Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1907
Page 7
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Made iii New: York C OME in to-day and we will show you this Season's Correct New York Styles in Men's Clothes. The Fashionable Suits and Over. coats we sell are made by Alfred Benjamin & Co., the leading tailors of New York City. Don't let anyone sell you a substitute. Correct Clothes, foe Men Exclusive Agent Here. FOR MUCN S und S East Madison Ave. BEY. SMALL'S LECTURE Large Andlence. (5reet«l the E TRD- gplM at MeUiodlst fburrh I JKJ I. NIfrht. Another largp audlpncp was prosenf at the Methodist Episcopal church last pvpnlngfo hear R^v. Sam Small's second Ipcfiiro. With his now subject Rev. Small did not lose any of his cliann over the audience. In fact he held hlshearers spellbound for almost two hours. Frequontly applaii.«e and laughter would break forth in rr- sponse to witty remarks or a story told by this southern orator in illustrating some jpoint. Last night Jhe took "The I 'n .^eitlcd Question of bur Civilization," as hi.- subject.: He treated it in a manner peculiarly his own. llf took up tlie questioEis of Sabbath observance, blasphemy and the liquor traffic. In bis introduction Rev. Small p.iss- ed many complimentary rriiKHK.-, on this great nation of .Vmn!! lie said: "W'c are the most !ndef>endeni of all people. This land is the only independent one on earth." In elaborating^ 4U)on4he .£Ood qualities of this country and what wonderful opportunities were here and how fortunate people are who are horn in such a:land. He said: "America is another name for opportunity," The reason the other rlvilized worlds have failed is heraMse God was not In evidence, r .od f-hnuld be ron- .=;ideredin all thinps. Rev. -Small said I. TSI eveniup that that man Is a mortal fool who thinks he canlrob God of His Sabbath without beljKg repaid with romrxmnd Interest. There was a man who workfd seven days oiit- of every week with the greedy Idea that he was maklns money. Trw he discharged his bookkeeper >ind did this work on .Sunday, ibat day i>f rest, but there canii' 'lay of reckoning. One morning he woke up, no*:|«FUh the usual spring of eaper nesB. but turned to his wife, saying that he felt bad. He told the physician who *as called that he could not afford to have the typhoid fever, hut he did have it. It came ai. the eom- pound interest. "The; man who swears is no gentleman. The man who .swears in the presence of ladies is worse; he Is a dog." In referinj; further to the blasphemer. Rev. Small compared the amount of blasphemy used lu ihf lorih und northwest to that In the south by saying that he heard more blasphemlnK here in three days than he could in the south in three months. In speakinK nf ihe liquor tr .TiTic Rev. Small said that the reason ii great ni.any offlclals do not enforce the prohibitory law Is because the i eo pie do not care. "Uncle Sam Is the biggest liquor dealer. For $inn .nri,).- 1 )00 a year Uncle .Sam soes into ji.'irt- nership with the devil.' Rev. Small sajs that he has talked with leslsla- fors about the Kovernment, relative to the liquor traffic and the gis' of their reply is found in that made by Senator Hoar who said, "Why where would we get the revenue to ntn the government if he shut off the liquor traffic." He closed these remarks by saying that he hoped the time would come when the government could be run without takUiK the devil Info partnership. "In the .south fourteen states have gone dry and within the next five years there will not he a saloon In the south. Georgia and Sotith Carolina are now dry and almost every southern state has some laws regulating the liquor business. We are going to run it across the Ohio river. There the business will look as bad to us as the slaves did to you and since one good turn deser\*es another, we will come up here and lick the liquor out of you as you 1 irked the .slaves out of us."'. Kev. Mason tinnounced at the rinse of /he lecture last eveninR that Rev. Small had promised to I K " here the first Sunday in .November for the Itist Sunday he will be north. PILE.S CTRKD IN « TO U D.\T.S. POZO lONT.MKXT is guaranteed to •ure anv of itching. Rllnd, IJIeed- nsi or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14 days >r money refunded. .')flc. VKLI,»W PRES-S nrSY AfiVIX. roklo Gets Exaggerated .Ireonnt of FrIsrA Attack on Jap«. il \\ CROr IS FINE. I .or:i! lleaUrs Canmit iit-t Ciirs to Ship Supply. H ;iirv rriifi-.f;-, one of llie loeal ^raiii lb .!-;s. s;»;. •; that, iie has ili.TI- ciilt., i;i I '.-'iiu',' eiiouiih i:ir.: ut !~h]\> a"l ilii h:iy 11'- b;i- a 'I<-iiiaiid for. .Mr. ''rock <T s;iys ,iiat li.' roiild !(iad ten car.:; wiib hay in this ei-y anil in Tlnua every day but i-at'.iio, as lie is aot able to ftei the c.iis. .N.ither the Santa Fe, .Mi-.-<jii!i J'ai ijii- <ir the Katy ran furni>h ibe e:i;~. He Is doinrr the best he can ii 'iu :hi|)|;inp over the three rond.