Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1907
Page 5
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Tin; lOLA DAILY REfllSTER^ SATrRPAT EVEMTHC. OCTOBER 19. 1907. QUAiiTY Not price, iciiniiis longest in memory. Real troubles arc avoided hy p.ittonizin); an institution whose motto is "nrALITY." Ttle- pdotic ro2 .in<l Icarn the lull nicanttig of that term, as applied to the art o( laundering. tOLA LAUNDRY. lola V&lerinary HospHal West Strett. lola, one block from <iqii;ire. Disease? of domesticated animals succcsslullytrcalcd,charges moderate,Rood box stalls for paiiciUs Calls anssvered promptly ni.s;ht or day. 20 years experience. Vcteiiu- ary Dentistry a sjK 'ciaUy. FrankS.Bcsiiiie, V.S. honor' flraduatc of (>tit»rio Veterinary C<.>llci;c, Prop. Ho .>pital Phone I'»oS Res. Phone K?9 f Ounther Good Candies J S;iid at SPENCER'S CITY >EWi. Mrs. rantrrll. riionr lOST. K • V. (.ANYO.X. pi.-.-iidcnt of ih- ]..iii >i >ii Si.i'T Snu'lri'ij; (Niniimiiy ;unl )ii I 'siili'tii lif ilio I'ittsbiirj: NaUon.Tl i'.ank iif !'!!i.-iMiri:. K.iiisa.^i. was a .Itip- '.in vi.^jmr yesierilay af(>Tlio<in. .Mr. I«iii:<>n i.- a lrfi|urnt visitor to .loiilin. coniiim li'ic in ilt.,- iiitfrest oC liir. I'uuiks. —.loi'il'i Olobe. Molcr I3arber Collese, Kansas City, Mo. Ttaclies the trade by free clinic and careful instructions in few weeks. I'osition.- waiting for everybody who will learn. Write for particulars. OF G'OWAN COMES CKufiiii: V .Maihia;. A. K. Wriuh?. iMMl \V li, Mcf'liiri- havi- lirt-n ap. (i(i!lit< i) r.i ;(|i|ir.:j.-;i- Ilio roiiti- of tiii- Kaii^-a.- Soiuli.rii Klcrtrir- Itnilwav. lliivKi:;!) Mill) lo'in 'y. .\l>!'rait ^>M -.-i '•>• -'I 'tii in iiMiiiiy tiiioMuii •.iiii'h road wi'A l>a.-s .•ui -l the- IMI- jitii-' i;i:!it-i'l'-v.;iy -Aiwf hiTn; i-'i." - iliiiir .;'!! II. •alil. MI; V, \T, r. u .• ~ 111 -'t.V, 111 Il„- .-il-. liiia. hank ••x.iiii- \v.s;iril,i\ - N', •- V .'i- !iav'> a few c.f llii.-ip iJieai) lot;' ;.it ill lliulilaticl riaco. Whitakor & Hi '-'iioll. MliS til.-., ii.i V. ^11;. on. \v. ;:iiin.; !iiiir.,> :.. I..; I ;-. .1 'i-.'lay — .\"<'- W.iTitoil Kvory'irniy t.i know that \V 1! KiM'i-y & Son h.nvo nn-vod tlioir trill, f.r nail isioras'^ oillre to LMI ;-..i!r'i \Va:liiiiuion. OiVico ami Day rimiio "OO. np.^Idcnct' and nl^ht Ph'tio 17. K f j )ia N'ji.l.''!! ioiif 111 N',' PERSONAL KNOWLEDGI Person-il knowledge is tlic wnnini; factor in the culminating contests of lliis competitive age and when of ample cJiaracfcr it places its fortunate possessor in tlic front ranks of The Well Informed of the World. A vast fund of personal knowledge i-. really essential to the achievement of the highest excellence in any field of human effort. A Knowledge of Forms, Knowledge of Functions and Knowl. edge of Products arc all of the utmct value and in <]uc.<tJons of life and hcallh when a Imc and wholesome remedy is desired it should i)c remembered tliat S>-rup of Figs andi tlbJr of Senna, manufactured by tiic California Fig SvTup Co:, is an ethical product which has tnct w ith the approval of the most eminent physicians and gives universal satisfaction, because it is a remedy of KnoWn Quality, Known Excellence and Known Component Paris and has won the valuable patronage of millions of the Well Informed of the world, who know of their own personal knowledge and from actual use that it is the first and best of family laxatives, for which no c.xtravaijanl or unreasonable claims arc made. litis valuable remedy has been long and favorably known under ih.c name of—Syrup of Figs — and has attained to worldwide acceptance as the most c.