The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on November 21, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1964
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Saturday, Nov. 21,1964 ^ v -f'h^^SO^SOEIPTION feATES , ,By-CarrIer,;ln Clfy, PeriWeek .^.i^.i,'— v-'--*-*^-*-- 35 cents : B* l^il^^Vi^^foAland Adjacent counties I.;. $8.00 Ent»r*^V^o^£lass'Matter OeM,,"J8?5 *t f the Postoffice ;in . Tipton, Jr^iana,?Uoder the Act .of Oyp eess^ trf, ft^arch.I, 1879 • : -;•' .'• PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEP /TjlsUNDAy. BY' ' -/"TRIBUNE PUBLISHJNG^COMPAflYJ- 1 ^,' -421-223 East Jefferson Street. Tipto^lr ^r ^iJT^ep^^jOS 5-2115 WINDFALL SCHOOL NEWS Reobert D. Lee is the "Teacher of the Week" at Windfall High School. In his second year of teaching, chemisty and gen-— eral science, he really needs no introduction to Wmdfalhtes. ) He is a graduate of Bedford High School and Indiana University. In addition to his teaching duties, he sponsors the National Honor Society and this year is the sophomore class sponsor. Outside interests include teaching piano, playing golf,'bowling, reading of many books and participation in all school functions. Hats off to Mr. Lee. Kenneth G. Clouser, a 17 year old student at Windfall High School is this week's "Senior of the Week".- He is the son of Ar- There's still ' TIME TO OPEN A CHRISTMAS CLUB ACCOUNT for a "Pre-paid" Christmas next year! CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF TIPTON thur and Bonnie Clouser and is studying physics, trigonometry, health, art and government. His school activities include membership. in the Honor Society, the Student Council, Hy-Y Club and activity in all sports. Aside from his favorite sports, his pastime as . reported by friends is causing trouble for all his teachers. He likes steak, the movie "Carpetbaggers", the actor Fabian, actress Annette, the book "Flame of Hercules" and the color yellow. He plans a military career after high school. THE GRACE LANCERS, of Grace College, Winona Lakei. Indiana, present an inspirational service of musical selections and testimonies of their Christian approach to' athletics Sunday,-night in a program at the First Baptist Church. Left to right in this photo of the group which just returned from a basketball tournament in Illinois are Rick Auxt of Hagerstown, Maryland; •' Bill Keane ;of: Philadelphia, Pa.; Jan Gilbert of Gary, Indiana; Fran Denton of Syracuse, Indiana and- Fred Bailey of Tippecanoe, Indiana. Rev. Richard Messner, the church'music director here on Sundays is the team's coach. Chet Kemmerer, assistant coach, who will take part in the religious program, established state records last year of 737 points for the season and closed his collegiate career at the same time with a four-year record cf 2,498 points. The 13-man squad- will meet with the youth of the church in a special 6 p.m. service. The public is invited to the regular 7 p.m. program. sail*** aiM'V 4ffnnntyin I CROftcSpeaker Sharpsville-Prairie School News By MARGIE ROODE SENIOR CLASS PLAY | place—Bill Salsberry, a 17-jewel The senior class play at | wrist watch; 3rd place—Bonnie Sharpsville-Prairie. was present- Gossett, an electric toothbrush Sunday Service. !n New Sanctuary ed at 7:30 p.m. last Friday, No vember 13, 19CH. The play "The Big Blow Up" was a three act comedy. The'c a s t of charac 4th place—Becky Drake, a camera set: 5th place—Linda iFor- sythe, Electric alarm clock. 6th place—Pat Slavey, a desk lamp. We wish to congratulate the Juter was Ellen Parker - niors on their fine Performance. Windfall's "Athlete of the Week" is Gerry Upchurch, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Upchurch. He has participated in high school baseball, four years, lettering in each; he also has four years of basketball, two on the varsity; three years of track and three years cross country. Baseball is his favorite sport. In addition to his athletic career he is carrying a heavy academic load, studying English, physics, trigonometry, health and government. He is member of National. Honor Society, Hy-Y and the lettermen's club. He also is "a business manager of t h e school yearbook. His favorite pasttime is dating Shirley. Membe. f D I. C TIKI DIANA Ends Tonight Matinee Today At 2:00 p.m. Double Action Show in Colorl "Distant Trumpet" ; "The Killers" - Sun.