Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 27, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 1908
Page 4
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' 1 tio RMi DiUT ifeasm CBAa.F.scon. sBBaaa—•HBHeggaaBg^B-Li- -'j— . •DteNd at lolii. KaBsat, AMtoflleai u Beeond-CIaw Hatter. AArartlalns Satea Made Knofwa on AppUcJLtton. , SDBSCfilFTIOS BlTBSi ^ IB Ion, Gas CHj, laajra- Tllle or XaHaife. tee Week......;. 10 eenU due Month ; 44 cents One Year 16 .00 ByMafl. , Our rear InsMe coBaty...' 9tM ine year ootslde eoaaty HM Three Months, in adrance .$1.00 One Month, In advance .44 •FFICIAL FIFEB, GITT OF BASSET, Tel^hoaet Bnilnesa Office ------ 18 Editorial Room - 223 BEPCBLICAX TICKET. For President of the United States WTLLIMl H. TAFT of Ohio. For VIoo President .lAMES S. SHKRMAN of New'York. STATK TICKET. For (Jovernor w. R. sTuiina of I^awrence. For Lieutenant (invcrnor W, J. inXZORUALn of Dodge City. Pi;r Secretary of Stnto CrUS. R. DE.VTON of AUlcfl. For Auditor JAMKS jr. NATION' of lirle. For Treasurer MARK TITLLY of Independence. > For Attorney General \ F. S. JACKSON of Eureka. For Superintendent Publlo, Instruction E. T. FAIRCIIILD of Ellsworth. For Superintendent In.quranoe C. W. BAPtNES Osage City. For State Printer T. A. McXEAL of Topeka. For R. R. Commissioners GEO. W. KANAVEL F. J. RYA^' C. A. RYKER. For United States Senator J. L. BRISTOW of Salina. For Congressman CHAS. F. SCOTT of Ida. For Judge Thirty-seventh District OSCAR FOUST of Tola. For State Senator FRANK TRAVIS of lola. OOl-XTY TICKET. For Representative W. T. M'ATSO.V For County Clerk R. E. CULBERTSO.N'. For Treasurer C. C. AUSHBRM.VN. Pbr Register of Deeds R. L. THOMPSON. For County Attorney H. A. EWINO. For Probate Judge J. B. SMITH. For Sheriff C. 0. BOLLINGER. For Superintendent of Scboolk MRS. MAUDE TONSTON. For Surveyor H. F. PALSTRING. For Clerk of Court C. B. ADAMS, For Coroner R. O. CHRISTIAN. Por Commissioner, Second District T. J. ANDERSON. For Commissioner. Third District C. A. FRO.VK. BARNES LAW WILL CARRY. Proposition I- to be Voted on in Bourbon County. The Fort Scott Tribune says: Jamos Lardncr, -iHo Bron.son banker and brother of HiTocr}. Lardner, the local attorney, was here Satur- ilay cvoninR to .nttond tl.o .Tohn II. Atwood meeting at Jhe opora house. Mr. Lardner is working at B."onson and that vicinity for the passage of the Barnes county High School Jaw. HP is in conjunction with Piipcrin- tendant Bowcn and others of this city and believes from reports he ha.s fathered out that way the law Is in popular favor an <l tl:at it will he adopted by a substantial mnjority. >rr. Lardner thinks, as rtoos Siipt. Bowen. that when the people of the country thoroughly understand thp law they will. set^ that it docs not Vork to the disadvantage of the rural element and. that realizing this they Willi vote for the passage of the law. li Is Mr. Lardner'.-? confident opinion that Bronson and the western *>nd of Bourbon county will give the Barnes law a heavy majority. He expects to "see the measure carry the entire county with a whoop. Bron- 1, son has a county High school, being one of the four places in the county directly affected by the Barnes county High' school amendment. Supt Bowen, who is supervising the campaign in this county for the measure, thinks as Mr. I.jirdner does, that the pei^le when they arc made more familiar with the working of the law, will withdraw their opposition and give the provision a rousing majorftr. NAME FINAL SUM THK 1014 DAILY REfflffmt TOjiS^.tT OCTOBEB a?, 1 m KAXSA.S BT MR. NORTHRUP dPTIMISTIC SECOD DISTRICT COMMTTEE MEX SATsi VOTERS ARE IX LIXE. Exccntlve Committee Meeting In To- peka Featured by £nc6ura^fn? Re­ ports to Chairman DoUej. The Kansas Ciry Journal toilay says: | Topeka. Ivai;.. Oct. HT.j-The meeting of (he execu'iive commiitee of the Re