Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 27, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1908
Page 6
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DECK TI4EMSELVES OUT IN WARM CLOTHING. A Quick Catch Made of the Culprits, and They Will be Sent to the Reform^ory. The Chanute Sun says: To rob a Santa Fe freight car and be In jail within two hours was tlie lot of four lads who operated between Otta^^^a and lola Sunday morning. Through quick work of Special Agent Gregg the looters were apprehended and in custody almost before they had adopted a plan of escape. The four entered a merchandise car on frelgtt No. 219, somewhere between Ottawa and Tola and proceeded to break open several boxes of fre^ht and scatter the contents about the ear. They did several hundred dollars' worth of damage by tossing merchandise recklessly about on the floor and then proceeded to il^c^'. themselves in new garments. Each found a pair of shoes which fit. and each appropriated a sweator. Fe .ir- Ing tfcat the approach «f wlntor would still find them InsufTlcivm'y chul, ihov took five nddltiniial .sweater.*;, one shirt and three neck mufflfis. "W'lth these they ]umpe<l off (he train in the sttburbp of lola. When the train roaf-hed Chflnule Conductor n<^P.5Py discovered ih.<jt the car had been pilfered and notified Agent Gregg, who In turn wired all Btfltlons north to watch for tramps with shoes and sweaters. Within en hour he received information to the effect that four hoys at lola had bought tickets for Earl ton and were paisengers on No. 20.*?. Tliey all wore shbea and new sweaters. In company with Officer Taylor, Agent Gregg met the passenger at Clia- nute end found all four lads in the smoker. They were placed under arrest andv taken to headquarters, where' all th <r stolen garments w^ere recovered. .The ofHcers made the youths remove the recently acquired shoes «nd aweatera, and, rather than allow them, to go barefooted, .sent a trainman up to the freight car to look for their cast off clothing. The shoes aqd shirts were found, and arrayed in thelr..own clothing the four were O Iim^ BItSJ>F K1KSA8 HltS d to o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o marched to Justice Groome's court, where they were placed under bond to await trial at the district court. The four came from St. Joseph, Mo., and have all served time in reformatories and detention homes. They gave Uielr names as Prank D. Qpatberage; \MUi6 Chllders. Aaron T. Brown'add Jerry Murphy. The lads are between 16 and 18, years of age. They ar* charged with; larceny from a railroad car, a penitentiary offense, but owing to their age will probably be sentenced to Hutchinson for seven years. In the interval they will be taken to the county jail. TO fl'RE COLD IN OXE BAY. j ijixalive Bromo Quinine Tab- r>ruRsists refund money if it fails (o cure. E. W. GROVE'S slgna- ;«re «!'.! ench l>o.x. 2r >c. URGE ELECTION OF BRI8T0W. Curtis and Leiaad Make 2 Sepechet in Brown County. Troy, Kas., Oct. 27.— Senator rha .«s. Curtis and Cyrus Leiand made two speeches Iri Brown county today, one at Wathena in the afternoon and one at Elmwood in the evening. In {phlcb both men urged upon the voters the necessity of electing their state senator and representatives. There has been considerable opposition to the candidacy of Bristow in this coimty and the Democrats have mAde the most of it to the extent that it wan deemed wise by the state committee to give the voters a little moral assistance. Both Curtis and Leiand made rousing speeches, and the en- f^thnslasm was marked. In Kansas. Emporia. Kas.. Oct 27.—Mrs. Calvin Hood, wife of ^ajor Calvin Hood, one of the oldest inhabitants of Emporia and for years president of the Emporia National Bank, suffered a stroke of appoplexy yesterday, and is critically ill at the Hood home. In a raid on a "cafe" In Pittsburg, the officers, seized these articles: 12 |«eer glasses, 3 whiikey glasses, 8 plni tin cups, 3 stnall shell glasses, 1 copper whiskey funnel. 1 lead coil complete with faucet and syphon. 1 air tank,. 1 air pump. .2 part cases of; old Indian River straight r)'c wlilskey. i cash re^ster, 1 front bar, 1 back bar, 1 zinc Wash s'fand, 1 ice box, 1 part keg. ot beer on tap, 5 part jugs -of whiskey. 2 bottles of beer or 2 per cent L case of Milwaukee Pabst Brewing Co.. beer 1 case of Wawesha export teer. Impart box'of % pint whlskej- Bbtiles 4 quart bottles of S per cent Or beer on bafck bar. The outfit wouhl ^eem to be the eqt^pment of an up-to- date joint, but it is bard to tell what It will be calleil In Crawford county. Down. in ifontgomery county. ae» cording to the Coffeyville Journal, the contracts for the. construction of three arks have already been let. and' one lumber dealer said that he was now figuring with four other parties for the lumber for theirs. Prom tlie plans of those shown, none of them will lie built on (he lines of Xoah's ark. but will be more modern. One of them is to have porches and another is to be built with an observatory and will have steering apparatus. J. A. Williams is an honest looking, gentlemanly deported sort of a fellow who has just made a raid on Pittsburg, garnering about $30. Williams claims to be the. representative of the famous Eaton Brothers who own a large ranch in Wyoming. He goe.