Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 27, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1908
Page 7
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lit e'bare reeehed frOBtihe fMtoir 1» 4osem •rthese Oossari Corsefo, which, en examiiHitlon, we find to hare «<Ueaeh ftpots,** -solne4fec slie ^ a thamb nail, somt a trifle larger, MWM seareelj ^L<el>rBlMe, BOthlng laore serl&as than a slight discoloratloa here aBd^heref-Whteh la ao way trrakeas the fabiieH ar affeetfs the Corset XveiT Corset sold will hr. fltled with the extreme eare «xer> cised by oar expert titters In seilihfr Gossard Corset* at regalar priee. THIS ttG CORSET SALE CONTINUES ALL WEEK New York ^ore mofb' amuy Self with heavy elnba, droVe his and other members of the Ifium the hottse. and demandei tba^ they remain aWay. ^ . •Because of his violent ontbrei tc. tte famiiy feared to permit the yoong faian to remain on the premihes add A. L. fioatrlght, the • underAerif||, was Po8se «fed of some wUd hal! iclna- tlon, Harrison SteelOi asM 21, t aon Mrs. J, T. Jenseh. llvliis tooi milea rest of lola. this momttr ariiiea him* lndd^ii«eika Her* Next <iifidtyw9^^Faat Conttst < -Expected. called to bring him to town. I Steele SUPT.iFOX WAS HERE Bi« Brass Collar Was Called to Bar. tlesTHle by the Flood Conditions. • General Superintendent Fox. of the Santa Fe passed through Ida yesterday afternoon in a special car to Topeka. He stopped off at the local depot a few minutes. Mr. Pox was called to the south end of the division a few days ago on account of the flood conditions.. The Channte Sun says: He came ill over the E^mporia branch Saturday morning and went directly to Bartles- viHe, the seat of- the flood trouble on the Santa Fe lines. Through his efforts the branch was partically open- M 'to traffic and the first 'train from Olclahoma since "Wednesday ran through Chanute yesterday at 10:45. It was passenger N'o. 204, and was in charge of Conductor Anderson. This tnorning No. 204. which should have gone through ai 1:30 a. m.. arrived at 8:35 a. m.. seven hours late. It is expected that tomorrow the Tulsa train will be operating on the regular schodule. Today the entire Southern Kansas division has been restored to its regular senMce with the single oxcep- lion of the Coffej-ville branch. This line is still under water from ICalloch south, and owing to the s^ott condition of the dump i( may be several days before complete service is restored. The Santa Fe is running over the Katy tracks from Tulsa to Bartlesville, the washout on this branch having been repaired. FYom Bartles- vllle the road Is able to use its own lines. The Santa Fe is also giving aid to the Missouri Pacific, that line using the Santa Fe track.s from Caney to Nfotaze. OHIO ON RIGHT SIDE was placed in iaii to await a l|earfn£ before a lunacy commission in the court of Joseph.'B. Smith,- probate Judge. The case Is a sad one. Only , week ago, yonng Steele returned ; home from California, where he bad' been in the hope of bettering his health. The change did not seem to benefit him, however, as members of tlje fam- Ily observed as soon aa < he jirrived that his actions were somewhat!queer. He grew rapidly worse, finally becoming violent, making It necessary'to restrain hfm. Recently, relatives . say. yoiing Steele suffered two Injuries ; which they believe are the cause of tie mental decline of the young man. He tell twlee from his bicycle, strik ng .his head upon a brick pavement both times. These Injuries togethiir with Illness are believed to have caused the afflictinn him. Definite arraa|(fements were tpdar whereby the fooibaU wUdti-was tQ^ltave be«n playe^ here last -SQnday aAemsoo bfttw«$eti tfoe Independence.'Rs.. teani iihd the Triplets, win be played here next Sunday. Over the loag distance telephone the Independence manager said that he would have his players here In time for the game. The Triplets are practicing at Kl- eetric park this afternoon, preparinc: for the game. The regular Independ^ ence team will be strengthened with players from Neodesha and Coffey- vlUe. SAYS ITS ALL A UE Hitchcock Says Political SItaatlon