-Mon.rTus. '- Continued 'Show Sunday -Starting At 2:00 P.M. "One of the beat movies ever made." mm Any Sl»;,$n*t* Tlr» Recap/i ; :V --..-5 j'&Jfl •', -P. •' . ' \ : ..''}.^f »yfl |ilngi 1 j$§r* 13" Snow tirii—$25.00 f»«l? i • \i. ' r'fi-'iiti''" . r'J'-' SF tee'TOfceys: J > ^11111 "Totfch ..of JWink" color '""Tf^.t ^^^^ m , •» J '• Wednesday Night' . . _ i hW ^f ^l4 '^i• $ KUWi Vcadomy Awardsl the land lady, Beverly Taylor; Beans Parker—her. high school son,, Richard Zook; Melinda— .a new maid, Edith Shuck; «Mug<y Morris—a young criminal, Alan iFetcher; Cora Johnson— a young school teacher, Margie Rqode; Terry King—a detective, Jim Coyle; Sandra Field—a nervous young lady, Dotty Miller; Margot Richards — a puzzling young woman, Auderianna Ford; Katie Lee—Beans girl friend, Joyce Rees; Douglas Blake- Sandra's fiance, Clinton Rockey; Mr. Field—Sandra's irate- father, Riki Lineback; Mrs: 'Field —her anxious mother, Linda Hancock. The play was sponsored by Mr. Forest Fields. — S-P — SENIOR PARTY A senior class party was held by Dotty Miller at Mrs. Jerry Scott's home last Friday, November 13, 1964, after the Senior class play. Recreation consisted of playing, records and dancing.: Refreshments served were ham sandwiches,' potato chips, punch, cokes, and salad assortments. A slumber party was held afterwards. A total of eleven girls spent the night talking and cutting up.' — S-P — VOCALIST ENTERTAINS An assembly program ; was held in the" Sharpsville-Prairie gymnasium last Tuedsay afternoon, Novemper 10, 1964 .at 2:00 p.m. All the students from grades one through twelve from both Sharpsville, - Prairie ( and Prairie - Sharpsville -were;present to enjoy the program ''Music in the Air" presented by Mr. Charles E. King, a singer from Pheonix, Arizona.' In an< interview Mr. King said he has visited over 4,000 high .schools in the United States since 1944. He loves children, and: that <is-: why he travels around the - country entertaining them: — S-P — JUNIOR MAGAZINE SALES The Junior class of 19^-65 reached their goal of $3,500.00 in' magazine sales. The sales lasted two weeks from the last of September to the 1st of October. The team captains were: Pat Slavey, Linda-Wyrlck; and Peggy Edmonds. Peggy's team came in first place. "I , Last Friday, November • 13, the first six. winners were presented their' prizes tot , selling the most magazines^Tney are: 1st place—Jim Boone,'-a Westinghouse Tape Recorder; jgnd — S-P — F.'B.L.A CHILI SUPPER The Future Business Leaders of SjharpsvilLe-Pralrie held -a chili supper and movie party last Tuesday night, November 10, 1964. There were about fifty members present. The chili supper began at 5:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria. At 6:30 p.m. the party boarded a school b'is driven by George Buckley and were on their way to the evenings entertainment at the Sipe Theater in Kokomo. The feature was - 1 "Send Me No Flowers" starring Rock Hud^jn, Dbris Dav,. and Tony Randell. The sponsors who helped make the party a success were Mr. an>1 Mrs. Bruce E. Cardwell, and Mr. and Mrs. David Beem. — S-P — SKATING PARTY A skating party is scheduled to be held by the Band Boosters Monday. November 30. The party held at the Kokomo skating rink. Everyone who can is invited to come. The band is raising money to buy new uniforms. — S-P — BASKETBALL GAME Next Wednesday, November 25, 1964 the Sharpsville-Prairie SDartans will meet the Tipton Blue Devils in the Tipton High School gymnasium. This is the third game for the Spartans this season. Orf*"Wright " . V The TiptoniV County CROP kickoff supper "'will be held on Tuesday, November. 24, at ^6:45 p. m., at Liberty -Baptist church, north of Groomsville Oris Wright, state chairman df the CROP committee, will be the speaker. . Wright of Vincennes, is the newly elected chairman of the State CROP committee. He has been active in the Knox county CROP organization for the last six years,' durinjg which time Knox county was .second in the state of Indiana in total contributions to CROP. Having, travelled throughout much of the world, he has seen the work of CROP and Church World Service in many places. Wright spent much time in Hong Kong where he observed the activities of Church World Service, the Overseas relief egency of 34 Protestant denominations. He took over 800 pictures, many of which will be used to present the work of CROP. Five