Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 27, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1908
Page 5
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fBE lOIj HAILY EECTSIBB. TCISPAY ETSmg, OCTOBEB a?, im. A DEPOSIT in our Savings Department does not tie up yonr account for any given length of time] You can draw ALL or ANY PART at ANY TIME, and whatever amount is in the bank on our interest payment ^^tes, (which are January 1st and July 1st of each year), dra^s THREE per cent interest for the time it has been on deposit. The only way an account in onr Savings.!Department differs from a checking account, is that ^u do not issue checks against it, and that it DRAWS INTEREST. Should you wish to draw any part of youriiccoupt, simply bring your Pass Book to the bank, and we jPAY YOU THE CASH. Isn't that easy? | State Savings Bapk CmpHml S2B.000 Idlal Kanmmm Open from 7 to iS p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! A ttrt hnndiTd U sort ions No. 1 Wi'stoni la ml a I fUHU) :uu\ up. GOLDEN WEST LAND CO. OWco OTCT Iowa Store. Thorpe & Hoogh Contractors, Engineers, Sarrcjors. Fully equipped for all kinds of urveying, estimating, patent draw- /ng, blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drSInage. Oiflee OTer Tamons." Short Stories SBSSSBSS O r SSSSSSB^ —Dr. J. IL IVpiKT. l»»inlMt Fhone MS. Tom nonius Itonsiit Farm. Tom l'o\viti> has bonsht iho narius Millor Iliac;- o( \\(-i\v:,^\] & Kay. It is a ;>2i> aoro lann ami so'.il for $lS.4St>, Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—better Ihnn most. Don't rowt Onr MEAT MARKET We handle only the best of Fresh Meats, Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, and will pay the highest market price In cash or trade. Coni^ In and see us. We are sole agents for J. Bom's COFFEES and TEAS If you will give this line a trial you will use no other. Fryer Bros. Phone 301, SOS. Tola, Kansas. —.Into narajre and Repair Sbop for all klnd<< of repairlnir. Anloinohn«> liTory. riione S93. Tolorod ("lull Moots. The Cokiied Taft club will hold a mcpiiniir in l>as.=eir ha!! lojiicht.. There is considerable biisine-.s of importance to come lip and a full attendance is hoped ior. Mrs. Olmstead at Garnett. .Mrs. Will Olmstead returned home to Parker yesterday after a vi.^it with her parents. Chas. Wolfley and •wife. —Carnett News. —Oysters any style at ua/-way. .>ray Locate in lol.i. r. M. Connctt. formerly niana.^er of Clark-Haies Lumber coni|iaiiy yards at Cas City, i.s in lola and may locate here. He now Lives at .Atwood. Kas. —Strm iialntin;?. Fred Howden. phone 142R. —Cnnnfnsliam * Ametf. 6 per cent money. Governor .Elder Better. Governor Elder's recovery from his recent attack of paralysis, while .^low, is still steady enou.eth to be very jtrat- fyins to his friends. Hi.^ condition was reported to be comfortable loda.v. —6ttawa Herald. Ai ^ilMiir Mrs. A. A. Harris. MIS. .1. W. Xoblc and children, lona Lawrence and Frances, went lo lola Friday to visit her sister. .\!r.=. A.kA. Harris—Winlield Courier. —He a Hoosier—Home Industry— N'eosho River Cat at Our Way. —Fre.<;h Oysters—Onr Way. Fiirhtr Different . Oconpations. The parents of the students of the Fnievrsity of Kansas, according to fi.mires compiled by the Registrar of the riiiver.~iiy, sectirod from the students iJirniselves, are enpased in aliiMir eighty different occtipations. The f .'.rniei .-t lead :he number, with ith*' itie!<h;ri»a- ;ii slie .'^tiialler towns. Evans Bros. OMigm,. Buokm, pUm aimnk Bttokm miHiaimmm SeHmot Supgilfmm Offlam SmopIlM ^W11er« qnaUty fa main eonslfl- eratlon va bay ttaa best Wliaie demaoda will Juatlfy, wa carry all iradaa and prlcaa. lastk lUt tnwm, lala, IJuo. t .^re the new Post Cards at MundJa • Drug Store. I ! .MilNtiaiiuh at Tniporia. 1!l.~liop .Millspaiiuh, or Topeka. of the diocese of Kansas, held litaity service it! St Aiidrew'.s Epi.scoiial ehnrcli las! evening, and followed this I by a on'M "i ;;-iT .ii :oa sf-rviee. Me :ilso j.