The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 31, 1944 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 9
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 1944 ^^^ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate yet line for cooaecuUra '-lertloni: nuro, charge » Ott Uot .'.'.'I.'.' • per Uo» p« <j»y T p»rlln«p(r<tor... i per lln» per d»y To i —* P*' ^w p*r «*»r Bt< gQ I Month per UM , g^ I Ad* entered for BUM or dz ttmei 'ud stopped before expiration will • charged for u» number o* ftttn '^ »d »PP*»red and adjustment of ,-Ul OlMilHtd AdT«ttl<lng copy [ipmltttd by peiaont reaidlcg out- ot toe city must be accom- -led by cash. Rates may be eaally ,-Jcputed from the above table: I Advertising ordered for Irregular 1 Uone takes the one Umo rate. - responsibility \rtll be takeji 1 more than ono Incorrect inser- . of any classified ad. For So/i) 'alile to)) Florence oil stove 309 E Kentucky. Phone 2350. 8!28-ck-9|l oal heating stove. Good condition No certificate needed, liargnin' Phono 2330. 8-29- i h.[i. Eviimide outboard >llulu ,- lln(1 factory built hull. H. R. Edlngton IHcrmondale, Mo. 8j29-pk-»l5 ne 2 wheel cotton trailer; one "4 I wheel two bale trailer; one John I Deere water pump; two wagons | D. R. Garner, Armorel. 8j26-pk-9;s e adjoinlns city llni- s. 200 ft, frontage on gravel road | Beautiful shade. 1 acre ground k . sa .'9 *» s «- H. C. Camp-' I bell, phone 446. 8-28-pk-4 h.p. heavy duty electric motor "rry Weednmn.; Phone 2651. 8|25-pk-9|2 B!ack Sandy Loam land 4!4 miles southwest of Charleston; li miles SIkestori, now I being used for dairy. Will produce I any kind of crop. 2 large barns, I new tool & blacksmith' shop, all • kinds good outbuildings. 2 houses I1 9-rooirrtll modern house, hard- Iwood floors, beautiful kitchen I electricity & butane gas Younp- lorchard. Price $130.00 per acre acres land southwest Dell" 3 houses, good barn. J. L. LEWIS Dell. Ark. 8j26-pk-9i2 Lburban home, 10 rooms, 2 acres land. East of city. Price $4000 " C. Campbell, 120 So. 2nd St. 8j25-pk-9|l FAR!«S FOR SALE ' All sin>s, from 30 acres up. ?25 per acre and up. See or write E. J. MURPHY Real Estate Broker Advance, Mo. .. For Sale '(AKK.) COtlRffin Practically new Burroughs adding machine, hand operated, and one boys bicycle, E, B. Gee Cotlon Co., Plionc 2026. 8!31-ckl£i;i Warm Morning stove; also laundry slovc and tank. Used only one season. Iron bed. mattress nnd springs. Phone 2384. 8j30-pk-9j2 ,„„ p ARM LANDS FOR SALE: "00 acre.? located 5 inltes West of Hayll, Mo., on Highway No. 84. Cowl land, sufficient buildings, will produce this year over 1 bale 01 cotton per ncre. All In cultivation. Would accept .trade-In on inn, "' PRICE SU5 ' W I )cr ftcle 1004 acres located 8 miles from Kcu- nelt; Mo. Excellent cypress lonm and. Producing i«. bales of cotton per ncre and GO bu. of corn. Good improvements. Electricity Taxes about 00c pet acre. On gravel road. Terms 25% down, balance in 5 equal installments. One of the finest pieces of land over seen, will hnvc to go over Hie farm to appreciate it. All In cultivation. PRICK $no per acre. •«0 acres located fi miles Southwest of Lilbourn, Mo. All cypress land. On gooU all-weather road. All in cultivation. Little Klvcr land None better, sufficient buildings. PRICE: $110 per aero. 163 acres located 5 miles Northeast of Maiden, Mo. 3 good houses. On gravel road. All in cultivation Fine farm. PRICE: $110 per acre The above listed farms arc