The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 23, 1964 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Monday, November 23, 1964
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ENTERED AS SECOND CLASS MATTER OCTOBER 4, 1895 AT POST OFFICE AT TIPTON. INDIANA VOLUME 69, NUMBER 43 TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1964 7 CENTS PER COPY — 35 CENTS PER WEEK SCHRICKER HONORED , INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) — 57 Reported Dead In Crash Of U.S. Plane By HARRY J. STATU OS United Press International ROME (UPI)—A Trans World Airlines jetliner carrying 72 persons exploded and • burned bronze bust of the only man to today while taxiing for take-off be elected twice as governor of from Rome . s Fiumicino A i r- Indiana will be unveiled in a por j. Statehouse ceremony Wednes-i _,' ">,.,. . . , , . T , , . The flight originated in Kansas City, M67, and was headed Former Gov. Henry ' F. for Athens and Cair0 Schncker will be present to see, Police said were about his bust unveiled. He is 81 15 survivors . They were taken years old. t 0 hospitals near the airport Indiana law bars a governor where some of'them were re- from succeeding himself. But ported-in critical condition. . Schncker, chief executive from A TWA spokesman in New 194A to 1945, ran again m 1948 York said the Boem m air . and was elected, serving-from craft _ carrying 55 pas ^ n g ers 1949 to 1953. i and 17 crew p erson nel—hit a Governor Welsh sent-personal truck that was crossing the invitations to about 700 friends run way. He said the pilot was of Schricker. However, the 11 trying to halt his takeoff, am EST ceremony in the. The spokesman said the 17 Statehouse rotunda is open to crew members aboar d included the general public. ; six TWA French hostesses who The Rev. WiUiam H. Eifert, were traveling to Athens to pastor of :the Redeemer Luth- p j ck up another flight, eran Church in 'Indianapolis, Tne airline spokesman said who twice administered the the survivors included the cap- oath of office to Schricker, will tain, identified as Vernon Low- give the invocation and benedic- ^L, and a TWA dispatcher, tion at the ceremony. | Two French hostesses also The bust was the work of In- were reported among the sur- dianapolis artist Dav^d K vivors). Rubins. It will occupy a niche! TWA spokesmen said the m the southeast corner of the! plane was Flight TWA 800-22 outer rotunda wall. , | which originated Sunday in Schricker, whose political Kansas City. It made stops at i symbol was a white hat, visited Chicago, New York, Paris and the Statehouse last week and Mi i an en route to Rome. From looked at the base already pre-.R 0me> ; t W as to have gone on pared for the bust. j to Athen s and Cairo.' "They shouldn't have donej Only last week, fiumicino it," said a news-Airport was the scene of a bi- man standing beside him. "But zarre attempt to ship an dd- I'm proud that that many peo- mitted spy to Cairo by. air pie still think something of freight inside a trunk. . j me." | Firemen Use Foam The bust was. paid for by i Firemen, wearing asbestos friends of Schricker. (suits, battled itie flames with State employes who served foam -Hundreds of- spectators under Schricker will be given rushed to the sCene, about 2,500 time off from their jobs to feet from ^ terminal building, attend the ceremony.. I Eyewitnesses': said flames had Four Fined appeared to be coming out of the airliner's jet engines before the explosion, which occurred shortly before 2 p.m. ,(8 a.m. - 'Four persons were fined $18.75 EST). each in Justice of the Peace, They said the" survivors were Court Saturday. Annette E. Por- lucky to get out of the flaming ter, 28, Elwood;. and Clinton L.iwreckage because within sec- Rcckey, 17, R. R. 1, Kiarps-'onds after the blast the heat ville, received the penalty for became so intense, that firemen speetling. Hastel L. Asiier, 29,'could not'get within 100 feet of Greenwood, was slated for fail-;the aircraft, ing to obey a red traffic signal and Frederick W. Hiatt, 23, R^ R. 2, Sharpsville, was cited for'a series of explosions. Part' of driving without an operator's the fuselage was hurled into ithe air and smoke billowed high into the clear sky.. Five ambulances, their sirens screaming, raced to the scene. „, . .. _ , I All incoming flights were di- Two men are in the County ! verted to ciampino Airport, the jail today on charges of disor- f Rome dvil ai t n derly conduct and public in- u SQuth of R Mcn . Explosions Rip Wreckage The wreckage was ripped by license. Three Arrested toxication and a third man faces charges of driving while under " S „ ed f0r miUtary and char ' the influence of intoxication and' m Z hts reckless driving. Terry Allen Purvis, 22, Sheridan, and Paul Jackson, 23, Tipton, were apprehended following a commotion Saturday night. • Indiana State Police arrested Bronar D. Cook, 31, Kirklin, after a chase early Sunday