Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1907
Page 6
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HOP WAHTED .ITanted SaleHmea. Vou can earn from 15,000 lo $10.000 a year And your exp<'nsfs as a Trawling Salesmen. Wowlll frach yoa to be one In eiphi weoks liy nuiil and secure you a iHjsitloii wlili ;i reliable firm. No former oxpcrU'iici' rf- quired. Salesmanship I H H IP hlfshost paid of all professions nixl tin* caKiciii to enter. Mundrod.s of calls fur our graduateB. Write for our froc <Htaloc "A Knight of the Crip" today .\ddrctes: National SalosniaiiH Traiuiiic A88'n.. Sulfo .Ml' Srarritt ItlilK:. Kaii- aat CMty. >lo. • '/. IHt.lFTSMEN. TH J ,drH\v l:i2."i-$ir>(l nimitlily anywhere. Chief Draflsniaii of Kimiiii -iT Ing". Klrm will instruri .iml pifpan- >W-practically-inillvidually for ab <ivc salary, li.v prarlloal u<irk. IIKIUI - iii- slrtiction. Cuaraiiiee you n.T.-ss.-ny. actual Urafiiim llnoiu cxpfrii 'iKf. iini ubtalnatilo in .- JCIKMIIS . colleyi'.-; or in- lititutes to lip coinppteni hisli salaricil Draftsnian. No Diplomas, hui iiaiii- Ing until ponipetenf. ruriiish n»ils and position free Terms reas(inal >:i' Address. Chief Oraftsnian l >iv. L'M-C Kii• gineers''Equip'i Co.. dnc.i Chiciun. FOR SALK—Vellow ear. popmin and peanut ro.-i.^ier. Call ai ilu' ear in the evening. Southeast eoruer <if ihe square. room.s. lD(|nire 504 South nuckeye. FOR RENT—Three unfurnished STRAYRD—White blind |iony from r.07 North street. F. 11. Smith. Phone loo:.. LOOQE DIREOTORY. . KNIGUTS OF HACCABBES.- Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Wednesday nights in each month. J. W. PuHtwait. coiumnnder; R. U. Porter, record Iceeper. W. \). W..—Camp No. 101 meets in K. of P. Hall every FYlday night. W. T. Steele. C. C: A. H. Davis, Clei* I Visitors cordially invited. ~K\10iiTS~<rP " V Y TH IA8.—Neosho Lodge No. 4.1 nieets every Monday nighi at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. W.S.Thompson, C.C; Chris RItter, K. of R. and S. M. W. A.—The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night in M. W. A. Visiting brothers invited. W. H. hall. Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerk. 19. 1907. W^'TED—.Man and wife wanted t .i work on farm. Address "C" this ofTire WANTBI>—Middle asod woman for general'housework. 609 Soush Cottonwood. MAN WANTS to do house eleanins Inquire COl South Elm street. WANTED—Ten honest boys 12 to 14 years old. to distribute advertising matter after school. BriuR lecotninen- .da^ons. Call before school .Monday at Cottllge Hotel: ask for Mr. Dee. WANTED—Rock loaders at Kansas PwtUnd Cement Plant Inquire at QOarnr at Concreto. WAKTED' "MlmtfUmmmouB WANTED— Hoarders in priv.ite family. Have modern house, newly funllshed. Inquire at .