Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1907
Page 8
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i:{,')i:v <:r QUB>Blehaids BiU SUggerefl CoonelL The Indications are that before the council pays the Gunn: Richards company's bill for their casual inspection of tho city's book keeping department the company will laiow bow they got It. Some time ago the company put in a bill for $300 for services alleged to have been rendered. The council In- stmcted the chairman of tho committee which had the matter In chargn to write them for on itemized statement. A reply was received yesteiv day and presented to the council last nl^t It was for 1662.40. This state- XMnt staggered the council. It was the understanding, so the committee says, that the auditing company was to receive |30 per day. the limit of the entire expense to be $300. The ocuncil referred the matter back to the committee. It was the sentiment of the council that the company should not be paid to exceed $300. It was also the sentiment of the council that the ciHnpany had not rendered very valuable services. EadB .BIqKtsed of Last WOULD SELL OLD J.VIL. Council Decides to Sell Old City BastUe. WANTED-To sell, a Jail. V^ker. street commrssloner. J. S. At the meeting of the council last night Mr. 'W!alker was mads the official agent tor the sale of the old city The license committer rpported liist night that they had grantad the request of the Parker Amusement com j pany to come here for an engagement. The company pays no license. It comes hero iiiidf r the auspices of the lol.a band. The attention of thi» coimcll was' called last nlglit to tho fact Ihnt at different polnis In the Hty telephone' polos and ele<;trlc light polos ware out of line. Tlie matter will bo taken 1 up shortly. The petition presented by property' owners to move sidewalk on north' Stato street to within four and one- hslf foot of the curb lino was granted.' A change in tho dtmonslons of the lots in the now cemetery was made by tho council night from ISxls; feet to 16x18 f?et. Tho fire department will have 1000' feet of hose shortly. The committee made the recommendation to the ccimcU last night and th.'> report was! adopted. Z The council decided In put in a wai^ er main on South Ohio street as his been petitioned for by properly owners. / A petition from iirnjiorly owners on Xorth State street for more lights not considered favor.nbly by the | council last night. W. IT. Root and Mr. Npwby have' been appointed by Mayor Robinson as members of the plumbers' examining' board. Hard Times in Kansas. The old days of grasshoppers and JalL The structure Is located near!drouth are forgotten in the 1 the Are house and has not been in use ' prosperous Kansas of today: although j •p»i,e T>,o ~,„„on loef',*^ citizen of CodoU. Earl Shamburg., for.years. The council decided last-^gg yet forgotten a hard time h^ night to sell the building and placod ^ encountered. He says: -l was worn . the responsibility on Mr. \V'hIker. To-,out and discouraged by coughing, day the street conviiisslonor is ston-' "'f^''* "'"^ I nay tne street com.nissionor is stop .^^^^^ j j^,^^^^.^ P,^^, p:ng people on tho street and trying povor.v. It took loss ono Iwttte to sell the abandoned bastlle to tliom.'lo completely cure me." Tlie Wben asked in what repair it was. a"'! most reliable cougli and cold rem- •M» TOv.ii,z>, i.« jiA . 1 „o c'ly a" dlung and throat bonier ever: Mr. miker said he did not know, as ^ ^,3^^^.