Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1907
Page 7
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-DAILI WOlin CdMPHOMISE A Woman's Back Uu raanr sches and p»li» caused wpskoesMs and falling, or other displacement, of the pelvic organs. Otlieraymp- toms of female wcakncM are frequent hpadacbc. dlzzlnosj>. imaginarr speckA or dark spots fioating before the e>e«, gnawing sensation in 5tomacti, dragging or bcaringdownlnlowcrabdomlnalorpelvic region, dingreeable drains from pelvic 9, 1W7, Proptrfj iJnnrrs on > V U I DII( Want Ciirbintr lo Meet SpeclflcatloDs. A :|)n )pt ?rly owner on Kotilli W'aUiiit i:i the; blocks whore the disputed ctirblnB is located said last nls'it to. ... a ^r..gister repori.-r tliat tho report °''8 »"*''»'nt«P «»8 »ithgenpralweakness. that :a compromise' was to bo offectedI V»"y«»»«'d «™Won"inber«>'thoabove betwWn the American Concrete com ^^^^l^^^^^^^^^«ZJ^J^^l Pany and the pmporfy owners was m.oHy Without fouMda .lonlie ^^i ^\l^SSSS^S^-r ^cto ^^'?^y for a curbin:; that ronipliod with (ornis of the sp.rinoatlons and would j of the glycerlc"extractT not \io s :ili<li <'.l willi anytli'ns •'Iso. | pal roota found in our fort?sts and con- IIo staled tli :i! ovi-rluri 's liinl biv^n j tains not a drop of alcohol or harmful, or iiiJidi" the pri >))iTiy owners for a spttle- niciii' in >vhi<-h I I M ' luoporty owners were no; to lie asled to pay tb • full .••inoiiiit. of ill" 'urbli:- l>iit llial it liad [ lu-i-n tiini' (1 ilown. •Til!- niaiidaiiius.siii; lo eoiuii«>| tli ng, ittYigpratlng ioalc and gttsngMie,nlM ney n t"g Vino known to medicaljclcnte. Ttia mad« would of the glyceric extracts of native medici* habit-forming drugs. Its ingredients nre all printed on the Ixittle-wrappcr and attested under oath as correct. Kvery Incn-dieni entering into "Favorite i're.scripiion - bus the written en- i dorsement of the mciit eminent medical , 111- 111,11.-.,.......-. "' : writers of all the sev<.ral ^-rhooNof piac- .:,y to proreod witl-. the wo,K of I| ,i,,._.n,„r„ v.-:liiablc than any amonnl of |,m in lb- aeeordin;,' to the n„„.,,r„fossional te.stimonials-though the latter are not lacking, having, been contributed voluntarily by grateful pailent.s I In numbers to PXcee <l iho endorsements i given tn any other medicluo extant for ! the cure of woman'* ill.<. I Inn siieclficalielis which is set for Mon('ay in (Il.s'lrict court will li,^ fried so far as the property owners are con- e.-nie(i.' be eonlinueil. The roiinoil will meet Moiitbiy uijiln lo eoiiftider tl -e nintter acain. the eon- traetor Imviup said that lie by that time some niljiistm.nt of the | for tbts w.U proven remedy OF KNowjf i.ionble oulsid." of tlu' court (•ould be ' coMrosiTioy, even though the dealer may • I You ca nnot alTonl to accept any medtrlno tbouplit I of unknown composition as a su1 >stitiitA 0 f I mad It is said II :il \i i.r,'" s of the company anil .I'so <iTt;rii of the • iiunell have 1 i under the ion that there were only "ii.'' or twi>. or ut I.»ast a res|.)c»nls aloiii; thr> bliiel>s wher.' tlie eiirbih;; in di'^pilte 1.. locatcil who would not listen to a i (Uui)romisiv .