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The Vicksburg Post from Vicksburg, Mississippi • Page 2

Vicksburg, Mississippi
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THE VICKBBUE3 EVENING-POST: MONDAY. JULY 1C. ''88. within hearing by his excellent man RIfER INTELLIGENCE. IgaaJ fw-rt aeporta Th Wrath.

agement of musical instruments and 1HS MM POST. riitLMita si j.o.cashsias Shim Medicine his unusually fine baritone" rotce. fell helpleis at his side and he ran out of the door and behind the nearest store, several shotsbeing fired at him, one wounding him in the arm and a bad ef buckshot penetrating a cUd board which leaned against the back WMblnrton Vlckeburg.lilM. This noted Director will be assisted by four alle lady teachers cf considerable reputation. No better advantages for a thorough musical education are offered anywhere.

UXJA- WUTHEE REPORT. ituiii. 'irnct July 15, lug.j Tims 1 Baa. Tas He Wiii Wihii of the store. As he passed Rutledge Jeuvsaae if Caaaissa rat sesTV-rivs store and the saloon the doors were closed.

He crossed the railroad near iti a Xoira. i Clear. the depot and found his brother Ben, 30 00 i i8. VICMBURQ. JULY 16, 1 crouched behind the railroad em 6 S7 a.

to. lr.57 a. m. 1:57 p.m. 657 p.m.

57 p.m. The Art Department will Le in charge of one of the best lady artists in the South. Fair. Clear. bankment with his pistol in Upon his urcine, Ben McCarty went Summer' heat debilitates both erres and bodr, and Headache, Sleeplessness, NerTous Prostration, and in "all-pbred-cut" wruatkn prove tliat Cixert Compocxb i iLoulJ Le used cow.

This ladkine restores Lealth Xervcs, Kidneys, Liver, ant Bowels, and imparts life anJ ciitrgy to the heat prostrated ijrstem. or no cations, PAisiTa Cxuxt CoMFonro is the rsedicine for tnia tattoo. It -U a acientific coruhnation of the best toniff, and th.ohouseit begin the hot aumin-r daviwith clear heads, strong nerves, and general gwd health. Paixe's Celirt Co.vfocsd iasul.l Ij all dmgjisU, a bottle. Sixforf-5.

WELLS, EICIIAKIsSOS (XX, Prop's, Burlington Vt Ajid Hot Weatherlnvigorata up the railroad and he kept straight on, entering a field of cotton and go 187. 18M8 91 70 78 sa 00 Maximum lliwiuuiu ur. Ylniuium iherrnnujf ir. Jean Matiooil Democratic Ticket FOB GROVF.R CI.KVKLAND, of New Yotk. TOE VH I'REMIiEST, AU.V.S TIIURMAN, of Outo.

ing towards the nearest clump ot trees which was in Ihe field, about a iUiiifali. tpjarter of a mile from the store, and iTAUK Or 111 VKKii Was Dcna-miK-, urni-a Cmir Sioiul Urricaa, July Pi 0 a m. Washington time. The President has assumed entire control of the Boarding Department, which will hereafter be under the immediate supervision of himself and wife. It is just now being refurnished throughout with new and attractive furniture, and everything will be arranged for the best comfort of the pupils.

The health record of the institution is wonderful. Parents who wish their daughters ntivtr w.ll br recorded in feet and FOl COHfiSK, THIRK SI In. MrH RlfT, tiios. catciiings, of Warren County. MRS.

ELISE HCLLCM WM. EUTUEnFOBP. uiihalwL Above Change. lorn mnir.r Rise, rail, ft. Unhe.

ft lOt'a. ft. lot' -TWO A. iuia 0 Uiro 25 in plain view, the country being level. When I5cn McCarty reached back towards his hip pocket, Whitworh drew a pistol and fired, striking him in the fleshy part of his left arm, the ball lodging in the shoulder.

