Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1908
Page 1
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Thm Re^iMimr Hmm the Lmrgmmt Gir^utmilon la Miiem Couniy of Any Mowmpaper PubiimM im Om Goum^. EIGHT PASES. lOLA, K.VNSAS, OCTOBER 28, 1908.—^VEDXESDAT fiTESISC EIGHT PAGES. PSICI TWO COT&, LONG SPO@ HERE rXITED STATES SE>'ATOK STRAXB ED rs IOL.\. MAKES ADDRESS. A BIG CROWD TURNED OUT WITH OXLY » IIOI'RS TO ADYER- TISE MEETIXG, WAS FULL HOUSE. Discussed Iho Tariff—Sliowcd FaUacies of.tJio Deniofrwy—En- rp lonce Probably »ho host moo (ins over ar- rauRt'd for in Ida with but. throe h<^urs' noiioo, was hclit last night in Vtic Majestic thoater with Choster I. I .DiiK .IS tho orator of thp ocoasion. Ni>;hl hfforo last Mr. IvoriR spoki to wJint is «ii<i (o have hooii thn most 'ruccer-rful rally over hold at Galona. Yesterday morninK h« took the Katy to ChauutG expecting to make connections there for Garnett on Ihe Santa Fo where ho was billed for an r.ddrrsc last night. He reached Cha- niito toe late to make oonoctions nortl: on the Santa Fe so came on to lola on Ihe Kafy, thinking it, bolter to conic .IS far toward Garnett a.s uossihle. Or hid arrival in lola ho learned that the roadi": were in sneh condition that h* C0.1M no: hope 10 roach Garnett bj oard ;-:s»' or automobile. The only thiac: left was to "foot it." The .senator doesn 't like to miss an on^age- mcnc and said last night iliat lie seriously con .<;ldered walking tc dosiinatJon. limvever he doorded th.nt reaching Gniiioit wa.s out of the ane.stioni Tlis ir..".:iy friond.s here then urged him tc .•c!v-^ an S(idre.«!s .at the Majesiici and, renfrnwrlng chat Atlfin oonnty gave him,a handsome majority at the pri- n.ftries he consentod. It was then 100 late to annonnce the meeting in the evening p.iper.'i. Hlll.^ were cirotilated .•I EhnrI lime before .«iippor and Mr. t.bng's friends informed their lioigh- hors of the a^Idrcss that was in Kiore tor all who wonld attend the riopting Well, did Ihe senator ;ret a crtiwd? He certainly did. When he amsi^ to .•^Iie.ik aboni eiah; oViock iho Uou.'^e was filled, which wa."^ inileed very sati.'jfartory consideriiig the limited t into for adverti.>iiiig the iut'<'(ing. In fact. Mr. Lon? faced nearly a.-^ large crowd as greeted .Inlin Atwood, ihc Democratic speaker, who .^e cominp wa:^ annonnced for two weeks previous to the date of the meeting. [a a brief but appropriate si>eech I,. L. Xonhrup, chairman of the Republican" county central committee, introduced Mr. Ijinp. Mr. Northrup ex- r.lained the circumstances which made it possible for lolans to hear Mr. Long saying that what. wa> Garrett? loss was lola's gain. Mr. f^enaior Lonjc directed hi.s re- mat ks largely to Mr. Bryan. In fact, he said that Mr. Bryan was really the issue in this e.-impaign. The Xebras- kan was conducting the campaign fot the Democrat.s and was the exponen' rf 'he Democratic platform. Ho thei tr.accd ,Mr. Bryan's political ;>iistory beginning in iKSt^. when he championed free .silver. .Mr. Long reviewed the conditions of the country at that time, telling of the failures of hlv business enterprises, the closing of mills and shops and the generally depressed condiiion.j, due to Democratic la.^s. Mr. Bryan, he said, took the position in that campaign that (he cause of the depression was our finan rial system, and .tdvocaied free silvei as the relief. Mr. McKinley and the liepubiicau party took the positior that the cause was the Deraocrati* tariff system. The people decided in that campaign, said the senator, that I»tr. McKinley and the-RopubHcan party were right in asserting that the trouble was with the tariff and not with the money system. He rcviewei' the tariff and money laws enacted bj the Republicans after ihe election ol McKinley and emphasiz€d_ the fact that as a result the factories were OMoned and the depression lifted. irr. Ixtng then took up the tarlfl at length stating that the Republican party v.-as pledged to make oaly such changes In the tariff laws as would insure continued prosperity. He also spoke against the bank guaranty law as it is advocated by the.