\ccllcnt family l.ixative. As it; pure la.\ativc principles, obtained from Senna, arc well known lo physicians and the Well Informed of tlic world to be (f'o !c.<it \\o have adopted ihc rn'rc clabotatc name of—Syrup of I ijp and Fli.\ir <'f Senna — as more fully dc ;c :iplive of the remedy, but doubtless it will always be rallrd lor by the rliorTcr name of- Syiup of Figs — and to get ii; beneficial ciTccfs, always note, w .'icn pun. h.iiini: the full nimc of the Company • California b ig SjTup Co. — printed on the front of every package, whfibcryou call for Syrup of Figs — cr by the full name — Syrup of higs and Oi:<ir of Senna. / y^. LOUISVILLE, KY. SAN FRANCISCO,CAL.. U.S./v. LONDON.ENGLAND. NEW YORK,NY' Kiiii-.t;.! 1 'i.- .~inii,i». Dr. J. K. .Jaraoinn. <>'rn(]iiate Auriion- (IT and Vi'ti-rinarinn. Sales or rail*! niaile unjMhere. IMione 13, lola, Kas. J. T. Tanner, licensed anctlonrrr niid sale crier, .'»0."> >ortli McHra, Gas niy. Dr. Krjnolds. Phone 8»«. Kes, «H. "I "jn: I'>i,.\ l,t,v,- DMtitipil I I '.r. !r.,. ^i.itiini,' n:i ii;,- ~iii...I:in r !i:" ri:y It iir-'ii.-: .'\ •vr\i\- in HiiaM'iMj;, a;<o. IVon;.- !•!'-i'liiinj; to foi iinlin.i'ii-iv — I wi- iiavc siKJi ijilt I 'liion, >!".'.\.\l> Ml;.'^. IvHiii'.--: Havis I .-f: litis laiiruiP:; lur I.iTov.!.-~as. wlii'ii" M-y sj.. ii'l .'^iiiid.iy •.villi nlalivos. Tn<> IiiMirs 01 travel tliro' the dhi- moud minis—Vjctoriii Falls^-Stas hunt in Vnuice—Yafehinc in Knsriish Haters, and Inenfy oflier liiir features a< the (>raud tuniclit. t THK lir .MIJOt.DT .Vat!oii;il Oil ami Cis coniiiatiy !ia.< lipflaii'd .1 d^vidotiii of iliriN- I'l-r c-i>nt. layalilo fho first • •I .VoMii,ii''f.— lliiiM!i(i|(It I'liion. I.driS V:i;.;.-r s. til" -.viii 1 :' :i;<- V.. \\ i'.'-rf I; • • :;l":s iii'.in lii-; i: \Vli"u;i-i; iai:\.-r^i'v. r fiass. son ol T»r. .T. Kiii'«ti roiorvl •11 '.r:>\>- I'lf Ii;sr [Tirt 1 N'a.-'a villi'. '{'••an.. fiu'or M-nv . HMSS 1 EST TOVES s ^HE IGGEST TOCK s Sars Itlx Xethods Are Xo Xlr« Opep to Censure Than Prof. Denob's. Councilman W. A. Cowan, •who by not voting on the Sunday amusement ordinance Thursday night caused It to bo lost, points out what tie regards as a ranlc inconsistency in the criticism on the iiart of Prof. Dennis's friends on his (Cowan'.s) refusing to vote. The friends of Prof. Dennis while lauding his ability and intcKrity as a councilman, have referred 10 Mr. Cowan as a "side stepper," because he refused to vote. Mr. Cowan says he would call their attention to a recent meeting of the council at which Councilman Fryer was not present. With Mr. Fryer absent the same situation or a vote of three to four pre^pnted itself as it did Thursday night. Prof. Dennis moved that the Sunday amusement ordinance be laid over until the next meeting. The ordinance was ready to be voted U|>on and would have been lost had it come to a