The Courier-News from Bridgewater, New Jersey on June 11, 1980 · Page 22
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The Courier-News from Bridgewater, New Jersey · Page 22

Bridgewater, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1980
Page 22
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V C-2 Wednesday, Juna 11, 1980THE COURIER-NEWS How women dress with intimidation in mind tmi By ERMA BOM BECK Syndicated Columnist was never one of my for making it big in the priorities. corporate world are some- When you write from a what limited no matter Dressing for success utility room, your chances what you wear. WEIdHT WATCHER Cordially Invites You To Attend An Evening That Could Help Change Your Life! free PEN HU 4 "YOU PACK YOUR OWN CHUTE" AND A GREAT, COLOfc, ACTION FILM SEE: A full color Film Feature that could help change your life. Inspirational, motivating. A new approach to an old problem. HEAR: Guest Speaker Fran Cohn . . . who Lost 53 pounds 8 years ago FREE GIFT: Free to everyone who comes, "Potpourri" Recipe f!nl!prtinn with nver 100 mmith-uuatonnn rormoc WESTFIELD Temple Emanuel 756-East Broad Street Thursday Evening, June 12 at 7:30 P.M. Regular Meetings Every Thursday Thereafter For Further Information and Class Nearest You, Call 992-8600 or Toll Free (800)242-5866 ttKRHERS The Authority. TMffiS SlfiiS'lRiD"tAD(MllDt W'fcMl A'CMS iVfni Wl 'GUI Ai'CHtfliiNUHW'O! 1910 What I'm really "into" is how to dress for intimidation. I'm not just talking about luncheons where the deafening sound of ultra-suede rubbing together makes conversation impossible; I'm talking about little tricks women employ to make you feel inadequate. One of these days I'm going to have a charm bracelet that sounds like an anvil every time I hoist my glass. Embarrassed by the clatter, I will hastily explain, "I told my husband a typewriter charm with 44 diamonds on each key was too much, but he insisted. And of course my six grandchildren, Robin, Ricky, Renee, Rush, Richie and Rothmoor had to be immortalized in gold!" I dream of the day when FREE! WITH THIS AD. 12 WALLET SIZE PICTURES -1 PON BOOKING YOUR WEDDING SfutUlUU u PICTURE THIS... PHOTOGRAPHY 561-3857 ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT yip inn i.u mi mt A OL MARIO MEDICI GOl'RMET DVETIRES We can't resist getting into the peanut craze that has swept the country since Jimmy Carter became president. Here is our recipe for peanut stuffed celery. In a small bowl, using a wooden spoon, cream 6 01. of cream cheese and !4 cup of creamy style peanut butter until well combined. Blend in 2 tablespoons of light cream, 1 tablespoon of finely chopped onion and Vi teaspoon of curry powder. Fill 8 celery stalks with this mixture and top with !4 cup of chopped, salted peanuts. Refrigerate thirty minutes before serving. Visit ui for dinner at MED ICI'S RESTAURANT AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE, and al low ui to serve you an en tree that you're sure to en joy. We're located at 2991 Hamilton Blvd., (just off Rt 287), South Plainfield, 561-2722. Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner and Sunday Brunch 11:01-2:36. We have pastas that are economica and so delicious. Served with the house salad, bread and butter. Select one like Fettucini Alfredo with heavy cream, butter and parmigiana cheese. Or Tortellini Ala Romano made at your table with bacon, cheese and cream. Or Ziti Alforno baked with ricotta and mozzarella cheese. De licious! Gourmet Tip: Buy enough basic utensil: wnen equipping a kitchen. Build your supply as time goes on. In Ri l n M MUi I II IH tf f'-t 7 : 2MW ' - T I ft rjt puryiws. tough scouring pad ' '. us -A ;rth enwith enrwiA hank Won't scratch Personalized with Dermassage name Rinses clean . Long lasting 3Va"x5' I- 5. . I v J : ... I FREE SCOURING SPONGE HERE'S HOW TO ORDER Send the back label from any nzt Dermassage Dishwashing Liquid bottle, plus Vx lor postage