Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 19, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1907
Page 2
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3 THE lOLA DAUY KEfa'lSTER. SATIBDAY EYEXIXG. OCTOBER 19, iW7. ^ L. NORTHRUP. f>r*tldwit. F. A. NORTHRUP, ViM-PrM^tn«i;>.. 0. P. NORTH RUP, 6Mond ViM-Prnt. •eiNitwj ftr tke OiHel States I Established 1869. Stite If Kiini AUei Cfiitr ' llieit liik ii AlkiXi. . A~ k. BRUMBiWQH. CMhi«r. MELVIN FRONK, Atit. Cashlar. I Gossip of Society GOW PUNCHER COMING Tha; Altar iroek-fv of St. .loan'. cUurcli met with Mr-, .losciili Mosi.-iii'v this week. TIic busiutBs hour «aK il voted Ho Dlaiiii^iiK i<ir the fair wUic!; will bel given in Xovfiiibi 'r. Tin- ini-iii bers present « -re .Mtsdaincs Clarlc of Lailurpf. Clianiui'. Jlalomy. .Mc ('anil,' \\1jina(!l^. ami Man Host- aii>I Miss France.i MrC;inn. + * + Tho:T soc-ifly met in tin- .Mfllmiii. . cliurcll law! cvi-niiiR and I)i'K;t!i wor!. ing on their play which will be civ.v urd»r: tlie iirection of MiK?; Aoncs Leach, The play will be producoil ii one 01 the large l;alls or cliiirc-ln some 1-iiie next month. * * + -Mrs: II. .1. .Mc.\rthin-'and liaunlit'-rs Xaonii. Itnl-yjind Hallio. Uft yosi day for Dallas. Texas, wlioro tli'y fo lURko i:i<i''- home. Air.- .McArlhni' prweded them so:ne weelis and <!n'- Inp the last w-eks of their Ma> in Tola several social affairs were :;i '.en to entertain them. • * •$• MIsg RuUi Massoiicale 4>ntprtaiM<- •a group of school friends last evi -n injf at ;an informal party. Tlie ainti:;i in ?nt8 jof ga'iie.s and music wcr" <•!! joyed pti'I Miss .\my Massenuale a.< sisted by Mis-s ICva .\nnstronK si\eil n luucpe .'Mi lo tie followin. •^'•'••'•t Misses Kiila C'nminincs. Filiia IVoul, .lesslo Fry. Mary Shields. I.iuii. Arn>s'r6n?. l.uoile Ulcliey. I.en ir^ Dotinls; Huzel H". atlieilaiid. H'lili .\I is HengahV, Missis Bowlus. Ro.'-coi' Wood, f'nrl Uichey. .Tud Carpenti'i WlUie Mll-e 1 oe Massen^Mle an 1 Clarenc? Tiffany. Mrs. I'M. Hanipton. of ItransiMi v..c- 'n lola yesicrlay \ii aUi -nd a IM« I .-:IU of the Art club. •Miss Marv (.'haniber!ain rei;;]ii eil lo HuLiboidt after a dav s 1 it her?. A The .\rt club will !;!ve iln- fnf ii.ji, lie exhibition of tlie work of it^ mem bers early in .N'ovember in I.'brai'. Hall. Tile o.vact date is not l:ni\\i; yet but tlie member-; jiro aii:iir;i;'' lo maks the display an attracivi' i ii< consisting of burnt wood hand ii i-ii od chiua, water colors, oils and n-^ dl'- work. Aniolip 111'' club Ilieeliiits of M day was tiie session of the .Art clab which occniT«-d in the Y. .M. C .\ parlors. The papers wliicli were unusually . int.^resting were picse'i!.d early tn theafternoon in the foUo" iiiE order: Ueuiassancf! Art—Mit^s riianiierii-in Leonardo De A'inci—Mrs. Ii. II .Jones. De'sarto—.Mis. .\. C. •|'lioiii|ihoii. The election of oJIicers was al.-o a feature of the day thout;li lint l "W changes were made in the corns. .Mi.>-s Mary Chamberlaiin was re-elected pres Ideut: Mrs. Jaities Major, first vieepresidenf: Mrs.H. H. .lones. second vice president: Airs. Cair:e Ilyd sei-- retai-y and tr.-asurer. .