\ resdeiu of Soiilli Wil lint today banded in to a Hefiister reporter the followiiii; list of propMl\' owners on this street whom he sait! had refused any eoni)>romise and in sist "d that the curbing be acoordiii;; to the sppcificalioiis. Walt. McNiel Dr.. Karl riiastaiu, W. McNiel. riarenee Smith. .1 W. Coutanl. W I.. Allison, liar:;. Me Nei; r. \V,'Thompson. A \V. How *^u.i. II. .T. ICvniis. 1.. II. Wisbnnl. <• ..IT wniittakor. W". II. Norris. ' I.CM'AI, Ilecriiitim Odicir Potlei r- (..•ived word yeslerda> to reiuawi in Ibis ciiy the rest of this w^ek .'^o r<> time alio he veeeived orders lo ^o lo m:iUe a little more profit thereby, I'oiir liit.'r.'st. Ill retiainina henlth is par.imrmnt to any s.'ll>h Interest nf Ills and it i; an Insiill to jour inielli;;enre for hini to try to palm <.ff upon you a substitute. You know 4' hal you want ami it i.^ bis biisl- n('.--s to supply the article cnlh-d for. Or. fierci.'s I'leasant I'ellets «n. I ho oriRJiial "Little I ,i\iT rills" first piii uti by old Or. ri .'r'-e over forty jenrs ii^'o, much l!ii:t!il<<l but never eipialed. I.iitln sugnr-coatoil graniilei*—ea.'-y to taU" as candy. ( tiUITK II .MIIKR Y.VRD SOLIJ. I»eer and iirer). InIa C'onlrnclors, liny •ias City Concern. Th<' S foopi-r Uumlier etmip.iiiy >:ird in (ins City was sol.l yestcidiiy ••.riernijoii to 1) ••>r and (leery. loi;i eon1: actors Tl is lumber yard will b.' rlosci the lumber .Messrs Oi'er :iiiil ;;i 'ery will use In ibeir contract w.irU. .Mr. Ciiop.'r who has conducted the vard for a niiinher of ye;irs will move i\ B. Church. Bible bcbool at 9:ih a. lu. All uieuibt ra and friends ehurcli urget to be present. , Preaching iit 11 a. ni. by Rev. ,1. \V ilicka. Subject. "The Alouenieiif or •Christ Dylni in Our Stead." Y. P. C. U. at p. lu. Kvangelisilc at ".:{0 p. in. Subjo-jt of Sermon, "The Love of God." The chorus class of more than thirty voices will King both morning and evening. At the evening services .Mrs \.. S. Stone wit render •The Holy City. • .Ml arc vecoine to any or all these services. O. (J. .MISAMORK. I'nslor. Kpiscopul riinrcli. iheri. v.-lll be scrvlcca ami sej-nion with lb.- l.ietany ai the l-^idscopal cburdi tomorrow morning al 11. The Uev. Dr. Krum will preach. Subject of sermon: "How to Muild." .Ml are cordially Invited. Sunday school at ;t:l .'i. I'.aitlesville. Indian Terrii.-*v. the Joib iI'aisoiis wb,-re he has a lumber but yesterday orders were counter-, yard. He will take the personal man- manded. apcmcnt of the Tarsons yard. Poultry Wanted] Wc will pay yoi; (hi- followincr prices for No. 1 poultry delivered lo ii, Monday. Tntisday, Wednesday and Tliursday of next week: Plens 7c per lb. Spring 1 to - 10c per lb. »*>priug over l! lbs . 7f per lb.. Turkey.-^ No. 1 tlcrk i'-'tperlb. Daoks'F. F. 1'' Sc per lb. Get^tc F. F. F -^'c per !b Old Rooster ."e per lb. Poultry must be free from feed. These price:? arc Casli Richardson Produce Co. H. II. RichariNiin, Prop. n I.KI'HOM: -MV,. I MILLINERY SALE Mil tirder I" reihire mj lurae sleek of .Millineri a! once, I will efi'er for li»e •i-i.