-Democrats. The senator made ah effe<^tlve plea for Xr. Taft He referred to him, after reviewing his record as a jorist Jtnd OS dvll jspTemer of th« Fhilipr •lines, as the best equipped man ever r .resonted for the office he was seeking at the time of his nomination. The speaker also urged the voters to stand by Congressman Scott. He ?a:d he knew Mr. Scott's record in r.'ongress was an excellent one and ^hat he deserved a big majority in the Dre .sent campaign. He spoke in 'tehalf of Mr. Brlstow. who defe.ited Iiim for the nomination for United States senator. He urged his friends to support Mr. Bristow saying that, if ne could stand to be defeated by Jir. "ristow. his friends ought to he wiling .to give him their support. He ro- iiinded his hearers that to elect Mr. '.rii^tow they must vote for .Mr. W'at- on and .Mr. Travis. .Mr. Long was freqtionily applnitded n the course of his remarks and everyone left the room glad that circumstances had so conspired to permit them to have the opportunity of hearing the senator. The W. O. \V. hand furnished music for thf» occasion. JOHN REEDS IS DEAD Ft. Scott. Boy Who Sot Up First Lhio- typo .llarhtno in lola, Dfo.«5 at roiToyvlllo, .John .\. Reeds, who .<^.eL up and op- 'rated the first linotype machine in Tola, died last evening at Coffeyville, ifter an illness of about two weeks. The Uegister installed the first lino- ypo in lola in 1807 and Mr. Reeds set I up and operated it for over a year, ie was we'I known here especially mioug the newspaper boys. Of his ieath, the Fort Scoti Republican of •-hi.s morning, says: ,lohn A. Reeds, who had been dangerously ill for the last ten days, died ve.storday evening about five tlilrty Vclock at his home in C'otro>-vHle. His brother, Frank Reeds, was sum- nontx! by wire .vrntorday afternoon^ iu( did not reach Goffeyvillc tinin an lOur after death had occurred. His nolhcr. who had been with him for levora! days, was with him when he lloti. Death re.sttlted from typhoid •'ever. Mr. Itoeds was born in Kansas City leptemher 21. ISTS, and a son of he late .lohn .\. Rep<|.>;, who died here ast sjirin-Jf. Practically all of his life vas sprm in Fort .Srotr until four cars ;mo when be w<^nt to roffcyville vhoro lie had been employed since as '. linotype machinist-operator on the •"offeyville .Tournal. It is the intention to bring the body lore tor l-.iirial on Thur.^day. Funeral ••ervicos will bo held from the ivsi- lence of the deceased's mother at iSO.'t jouth National avenue. •jllks and other orders. fmS> Of_HIS.RECQRDJ^' rnCCll rilUlfl DLAmC "^-'^ '^'^ approached th'* man, blow- EMIIXE MEN TfOT CARELE.SS IX .i lag the whistles and ranging the bell "^ie I nick." Knglneer Heller said, "atiij AN INQUEST HELD YESTERDAY A CASE OF DELIBERATE S( iriDE, TE.STI.MOXY DKVELOPE .«J. NATIONAL ANNUITY BANQUET. Local I^dKO nm Hare Special Meet- Ing Thnrsdar. The X. .\. S. will have an open ueeting and hanquer tomorrow evening in .\. O. V. W. hall, there will '10 a program of music and recitations ind speeches by out of town officers if the order. Two hundred giie.ots have >een inviiRl. v,e ihoiiciii that ho meant to get ont ,of the way. Suddenlv he i-iopped back HU.MBOLDT ACCIDENT, JURY S VYS. j ,,etwc-en the ralKs and walked toward fih.' engine, hat pulled down over his eyes and unheeding the warning wo wore paing. When' 1 observed that me man tiid not intend to get off Ihe ••rack, it wa:i 100 late to stup ;ho long, bravv freight train, though wc m.Tde an rfftdi 10 do s<..' K:igi;ie« r He,l. r's story of the ac••;di ;!." was corri »lKiraii -d tiy Fireman • loliry anil Brakenian Kt lley. Giber wiiiiev:.r».> lestified as to the finding iif liie l )<id>. woiinds and location. .l;<ilor Hoover Kerr reiurned from :itiii:Iio !ilt this morning where he had l-.e.--n (n a.-.'sisr in conducting the in- Ipll -St. •.Nothing wa.-^ brotight out in the trsJinioiiy v.hUh would establish or lend a clue 10 establishing the identify (»f the nnloitunato man." Jailor Kerr said. "Surely this man be'onged to no iirder nor society of any kind and possibly had no living relatives. Wlien he was killt-d the whpic family was obliterated 1 gne..." From th" Ftory of iho acrident as rel .il.