\<i I Fast Erwin. WANTED—To rent a large. nii>derii bouse. eoKi or south of square, .Address. K. W.. care Register. W ANTED—Typewriting and clerical work. Room 3, old court house. Rebecca Goble. WANTED—A place for • boy or girl to. jrork for board while attending tb« Jola Business College. Telephone Main 496. RH^SALE-'REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—Good wheel, used a sKort time. Must sell. Call mily F,pR SALE—<^k5od black dirt. Phone 727.: $100 DO^VN AND $10 PER MONTH, buys a fine 4 room cottage, on 4th street; at only $t'.r .o. which will not build the house a'one. Initnediate possession if sold ai onre. lOI.A l,ANr> CO.. FOR SALE—1 roomed house, water and sewer connections. $50 cash, $12 a month. Grace Arnold, phone 306. FOR SAIE -Mistfilaaaous FDR S ALE —.Mare. Co" .\onh .Main. Gas City. FOR SALE— Peanut and poi.curn liustne^s at corner of pusSnHice. iJoing good btlsiuess. Present proprielur co- Ing-iinto other business. Inquire at stuiid. FOR SALE— Puland China Hugh -V. Piper. Morau. Kans. bums FOR SALE—Folding bed; upstairs ;Uu East street. FOR SALE—Good mare with foal. Call at 'JIO West street. FOM REtn- mimomUmmmoum FOR RENT—Nicely f u r n 1 s li o d looms. 4-1 South Walnut. 1 FOR RENT—One tour room cottage. seven and one Nelson K. Acres. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms to family without children. 604 North Jefferson. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for sleeping and light housekeeping, 112^ Boutb Washington. FOR RENT—Furnished down sUlrs rooms for housekeeping. 316 Soutii WalnuL Its EconoiTiy To have your Carpets and Bugs cleaned by TIeiola Rug Factor)' ROYAL NEIGHBORS.—lola Camp, .No. iC5. Royal-Neighbors, meets set- oud and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, rtracle; Mrs. .Mary Uutton, 413 West Street Recorder. F. A. A.—Golden I^eaf Council No 462, F. A. A. meets first aiid third Wednesday nights in each month in K. P. Hall. C. E. l^cey, president; Miss Mable Rbortack, secretary. FRATERNAL BBOTliERIIOOD.- Fralernal Hrotherhood No. 380 meet* second and fourth Tuesdays of each month in A. O. U. W. Hall. Visiting members cordialy Invited. W. H. Anderson, president; Golda Elam, secretary. Jnnior Order Tnltrd American Mf^ chnrfics.—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting, members invited. R. A Widick. Councelor; C. U. Black, Rec Secretary. BUSINESS aiREOTORY JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoust, old reliable Jeweler 110 East street. .«ITAMMER. Complete court at the best school for stammerers in America at one- half price this fall and winter. Wliit» for information at once. McKie School for Stammerers. 27U5 East 12th Street Kansas City, Mo. Expert Clothp Cleaning. Prc5sin{( and ' Repairing. 13 W. Madison. BUSY'YZ'ZY Work Called for and Delivered. Theatrical Wardrobe a Specialty eLARCmOE*. ROCKWCiX, Pi^. Evans Bros. aooika. Pmlulm, MImtlmamry, Oa», Blmak-hmalim mm^aimmm, Sohoml Mmmnllmm Ai^Mmet SmmaUmm, Tym»^ltmf Mmmmtimm, Ortlom Sanpllmm. Where quality is main consideration, we buy the best. Where demands vfiM justify, we carry all grades and prices. Wm SoitoK rouf Trmd0. SOUTH SIDE SQUAB! iota, Kanaaa. Lj-man llowf's Shaw at tUc Grand Laitt Mrbt >Va« Treat of the Season. Philadelphia's welcome to the great Elks Conv<>ntion was magnificent. People' searched their memories in vain to recall a parallel to the gorgeous decorations and noval pageant. The mighty hosts that crowfied Hvery avallnhle Inch along tli.