Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1907
Page 6
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•SKDf & • u ^«km diMMe caa. exist withoiit ia -vB&rijiiiir tumt, UtO^Mat iastances that cause is either a humor in the Uood or •k eiHww of fienr acUb m ^ vital .fluid. These hmnors and adds gtt into.the Uood, xencr- ^7 be(^u«e of an inactive and slug^g^ish condition of those membera whose OTty it is to collect and cany off the waste and refuse of the body. This imhealUiy natter is left iii the syiiteni to sour and ferment, and soon the -drculatioa becomes charged with the acid jJoison. The blood, in its effort •to rid itseU of this foreign matter, begins to throw off the humors and acids tfaiiragh the pores and glands of the skin. These coming in contact with j!|]ie;delicate tissues and fibers with which the skin is so ahrnadantly supplied luces.irritation and inflammation on the surface, and Bcxema. Acne, V Psoriasis, Salt Klvenm, or some other troublesome and disfiguring skia djisease is the r^ult. Externul applications, while they soothe the iti^itngi sad are beneficial In keeping the skin clean, can never cure skin •ffebtions, because they do not reach the blo<vl where the' real trouble it i located. A thorough cleansing of the blood is the only permanent cure for j skin diseases, 8. S. S., the greatest of all blood puriiiers, is the best treat* ment. It .... tbeiiixcQ], thecxuaing^. •trettil of. bloort. S. S. S. goes down to the very bottom of the trouble, X«mt>T«8 the foreign matter and thereby permanently cures every form of skin trouhle. Do not expect to cure a blood disease with local applications alone, but begin the use of S. S. S., and when rou have removed the cause the skin'will he free from disease. Special book.on Skin Diseases and any medical advice free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.. ATLANTA. GA. CBEXO .^A AHCHmRA .\ LABfiE ArDIEJff E. Ptopls aheold M ttort aad aon au*- lol, as sge sdvanees, to see that their - ;bow^^QTeragnlarlv. iBthiswMrthar OPENED THE LECTURE COURSE i^^i^jiSrT^towJ^^ fiveInmiddle-lifeand old age sstlMy 'arein youth, and with the majority there LA HARPE FOOT BALL TEAM WILL i^aS^S ^u^!^"""'''*"'^ PLAV lOLA .NEXT WEEK. L.-^:^-°S?»t5wSS ^?S ^^S? therb kixative compound. niatapedaU;r nlted to U M UM of,«ldarly^M- MEETING OF TBFSTEES OF 2f. E. ' ClirRCH HAS BEEX POSTPONED. THE LECTURE COURSE BEGUN ,diseaae» use Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pep- isin, tlw great herb kixative compound. Bert Hurry Will Take Fp In^«ranre'P ^S*S»5J^PJog «',t^^^^^ AKenrv-Per.onal News "^^^ P«'««?7 ».?«'?™»a Notes. JrBn <EE SINGERS THE FIR.ST OF A SERIES OF Nl'MBER.*!. 'eatSacSb tableui TA< S»B skooJd not be OMd bj diUdnn. women, old folks or weak people M- eMtw tber are too violent ta totion sad aeaerallr igTlpfc^^^irtberniore. >ba results are teaponur The W. C. T. I'. Will Have a .Sesxlon Today—Perl WRitos III. WANTED! One hundred couples to follow the crowd to the Rollaway Skating Rink Tonight. North side of the Square. WItnefs fancy stunts from Stunterville. Keep on the sunny side and be healthy THAV ARE FRESH. A choice aisortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates lupre, our personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases you. GRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. > - Baths of All Kinds. Exrlnslre A|»nrtmeiit for LadleR Denicomb Bath ffoase aod Mineral Well •J] Ijo .