morning. Scholarship To Honor Murray A "Wally Murray Scholarship Fund" was founded today by a group of local citizens with the consent of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Murray, parents of the former Blue Devil killed in Saturday , ni.fhifs accident. All per. sons who would like to contribute to this fund, which will" go towards a future basketball scholarship for some deserving boy from T.H.S., may instead cf sending flowers, mail their contribution to Joe Schmith, fund treasurer, at Citizens National Bank. • USELESS KEY - LONDON CUPI) — The lost property office of London transport has a key in its possession •which leads to the Newgate Prison scaffold, demolished 60 years ago. - There have-been no claimers since it was left at the luggage office three months ago. WEATHER Fair and warmer today and tonight. Tuesday partly cloudy and warmer. High today upper 40s. Low tonight lower 30s. H*igh Tuesday mid 50s. 18 AMERICANS WOUNDED AS HIDDEN BOMS BLASTS SAIGON AIRPORT EATERY Wally Murray Is Killed, Five Other Occupants Hurt DeGaulle Fights U.S. Sponsored Nuclear Force Defense Opens Testimony In Murder Trial BOONVILLE, Ind. (UPI)— The stage is set today for the defense to begin its case in the first-degree murder trial of three former Fort Campbell, Ky., paratroopers charged in the death of an Evansville mortician. The state completed its case against William Thompson, 21, East Gary, Patrick! Pirrie, 21, Southgate, Calif., and Robert Graymont, 25, Needham, Mass., Friday. The former.- soldiers are charged in the death of Rudolph Ziemer, 56, an Evansville mortician whose body was found in March, 1963, in Ohio River floodwaters. Friday's session ended with Warrick Circuit Court Judge Addison M. Beavers denying defense motions for directed verdicts of acquittal for the three defendants. Beavers had denied similar motions ndaily since the trial began a week ago today. , Evansville Detective -Joseph Molinet, the final state witness, admitted under cross-examination that Ziemer had a reputation as a homosexual:' Molinet and Sgt. Walter Cooch testified Thompson and Pirrie had admitted striking Ziemer when he made advances toward them as the three rode in his •car the night'of March 21, 1963. The officers quoted Thompson as saying they had left Ziemer in his car in about three feet of water. The mortician's body was found in the submerged auto two days later. City Directory To Be Compiled. Tipton residents will be asked to "tell all",, or nearly all in tne next few weeks as the R. L. Polk Company of Detroit, Mich., begins compilation of the second City Directory for Tipton. Harrison Miller, Indianapolis, will be doing the polling for the book, which will be published during the early part of 1985. Miller said that his work will take about six weeks. The book serves'as a handy reference for many, containing a buyers and organization index, an alphabetical list of industries, businesses, and residents and their occupations, a street guide arid directory arid a numerical listing of all Tipton telephone numbers. Miller said that if the person is not home when he calls, he will leave a questionnaire to be iiiled and mailed to the firm. Reckless Driving Charged Friday An Atlanta man was injured Friday night in a two-car collision just east of Tipton. Burford Davis Jones, 42, R. R. 2, Atlanta, was driving west on Indiana 28, when an automobile driven fcy Carl Brown, Elwood, crossed the center line, skidded 25 feet and struck the rear of Jbnes' vehicle as he swerved to avoid the collision. •Brown told Indiana State Trooper Earl Francis, who investigated the accident that he did not see Jones' car until immediately before the impact. Brown was cited for reckless driving. Jones was taken to Tipton County Hospital where his condition today is lsited as good. MEET TONIGHT The Tipton Coinmon Council will meet tonight in its regular meeting. Among business to be transacted will be the reception and examination of bids for the new po'ice car- and a new pickup truck for the street depart-! Streets. He is slated to appear SPEEDING CHARGED James M. Kinder, 20 RR 1, Tipton,' was arrested by" Indiana State -Police iFriday for speeding 45 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour zone. Kinder was stopped at Madison and Main QUADS VISIT QUADS—Born Aug/' 22, 1946,.- in Portland, Ore., the Tigner quadruplets get a peek through a hospital nursery window at Portland's newest quads, bom to Mrs. Arlin Grenewalt, 19, Nov. 18. The Tlgners are (from left) Dee Jerry, August Joe, Carole t essle and Beatrice Josephine. PARIS (UPI) — President Charles de Gaulle today appeared to be prepared to sacrifice both the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Common Market in his campaign against the U.S. - sponsored 'Multilater­ al.Nuclear Force (MLF). French officials said plans were already prepared for a switch to closer ties with the Communist world if the Western alliance collapses. De Gaulle declared war on MLF in a speech at Strasbourg Sunday. His address was filled with his usual enigmatic November 22, in St. Joseph { M i c higa"n^tatVPolIcV"todayare ffiatabl?