> The Current ICveiits <-liili "ill liavi the foUowini; iifojir.ini on .^loJlll:^. ii Library llall: Music- Roll Ca'l--Ilistiir ral I'tiei-. .\ IMIIII \:: , gijiia. Map Study of llatiipKm Ri ,ad>. a ;i'l Surroundincs—Mrs. M. K. Clirf-mi The E.xposltion- .Mrs. I-.MUIS. Current Kvrnts—i.eaiier. .Miss f.rae. Acres., -V •:- •:• .\ ini'iry I'artj of .•.•inn;.- |i. .ii.:.' were ,!ntertaitiei| at tlie lioaie ol .Mi--". ra~rie Mel\ln l;et evenin;; w tli a tat f; null.' T 'le '\e|<- tJIli • 11 li' -I pr^'jciit. Look at Our Libbcy Cut Glass, Rookwood Pottery and Hand I'aiuied Cbina, wall, Jeweler and Cpticia. loi North Wasbingtoa. )i:e of tile assoc ate nienibeis of tlie I -aiii/.atioii. + + Tile I'. IC. O. elitipter will -.wi-t vi. I .Moiidav aflerni.'OM with .Mrs. C. IC. Kd- Hon. Soiuli rollioni. Mi.<. \V r Wnlsoii i- i'n^'il:ii;iiiif; ::ii iiiiiiliir. .Mrs. I.. .\. Ciitieml : ;!;id Iiei >i>ier and biotiier. Mr an- \!r.-. i".'oif;e l)ei|ij. of ).a .Inula. Coin, Mcstorn riaj ul (br Grand Aovi-iuljcr Fiftli. Play, cunipiiny and scenery are tlie thr-'c very imiKirtant requisites con- ta'ned in \V. F. .Mann's production,' •'Tlie Cow Puncher." which is bojk-, ed at tlie Grand for November ."dh.; .MaiiHser Mann has always brought us' splendid attractions in the imst and liie success of " TIM' COW Ftincher" ii! thi> east last season indicates tiiat the lirtlicoiiiiiiK ;'n'jaaement will •iiiive no e.xceptiou fo Ilie rule. "Tlie Cow I'liiielier" is a (day i |e lict iig life ill .\rix.(nia. by Hal U'.'id mil will be one of the events tlieat- •••'callv diiriii^r the coming season at li.' Crand. Tlii-^ |)liiy enjoyed a most prosperous season east last year ami iie priKluccr. W'v F. Mann, promises- local theatre ;;oers an attraction w-r . •hy in every particular. Uoma::e • ' ;-o'niedy. sensation, pathos, .iiiisic i scenery, ele<'\'ical effects and co;;-1 tuiiies sea.-^on witli .'i reasimalile ('i-l i t!ty of powder and served by an ex | rellent coinjianv of players, is whnt j may be said of "Tiie Cow l'iiiie:e r."I When Yoa Buy A WATCH from us .Mill can rest assured that you got just what you pay for. Our prices are as rea.<oii- able as they can be purchased lor any place, and our guarantee lias lieon iiiaile good duriim lifteon years in lola. McNElL BROTHEFS. THE JEVfCISRS. THE SCHOOL TROUBLE .Uoran Herald I'ubll!<bes .Statement With Kfferencc to H'bltlow Charges. AnK.>jrTi;i) itrituLAitv. IVdlci At a 111' ^tini: of Mie \\'im;'n II" Ilef Corps yi'.^^teniay fliere were join- apprcallons for membersliiii re.j\4t| iind acci |ileii. The ladies. Mr- I.en.i Brown. .Mr,-. II. A. Klink, Mis, .\|ie. Newman ami Mis. .Nora Searle.-^, "in be initiated at the next iiieetiu-.; of the corps. Th:' .-ociety also |iaid $r,0 ipto the iiioniiiiien: fiinu. thus can- celling tlieir pledge of a eonirilMition of $00. -Mrs. .\. H. WHieal. of Salina was a guest of the niembi-rs. ^ + + Mrs. R. Pliillfiis gave a inosi iijoy able afternoon af;a:r yesterday for laanibers of (r;e Royal Club wiio spent an hour witli needlewotk and were served with an elaborate Inneli- eon. Among tI|o puests were .A|es- danjcB Cunimings. Te>lers. A Hen Ilawley. PCaken. .Myers. Slillwell. Ta> lor and Newman The cliib will meet 'n two w. e'„.