^s, coiMeniinc Sulorduj, Urtobrr litli, all TRIMMED HATS and orders taktn «( 30 per reul di-n tinl. ( enu <'iie<. anil hat" a (Iiuiec from my itT) tiue silectfon of Hals. MRS. E, PEFLY Vhh East Madison. iil .J Court lliMisi Block. -THOS. H. BOWLU8, Cathlar. 6EO. A. BOWLU3, Pre»l:ient. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. B-ck. L. C Beatty, A. J. Fulton, W. J Evans, J. O. Rodpara. Geo, A. Bowlut, Thos. H. Bowlua- WEtSSUE OUR OWN DRAFTS OH AU EUROPEAN POINTS •AFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM 12 to »5 PER YEAR. I{a<h!i of VII Kinds. Exriasiw .Vpardueut for Lndles Denfcomb Bath Honse and IMineral Well > ? '! ...'Ill ! I 'ft Oeep ) l.'ii;it'.d at ilh and Seoll Ave. Foil Sfoli, Kansas. Tliiiv i^uler robitivi'l} ('un-<< Rltcuniullxuu Urigltt's DUeahc, Stomach Trouble and .Vgur. Pruf. J. L. BI»bop. (he nio^t (Vlebrutcd .Mas.>.agi«>t and llidropalh- hX in the C'ouutrv, I D attendance giving maitsuge. W.VTLR SIIIPPED 1> FIVE fi) U.VLLO BOTFLES 0.>LY. r. OEfUOOMB, Prop, First <"hurch of ("hrNt, .Scienl.'sl-. Sunday school at lo a. m.^ Church service at 11 a. lu. Subject, -rrobation After Death."• Testimonial meeting Wcdiiosdny ai S II. m. Services held ill ("liristiaii Srien- 1- hall at nil Kast Jackson. The b ;i!l |. iis.'d as a reading rouiu from i<> I \> 111 ••:irli week day. The piiblie r.- • ordially invited to th<' si -rvlre.. and 'n'ldiii!; ri '.-iiii. .\IItS K.M.MA K AliV.MS. Kii^.t Ue,id<i- Hie Firs! >l. F. (h lire It. Siiiiday school ;:; I.", a. iii. I'reachlnR al II a. m. liy llie p.i.lor .1' Mason. .Iiiiiior Lea ::iii' al |i. iii. lOiiwoiib l ,ia.:;i!" al I;::!M p. m. In the eveaiim ai 7..':o the ladie.^ of llie l"oreipn .Mis .-.ltMiai y society has i -bar^e with speaking by .Mrs. l)i. S 'i ,phen.-;on a r >'turned missionary. To all serxiies we Invite you. Vhi' Chrislian Chnrch. 1 he- niorninu sei iiioii at 11 o'ebiek will lie on the ilienie. "The Great .\walii'nin;:Tli<- I'lbj.'ei i>f the ser iiioi: al 7:;m will he ' 'l "be Sinii;ule I5.' tween (jod and the I'evi;." .V conlial iuvnatiou is extemled tri all lo wor.^bip Willi us anil be:ir ibese addresses. 'llie Hible s;>lio(d ine.'i.s at 10 a. ni. V. I', s .(". i;. ;ii i;:::<i p. m. .Monday al S p. in. v.i'l he hidd in Ibr- cliurch tile Hrsl ineeiiii}; of the leaeb- er-traiiiins class ijir ili!- Hild«' scliocd. i.veiy person interested In this work is uri -'ed to attend this meeting tiiid foiiii an iUe.t of the plan of it. The Class now niimliers twenty-live, but V,( hope lo have a iiiucb larger niim- b. r H 11 KLLETT. Minister. Fast iola M. E. Fhurrh. Sunday school at :':}.'> a. ni. Preaching at II a. m. Sermon by Rev. .\. .M. I'erry. Siibjeet: '•Human Frailly." Cl.iss meting IL' m Kie.vorth I /<'agiie .ii r, ;!ij p m Sermon at 7::'.o Subject. Sin no More." Rev. Rerry will have charge of lb" services of the day. A cordial imitation is extended to all. Wc are prepar- ins; the way for a revival to begin the following week. A. M. HARK.