Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1907
Page 4
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TM lOIA PllLT BE6l»fER. glTUBPAY ETEyEfO^OCTOBEB M. 1W7. the Largest Distributors of Clothing in tKc State. Wtor a Globe Suit or Overcoat and you will be a mighiy well dressed man. They are made by Hart, Schaffner & Marx and Stein Block—a combination hcird to beat. In fact, they are the best known and known as the best lines of ready-to-wear clothes on Ihj American continent. You gentlemen who like fine hand-tailored clothes with plenty of style and good fabric, drop in and look theni over; try them on and you will be convinced lhat they arc the most wonderful clothes you ever saw. Regulars, slims, stouts, fitted to perfection. $15 to $25 SOFT AND STIFF HATS. 50 different styles. Knox, John B. Stetson and Imperial makes. $3 to $5. Munsini( and Vassar Underwear. TIic Sensible, tlic Scr- viireaWc, theSatisfacldrv, the Perfect Fitting. »he Popular I'riccil I'liil^r- wear. See Window. $1.50. $2. $2.50. $3. $3.50 and $5 a suit New Fancy Vests In Latest Styles. It will tone np your olJ suit or new suit either. $1.50, $2, $2.50, $3, $3.5C, $4, $4.50 and $5. I. ....... •-. V t ^^l^.^^ ''Sii^ 1 01ARLU P. •COTT. V»(*r«>4 »l IniK. RanMM. Pnptnfflca, »* •«cnr)d-vSiuiii miitlvr. ««««rtl«lti| Rmtca MR 4« KJIOWB am A* , pileatlon. SECDM) niSTKICT CONJJUE'SSIO.N. AL MATTEKS. ; It Is espprially siatifyln^ rhe Second district is ici iiavp no at the next elpction of ron;;re;*snian. Ciratlfyin!; to all iiarth's lor tin- simple reasort ttiat tiip influence and abflitv of a ronfirrssnian to arccm- plleh thingK for his conBiitiiency are largely affected liy the tinanitnity of the support which he receives from his people. The practically nnanlm- OU6 Indorsement of a Consressniaii'.- course by those wliom he represenla befeets confidencp in him at \Va;sh- Jnetoii; and his; influence aninnp. his fellow memhers. the administration and in the departments is enhanced proportionally. .. .Nloreover the lonKcr a man remains in Congress. « II 1 HT thine.- Inp eijiial. the more rxtmsive becomes his influence iti sliaiTiiir- V ;iis- latlve policies and in securing things for his district and individual con- Mitue.nts. Consressman Scf >it is juil entering the service of the di.<- trict as foupressman in a distinctively special cai >acity. For a C'onsress- man-at-Lar;;e is creatly hmdicapped by the fact which is ever apparent ai !d in eviden <-e that he has no special constituency for which he is ac- ronntahle and to whom they look for service. Th^n there is tl ver present fact that It Is only a question of time when tho state will l >e re- dlstrlcled and the ('(mKiessman-al- La,rge mav be left out and that his tpnure of oflire may he of short duration. Ji" now feels thnt he has a distinctive duty as ConpicRsman aixl Is seeking evi-ry opiKirtunlty to ac<|uniiit hirnself with the needs of the dlBtrlct. alid the slate and the country at larse and is striving to inform hlmse't as to -the desires and requirements of his constituents personally. To that end he has sought to equip himself relative to a number of imiK.