publican state central committee bore last night with Chainnan Dolley to make a final rei >ort of the prospects of the election! next Tuesday was a ju liilee. .Vfter |he gatherini; Dolley said "The reglsirntioii in Is from i;.000 to 10.11(^0 above noi'mal this yea and sinct' the state coiiiinittee made righr for iniM -eased reglsiration, we feel safe in Counting that tlu-y are He publican votes, l ^ist Fi:idny and Hnt urday the Cfiunty chainnan of each district Kiel; ill tlicir lexiiecdve districts and i «Hd<' n-pon.H to their ills- trlct chiiiruKMi. "Last highi \vi« put all of (liene figures and conditltius ioKi>tlier. and I wish to say ihal my pi-cdlction of last weok that tlio state and nuilotinl th^k- f't in Kan.sai will go Uepn'ulican from :iit,i)04j lo is confiruied b(\\o!id niy most saiigiiine hopes. Xn Uemocrnllr Ouins. "I'm going to make . a prediction about the legislature loi). There has been much talk of the nf»iocraf:> making inroads ;tbcre but 1 will not con- cedo the Dcinncrai.-; i singSe new member on thoiv sidf cff the logiisla- tnre. The corigres.<;men arc. of course all .safe. "County condiiinn:?. i locally, are splendid. We reviewed ijho whole .situation. 1 talked the matiler over with the district chairmen, both beforo this meeting, and then colletcively in the conference, and things aire simply fine. I have now. here at hc^adquarters. a di 't .iiled ropoit from every cotiiity in the state, niside up by i the workers. Thp county chalinion, according to the report of the district chairnicu. are all caihusiasiio. . '•The Democrats b.ive tio iiJsues, and thoEP that they trumped up they have deserted. Here at the eleventh hour they are rcFortinsr to the tax law only, and hope in that nianiier to defeat some riepiiblicaiis f'lr the legislature. Itut they won 't do ii; W'e will not concede them !! >^iiiglf addition to the legislature over what iliey h.ive had in previous yeai-s." K.\eeutlve ('oniniiltee Kstlniates. The uieiiibers of the eKeeiiiive com- mlrtees are: Kiral dislriot—W. 1. r .lddle. Le.awnworfh: Secotid district—1.. L. .Vorlh- BLUE Women .•<bouId understand that nielancholia ^l commonly called "the bines," i.s in I nine times ont of ten a sure symptom of some .t;pvJons female organic derangement and should have immediate uttenlion. Women I Avho-se sj)irits are depre-s-sed, iind who are ailing and miserable, should rely upon LYDIAE-PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND as is evidenced by following letters. Mrs. F. ElLswnx-th, of Mayville, N. Y., writes to 21vs. Pinkham: " For three; years I was in an awful despondent and nervous condition causctl by female troubles. I was not content^id anywhere, and wa.s in sncli constant fear that something terrible was going to happen that it seemed at> though 1 shoiild lose my mind. Lydla E. rinkham'si Vegetable* Compound has restored my health, and I cannot say enough for it," Mrs. MaryuT. William.sof Bridge- poi-t. III, writes to JVh-s. Pinkluun: I hare been suffering from a female troubhi. backUclie and headaches, and was .so blue thjit I was simply in despair. I feel it my duty as well as my pleasar* to tell you that Lydia £. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound cured me. The chang« in my iippearance is wonderful, and I wish ievcry suCering womaa would try It."i FACTS FdR SICK WOMEN. For thutyl yeai-s Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetiible Compoimd, made fnmi root» ajid herbs, has beeii the standard remedy for female ills, andhas positively cured tihousandsol women who have been troubled with displacemenlM ,inflaiAmation,.ulcera- tion, irregularities^ periodin •pains., backache, ^yhy dent you ti^ ifi nip. Tola: Third dhtrict-C. N. PriwftPittsbnrg: Fourth district—D. C. Lake Osage aiy; BWth district—E. R. Fulton, MarysTiile; Sixth disirtct—S. N. Hawkes, Sfcckicn; Seventh .iiscrici— A. 6. Russell, Dodge City; Eighth trlct—John C. Mack, Newton. W. L Biddle declared the Fir.qi district in splendid shape. "We will carry every county.