Unions Nature Notes (Continued from oage 1) this takes (-the prize for tough plants, as they have not had a drop of water or moisture in nine months! i. • Thief Gets The Bird .,A hungry^thief ibroke into the •less Askren residence., R. R. 1, Tipton, last night and made .off with the Thanksgiving turkey. The • foraging bandit also took 300 lbs. of pork, four hens, three friers and 50 or 60 cans of canned goods. The break-in occurred between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. Sunday November 22 will be observed as Victory Sunday at the Church of the Nazarene as they move into their new sanctuary for services for the first time. A. girls trio from Marion college will be featured at both the Sunday school service and the worship service. Air Indian Tribesman contest, (ConHnued tTam Da „ „ which has-been in progress fori '. . . A ™ ;, Tr . ' the past four Sundays with spe- m ^ b « ssta °i dsix ^tcS s tZ Z^tf^clot Say afafnst fte"lSf SS tendance will come to a close T> .,_„_,,, „. !F „ c„^^„„ TT ,„ „„•„„;„„ Railroad in New York and its ^J^aSSSL^ Tourf ^oiuferrfns be served a pot-luck dinner at ^H";„ ^"J™?^ ™« W " the 4-H building on Tuesday at.^S^ ficlls speculating 6 p.m by the losing tribe 1^^ ^"of 'a Snwdf W ^,-c^i am V.?r, B t Ck walkout, said they could not Hawk is leader ofthe Cherokee• j without know ™L vlf 3 - 1 , Bre / Ze ' fCh ,! 6f ing how other railroad unions Sche tribe " * "V™ 1 * res P ect P icket Unes " Apacne tribe. | In Washington ^ Post of ; KotmoS'be 3 <Zl™nZ f Ce ^ M a ~ d ftat Safety Stressed By Engineer In Friday Meet icg • "Safety has to be a habit, and must be practjced; al£ the tme," according to JO£-JW> Summers, Chief Engineer Vol Indianapolis Water Co., speaking before a safety meeting of Tipton Utility Service~Soard at \;\xh> Utility Conference Room' yesterday morning.- . i .• .0?'"IT you afe safe -at feme, 1 ' vou'U be safe on the job," Summers stated. M o s t accidents happen in the home, he explained, arid went on to show that?->the • : workmeri «who.^ha,ve j 'ClutterjejJ. and i unsafe stairways in /'theirvfown dweniDgs are ^:apt to ,carcy ; ;thi.9 : practice-oyer into I their wjrlc.areas.-V. v'^'i^t- *' '> Summers-,: s')je%e.d • .^the.; fact; that all jobs are "done better arid quicker the safe .way.-lt-.was. his opinion that-if a man protected his co-workers by doing his' job in a safe manner, his associates would respond by looking after his interests as well as their own. -. White- safety depends upon management and supervisors to a large'extent, it was the opinion of the engineer that the final steps in safety depend on the workers themselves.' "If you're ndt courteous, you're not safe." he' concluded. "If you are not watching out for the other fellow, vou won't take care of yourself." Ray Rench, Mayor, and X. D. Whitehead, President of Tipton Utility Service Board, attended the safety meeting, together with Ted Sharp, Superintendent of the Water Utility, hosts of the speaker, Wm. Calvin, Superintendent of the Electric Utility, and Elmer Hook, Disposal Plant Operator, with the workers of the various departments. Wm. Kendall, of the Water Utility, was chairman of this safety gathering,^ and others are planned by the various utilities in the near future. Foreign lNew<$ Commentary lm page 2) And if there is a bond between the, two-part of it is Po- laioVs- cojitinuiQg fear of Germany.- §*v ?r.» In Warsaw's reconstructed foreign office, a spokesman attached both the U.S.-sponsoref! mix-manned nuclear naval force.for .NATO and U.S. refusal -'to .recognize' the Oder-Neisse line as the final border between •Poland and Germany. *.'We do not fear'an attack now by the Germans," said the spokesman. "We know they are not capable'of it, and we have a strong alliance. -" "As. for the Oder-Neisse, the Germans know, ^they are not going to get back their former eastern lands, so why not recognize it?" "Failure of the United States to .recognize the line which gave the Poles about 39,000 square miles of former German territories, he said, only encourages - false hopes among the Germans. The multi-lateral naval force for NATO, he held, only will whet the German, appetite for nuclear' weapons. — "We know that German militarists represent a minority," he said. "But Hitler also represented a minority. And therein lies the keystone of Polish foreign policy. in the