The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1944 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 10
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PAGE'EIGHT Fliers To Meet ' / ' j Alabama Team • Local Service Team * Faces Gunter Field In Semi-final Round •With hopes Miigh to^brlrig back the championship, the Blythevlllc Army Air Field Pliers left today for Maxwell Field; Ala., scene of the semi-finals and finals of the Eastern Flying Training Command Little World Series baseball tournament Sunday and Monday. Lieut hill Adams, )»st athletic officer, said he had been notified by officials at Maxwell Field that the Fliers had drawn Ountcr Field, Ala., Jor the semi-final round. La- redo,.Tcxas, will take on the winner of the Spencer Field-Shaw Field battle in the other. Parnell To Open Staff Sergt,- Robert Tubbs, Filer manager, Indicated he would shoot the works against the Alabama out- Jit, rated one of the strongest In the Eastern Flying Tialnlng Command He will slart his southpaw ace, Mel Parnell, on the mound! If the locals caii buitcl up any sort of comfortable margin, Sergt. Tubbs likely will send In Staff Sergt. Francis Huth in order to have the New Orleans left h under available for the finals, In event Ihey are the winners '-The Fliers are due to face a right h'und chunkcr by the name of Kens-. Icr; who spent several seasons in the Piedmont League. Kensler Is one of the big reasons why Gunter Field earned a berth In the semi-flnals. Travis Is [Back j Seeking their 30th Uetory of the campaign, the Fliers will be, strengthened defensively by (he return of Leonard (Cecil) Travis, third baseman. Travis was 1 on furlough last week nnd did not participate -In 'the brilliant 8-1 triumph over Greenville, Miss., In the quarter-finals, Stan Wlotko was at the hot corner but did not have a fielding chance 'Tmy" Davis patrolled in right field, Bert Dares was at second in place of Fred Swan, who Is not in the lineup duilng championship play. Return of Travis will permit Wlotko to lake ovci In right field. Dares. will continue at the keystone sack where he has done very well. He has. been hitting In tough luck, : nrahy drives going for ouU. . Remainder of the lineup will be the same which prevailed throughout most, of the season: Mack Mc- Wh oiler, first; Mnx VI ckers, shortstop, Walt Bialck, catching; Frank Sproull, left field, and Danny La- Grutta, in center field. Pyt. Kaminsky . Met Big-Time Bpxing Stars A man who used to box cars ot the best lighters In the • business now boxes groceries at the commissary. A big come-donn? Pvt. Al Kam- inskj doesn't think so 'Pro fighting Is a tough racket", he says "I was lucky to get out ?hen I did I've seen what happens to guys who stay at : it' too long " ' Kaminskj's boxing career was brief, but action packed. He entered the ring for the first time in 1929 and lelt It for good In 1931. During that period he fought for several yeais In New York City, where amateur pugs are so tough they sha\c with blow torches. Then, he fought as a pro for a year 'and a half. . "I did all right for awhile," he recalls, "then I look a shot-at the big time I fought Jimmy. Slaltery T-one of the best mWdieweights in the busincss-aiid lost a decision to him l hadn't had enough so I W i2ii°" to flght B '"y Petrolic,-the middleweight champ I got enough that tune. He knocked me out in the seventh round." ..The best fighter he ever met? That was Petrolic," sighs Kam- insKy -He was mostly a slugger but . 1 V ^ v° Sl0uch Rt Uoxl "S c « h - w. And hitl When that guy landed one on jour whiskers, the roof Jell in on you". 4LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS DOPE BUCKET J. r. ISIKND HAS KINOSIDE SKAT ' Paul Buckley, brother to Earl Buckley the rod and reel expert and would-be duck hunter, writes that he saw the "show of Ills life" recently. Writing to the Buckley family on, August 14, Paul's short letter was Jammed with subtle wit, but carried a lot of Information ^between the lines. Tf you know Paul it was typical. He never did' go around blabbing much, a quiet, easy going sort of n chap, but with a head full of sense. He started the epistle, directed to Winnie Beth, pretty young Buckley miss, "Aug. 14, From a DeLuite Foxhole In France." ' "This is one hell of n country. Things are too 'hot' here for me. Thev say you are an old soldier'If you're here one day. I have been here six weeks, so I know I mn getting too, too old. "Have 'really had sopie experiences. Had a pretty nice birthday. You probably read of the 3000 American piano bombardment on July 25. I had a ringside seat for that show. Our outfit was less than n mile away. Some show!" . BELITTI.KS SUPERMEN 1 Paul evidently doesn't think so much of the vaunted Gorman fighters for he says that "Hitler's supermen aren't so tough. Most of them are either kids or men tirount! 