** he said, "and have the same Republican legislative representation. Anthony will have a great majority. L. L. North nip said: "We are in splendid shape. The state and naticm al ticket will carry every connty. The legislative members will be as nsnal. Scott will get the usual majority, and carry every county in the district, excepting possibly Miami, and we do not concede Miami to Sheridan.' Every County in DIstrkLs. C. N. Price said: "Taft and Stubbs will carry every county In the Third district. Phil Campbell's majority will run from 3,000 to .'..000. We will lose possibly one or two Republican nominees to the legi.slature. There will be a strong socialist, vote In the dis- rict. but not bigger than in 1901." D. ('. Lake said: "The national and state tickets will carry every county in thn district. Miller will go back to congress by from 2,000 to 4.000. Every member of the senate and hou .se will go back as usual." E. n. Fulton said: "The Republicans will carry every county in the district. Strong efforts are jiclng nuidc to defeat Calderhead, but he will win. possibly by a slightly decreased majority. We will have our UKual Republican re ])resenlation ln''the legislature." .Make No ConrcNslons. S. .\*. lUiwkes .said: "StuliliH Taft will carry the district hy at least. Itt »eder will win by votOR. ami these figures are roiiser- vatlve. Our leglBlatlve representation will he Republican as usnaL" ' A. Ru.<»^ell s.ild flint the Ulg Seventh Is lu fine .shape and that tFier*' will be the normal llepublican niajcrity. .Mad Ison will get a bigger vole than last time, and the members of (he legislature will have about the same number of Rei.ablicans as usual. "We do nni." he said, "concede the fJemocrats any new recruits from any legislative district in the Seventh."' .John r. .Mack .=;ays that the Eighth will give the usual Republican in.i- jority. Congressman Mtirdoek has been fought hard in some placer., but without results. "Sedgwick county." .said Mack, "will go safely and strongly Republican, and we will have as many members of the legislature as usual." ami l..'ii.iO BBYAN'S SPECIOUS BBCOBD. Patit- Jadse Ttktt PelBta Oat the Spota la tke Xebrmakaa'a leal Hlatory. (From Taffi ClnclnnaU Spee<'h.) "What Is it that we have to expert from Mr. Bryan? Have we anjtbinc to expect but what be promises? Have we anythiDS to expect but what Is based, upon his eloquenve atul l^hla adroitness as a pubiiv.- critic? lias h* eter given any praotiwil demoustratlou uf bis ability to meet prublciiib and Kolve theui? Has he ever dvOf* anything but forrouia'e propti «itloii9 in iiH closet wf an utterly Imyractlcnble plausibility, aud very little witli a view of their operation? 'By their fruits we shall know them.' "With the record of promises and proplievies unfulfilled for a period of twelve years: with this record of a hunt for an issue uix>n wbUb to achieve the presidency; with this record of repudiation, of negotiation and of running away from national responsibilities, Mr. Bryan comes forward and asks that the people now give him an opportunity to put Into o{K>ration new reforms la respect to trusts and In „re8iiect to guaranty of bank deposits, • wholly untried, wholly-theoretical, and on their face bearing evidence of their impracticability and of baviug been devised by the ready brain of one looking fur plausible arguments rather than real refonos. He only in a qualified way approved the iiosta! savings bank recommended by the Ue- publican platform, which la a tried and proved means of enttmrasing the wage-earner and small farmer to make deposits In a bank absolutely secure; bat mnch prefers a system which takes a maifs money to pay another