iBdIrates a Tktory for Taft WtKuuLWbo Wear WdL It-is aatoidaUarliew great a flhuga a raw yiMn «f BMhiad Ufa often make in tlw' apgeagaaee sad dlspoaiUon of many wMNta. '-immmautm, tile charm, the lif liltaBBe Taidih Uka'tiw^hlobm from a pea ^^whldi 'Is ruddy-handted.r The laatmns ofaly a dim skidowi atalnt echo of tiM ehttitOng maldv. There are two rMS(Ka:'for this chance, Igaonnoe and BifMct. -rew;yeanc woBien appreelate the 'Aoac 'to ihe system throach the c&hAlrer^yA'cmBes with marrlace and BibtMiMed. --Maay nnlcet to deal with theiwittleaBiMtt peMe drains and weak- i)iteM»%Meh' too often eome with nar- rtace and motherhoed. aiot undentaBdlng & tMliel^tdrBtn to robbiar the cheek «r tle'H^shaiMS and ike lorn of lu fatrMM.'^ 4^ lonlj as thefetMral heaHk aoffen ;«rtaBt. w aanly kbUshed: tti WitilM New York, Oct. 27.—Frank H. Hitchcock. cHairman of the Republican national committee, returned from Chicago to this city today. He says that he is much pleased with the political situation throughout the west. Ohio, he said, would give Mr. Taft a decisive plurality and he had. received word that the Republicans bad a fight ing chance in Oklahoma. \\'hile in Chicago, .Vr. ill: hcock said he had met the chalrr',->n r .f the Republican state commitiCG.- from twelve different states and all a.<;<:nred him that Mr. Taft would win. Mr. Hitchcock said that Mr. Taft was entirely satisfied with the situation throughout the country. ««ALL UP" THEIB TAX FlfiURES. Democrats Gness ITroB^ Twice on Railroad Assessneat Topeka. Kas., Oct. 27.—In their fight upon the new tax law the Democratic managers are having trouble adjusting their figvres. Recently they gave out a statement that the new assessment cut the taxes of Kansas railrond.s |.1.000.0flO. Then the Repub Hcans uimpjy showed that the railroads last year only paid $.1.020 000 In taxes in Kansas. This put the Democrats In such a ridiculous light that they revLsed their figures and in a later pamphlet declared that the now law saves the railroads $500,000 in taxes. A Republican cilled up Henderson Martin, chairman of the Democratic state committee yesterday, and offer? ed to wager $100 that the Democratic figure.:; werW wrong again. Martin refused to take the bet He knows they are wrong, but he believes the Kansas farmers can be fooled in the matter. After the election Martin will revise his opinion of the farmers. a.<( he has done his tax figures. 30^000 THE LOWEST L. L. Xerthrap Says Most ConserratlTe Estimate ef SepablieaB Leaders Cives Taft Bl|r Majority. L. L. Xorihrup. chairman of the Re publican county central committee, returned today from Topeka where he went to attend a meeting of the exe- jliitlve committee of the Republican stale 9*ntral caminlttee. .Mr. .Norhrup siaies-^rSat evfry RepubU<^«n In attendance i» «'Onndeni of H«,overwhe!m lag victory for Mr. Taft tind .Mr, . Stubba. The inw <«Ai estimhie placed }by many a majority of 80.000 In Kansas for Mn Taft. .Many are expect Ing the majority to run 40 .«00 or even 4fi.00A. which has ovktaken FELL 16 STORlCft TO DE^TH. The (Elevator Man in a Htvt Ydrk Sky scraper Left the Door Open. New Tork. Oct 27.—Pallirjg from the sixteenth floor of a Wan street sky scraper through the open door o the elevator shaft down to tl^ie basement. John D. Taylor niet almost instant death today. Two feljbw employees had stepped with him out of the elevator, which had proceed on its journey upward when they turned to see. Taylor throw up his bands and plunge down the shaft, the door of which had been left open. After a search of several lours by the police, the man who was in charge of the elevator, was found in the office of the Casualty company| making an affidavit as to how the jaccldent happened. Tipton. Ind.. Oct. 27.—"I am -reliably informed and make It specific that ^ a hundred thousand dollars, largely contributed by tnists and combines was brought Into Indiana last Sunday and passed through the hands of iinn. FYed Sims, secretary of state." John W. Kern made the above decr laratlon before a good sized audience here today, adding: "If the people of Indiana knew the names of these donors. Bryan would carry the state by one hnndred thousand." Chicago. Oct. 27.