About the time of the firing, Aston went towards, or in the sleeping room. As he was entering, or was looking out, Whitworth or McLean some witnesses say the one and some the other fired at hirn, the load of buckshot passing through his head above the ears, spattering the door with blood and brains. He fell dead. When the shooting teased Ivey lay in the alley-way dead, a load of buck THE RISING SUN TRAGEDY-MEN KILLED. well educated and well cared for can-! not do better than to send them to 7 xlnjjtoii Advrrtiwr, Uih such i Whitworth Female College.


Country Orders Promptly Attended to. an institution is an honor to the South. rut wiiiiawiMiii Kansas Keokuk A terrible tragedy was cnartcd Saturday evening, about 4 o'i lock, at Rising Sun, a small station on the Y. M. V.

Railroad, in Leflore Helena 25 The largest financial corpora-j 7 tlon in the world is the Mutual "ti mma 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 4 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 (I 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 5 3 0 8- 8 6 7 3 3 8 7 5 5 1 7 3 8 0 county. 1 he name of the station was taken from Ciit. S. II. Whitworth's Insurance I'o, of New shot having penetrated the back of jjfe, York.

You now have an oppor place on which it is situated. The the lower part of the head and a nistol lav at his side. We could learn railroad at that point runs near to, E.KRATZSCHMAR. O. KRATZ3CHMAR.

and parallel with the Yaoo river, tunity of hccominir a Stockhold- erand sharing equitably In all the profits of this truly great concern. J. W. KLKI.V Agent. Hil3YlilW II Memphis 2D Nashville 5 New 9 Uraaha 12 Pittionrg 4 Loui 24 8t( Paul 6 BureYetort Vlcksnurg 27 Yankton 0 The place consists of two stores, one saloon, a depot and a sawmill.

Lapt hitworth residence is a quarter from the depot and fronts the river. An Knoriuoaa Hirer and Harbor Rill. KRATZ3GHMAR BROS. NO. 317 SOUTH STREET.

FRESCO PAIITTEKS PAINTING DONE IN ALT, ITS BRANCHES. l'he River and Harbor bill as it left The Sidon and Greenwood road passes along the river bank. The depot THE RIVER. the House appropriated about twenty is about iso yards from the river. Fronting the river, and between it and the depot, is the store of Mathcwas McCarty in millions of dollars, this total was swelled by the Senate to an aggregate of $22,474,783.77, but inasmuch as that body rejected or reduced a num W.

O. WORR wnicn the killing occurred. It is ber of items tnat the 1 louse win insist upon retaining, and as the Senate a frame one story building about 60 feet long and 25 feet wide. The rear end of the store is divided off into a no particulars of his killing, most of witnesses not noticing him during the affray. When Whitworth and his companions passed out of the store to the front gallery, they saw Henry McCarty running across the cotton field about 200 or 300 yards distant.

Whitworth got the rifle from Hoskins, took rest on the corner of the house and fired twice at McCarty as he ran. At the second shot McCarty fell, shot through the fleshy part of both legs. He crawled through the cotton to a road, about 100 or 200 yards distant. A negro or two were there and helped him through the fence and on to a mule and carried him to a friends house. Messrs.

Charley Scruggs and Sutton, who were the first to enter the store after the shooting, say that a Winchester rille was there laying on the bed near where Aston was lying, and that aftcrterwards this tffi was found on the floor near his body. Aston formerly lived in this county will doubtlessly stand by the items it added, the country need not be sur DEALER. IN and Cj" sleeping room and an office, with an alley way between them leading to prised if the bill when it comes out ol the Conference Committee calls for at the back door. 1 he office has mere' east twenty-three millions of dollars; ARBIVED City of Cairo, from St. Louie.

Arkansas City, from Natchez. Chan. D. Hliiw, from Natcbez. I'arUC.

Brown, fron New Orleans. Phil. Armour, from Greenville. Morning, from Greenville. Katie from Tallahatchie.