(Uf '.''i at. 4tli and Scoit Avt:. Fori Soott, Kansas. This wal^T FiitiiflTcly riircs Kbcuraati.sni, BriirhtN IHnea -te, Stomach Tnmhie and Apne. Prof, i, Bishop, the most Cfloliratt'd .Hassaeist and Iljdropath- I$t in, the ('oimtr}^ In uHendanc<> trlTinc niassatre. iJ -ATER SHIPPED IN FIVE (5) GALLON BOTTLES ONLT. E, DEmOOMB, Prop, J wta ia sad tlie bowels are kouad op •BOie ever. I AtetnedrUkeDr.OaldweU-sSrrQpFopBlttU Ivety senile ia actioa asd j-et ttaonmchlr eSee- UT0 ,-aa«.aa it ooataloit tooie proparilM. .It ''Kanux SnnUower" a Good Show. The "Kausas Sunflower." the .iitrac tiou at Pen's opera hqwe \uM. nl^hi.^^S^^M wa." I hp siicopsH of the cea«on. Thf aianrcaBli. prett.v little drama was produced last evening in a mannor pleased the sen. Batuleaoy. tour atomacli. weak atoMcta. entire andlpnce. This fompany is iin- WoaUna.drow »tae«^ aftereatln«»ad«nch.other dPr the dlrPotion and m^u.gem.m ot ^ Will Peters, who ws» with the Glcr- tb« experienee of Mr. ArautroDB. ot Decatur. trie Park company last year. Mls« »^«5»%jS*«*ftSfiwfJCSJi^niSnfSSJ 1 .._M ti_<» _rV.., /.I... I.- „ woaaddonnatiieoiTUwarwniencanaeaapar- l.iicilp HolTman of (.as (.liy is a mem- tial paralysis of the txiwels aod be baa bad erer ber of the cast also. The orchestra alneetomtoalazatlre. He says be nerer found and band of this company 1« eapeclaU.v S5SS^'S,«5-gawVs''4^r^Sff {;oi)d. It is under ihe direction of j^iuid joa will say ibe same. The price is M Len Rntherford nf lola and is com- .ceataorll a totuc at any drue«l»t. posed principally of ioJ.'i musicians, f'arl Saylor. Tyra Canai.=<ey and .Mr. Rutherford arc the lola ineu who bc- louK to the orchestra. The iwnd play ed oa the .st^reets of lola for :i .-^Iinrt time ypstorrtay afternoon. l! aI.«ot gave a concert on the si reel:* in ihi.- citv. of the whicli Postpone .Meethiir. The meetlnK of the trn«iecs .Methodist Hpiscopnl church was called for yosrerday afternoon. has hen postponed for some time next weelt. the date to he determined later. All of the trustees were not out yesterday. The nl)jpct of^ihi.^ meciing is to con.sidcr the raisini; of Rev. D. M. Campbell's salary as pastor of the church. 1 CremoDB llrcheMra .Made Good. The Cremona Orcbcsira. the first number of the lecture course, made good with a veutreance Isbi night. Hardly before a half a dozen strains were struck by this wonderfnl ladlc^" •ircheslia ihoso preHent realized ihp .t they were li.sienin): to one of the best orchestras iha; ever playcl Iti this city. The larse audience ;:tive each number a hearty applause, showiiic the appreciulion of the pood music. The ladies not only excell in i>tip particular class of music but do In «il. They played the piipular airs in i.-; plenslnp a manner as the more sical. raee TC^T tkete W I S M SC to try or. CM. rnU leal wen'tSynw netlattlWitnr IwaafemsfrMtanpia bata «tMtto OitlrheiMby •ddfaa*Kttsc»aiMay. Thic elbr it la travs IMtlic cMsiyiNldiasweciaiBi, and i* wiiy scMisflMts lAetm iMWMiM It, S «<4 for ttifyM Iwrtaiv at M. eMjOwnx« SYRUP Kfsm." TMI mtttt tMlsiafttriMrutM No. 17, WutUaclM. 