^"^ fta? "he Indiana. Her death was caused William RnlanH Loomis 39 In- » . i r by a coronary attack. IdiaSlis fofcl^s Tn thf slav-' er l ° WreCk the nUdear f ° rCe Sister Callista Kelly w a s ! ing 0 f the ' purchasing agent for ! He said MLF would make born in Dublin, Ireland, daugh-;^ electronics division of P. R. < West German y an auxdiary ter of Thomas Kelly and Brid- Rites Wednesday For Local Sister Sister Mary Callista, C. S. J. died suddenly Sunday "morning, Test Body For Slaying Clues MANISTIQUE, Mich. (UPI)— get McCray. At the invitation of Mother M. Gertrude, she entered S. Joseph Novitiate, Tipton, Indiana, in August- 1909, and made her Perpetual Vows in August 1919. At the close of her Novitiate, Sister taught in the Primary . „ , of the United States and warned Mallory Co. !the Germans they would'have Authorities said four hunters to choose between this ana be- found the man's body Saturday j ng par t 0 f a united Europe, in a densely wooded section in, He reiterated assertions hc northern Michigan near here. has made many times in the They said the man appeared to p^^t there is no guarantee have been shot at least once in the United States would come to nead - .'Europe's.defense at the start of n »nbrt m0 n f n ( t h o narnnhi^i ' Police said the body was a nuclear conflict. ^PS^^ZmMJ ^U ^l^l But.with-U.S. control of-the for a few years. Her talents were directed' into' the 'field of Nursing in 1926. She received her R. N. in 1929. She served the sick in St. Charles Hospital, Bend, Oregon, St. Joseph Memorial Hospital, Kokomo, and Mercy Hospital, Elwood. In the a- clothingiJabeh;andha photo- nu61ear we in MLF, De graph of the 1954 white sports Gaull6 warned Europe would cat Loomis owned found in a tunable to defend itself ade- pocket. ••' Loomis bad been . . quately without American parti- n > e u u . m,ss ! ng cjpation. • . since Oct. 15 when his wife, | _ , '..:;• 1 In London, informed sources Giuetta,~reported his disappear-. .. r, .. . , T , ance to police. At that time, she s * a - ,d -Britain s new Labor gov 4 , . , u „ -told them her husband.had left fnment was-preparing a plan two latter places she served as|f or Chicago to sell the car to ; mer Se MLF into a broader Administrator. I Oct. 12 and was supposed to re-i# an " c . ^" elear . !" orc . e ( ANF) In 1952 she was elected Fourth Member of the Council (Gov- ernoring Body) of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Tipton, and served in that capacity for ' six years. Since 1959 she has been engaged in S. Joseph Memorial Hospital's Public Relations Department. Sister is survived by a sister, Mrs. Florence Enright, a brother, Mr. Patrick Kelly, and with British participation. The new ANF would include submarines, aircraft, and some missiles, the sources said, in addition to the. surface vessels supposed turn Oct. lk. •Police found the car in a used car lot in Memphis, Tenn., where a man giving the name W. R. Loomis rented an auto. . , ,, T „ Chicago authorities added that, planned for a man using that name regis- 1 De Gaulle, spoke in Stras- tered at a northwest suburban bo . ur g on the 20th. anniversary motel in Melrose Park, 111. | of the Rhine city's liberation They said they found a fully from the-Germans. It was also packed suitcase in the man's . his 74tn ' birthday, room ..and that he had failed to i His speech was a renewed several nieces and nephews all check out. Michigan police said French declaration of independ- of Dublin, Ireland, and a grand nephew in New Jersey. Friends may call at St. Joseph Motherhouse, Tipton Tuesday afternoon and evening. The funeral will be at 10:30 a. m. Wednesday, at St. Joseph seen alive Oct. 13 when he further tests, of the decomposed ence. De Gaulle, busy building body's skull and hands were to- his own independent nuclear be made. force, has . opposed 3IL/F from 'Manager J. C. Michels of in- the start. It was clear that he dustrial relation for Mallory has now turned his energies to said Sunday Loomis was last keeping West Germany out of Motherhouse Chapel. Interment will be in Community Cemetery. the Two Fire Calls The Tipton (Fire Department made a short run this morning to extinguish a trash blaze on South Independence Street. A city trash truck driver discovered the blazing trash in the bed of his truck. He dumped it onto the street and called the fire department. . Tipton and Madison Township Fire Departments were called to put put a fire at the Clarence Reynolds residence, yesterday afternoon. The blaze, which started from a defective furnace flue,-took one and a half hours to extinguish. No estimate of damage was given. The building is owned, by Dan Mattingly and is located two miles southeast of Tipton. called