>rtant sub- jeets of Keueral interest before the country, and for which iegiiilatioD .will be required. .On the adjournment of Congress, after a busy and arduous se -'sion of rxarilnn duties, instead of rctieatlnK to his liniue. there to enjoy the quiet .mil iest-»so teniiitln;; to the averace foDKressnian. he iirraii;;icl .1 ConKies- slonal party to f;o at once to I'anama where In- lulKlit secur'' iiifornialion I'HKIIIII ): ihi- liu |i(>rt;tiit work in which ihi- ;;iivcrniiient is en;: i;;cd in const ruciln^: the canal. On iii;:l<ln- a vUmi' and s'rutinlz- lUK invciiicaMon of coiidlii <>iis down tlKTc. noiiuK I 'very environment lienr- itii; f>ti the important sub.i '-ct. he re- ninicd to the stale and :.;en<r '>usly responded to the niinieroiis rails from chnMt ;in'pias and other scu leties for addresses, tou'hin'.; the "rcat work In which the nation is en^;;:-ei. Cut he has Siven to lii- own dislvic' the most thnifu.r-.h visitation niakinu addresses in cvei> county and nieptin-; hundreds '•f his constituents on business of personal infe -esi to theni and heapinp upon himself a m >MinJ :iin "f work for the ciuninf; v. inter. In othei- words. ConBri'ssman Sooft is devotinn hi> entire time in session and i;iit. 10 his work as ronsressman and \r. faithfullv and conscientiously striving to make himself useful to his disiriel and a power in shaplnK lesls- laiion f'>!- rhi- country. History has demonst ratei! ilie fact with in> tiiK 'ertain eiu|iliaf ;is that the st.ite or the disiri-t which keeps Its i>ie:iitier i 'l (ontitiuoii ; seivire in r'oii- sress. exerts a niu 'di ;;reHtcr influence at WnshiUKton. mi only In na- ;'onaI legl.ilalioii. Init in all matters with which roasrf '.ssnien have to do. .\s jiroof of this, one only has to count the men who are disttri;:uished in any of tlie many and varied interests before the country. rhwiiiK as we lieRaii. Ii Is therefore especially gratifylliK 'hat thi- Second district Is s<i well pleased with the untlriUK efforiri of Its a <Tonipilshed Congressman that there is no disposition auiotiK his piiiiy lo chanBe. and It Is also worthy of note that his liroad policy is sui-ll lli-il even the o |ipoKllion evidence no Indication of making an effort to send a new and untried man lo Coimress from this district.—Oa'he .Minor. TO rf'KK A <".OLn IN <»>K DAY Take I.u\XATlVE BIIOMO Quinine Tablets. IirugRists refund mtmey If It fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each box. l'.">c. .\'o home is so pleasant, regardless of the comforts that money will buy. as when the entire family is in perfect health. A boUle of Orlno Laxative Fruit Syrup costs 50 centa. It will cure every member of the family of constipation, sick headache or atom aoh trouble. Burrell's drup store. FH(».M Orit >EI(ailt (>KS. I'ersiiiiiil Hiiil l.itriii In Hie Yiiti-s i 'rn- ter >«*\VM )if Itilii lnteri>t<l. .\. K. Florence was over from bda Wednesday. .Mrs. S. .lohnsoii and daughter. Fannie, were In lola last Saturday. Alex (lumilton visited In lola Saturday. .Miss Flossie .Miniver came over from lola last Friday for a visit with the family of E. E. .MiitiKer. .Mrs. Henry Sch'IchtInK and daiieh- ter, Giissic. were in lola a couple «>f days the latter part of last week. Gertrude Taylor was over from lola to spend Sunday with her parents and friends. The following youUK ladies from the New York Store at tola accompanied her .md spent the day seeing Yates Tenter: .Misses I..nura I^ivoca. Mora Thayer. Christian Trcnii>ola and VirKinia VanArsdale. S. E. Conway was in lola on business last Saturday. C. II. l..andls was in lola on bitsi- ness last Saturday. Mrs. .