0. Ci, • - PCMW SYRUP OO. ItOtaKwall Wdg.. M—II— Me, IH. The Jubilee Slnpers. The .lt.')i:ee Singers, the tirsi number on the fJas City lecture course which will be on the evening of October 24th, promises to be one of the best entertainments • of the season. Altboiich the entertainment will be held in the .Methodist Episcopal church it is not nc-essarily under the management of the church for it Is not The lecture course this year in the cities is backe dby the most prominent business men regardless of their church denomination. WANTED—Girls to work In restaurant. Ootid wages. Experienced girls preferred. Address •Girls" c-^re Ueg- Ister . ' r W.-VNTED—.Man and wife wanted to work on farm. .Address *C" this oflice. W.4NTRD—Middle aged woman for general hoiiscttorli. liOO South Cottonwood. .MAN* WA.N'T.S to do house denning. Inquire t;01 South Elm street. WA.NTEn—Ten honest hoys 12 to 14 years old, to distribute atlvorlising matter after school. Bring recommendations. Call before school .Mond.iy Colf.igo Hotel; a.';k for .Mr. Hee. WANTED—Rock loaders at Kansas Portland Cement Plant, rnqulre at Quarry at Concreto. WANT PROHI«ITM» PIT OKK. "AnlN" File Hrlllen Prolest Airalnst lt "i PreiiMit I'roclamnllnn. Editor 01 >ew« iipre. G. n. fngersol. iiovf of <'allf.irni;!. Mo., but formerly cojineinod v,l!l: tlu- Ln Harpe .N'ews ot this city, was in l.i Harpe yi.-!ieiday afiornooii. .Mr. Iii- gersol Is now ocnncrlcd with i)i<- newsjiaper iiiaii <if coi;>;lu»Tiili'e ex- California, Mo.. Herald. He is .t new.-paper man of conslderaiile exi>cri,»nr(< and doubtless wii; maKi •-•onu wliji the .Mlbsourl pajKM-. 31. E. RoTUalu Are Intercstinir. The revival meetlngt! which ar" in progrefiH at the Mcthoiiisi EjiL^opui church are growlD«! in interept everj evening. The pastor sjiys that the metlngs are not beinn as well attended by the niemliers of the church as they shoi^ld be. . Thej will continue through next week. It h hoiied titev will be better attended in the future. Bert Murry Krslcrned. Bert Mtirry yesterdsiy resigned hi< position at the West Sinclreri and will take up the agency ot" the .MctroiKiii- tan Insurance company uf ibis city and Gas. .Mr. .\luiry tays that his health wnuld nut in^rniii him >o continue in the smelii-r business as bt has bad experienof in ibe in.-urance i business be douSili'.-s wi.'l nmke a better snccess of it than anything else he would lake up. Since Hen ii well known in this city and Gas fMiy and he is a good mixer there Is no rwtson why be should not make a .success of the Insurance, business. He 1>3« the liept wishes- of his frientlt;. tiuihrio. Okla . Oct. IS.—The anti- prohlbitiouIslR through their attorney. I.trtru.-> Oufhrit'. of Oklahoma Cily. leiiay filed a wriften protest with ih«; Oklahoma board acainst canvassing the returns on prohlljHion ami certifying the result to the pres :<1ent. asking that, the hoard recommend thR! the president I SBMP the statehood r.roclamntion wittioyt probrh'tlon. post ponlng tipuroval of the prohibition or dinane<» tintU the vote cast upon it can be InvestIgttle .1. •^be hoard will not pass upon tlie protest nntfl tomorrow. The action is brought in the name of Henry Shnofer of Kl Reno, .i wealthy cpld st(ua>.'e anil liquor . man. Three contentions are made? That the jiroliibition ordinance Was not legally passed by the eon.