Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1908
Page 2
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• t" • t, L. xoiraiiip, itMiini F. A. irOBTHBUP, Tt (w.^niii«rt. fir ^ttjtoi BiteUpied 1869. Miit iaik h ADiiCi. —Fltigernld, Auto Llrcry. Phone. * • Miss Welsh Returns. MfsR Claudia Welsh of London Mills, 111., has returnpd homp. Miss Welsh stM»nt two months here with Mr. and MM. Grant Blllhe and other-rpjativcs. + * Card Party Today. Mrs. Frank Travis is entertaining at'-cards 'tbaay for her iguest. Miss NiQlIie Baker, of L.ithrop, Mn. . • <• • Meliiodist 1 *63. ::A large number of women, members of the Methodist church and others, altended an informal tea at the home of .Mrs. W. H. Root yesterday afternoon. The dining room was in c1&»rge of ilrs. Root, Mrs. H. W. Stey- et-ftnd Mrs. W, R. Crangle and luncheon was..«served from two until six o'clock. The proceeds were $7 and this sum win go to the Improvemenf fund of the church. * + + .Mrs. Hepler Here. • Mrs. Jesse Hepler of Ft. Scott is a guest at the home of Mfs. Bruce Os- *t)orne on Rast street. • * • To Fort Scott- Mrs. A. n. GllflUan has irono lo Fnrt Rcott for a few days. + + * Miss Welsh. 'Miss Claudia Wel .<ih, of Ix>ndon Mills, returned home yesterday after a two months' visit In lola. She has been a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Billbe and other relatives. * * ^ In Kansas City. Mrs. D. P. North'rup, Mrs. J. G. Mit- tlebach. Mrs. L. L. Northr\ip and Mrs. P. A. Nbrthrup are expected home today from Kansas City, where they .iTave spent the past few days. Entertain Society. Miss Louise Hyde, 812 North .Jefferson avenue will have the .Tunlor Daughters of the King as her guests on Friday. This is the recula*- husl- nesK meeting of the society. • • • Children 's Party. Mrs. C. .T. Doxsee and Miss Beatrice Doxsee will give a party on Sat- •nrday afternoon for a large number of .fheir'juvenile friends, among whoin W'ffl be members of the Baptist Sunday school. <• • • Alta Seta Club. •^rrs. S. S. Hilscher will entertain on Friday evening for har Sunday • school class, the Alta Seta cluh of th« Presbyterian rhurcht • 4- * * Y. P. C. U. Meetinfl. Among the meetings of'church auxiliaries which make up the calendar for the week is the study which the young people of Uie United Brethren church enjoyed last evening. The program was of music and appropriate readings. A large number of the mcmoers were present. * She Wanted to Know. "Alii't it awful." the way women get roasted sometimes because they fall to take a correct view of politics? A , I^rgelnew ikssbrtments at prices iromS4 to No charge^for hand eogria^rQg. New York paper prints this one: Down at Bryn Wawr the girls have even gone to the extent of having par- adf'r; and chocolate creams in honor of: tlic candidate they are going to vote far. The Republican parade was second only lo the Democratic. "Hi^!" .4aid the S5ocialists. "Are they getting ahead of us? We, too, must have a parade." Four girls appeared at the prearranged moment bearing a banner, "What are Debs?" A Republican girl saw this and inquired. "What are Debs?" A f.ii;. Dolcsee's Reception. Th? larefst event of the week, socially, wns the reception which tArs. C. !j. Doxsee and Miss Beatrice Doxsee gave yesterday to a large number of their friends as a farewell in view of the prospective change in their res- id.»ncp \from Tolfi to Kansas City. One liundrr 1 fifrv chrd .q were out and between the hours of two and five o'clock the residence was filled with woipen who mingled Informally and enjoyed .n h.ilf lour v .-iih their lir.v rcsses. The guests were admitted by Miss Frances Munson and received by Mrs. Doxsee. "^tiss DoxFoe, Mrs. W. D. Wolfe and Mr=:. W. H. Garfield. Dnrlng ilie afternoon Af '-s. r. IT. Shields. Mrs. nienn Finney and Mrs. .-Vrthur .Tanil- son assisle.l in the jiarlors and music was ftinuphrd by ^rr. C. 14. Dicker- .son and Miss Freda Dickerson. n <^c- or .Tiiou' for the-day were ferns and flowers nink c.Trnations in the parlor, ferns and preen wax tapers in the Mbrarv nnd .American beauty roses in the dining room. The table held a graceful hoquet of the blossoms and .srarnitures of creen. Mrs. .