-d by the engine men and Marshal !!enM >n. of llumholdi, it appears th.'it tlie r >i:Mi df "lit >riately committed No Clue Mhich Will Lead (o Identity of Dead .Han—Enpineor llelier's Storj- of Fatality. Officially declared dead and buried uinii '1 namelOL -.s grave, the investigation Mr. Reeds w .is a member of the of the death of an unknov.n man. who TAFT GETS ANOTHER -Jtraw Vote at Prime Western No. 3 Shows Taft 45 and Bryan 22. Thofpoll of the furnace men who work in the Prime Western Spelter 'ompany smelter number'three, which vas taken this morning, shows that William Howard Taft, the Ilepubll- •an candidate for president, will ro- •elve a large majority of the votes of the worirmen. Out of- the seventy- three furnace men who are eligible .0 vote Taft will roceivo forty-fjve votes, Bryan t *enty -twTo, and Dobs .six. Triplets are Practicing. This afternoon at the Electric Park -I practice football game is being played between a "pick up" team from the ^.AHarpo and the Triplets. Both teams ire getting into condition for games. The piclt up team plays Moran on the •'nma ground next Friday and the Priplets meet Independence here next <9unday. The Triplets practiced yea- •erday afternoon. Visited Cement Plant. •Senator Chester L tong, who spoke here last night, Tislted the lola Port*and cement plant this morning is was killed by a Santa Fe freight train in the yards at Humboldt Friday. October Ifi, is at a close and the identJiv of the unfortunate fellow is probably sealed within the toioh. Ye.s terday afternoon, at an inquest IieM in the office cf .lames I'cery. justice of the peace, in and for Humholdi. and before Dr. David W. Reid. coroner of the county of Allen, state of Kansa.-. a jury after hearing the te.s- limony of several witnesses returned the following verdict. .SN 'iie of Kanr^as. Allen Co-.iiny. .Vn inquisition holden at Humboldt, in Allen county, on the and da.vs of October, A. D. i ;«<iH. before tne. David \V. Reid. coroner of said couiw.v, on the body of a person unkiu)wn there lyliii.- dead, by the jurors whoso names are hereunto subscribed, the !-aid jurors 011 their o.iths do say. thac the man carae to his death from coming in contact with a moving railroad train, pre.sum- ably from carelessness on his part. From the evidence furnished the jurors we exonerate the ongiueer and fireman of said railroad I rain from ail blame. In tesiijnony whereof the said jurors have horeunio set iheir hands, the day and year aforesaid. .1. II. OSBORNE. .1. T. THOLEX. CH.XKLES H. SCHAFFXER. J. A. C.\MPBELL. .TOSEPH THUXEY. A. W. CrNXIXGHA .M. W. B. Heller, of Chanute, engineer on the train which struck the dead man; k. Goltry, fireman; .Martin Ben son. marshal of Humboldt; J. H Kelley. head brakeman; Ed Braucher. .Toe Braucher. U. Seymour and James Peer}-, were examined as witnesses. Engineer Heller's slory of the accident was practically the same as that related in the Register at the ofUie enjEin«,'^e stepped aaldf trpm A DASH FOR LIBERTY Harrison Steele Attempted to Escape From Jailor Kerr But Was Captured. iS TAFT'S BIG PAY BIG MASS MEETING OF BEPUBLI- C.\XS IN NEW TOBlf. TALES ABOUT THE TRUSTS PRE.SIDENTIAL CANDIDATE DE- FINES POSITION OF REPUBLICANS Many Speeches in Different Loralltka of BIy Metropolis—SeTcnl PoliUrtan.^ There. 12,000 IN THE COLD MAIN C ARRVfXG GAS TO BARTLES- YILLE IS RROKKN. Lights l4 »st Night—People C«>ok;ng .MOHU O^er Bon­ fires. Ar4 Barfu.-vi!,o. Okla.. O^t. 2S.—Twelve hoiisand persons in Bartlesvllie and he on? lying districis were without heat or i-hf last ni:-'ht and this morn ing as the rt-sult of a broken gaa main. Meal<; are bfing cooked over •onflres and people are .staying in bed :o keep warm. Shortly after ho h.nd been .ndjudg- od insane by a commission in lunacy before .Toseph B. Smith, jmlge of the probate court. Ha.'TrT^on Steele made a dash for liberty whic:;. might have boon succe.<«ful had ho boon a good sprinter and some person other than Jailor Hoover Kerr the purstier. .After the hearing Jailor Kerr knowing that Steele dil not relish the idea of returning to jail with, an officer. to permit him to walk along with a gentleman deputized for the occasion.' The jailor would yalk along a step or two 5ehind. With the keen perception peculiar to some forms of mental disorder. Steele observed that, with the jailor slightly behind, he might make a suc- cc.«^sful dash for liberty. As the party stopped out of the north door of the court house, Steele darted down the walk toward West street. Jailor Ken- started in quick pursuit. \\"hen the ELigle restaurant building, on West street, was reached, .Tailor Kerr overtook the prisoner. But Steele did not propose to capitulate without an argument so he picked up a stick and warne<t iho Jailor to ht him alone. Realizing the condition of the man and rather than u.