-piik'^ at leji'jili (11! liis trip to Etis- !.ini! ):iM .'^iimiii"!. and lold chiefly of his < xtieri .MK e^ at the Patt-.\merican idiih-n-iiff.- —i;iniiiiri.n (I.-izctie. PTllAYI^D—One snrrel lp.la7.ed faced mare, hor-e sl'.oc braiid. Fitider please repuri !<• Hoy ?imt!nn>. Humboldt, Kas. Visit ;ii (.'aleita. j C.flena imie in lije .lopljn Herald: jMrs .\nna I*, lloi-e of f'ittsbiir^r. and J dauuliicr. .Mrs. Irank Niilin'sdn. of \ lol.t. will :irilvc lonioifow in .sjiend a • ftMv davs with ilie fi ^u-iuer's daiishter. '.Mr.-. H. n. Kddy. ajiid fa .-ni'y. .Mrs. Itosi' ii -avi 's the coniiii'.: wei -li for C 'a 'i- Hiriiia i<» spend the u inter. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO, :ers. Wholesale •III Retail Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And !»• tilled Water Vaw Call Stonga Beady far Biiteei I. Pbaae IIC FRANK RIDDLE, Nsr. —Insist on liavlnern. S." floar. Stoves Set up and connected, also any other gas fitting. Good work and reasonable charges. Phone 29. lluch sit: Kdii. flovernor Hoch wi!! speak to re- pul'inan voters al and .-everal Chann tfii'i iiji I" 1" llocb is one of the orators in the state and will draw a hvA crowd.—Chaimie Sun. ola this evenin?; e politicians in- ar the executive preatesf political —Paper Hangin Phono H2S. S. Fred Rowden J, a. THOtU I EsUmates cheeitelly given on all work PJuma €I0» Bca. S. Baekeye. Will uf lola. Mrs. Laura Holister. of Nevada. Mo., and licr.rv Kinir. of Sheldon. Mo., went to lola this afternoon, where they will be married by the probate jud.^e. .Mr.s. HoMstrr has l)een vlsitiiig .Mis. I Woody a few days.—Channte Sun. —Always tirae to eat at Our Way. (•osborn to Speak. .Ichn (iiishorii (^i lola will speak at Democratio iieadqiiarters tomorrow evenin.s: on the principles advocated by supporter-s of "Hryau, Goshorn Is one of the leading artoiTieys of Allen county, and was urged to get into the race for representative,/but was prevented by a long ^elge of sickness. He is said to be an elpqnent speaker, and to set forth the views of the peerless leader in a telling: maoDer. He will diseuss both staieland natiooal Issues, beginning short]}-; after 8 o'clock.— Cbanute Sun. They all aay tliat Mondla has the newest and best line nf post cards in the city. Burial of Jamea Bradford. The funeral service for James Bradford, colored, who was killed on Sunday afternoon in a shale pit of the loli Portland Cement plant by a ledge of loosened dirt which fell upon him. breaking bis neck, was held this afternoon in the Second Bap- fist church. Rev. Gordon ofBciating. 1_ Any one having any job work done Ie5 me know, H. G. Shook. 633 Xorth^ Jefferson. Took H Under Advisement. The application of T. W. Green for an extension of time in which to pay temporarj- alimony- and attorney fees to bis wife who is suing his wife for divorce was taken under advisement. If you want the latest and nicest post cai-ds on the mai-ket, get them at Mundia drug atora Funeral of Clarence Seitz. The remains of Clarence L. Seitz. son of Mr. and Xfrs. J. H. Seitz. of DO.T East street, wore bnricd this afternoon in the old Tola cemetery. Funeral service was held at the family home this afternoon, condueteil by Pastor R. H. EUett, of tho Christian church. —Frank S. BeatUe. V. S. Phona 139. Give Bible Lectures. Rev. S. S. Hil-scher. pa.stor of the Presbyterian chiir,ch will bejsin ; his serier of Bible lectures at the midweek pra.ver meeting 1n the church tomorrow night. These lectttres will be iiven in connection with the recular prayer meeting topics. Marri»s! Here. •bibii II. King, of Sheblon. Mo. am! I»inra llolUster. of Nevada. Mo., were married yesterday by Probate .Tndge .1. R Smith. Filed a Lease, •lertime Slojine has lea.^ed lo the I.anyon Zinc comjmny the west half of the northeast quarter and the west half of the southeast quarter of 11-2."211. —Merchant's Lunch at Our Way. Returned to Lawrence. Mrs. Hugh Means, who went to In- deepndence, Kas., last week to at- end a meeting of the D. A. R. spent Saturday and Sunday with her sis- er in Tola, returning home today.