vote. It would appear that Prof. Dennis saw the fate or*the ordinance and for that reason moved to lay it over. Jlr. Cowan sees no difference betwen the tactful metli- od which seems to have been resorted to by Prof. Dennis and his own. Each made his move to carry his point. Not more than 99 per cent of the people are critizieing either -Mr. Cowan or Prof. Dennis for the action they took to win their point. ; SPECIAt TOSIOHT. will Be With Is Again Tonight. Prices— H , Balcony^ So and 2.ic. if lower Floor, 5«r. JIDGE TALt'OTT DEAD. Former lola Citizen Died Recently at San Diego, California. TB HANNON'S .-•pi';-.! till- s!!nii.:i.r in Cii't-at-.o. |{ i^xin.'i'ts to tal-.i- Kji till- study of nn'iii- i iiii' 11; oil l::;:si;:n^ l;is wmlv !ii th'-i iintvi ;-'l;y. y'i'\ l>;i-.-; \v;is I 'lriTiaiia'! j I'v riiii :-Nl Is last I 'Vi-niir^. : I Kik.s parade, (•raad tnitiu'lit. Philadelphia, at the I I ,\ MIS. 'ill .is ..• til' 1' v;i.- I .Mr- ( a'li. . \vh ---i n. .<lii. son. <• w. ;.. n. vv i;..;,i. .1. i'aniiil»-ll. .\liint !• W. H. i;. ai'f-' .-iiii'ii. \\*;.i *''iiT nii'i'tai III li ist • •-i';i'i:i> .•ifti 'Mit^'ii. iiiriiil" 1-; I"! i'i.'.v ICMIU-I- I-1II1> ii .'in;: 111 • :-u'v -ts M: Ciiir.i' .\ I-'i v. 1: ;im| . MIS. C R -1;! • •I'.iri-l for al.^onii'. s Mi ., \ I'Vsts \>i'r • M'sdiinii 'S K M-. '•. II. .^lil.-l .'s. I'.. K. .\ili. t'. ••li'Miiaii. .S. ,\. CotfiiKiti. Criia,. I.f.i:;;i Miint. II .l.ini-v. K. Ilti-li--. .1 K. oi;i-r. II. H . Kan"..:. O. Cm-is. S D ^^TORES To Be Sure TO (n .lin.'ATK IMKTIiDtV. I'rieinN of (.niiHliiia >frllonald Surprise at Clnireh. <<'aie i -.toro for her. Wien the dwrs of the ri 'iircli wiTO lliiown open and Grandma -MrDonald saw tlio room tilled v .jili p'oplo; and lots of good things | I:) oat. she was speo(rhIi'ss with gr.iti- tud'^. to think that so many friends had nini'iiibored hor birthday anniversary. i;randnia McDonald, in addition to lieariii? llio title of tha oldest womai lola. also elanns the distincti 1 of b'Mng one of the cliarter membera of the Christian church in lola. At that lime the church was hut a very sninM or.iranization. with but little or no jiroperty, and Mrs. McDonald has wtitclied the church grow, until at the tl.f piesent time it has a handsome liiiiMin^. Those present at the reception to- liiv Well-: .Mi.s. lola Colbom. Mrs. ' M.-Tbra.-^ber. .Mis. Mary E. Xonh- nip. .Mrs. Maker. -Mrs. \j. Hankins, Mm. I>. Horville. .Mi-s. .1. R. Yoimg, .Mrs. i. \V. Drako. .Mr.<:. Hill, Jlrs. ."Marble. yjr». J. R. Me.Vaught. :^Irs. Mary EpUn'^. .Mrs. Lottie Harris, .MIS . .\. WTlletr. .Mr.«. .Joseph Hur- loek. Mrs. H. R. .Tones. Mrs. M. M. W.lliaiii .son. -Mrs Croft. .Mis. S. I. I 'ost. .Mr. and .Mis. .John McDonald, .".!r. ami .Mrs. .Sam C.anl. .Mrs. T. T. .\n.l-rsoii. Mr. \V. H. King. Mrs. \V. .\.Conan. .'Mr .s. ."\f. .M. flard. .Mr. and Mrs. .