Addie Kaison, from Snntlower. City of St. I.o is. from Now Orleans. DEPARTED.

Arkansas City, for St. Louis. City of Cairo, for Natclit-z. Chas. D.

Shaw, for Natchez, Paris C. Itrown, for Cincinnati. Morninc Star, for Greenville. City ef St Louis, ir St. Louis.

K. Cobb, for Tallahatchie. BOATS DUE TO-DAY. T. P.

Leathers, N. O. to Vicksburg. City of Baton Rouge, St. Louis to N.

0. BOATS LEAVING TO-DAY. For New Orleans City of Baton Rouge. BOATS I.KAV1NQ TO-MORROW. For Tallahatchie Kutie Robbins, 5p.m For New Orleans T.

P. Leathers, 5 p.ra For Greenville Phil. Armour, 4 p.m. noTBS. and while this appropriation may seem very large as compared to that made by other River and Harbor Lime, Cement, Plaster, Etc.

AGENT FOR WAR EN I LS. Cotton Seed Meal, Hulls and Ashes ftir Fertilizing and Cew Feed. bills, it must be remembered that no egislation in this behalf was had in 1887, and that many items that should No. 58 Washington Street Vicksburgr, Miss. have been finally disposed of last year are covered by the present appropriation.

The railroad monopolists who and his father still does. Both were quiet, peaceable, industrious and de have fought these appropriations so earnestly and persistently have no ly a railing around it with a gateway at about its centre opening into the alley-way. Rutlcdgc's store and Scruggs' saloon arc between this store and the depot, and are on the south side of and facing the short road leading from the river to the depot. The members of the firm of Mathews McCarty are H. II.

Mathews, who lived in Carroll Co. and Henry Carty who with Men McCarty and Sam Aston managed the store at Rising Sun, We give below our information of the origin and particulars of the tragedy Vor several months Capt. S. H. Whitworh and the two McCartys have been at serious outs, the breach being at times temporarily healed.

The matters of difference were of 110 great importance. The neighbors have been expecting or fearing some dan hope of the interpwnuon, of a voto, for President Cleveland is reported en The gaugt reading atSs'clock this HENRY YOSTE, Watchmaker and Jeweler 1 cordially invito a comparison ot Work and Prices, belivtnp mini) to be the Best and Cheapest. ALSO DEALER IK WATCHES, DIAMONDS AND SILVERWARE SPECIALTIES IN SPECTACLES. excellent authority to have expressed his readiness and willingness to ap serving men. Aston ana ivey were young men, and both had wives and children.

The foregoing is in substanot as it was related to us. We make no comments, as a judicial investigation will be had in a few days, which we presume will bring out all the facts in the case. We deeply regret such oc morninz was.27 feet 71 iuches, a fall of 7 inches io tbe ast.24 boura. prove the bill if its aggregate does not exceed twenty-five millions of dollars. Aberdeen Examiner.

Tbe Mulbdlland Line's recent purchase was taken into (he Qood Intent dock it MK. HOAIt AN ANTl-imiTON. currences in our State, and sincerely Algiers Suurday la', and will be ihor oughly repaired. sympathize with the families of all He Denounces the Flshei-ie Treaty A PURELY VEGETABLE COMPOUND The steamer Belle Memphis will be concerned. and the Men Who Made it Our Safe Family Doctor.

A Safe and Reliable Remedy in all Cases. down Tuenday evening from St. Louis to gerous outburst as ail were regarded as Washing ton, July 10 The event A Complete Family Medicine. Perfect Substitute for Calomel. Ah the Hun holds Its onward leave for Natchex.

Wednesday at 8 a.m in the Senate to-dav was Mr. Hoar's ine ureaiesx nemeuy or we age tor aiuous uiseases. course through the heavens The ty St. L'uis passed- up to-day speech on the" fishery question. with nothing to compare to its The most effective preparation Known for removing bile from in a wv thesyitem, and restoring the normal action 01 the liver ana trrnndeur no the great Mutual Mr.