and handling to: Dermassage for Dishes P.O. Box 2727 Hillside, NJ 07205 NAML. !PiiiJTfinl Aooncss ClTY STATE. Otlf nl QfMf II lltd IM ii.tK imt PH 'HSU rMlttllM 1 1 ai If NW1 1 '' m l"ti IK MM ril'Ht l'l (Ht'lKilf n t H 'Wttvtl m IH ill KHH1 m 4M!t tout tM tut ll nicKL MMR kuiiM mm mmm mum m tm mi si. ii m 66Z-A STORE COUPON SAVE 25c on any size m mm m ami DISHWASHING LIO'JiO WITH PROTEIN Actually improves dry, irritated detergent hands, mwm tnmm m m n h Hm tM cmh Ml fH Ht tit tiirt MftMtt 4r MNt itt Mll'ltti t UM M fM' Ml TM It M Mf Mttl tn W m HtMlt ITTIITKN HUMI tvkttd M fN' II Mftfl (tr iKft CM IN fM prHtf Ktlt II Ml ltDfi(M llt M till Hf fit ?t I'll tl tl fl it If IN CMIf If TH tKltttMlklt "Mil P'tt M CHMI tor m fttdi Cmi nil M HnnJ aNn rtirlM If nl intr-M-tfl I Ml M'ChinliM K IIMtiltWII P CUI"f1 lltNl lll'lit l Hi Kll llf Ififj It tit 11 fll It Mr fill W1 It ll fllll 't P'ttMt I CM MM fir rMtnMtW tlfiir tUn ll ftf Mil hl'lin IM ttcwi UTtt(I tt fM' MlltlttM IM wt M tirn IH ll ll M rW1t t pwt Mr HrtllM HtfitiMt itKl tl CMf Kil flM ClhMfl Ml nf ll CMMI lift Ml MM ,t'''1ittlf 'ttt'ftl tr Wltvt'l km rnKtt niiiM 1 1 ua f imi mnmt in ftwn m rt M trtlNll Mf mm M IM 0 MM1 ft CMMM IN M'l t Whi iHk Iim ftf M ttmfbtt utt M ill cmmI MUtirM Mf d CMf'KtU IM CfcMM Tl-I (MM lf Mt N ltl'"H If nrrtrtM Ml 'I 'MMtlM WT M IH IMtit-M MkIU! Cmihi Mt dffM tMlil M AMtM IrM) (M Hft'ltiM lit! ffifl Ml H tmvtt tfUfWtrn hH)Mr,1MI. oiitiniMiiH tMiim 9 hi I'M iMiifitu. am till hlM 119 If 1 i 11 Dm Cmmi Pit PtrchiM. Y-2M m mm hpj i I I I sail into a room with one of those organizer handbags that has a pocket for everything, and everything for a pocket. Oh, I had one once, but I stored discarded nose tissue under credit cards; safety pins under passport; pizza coupons under calculator and a broken watch under address bock. Do you know what I'd give to walk into a room wearing shoes with a big "G" on the heels that stood for Gucci and not Grasshopper? Of course, there's nothing that intimidates me more than to enter a room with a woman dressed completely in white. Talk about clothes making a statement! Everyone who crowds around her knows and respects her. When her clothes talk, everyone listens. She is thumbing her nose at the world. Bring on your mustard oozing out of a sandwich, your dusty chairs, your friendly dogs, your long cigarette ashes, your clumsy waiters, your filled-to-the-brim coffee cups, your oil on the car door, your low-flying birds. And if she's wearing a hat ... that tears it. It doesn't matter if it's a large brim, a veil with an ostrich plume, a beach straw or a tennis cap with a visor. I feel as practical as a woman who launders and hangs her zip-lock bags out to dry. But the real test of security is the tennis court. I sprung for the tennis dress, Chrissie Evert shoes, little socks with the ball fringe over the heel and a racket press, but the moment my opponent walks out wearing a sweatband ... it's all over. The gift went bad Q I received a 17-jewel (old Tlmex watch at a Chriitmai gift from my employer and sent back the warranty two da)i later. The watch itopped working In February and the Jeweler I took it to advised that I tend It to Tlmex to I tent It back lo tbe plastic box In which It arrived. Tlmex sent me a bill which wai later-dropped when I explained about the warranty. Unfortunately, it looks like they also dropped the watch. They tent it back in a cheap cardboard box which wasn't sturdy enough to withstand third-class mail treatment. My once-beautiful watch came back in three pieces and I can't find the band anywhere! I fear for my expensive watch if I lend it back. They might accuse me of tampering with it. HELP! if there'i a way. Mi. E.L, Manvllle A There is. Just send it back to Timex at Little Rock, Ark. Timex has sent regrets about the damage and has sent you a shipping carton sturdy enough to survive the rigors of sending the watch back to them. Replacement is