40." There doesn't appear to be starvation in the areas where Paul's outfit, the Fourth Division, has been, either.. For he commented on the fact that they have more to eat in the section of the country where we have been in than people at Home do; also plenty of elder and cognac. After the doughboys breex- :<1 through there Is little doubt that the supply diminished considerably. The ••finest treat for them since ;hey landed In France came the' week before this letter was written. They got to sleep.In a ted. For them that must have- 1 been something, compared especially to a self- :icwn foxhole that does not have hmcrsprlng mattresses nml.nir conditioning, I'm told. , . | Like many other toys overseas, Paul is fed up with tills fighting business and longs for a chance to return home and his cotton work. "If I ever do get home they will have to be lighting In Memphis, Tenn., to get me in another army," he concludes. Hfs address: Pvt. Paul A. Buckley, Co. F, 2 Bn, 8th, Inf. APO 4, % PM, NYC. . ' KNIGHT OK THE BAWTH Another Blythcvllle boy who is In France and Isn't finding things just like home Is Lieut. L. G. (Little Pete) Thompson. L. G. complained n little in his lost two letters to his parents, Mr and Mrs. "Pcto", and.I can't say Unit 1 blnmc him either. "We are getting along pretty good over here," he said In one. "But If I could have my choice of the things wo do not huve I would ask for n good hot bath. We surely do miss those Saturday night feasts. The odors fairly sonk Into your clothes and cling to you. But I suppose we can't complain much." Then following just a few days came another message nnd the tone was considerably morti optimistic. "Well, I finally got that bath I was talking about. And you should nave seen the tub. It was a horse trough. But It got the job done." Mr. and Mrs. Thompson have revived a German helmet from their New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees - Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System son, also an insignia off n Nazi officer's uniform, "Cnni tell you nboul It now, tail will when J get hack home," he promised. "Little Pete", who was associated with his dnd In the plumbing business, Is a first lieutenant, and believed to Iw with Gen. ration's fast moving army. His iidtlrcss Is: 8B3 Tank Destroyer Battalion, APO 230, % Postmaster, New York Gity. Before moving Into France shortly after D-Dny he and Lieut. Robert Rcedcr, formerly of Ark-Mo i'ower, got together In England, Baseball Standings SOIITIIKUN I.UACJUK W. L. xNnshvllle 38 20 Atlnnta 37 21 Memphis 30 22 New Orleans, 30 33 Mobile ;>5 33 xLltllc Rock 23 32 Birmingham 2.1 34 Chattanooga 22 W xNlght game. NATIONAL I.KAGUI-: W. L. St. Lonjs m so Pittsburgh 71 50 xcinclnimtl C7 51 New York .57 C7 Chicago 54 05 Boston co 14 Philadelphia -18 72 Brooklyn 13 77 AMEHICAN UiAGUK W. L. St. Louis 11 65 New York C7 58 Detroit ;. G6 58 Boston 88 Cleveland ui Philadelphia 62 Chicago .'.:.., 58 Washington 53 Pet. .055 .038 .021 .474 .•131 .418 .444 .355 CO 07 08 07 13 Pet, .152 .587 .508 .-ICO .454 .403 .400 .384 Pet. .504 .558 .532 .531 .417 .477 .4G<1 .421 Yesterday's Results AMERICAN LKACiUIi Cleveland 12, St. Louis 7. Nciv York 0, Boston 1. '• Chicago 8, Detroit 3. Washington 0, Philadelphia 4. Former's . Opportunity SALE OF DUROCS Monday, September 4 At Elm Grove Hereford Farm Barn .AAAAAAAAA INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONA 'VVVVVWVVv' International Gives Me CapacSty Few Will See Army-Navy Tilt Annual Grid Classic Again Will Be Held On Annapolis Field WASHINGTON, Aug. 31 (UP) — For Hie third straight year the annual Army-Navy football game will »c played before a comparative handful. Secretary o( the Navy ForresUI announces the service classic will be pliiycd at Annapolis this year and Ihe ticket sale will be limited to people living within 10 miles of Die navnl academy. Man v had hoped the game would be returned to a large city such as Philadelphia, or New York Forreslal s «ys the restrictions have been continued "In accordance with wartime necessity" and a prime consideration Is conservation of transportation facilities Last year the game was played ?