-" route, theni- silves make a scene of ugi)arallple<l vivnctfy. All these phases of the Krpat convention wore reproduced at l.ymnn H. Howe's new program of inovInK pietiires at the firanil lofi niglit and naturally are not ruily very picturesque, but of ab.sorblnB Infcrr est. Througli ImiKirinul cnncPSKloiiK granted excliihivPly to Mr. Howe, he was enabled to secure far more com- inniiding and admirable views tbo'i any otli .M- photoL -rniihers. This is made quite ••videut l)y flic scope of the plctun^s ihemselves. The Court of Honor on Broad Street makes that avenue look I'ke .-t^^eritablt* fairyland. Adoqtinte description of the scenes s inmosslble. They can never be for- mittp'i by ohservi'i! nor observi-rs. Nearly every state Ml the I'nioii Is ii presented by lo<Iues in the par .ide and everyliod .v se.^med to be an Elk. ill spirit at least The good nature o' the cniwi^s is w<'ll depleted. An other superb feature of .Mr. Howes new program shoyvs thi* great .N 'aval Atiaok and man 'iivers recently reviewed by Kinj; Edward VIJ ami visiting ItoytMiy. It shows (be dr lis and amiiseiiients oil iMianI liattlesliip:! :i realistic tcrpedn altacl;. and sub r.iarlnes In cruisint; trim with only thi 'ir conning lowers visible. 'I 'lie paths of tbi> lorpedo .'s llirouKli the sea is plainly shown. Yachtiii;; at Cow.'.s. Knsland. and a Stag Hum >n Kraiici- .-ire best described as inie ••.Maslerp er.s in auiniati -ii pliot');;;- rapliy." and like tlio scenes of the Victoria VnV.t. jii .\frlca by dawn siMisvt and luiioiiligbl. fnriii scenes of infinite b.>auty. \ new dr :ll by ill- Rpe <lliam Orplians a ride on ilie front of a locoiuo'.ive through Swilx..-rla!Ul and many ofbi 'rs iiiaKe the new pio qrain the most ri >niarl;able in jioiii uf beauty and interest that .Mr. II "W( baa ev.'r pres<'"'rj .Mepliislii's dr ;\e w;is ln;iiti'> plaiided. it bein? a pieiiiie nt n ti nei eliaracte;- The ••itteiidanc.- a; llie sirow; was veiy inioil. Tim-.' wl'-i ed taki' ill Ill's sliow limi -ilit •.'!;) |i:i-s up one lit the best iliotts \o '•< • pi.- srnled at llie (ir.'ilni ltl !s ye.ii FIMTKHNAI, I'MON tJIVK IMH'. I.oi-iil ttrder lliio Arramred for First ni S*'rips nf Pall and Winter Uance-.. Tile Fialernal I'lilon luilf.'- V;!- iii' raimed a seri>"s <>t" .!.it <c'-.« tn be K vee in .Masonic hall i''is fall and wliitcr. On iiex; Tii-sday ii '-lit. ilie see.iinl (l .-ilice of tile series will be uivcn Willi Uilisic liy Hie Slile !d> Orclieslia .A large nnuilii 'i- 'if the live',- of young peiiiile have .si;;nille (1 ib.'ii In :i-ntion of liejni; i -.i -etii and ii is o-r- ;nin ih :ii tiiis will '>•• oiw m' tli.- iw .si .altende.! .mil nios' eiij -iya!il.- M >i'ii 't\ affa'rs of the s.'asoii. On -ar care bas been taUeii t>v Or- i ganisier AXTtlii-ow and his .-isslstaiits to giianintee that evervtbliiK Dossible has bei »n itone lo suaraiitee ilie success of these ijaiiCPs :in<l ineri: the liberal pniionaiie ol" tlinse w!io eiiioy i an evenins of daiielnir innI'M- pr<i;)er j auspices. I Olher djMce.