^^^,, ouar.nnteed by nil drng- ho had never been In it. i gists. Pare White Lead is pure pigment—simply metallic lead corroded. And it is more than pure pigment—it is pure P^int Compositions that arc only far/Iy White Lead arc only partly pain/. The name above and tlie trade mark below guarantee al>soIutc!y PWe White Lead made by the Old Dutch Process, inir aal* Mr Bnt tUu deakra for.lVM Bo«*. "ATalk • en Pjuat," «bicb tnt% valaacle uJor- madoo oa die paint mbject. •UTIORAL LEAB COAPANT k Aw. Mi Mk Si.. SL LMII. M*. JlesolullonM. Wiereas. it has ple;i.-ed the -M- 1 nilplity to remove frnm this world of' caros and iribulatinns our Uro. .(. M.! Eastwood, we l)elieve it is w-IJ wiili him who we mourn. Resolved, That we eondoh' wiih liis , broiliers and sister in tlieir liour of bereavement, and tliat a copy of these resolutions be sent the brothers and ^ sister, a copy be publlslied .nnd a cojiy ' be spread on the minutes of Jay-' hawker Lodge No. 17, F. O. A., lo sliow that Brother J. M. Eastwood once lived to 1)1. ss mankfud. ALI'.ERT DAVIS. SeeV. A. F." GRANT, Pn-.=. HARMONY. Mrs. Frank Booe is Improvii;:; qu le ' ; fast. j Miss Flossie ronu-ll is the proud possessor of a new jiiiino. Cary Cloud is hauling his enne to ; tlie mill. Will Stewart and Frank Hooo but- j chered a beaf Monday and were j j around supplying tlicir neighliors' i Tuesday. . Jliss Flossii- Cornell visited wif.) ' Miss Kate Ho ;.';in .Saturdajr night and • Sunday. i , Mr. and Mrs. Txin Brll<-y have ROne ' i to Iowa to visit relatives and w ill po , ', from there lo Illinois l)efor:; return- j ; !ng home. i There is a gas well being put down ; \ on Mr. Gallagher's place and an oil j well on Mr. Russell's place. Miss lua Kroiiso visited the school i Friday. 1 Mrs. Kate Fletehpr lielped take care' of Mrs. Frank Booe last Tuesday. j The teaclier and pupils are talking! of having a basket suiiper in the near fi:turo. /I 4 I BULPINKHAM'S Si VEOETAILE ' (D e^MPOUND lifdmowledsed to be theaipst ane- •MMIII remeay in the country for {Mtinful ailments pectiliar to Fw BoA thaiv 80 years It baa ..m caring Fexoale Complaints, -miL aa Inflammation, and Ulcera- ttoo, EUIlnff and Displacements, •ad eoueqnent Spinal Weakness, Baaicachg', aad is pecnliarly adapted to the. <%anf;e of Life. that it baa eai«d The Great Annual Sale of IS NOW IN FULL PROGRESS! We always aim to hoW this important sale about the middle of September, but the manufacturers were behind in filling our immense orders—bought when the season was dullest and prices littlest—but every minute's 4^elay meant a whittling down of prices, which makes it all the better for our customers, in fact, these Blankets and Comforts are ours at less than the old prices, before the great advance of wool and cotton; con.sequentiy we will offer them in this sale at such a price difference that you'll rub your eyes to see if you have read aright. 10-4 Signal Blankets in tan, gray Cflp and white, in this sale, per pair JUu 10-4 Ashwood Blankets, in gray, tan and white, soft German finish. In this sale, "TCp per pair, | JU 10-4 Starten Heavy Cotton Blankets, in white and gray, soft German fiuish, ^1 Afl in this sale, per pair, OIlUU 11-4 Sylvan Cotton Blankets in gray and white, soft German finish, in this • | All sale, per pair,. wIlUU 11-1 Angora Cotton Blankets in white only, fine G«-rman finish, full size, in this ^| OC sale, p»^r pair, Ollilu 12-4 Stanhope Cotton Blankets in gray only, extra large size, fine German fiu- 01 QQ ish, in this sale, per pair, OIlOv 12-4 Alliance Cotton Bhnkets, in white only, extra large size, big enough for 01 CH two, in this sale, per pair, vliuU 12-1 Somerset Extra Heavy Cotton Blankets, in gray and tan, pretty