on a client in Chicago: CANVAS TUESDAY A house to house solicitation will be held in Tipton from 7-9 p.m. by members of Psi Iota Xi sorority, seeking to sell candy for funds designed to start a Speech and Hearing Clinic in this City. the force. DRIVER CHARGED A Tipton man, Edward R. Ogden, 22, 316V2 N. Indepsn- dence is slated to appear in City Court December 4th on charges of driving without an operator's license. He. was stopped by state police Saturday. DIES IN FIRE SOUTH BEND, Ind. (UPI)— Paul Szabo, 76, South Bend, died Sunday when a fire swept the basement of his home. Authorities listed the cause of death as asphyxiation, apparently due to smoke inhalation. Firemen found the man's body on the floor of the home's dining room and all attempts to revive him failed. The blaze, which did an estimated $4,800 worth of damage, apparently began in a basement wood box. Frank Chiszar, 45, who lived/*'' the ^house with Szabo; told firemen the dead man was in the habit of using long-pieces of wood in the fur- riace* and often' left the door open. •' IT RUNS—William Borter *ot Sugarcreek, Ohio, spen( six weeks transforming a vintage washing machine Into a workable vehicle tor a festival parade. A 1.75-horsepower motor provides power for the chain-driven vehicle. Walter O. .Murray, Jrl, 20, was killed and five other Tipton or area boys injured in an automobile accident at 1:20 a .m. Sunday morning w!ien a car in which they were riding failed to negotiate a curve, flipped over, rolled down an embankment and turned over again a short distance east of the Indiana state j line, in Ohio. J The Ohio State Police^ har- racks v at Greenville, which investigated the accident, reported that Jeffrey Hoover. 19. of -103 N. Conde, driver of the car, failed to negotiate thi? curve, plunged off the left side of the highway on route 571 five miles north of Greenville and came to a stop atop three of the young men who had been thrown cl ?ar of the vehicle. . All six victims were taken ta Wayne County Hospital. Greenville, Murray, one of the three pinned beneath the car, died of a crushed diaphragm and internal injuries. IIoov3r suffered scalp and severe leg iniuries ';ut wis pronounced in "fair" condition at that hospital at 10. a.m. tnd 'i .r 'vhere it was believed treatment •0 save one leg from amputation had been successful. Iniuries Listed The other passengers were William Coe. 21, of 224 South West Street, Tipton, reported in "cooi" condition this morning at the hospital, being treated for spinal fractures and scalp 'accretions: Buddv Gipson. 725 O.ik Street'.. Tinton, '"fairly sood" with a oosiible fracfiro of'the right femur and lactr.v S 'ons: Lyndon McCorkle. 18. ^urtisville. fracture of the right fpmur and lacerations: and James Harpe. 21, 4S4 N. Independence, Tipton: lacerations to the scnlp and right leg.. McCorkle was transferred to Rail Memorial Hospital where his condition was "satisfactory", while Harpe was released and returned home Sundav folloivini treatment at the Wayne Hn^ni- fal in Greenville. Hirpe st''<so- iventlv -^u'fered several fnint- and was taken to Tipton hospital where his condition this morning was reoorted "good". Rites Wednesday funeral services for Murray will be held at 2 p .m. Wednesday '-om the v o 11 n g '- Nichols Home in Tinton with R"v. No--- vil l.von of the West Street Christian Churchofficiatine and burial will be in faii-view Ceme- *"ry. Friends may callanvtime •Tuesdav at the f-neral home "-^ere the oodv will remain until time for the services Wednesday. M-rrav.was born in Elwood. October 22. 1P44. son of W^tcr Sr.. and Thelma Elizabeth 'Rainsl Murrnv. J'e gnduntod from Tipton High School in 1903 ifter starring for three VI\TS IS a member of the basketball team and an end in football dur- : ?e,all but his senior year. He had established one-same, season and career point scoring -ecords for Tinton in basket- Sail and still holds the one-game ^armel.Sectional scoring record if 37 points, tallied asainst T ackson Central* As' a junior, in 'he 1961-62 season he became the first and only basketball player ; n the OIC ever to win the snorts- writers "Player of the Year" award as an underclassman and following Eradiation from TJI.S. was awarded a : full basketball scholarship to-fhe University of Florida, in Gainsville. * Jclnec 1 : Family Firm He returned home from Florida this Spring, on the death of his grandfather, ,D. A. Murray, to take his place in DAMCO, the family electrical manufacturing firm, and was Sales Manager of the company at the time of his death! • Survivors' include the father an'd mother;, a sister, Marika Lvnn Murray; • two grandmothers, Mrs. Thelma Rains and Mrs. Lillian Uetz, and aunts and uncles. OMITTED The name .of Dallas. Luttrell was inadvertantly ommited as a surviving' brother' of v Willis Luttrell whose death was reported Saturday in the Tribune.

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