^e drastic measures in enforcing a surrender. .Tailor Kerr began to parley with Steele. In this manner, the fugitive was coaxed back as far as the Culbertson undertaking store on Jackson avenue. There Jailor Kerr rolier- cd Steele of his club and returned hiu: to jaiL Steele 's flight and Ihe pursuit or the officer attracted much attention and more than a hundred people f'ock- ed along after the pursued and the pursuer. TO HANG FOUR MEN A Leader of Can? and Forty Trespass • ers Are Now Under Arrest, Samburg, Tenn.. Oct. ,2?.— f^rrett fohnson. the alleged ring leader of the flight riders of this se.cttoa, ia a prisoner at Camp Nemo, and fo ^y men, believed to l»€ actively conneded with the night riding in this territory are qnder arrest'and (enough e^dence is nam coUectedf U» bang fpor,' W.VNT A RECEIYER Company Holdlne Bond.s of Clereland Trartton Firm Asks Favor of Court. Cleveland. O., Oct. 2S.—The Central Trust company of Xew York, trustees for the bond holders of the Cleveland Railway company, today filed a suit In the federal cotirt praying that a receiver be appointed for the* munlcipa' Traction company now operating the lines of ihe former corporation in this city. Judge Taylor of the federal court. Is sued a temporary order tieing up all funds held by the municipal company except such as may be necessary for the payment of wages. Xew York. Oct. 28.—That Xew York regarded by both big parties as vitally imporiauL in the canvass was evidenced by the presence of both, presidential .ind Republican vice presi' dential candidates in or near the city. Kern continues his tour in^^Indiana; Hisgen in Connectient; Chafin and Wat kin.s at Atlantic City, and Debs Is preaching for the Socialists cause in Illinois. This is Judge Taft'.-; big day in Oreator Xew York as Monday was Aryan's. His train reached here half in hour before noon and from then •intil afffr midnight almost every moment was assigned for meetings In ••arious parts of the city. A monster 'tass meeting of Republicans will be hold in Madison Square Gaiiden to- ^ight. Two hour.s before Mr. Taft reached here .Mr. Brjan left on his up-state '.our, touching'a number of towns before addressing the big mass meeting'" It Troy tonight. Mr. Bryan spoke In Y'onkers yealer- iay, and. saying be understood his iistinguished opponent had charged hat the RepttHican pa:rc.y had done nothing for labor. Mr. Taft first as- rrted that the policies of the Repub- iran party had heein chiefly devoted o the interests of labor, and then iiointed out that the protective policy made po.-fsihlo the .sugar refining Industry, the chief enterprise of the city. •Certainly Mr. Bryan was a t>old man to advocate such views in a town ;iko Yonkors." continued Mr. Taft, •which I believe is one of the greatest Tiianufacturing towns in proportion to ts size in the state of Xew York and s dependent upon the protective sys- :om?" As .1 sample. Mr. Taft said, of the utterly impratical or destructive char icter of .Mr. Bryan's recommendation •vith reference to economic reforms,' y to wofld cite what Mr. Ttryan would ;lo with the Yonkers sugar refinery, a.ssuming for argument that the refinery was in a 'trust," Mr. Taft said: "He would take off the differential •jn sugar—that protection which is accessary to enable us to have any sugar refineries in this country. It would cause the establishment of refineries in Germany, and all of your population here dependent on this refinery would be affected. And not on•y would it destroy the trust but with ;t the independent refineries." "The Republican party is just as auch opposed to monopoly as the 'Democratic Darty." announced Mr. Taft later. "It passed and enforced 'he anti-trust law. It belieVes in going directly at the evil of monopoly by ;mnishing men for continuing it. rather than by destroying the industries •nd the great combinations of capital .hat have much utility and are <rf such •enefit to the wage earners. It be- teves in stamping out the evil and not tamping out the corporation." THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Fair tonight -ind Thursday; not much change in 'emperature; frost is probable tonight. Yesterday Yr. ago 53 54 49 42 3S 34 54 34 0 For best vtA. qaiekest rrsoit^ trj mat m. .50 .50 2 p 4 P 6 p. m. 47 5 p. m 45 10 p. m ..41 '2 midnight 37 Meximum temperature ...53 Minimum temperature .. .37 Procipiattlon. 7 p. m. ... 0 Today Yr. ago 2 a. m .".36 23 4 a. m 34 29 6 a. m 33 30 8 a. m 33 35 10 a. m 43 45 12 noon .53 50 Precipitation, 7 a. m. ..J 0 0 PIt-Pat the best ta^ at Barrell's

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