<( about the country employing men and women to work on this ranch offering them good wages. He charges from |2 to $4 for bbtaining the job for each applicant. Wben be has collected a sum which he thinks la sufficient for the town be is. in be moves on to the next Williams wears a big Odd Fellow's and Modern Woodman's pin. He win be sivon k warm reception on his arrival in lola; MOOBT SUNRISE 3r£EmO. .Memorial Service Begins at Chicago Instltote. Chicago, Oct. 27.—With a "sunrise" service, friends of ihie late Dwight L. Moody from many parts of the country today at Moody Institute began a week's exercises tn ^uemory of the nbted evangelist. Reminiscent lectures and songs will be a feature each day. Among those who have arrived are W. R. Moody, son an^ biographer of' the preacher, the Rev. J. H. Hardwood of California, and Mrs. George C. Needham of Philadelphia, who was associated with Mr. Moody in his early work. . - • ' The Register has just completed an arrangement which will be of special interest to lEe Farmers By this special arrangement we are enabled to offer you The lola Daily l<egister for a year and the Journal of Agriculture for a year for $2.25 The Journal of Agriculture is a weekly publication .and treats the follcsing departments: Poultry and Bees Women's Page Live Stock The D:ary Farm and Field Crop Pests end I^lseases Froit and Garden The regular price of The Journal of Agriculture is 50c a year, but by this special arrangement we are enabled to offer you The lola Register $2.C0 Journal of Agriculture .SO^ !^3.33 Address ail orders and make all mon^ payable to i 1%e lola ^aOy EUGENE DANFi^BgrK IS SDFFEB- 156 FBOX FtOXirrE >OI86xtNCL' ATE dODFISHiarrURDAYlirfiHT arS SCHBEBIEB OF THIS CITT liREW CLAIM IN BO^EBUll. A Team of Plek*np Foot BaH Flayers WKI Play Xoran Xejt Friday •t Xoran—PerBonaK of »** PtOBtahie Pelsonliig. Gene Danforth, superintendent the Lanyon Zinc company smelter number -three, is suffering from an acute atack of ptomaine poisoning. He was Uken suddenly ill last Saturday evening after eating cod fish. For time his condition was considered crit ical but it is now believed that he will recover. Take Care of TOHT Eyes! We are prepared to fiit you with eyeglasses for your reading these long evenings. Our stock is complete and we do not charge.for testing the eyes. WATERS & DANPORTH. Drugs and Jewelry. Got 6oo4 Clabn. Gus Schrerier, conductor on the lola Electric who lives in this city, drew good claim in the Rosebud opening. Wbo Is This Man? » City Marsha] W. T. Donald received inquiry yesterday for a Prof. William Otis Licnhart The inquiry asked for his present address. Marshal Donald says that he knows no such person, but would be glad to inform the in quirer if any one here knows him Marshal Donald asks that answers be addres.sed to him. Held Itegabr Fractiee. The high school orchestra practiced last evening. This is their second rehearsal. The orchestra consis'«,s of two cornets, two clarionets, two violins and a piano. Two HalIoire »en Parties. Already invitations have been 'is sued«^or two Hallowe'en parties, one io be held at the home of Miss ifar- sarct MacI>onald and the other i at Miss Lotchen Slack's. OSTEOPATHT— DR. W A AlBBIGHT. Registered Osteopathic Pbysldan. Stale Bank Bidg. Phone 14Gi. Only Osteopath in La Harpe. Bays Ponllry Farm. b. n. D. Sroeltzer & Co., of loia yesterday closed a deal whereby C, C. dorbet. of Liberal. Kas.. comes Into possession of the J. F. Potter polutry farm east of this city. Mr. Corbet who is experienced in ITJe business, will take possession December Isl. SarreylBg Switta. The surveyors for the Union Portland Cement company began yesterday surveying for the switch to the site of the proposed plant northwest iof this cit}-. The right-of-way was purchased several days ago. To Play Xoraa. On next Friday a foot l>all team composed of pick-up players from this city, will meet a Moran, Kas., team on the .Moran grounds. The boys here are working regularly and will be in good condition by the time of the gatne. Add Brennan, captain of the Triplets, will referee the game. Was Bad Weatker. R. L. Lineback who returned Sim- day from a trip through northern Kansas and southern Nebraslca. says that the weather was so bad that it was almost impossible to work. He went on real estate business. Pcrtorials. H. R. Gray and nunily have rtjoved to 312 North McKlnley street from Ga* City. C. M. McVey left yesterday for Preston, la., for a few days' visit with her son. Mrs. Fred Brister will leave Satur- aay for Dennlson. Texas, where she will Join ber husband. Mrs. J. H. Bright will visit in Cha- tmt% the latter part of this week. J. T. Collins, of Chanute. was here yesterday on business. Mr. and Mrs. "J. 8. Martin, of Garnett. Kas., were here yesterday on a ibnsiness visit. • ABBMBCeBleBL ^r. ^tcllffe wtiifi'es