\. H. Estep and little son. I'.oyd were in lola Saturday. .Mrs. 1.. C. .Muiiper came over from lola last Friday to visit her sftn. K. E. Munger and family. TO FOLUHY lOLA'S I'LA.V. Fort Scott .May Orjcanize a City Chan- tanana. (Fort Scott Republican.) Those who are interested in the Chautauqua movemeii! believe lhat Fort Scott can secure for an independent assembly irext year a program equal to that which Is supplied by Mr. Bartell In his associated Chaii- tauqiias. A representative of the Redpath Lyceum Hiiteau was here re-ent- iy ami thoroughly went over the matter with local people. He convinced them that it will not be dimcult tt) secure talent for a good program at a cost which will enable the enterprise 10 be at least self sustaining. Iloa. which like Fort Scott, has been bidden a last fond farewell by .Mr. Bartell of Arkansas. Is already at work upon plitns for a Chautauqua of Its own. It hits formed an Association with the I'astor of the First Piesby- lerlan thurch for president, oin' of the local physicians for vice-president and the secretary of the Y. .M. C. A. for secretary. The plan Is to effect a permanent organization so lola will have a Chautauqua every year. It has been di'clded to sell shares in the company which will be organized to back the proposition .it five dollars per share. It may not be necessary for the men who take stock to have to pay anything but if the enterprise should lose money It will assure A fund to fall back on. The - lola plan is to have only ten days' program and have all the star attractions in the evening Instead of morning or afternoon, whrti it is practically ini|>088ible to gel a large attendance. LO^T—In lola a lady's long black cloak wttli Telvet collar. Finder please phone 548 and receive reward. lJNEaL!4l § ED VALUES BN WOMEN'5 COAT?^, •SUSIS AND SKIRTS. Road these item ; al'oiit WtJiiion s New Roiidj^lo-Wciu' Apparel, then eomG and see the garments thcnificlvcs, and you Will undorstand what we mean when we say sec the styles autl kiarn wliat our prices arc Long Loose'CoHls at $10. A ptire achicvenjcnt imprrtc- dcnlrd. {Kjsitive Ji j.oo to fi.\ no values, .••pctially ptietd lor itrday to demonstrate Icadcr.-hij) iti extreme value K'^inj;. T-.e new lonj; loise coats in btoac- clolhs ant) ligbt \vetj;lil Kcr.scy, litieti lhtotij;hoiil witii j;ray rr black .salii), I-' URC lull si' VLS with titrnovir rutin. cdKcd with iiiil'taiy braid, lull rijtplc t)ack, inlaid velvet collar ornanieotctl with .silk braiti. Rrncclully lull and ciwccping :-lyIes, price $10.00 Ladies' Cloaks. $7.50. This i3 a regular Jio.of) lonj: so iiiili cloak, son:e lined thionghout, nicely trlmiucd, a big atir.ottment ol .style? to select trom, our price $7.50 Cloaks at $5.98. Ladies' Cloak.';. 50 inches long, plain, black and fancy mix tutes, none' worh less than $^.50. Will go quick at Goals at $12 50. Styjir-h Ico.c in scitii-tittitv, tnodi-l.-'.. nt ule of !i;bt rreif;lit iu« !ton or impoifd bioadclolii.'^, coUarJcs- -.ivlc:-./ The !"-<-k fini-hed with .t wide lacing t>l black velvet oiiillned -.vith black silk bi.'iid: ban<is ot wide :7ilk br.iid .Tpplied .'t...>rt the aim holes give the new Japanese sictvo efl'";t, littPiJ thiough- out with good quality ol satin, a tplciidid v.iliic at $I2.S0 Special veluei in handsome coali at S15. 517.50 and S21. Sale of f?'2w Fall Waists. There are too niativ pittly sty'cii to describe all but you will find ibr d.tinile:-,! late wai-43 conceivable at thi", price. The taffeta w^i is are made in the desired (ailored effects,, spfclally priced. $5.00 A Sale for the Little Ones. too white fine Bear.'^kin Coats, all ages, lined ' throt'2bout, large peail buttons. Would be cheap at $3.50. opeti^l sale price— !;2,65 200 best grade Bearskin Cloaks in vvhite, broxn, red, bine and gray. This is the best grade. Vv'ill go for $2.98

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