man's default, and which Instead of strengthening uur banking system will break It doivu by deMtroyiug the value of the banking character aud experience auU capital and by otTerlng Inducement to reckless and spcirulatlve bankers without character or capital. "The re<-ord of »lr. Bryan and his character, as It is understood by a twelve years' aci^ualntaace with him, have impressttd the business cominuiil- ty of this country and those whoso Judsment detennlues whether or nut capital shall be invested that be Is not a safe man with whom to try experiments In government; that he IOVCH floanciai theories that are full of sophistry aud are impractu-al; that he j advan<-ai propositions with but llttio sense of respet.t as to bow they ma.v be ••arrieil out In practlee,>ud that he gives b«it little attention to the welfare of the eoHWrratlvp business coui- iDU.nliy 111 his sug;;estioiis of reform. I'eriaiiily his record jat^tlfles this Judg- •ent of him by the business men. If he was to be elected, unquestionably because of his record, however much now he may seek to pose as a conserva- tire—because of his record, because of the failure of the theory which be has propocetl for the last twelve years— his election will mean a haralyals of buaineas, and we should have a recurrence of the disastrous btiaiBess can- dltlon of the last Democratic adnlaia- tntioa." SPECIALS FOR Boys* 10c, 15c and 25c Snspendere, Men's 35c to 50c Suspenders for /9c $10.00 Ladies' Cloaks on sale for $B.OO Ladies* 15c Linen Collars, 2 for Ladies' Union Suits, worth Toe, at $5.00 Misses' Coats on sale at $3.00 ^ WE SELL IT FOR LESS George D. Bright & Co. I17-II9 West Street lola, Kansas H. A. Jones, Mgr. GRAVE HIDES SECRET IDENTITY OF MAN KILLED BY A TRAIN STILL A MYSTERY. Inquest to Be Held In Humboldt This Afternoon.—Suicide, Humboldt Officers Declare. A final effort will he madt'' today by a coroner's jury in Humboldt, to pstablish th<} identity of the man who was killed by a Sfiiita Fo freight train about ono-half mile south of the de pot in that city, Friday. October IC. It will be recalled that the man, whomsoever he may be. unheeding t.*:e whistle of the locomotive, walked steadily along between lh<! rails until struck down and killed by the iron monster. Tho body was taken to Braucher's morgue and a search of the clothing did not reveal a single scrap of paper by which the man might bo idfntincd. People living In Can f;ity and Savonburg rrad the story of the man's death iu the Register. IK !i:-v .'i; thai. ih<' body in!;;ht be. Olio of lluir rolativos. Tho boily was oxlmmod from lh«' trrav in the potltM 's liold in Iliimlsoldi. but after viewing tli<- romains. it was doclarod that tho idfiitity oi (ho nian was a niysioiy. and so it h .ns remained. Humboldt ofllcers believe that the man deliboratoly roniniittod suicide by casting himself before the speeding locomotive. Dr. David W. Reid. coroner of'.Mien county, accompanied by Cottnty Attorney Peterson and Sheriff RoIIin per. will go to Humboldt today to con. duct tho inquest. NEAR DE.\TIIS DOOR. "I was near lo death's door. The doctor .said he had done all he could: that my stomach was old and worn out. I was so weak I could not walk. I took Mi-o-na tablets, and have been oaiinK hearty ever since, and I am able to work like a tiger. I wish.I could ^o and thank .voti myself. I send you my picture, and you can use my word and my lilctiire. and I thank you again."—Mrs. .N'elson I.iicier. Ill' Fi.sli St.. Athttl. .Mas.s. Mi-o-na cures dyspspsia. If any of the readers ot The UcKisier are sufferinj: from stomach trouble of any kind. ('has. P.. Spencer & Co. will sell you a box of .Mi-o-na for .'>rt cents with an alisoliite gnarantee of relief, or money back. In many case.