\'. Hiirion. Mr. and Mrs. C'has. Me.Miirray. .Mis. Dr. MeDowoM. Itov. II. H. Ellett. Mrs. H. I.. Reagan. .Mrs. .M. .M. MniKh. Mrs. .S. Cof- liild. .Mrs. N. WfKiten. .Mrs. Alice Hill. .Mrs. \-i;a .Morris. .Mrs. .M. Iteek- I s. Mrs. .1. P.. Hi :;),'iiis. .Mrs. M. A. (tieliards -on. .Mrs. V. Mavis. Mrs. C. W. Mi.ssman. Mr^. H. H. .Adams. ( Misses (^niee ami Ririli .Adams. I.ora I .M .HNlne and .Mildr.'d ilaid. ami Roscoo ' Hurt on. .Judge H. AV. Taleott. formerly resident of this city and well Itnown to many of the older lola citizens, died recently at his home An San Diego. California. The funeral occurred October 8th under the auspices of the G. .V. R. with the W. R. C. attending in .1 body. Rev. Crabtree. pastor of the Christian church of that city, made the funeral address. ,\ San iJiego paper says of .Judge Taleott. II. W. Taleott, aged 67, a welllinown resident of San Diego, died jyesterdiiy juorning at hi.n resldeneo at Tl\irly- iiliith .iiid T streets. .Mr. Taleott wa.s born at Valparaiso, Indiana, During the early part of his life he wa.s engaged in the newsjiapcr business with his father. When the civil war brolie out he enlisted as musician in the Indiana volunteers and served throughout the war. Shortly iiftor the war was over he moved to lola, Kansas, where he engaged in the practice of law and conducted a newspaper. While living there he was circuit judge for four counties and served in this capacity for nine years. In 18S8 he came to San Diego and engaged in the practice of law. For the past fifteen years he has been court commissioner. He has also served as law librarian at the court house for the last five years. Deceased is survived by a widow, .Mrs. Emma Jane Taleott; by two sons. F. C Taleott. of Cecilville, California, and E. S. Taleott of Valley Center. Kansas, and by three daughters, Mrs. ,Iennie Mortland of Valparaiso, Indiana ;Mrs. Ella Robertson, of Washington, and Mrs, Peney L. Day of San Diego. Two brothers of the deceased are living, C. R. Taleott, of Chicago, and ,1. F. Taleott of Valparaiso, Indiana. FIRST LECTURE WELL ATTENDED. Rer. llarkness Drew Good House at East lola Charcb. In DarKc teniirhf. 1 Afriea a{ (he tJrand The Yale ^ Ederneimer, Stein & Co." . U ^ K E F j W Ji l::u -2 a suit fvt every form. Wc illii.strate here a suit f< r the .•^tc'it hurlt mau, -.u •-> of onr many styles for ll ;c yniMr^ mail. The dressy young chap that wants a siiil wilh • :-n;i;. ' and "-^o." wc show all the new styles. If j-ou arc Ion;: nv.'i -':tji. wc have ,uit-, that will fit you. If you ate .-hort atid tii:-k vl we will fit you. WE FIT THE HARD TO Fir. .Si:;i: It on;$10.00 to $27.50. THl'.ilK "•> .1.- fi"i> ni-n wlm luis' three ier:>s fn.iii Hiinit>o!dt t'at di! ' ::< • Un'iw v..' |i;!'I ;iri .-.nnii ••:s.i:y ri-!f ( '.•..iliii:i !:• n- liiitil .-iit .'r ii w;is oV"r. ( .\t I I---.,' s -.v'l^it (!.• s.-iii| H. ! tail's :i we.'kly TI.T-. r Ir mi! C'ly {>•:• ii:s H..nil.nMt ww - II. Hum!-. :o i .'.iT I '":ili. li::, :i. ANP M;;.-^. S 1.. .i^ik-o- *>•>:; .\V.i:;i U'lisiiini'ion aveniji'. 'his .iiii'iiiooii i'l'r Kuril' :; whi ri- v.i!: vj.-l' iri":id-. of ••IT th' Mr<. S .Mi-Iionald or Crandina} .^fi-Iii.!iaii:. 1.- sill' -s Keri'-rail.v known. | was :i; ^l•,•.Is iif 1.1' iii'l.-iy. and in! Ii'iim:- Di til'' '-v nt ;li" lola Old S<-l- •lirs' ('I'lli ;i;.il trie Christian elilireh ' •.iii;re:;a: 1011 i:.i\e li< r a surprise [lar- y .im! a il:n:"'r at chnrcli. Til • I 'V' -It prnvi'if a ;;r'at siir[>rise lor .\Irs. .\|il >;'na!'l. This n.orniir;. V !:i'n .1 !-:i'ii'i diovi- i;p lo h.-r homo a' "Ml] .Vur'li Svi-.iiiiiire str.'et and :.