to ipform-bit cinder patroni'and the pnblle^ihat tie ilia residfed tbe seneral,practice of medieibie,'c»mbiotng'lt miwtry Office hours 10 to 11 a. UL, 1 to 3 and 7 to I p. a. When y«m first try the most tempting— sivoryjrf&ie flavored of_alFse4 fbod^- Don't assodate thorn iwfli <^ters you commonly buy. "Sealship^ are packed with- : out water in sealed, air-tight, steel containers. | "Sealshipt" Carriers keep the oysters fresh and firm—not water-soaked. They retain all the incomparable tang of the sea. * i You can't get enough of "SeaLshipt.". More than a stirprisfr—a rerelatiou. Every housewife will want a copy of "Seailshipt Sense" with the d^ty new oyster redpes—^^e following" "Sealshipt" dealers will give you a copy: FllEYHR MOS; OTTO BIN^E; OCR WAY The genuine "Sealshipt" Oysters are always sold from • White Porcelain Display bearing the "Sealshipt" trade mark in bine. This is for your, protection-41aok for ic The "Sealshipt" Carrier System is patented. Infringe>- znents will be prosecuted to the fall extent of the law. NATIONAL OYSTER CARRIER COMPANY \ AT MORAN m 16 -7 Some Institute Meetings to Teach Kaaiias Farmers Are An- noanced. Manhattan. Kas.. Oct. 27.— The late fall circuit of farmers' institute meetings for Kansas was announced here today. The speakers' list, made up from the instructors at the Kansas state argicultural college, is A. M. Teheyck. H. Van Leeuwen. P. E. Crab tree. Albert Dickens. J. H. Miller. J. C. Kendall. R. J. Kinzer. Miss Dow, J. S. WlUard. E. Call. J. T. Headlee, Mrs. VanZile. Edwin Taylor. A. Dickens. P. S. Schoenlcber and W. E: King. Circuit No. 6—November 3. Monticello; November 6 and 7. Lawrenoe; November 9 and 10.' Olathe; November 11 and 12, Paola; November 13 and 14. Mound City; November 16 and 17, Moran; November 18 and 19. Fort Scott; November 20 and 21, Columbus. PORTLAND, MAIXE, CHILD nU Weak and Emaciated. Restored to Health hj Ttnnl. "Our little daughter, six years of age. after a severe attack of the measles, which developed into pneumonia, was left pitifully thin, weak and emaciated. She had ho appetitte. and her stomal !i was so weak it could not re- lain food. She lay'in tills condition for weeks, and nothing the doctor prescribed did a bit of good, and we were beginning to ihink she would never recover. "At this time we commence<l to give her Vinoi. and the effect was marvel- ou.s. The doctor was amazed at her progress, and when we told him w were .giving her Vinol. he replied. *lt is a fine remedy, keep it up.' We did so. and she recovered her health and strength month.<s before the. doctor thought she could." .1. W. Flagg, Portland. Me. Vinol cnres conditions like this because in a natural manner it increases the appetite, tones up the digestive organs, makes rich, red blood and strengthens every organ In the body. TIXOL Is sold in lola by S. R. Bnr- rell. Dmgi^ktt.. A KANSAS GIRL TO OPERA. The Daughter of D, W. Wilder of Hia watha Studying Under De Reszke. Hiawatha, Kas.. Oct. 27.—Miss Sap ah Wilder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Wilder, gave a recital here last night, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Thos. IJ. Todd and Mrs. James L. Dudley, of Leavenworth. Miss Wilder has stud led for grand opera three years and will return: to Paris within a week to continue her studies under Jean de Deszke. who considers her unc of bis pupils of promise. She will stndy abroad three years longer "DOPE" KILLS ELLA DAWSON. Notorious Wichita Woman Figured in O'Shea Murder Case. Wichita. Kas., Oct. 27.—Ella Daw son. in whose house a man was found dead last week, is herself dead from an overdose of morphine and cocaine taken with suicidal intent. The woman has t>een a resident ot Wichita for twenty years and is known all over the sonthwest. She figured in the famous Patrick O'Shea murder case, which is one of the most noted on the Kansas supreme court records. . It was in a fight because of her. that O'Shea. the prize fighter, killed her husband. While the coroner was viewing the body the county commissioners were considering the question of compelling her to leave the county. She was a wreck from drugs. Club to] Meet The Taft colored Republican club wtn meet hi the hall in Baasett this 6repSag. 'Bnalnesa | of Importance Is to he transacted and a good tamont of the membership is tuiged. LOW RATES TO CAUFORNIA LD MEXICO TUB NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA ON SALE Sept. 1st to Oct. 3 tst Ask for FnU Infonnatloi. CP. HaIe,Agt. EXCHANGE OR SELL. List your property with me. I have a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal is found for yon. 1 have 240 acres In. Neosho county. Kas, to exchange for good lola property. J. T1 MILES. Boom 10, Old Goart Hoosei. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short. Time Loans. Cunnin^hani.^ Arhj^tt Flagilone and Gcmentiffiilairalka aai CarUnttfSpadaltT. KAeAZIHXB JUn» FBSIODICII^ who deals famiabea them at • possible. Trial aa^ri'^S^^'YSk Ndrden's^ 3 montlw'SSoi^f ' Phone*9^ .J.

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