— I.awrence Gazette. —Six p«r cent money: -ntt conunla- 8lon; no delay.—-Smith & Travla. Up .From Humboldt. W. T. McElroy. Captain S. J. Stewart and John H. Osborn were up from Humboldt last evening to hear the addres;s of Gov. E. W. Hoch. Tlity are expecting a big meeting at Hnm- boldt tonight when ex-Governor "W. .T. Ralloy speaks. Chateau Chocolates, the l?ind you have always bonght at. Mnndis rvrug Store, has a beautifu'. Passeportant picture with each pound box. Announce Revival. Ttev. .1. M. .Ma.soii. jiasfor of the Methodist cliiireli. is getting read..- for the meeting.^ whi."!! "will begin about the of Novemlwr. Rev. .\. P. ITam:lton. who recently r.^turn- ed from missionary work abrnml. will assist hint in the meetincs. Brotherhood Banquet. Th'» Methodi.-;t Brotherhood will hold a banquet on Tliir.sday liight of this week in iho basement of the Presbyterian church. M this? meeting stejis will bo taken toward liiving lecture course this winter. \ —It—Onr Way 5?oda Water. ' About Prof. Mayberry. The Emporia Gazette in speakii*; of the school superintendents' meeting there last week, says: Many qfifs- tlons came up for discussion of pirac- fical interest to educators during the conference and were given thorotiiih discussions. The discussion of marr«i- al training this morning was hrougtrt up by a paper read by Siiperincendentr M. E. Pearson, of Kansas City. 'Have Commercial subjects a permanant value as a part of the high school course?" T)iscussion was opetaed by L. W. .Mayberry and was con^niaed by R. R. Price, of iTlitchinson. who tspoke against too much manual work in high schools, and by D. if. Bowen. of IFort Scott, who spoke in its favor. 1 Mormons at llnmlioldt. \ number of Mormon elders were in Humboldt Saturday and Sunday preaching on the streets. They did not tell much of iheir doctrine that differed from that of other religions. The book of Mormon is not they claim the book on which they base their religion. It is simply a history of the early people who inhabited this contin ent at the time of Christ. They walk through the country and visit & the houses on the way distributing Ifceir literature. All yonng men in ;ihe church are subject to the command of the head of the church 10 go out and preach as a missionary for two .vears. snnporting himself in the mean­ time—Iluinlwldt Herald. Dty C laming is a chemical process of cleansing clothing, requiring much experience' and an extensive knowledge of textiles and chonisiry. and the use of certain mechanical appliances. We are the only firm who meet these requirements in Tola and we j have al-, ready taken the lead in Sanitary Clothes Cleaning, trial order will make you a permanent customer. lolu Lskundry t02 Roard and room.s in private family: mo<lern. ^<l:•, South Street. Is Vititing Daughter. II. McHenry cf Pleasanton. Kans.. i.'! her.' visiting lits daughter, who is aiieudlng the lo'a Business college. Nation Praises Sen. Long. .1. .M. Nation, ^late auditor, luts.'ied throiiL^h lola yesterday afternoon on his way to Toivoka from Frle. where he visited home (oiks. He says that Senator Long had a big meeting then» Saturday night. The opera house was tuU. notwithstanding the had w^eatber. The Senator made an ploquent address, full of his characteristic logic and vigor Pnblic Sale. f will offer at public treaty one mile south and IVj miles east of Harris on what is known as the Tug Wilson farm, on Saturda.v. .October :U. IMS. beginning at oclock a. m. the following property:. .Vine head of horre.«. 2 *1 head of short horn cattle registered or eligible to register, consisting of 1<; female and I hulls, Mirlls are ."^lil! sucking: M high grade cattle, six lem.ile.-:. two hulls and one steer. .About to head of Berkshire hogs all age.