exceptional values. Have many otliei farms of various sizes listed foi sale. If interested in seeing a good farm, call for an appointment before coming. Office phone No C2 Residence Phone No. 22. A. T. EARLS Lilbourn, Mo. 8-31-ck-S U. S. ARMY MAN I10HI/.O.VTAL , dmjr ' U S.SUStulU-niiK VK'RTIOAI. Army mnn • Mnj GUI ' Kichurd K !) Bunt 10 SKI eugle 11 Type of moth l2Exisl H Kivsl woman 1C Obese fj 1 Thus 2 Ivmploy •t Foci pan Oft ?S M fARLCV Ti llnyut M[ivy [all ) li Oppused to nshl (f. 7 Louso MP 18 Aflernuun JJC.. 7 l.ousf ofig lab.) W 8 Amimplish 20 Swiss river f 12 Salcliels ' ^2 Air raid $ 13 Title of ;ilnrms ^' nubility \1> Tun 17 Iminiu- laSmukcrs iinplemi'iil 1'J Disoidcr •i2Nuws|iaiKM ' 21 Motives p;.ragraj)|| 23 "<-''i- '13 Pitvunciilor : ZSFniit ; 48 Skill 27l)iocr' 48 Cognizance •' 3J He is JigWmg 50 He sla- lo make- man., lioiu-d in the- in *" OLIVER 'ARM rqnmiBNT Biilei » D d SerrlM HARRISON w A T ? PAM8 co ' "• A ^ I'bun* . NOT D8INO f*t «ukl • Ml m U Mighty • M Retains "ij 28 Slriki- witli llu 1 opi-n liiujii , kind 33 l!u;il purtdles 35Spilifii:inl 30 AinoiiR c :t«Kasl (Ki ) ' 3D l,i, w Haunt Pair of black mures, 6 yrs old" welglit 1400 Ibs. each. Jim Bob Carroll, Holland, Mo. 8i31-pk-014 Two brick builtllngs; one 2 story and one building 50x40. Inquire at Ash & Broadway, c. Abraham. 8;30-ek-D|30 [ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS fe have one six foot display box' Ifour. beverage coolers, and a few • household boxes while they last lAll.crq reconditioned throughout! IJfACK MARSH & SON Refrigeration Service 216 E. Main St. 8]19-ck-915 Imr room house located on large • lot with garden. Three blocks from •grade and high schools. Phone *' 1101 8|25-pk-8125 liplexes and houses, Chlckasawba •and Hearn Streets. Small dovsfn payment. Small FHA payments Available when vacant. Get on jour waiting list. Call or write J T. Cone, Brarcy, Arkansas. 8|16-pk-9]I6 1941 Hnrley motorcycle, fully equipped, in first class condition. Will sell or trade. Plionc G14. __^^^^ 8j30-ck-9|2 Wood. D. G. Flowers, 5 miles west _ of Gosnell. 8125-pk-9[l 0 room house on ',', ncre of ground On North Frnnklm St. $2500 H C. Campbell, Plume -140. 8-28-pk4 Late model Zenith cabinet Radio set. Phone 473. 8|18-ck-t( Pair wagon scales, good as new. 15 or 20 tons loose alfalfa hay in barn. A. G. Little, phone 3345. • 8|26-pk-9j2 room residence, modern 3 acres Itmd, adjoining city limits. Highway 18 Southwest. Price $4500 H. C. Campbell. Phone 446. • ' Help Wantei BO bu. Starks Delicious apples. K1.50 per bu. at orchard. Special Jprices on truck loads. Willie Har|an, Cherry Valley, Ark., Rt. 1. 8| bgulation overseas mailing I boxes. Sturdy wood con- Istrtiction. Planters Hard- |wnrc Co., Inc. 8-lG-ih-i6 — .— _ be scarce this Win iiy a Warm Morning Hester and get more heal • from less coal. We'lf help lyon make application for a •certificate. I We have farm trailers on •rubber. (Lee Wilson & Co., ArmorcT, |Ark. 8-23-ch-23 bushels Feed nnd Seed Oats; •toy. Poultry, Groin and Datrv l^eeds. Blytheville Grain and El tvator Co. ^ 817-ck-U jnfer attic fans. Galvaiv li/ed roofing. Flashlights land flashlight batteries' |Hubbard Hardware Co. ; 8-15-ck-l5 ! 35 cu. ft. reach In refrigerator- -ie 20 cu. ft. reach in refrl^cra- lor; one 12 ft. beverage cooler with -ountcr top; one 10 ft. meat dts- •ilay case. E. B. Gee Sates Co lihone 2026. 8-12-ck-t'f GlrUfor, general office work. Write Box W. H. % Courier News. ' • . 