\ESS. Pastor. The Reformed Church. Moruin gservlce at 11 a. in. "Fbe Hidy communion will be celebrated. Sermon. "The Dcep-going-ness of the Relii-'ion of .Icsns.'" The pastru- will preach at I'elioli.i in the evening. Sunday school .nl n;ir. .\ cordial iiivilalioti and a he,irt> n elroine. LOCIS C. HARNISII, Past-r L.inyon Center. Siaday school at p. m. This will be the last Sunday of the special rally. L r. IIARNISH. Pastor. I'resbjteilfiin C'bnrcb. Fir.-t Church. rie:iehiti" services at II a. in and 7 :"i» p. m. In the eveiiinu the pastor will preach on the subject of "Creatinn: All Things / .Made Through ("brlst." This is the first of a series lb" utli 'M- sermons being on the follow tug subject: ".Man Created; Christ • hf Irapge."" "Man in E^dcn: Christ the Coiupanlon." "Man F.-illcn: Christ the Redeemer."" '"The Flood: Christ the Rifuge." Come and hear these .'^cr- inoiis. Sahi'.ith school at :<: I.".. C. K. meeting at r.::{n p. m. RBV. S. S IHLSCHEK, r .is-toi. Little nulldcrs" Chap'd. Sabbath school at ;'. p. ni. Coral LSiiildors meeting at 7;:-;o p ni. Mother.: mcollug Wednei'day afer- IlOMIl. MRS. E. N JO.\ES. Supl Bassett Chapel., .Sabbath school at p m. Everybody is invited to any or all of tlie;;e Services. WILLIA.M DAVIS. .Supl Tenth Shipment of Tailored Suits just received direct from New York. The much wanted Blues, Browns and Fancy Worst sds, go on sale Tonight and Monday, at Special Prices.. $20.00 Tailored Suits Tomorrow for $l5.0l0 Made in all wool Cheviots, Herringbone worsteds in. Navy Blue. Brown and Black, all '.ip-to-date models, regu- d» jC fin 1 r ?20.U0 value.--, Touighl aud Monday only OlviUU $30.00 Fine Tailored Suits Tomorrow for $25.00 Made in fine ChifTon broadcloths, fine Unflnisheil Worsteds and high grad'i Mixtures, in pretty shades of brown, Navy Blue and prct'v Novelties, styles up to the minute, coats 24, 27 and "'Q inch lengths, some are trimmed and some are plain tailored tffects, choice of any these $30.00 Suits, Tonight ^OC HH and Mouday, for VfcUlUU Special Sale of Trimmed Hats ' Tonight and Monday Choice of li5 Beautiful Hats, regular values from ^7.50 to $10.i)0. On Sale Tonight and Monda}', choice $5.00 Special Sale Children's Hats Tonight 2 [nd Monday, 75G 98c S1.25$U0 The Big Store With Little Prices The Always Busy Store See Our Line of Ladies Fine Shoes'^ in Welts and Tumii' in aU Leathers, the best, shoes in America for $3.50, $3 and $2.50 I 'EOl'LK WE KNOW. Tliej Are lolii I'eiiple, niiil What The) Suy Is of I/oruI Interest. Buptl.'-t Church. ciniday ochoo! ut !':4."» a. iii. .Morniup scrvifp nt 11 a. ni • M V. P. U. at 6:30 p. ni. Kv<:iint' HiTvicp al 7:"'». S<rin'iii. •rliri-l ami Two Sinners." W. H. GARFIELD. I'a.<tur. j<erond Kaptifit rbarrb. .^•undnV school at i'J a. m. I'r .TiS'- s-ervices at J0:.15. PrcacliinK moriiinK and evemnf; I'V ihe pa'-ior. Moruine sermon prayer. EMfmii^i serni'jti. The EverlaPtiDB KInKdoii) Let ufi see a larRP attendance at each service. Visitors are marie welcome to our sf-rviccs. .1. W. GOKDO.N. Tasior THB Hand Stand In the park I F nearinK completion and when It Is tinlished and pa'ntcd up In pooA st.vle It will be a handsome affair—excTt Uio wooden stairway, which shotiliT !