=; one box will effect a pennaneni euro; in chronic conditions more is necessary, liul <iiie thing is certain: one box of Mi-o-iia will make you feel so much bei!f-r and brighter, so much more eu- e.i-Keiic. that you will not .i^ive it up till curcit. KILL HESSIAN FLY .Mcl'herson County Fanners .\re Try« ing to Klimlnate the Crop Pest. McPhcrson. Oct. 27.—If all the farm ers in the He.s.sian fly infested district of Kansas and Okiahonui wotild follow the pace .»;pt by McPher.=on county, the pest, which last year .'•aitsed the lots of miiiions of dollars and no end of worry, would soon he a thing of the pa.=;r. Praciic'iliy ihe fanners <>f McPherson coiiniy havi- now finished wheat sowing, a full inoiiili beiiind time. The lateness in sowin.g has been due to the concentrated effort to destroy all traces of the Hessian fly. No regular a.greement was made among the farmers of .McPherson county. They hj^ve merely followed the su.gges tioiis of scientific fanning, as given out from the State Agricultural college through the four or five farmers' institutes they hope, will be the .saving of millions of dollars. The field.^ were plowed early as iisu al. In many instance's the stubble was burned and the soil .uas ke|»t thoroughly worked until ihe liine for Kveiy l.'lade of volunteer whe.-if was destroyed, the moth- Raw Fur»! B. S. BARNARD nH-nm .Vorth Rnckeye Street, lolii'. Kansas. You start right, end right. Top the market., Get a s()uare deal. Don't pay any commission or express charges. Don't sell to any trust or give middlemen any profit.'; and don't have any regrets when you ship or sell to B.S. BARNARD rte Sure You're at the Risht Pl.iee. PIBMC SALE PO.STPO'ED. The Raliui Drake .«:ale has been postponed on account of bad weather and will be heid Friday. October';jOih at his place tbree and one-half miles south on Kentucky street and fivo and one-half miles northeast of Hum' boldt. The following property will be .sold: Eleven Head of IIor$es and Mules. One roan horse .". ye:irs old. wei.iiht 120ft; one gray horse 12 years oiil. weight IJOM ; one b.iy lior.^e 12 .vear.-i old. wei.qht HOM ; one l)ay more 1". years old. weight U»'u; one sorrel mare 11 years old. wciubr l.">0O. in fo:il by .lack: one brown mare II years er fly no place lo depo.-ii her e^iis. Alold. weight I'-iTM in loai by .Tack, two few farmers ,.re,.ared H trap crop by .vearling mule eolts. iwo wennlings: . . . r ., one bav iionv mare G \ears old. safe sowing narrow strips arross the re,.N ..(.jj^ren an>where.' and then p!i>wiii;i iliem under. The fiy proof wheal h;is al.-o been j siu'f-e.ssfiiliy tiied by .>ipvcia! farmers iu the county for several years. .\nd in nlnuiri every insi;!nre ii lias oat- yiolded tlie ci^ntmon vaiiotiis of h.'trd wheat. Itf rt .Miller bad a field of Iron Clay fly |)roof wheal :ilon?;side of a Held of Turkey wheat ihi.- yo;ir. The fonncr yielded 2»; bri^liels i«» acre, while the laiter |>roilnoet| only IT hnshols to the acre. C. W. Yowel! is one of iiie best known wheat raisers in .McPhcr.^on county, and he was perhaps the first man to put fly proof wbeat into practical u.-;c. Fot:r years ago he boii.ght two bushels of it from an agent :ind the next year harvested the jiatch. The yipld coint)arf-d wLtli oilior wbeat was snrprisinsr. He ha .i r.-iised it for three succej-sive .'•eastms now. aud has found in his fields of fly jiroof wheat not a single trace of the Hes- Man fl.v. altbon;;li nei.uliljorinc fields vere badly infested. HE WAS NOT THE MAN. BIG GAMES NEXT SATURDAY. Erwln Green Goes to Chanute to See Suspect Held There. The man who was taken into custody at Chanute Sunday on the charge of being one of the two men wiio held up and robbed Erwin Green, the colored teamster Saiiird.ay afternoon, wa.~ not one of the men watited. Yesterday afternoon Mr. flreen went down to Chanute and looked at the man. He said he was not one oi tin roMiips and Ihe suspect was released. A Son Bom. A ten pound aw "was l^m to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sehart,||it 416 No. Walnut street last evenings it-Is uk'ilL. Missouri Valley Championship Situ» lion May be Clarified Then. Lincoln, Nebr., Oct. 27.