Hoar addressed the Senate in opposition to the treaty. He said that AND ine kianeyt. it ui a rapid alterative ana icubuvb effect upon the system, it renovates it and restores Ufo of New York with Us 1 ID, and ihe City nf Bitnn Rouge down, both tbtnueb Anchor Liners. The L. ibbwa out Sunday wiib LIVER it to a healthy vigor.

It increases the appetite OOO.OOO 00 hclniiKloir to more the charce that opposition to the treaty and aids in the digestion anu assimilation menot courage, lot two or three months past Mr. Ike Hoskins and his brother-in-law, Mr. Dan. McLean, have been staying at Capt. Whit-worth's, the latter assisting him in thu management of his plantation.

Hoskins is Whitworth's nephew, and is a son of one of the former penitentiary lessees, and came from Ilrookhaven. Messrs. Mathews McCarty and than lOO.OOO citizens of the had its origin in party prejudice was 01 the food. it can oe given witn REGULATOR United (states challenges com rm PERFECT SAFETY parison in its greatness and the ITJk i(W SH an unfounded calumny. Ihe earliest and most earnest voices of remon to children or adults of any It has been used with most wonderful age in all cases where mere amount of irootl accomplished effect in rs: li is a derangement 01 J.

M. KI.KIN Ag'ts. Colds, Bilious Colic. Cholera. Bilious Fever.

the system. a fair freiirbt for Ynzon City. The Vicksburg and New Orleans mail ateainer T. P. B.

S. Leatni rs insK-er, P4l und Fritiik Leaiheia cleil, will he up 1 1' ni New Orleans tc-uight, and the repuUr Tuesdny packet fur New 0. leaving ui 5 p.m. The Paii- O. Brown pasted Sunday Malaria Foyers.

Diarrhoea. General Debilitt. Rheumatism, Loss of Appetite, Headache, ic. strance had come from eminent Democrats who had studied the question. Mr.

Hoar criticised the Administration severely for consulting nobody during the progress of the negotiation; even after the Senate, through the others put a skiff In the river to cross people free who were coming over 10 trade. Capt. Whitworth object on the Manufactured only bvthe Medicine Lake Charles. La. Sold In aV Ti.

Wat IMK VTMsW KC and wc. cackaees bv all leadine drueeists. This medicine costs less Teachers "Wanted. A Male Principal and seven Assistants for the Public School of the city of Jackson. Principal to be elected July 30th, and Assistants August 6th.

Certificates of qualification required, than one cent per average dose. It should be kept in every family For a FREE TRIAL PACKAGE send a a-eent stamn to ground of its interfering with his licensed ferry. The skill' was moved Foreign Relations Committee, had! uvuuu.g MfeDICINE LAKE CHARLES. LA The upper b-nds pneket Pail Aimour, down the river to just below his land. un Saturday evening Capt.

Whit asked for information about the course of the" negotiations and discussions. This concealment of what took place, JAME8 MUNDT. JOHN E. CURPHET, worth came from his residence to and the usual references where appli- cants are not personally known to the Trustees. Salaries will be fixed be-foto election.

School will open first he charged, was solely of Secretary Mathews McCarty's store, having a few hounds. Hoskins and McLean Bayard's own seeking. Criticising tbe Admiuitiratiou uttil further, Mr. ar declared thai ih-rf accompanied him, the former carry Monday in October. A twenty thou Nim 11 Wiibntikit clerk, arrived Uiiday rv6 and haves at 4 p.m.

Tueedny fur Oieenville. Tbe Morning Star whs in Sunday evening sod out again this morning with the S. mail. The Arkausas City, of the Aucbor Line, pasted to St. Louis Sunday morning with a g'iod showing ef people.

