerr. Fhona Stt. To Itake Off Leaves. Twenty-five Republican.'^ and iweiiiy :ive Democrats have cnteri-<l into an lureemeni to rake the leaves in the lark. If Taff carvb^^s lliinibol.l: .ih>' )eniocrais wili do ilie rakin:: and if (Ir.'kan uets ihr vote nf ili<« town tbe Itepublicans will.have to labor. There witi be a lan:e crowd pre.>-ent to watch .n either case. r)uring tbi- exerci>es Walter Hess ha.s agr.^d 10 set out on he balcon.v of the drn.:; .«;iore and run Hryan's speech on the diirniry of'labor iluring the entire titno.—lluniholdi Herald —Sign painting, phone H28. Fred Rowden. WAHtSJ TO LOAN—$5,000 private money on farm laud at 6 per cent.—Tola !^nd Co. WANTED^ ^miMliMtt^ous WANTED—A honsekeej-er. at .Mrs. Turners millinery ^tore. DB. M U I D BED CUBTIS WANTED—Zinc workers a: Sprin;;;!,field. III. InM'iire R 0 Haii at AcidL W'ork:^. I "11 ——. : * Salesman Wanted. Esiierier.ce tin-:. neces.-"ary. $li'n> per r;:.onth and ex-;* peases. Royal Cigar Co.. <'hicai^<'. I.I.j* I* I'hysiciain and Surgeon. Apply Office over BuTell's Drag Store Office Phone 554L Residence 2l4 E. Jackson Phone 569. ! WANTED—Live business man to put in stock of dry good-< nidse; be>' sniri!! ffiwa Phone I. and generalj _ ii: c<junty. I, WANTED—Icila property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land, tlolden West Land Co. Office over low a Store. lola. Kas. SALESMEN & AC.KNTS-iJ? S.".'>.OU! DRS. RED) & KBID, • Physirians and Snrseoas. * X-Ray and Electrical Appliances. • Eye, Ear, iNose and Throat. • OfBce Phone 357: Ree. .196. * nil. Hc.MILLO, Specia atteotiba giveu Xvo"^ * treatment of all Chronic Diseae- * es and Diseases of Children. • Telephones; Office 32. Res. 232- • Otnco over RurreH'i Drug Stora • Wtist Madison. • • p.jr week aud ovt r can bt made seliii.g j New Campaigu No»cities fri>iti now •••••••• until election. Sells to Store?. Couii- , • ly Fairs, Picnics and Private Families. Complete line of sample.^, charges prepaid for r .Oc. Older today. CIllCACO .V07ELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave.. Chicago. W.WTKD— Yonnu luon to prepare for coming examination for liaiiw;iy|_ .Mall and oili.-r ilovernnieni P«)>itions. •" .•<uperi <i:- in.-^tMII-IIIDI l.y Mail. K.-iab-j ll .-ibeil II v>-:ir> Tli 'iM >an'l.< <ii sui--", ces.-^fiil .-. .<.i!npie iiii'-.-tiin> atid "Mb.w (;<.v"! I 'nsiii.ius are Se- ; • fured"" Si -iir ft(>.v liiiiT-i^i.'iti' S«-(uio!s \^ Jf 'l Ja. .\ve.. Ci -ilar Kaj-ids. l<>\%a. Phone C87. Reg. 70L • UK. 0. L. COX, . • Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat • Spectacles Projierly Fitted. • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • I Office Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 4W OB. B. 0. CHBISTIJLH * Pbjsician cand Snrgeaa * Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. * FOR SALE^mUaoBllmamiusl* —— • [• FOR SALE— Three fre-h mi!, hi* ii.vv -A. K. l>. Uapli. -Moran. Kas. j* • • • FOi: S.\LE OR TRAKK -Smser .^owin;: .Mai-hin<- liir cow. iu.r^i' 'ir (orn. -Vew hii;Ii ann drop ht-nd. w For a short time only, yon can buy Wahoo at n.'.c per bottle .u .Mumlis. Durbin In Ciqar Biisiness. Blaine Dnrbin was up from Miami. Oklahoma yesnerdny for'a short visit. .Mr. Durbin la.s not betn In the city since his return from his summer palgn with the Chica-^o Cubs. Mr T>ir- bin has jjone Into the clear business at Miami, and he wilf spend the winter there. It is con?iderab!y different from the baseball rfleld.—'Ft. Scott Republican. « —Soda Water, th« Onr Way kind. $1.00 bottle of Wahoo for :V.c at J. D. Afuridis & Co. ^(aa Wii <s Hfije,, * "The I>evil" thaatrical company wejii to tola this tiinrninii^ Jft special car was profrided tor the coropany's scenery.—Pt. Scott Tflbane. ^ —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. Jobnni Kane to f'libsi. .Mr. .-ind .Mrs. .lohn F. Kaii.- s :ar :^>.l o H;tvana. Cii)>a. eveninu b> way >r Kri .