^tiliitlon- nl convention: that it was not properly suhinittcd at the el,>ctIon. ;ind t'lut It was not prouerly subni'tted at the election, and that apparent irregti- larlties In the retnrns leave a reasonable" doubt \vhethr>r or'not prohibition was adopted by a legal majority vote. It is believed that the board will refuse to take :inv ;ict"ion on the prn- Mrs. Lnpartis Very III. Mrs. Frank I.upartis of this ciiy is now lying in a serious condition suffering from injuries which she su.s- lained in an accident some time ago. She is now thought to be in a critical condition although her friends have every hope of her recovery. Perl Wllirn.s Has AppendlcitR condition suffering from the fourth Perl Wllgns Is now lying in a critical condition suffering from the fourth atack of appendicitis. He Is the -seventeen year old son of Mr. Wilgus of this ciiy. likely there will he an operation. Heretofore he has rallied from tlie attacks without Jill operalioii. W. r. T. r. Today. The Woman's Christian Temiier ance I'nion of this city is meeting with Mrs. Eakin of this city. A short musical program Is schednled for thi afternoon. Mrs. Eakln will 8er>-e. The day sliould he a profitable one ns there are many things to come uii at their business session. Personals. .Miss Mary Rose of Fort Scott visiting her sister. Mrs. F. B. MsCol loch, of this city today. Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Smith of West Plains, Mo. were in the cily yesterda looking .It Gas City property. SU: W. H. Armor of Kansas Clt was in fh ecity yesterday on bust ness. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Hartman of Fort Scott were here yesterday visitin friends. WANTED—Boarders in iirivate family. Have modern house, newly furnished. Inrpiire at No. I East Erwin. W.ANTEn—To rent a large, modern house, east or south of square. Address. F. W'.. care Register. WA.\TED—Typewriting and clerical work. Room old court house. Rebecca Gohle. WANTED—A plane for a boy or girl to work for board while attending the lola Business College. Telephone Main 495. FOR SALE"R£AL ESTATE FOR SALE—fiood black dirt, i'hoiif $100 DOWN AND $10 PER .MONTH, buys a fine 4 room cottage, on 4tb street, at only $t!.'0. which will not build the house alone. Immediate possession if sold at once. lOF-A l.,.\.\'D CO. . — iaKiioin «r -iBts««iiijraBiia» it bt tie »«i BiH loa wHI rcffln oor H«M Ef rtt Cjrt w«» imirh yAti ma litt >tfur o*-n c>«« W've, corit^-ty »f It be Cow rictit btn in aur Tt'tm Ptrlar*. tut it It prf frr'l; (iniilr. Rriuni Ibu u«t cu« to at «iib all tbr Uinkt UM Ml • Dtf w> oill tni rail—rMMoiMr, wiihMt « ctKt «f mtnf Inm yw—• t*lt ef JtuaburM (nwuclM SUtil. «IU r»nl|r ih* Int rear nn cred in ntcilr »>' H |ki I I M I'taw. ^ WEAR nisE vmkmm «o n «-fi :*<r:5« T M^ S «ii4 el »«« mttk they ti» wt ratlrtir niMttuo la ttn tin, nun .aU.Ton irt n*t out WM ptMt. II tti< kPccicriM pnin lo yea Hut thn tn •taolaUlir at- yourVrn. ii Uirjr i>n»» ilui ihr pnra li noaiac toapuH hi ib« co«len Uwr tin your i m * D J Its oiMtJCln urr yean. AW oa nttti* ol Ua cieeer «t •01/ . ntt • fcis<!m* SPMUrlr C»» "I »«• •»»! KMttr HUM "IIS ficb plotli. Unl iklt «/ .-•Wun4«l l>ro|«>Ui<i«T OoMnl It (bo* ihai vt an **«au«f*liaM« eemiMur A M»c*ii( Mime ana/ f IrHar In n*ir t* tMi ofrir max uva yavr «>afl)ht. la ii awrth tna momr t StlgM ara Iraotiaa mfm ?»>|HtU« l*a« tfiXtMt int»tariaMt «aaaa*a. W* aratbcaa); keuc Ikal as <t a »acucl« Iramai \n/Jr tost tM* b» BUil—and rt>rr«t lra«»a ara wf* bit M luponam aa cerivci Ksart. " -'-^ wag% tbc* u >bar*4 diBrtrniiy—thr tPBira matt ii* «*|il M )<|i gw ri(kt Slataaw ankoyer* Jaat as bi,) a< wrons Iram. \tn-\ li raawMblA ikai iba fiamaa aaa -Mfkir Tkar«t^«sT*«ei,oi.. cveavpAiaop SPECTACLES WE HANDLE eOLS PILLED >N0 AStOLUTCbV OUARANTCCDl. Aid tbia cemiaBlr caa back tssnatn Wti^ >ou buy a lulr ul SuDMrw Spaciaclea loa MH esly bay tb« SiiH baaw ua Inirv-ysa alto ba> iba pmrnaienai abill aad kaovMsa i , Hcian .vkokaoyatoiiii^ ibla tCMBr* lor naay ycara asd "bo m rarocauad . "Ma M tlw kaad el ihi-ir proiMfion. ant by Baaaa ar oar adaaUSe Tad Caad Ibaaaartly^*' / •DLE IS/.