8|3l-c!r-9j7 Settled elderly lady to live in home and care for 2 children, while mother works. Salary in addition to room nnd board. Phono 480. 8[31-pk-9;4 Man for weighing and office"work in cotton gin. Write Box H w % Courier News. 8|31-ck-9|7 Auto pails counter man, NAPA system, permanent job, liberal nay Aston Auto Parts, Osccola. Ark.' •_ 8130-ck-9;6 MEN OR WOMEN-irTou'vTOjt to benefit fully of improved conditions, write immediately for full information on how to establish a profitable Rawlcigh Route. 'YOU will be surprised to know about big results secured by others. No selling experience necessary to start. No capital required. Golden opportunity to build up solid business. Rawleifh's, Dept. AKH-27- H3, Memphis, Tenn. S-31-pklti 20 Spam (,ib ) .'il Syniltnl fur tnnl.ihini ' :« ImLwili- *.' 34 SJi'iliari / §ft vok>;uiu " 37 Hindu <itimi 39 SIcepiiiK visiuii 40 BillH vi-u-h •11 Plain 44 Silkworm '•IS Electrical Urm 40 Rimnvsi- coin •)7 Writing fluid 1!! Delivered (;ilx> ' • SO Symbol Tor iridium .'. 0) Girl's name : 51 Babylonian southwest 1'acifie 52 Ifeam (ab ) 53 Myself 55 Symbol for, . silver m For Kent, Front bedroom private entrance. 209 w. Kentucky. Apply after C p.m. 8j20-pk-0]l Bedroom. B18 Walmit. Phone 2037. 8i30-)>k-0|2 Bedroom, convenient to bath. 1513 Hearn. Close to bus line. 8|2fl-pk-9[2 Rooms for men. Harry Atkins; S|8-pk-9l8 Ofllcs In In«Mna Bulldlne. loquirp »t the Pukhurit Co." 11-SO-ck-tf Wanted To Kent Two or three unfurnished rooms in home, or small house. Phone 2552 or 21 80. 8128-ck-0|4 Wanted to rent for a year or more ~a 5 or 6 room modern house in good neighborhood. Or would buy If price were right. Phone 2316 Miss Cordelia Wilhlte. 8[8-ck-8 'Jobs Wanted Officer's wife desires job ns typist, office clerk or cashier. 9 yrs. experience. Call Vll. 8130-pk-9|2 "' Trre""s"u'n 'is"7iearest the earth in month o! January. ; -, Wante'd to Sturdy table about six or eight feet long. Phone 2984. > 8|24-pk-27 Wardrobe trunk. Phone 2417. Hay nnd Corn. Blythevlllo Drain and Elevator 'co. 8|7-ck-tf Will pny cash for $10,000 worth of good used furniture. Wade Furnitnr* Co. WU1 pay 200 per aoz. for wire coat hangers. Hudson Cleanen, ship insure repaired. Shoe§ are costly— have them renewed where exacting c»re combined with fmptr- latlve worhman- thelr belnt properly Every style of repair Is nude here -BRIGHT! HflLT€RS QUHLITY SHOE SHOP •:I2I W. MRIN ST. FALL PLANTING SEEDS WINTER WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, RYE and HAIRY VETCH. Reckoned. "| High Purity and Germination. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main. Soldier's wife, whose husband is oversens, to assist in house work good home. Plionc 712. BI29-ck-9j5 Boy to work in shop and drive truck Flower Shop, Glencoe Hotel. 8!'29-ck-9il Experienced cooia ana waitrews oteljjrp^iIe.^ Personal ly* jou couldn't find It because ••on jAyin't fc-.ow where to go Try L'ai-lVirst, 107-109 E. Main, for •ome Of the best of everything for |he home. 1 8-5-ck-5 Irebred registered Duroc Ihrcd Kilis. Bred to out- ndinf; boars for Septem- Iber liters. Prices are reas- lonable. J. C. Ruchanan, •farm 2 1-2 miles W. on |Hwy. 18. Phone 578 or 3335. 8-4-ch-8 • , n outheast Mls- l^rt write or EM W. E. 60STAP- •'ON, Farm Sales, Clarkton, Mo. 8-8-pk-S |°' ota " e " American region Hut. lames Coston, Oiceola, Ark. 7-17-ck-tf MEN, WOMEN! OLD AT 40, 50, CO! Want to feel peppy, years younger? Ostrex Tonic Tablets pep up bodies lucking iron; niso contain vilamln Bi, calcium. Trial size only 35c. At all druggists—in Blytheville, at Kirby Drug. 8|29-ck-l Services I have no sidelines.