border, ^| QQ ia this sale, per pair, WlivO 12-4 Sentinel extra heavy twilled Blankets, in gray and tan, pretty borders, in QC this sale, per pair, OZiZ J 12-4 Guernsey Twilled Heavy Cotton Blankets, extra large, in this sale, per 0t\ Cft pair, ..dZiJU 11-4 Beacon Wool Blankets, in gray and blue, with pretty borders, in this flA sale, per pair, OuiUU 12-1 While Wool Blankets, with pink and blue border•», and silk bound, in 00 CH this eah', per pair, OOlvU 11-4 Salida Wool Blankets, in gray with pink and blue borders, special in 00 QQ this sale, per pair, VUlvU 11 4 Sycamore Wool Blankets, in white and gray, absolutely sanitary, in this 0C fift sale, per pair, VuiUU 11-1 Palmdale Silver Gray, stricily all"wool* with pretty bordert:, in this sale, per Qft pair dUluO. 11-4 Mt Hernon .White Blankets, made from fine, long Australian lamb's wool, and^ steam shrank, in this sale, per QQ pair Ol lUO 11-4 Princeton Strictly Pure Wool White Blanktrts, California lamb's wool, with beauti- tifiil borders, in this sale, per OQ Cft pair, OOlUU COMFORTS. Large double bed Comforts, with fancy silkoliue covering, ^| nn in this sale, each vliUU Large double bed Comfort.', with fancy silkoliue- coveriug, Q| rtC and white filling, in this sale, eech wliZu Full size bed Comforts, with Chintz covering, fast colors, Crt in this sale, each VliuU Large Comforts with fancy Cambiic covering and sfecet ^| Qll cotton filling, hand knotted, in this sale, each OiluO Full size bed Comforts, best grade of white filling, and 0A C A fancy quilled or hand-knotted, in this sale, each OZiuU Fine French Saline Comforts, quilted, filled with fine Crt white cotton, assorted patterns, in this sale, each .OuiuU Plain and Fancy Outings One lot dark outings in checks and stripes, in this salp, Cp special uu One lot dark and light Outings, checks and stripes, in jhis Q|p sale, special ' i 03u One lot dark and light Outings, checks and stripes, in this lAp sale, special lUu One lot plain Outings, cream, white, blue, pink, navy and iVim^ red, special, |Uv One lot plain Outings, cream, white, blue, pink, navy and (O'n red, special, |Z2u Pretty Flannelettes in a great vaiiety of colors, dark and light, .single and double faced, beautiful goods, they look I CM JR TQll like French Flannels, at | JU |0|| I WE ARE IJ AGENTS | fOR THE lADIEStlOMEjOLRNAl PATTERNS MONTHLY Sme BOOK fKU ^Jor •. ' :-T-. 1 \ It-. TO TEST OILED ROADS (;KTTIX(.' FKACTK AL IDEAS. liWK HER TRA.V.SI'OKTATIO.V. First Strp Tuki-n liy toiincil Melit. LYDIA eaaea of Female Ilia than say other one remedy knowo. M^fiim B. Pinkbam's Vegetable Componnd dlssolvea and exi>els > 9amon at an early ata^re of development. Dragons' Sensations causing Tfiim,wtligbX, aad headache are relieved and permanently cored by ita use. It Corneta Irregnlaritlea or Painful Functiona, Weakness of the tWwiiai'li. Indigestion, Bloating, Nerrons Prostration, Headache, Oene- nl DahlUty; a&o, Dizdness. Faintness Extreme Lassitude. "Don't care rMdmnttobeleftalone" feeling. Irritability, Nerroosness, Sleeplessness, •WahalMicy. Melancholia or the "Blues." These are sure indications of .laaala weakness or some organic derangement. Tor Kidney Complaints of either sex Lydia K. PInkham'a VegeUble ' iM a moat excellent remedy. Pliilcham*5 Standing Invitation to Women /IVoBieBanfleiln^fiPomanyformof female weakness are invited to write Ms*. PtnU^un. Lynn, Mass. for advice. She is tbe Mrs. PInVham H 'tolHM been aoViaingaick women free of charge for more than twenty -•ad before that abe assisted her motber-in-Uw Lydia B. Pinkham ' 'ar. Tbna aha ia well qnalifled to guida stck woman back to BaradriM iafirea and always hel^nl. Tlie first si.