\. P.'Harris presided at the coffee urn and Mris. Jasper. Miss Mai-guerite Wolfe and Miss Gladys Rriimbaugh .served. Punch was served by Miss Beulah ifcCance and Miss Belle Travl.'s from a service in the librar>-. and the favors of the day. while carnations, were distributed by Mrs. Kdward Bus :;in.£:. The reception was featured by a spirit of informality and happiness which made the calls extremely pleasant for hostesses and . guests. The many friends wl o have enjoyed know ing Mrs. Doxsee and have' accepted her hospitality, are regretting that she is to leave Tola and the visitors took this opportunity to express their wishes for a pleasant home in the •ity. Miss Doxsee will return to St I.uke's In n few days and Mrs. Doxsee will probably .le.ive on November 10. • • * Program of Music. Members of the Aid society of tht- Daptist church have asked several friends to assist them with a program at the dollar social to be given ai the home of Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Garfie'd tomorrow evening. Miss Joy Hcrshherger. Mrs. Jasper, Mrs. Gillam and Miss Beatrice Doxsee will render piano solos and Roscoe Jordan will re* ci|e. The vocal numbers will be sung by .Mi .ss Iniogene Mitchell, of Jeffer son Cliy. Mo.. Miss Eva .Armstrong; Miss .\Iberta Mnnson and Miss Grace Ball. The entertaining society will serve supper between the hours of five and eight o 'clock. • 4- • To lola. Dr. L. H. Hallaway left yesterday for Tola,—Nevada Mall. .> Committee Meeting. • There was a committee meeting at tho Y. W. C. A. rcoins 'Tate yesterday afternoon. The young women wer^ arranging for the party to be held on Saturday evening. . + 4- • To Missionary Convention. Mrs. O. T. LaGrange, Mrs. II. W; m tfiDlES ONLY. C^)mmcnclng next .Monday, the Ing rink will he open ail day as wftll as c-venlngs and for a limited time the mornings will b? devoted exclusively to li'e Indies. .\o ."idmissioa-.charge v.-i;i he inaile and no charge for skates. Drinking water will al.w he free. .\'n men will be allowed In the rink :ind it is hop^d that ihe ladies of Iol :i will take advantage of this generous offer and use the rink as a place of enjoyment. The manager of the rink and akate room man will he there lo take care of wraps and see that everything is made comfortable. of the Ladies' Music cln' afternoon. Mrs. Philip Waugh. Morth Wa-shington avenue, entertiam- ed and there was a pretty five o'clock tea after the mush'. The nuihbera rendered during the afternoon tkere especially wel)) received by the clnb and were presented in this order: Dance of the Elves-^Kroeger^lflss Clara Crangle. Gondolier—Nevin—Mrs. O. T. La- Orange. Lullaby—Kate Vannah-Mrs. A. V. Lemasters. , Love Song—Nevin—Mrs.- Ed Danforth. Harlqulri —Barllett — MI.<;s Barbara Fry. Cavatlna—Carl Bu.sch—Mrs. C. I~ Evans. Shadow Dance—McDowell—"Miss Cora Klein. Serenade—Whelply — Mlsf^ Josephine Riddle. • + + Hallowe'en Po.<»t Cards at Burrell' drig store. + •«-*' In Chanute. Mrs. Herman Tholen has gone to Chanuieio spen.l a few days with friend.". .J. .J. .-. Mrs: Readicker Home. . Mrs. V,';illam Readicker ha.^ rr turned from a short visll^ with friends in C'ranute. A Girl Born. A girl was born this morning to Mr. ' and Mrs. Columbus Smith in East Tola. Ewrri .c arid Mr^. -V. V. Lemasters have been elected to represent the Missionary society of the Presbyterian church of Tola at a county convention at Humboldt this week.' 4. + A Visit in Pittsburg. Mrs. A. V. l .-ema8ters will 30 to Piltsbur.«; late in the week to spend a few da.vs with Mr. ami Mrs. R. W. Lemasters. + •:• • Hallowe'en Social. There will IK- a .'^ocial on Sauirdiiy evening at the home of yff. ."mil Mrs. t:. W. .\dams to celebrate Hal'owe'en. The guests will be young people who attend t .he I'nited Brethren c)iur<-h. Everyone will be costumed to reprcj sent a "spook.*' Plains for the social were made last night at t!ie close of the Y. P. C. V. meeting after the readings by ^rrs. C. E. May. who lead the lesson. .