^. The hay ernp is very sood this year. It is now i-'Hini- at a tiood price and the f.iroii'rs :ir.' anxious to dispose of i!. .\Ii..-- r ,f ih<- ha.\ shipped from this city IF) I he Kansas ffty and Chl- ca;;ii .-io .k y;uils. Tokio. .Tapan. Oct. Ifi.—A special dls pntch made public hero at a late hour last night gives a snn.satlonal account of attack on ,Tapanese by a mob at Francisco, and relate .H the de- sii:uc;ioii of ,Iapanese properly and the fatal injuring of one .lapanese. Thi."^ affair is regarded as particularly unfortunate on account of the splendid reception acceded by the ofll- cia!.'? and merchants of .lapan to the Messrs. nnrke and Backus, the dele- •;atcs from the Seattle exjjosltion, who have been constantly entertained and feted for the last ten days. Nnvnl ArtiTity In Japan. Victoria, 11. C, Oct. IC.—Advices from .lajjan by the steamer. Empress of China, are that three warships, the llrst class cruisers Kiirania and Douki, each 14.000 tons, will be launched between October 21 and October 24. The Tsurgua (formerly the Russian Cruiser Pallada.) has been put into commission and the N'lzen (formerly the Rtjssian battleship Refvizan,) will leave the ways October 30. The for mer Russian cruiser Varalg will go into commission in the .lapanese navy next spring. Don't neffleet indigestion. It is Nature's dan- gersignaL It warn* you that you are not assimilating your food. Itisthefbre- runner of disease. Seoti'j EmuUion is a partiaOy digest' ed food^Uie joint product of Nature andsdence. Itbdlds up your digfsKnn, make* rich, red blood, and makes you i^ow with health. Try it The Oktohoras Tote Qnestloned by the ritixeaa* Lesgae. CuthrlP. Oc:. 17.—Atthe close of the canvass of the cote on tha constitution and on statewide prohibition. Ledvue Guthrie, an Oklahoma City lawyer, repre.senting the Citizens' lea- -iie of OklBhoma. wIM file a protest •Ith thr cnnvsiss ng board aisalnst Its rrrtifying to tho Pr/>sldent ihst prohl hiCon was nlopted at the late election. The Citizens' leagne, of which I. B. 1 evy .s president, made a campaign aj ;alnst stale wids prohiblt'on and in favor of local option and high license iisklns the people to vote down prohibit:).n on the Oklahoma side of th^ slate, get lecnl optlqn and high 11- ernse ih rough the first legislature and ihrn lif.' proh biflon from Indian {?r- rliory as imposed for twenfy-dho •f nrs hy Congress Inthe statehood en- ibllng net. Mr. Giilhrie said today that statehood and the constitution would not If Involved or endangered In any way by his protest to the board, as It was possible for President Roosevelt to declare that prohibition, submitted as a separate proposition, had not carried and al Ihe R,'>me time l.ssiie his proc- Ipnintion anuouncing that the constitution had bei>n adopted and that Oklahoma was a state. In his protest Guthrie will allege mainly that theprohibltion ordinance was never passed by the oonstltutlon- tl convention, that the conTentlon is ttlll In session and that prohibition never r?achetl a majority of the votes cast on the question. On the first, "utfaric will attempt to show that, as a separate propos'tfon, prohibition never passed in the convention. It appeared only as a part of the elec- 'ion ordinance. The latter was a law. which the convention was authorized by Congress to enact. The prohibition ordinance was foreign to the election ordinance as subject matter. luthrJe says that the convention had no power to enact prohibition into '.".w. I On the second claim in his protest. Guthrie will call attention to the fact that William H. Murray, president of fhe convention never issued a proc- 'nmatlon adjourning the convention s'ne die, as was contemplated and i;rovided for In the election ordinance. In support of his assertion that Prohibition failed of adoption in the last e'ectlon because it did not get a majority of the votes cast on the sub- fect, Guthrie does not attack the actual number of votes cast, but qucs- •lons the Integrity of the returns. Th" canvassing board refused to accept the abstracts of the vote as made by county clerks, and demanded the mecinct returns composed ot fhe poll »jook.s, tally .sheets, etc., alleging that ixi the constituton and on prohlb!- 'Icn the precinct boards should hav .3 epored dlrecly to the aecrrtary of •"^e territory, making the returns sep-rate from the returns on the stat.? \; as provided In the enabling act. The rr c'nct hoatds, however, not only sent their returtia to the county lection commissioners, ignoring the territorial seorotary, but did not separate the returns on the constitution and on prohibition from the returns on. the state ticket, Guthrie asserts that this procedure Tiakea doubtful the integrity of the vote on prohibition as there is no evidence that Irregularities may not have occurred when tha returns went In possession of persons not authorized to receive and canvass them. EIli.s parade, Philadelphia, at the Grand tolnght. 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