>uid iiir 10 ;;o do'.vn for a visit with .Mrs. Wiioilin i*^ tlu' cmith iiid of town Try a Wnnt Ad. In the RegUtrr. K>Ti;i{TAnKi> A M;GIJ«>. Arlion of New York Pi-jiple in Virginia Oeea>ions G <i^<iip. The first lecture of the course which i.s to be held in the East lola Methodist Episcopal church was well attended last ni.sjht. There were 75 season tickets sold last night besides a number of singls admissions. The lecture w.a« delivered by the pastor. Rev. Harkness and was instructive as well as interesting. Tho next lecture on the course, .lapan ami .Japanese, will be delivered at the First .Methodist Episcopal chutcli on Tuesday evening of next week. Ir will he repated again on Friday night at the East loia church. This promises to be one of the best of the year. P. E. Wansh. Dentist. Phono 1«. Oftic^ oTcr Barren's Drag Store. THK TliiKI) talk U!v. n Ml rt - V. .M ('. day ati"ri ;','in at :' Klle't. 'If siii ^aker. i- Barclay Shields Clothiog Co. THE STORE TH/kT SATISFIES," divii*. lend. i"e:. to men will I'.i \. liiij'diii:; .San- Rev. ft. H. ; ho'.dintt the mid ;''-iritii>n of the nu'i who .11 n-m I miss tl'i.-: ni-e!ing. Siiii •'''irisr .\t.;oni; Voiiiii; r Ko-'oi- .Iiird:in will pive a Riehmoml. Va . Oet. IP.— .Mr. and Mrs. I 'i ',nr of New York, who have I'-asi 'd a hi-re durin;: the L :eneral mnvention of the .\meriran Kpiseopa' eliiiieh. last evening; eiiter- l:iiiieil at dinni-r l'.:.:ho |i Kerqnsoti of i ^ .\friea. the onlv nesro entitli-d to a ' tl'.oiiuir I'otiiiir- of the matter. • ^,,ai in ihe !ioii.-e of Cisliops at the Wlii'n tii'-x ii.ieliid the Christian • cnvention. A dinner .L :iven in hon- riiiireh a ::'i iris!"ail of ijoinc on past. ,,f iiip Afri.-an liishop. in the heart >'arti'i! o jiiiii ill. Mrs. .MrlVinalii tie-! f>f ihn soiuh. has I 'C'^n the occasion of -:'ii to ".ili /.i- that ;t surprise was in'mm-ii eonimeat. ^^The Arm Bracelet'^ yu< M F. .\"o:riiri-p and Mrs. A W. Ill ck I niei'.iiiii'f iiifortiiaiiv ye-'er- day a!'i; T -.'i.ii jir .Mis. lieek's home on K..S' -.tii -'T 'rill- part', was ani"n.: thi' tiiost li.iliiir.i'o of the autumn Thf .C'list !i>- ;n< imifil the t'lllo-.viti-r naru--: Mis. H- Tholen. .Mrs. \V II. .Mrs .V F .Aei. s. .Mis W P ileyliiiuii. .Mrs M K. .N'oriiiriip.^. E. Hriimr. .Mrs Cnen .Mrs. K H Ftiuston. .Mrs lola Collx.rn. Mr.s. S. M. .lenaiiius. .Mrs. Thtasher. .Mt.s. A. U'. Ilowland. Mrs A .V. .Mitrhell. Mis. R. Ciailiorne. .\irs. V.'. If. Riehardf and .Mrs. M. K. Piekly. That was 80 mtich in vogue all this Summer, Fashion lia;:: ilecrccd shall be worn over the long gloves this winter. .Mi'ii'-j 80 don't you think you should get a nice oue at once—that's the kind we offer you aud for as little as S3aOO FOR RENT—Fiirniahcd house, modern. Apiily this office. N Try « Wut Id. Il tk« Sfffbtef; Mo. Vyon S «Bte Ft Hi K.-K. *. T. Watck lupeetora. •] jf}];] FIKST TEA.