> Mr. and Mrs. Wood Here. / Mr. and Mrs. Chester Wood have returned from a brief vi.sit in Joplln and are speading a few day.s" at th2 home of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Morrison. They will leave In a short time for Bartlesvllle. * * * In Ottawa. Miss Carrie Relmert Is spending the day in Ottawa with Mrs. Pierre FHder. • • Music Club. A program from the libraries of American composers featured a meeting " ' Watson Heard Bailey. "W. T. WaLson. candidate for repre. sentatlve on the Republican ticket, went to Humboldt last night and heard the address of yex-Crovernnr W. .L Baifey. \ i^ig<el aTpIeasureJl To ::__._„:''• BV »THE "KATY*' The trai.. is not only convenient fdrr Kansas ^Citypassengers.bnt equallyso forthose desirous of making connections there for points beyond. TRAIN LEAVES Chanute lZ:3Xfp. m. Humboldt 12:40 p. m. PIqua 1:0S p. m. lola 1:25 p. m. AND ARRIVES AT Kinsas Gty 5:0S p. m. STOMACH' DISTRESS AND IXDIOF..STIO\ WILL P.r ftOVE iV FIVE MI\rTE.S. It .Seems Strange That Yon IVIll Con- llnne. a .Rtflmarb .Snfferer ITiih Relief So Handj and TiHaln. BAILEY TO FARMERS Ex-OoTcmor Spoke at Hnmboldt—AI Florenrfi Xade Addrefis at Diamond. Ex-Governor \V. J. Bailey addressed a fair crowd at Humboldt last night. Mr. P.nlley before going Into the hank­ ing busine .<is at .•\lchl.'!on, was a farmer, except when he was serving as governor, and he directed a good part of hi.s speech to the farmers. Ho also made a strong p!ca 10 to the .vonng men to start out ripht by voting for I the nepnhlican ticket, straight. Senator Chester I. Long who «n»ike here last night, will eo lo Moran (his evening where he wi!l deliver r.n address at a Hepublicin meeting. Moran promise.*: a big crowd and those v.ho heard Mr. Long here ni^'it promise Moran .1 fine address;. \\ Florence addressed a big aiuli- ence ai Diamond school house nigh!. Mr. Florence was accompanied by W. H. Auder.=r.u an«! the F.Iack and Tan quartette. They took the cau line to \A Harpe. drlvinc: rxit from there. They w^ere surpi'iFed io find such a big crow'd awaiting iliem. The building could not ho!d all who came. Mr. I-'Iorence talked on the issues of the campaign .ind the complimentary remarks heard after the irieet ing' and the during the ^ad- drcis indicate that everything \r Republican in the Di.imond neighborhood. H.allowc'en Past Card.-i at Hurreli's drug store. The Question as to how long you arc going to continue a sufferer from Indigestion and stomach trouble is merely a matter of how soon you he- gin taking Diapepsin. If your stomach is lacking in digestive power, why not help the stomach 10 do its work, not with drastic drugs, .but a re-enforcemeni of digestive agents, such as arc naturally at work in the stomach. People with weak stomachs should eat Diapepsin after meais. and there will be no more indigestion, no feeling like a lump of lead in the stomach, no heartburn, sotir risings, gas on stomach or belching of undigested food, headaches, dizi^iness or vomiting, and. beside;--, what you eat will not ferment and poison your breath with nauseous odors. All these symptoms resulting from a sour stomach and d.vspepsia are generally n^lieved five minute.s; after eating one Trian- snle of Diapepsin. Gil (o your druggist :ind get a .iO- ceut case of Rape's Diapepsin now, and you v»ill always go to the table with a beany appetite, and what you eat will tasie good, because your stom ach and intestines will be clean and fresh, and you will kr.ow there are not going to be any niot 'e bad nights and miserable days for you. They freshen you and make ynu feel like life Is worth living. FREE RIDES TO THEIR JOBS. Passes May be Given Employees Reentering the Railroad Service. A REAL SnOM^! =I1CCT0R DC SILVI A= Ohmmplon Skdimr at Aumtrmlla Thursday, Friday, Saturday Nights He has been here before. Read cofnmment on former appearance What The Begister Said. (Issue of May 8th.) "Either lola audiences are growing more appreciative of fancy skating or Hector de Silvia is the best who has been here. From the very moment-he skated to the center of the floor last night until his act was flnlahed he received warm applause. Every morerH ment and every tarn called for the xlad hand. No skater who has ever been here received such k.warm wet* pome. The Leap of Death Is a rery sensational act eqoal to. It not more ^fficult. than Cheatham's gas pipe iilde." What the DaHy Becord Said. THE In its issne of May 9th. The Record made the following comment on De Silvia: '"ronlght will be the last appearance of Prof. Hector De Silvia, one of the very best attractions ever shown at the rink. His general skating, trick and fancy work* is as prejtty and graceful as possible. His sl^de down the long Incline Is a reilly thrilling feat and one that never fails to bring tho audience to cheers." 