The itches mail boat Shaw, CURPHEY MUNjDY, 00NTR1CT0R8 AND MANUFACTflRERS Of SASH, DOOXIS, BU1TD3 and UI a uicb we keep a mil eopplv, end will sell at prices to coiuar favorably witb othar point. Orders bv mail or otherwise promptly attndd to it sand dollar building is now being erected, and will be equipped with all would be neither redrew mir hi dress Under lba for any outrage Committed by Great Britain up on au American anywhere. needed appliances. It is the aim ot the Boardf and the desire of the community to make this a first-class school Criticising the (rui be declared iq1 in the matter of fithery righ a it did not in every respect. Address, FULTON M.

M'RAE was up d'lwo 00 time this with guild business both ways. She will afford red res of gnevancea nir provide against the recurtei.c of cause of complaint in future. i ing a inchestcr rifle and the latter a shotgun. When they entered the store Aston and Ben McCarty were behind the counters, Henry McCarty was in the office writing in the books, and Mr. Ivey and about a dozen negroes were in the store.

Capt. Whitworth called Ben McCarty and walked him towards the rear of the store, stopping in the alley way, und told him he had come 0 settle the ferry matter. Ben ty proposed to go after Rutledge and Charley Scruggs, saying they were jointly interested. Whitworfh told him not to go after the parties men WM. hknki, rresiueni, Or J.

L. POWER, Secretary. Jackson, Miss. Whitworth Female College. be bere to go again Wednesday.

Kai the nrst tra hum tn Wholesale and Retail Druggist 1 IMPOItTEIt and is The Anchor Line steamer City of Cairo In another column will be found arrived tmrn S1. uis at 4 p.m. Sunday having bad a splendid irip down both in ry, unless made with. me urt-ivuge chief, or in legird in part cl iil gJ -eral commerce, where here had un attempt to stipulate for th- cmiitie. the advertisement of this famous in freight and paaeoger.

bbe baa 613 packages for Delia and 2.833 for Vicka- stitution of learning, which on ac White Lead, Linseed Oil, Turpentine, Window Glass, Mixed Painta, pry aC j- In Oil AlViSjitinn WhitAninir and Pllttr r'anH tho lurtmat anrl innot pnmnlats aaaort life. It wat a treaty wuiuli I -lhe nrt time recognized th d'icirine ihittie burg. She left for Natchez this morning count of its unsurpassed advantages is one of the most largely patronized at 8 clock, and will be bere t) leave for St, mis Weduesday moruing at 8 tioned but to go in the office, and men are to be dealt who as an I and let favored clan, tu whom mig'K he rightfully and properly denied, wi li ur consent, tbe courtesies and pi ivilet ex o'clock. female colleges in the South. Under the able administration of Prof.

L. T. ment of Patent "Medicines and Surgicai instrowenta In the State. Agent fr Jie celebrated Waukesha Bathesda Water. VI Toilet Articles, Porfumery and Hair Brushes all importea.

No. 125 Wuhlbton Street, VlekKburg, M8 pf THE MATTINGLY MILIING COMPANY Ackanaaa Politics and Crops. endeavored to push himjin through the gate. A struggle ensued in which Whitworth had his gun in his left Fitzhngh, President, and Rev. W.

B. St. Lous, July 14. Uulea th authorities interfere, thee inflict between hand and held McCarty by the wrist or arm with his right, Ben McCarty the whites and Negroes in Crittenden Murrah, Vice-President, it has achieved a success which is almost phenom enal. county, will result in a massacre jerked loose and readied towards his hip pocket, and very shortly passed out of the door and several shots were The faculty for the coming session is composed of an exceptionally able fired at him.

After getting out he of tbe latter. Tbe larger cotton planters npp tbe driving out of tbe mass of laborers, and think the attack should be Oi.fioed to tbe individual promoters of strife, bat tbe young men of the country, armed and organized, appear determined 10 make no distinctions. The crops will suffer from neclect. Tbe political canvass and brilliant corps of teachers, five of fired one back and ran behind STEAM. St.