-; nf the series wi!! li.- j Tiianksgiv "n.c:. Christmas eve.. .Vi^w Years. .lanuarv 2L'. Febriiarv 21. March 17. April 22 and May 14. For be.<it am] qnick«n«l re.iultf »he R<-gister Want Pnlnms. U.<i< KRKAKI.XG AWAY KHtl.M BRVA.N. POLAR BE4R PLOUR Has Stood tbe Test Becaose its the Best Acce|)t No Other Wm.Oberdorf, Agt. GROCERY Haariquartara Nf Good Things to Eat. TelefrfiODe 159 Farms for Sale 100 acres improved in section lu. miles northeast of Moran. also 160 acres in sectl/in 29 one mile and a half east of Geneva For prices ,iud 'erms write the owner. E. L. MILLER iSlIS Benton Boulevard, Kansas Citjr, Mo. , ^ l'enne»>ee Ueniocrats Want a .Suuth- crii Cundidatc for President. Nashville. Teiin.. Oct. m.—A; She; lr\ville. Temi.. last ii:.::|it a Deinociat- j mass nie,-tiii« was held ami a move- ineiit started looking to ilie noiiiiii ation of a Southern -nan for piv.--:(lenl instead of Irnni the north oi east. .\ lesolnt nil was adoiited sii;;iesfi:r; ibat friini mass nieetinj;s of t!.e Den.- iicracy in each of th - <-imiiii -s <if th^* stale fielegjites be s<-nt to ,i conveii tion here .November II. witii a vievv ! tc carrying out the nlijec; ".'f ib .Slielbyville iiipeliiig. V WtlMAX'.S APPKAl.. Til all knowini; .-utt'-i'-rs nf ilieuiiia- lisni. whether iiin.-ciilar nr nf the joints, .'•eiatica. Iiiinliagos. backache, pains in Hie kidneys or neural;;lu pains, to write l<i IOT for a linliie treatment which has repeatedly cured all of these tor'un;-! She feels ii lier fluty to .-ieiid It to all siitfeieis FIJEE. You i-iire yiinrsell lO hiuie as .hmis- ands w:ill testify—uo chaiiKe nf cliiu- ale beinp necessarv. This simple .|lsc-<iveiy banishes uric acid from the blood. l(M>spns the silffpncd joints, purifies tl^e blood. ,Tnd brightens the ^ eye. giving elasiiciiy and tone to liu-! whole system If the above interest i xou. for proof address .Mrs. .M. Summers. Box R. South Bend. Ind. Specidl Sale of In g(mg over our Dress Goods Stock \vc find several lines entirely too heavy, and in order to reduce the stock to the desired amount we have decided to put a very low price on certain linerto clean them iip quickly. Besides our regular stock we have a special lot of woolen dress goods bought at a bargain. The lot consists of heavy 54 inch fancy mixtures, French finished Voiles and dark plaids; not an item in the lot but what is up-to-date. Think of buying Voiles in most all colors, the regular $1.00 grade, at 75c; and $1.00 fancy plaid, 54 inch mixtures at 79c. Come to the sale prepared to buy; you'll find values never before shown at such reductions in price—and good seasonable goods at that. All the special lots will be placed on the bargain tables in the second aisle, ready for your inspection. ()';c i(it nf I'li'iifll fiiii-licd Viiii.>>. \,iln»'> up 111 $I.Oii ii.-r vard. cnliir.--" ii::li; and (i.irii liliic. and •.•iicii;;;; In: this sale iicr >ai(l 75 G 'l;u- ini lit .'. l-liicli ri .tjd .