>I VICTORIOIS. KH>ktt Kail Game Resnlted 11 to ^> for Regulars. The first game of the Y. .Af. C. -V. basket hall tournament was played last night and resulted' in a victory for the AXlirren Allen team, the score being 41 to 26. .Allen and AVheeler were the stars for the first team. Frank Root did practically all of the scoring for the second team. The game was a fine exhibition. C. .1. Bliss acted as referee and Harold Fulton as umpire. Field goals, first team IS; second team 6. Foul goals, first team 5; second team 14 . In the '"kids" game the first team defeated the second the score being 22 to fi. The lineup last night was: Team 1. Team 2. Ed Heylmiin Forward Frank Root AV. Allen, capt Forward Phillip Row .Alfred Nelson Center Kyle Pegg Floyd AATieeler Guard L. N'elson M. Hershkowitz Guard A. Heigle. capt Ihe Iowa Prices fir loidiy. *' FLOCR. ~ V. S. Patent. ISlbs HAi V. S. Patent, 24 lbs i5c Polar Rear. •tSIbs I1.-15 Polar Bear. 241bs 7ie Fanchon. 4.srbs tlM Fanchon, 24lbs 76e CEREALS. 3 Packages Egg-O-See 3Sc Pkgs. Prices Breakfast Food for 3Se 2 Packages Shredded Wheat for .SJe 1 Pkg. Ralston Pancake Flour for lOe 6 lbs. Ralston Pancake Flour for 25e Best Carolina Rice, per lb lOe CA»ED GOODS. n Cans Corn for :. ..x;3*C 2 Cans of Peas for v.. 2Je" 1 Can of Chariot Pears .-..^ Ifc N. B. C. Ginger Snaps, per rb\F.\A9e Oat Meal and Graham Crackers, per pound package Ite LACSDRT srppuES. 7 Bars of Silk Soap for ... 7 Bars of I.,enox Soap for Bulk Starch, per Xb 1 Package Pcarllne 1 Package Gold Dust ?, lbs. Sal Soda for Sic 25c 5c . 5e l«c 19e 1 Bottio Ammonia FRCITS. The Rest the .Market Can Afford. Toka Grapes, per ff) .'.. 15e Pony Baskets of firapes 35e Large Ba.skct of CVmcord Grapes iie •Nice I^arge Apples, per peck We Bellflower .Apples, per doz. . .. S6c Blue Damson Plums, per basket Mc Fresh Celery, per bunch ... 5 and lOo I^rge Egg Plants, each ...13 and SWc Cauliflower, per lb 30e Fresh Lettuce, per lb ; 20e Fresh Radishes, :2 bunches for ...fc Nice Oranges, per dozen fiVC Fresh Parsnips, jier lb 5e Fresh Carrots (choice) per lb 5c Onr .lapply for Today Is Large aB4' fresh aud nice. ^. Respectfully, A. G. Mumnia. Call;011 LiEFFLER When needing anything in the Jewelry line. R. S, (atLFlLLMH, Genenl Cratnctor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalk! 1 Curbing a Spedalty. OHce 116 Eait JaekMa kn» For Exchange* Farming lands in the Panhandle Texas, for farm lands or live stock, or for lola, fJas City or La Harpe rentals. WHITAKER & DONNEUi. .HRS. BOLLI>GER'S MOTHER ILL. The Sheriff Was Called to Her Bedside Sheriff C. O. Bollinger was called to Devon this morning by the very serious illness of Mrs. Bollinger's mother. Mrs. Kepley. Mrs. Bollinger has been at the bedside of her mother for the past few days. This morning Mr. Bollinger received a telephone message that Mrs. Kepley was much worse, and he left at once for Devon, Mrs. Kepley is nearly eighty years of aee'aud is well known over the county. -A III •-•\ -3 POLICEMAN Ira Smith, wife and children have returned from a week's visit In Mcdford. Okla. Mr. Smith •pent a good part of bM time btut- ins quails and Jack rabbits. Ii its a piano bargain thtt you arje looking for—-you will find it an eaisy matter to drive a trade with us. We are shoiir- ing different makes and ^ the different styles li'ade, e^^- abUng you to suit your^etf, both as to the finish and isiz^. and price of the instrument, j Come in today and hear tkeia. .',\ We will guarantee yon wfll T>e ,'• pleased. JohflV-Roberi

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