< at (he home of Mrs. ^J. W'. .Wnvmaii <.n North Wiiliiut slr<-.t wlii-ii Mrs. New man and Mrs. J. S. Lamb will be tin hostesses. : -J- •^ ••• Triple Tie Council gave a social last evening at (he close of their r«'-; ular meeting and eiitertaiii;-d a number of guests. • •:• -> The Liidies' .Music club wMI iiicet on the approaching Tuesday with Mrs. E K. -Miller. East str,>el. Hmy There! "Wtiere are you going?" "Going after a sack of </. Sm Pai0ni Flonv. My n-ile won't use atiythiog else " Hmwtom Kftg, 4t Elvm Oo, AMtiiiKiJ rnTiKi: snow. Mr. lionard of l.aifrenre l.iascii I.'(Mini III Odd Kelluns lUtu-l.. .Mr. Howard, who is :il pres'lit in •.ia:-e !'f a moving piclilre slijvv at M'lici'. I\;iiis;!s. wa-i in loia . M s leiila.v and c'e^ed ;i cUal li r a ;.':ise ,'i llie lii'iiii 111 •:..' (Ill,I Fellows' ;i'oi I, t'irtiieily o(eii;iied m the Fil/."ei'ali! •ti-v.'.ii^- Mill Tr:ir.;-t.'i' i-:!!!!!! iii.v, ,Mr :inv.a:d '\p.<'!- lo return lo 1 i!a in 1 f. V il'-.;i:;i| liej'.n tile v.o\\i if I.- •loilejjii- the li'iildllii: .ii'il v.aiil;- • i\ ei'v llijiii: ill readilies.- to o|iii| le' I • » ^ll':n •" the lir-t of .\ie. l.e; T);! |il.i:i tear mi; ti,e il':; il! th^<- ii-ii:ii wliii ii wo'ilil i.iaK'- 111 1. .-Ii.'ip.'.j room. The p'etiir s •i.ii.M 1"' llir'iwi' s(i that per.-'iiis ca' •i II eitl'er of the rooms coul.l • tlieiii The p.'v,- show will be almu I a'ljo:iii"ii'r i!:- r--scenf theatre. STATi: AFTKK KVIOKM i:. I (PUIltv A'loriu't (•! (.'(I In .Mortiii Sai»|)'Wbitl()iv ('use. man I 'liillljis Called to ,^ll^t!l I Pari «l Town Last M'-'hl. I I'.Tidlliian Uoy Phillips was eall.d i ',1 li .e risiilenee of .Mis. F. I'-. Pliilliji- la. 7 i::i-t lloiii'.las sae.-l last nitiii lonly lo find thai the burglar who was i living to enter the lioiise, had fleil I rill' robber tri"d to g(iin eiiiiane I rlir.iii ;:. the vve:i u'ndow of the Phil ll .ps iiome. II Is believed tlitit tli. Co'iiily .\ltoriiey Cai: peer, w : \ expecting lo go to Mortiii llii?< after i noon ill coiinection with t.n; -":!|ip IIKO- ler case. The state js busy .:.atlier j iilir lip eviilenee in tragid,, WTiil'l !,0'llillg d.tinite lias ijeell tellnil i i| destroy ilie..;tiiry told b\ \\"li;i''i\\ • t' It is sa'd that the state i-^ in , tl.'ore e\id( nee in stljiport of til' .11111- ! '•' !er tlii'ory. That the in the e;i-.e !a: lilt ilii d olil 's 'V !i|ieeil by III' f.ul '!'a! the ollicei-; still receive lett.-r' 'loin san.';:s iieop!" in eoiiiii''t ion V. nil tl-e eas','. Tills niorniiig .Mr, Pel rseii rec'lM'il a iei'-r from a parlv i'l Kiiiisa'i City, sa' iiig that ii" had read a'l of the evii'enee in t!ie cas" •Mil vvlille he di'l not believe tliilt W • t'ow's story was in the iiiain iiii- iii-'. he lliotig:it thaf Mrs. ^\•j| tlow rtbher lieard .Mrs. Phillips telephoin' M-r tile p;ilic.' .-.lid decided il would po' 111' well i(, slay near. The attention of Policeman Pliilli:-.- •II. d Cr 'i '.l was called last eveniii.i; '. a man wlin was altenipiing to i ob a !e • t:'re. bill befor.' tlie olllcers eon! •vri\i' llie Mii'ii had lie,!. It is iiUe;.'. arrests v ill follow. v. as connect -d with inurdi iM (! s Aiti: I'M:.