^iii'jims ill i-iiliir.-. jti;-l Ihe iliint; Inr sclinn! cliiaks. ri-.!iiil;!i piici' pei- >aid $11111 liiiiiiii; llii.~ sale ilii- tli ill- v.ii: 111' rf'liiccd III 79o lliii- 111! nf l'.iiii-> .-'•lir iir;> i;i :i:-!r coliirs ill checks ^triii".-; ami iiiaids. ili Ian Iil.icli. U;M \ a'ul lilai-lc :it;il ••.;;:> .1.: ili-rccii. Cimicc il l!;c in! 79 G l-".:lll-v ( 'i SuniiiL-:- ii'ajils. Hiicli.^ ami laiicv 111. II prii-c 111'-; iliis > a id 111 <•..!..! ~ -iripo. vi-i- Cliiiiie iliM On.- !n; 1 ,'f •|'",incy Wniil ^• >':!:i::-s ia s;: i|ii-:. and i l',i"Us. ; :;imi| .-.w- M! CM'I irr. anil parierii.- in s- li'c! I rmii : !:»'.-. ll;i III ('..'.(• (ici- .i 1 1 ()a sail- a> fill- iii-r .\aid ">' ti:i:: Siik^. .-nl: ainl sill'.-r ill :il! ll- • l;ili.-l ill- mils .lii I U-'.,•. I'S i;ii:il. !• Inr U\\\ il •I'-.-.'s ami .- '-.Hi .\. I< III .^I 'l- III-. 11. i 1 in- - ; !• 'Ill 75 G > • '11 raaaiiia in li:in\:j . iili:.- .-im! •iiacli. lull 11 iiiclii-s will -. ri'::u!;ii" •irii-i- 1 '..'.I- Spi'cial fur tliis .1 1" 32c I'l l-'aii •; .''^:.'''ilr S'ili. ill ;.'.!;.! . 1 l;i-ih.- 1 ij'i'. .' all :• i'.'i It 'iia want a swill K.l-l-' :llli ill IS ma.- Ill illis .-a ;i' I'll.'- II ll '"> M 1 1! : all- Inr 39c •;"ri(iir l-"l;ia !M 'l.s ia 'ii-lies uiili- a'-; iiiuiil;- " V a 1 ll 25 G v.'..-; |-..'a.a Hr.iv.n. -hi- inii;-i .'-'ale price I'll- ...1: i-;i(ii:*s. '1 '•1.11 )1. I'li' i.'iiiili'ii iV. hiics. $1 stnd$1,39 ( >iii ra .-^a: in. lilai-li. '.viiiti-. L ;ra, ;',(; incin'.-' Willi' V '-a; una: aii 'i -iil. in ;..a. ri'il ami lnuu-ii I'ricc iii-r yard $1 .00 KMia i|ii.iii:.-. I'liilloii \'i-!\i'l In all '111- li-adiii;^ shades iiicliidiim rii)ii-ii- lia--i'a hiiii' Price per \ aril $1 .00 . l-'a::'-' Siii' 1:1:-'.- in Mai-U ami ii-il ' iiiiis. plaiil ami clu-i'Us. I 'lici- ••; - a r;l $1.00 Linen Specials. \'::\:<\ l|.'a--iitcl;. .1 Tali'i- (."'I 'llis. .-;/i' 'l'.-.7-. im-lics. sii-.'-i lil'-acln-il I'n:- • ai, 'ii'- v.a;. aroinal. i;i'-.;iila; |i|-iri- $:: .'.ll I III sail- tiir $2.48 1)11.' iui la ilici- iniii-i-i: Xapl^in.-.. sMiii.'ai.l size. rc:;i|la;- T.'.'- vaine. On -.-ill' I'll- 62c iiai- I' I't lili-a<-!i"il I 'r'^.-^li - A I:!'!' l.i-r.''-. i-"-Jiilai I'rici T'-i- i-i-i >aiil. !t:i ^ ll.; 6 t'4G Special Values in Ladies* Coats! 11: :., l-'-iai-I V. iTlIt 1 i.--i.--iiir. ii'il. iirnwa ami iiia -k. !ii ;L''h. i-(i;;|s liial arc v.el! .*!L'.'III III yi.'. ii'i. Siiiai- anil im al $10.00 .-..ji- I^' -ai-l; • • l.ltiiiu L -;-.-i\ ii'-r; iii:;Iiiia'' i-iia:. Spi 'Cia '. vala. $4^.73 Ladies' and Children's Knit Underwear. I.aili".-' .\:i !\ie l,i'ii;;:h. luii;-; .-^i.'i'.v.- i.iL ;h ai-ci-: rniiiii Suits, price L.iilics' Si-parale I'anis ami Vesls, (•••;,ini ami may: prici; |ie: .;;ai-ni"i;i. 23c Cinliii'-iiV I'nion Sni;.-; in all sizi-s. . iiitiin llc..'i-<'. price 23c Wool (jnocKs .•jpopj^^ed and shrunk by Spotless Steam i: ponder, 5c yard. Special showinf^ of Indian and Mexican Hand Work. See North Window Display! K.islern Kansas Oil riim;.ain. ii-Mirn- • d liiiiii ilio Kast till- liisl III il'i' '.Mi'l; It'-v. .