-p was talciii l)y tlio city last ni^rlit toward securing oiled ;fciro?ts in lola. t'oiincilninn C. C. (ilynn ami Street Coiumissioiifr .1. S. V,'all<er addressed the council on tlio niaiter. They suggested that tho oil- P(i road siiotild be tested at l.^^st. a.^ tl.e expense was not considerablo. It i was urged thai one bloc]; could In" oil- led at an expense <if $100 and tliat if jllic bloclc was SHlecied between two Iiared streets it would offf>r a fair .t<st of the dnral)ility of the road. After a discussion in which tho matter I was viewed favorably, it was decided to refer tlio niatl.-'r to the street and j alley conimlitee witli power lo act. jll is thought that the committee will I proceed with the test at oneo. In • other lown.s and cities oiled roads I have been tested or are being tested, I and tlie reports are all favorable. Civil (•'(iieniiucnt Cliiss of .TeiYersoti r-tunty Helps .lliss Dial to Ui> fo Scliiiiil Attended Council .Uei'tintr. 4 >'niud])aront>. Allon county today furuislied lraii.>- poriaiion to Miss Xellie Uial a youni? lady seventeen yeara of as-'', m Aiwood. Kansas. Miss Dial was nii,ll )|i> to earn lransi)ortation becau .Si! j:hc liail i-iiii a nnil. into her fooi. SIK- form • Ww bMt wU QalAMt KmlU tse U« B «ttoter ir«Bt Ccluu. Prof. Salzer"s civil govprnni.'ut I clai-s of I lie .Icffcrson scliools. attend- 1 eil tlio niofting fif th(f council j night. The class .-iltended Iii.'> last j session ;uid n-aptvi imicU lieiief;i • tiierofron,, and honco Pinf Salter 1 o.iy lived :aUunar. M... itecx-nilv sh tlifin atti-ud a>::il!i last night. Th" coiisisrs of nlUnif tweniv ni.'lii- The Junior Department Store Get your Gas Light Supi»llo» from iuim A Wfelsbaoh lamp Oomnkfto for 78o •. < i I • r hers. The pnpi'.s eanie with pi-iifil and paper and toolc uoio.«. Register Want Ails^ Ic a Word. 6=5=4 Sweeps Away ALL STOVE TROUBLES BccMiM it shiaM itoctf and nvt> work. U4iMolvtsraitaiwaltrtfocssaIL . OmtnUetaomymnktrnmam. .AM «0 MtoMk. cMp tr nb cisiiie to I.,4i llarpe to work. h<!r parents having died. AVhile at I.a llarpe, the :lcci(ient to Iier foot occurred. She i : Inis grand|)arents at At-.vood and iter j niiiw-i for tr.'insportaiion ilKTe was i |graa(<(i. Slie jiosscs.sed an liorn'si face land the jioor coniniissiontr was .satis- ! fii'd that she was (le.^ervlng of In-lp. I DistiUei Water I For E\ehani;e. I'aiiiiing lands in the Panhandle |T<>.va^. farm laihb: or live stoik, or ff.r lola, Oas t'liy or I^a Harpo rentals. \VlllTAKEU.ft nO.NXRlJ,. One hundred pounds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water sultabia for family use. Try It lola ice &CoId5tari|eCe FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Piihlic .Sale. .\n.^ust Sliiefelliine will sell at pub- iie auction al his place 1 mile norih {and half mile west of l(da on Tliurs- day, Nov. 7th, a lot of horse.?, cattle, hogs and fatming implements. Lunch on grounds. ^ I(KM» Coolies luylui? a mile of rall- roail track iu IM) rainDt(*«i—at the (•'rand tomorrow night. Well, Friendf Pancakes are in order. We bave-|t^ . materail to mai^rt theiu of. ifet^ Ral.ston P. C. I'lour. jier pkg TM>^ Ralston Prepar.'^d R. \Y. Flour, .^1 . per pkg. .t|4^ jPernna \\'boIe™\Tie^r Flour, .%-\.. 121b sack .Cfe"" I Good Fresh .Meal, per sack ,.2»flF«:-;;~f Syrups to eat on Pancakes. •; s i 'LJ Maple, Fancy Table. "White Tabloi"^ and Sorghum. WANTED—Stock to winter. Call on •or address Guy Tnrney, lola. FRYER

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