>" a sijiirnl Iron one Instead. Those h<}: wooden Ktalrwavs detract from its beautv ?^e .^tly and will soon be dis- -Sured by the ruthless pocket knife. —Humboldt Union. W 'hiMi an mcidciu Mko the Inllowiiit;, 0(ciM>; ri;;lil lifro at lioiiic. i; is hound j lo c;iiry wcifrlii with our readcr.s. So, inanv .strange cicjuircncei RO the round.: of tlio jiipss. are I'uMiylie'J tin factK. pcoplf Laconic .skeptical. On [ one subject skepii(i.<i;i is rapidly din-! ai)iiearini;. This is diK.- to the actual, experienc' of our citizen.-; .and their j public iitfran'"-; regarding them ; The doubter ni'i'-t rjoubi no morf in ' the farre of ; ucli evld'^ncy as this. The piiljiic .sfat<'ineul of a reputable citizen living riglit at home, one whom .will c ;in see every day. leaves no cround for llie skeptic to stand on. .lohn W. Patter.sou. employed by Hrigham & .McNeil, grocers, and living at L'lS North Kirit street, lola, Kansar.. says; ' Tor two year.s 1 was annoyd wirh attacks of pain in the small of the back. These spells came on me gradually and the pain would increase from day to day until the attack would disappear as mysteriously ao It came on. Other symptoms that wpif present Indicated that my kiduevi: ^\>:re out of ordi'r and the recurrence of the attack alwavs proved that tlie cau?e was still there. I used Diian's Kidney Pills four years ago, procuring them al <'. B. Spencer & Co .'e driiR store. This remedy quickly banished the pains in my back and cured all the other di ^tresHing symp-} tAiuis. I never had but one attack after, and I can say tiiat today my back and kidn('>:i are as :;'rong a.-; ever In my life." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 crnii-. Foster-Mllburn Co, Uutfalo. .New York, sole uyenis for the Ignited j Slate.i. Ueniemlier the name—I)o;tns' and take no other. Here are some great values. Nowhere else in lola can Carpets and Rugs be found in such acceptable variety nor bought at better advantage. 9x 1 2 Tapestry Brussells Rugs, $ 10.50 RUGS 9x12 Axminslur Rugs, sold elsewhere for $28.00, here.. .$22.50 and $2S yxt/Body Brussells Rugs worth $\o. Here this week $27m50 9xi» Bagdad Wilt"ns, usually $4000. Now only $34 ,50 9x12 Wiltons, regular $50.00 values. Here for $05,OO Ingrain Carpets Good Floral Pattern Ingrain, yd. ... ^.. 30o Union Ingrain, regular 50c yd. now.. . .43o All wool, with cotton chain, only 5So All wool, filling and chain B3o INGIUUNRUGS. sizes from 9x9 to 12x15, ^^om.. .$3w05 up E Quality Linoleum, 6 feet wide, per square yard, D Quality Linoleum, 6 feet wide, per square yard, .50o eod I yard by i yard fquare, at 3So Stove Oil Cloth Squares*! 1 1-4 yd. by i 1-4 yd. at 55o I 1-2 yd. by 1-2 yd. at..... ....75o TUB Dfl VOEGTLK stocif of goods wa» Invoiced thl« week. According to the doctor's will he left everything to Henry Kuhn. the young man who lived with and worked lor him BO long.—Humboldt Union. Let OS Fi^are Yonr Kooi^s for ix minster aod Wiltoa Ca|rp&t$ with Border. V lEe lola Furniture Store LOOK rOR THE FLAG. A. W. BECK, Proprietor

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