guaranteed. The record talks Q I have received two flyers in the mail. The offers appear too good to be true. One is from a Webster Publishing Co., a firm which offers an encyclopedia set for 1133 and a library-size dictionary for $39.95. The other is a home-mailer opportunity to make money at home. The economy of this country should be prosperous with people earning money this easily. Where can I write to find out about tbe "catch 22s" on these deals? Ms. E.T., Clinton A You might try the chambers of commerce at the cities listed in the offers. HELP! does not freely give opinions on such offers but it can urge caution on the basis of prior complaints. HELP! has had no complaints about the encyclopedia offer. However, extreme caution is urged on the make-money-at-home offer. Remember, if it's too good to be true, it generally is. This paper does not (knowingly) accept such advertising. More wax Q I'm writing for a friend of mine who hai a problem with National Home Producti in Westport, Conn. It'i about car wax that he tent for last April and never received. He wrote tbem about It and it coit another $1.40 but he still never got any wax. Maybe HELP! can do something for him. J.T., Manvllle A The item probably went astry in the mail. NHP says 'thanks for asking in behalf of your friend. His order is being reshipped. Lime kills moss Q I've got this roof problem moil. How can I get rid of it? G.H., Branchburg A One expert in the field suggests lime. Spread it on the moss, wait a few' days and then spray it with water from a garden hose. It should disintegrate. Weather, however, could become a factor. If it rains too soon after you apply lime, ; you will have to try again. But if it rains a few days after the lime goes down it may save you a hose job. Li'lHELPler Consumers Distributing, with discount centers in central New Jersey,, tayi two Atari cartridge games, "Tic Tac Toe" and "Space Invaders," may not be available ' at area outlets due to manufacturing and ; shipping problems. All outlets, however, have been instructed to issue rainchecks which will be honored as soon as the merchandise arrives, Consumers says. HELPI 1$ a public service column which attempts to solve problems after reader efforts have failed. Send problems and COPIES of supporting documents to HELPI The Courier-News, Box 6600, Brldgewater, N.J. 08807. HELPI cannot accept phone calls, personal Interviews or return materials. Reference to sources does not necessarily Intend endorsement. Send your name, address and phone number. All letters must be signed with full name. HELPI reserves the right to withhold publication and to edit any correspondence received. This Father's Day, gie dad a real treat fc XTWr a Barbecue Gas Grill from The Backyard Gourmet! thtifajTi "'r Watchung Pool has over 40 convenient and economical fHZjfsi , j gas gTills on display, and the lowest prices around! I iffirLTi II rT SINGLE BURNER GAS GRILL Economy grill at a great price! Includes portable cart, tank, and lava rock. $ 69.88 r SINGI F RURNFR UJ GAS GRILL Cooks delicious gourmet meals barbecue style! Includes portable cart, hose, tank and regulator, charrock. $139.88 Charmglow TWIN BURNER GAS GRILL Perfect for family-size feasts! Includes portable cart, hose, tank and regulator, charrock. $179.88 IWatchung Bonus Coupon L 1 -SrM llnT I n SINGLE BURNER GAS GRILL Cast aluminum grill with versatility for year-round barbecuing. Includes hose, tank and regulator, lava rock, and portable cart. $99.88 DOUBLE BURNER GAS GRILL Great for family barbecues! Includes portable cart, hose, tank and regulator, lava rock. $149.88 Come in and get your J? JKJrIiJiii GAS GRILL JOURNAL! , Hundreds of recipes and Barbecue Ideas. Father's Day Specialisisisi J Ly ROCK BUYT0DAYC00KT?DAY1! fcVi&ACTvvJ'l an Endurallne Grill I IUood thru Ai a 'an an Endurallne Grill Good thru 81 880 C-N I I Eire j.v.ih i.i a

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