*;* / tk Ml ill/try •/ / — ^ w» (aa Hi roa rtsbi taara in yoaa ao* noma J«ai a »>cc>nwly ^a |»« •«« ,b»f» al oar Kaaaia Oir o«l««. warfE TODAY. :..WEi.lCERfc HANCOCK OPTICAL Nealth- Economy Will Pliij lola Wi'diiesduy. The La Harpe fool Imll team yesterday complflied the arrangements for a game of ftMil bail to tJe played with the lola leam on ihi- Harpe field north, of the city next Wednesday. The lola team Is reputed tobe one of the best in southeastern Kansas but since it is natural for the La Harpe team to play j foot ball there Is little fear of the outcome. The I.a Harpe-Gas City game has been positioned indellnlfelj. The Gas City team has arranged a game with Chanute and will not be able lo play \^\ Harpe on the date arranged. Perjiitual.K. S. E. Oflhcl of Blue .Mound wits in the city yej^terday ir.insacllug biii<i- ness with the real estate agents. .Mr. and .^Irs. S. i:. Ru.^hel! uf Eric. Kiiiisas, wer cnllluc on friends In thi< city yesieniay. L. O. I.,awrence of Uicbiia. «a> In the city yesterday on biihiness. Calumei Baking Powder .Best by Test I If its a piano bargain that M TEgCnUS HAS QllT SXOlilX.-. . Naples, Oct. J.S.~.\ panic was caus- •jT ed here today st the sudden cassation T of^smoke from the crater of Vesuvius, accompanied .by loud detonation!", - which usually mean a resumption of aetivity on the part of t^e volcano. : JEmkta'mHmrdwmre ^ F«cH <B «fm or jCaok StoTM—Gas Fit. [ -ii^ DoM ProntpUy. New York, .Oct. . IS.—Delphln .M. Uelmas, of couusal f«»r Harry K. Thaw in his trial for the inurdeV of Stanford WTilte, is back In New York to resume the practice of his professjon. He says he is no longer Inlc-restetl in the Thaw case as an attorney. Mai^ tin W. Littleton Is now in charge ot Thaw's defense. Those familiar with the preparation of the case for trial last winter believe that the story told by Evelyn ^esbit Traw on the stand wHI not he t61d IP. the second trial. "- Hlii nrar Old Hothpr. ".My dear old mother, who Is no* eighty-lhref. years old, ihrlve>< on KIcc trie Hitters, "writes W. II. llrunson. of Dublin. Ua. "Shi.- has taken them fori about two ycar.-^ and enjoys an excel- ' ieiil appetite, feels sliong and sleeps well." That's the way Electric lUt- tert effect the aged, and the winie _ happy results follow In nil cnses of i IrJjlrinp- r .,r —,.Oii will , female weakness and general dehllliy. lOOKing liir >Oll Will (Weak, puny children loo. are greatly inncl It an easy matter tO drive ; strengthened by thera. ^GtiarHiitewi! a trade With US. We ate show"'"^ ing difltrent makes and all i abiing you to suit yourself, Show at I A Harpi- Opera Honoe, both as tO the jfinish and sizc PteMH Andienie. . iand price of the instrument. The " - • - ' also for stomach. liv«M- ! troubles, by all druggl.'is. KansaH Sunflower, iho show j that is made up largely of lolu peo • pie. played last night at I.aHarpe to •I fair sized crowd. The company has ' been on the road but a month and •• have had good houses at every town ] they have visited. The troup« went.' from here to Yates Center and from therp jrlll travel through the uortb- eni"'part of the atate, then on to Nebraska. The lola members of the company expregs ihemselveB as very well pleaded ifllh the. i*ow busin.osgj Cumo In today and bear them. "We villi miaranti-e yon will he pleased. John V. Roberts PiknoHoiise «>nt of Stirbt. "Out of sight, out of mind." is an old saying which applies with special force to a sore, burn or v.