— EXCLUSIVE REAL ESTATE Sales and service. H. C. CAMPBELL, Ph. 440 8i28-pIc-2 8 PatnUng- and paper hanging. J Freeman, Phone 2434. ' 8l22-pk-9;22 Home laundry done; 407 21st Mrs Lula Woods. 8|16-pk-9;i6 ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES- GIN AND MILL SUPPLIES AT PRESENT our stocks of repair parts are as complete as during pre-war limes! Put your plants in shape for Fall NOW. WE GIVE SERVICED u" day, night or Sunday. us * Belting * Sleam Packing * AH Size Pipe * Crane Valves Gin Saw Files and Gummers * Belt Lace Pipe Finings Hubbard Hardware Co. Serving BlylhCTille 25 Tears Do You Wont To Sell Your Property or Business? — \f So LIST IT WITH US FOR SALE! ?f?. e '"*/, «• <• •»* "I" tllml. naua. Contract Mrvloo In ftt\ Btddle Exterminators ... „ *'«« Enlimlitn. Iti B. Third Phone Z751 WK Pill. ALL DOCT0BS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND gATE TdC MOlOCt STEWART'S Dr«g Sl.r e PAGE SEV*EH}] Try our "Own Made" ICECREAM Ole Hickory Inn i fr*m Hlth 8ch**l For Sale 285 'Acres of highly improved land "on Highway 61 four miles south of Blv- Ilievilie. C G. Smith Tire ft Tube Repair O.IUB Belt EJt. « «. Hwy. II (r*merlr vlth Kntler A*. Vtt.) 0 You'll dp both yourself and your country a favor if• youlKbrln us, so who is engaged inTessential ^vork 'and who urgently'needs dependable*warr time transportation; WAR WORKERS NKD TRANSPORTATION! CIVILIAN DEFENSE WORKERS NEED TRANSPORTATION! RED CROSS WORKtRS NEtD TRANSPORTATION! DOCTORS NEED TRANSPORTATION! FARMERS NEED TRANSPORTATION! FOOD SUPPLIERS NEED TRANSPORTATION! Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. «"'" "' ""*> TOM LITTLE REALTY CO Phone 861 Eddie B, David, Salesman Y_ , jiuujc o, iravin We Have Borers WalllnK For Investments. ALL NIGHT SERVICE NOWATPHILLIPS Our Filling Station will remain open all night (except Sunday) Standard CasoEne. Motor Oils. T.V« Car Washing, Lubrication, Storage And Mi™ Mechanical Repair PHILLIPS MOTOR CO: . 453 "24 Hour Dependable Service" Walnut at 5th Jusl si I'opjfim, Amos By V. T. liAMUN NOW HOLD ON THERE- LET'S BE REALISTIC. WHftT COtAtiA VCV HOPE TO \ ACCOMPLISH BS' 1 VOURSELF? Mo \ I KNOW OF NO ONE WHO COULD / >_^HELP VOLI.' ^/ l^PW k-J > 1^! ( /K' r KNOW vvno i CM oer- AUEfOOPS OLD GUZZLE A.ND THOSE TtVO COao W,\LK THROUGH THEV'D RUN INTO IN KWS • SOLOMON'S TIME,'' VVWAT'i A US, OR LESS? HUNT FOR THOSE. ' FRECKLES AND HIS He Doesn't G'ct It i-ITS GOOD HOMR, SlS'l pop A!its 1 GOT TfK6w O IN ARE vou SUGSESTIWG THAT i SPOIL THE BfAirty MV EXPRESSIVF HANDS BV DOING KITCHEN TASKS 1 TKKT PART OF MV LIPE IS BEHIWO ME',IT WAS JUST A PASSIf-JG PHASE! Y6U POOP. UNENLISHTEWED .CWLO;, YOOVE NEVCC. KNOVW i you TORMENT op ARTISTIC / GONFT COMPLETELY NUTS? By FRED HARMAH '-iQu \<]iN-Qr :< rm i i'i ROUND,' R£DRYDER CLANG.' THE DELL RINGS FOR THE fIRST ROUND Of ' "IGHT WITH />^OLI5£ DETERMINED "D Wlf4 frit IOQO- EOLliXR WAGER FOR HE cowcor POUNDS ARMC WITH SAVAGE WASH TUBES Uciuly for lho.Pa.vof/ ^ LESLIR TURNER THEVHAO X'WE'RE FAST f.NOUGHl EMOl/OH.BOe.'l TO CATCH'EM..,^W THEy'RE I AS WELL FiMISH THE J06...WHITCOM&TO BUNNINfi AVJAV.' THEFORMATION.WERE 60IWS BACK AFTER IK HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN XOVSOOV5O V\. ^0& WE. owct MR.UOfcBS TOBE

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