—Premier: honors in the battle for the football chamjuonship of the Mi.^souri Valley conference are involved in two gri.I-! iron contests booked for the comln.c! Saturday. Nebraska meets Iowa atj Iowa City and the Ame.^ Aggies wlljj clash w ilh tho Missouri Tigers at Col-) umbia. Xebraska has not yet been' pitted against a Missouri Valley foo| and nelrher has Ames. Missouri and j Ka:!sas. however, have made bids forj the valley championship, tho Tigers' by scoring an unexpected victory overj Iowa and the .layhawkers by defeat-' ine Washincton university at St. Lou- 1.=?. Next Saturday's conflicts, there-' fore, should tend to clarify the sit-, nation and furnish the dope by which the prophets may pick the winner. ••r hara h*m nrlne C»»r»?»l» for Inwrenia. with wl>ii.-h t Imvai Intrn Kaii.-t.r.l fvrucvr t'Troty y«ar«. and I »D »/itiBt fasratitt liaTR ei >i'>> »>" more raUat than anr vihrr r'Uf^lr I liai-<^ ever tried, i ataall c-ri*<iiPy r^coumiend ihnu to atj <rieu<la M b«« an M.., .« ...p.««.ed."„,,,^^ ^.^.^ BesT For I The bowels ^ Thirlrin Head of Cattle. nvc good milch cows, all giving milk: one two-year-o!d heifer, and one yeailing heifer: six spnn;{ heiti r calves. . Farm I ni|tlenient.s. i One f'hainpiou ci.::ht-foot blutler. ono Deering mower, one Deerin.c lft-fof>t. rake, one Sandwich side drfivery rii:. new: Clean Swee|) hay loader, one sweep rake, one Eagle hay press 14x IN, one Good Enoiifih li)-inch riding plow, one 14-inch walking plow, one two section steel harrow, otie three .section steel harrow, one hai^row cart. o:ie good t:«rn sheller, three riding cultivators, one v.alking cultivator, one Success in.inurc spreader, one iron wheeled farm wagon, hay racks, feed mills, one sprin:? w.agon. one carriage, one buggy, four sets of heavy work harnes.-;. light harness, double and one It'.-ir. tongueles.^ row. disc with truck, five shovel walking jilows. one P.lack *l lawk corn plant er with check and rlril!. one Chetham Fantiing mill with bagger attachment; one two hiindied incubator. Syphers make; aud brooder: blacksmith lools. carpenter tools and li.arness tools, one hish wliee'ed- wagon wiih gof^l .urain box and wiili a tip top box on it. Oilier ariirles too nuinerou.s to mention. Terms- of Sale. All sums under f JO cash. On ail sums over that :i credit of twelve months wiih i> per cent interest if paid when due. If not paid when due, notes draw ten per cent interest from date. Five per cent discount for c.i* RALPH DRAKF f'ol. ('has. Bishop, Auctioneer. .1. F. Nigh. Clerk. Lunch on Grounds L£QALS' CANOVCATnAftnc r 'raasat. PalUablarPnteat^TaataOood.DoOood. ^•• i«r tiic^tea, Vyeak.-n ..r bimujee, &e,a«e.Xever -•• I In bnik-. Till c'-Moina um«( aiampea COC. ;jaarai.hM>U to cara be»..a( tmiier^uek. (First Published. October 11, l!tf)S.> Treasury Department, Office of the Supervising Architect, AVashin.gton, f). C, October 12, i}»uS.—Sealed Proposals will be received at this office until o'clock p. in. on the \<n 'h day of Xn- vember, and then opened, for the construction (Including plumbing, .ca^ piping, heating apparatus, electric, conduits and wiring), of the l'. S. Post Office at lola. Kansas, in accordance with the drawings and specification, copies of which may be had from the Custodian of the site at lola. Kansas, or at this office, at the discretion of the Supervising Architect. JAMES KNOX TAYLOR, v Supervising Architect. A Oisiocated Shoulder. B. D. Srlllman. of .701 Oak street, suffered a dislocation; of the right shoulder this morning, While making some improvements on the ceiling of a room he so turned bis shoulder

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