-ountl that's been treated with Bncklen's Arnica Salve. It's out. of sight, out of mind and out of existence. Piles too and chilb'ft'r? disappear under its healing Influence. Guaranteed by all druggists. 25c. PrBMC.VTIOX XOTICE. State ot Kansas. Allen County, ss In the District Court for said County S. E. Spillman. plalnlitT, vs. I'nion Portland Cement Company, a corpora tion. defendant. Said defendant Pnlon Portland Ce ment Company, Si corporation, will t.'ike notice that it has been sued in the above named Court upon three causes of action upon which said plaintiff claims said defendant Is in debted to him in.the total .sum of Six Thousand Five Hundred Dollars. The petition in said cause was filed on The litth day of August. 1907. In said District Court; and In said cause the plaintiff tiled an affidavit for attachment, and caused an order of attachment to be levied upon the following described lands belonging to said defendant, to-wit: S. E. V* of Sec. 10 E. K of N. E. Vi of Sec.lO. and N. \i of N. E. '4 of Sec. 10: all In Townshli 21. Ranee Ift. in Alien County, Kansas must answer the lietitlon filed therein by said pininiiff on or before the IGth day of November. 1907. or said petl lion will he taken ns true and judg- tneni for plaintiff In said action for $t;,.".n(i.Ot) will be rendered accordingly. And the said attachment proceedings will be confirmed and said property will bo ordered sold to .satisfy such judgment. EWI.Vn, CARD 6 CARD. (Seal.) .Miorneys for Plaintiff. Attest: C. E. AD.VMS, IO-4-H-lS. Clerk of .Said Court. G.\S flTV-Y, .H. r. A. «.\ME. HIreclor ItllHJi Will .tcrept fhallenee of >ew Team. The Gas City high school basket ball team has challenged the lola Y. M. C. A. team for a game to be played in the near future. Physical Director Bliss of the V. .M. C. A. has decided to accept the challenge and will have one of the regular tournanient. teams pjay the game. In case tbia team is unable to defeat Gas City a picked team will probably play a second ^anie. The contest will be pulled off some time this month. In Darketit .tfrira ioBltfbt. at the Grand FOR S.\LE—4 roomed house, water ind sewer connections. $50 cash, $12 % month. Grace Arnold, phone 306. fOR SAlE^mimmmUmmmoym FOR SALE—Mare. Gas City. t530 North Main. FOR S.\LE—Peanut and popcorn business at corner Of postofllce. Doing good business. Present proprietor going Into other business. Inquire at stand. FOR SALE—Poland China Hugh A. Piper. Moran. Kans. hoar.<t. KNIGHTS OE Knl.gbt3 ot Maccabees of the World meeta in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Wedne.^day nights in each month. J. W. Postwalt, cominander; R.B.Por­ ter, record keeper.- W. O. W-— Camjt No. 101 maeta In K. of P. Hall every Friday night W. T. Steele. O. C; A.H. Davli, Clfii* Vlallora cordlalljt Invited. K MO Ilfs ~(rK ~PYTHIAS.— Neosho Lodge N'o. 4:i meets every Monday nigbi at K. uf P. Hall. VlsiUng thera invited. W.S.Thompson, C. f;.: Chris Ritter, K. of R. and S. M. W. A.— The M. W.