-cn. where Mr. Kane wili play ia ~e ball diirinii the month «>f .Novfii- irr. .Mr Kane wiib the Cincit:- nati .National League the past season anil i< a cracker j .ick —I'itt-tmrg Headlight Fred Rowden fan mimfmllauMua .Ihout Prof. Cheatham. Prof. Cheatham, the fancv skater. 1 ..ho lia.-i been in the .-ity f<.r the pasf'^"'"'' Third. Phone week. ;:nve two of bi.« mosi iniere.^lini; ' ' lets at the rink las; uiKht. One was •ikaiinsr throueh a fore.-^t of lishied candle;; without distnrbing them and he /.«-> act wa.s skating down a gas |)ipe leadiuu from the ceiling to the floor ,and then jumping over ten hairs. .\ large crowd was present ind all were highly entertained.—KIk ^ity Epigrams in Independence Star. VOW RP:.\T—Furnished r.«ini-. board if desired. 4":: West .Maui-on. FOR RENT—One one 4 room honse. Washin.cif'ii Sih'>' >!: ' ro <'ni hou.^e and rwo blocks from :;r.o(l waier and •n good rehflir App y to .Xeifon V —Paper Hanging. Phone H;S. Voted Waterv*ork«. Jola .Methodists wi!l t).- nne .rsK .1 In the fact that Raldwin where th*- ilenominational college is locatt'd. votetl J .I.'.O/i .i waterworks lionds l.i.-'t night. The water is to be pipe.l from welLs three miles from town. Raid- win has lost a fine gymnasium and sev eral fine biisine.<:.s buildings within a year through lack of proper fire fieht- ing apparattus. .\ppl> KKNT— V Weil P.i:k I'b.- . IN \V.,-S ; .M.iJi>'>ll F .^rp": Mincrr.' ,0 N.. 4 F. IJ. MABTUr, • Sargery and Dlseatei of • Women. • Office and Residence Phone B7« • Office 7 North Jefferson. • m JEWELRS. n. F. Pancoast. old reliable lewelar. 110 East Street. Lodge Dbectory KNIGHTS OF PfXHUS.—NeoalM Lodge ^'o. 43 meets every Monds* night at K. of P. Hnll. Visiting br» thers invited. W. S. Thompstm. B. C Chri.s Rittef. E. of R. and 3. Si\ Cl.'ar l .a Ma-p'" resuli-!u.'.-> aud $:'.'"."• ii'!" ni-!<»- or larm. W (V L.-:iluii;. luhu Ka.-. IT)!! K.\CilA.Vt:i:- - A f''.:-- N inipr'-v- cd fari\i. .\'-"-ln> n'Mtiiy tiwi'- wants \.r\vk l>.is ^ine^> l-rop.-rn \Vh!':iker .v DtMilK i! "^'•r '>i'r Wii".. ^lultt aa hivlap *P. JL" flaw. Funston Was in Town. Hon. E. H. Funston was in the city yesterday afternoon. The ex-congress man says that Carlyle township will likely gl\-e mor«^ than the usual Republican majority this year. STRAYED—One sorrel hlazed faced mare, horse shoe birand. Fiadcr please report to RdV Shiuoons,/Humboldt, Kaa. OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. September, you know, is tbe time 10 have tbe summer dust cleaned 3ui of car- l.ets. We are busy, but your order wl!i receive prompt and careful attention Phone us today. iOLA RUG FACTORY KMCHITS OK HACCJtBESS^ Knights of .Maccabees of the World meet.s in K. P. Hal. second and fourtft Saturday nights ot each month. J. W. Postwait. commander: R. B. Por* ter.record keeper. W. 0. W .-Camp No. 10J meets hi K. of P. Hall every Friday otgltt. W. T. Steele. C. C. A. H. Uavls. Claf* Visitors cordially Invited. .M.'\V.~A .-The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday.night lo H. W. A. Hall. Vl!.itlng brothers Inflted. F. ^ Cotfleid, vc. w. A. Cowan. Clarfc. ROYAL NElUIIIKiRS ^Iola Cama So^Stio. Royal Neighbors, meats M» ood and fourth Tuesdays ot afC^ month. Mrs. F. K. Wagner, oraela .Mrs. Mary Hniton. <13 West 8tt Recorder. A Sbn Born. A boy was bom yesterday mornin? to Mr. and Mrs*. J. M. Jackson. HVIHS at 315 South "Walnut street. JFBAlXRX.iL BROTHKBHO<M>,r' Fraternal Brotherhood Np. 380 mais^ second and fourth Thursday of 6ae» month In A. O. U. W. UalL ViidtlBr members cordially invited. W. H. J» derson. president; Golda Elam. tarr. AnBOBBeemmt. Dr. Sntcliffe wishes to Inform Ws farmer patrons and the ptibUe that ha has resumed the general practice- of medicine, combining it with sargery. Office..h^nrs 10 to 11 a. in.. 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p. m. T A. Le»- of Colliusville. Okla.^ was 111 tlf^ rit\ la^s ••vciiiui? oil blUiiut :SS. \

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