—Fred W. Upham. assistant treasurer of the Republican campaign fund, today denied that "a dollar of anybody's money" had been sent from his office into Indiana. He characterised Kern's charge as the 'end of a campaign yarn" scarcely worth denying. MORSE ON STAND It Is Expected That »w Yak Bank, er Will TeaUfy for Befepse Today. .\rw York, Oct. 27.—Todak I.*; the tnrn of the defense in the prosecution of C. W. Morse, and Alfred H. Curtis, charged with the violation of^ national (tanking laws and n conspiracy. The pro.«:ecn»lon rested its case jjeslerday. IT generally .taken for l granted tliai iMjth Mor.-^e and Curtis vould take the stand. j The conspiracy count on tne indictment* upon which Morse ai^d Curtis arc h«»5ng tried -vas dismissed by Judge Judge Hough today. T^is leaves I/O d*»f<>ndants to face only the charg OS of violation of the .Vatloiial Bank Inp law. Sun Came Out. TMion the sun appeared today it brought smiles to the; faces of every body. There have be^ so riany dark and gloomy days of late that people can better appreciate'tHe "sunshine. PAY TAXES NEXT WEEK. Many People are Coming In to County Treasurer. Next week the payment of taxM begins and already a number of property owners are calling on the county treasurer to confer with him about their taxes. They are especially de- sirpus of learning whether or not their taxes under the new law will be higher or^lower. Cases have been) cited where certain farmers wtU pay more than last year, while others will ma^e game W. UphaBu BeBles StateaieBt That Tmsts Hare Ohai Faais to iBiiBBlBBS. SALESMAN FORTAFT Represenutlve of Chleaflo FMrnlture House Has Taken a Poll of Commercial Men. NEWS OF OAS CITY A traveling salesman for a Chicago furniture house, who is calling on the iocal furniture dealers. sUted this af temoon *Jiat he had taken a poll of all dealers te had called on in Kansas and Missouri and found that a majority were for TafL In Missouri be called on forty dealers, twenty- five of whom were for Taft and fifteen for Bryan. In Kansas he called on sixty-nine dealers and In that number w^s able to find but twelve who sadd they expected to vote for Bryan. Xll the others were enthusiastic Taft supporters. He also says that the Ulk which is being pnt out by the Democratic central committees and -Democratic papers to the effect that all straw votes showed that the majority of traveling men were for Bryan was entirely wrong. For example a straw vote was taken of the traveling salesmen who were stopping in a hotel in Tates Center last evening. Out of the twenty commercial men nineteen of them said they intended to vote for Taft. SOCIETY VWMWAN SAVES FRIEMO. ft We have on hand a full iltne off Reznor Reflector'' «3iOVET.BACK flCASA^'TEED GAS HEATER8.»1 • i The stove that heats the floor. —we Ihte on the floor, net on; the filing—will bnm a 5 -inch flame on a ^ os. gas pressure. Prices nM t» ti^ jirioitiiif HilrM^ Mrs. Joseph Harriman- Put Out a Fire In Mf. Bceckman*! Gown. Newport. R. I..-Oct 27:-^The presence of mind and activity of Mrs. Joseph Harriman late Saturday evening prevented Wra. R. Livingston Beeck- Inum's gown from being damaged, if it did not save Mrs. Beeckman from be- •^^llng*-'honied. Hrs -Harrlman and Mra. Beeckman were going Into the opera hoose when bystander threw away his cigar and landed In the folds of Mrs. Beeek- Bum's skirt: there was a little flash, which fortunately caoght the eye of Vra.' Harriman. In an Instant she whiaked the clear out of the way. while her hand extingulahed the •IMiTks In the ruffle -of the gown, which had Juat eaotbt. For a^minute thert* was some ex* eltenent. b^t the two 'wtA&tn harried on Into the theatre and It was soon over. f, I , ..i <• Adams la licpealtd. TMptrict Cl*rk €. E. Adams la Yx» tMeted hame tomorrow frbm Sotith llMrota where he went to 'visit rela> Kites several weeks «80. Kr. Adams >i#aa* Bsable tor take any vaeation this i|a«nnaer. but when eourt bosTness let ;!up recently he took advantage of it to get a little rest. Ife shew yea all ihe new styles and eAlnrs of tlMt sea* SOB. We * are espe«;ially sfrOBg SB Overcoats ia aH the aew patterns aad- models. They are the **IfeBley- nake. '^Healey" clothe^ are the finest SMde in America. They ar^ All Wool. loBdaa shrsBk and haad-taB«red thrOBgboat They will inlerest the man who is partiealar ahent his clnthes. Salts aad Overroats S\m to $28.