~Ar iJwlge meets every Friday night In M. W. A. hall. Vl.iltlng brothers Invited. W. H. Anderson, V.C.; .W. A. Cowan, Clerk. KOTAL NEIGHQOBS ^Iola Camp. .N'o. 265, Royal Neighbors, meets second and fonrth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. K. Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Huttonj 413 West Street, Recorder. ; F. A. A.— Golden Leaf Council No. 402, F. A. A. meets first and third Wcdne.sday nights In each month In K. P. Hall. C. E. Lacey, president; Miss Mable Rhortack, secretary. FRATERX.\Ii BROTHERHOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each mouth in A. O. U. W. Hall. Visiting members coi^dialy invited. W.H.An­ derson, president; Golda Elam, secretary^ .Iniilor Order Tniled Araerlean TS K. eiianlc*.—.Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock In K. P. Hall. All visiting members invited. R. A. Widick. Coiincelor; C. B. Black, Rec. .Seeretary. BUSIRESS OmEOTORY JEWEIJORS, B. F. Pancoast, did reliable ieweler, no It:a3t street. STAMMER. Complete court at the best school for stammerers in America At one* half price this fall and winter. WUte for information at once. McKia School for Stammerers, 27flo East 12th Strest, Kansas City, Mo. For boiit and Qnlckest Besnltl HM Ibe ltcglHt4>r Want Colini. Try a Want Ad. Ia t^ BegiStn FOR SALE OR TRADE—Pop corn wagon. ril9 North Third street, city. FOR SALE—Folding 203 East street. hedr upstairs FOR SALE—Good mare with foal. Call at "ilO West street. fOR REMt" HfUmomUmamoum FOR RENT—Two room house, 519 North Third street. Tola. FOR RENT—Nicely furnished rooms. 421 South AValnut. FOR RE.\'T—One seven and one four room cottage. Nelson V. Acres. FOR RE.NT—Three unfurnished rooms. Inquire .'>0I South Buckeye. I"OR RE.NT—Furnished rooms to family without children. 001 North •lefferson. FOR RENT—Furni.shed rooms for sleeping and light housekeeping, 112V. South Washington. FOR RE.\T—FurnLshed bouse, modern. Apply this office. FOR RENT—Furnished down atalrt .•ooms for housekeeping. 316 South Walnut. STRAXED—White blind pony from 07 North street. F. B. Smith. Phone lOOu. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Rugs cleaned by TkeiolaXifg Factory Expert Clothes CleininK, Pressing and Repilring. 13 W. Madison. BUsr^YZ^xr Work Called for aiid Delivered. Theatrical Wardrobe a Specialty Evans 1^6s. OOm, OiOmm Where anallty: Is main consldr eration, we buy the beat. Where demands wIH Jiistify, we carry all grades and ^icea. Wm BmlloH to COUTH •lok MUArtft iaia. kimm. 1 • MI : "ryj P0L4llBE/iR FtdUft Has Stood the Test Becaose iti the Best Xccepr No Other Wm.Obetdoff,ili^. .MAGILL OX THE STAND. Told of Wife's DespondencT and the ('hloroform Incident. Good Things to Eat Tele |>hoiKi IS9 Decatur. Ill.s., Oct. 17.—In the trial today .Magill was himself placed on the stand. lie told of his first wife's despondency and told how^' when a man was called to chloroform a horse of .Mrs. Pet .Ma.glll's she said she wish- the chloroform wa6 Intended for her instead of a horse. - .\ few moments after Mrs. .MagUl's death the witnes said he detected a smell of chloroform in the room. Farms for Sdl^ 100 acres improved in section lb. 5 miles northeast of Moran, also 160 acres in section 29 one mile and a half east of Geneva. -For prices and ternjs' T write the owner. £. L. MlLt^ 2112 Benton Boulevard, Kansas City. Ma ' •„%: - i

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