\TIF( I,. ll:iMl»\iiri' Men Mine Rig Oeiiuiiid for (•tin-. liiieK :ii.' eirtaiiil.v tliieU in tii" li< ijlii .i;'. lioo.l ul lola. jmluiiii; from llie iiiiniiirr of Mniti r-i wlio are ^oiiiu on: ! vi 'i'y day. Vevterdav Slianiion. tie- liarihv.tre ii:aii. r.'-nleil out in ih"' •ie!::lilioi!ioo.i of twetll.v i;iltls tltld i:early ev.'ry man returned wiili at least one diieU. Fanners s.iy ibai duck.-; are mote plentiful than i:siia'. Editor Clark Thomas, of the Moran Herald, has dug up from his old flies, the statement published sever a' years ago by the school board of U'alnut Grove exonerating Sam Whit low. who is charged with the murder of .Miss Sapp. from the charge of in- tiimcy with certain of his pupils. Wliitlow was a teacher in Wftlnut -icliools at the time. The statement and the articles published by thos who wer.-' unfriendly to Mr. Whitlow- were printo<l in yesterday's Heral and follow: : A Denial. .Moraii, Kas. March 12. 1S97. "We the school board'and patron of WiUlnut Urove. sciiool have held .tn open investigation hcforc th .scliool upon a chaige against S. F Wliitlow brought by Thomas Peckham liat the teacher aad not treated hi 1 ttle girl justly. "Further, that the report whicii «eiit out and is circulating that tl, charge was criminal, is falss. Also, ,.e nave found no .-roiiuds for complaint whatever against S. F. WItit .ow and we hereby exonerate hiii itom all charges or reports whatever C, U. MAI'ES, president. .1, A. AR.MSTRONO. irtasurLi', S, F. HELMS, clerk." Ill the issue of May 211 another card .Tlijieared signed by Ulliltlow. . A Statviueut. "Owing to liic tact that a few per ^ons are continuing to enlarge uint c leiilate IUJ black and vicious lies .Oiicii grew out of tales told by .liiliie of envious children, we fee I '.illed upon to say that all good am mithful people that there never were black-r and iiiore malicious lies told on innocent persons since the begin iiiiij, of time.' WQieii person.s get so .ow and mean, to slander tiieir ene lilies, in Older to get revc'Uge for old grudge.s. they arc. and ought to be l^elov. the notice of decent people. S. F. WiHITLOW. • ONE BIG WEEK, O 1 OCTOBER. ^ I to »%} .lune \2 a leiily was made to W!iit low: The Jteplj. ".VFr. Editor:—in reply to S. F. Whitlow, .May 27 .we beg to answer: .Vs parents we dislike very much fo have our children called liars, espi-c ially in I he county papers, where w( resid?. We submitted to it once. In oid"r to shield .Mr. WJiitlow from dis grace with the understanding that the niattJ-r siiould drop; but as he has not kept his promise and cont iiue^ to call his scholars black and viciou- llars. we feel It our duty to inform the public that we believ<; our child ten told the truth, and that the children of Walnut drove District. No. ."I bear as good a reputation as did tlieii ttaclier. (Signed.! THOS PECKHA.M . R. H. RODK.NBURC. S. F. HEL.MS. C. U. STALEY. .lOIIN PETIGUEW. S. M. SHIPLEY. I). A. SPAFFORIX W. n. AADEBSON, i Attomey-at-Law. Notary and Stenographer In Offlco. Phono 'I5S. H. A. Fwing, S. A. Card, G. H. Card • KWIM;. (.ARO & GABD, • Lawjers. ^ Practiee in ul} Conrta. n 3'^ W, Madison. Thcm« 239. ^ DK. McMILLEA, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. Office in Mrs. Turner's Rldg., ' West Madisiin. Phone 687. Rei. 701. .on. 0. L. cox. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. p. U. W. 3ldg. Dfflce Phone 108.1. DB. R. 0. CilKISTIAN. Physician and Surgeon. ItooiuB 7 and 8. Evann Mldg. Phone 554. ; lohi. Kana. DlL EDITH S. IIAIGH. Office and Residence -over Burrell's Drug Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. m.. 7 to 8 evenings. Siihdny .4 hy Appointment. F. U. MABTLS, • Practice Limited to Surgery. • If. N. P.uckoye. Phono 576. • • PK. \y. B. HEYLMIN. • i'hjKlciai & Snrgeon. • Office N. E. Corner of Sijuare. • Over K. f. Pliiniblng Co.'s Store. Res. Tel :;8. Office Tel. 502. I'hono w:'. Fuller I.ildg. DB. «LY>.\, Specialist. Ey«, Ear, Nose and Throat Glasses Furnished. RrtS. Tel. 198. Offlco Tel. 163. DK. J. R. PEPPEB. Dentist. In permanently located over E. C. McClain'.-? Clothing Store, and Is prepared to do all kinds of up-io-date dentiil work. Evening work by appointment. L. TOZER, lula Iniirraary, 202 E. Jackson, Wo use X-Ray, Violet Rays. Static. Galvanic and Faradis Electricity with vibratory stimulation In nen'ona and chronic diseases. Phone .S8G. P. L. Lathrop, • Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. * O.STEOP..\TUIC PHYSICUNS. ? Special attention given to Dis- * eases of Women and Children. • Over Cast Side Hardware. * Office 'Phone. >Jaln 168. • Lowney's ChocoIaLes Herald < ditor had evidently be- tili'd of the sttiteineiHs lieiie,; and iiniiouncid lliat litis wieilii last. Iliit tile nexi issue C >1! a brief. iiiisi;;ii •(! iieiii as l "I Til. come made be the tallied lows: F Whitlow ' IIS til -av thtit n Ills aitiele coneerniii-.; certain person.; eircnlating 'les about !i ni. be never calli'd his :-'cIiol;ii's liars, and that !ili.\oiie c:ipaiite of iiililerst:iiiiliir; the England langtt .Tj -e ;ind read ili • jirtie'e knows that ho did not." TII.W ARK FRU^II. .V cholc- a.sortmenLoi this popular brand «t CRABB'S. Wheu you buy Lowney's Chocolates hrre. our pcTrOii il pledge of itidir ,'reshnesi Roes with theiii Get \irar nvx" o.indy at Crabb's and tee how well it pltUri .s you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Ci.itnet Wa.sliiiiglcn iiud U'o:^t Sts. Uf .1 Fi .bn your A Card. i • lo ee:-li|> ||i;,t r)l Uy-I I;, • 'li"ii/."'d I'l reiiiii.! yi)iir money it lloti(',\ .'iiid Tar laib^ to cure eeiiL 'h or cold. it stops tl|f- (.'(•neral Yicu of the Strcrl Fair Big Parker Showsl 'X*t;n—BIO ««iIIOW«5!—^reo coii;;!i. lieal.- lii" lungs and prevent, serioii ; resii 1:. from ;i eold. r'are la gripiie eipii^h ;in.| [irevetifs pneii tiioiil:i and eonsiitii|>t !iin Cotitain.: no oiiintes Tb" f;i'iiniiie j--, in a .w-|ii,n pacl;agc, Kefuae i.iiliL'.titiites, Kiirtell? OU.I-i; .STI DIES A.\ATO.MV. A BIG WEEK OF FUN AND FROLIC Ferns Wheel. Carry-us-all, Pharaoh's Daughter. Tyrolean Alps, and the World Renowned Direct from the New York Hippodrome, will feve TWO FREE OUT-DOOR EXHIBITIONS DAILY 'Ihe Girl from Bagdad' Is the feature attraction of the Street Fair and is an entirely new production. It is a Musinal Comedy, with the elaborate bcostumes and plot- Miss Clara May Adams is the Soprano Singer. Frederick P- Miller, late of Florodora fame, is the Comedian. 