-, some registered. Terms made known on date of sale. n. o. CRiPPS .vxn so.v. Col. Will Sheets. .Vnctioneer. Ladies will serve lunch on grounds. \ fiot Back ^Sala^io^. Four members of the Pickings From Puck company did not lca\'e Humboldt with the balance of the troupe. The company had a good house and they saw a chance of .getting hold of real money for back salaries. Consequently they attached the stage- fittings and the manager put up $100 bond to get it out. Saturday morning they api)earcd before Judge Perry who allowed them their back salaries of $100 and they left for other fields.— Humlioldt Herald. FOR UOIES ONLY Skating Rink Will be Given Over to Them Mornings for a Limited Time. Quite a number of ladies hj^ft suggested ro the rink management that thi-y would like to learn to skate if they could do so when no "horrid" men were around to laugh at them. In compliance with this request It has be<^n decMed to turn the rink over mornings for a siorr time absolutely to I lie ladie.s. N'o men will he allowed in the building except the manager, the skat»» room man and possibly some of the owners. There will oe no charge for anything, admi."'sion and skates being absolutely free. Tl\^e offer is certainly a generous one and will undouhteilly he taken ailvanrace of by many ladies. TVlARRDBD WOMEN Every woman covets a shapely figure, and many of them deplore the loss of their girlish forms [after marriage. The bearing of children is often desti-uctive to the mother's shapeliness. All of this can be avoided: by the use of Mother's Friend before baby comes, as this linimbnt prepares the body for the strain upon it, and preserves the symmetry of her form. Motiier's Friend makes the danger of child-birth less, and carries her safely through this criiical period. Thau.saiids grate^ fully tell of ihe bciieKt and | relief derived from the use of this remedy, ^ir,!;;'^*;^ Boobmatlftl fr<«'inail.-i|.. rsr.liii<ui>< i••. THE bR.\DFIEUl KKGHLArtm Cu. AiUnu. Ua. TO LOAN—$.*».00o private money on! farm land at 6 I'cr cent.—tola J-and Co..' WANTED^ -MimUmous \ W.W'TKI)—.\ bousekeejit-r. .\|'pi> j at Mrs. Turner's millinery sMiriv WANTED—Zinc workers at .Spring field. 111. In.piire II. C llali at .\Hd Works. Salesmatt Wanted. 1-Ixperiein -f unnecessary. Sl'iO. pt-r mfuifli and expenses. Uoyai Civar Co.. (.'hicaMo. 1 i. Business lUt. MILDltKD CDBTIS • • l 'u}>iriau and Surgeon. * • Office over ituTeU's Dnig Store • • Ottlce Phone 554. • • Itesidence L'U E. Jackson • • Phone ' • • • • • • « W.XNTFD—Live !iusin'-ss uian H' put in s !iM -k of dry '--oods iiiul ^etieral md.--»-; I'^si .-iijiair town :i: . nimi.v Phone 'SIC'. WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land Oolden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola. Kas. SALESMEN & AGENTS—$ $ 3 $50.00 per week and over can be made selling ^few Campaign Novelties from now until election. Sells to Stores. County Pairs, Picnics and Private Families. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for 5«c. Order toda.v. CH IC.A.GO .V07ELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave.. Chicago. DR.S. KEID * RED), • • Physicians and Snr ^Bl. * • X-Ray and Electrical Appliances. • Eye. Ear, Kose and ThroaL " • Office Phone 2.57; Res. 396. • • • • DU. MC.VILLM, Special attention given to tha treatment of alj Chronic Dlaaaa- es and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office S2. Res. 232. Office over Burrell's Drug Stora West Madison. FOR SALE—Three fresh milch cows. E. D. Rapp. Moran. Kas. FOR SALi: OR TRADE—Siu.uer Sewing for cow. horse or corn. New high arm drop head. South Third. Phone llIlM. FOR REm~ mtaomUmmmoua FOR RENT—Fnrnisbed room.- hoard if dcsircl 4i»:: Wi'.'-t .Madison. 1-T)R RENT—One T room bo:ise and one 1 room hou.-e. two blocks from Washington school: gootl water and in good repair. Appiy to N"e :.-i!:! I". Acers, .Mineral Well Park. P!ioi;e No. i. FOR RENT—A gtiod rouni 10; -a- fices or store. Ni>. IS West .Madison. Apply to Nelson F. Acers. Mineral Well Park. Phone No. 4. •—Soda Water, the Our Way kbid. Russell. 