«„ , e ' ns of Wcst Polnl < a »d in 10-12 it was held in Annapolis. On each occasion there was a limited audience. Inasmuch as the Navy Is the host torn this year H was up to naval authorities to decide upon the location of the game to be played on Dec. 2. I-ast year many sports-minded members of Congress went to bat with Army authorities to move the game to a large stadium where some large sum of money could be raised for R worthy cause, Tlie v arguc d thai In New York or Philadelphia some 100,000 people could sco the game nnd the money coiikl fae. diverted to Army and Navy relief societies—or some other project. However, thel r arguments went to nlxiiht. The same thing had been started-(his year. Several members oi Congress have come forward alth suggestions to return to New York or Philadelphia/ But there. Is every,. Indication that again the service .niithoritlc.s will aland firm and not allow the same to be moved from Annapolis. It has been pointed out that domestic transportation facilities have become 1 more jammed than ever nnd there appears to be no letup- even despite the war successes In Europe. A chevrotaln Is a mouse ctcer, found In India! THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 194-J All-American Golf Tourney Prizes Bigger CHICAGO, Aug. 31. (UP)-acorgo May, who promotes the annual All- Amoricnn Triple GoU Championship at Chicago, Das given golfers plenty of time to get ready for the 19« tournaments. Although the ink Is hardly dry on the War Bond prizes for the 1944 meeting, May announces tlie tournament will be held next year In Prize money next year will run «u LT Cr $40 ' 000 whfch [ s "bout, 510,000 more than this year First prize wm be $ i 2 ; 500 ns against the $10,100 top prize tills nyron Nelson won tlio 1944 tournament for the professionals and collected the first prize, which was paid in War Bonds. It liooslcd his earnings to the highest ever recorded by a pro In a single yenr The Women's O|>en was captured by Hetty Hicks and the All-American Amateur title went to Ed Forgo! of Detroit. Read Conner News Want Afls Today's Games SOUi'lJKUN LEAGUE Nashville at Memphis, night. Mobile at Little Rock. Chattanooga at New Orleans. Atlanta at Birmingham. NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh at Chicago. Only game scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE Washington at New York, two. Detroit at St. Louis, njght PRESCRIPTIONS Fr««hc*t Stoe* (iurantecrf Rent Prlcw Kirby Drag Stores }\M PROTECTS CHAFED SKIN 'mOROLINE WHITE PETROLEUM JELIY FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL BIKES au Hridfe Lmnber Osceota Tile & Culvert Co. Fban* Ml O«x«U, Ark. PRODUCTION Laat Time Today "CRY HAVOC" with Margaret Sutlaian & Ann Solhern " ' Fox News & Short ' . ; '- Friday J "GUNSMOKE MESA' ', , with , „ , , Dave O'Brien I Serial & Short HEAVY LAYERS A quiclr, easy meftoti of producing heavy layers is fo keep the hopper, well filled with INTERNATIONAL Egg Maili. The more mash your birds consume, trie mere eggj they will produce! When your pulleh are 5 i-.ontln old, they are ready for egg production. The cost of feeding INTERNATIONAL Egg M«h H small, giving you greater profits from your egg 'crop. Insist on INTERNATIONAL, the' scientific blend of vital protemi, vitamins and minerals your hens need for better productionl ASK FOR INTERNATIONAL' MASH See Your Dealer Today Men's Clothes for the Fall Season Have a 4-Star Rating The coming attractions look mighty good for busy men on the home-front. Simplicity is the star in suits, but accessories add a spark of gayety. All of our suits have the lead in styling and fit, and are made from the best materials 29^5 TIMELY SUITS 42.50 up R. D.Hughes & Co. GULF SERVICE j STATION Corner 5th and Main Now Under Management of O.E.'Nick'Nicholson Washing - Greasing Simonhlng - Tire Itepalr ONE STOP SERVICE CHICKASAW West Main Near Zlst St. hat. starls 12:45; Sun. «!arta 1:«5 Nixlit shows 5:45 Eiecpt Monday, opens 6:45 Continuum shows Sat, and Sun. Last Time Today Double Feature "BEDTIME STORY" I'Yedric March & Lorclla Young and 'SWEETHEART OF THE FLEET" with Jinx Falkcnbciff & Uremia & Cobhra. •^T Friday and Saturday Double Feature "DOWN RIO GRANDE WAY" ii'illi Charles Slarrclt and "SEALED LIPS" with William Gargan CIIAI'TKH l: "G-Men vs. the Black Dragon" Comedy THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 8—Show'Starts at 8:15. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show Starts 1:15 Thursday and Friday "DAYS OF GLORY" with I'nniiira Tounuinova A- Gregory Peck Paramount News Short Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Last Time Today 'What's /| B * / " -:5 uzzm, ! ' -iJ Cousin 7 ! i'f Ann Miller, nocliestcr and ^ r -!-i Freddy Martin's Band ^i' ,,| News of tlic Day sjf*' ~\A Short }£ : jl 1 e Friday and Saturday !| if 'Cowboy in I the Clouds 7 1 with ?| Charles Slarrcll, Dub Taylor ami if Julie Duncan 8 SKUIAI,: "Desert Hawk." 'f Short ','1

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