^0 Cnrlaeltes |$7Bltt $22 ID -.1; S. S. TEACHERS OF V.V. CHfRCH HELD Br .SIXtS8 MEKTISC. northeast of this city'we're busy yesterday surveying the switch to the site. The right-of-way for the situ was purchased seireral days-ago. DISCUSSED GENERAL WORK THREE GRADES OF CITY SCHOOLS WERE DIS2IIISSED YESTERBAT. .Surveyors for the Hnlon Portlaad Ce- meat Com^ny Are Snrveylntr Ihe Rlght-o/.Way for Swttrh. 3;6»Are Beflstered. .\ccordIng to the count Just finished last night by City Clerk F. W. Frevert the registration this year is STtf which s much larger than for years. Progressive Clab. The members of the Procres^ive club were entertained last evening at the home of .Mrs. F. W. Frevert. Held Basiness Xeetiag. The teachers in the United Presbyterian chnrch Sunday schcfol held A business meeting at the home of Rev. L. M. Leeper. pastor of the church. Business pertaining to the church work was discussed along with ways CO bene&t the Sunday school. Dr. Wood Rome. Dr. Wood who has been in a Kansas City hospital for the p&ai - several weeks taking treatment has sufficient ly recovered to be brought home. Hi .1 daughter, msa Hattie. accompanied him here. FaraaceA Not Worklag. Bftcause the furnaces were not wojk ing and It wis imposeible 'to keep the rooms comforuhly warm, three grades of the city schools were dismissed for a time yesterday morning. The fnrn- ace.H were re|palred in the afternoon and schol work was resumed. It is now believed! that in the future there win be no trouble. Union Portland. The surveyors for the Union Fort- land Cement company which proposes the erection of a cement plant on (the Logan farm three and one-half miles The last years of life are tbe sweetest, and yet the most dtfiSodt to ipro^ long. It is then that the greatest jcare b 'fccerdsed in naiiitaibiaff bods^ beahh. But the chief care-dwnld always be with regard to the^foodiyoa cat^^and wbether yonare digetttag il prapeciy. You ahonlil not allow yourself to become coastipatefL ^ Jfi^^ have trted. salts .aL_ o to ttie oMMaatea tbat tB«yai« . -UBiibethOptfaniBtlc. lienry Lambetb, who was over from MoAn today on bi&taKMaJs very-wp- Itialacie ^bwitthe rp?a|oaed ctHBimt'* l^t there. ^S».jfy8 thoarf .wlBriKre 'belted the BMvMiMCBkeur boslnesa ijaad heainkB thai BiNBethlas wfilde- : PersoaaU. A. T. Canady returned yesterday from a trip through sbnthem Ml^sour! and Arkansas. J. R. Williams, of Kansas City, was here yesterday on a business visit. Mr. and iirs. T. F. Partial fef Neodesha. Kas..'were here visiting relatives yesterday. R. V.'. Matorer.-of St. Louis, was a business visitor yesterday. THE FLOOD AT HliMBOLDT. Recent High 'Water makes Much nreeuMe Ther«. The Humholdt Herald says: The Neosho got on a regular tear last week. 'The heavy and'continued rains filled jit bank foil ia a .abort time and^lhen It bogan to-rise, over the lowlands. Friday > morning the Water was hnb deep over tha road m the Katy dapot. Owl creel^ began to wamler over the tofwnshlp Thursday afternoM aiid by Friday morning it was a Tegxilaf lake from the r4lro «d to th<> Cuppy aohool- houae. • I>o <i GuBifini^iaii, and .Nfrs. Fronk had to eat their mall loutea labort md jtbat part of the country Rot «o tnali BBtU today. South of Itown the rua at T)»(trich>ii was Allied, a dttoor of twti'ialiet «a.« B «e»saarr Iter Mr. Froak to ^wrar his rente. Coal ereijk was op hut did Bo^dimV age.. 'Bastj of town the' tonmship board is patting In a new "tdment eul- vert east of mbert tWkkisfletd's. - A temporary cnlvert was placed In the field north of the road. The water wsabad it uway-and farmers-iram the eaathad to go halt a mile aortbin or- ritMB' der t».'SBt- to" towa. wtMB^awTfas. the ' orcfwd to la -Dr.'W. was miaeWfiat Bmlted Sat^ar caui|«a IMg. but they, win probably make ll^nfr this

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