1 I •THE OOLDEX CITY.** Pilgrim Bro. S. D. Senor seat here by The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, will deliver a discourse on this subject Thur^iday nishr in the C. .\. R. hall. y\\ will be reniemliered ih ;it iliesi minister.'; all .serve without pay: their car fare only being furnished by the societ.v. Neither are any jdaces for worship ever btiiit by this body .of believers. Without catering into any discussion of the differences between this faith and orthodoxy, it might be remarked that the faith is a positive one. All its adherents know not only what they believe biit why they believe it, and it can not be denied that it is growing in favor with the comnton people. For this rea.son if for no other, its ministers are all worthy of a respectful hearing. And all who hear this discnurse will no doubt be well repaid. The public cordially invited. Washington. Oct. 2S.—Passes may be issued to bonafide ex-employees of a railroad service. Passes cannot be siven to the families of employees, who died from natural causes while te the service of comnaon carriers, although that privilege is accorded to the families of employees killed in the service. The foregoing are among the rulings annoiinced by the interstate commerce comlmission todaj*. - The commission holds that a railroad may provide in its tariff that whenever, because of washouts or other accidents, passengers are delayed beyond their ticket limit the conductor or other agent may br endorsement on the ticket extend the time to cover such detention. This is to be honored by succeeding conductors on the com- nany's lines, but no carrier can provide such extension over lines other than its own. exec • - '— —-ovlded in a propei: joir Father McGuiic There. The Catholic congregation closed a series of religious services today noon which havel been in progress since Sunday. The service-Is known as tho forty hours'; devolionals. and is held once each year in ail Catholic parishes and led by the president priest. There were a large number of priests from other parLih^'s hero to Father Nagle in conducting" the services and a ntimber of church members from surrounding towns in attendance. .-Vmon?: those here were Father Coffey. Independence: Father McCulIough. Cherry vile; Father Mc•Juire, Iola:i Father Curtin. Horton; Father Reidy. Mineral: Father Healy. Voline: Father Fowler. Piqua, and Father McMlrainy. Humboldt.—Chanute Sun. SMOKED WITH NECK BROKEI <4. A Pipe and Tobacco the Last Request of a Milwaukee Man. Mllwatikee. Oct. 27.—With hi." neck broken, the resiilt of falling down stairs. Herman Haedke. -14 year.-; old, lived twenty.eiRht hours. .lusi befote death he called for a pipe and tobacco. He said he desired to take one last smoke before the end. Although paralyzed from the neck down, he was conscious almost from the time he suf fered the injurj' until he died. ^ A Brotherhood BanqaeL The banquet of the Methodist Brotherhood will be given i^ the basement of the' First Presbyterian church io- nlght. The members of the Brotherhood will meet at 7:20 and then go to the Presbyterian church where the affair is to be held. Elaborate preparations have been made for the banquet and It is expected that aboiit 200 gnesta will be in attendance. Chanute Chemist Attended Meet. George Trombold. chemist "for the Ash Grovo Lime and Portland Cement company, attended the meeting of the American Chemical Society in Kansas City Saturday. The subject which the society considered was the corrosion of iron. Mr. Trombold was particularly interested in this, espec— iallv as to iron used in re-inforcing I concrete. Tie S'lggosted the idea that oflicial testsj l>e made to show to what extent iron used In this manner deteTioriates! from corrosion.—Cha^ tite Tribune.; CANHOH BRAND Thiir hiigh quality begins with the soil itself; they are specially sel;ct;d b^' cxpcas aad come from the growing centers; ground and tealed with exacting care. Best in flavor, highest in purity, CTC2t=st in strength ; still in fault • less condition, they come to yoa protected j by tbe air-tight package, presfcrving intact the fine flavoring properties bulk spices lact. Alivay* unifonn ; try —vOu 'lS use SIJ. i.:..>- . i

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