30 others. .•^iipp (a.-e .Make.-* Doctors t»iit of I.anjcrs. Straiisers having occasion to step into llu' oflice of .\ttorney F. .1. Oyler who has bt-en einp'oyed to defend Sam Whitlow, would he in doubt as to wlii'llier he is a doctor or ii lawyer. On every chair, shelf, hookcjise, on the floor, and in fact nearly every p;ac.^ \f. either an open med'iral or law lifH.k. As the nature of the wound which caused the death of Miss Sapp will have n i^reat deal of hearlne upon the cjtse. il is almost essential that the attorneys be up on anatomy and medical science as upon the law. Mr , Oyler is tlierefore maklnR-'a stnily of (tie medical books and reading up on ' the subjects which are most likely i to he broiipht up in the case, I Some of the doctors have givsn their opiiiioe. that the woun-ls catis- ; inK .Miss Sapp's death could not have j been ninde hy herself. Mr.' Oyler I says, however, that he has been told . by many iirofessional men that such j n cut could have been made by a suicide. He also says that some of the best authorities on the subject state I similar cisfs of suicide. .There may be a clash between the .Mien County doctors as to whether or not the wounds «!«uld have been made bv .M=ss Sapp. It l.t said that they dsatjiee on this point. A Slide For Life! • I i'n.r. R. l\. Williaui.s,l]ic Wlilrluiii,! tSkattr tif the wci .1, in liis woiM f;i-: iiions cxhibilion—A SLIDIC l"OK' UFK—cue week eoiiniicucing Saturday Night. Oct. 19. RoUaway Skating Rink North Sido of the Square. Good Musii-. r ;(it;<l OitJu-, Good Floor. DONT MISS IT, DON'T FAIL TO COME !• a .T orachi which afl- women approach vf\*h indescribable fear, for compares with not.hing EVERYBODY COME and HAVE A GOOD TIME Notice to Onr CnKtomers. We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for rnuubs. colds and lung troublcB Is not affecteil hy the National Pure Food and Drug law as It contains no opiates or other harmful drugs, and we recommend It as a safe remedy for children and adults. Burell's drug store. MM mWni m m m Wm mSLmmm. ^"(^ horror of mmm^m m m^maaamm. child-birth. Tf'e thought of the suffering nntl dar^^cr in store tor her, robs the expecsant raqthet^ of all plcas-ntif anticipauons of the coming event, and casts over b'ef 'a ' shadew of ^lootn which cannot he .<;1i!«kr;n off. Thot:,saiids of vgmen have fouml th t: the use of Mother's Friend durin?? pregnancy rob* continement of all pain and danger, and injures safety to life of mother and child. Thi-s scie .Ttliic linitnen: is a god-send to all women at tbi* time of their critical trial. Not only does Mother's Friend carry women safely through the periU of child-birth, but its UMi gently prepr.res fire .eystcm for the coming event, prevents;. "iiioniiQg sicknes.';." and <''!;er dis- ' > ' .comforts of t!iis period. MkBt^% tEfttJ JtPJP^ 9i Sold by all druggists at » • m!m mm Ix.oo per bottle. Book containing valuable information free, fb« Bratffield Reyulator Co.* AtlsoU, i«.

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