Lcnis Prices DeliYeredJ ROLLER PROCESS. Orders Promptly Altenied to. the store towards the depot. Some whom are college-bred male profes claim that when McCarty reached sors. lligliest Cash Price Paid for me HI a dc Coin.

tended to all otber mmeice Tbe speaker gUing1y nf be former greatness of 'he Urn-id State. "There were days," id the Seiu or in his peroration, "arbxn Uie American citizen national and alopted, held up his bead in pride id hi ri-z-uslup No petty British officer bauled the flag from an American masthead. N.i Cansdiau Ministef of Justice laughed in the face of ao American citiz'ii whin Grvit was io the White Houe. "I do not like the pdiey which everywhere rohe American t'Zenship of iia glory. I io nut like the methods of fraud and crime which, have destroyed popular elections in so many Democratic fv.a'fs.

I do not like this conspiracy between tbe old slave-holders and the English manufacturer strike down tbe wsges of the the American wmkmin and tbe comforts Jof the American workman's borne. I do not like your refusal to maintain the American navy and to fortify and defend tbe Ainrricau ast. And I like no better The College in all its parts, is baa a good deal to do with 'the trouble, back he drew his pistol and presented it at Whitworth who knocked it downward as it fired the ball hitting Whit- the Negroes generally supporting the thoroughly equipped and offers every Union Labor State ticket and tbe Republican local nominees. facility for obtaining a complete edu win in tu mc icg anu ranging down cation. ward in his foot where it lodged.

We are not publishing the Inde Others claim that McCarty did not The Music Department will here fire until after he had been shot at pendent to please any one particular Wsbarg Safe Deposit Comp'y UNQUESTIONED SECURITY FOR valuable papers, monet, jew ELRY, ETC. Both Burglar and Fire Proof One Huadred Private Lock Boxes. City ana Country Merchants. Planters. after be run on the regular Conser and had left the store.

Henry Mc community. Uur object is to please vatory plan. The President has se Carty did nothing during the tussle everyone if possible ind if we fail to please a few we. have no tears to cured as Musical Director Prof. Wra.

PACIFIC' HOUSE VINCENT PIAZZA, Prbprlster Wanhlnguia St. Vicksbars; Convenient to RnilroaJ Deiwt, Landia Post, Telegiaph and Express Offico, and tejrasines SEALS IN TIME FOR ALL TRAINS HOUSE OPEK ALL NIGHT. Has baea reaovated and refarniahed lcs supplied with the best the marks affords. Patronage respectfully solicited Polite aod tarefql attention given east. and continued engaged at his books shed.

UU the firing. He then opened a Henninges, of Cleveland, 0., a grad orawer in whn.11 there was a pistol We do not belone to on? uate of the Royal Conservatory of Lawyers, and any one having Bsfore he could pick it up Hoskins toe present 11 leaves American "ur paper win soon oe oar own, sail to be I ullied and insulted without lik ik cn ke it, Dresden, and a complete master of vocal and instrumental music. Prof. rapeis, should own one ot teem. Cent, $10 to $15 per annum.

Apply to FRANK 8. LAWRENCE. Secretary. Oa io W. R.

Hackitt VickahnrR Bank. wco. ai mm with the Winchester rifle, the ball passing through the muscles redress sod ataodon th American right no aon lei rPe- Clarksdale Independent, I Henninges was present during the 01 00m arms, which must have been TT7ATE' COOLERS, BEFRIGEEA ihe fisheries, older thin tbe tatioa it-1 se'f which the valor of our faMers van fut ui and tbe wisdom of our fttbert preserved for ui, extended in lrontof him, "and the brilliant commencement exercises in fleshy fart of his breast. Tune and greatly charmed everyone STONE JARS AKD CHURNS 2 TO 5 GALLON. ym29 1 I TUBS, ICE BOXES.


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