1, whojif*^e Ti Hoch to Gov. E. W. Hoch, who.sf«^e "here last night. left this morning for Russell, where he speaks today. ' f One of the EnS^ential^ at the happy homes of to-day is a vast fund of inforrasation as to the beic methixls of promoting Icralth :ind happine:>s and right living and knowledge of the world's best products. Products of actual excellcme and reasonable} claims truthfully presented and which liave attained to world-wide acceptance throiigii th« approval of the Wril-InfonneJ of the World: not of individuals only, but of tlie nnany who have the happy faculty of selecting uml obtaining the l>est the worM afford-.. One of thr profluet^ of That rlas<, of knowa confKtnent |>arts, an Ftliical remeily, appvovml by pli3'stciaiii ami eo -n- mendod by the Well -Infonm-.! of the Woridasu v:dii:ible ami wliole -<onie family lax;itivc is th-* wdl -l ;in »irn Syrup of fig- and €U:dr of rjeana.. To get it.s lieneficial effects always hiiy the genuine, ii^aiiii- facturc d by the (California Tig Syrup Co., only, and for &alr by all leading drugguts • • • • • • • • Phone 687. Rea. 701. DB. 0. L. COX, Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. 0. U. W. BIdg. . • • • Offlcs Tel. 1083. Night TeL IM • • • DB. B. 0. CHBI8TUH • • Physicten and Sargeaa * • Rooms 7 and 8. Bvaoa Bldf. * • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • F. H. MABTIir, • • Surgery and Diseaaea ol ' • W'omea. • • Office and Residenc -e Phone 576 • • OlBco 7 'North JeSeraoo. • fOn EXOHAMOE Six Clear La llarpc re.-iilences $7<M>0 and $:;'••">. Ca^!l fi >r nifrcbaiidisi' i ^r farm. V.'. O. LtiiliaM. lola. Kas. JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast. old reliable Jeweler. 110 East Street, i Lodge jDffectory KXIGHT5 OF PYTHUS^eosh* Lodge N'o. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. S. Thompsqn; B. (X Chris Hitter. K. of R. KOA 8. ' FOR II.KCll VNC.K—A fii'i'l> itiipr..'.- ?d fartii. .N'^i^lio eoiiiitv r wanr?^ tjrick i.iisini;•:.>; ••it;.. W Iiit-.k-r A: lioniu'll. ov.T Oil \\'a>.' K MOUTH OF MACCABEES^ Knights of Maccabees of the WprM meets in K. P. Hall, second and foart* Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Postwalt. commander; R.; B. For* ter, record keeper. • OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. Sei>•ember. you know, is the time to have •"he snmmer d^:st cleaned out of car- per.s. We are busy, but your order wi'.l receive prompt and careful attentiuu. Phone us today. lOU RUG FACTORY PhoM Mt. Hallowe'en. Saturday night is 'Hallow.'"fii." f>« that niaht tr»- m-i-hboihood t>ad l>ov will assenib!-' "'de gang" am! i>roe»-«'<l to displac*- all ttte moveab!- itrojcrty within tile eity iiates. The •c .Ii-bra- tion" this year is. however, likely to be mild as ih^v officers have said thai pranks which show -lymptoms of de veloping into "depredations" will be promptly invesngaied and tSe offend etis punished. W. 0. \V.—Camp No. 101 macto hi K. of P. Hall every Friday nl^t. W. T. Steele. C. C. A. fl. Davia, Cl«f» Visitors cordially invited. M. W. A.-The M. W. A. Lodfft meets every Friday night in If. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. F. a Coffield. V C. W. A. Cowan. Clerk. fiOTAL .\£I«HBOBS^IoIa Cam» No. 3ii;;>. Royal: Neighbora, meeta •«•> ond and fourth Tnesdaya of ea<^ month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oraei* Mrs. Mary Uutton, 413 Weat Strw^ Recorder. FBATEBNAL BROTHEBBOOO*-' Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 maattr second and fourth Thursday o( aaflk month in A. a U. W. llall. VlaltlW members cordiially Invited. W. 0. A»> derson. president; Golda Blaa. Ury. Heid Rehearsal. The rc-iilarly weekly rehearsal ot the oratoria. 'E'llah," by a large clionis nndvr tilt- direction of A. I.- Boat right was bela laist night in the Christian church. Satisfactory progress is being made with the dlAcalt com|M)3itioii and a rare masical treat is in store for the public.

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