-"'am .N 'lnail lei-lnrcd af .\leii- ilells Hall -asl ni;4!ii fimli-r iln- ms- piccs of Ihe .\!ei!i(idi ! Cliiii'li ll .'v. \V !• Whariini i ia.Mim.- revival services al U'l-sli" riiaii.-! .Mr-. II. I! Siiiiih IS li.-ii' Ijiiiii I'.aii!- rt-jii .s;)ie li.-is I I ti'i'iiiu:: there wliili- Kil|ih .init Pi-; 1- . ::i 'ml the liiiversil> 1. ail I |1I|^ 111.-; ; il! Ihi-; DEER CREKK. .Miss Klhi-1 ilantr si.arii- Tii'sihiv fur ill 'I 'l -Narkaiia. Ti-..; a iliirly il,i> vi .1 -'-.-it' .\lis 11 W. \ 'Villi:.- 1 jia 11 lit I 111- wi-i -1'-. .Mr .Milipby is lia\in:; lii.~ li:i^ 'i.;i'-i| ami i.i haii'iiiu li tu Cirh !i .Mr U'illia'ii- I'la rt; i): ii-i-: .-u i-ni ii ia liiia Tac-'da^. This is .-I !iii.-\ liiM V. i-1. :li'' i.iriiii-i-.i la ; l:s vicinii V. l;iiy Howard hiir: a i':a;i- wliili- lie ua.-- i.ri'iu'iim ll hiii::- aii'! i! l;as in a lia-i ciimtjtidi! evei- siiici: Till ;ii|ii'. is all dii^ cp imw. Till y ail' cairyiii", r in Carlvi.' ifi ship III liiiiiiiiiilili LtvinqstoD Co lola Bosiness Ctiliege t'untrnctors and Bolidrr*. All kinds of work a Piiei -Inlty > .South Sycamore. Phone ll.'il Might or Osy Soanlon Pcninansliip. Arithmetic. Klociitlou Pufikkoepiiiu-. Kugllsh. Physical f;i,l- (iiic, e (c., Sliiirthaiid. Kcttcr Wrltlug leeii j City Proiieriy. Kor Sale Cheai), Oood Karin and See the THE J.VYH.V>VKEU LA>D CO. for quick re.=iiito. Old Court Houae, Itla, Kaus. Eakin'a Hardware I-iir Heaters or Cook Stores—Oas Fitting Done ProniptlT. 102 S. Kenlncky. . Phone 12:1. >rOR.\>. T i The first number on the lecture I course was given last night wbeii the! Cincinnati Ladies' Cremona Orchestra j assisted by James .\. .Mc.Mahon. b.iri- tone. gave a concert at Meiidell 's Hall. J. F Weaiherby and family Jii'iyed • into the house on Randolph Street j near the M K & T Oepoi. ni t-ntly 1 vacated by Thomas TuIIy. | A cloak sale -«\-as held al .Me ;-;sin>:er i & Messlngers and also one at -Vdam.ij Bros. & Co. yesterday. . A muiiic store will be eutabllshed in Moran in the Fisher building this week or next and there are rumors of another one being started In another building. J. W. King, suiieriuteudent of the A Bad Sign J-2S Irregularity is bad in every department of life, in meals, in sleeping hours, but especially when it is a question of womanly habit. Not only is it a sign of female disease, but, unless cured, it will cause dangerous troubles, tfecause of the poisons thus allowed to remain in the system. If you suffer in this way, get a bottle of Wine of Cardui Mrs. Luctoda Johnson, of Fish Creek. Wis., writes: "I suffered for fourteen (14) years with bregu- \axity, causing great pain. At last I tried Cardui. and nov I am cured." At all druggists, in $1 bottles. WRITE US A LETTER Write todav tor a free corv of va'iuMc 64-r>a»i! illustnted Book for Woncn. If yiDU D«d Medical Advtcc. dCKfibe your sybpioms. viaiins ase. and reply -be sent In iilaiii ssMeiwelos*. Address: Udies Advisory Dept.. The OiattanoaiK MoUdM Ok, Onttinoc—i Tean. i;

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