event of a strike Monday it would halt. all shipment of all second, third' and fourth class mail that had destinations of 150 miles or more. PO Cautions Shippers The Post Office /cautioned shippers' of perishible goods to •wo davs of defensive practice discontinue mailing 'their goods to readv for long time rival if the strike, appeared immin- SharosviUe in a Thanksgiving ent. Eve 'battle in the home opener. More encouragement for a B-Team Wins settlement came from a medi- Tipton won the B-team game-ation board aide who said "the 42-40 on a pair of free throws by| mere fact that we're keeping program at the dinner. Tipton (Continued from page 1) The Blue Devils wiM have Larry Deakyne with three seconds left on the clock, after blowing a lead they had held since taking a 7-1 margin in the opening minutes of the game. That game however, showed a lot of future varsity Drospects with Oren Rector doing a good job of ball handling, Deakyne and Terry Mcintosh fhowing some scoring power and George Shortle _ and Bill Compton working the boards likp real "horses". ! The varsity box score: T'pton Moore Smith Meyers Boyd Quigley Crouch Harmon Hannah • Carter • • • v TOTALS ..• «*Clinton Central;.; Stowers " Evans Thatcher Turner Berry. Cheek . Stroup TOTALS Tipton Clinton Central FG FT PTS 6 1 13 2 0 40 6 6 1 0 2 2 1 5 5 . 5 15 1 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 30 20 80 14 3 31 1 2 4' 6 2 14 0 6 6 1 0 2 5 4 14 0 1 1 27 18 72 20-17-24-19—80 18-10-21-23—72 them (the negotiators) talking is a good sign." In another railroad development, the carriers arid the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen (BRT) signed a wage agreement covering '96,000 BRT members. , URGENTLY l^EEDED... AT ONCEI Male:or female pELP to. deliver The Kokomo » Morning Times in; rural area of Tipton jGounty and -'Elwood. Interested parties • please'call fefCCJBLECT". CIRCULATION DEPT. Kokomo; Morning Timfcj£<5 GL 7*9161 An attrartiye prop«*itlori to ln*«rt)«t»d parting Local Teachers Attend Workshop "The Near Look — The Far Vision" is theme of the Education workshop at Broadripple High School attended by local teachers at Indanapolis this morning. Registration began at 8:30 a.m. and was followed with a general session. J. Fred Murphy, the host principal will tie the speaker at the luncheon using the topic "Getting to Know Us." Discussion group leaders wll be in.charge of the afternoon session. ; ' The 12 faculty members repre-. senting Tipton Community School Corporation are Mary K. Ryan,. Jan Slater, Gretchen Foster, Betty Orr, Crystal Stewart, Dana Thatcher, John Woods, Carl Heath, Clavis Hinshaw, Donald CSements, David McGaw and Walter Miller. Television In (Continued from page 5) have heard of a young boy from the wrong side of the tracks who won a scholarship to Oxford, and revealed to panting admirers that it all started when he saw Charles Boyer on "The "Rogues"—or some other previous, .similar effort—and decided then and there to be a polished, 'civilized gentleman, and a credit to society. This has not ; happened, but I only bring it up to show you there can .always be another side— yet as everyone knows, letter- writers who have nice things to say • rarely_ write. - HOMEWORKERS SOCIETY Members of the Homework- ers society of the Presbyterian church will r meet on Tuesday ; for a carry-in dinner at 12 noon. 'I State • (Continued from page 1) r/egree in Sociology from the Muncie college in 1962 Metzger was appointed chief probation officer in Delaware county Juvenile and Circuit courts. Mrs. James Tudor, Mrs. F. K. Surber and Miss Mary Kay Ryan, area representatives of community problems of A.A.U. W. program, are in charge of arrangemtnts. Hostesses for the meeting will be Mrs. Tudor, M r s. Fred Stroup and Miss Ethel Daum. 'Members are requested to bring wrapped, appropriate Christmas gifts for Mental patients. The membership committee urges that members in need of Tuesday evening transportation call OS 5-2613. TURKEY SANDWICH and GLASS OF BEER 10 TUESDAY TI-ON LOUNGE THANKSGIVING EUCHRE PARTY Monday/. November 23, 8:00 P.M. ST. JOHN'S SCHOOL AUDITORIUM : ; 40 TURKEYS GIVEN AWAY KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS IM. DANE SAYS: We Will Close Sunday, Nov. 22 For The Winter l JlrVPCANDY A&W *— DOWNTOTOf TIPTON 'LOOK FOR tHB

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