The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1952
Page 10
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! PACK TE* BI,YTHEVIT,LK (ARK.) COURIRR NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL is, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D*Uy r»w per ltn« for eonscculli* Insert ton: Minimum thtrg* .»• Me 1 lime per line IS* 1 * Units per lint per day 32c } limn per hne per dnj 9c * time* per line per <Uy ic 12 lime* pert line per cUy *e Wonth per ilne 90c Ccmm 11>« ateritB* word* lo the Line Art orde[«d for Ihree or eli tmvi «nd •topped befor* expiration will be chutt- •d for the number nt times ihc Ad * ppeirert and adjustment of bin mad* All classified ndrerasing copy MI!)- mliud by person* residing cmwidn o( th» city muM be *cronipanled l>r c*sh Halts may easily to* computed Irom th» itx)T» »obl« Adr*rtn!ng ordrrM for IrroKiilar ln- Gftilons takr: tha onf time t»b!« No rr&ponsLbims' will be \aken for mote Ilitn one Incorrect in.vertlon of any rlaButflcd ad All »rts lire rpstrk-lrd to their pmnci elkulflcfcTton. siyle and type. The Courier N*ws reifrrta the right \o Kill or rejecl anj *d. Apartment for Rent TELEVISION REPAIR Alt makes & modeU, At ren^onnble price*. Dny Amusement Co. Ph. 4170. Highway 61 N'orlh 3 21 clc 4 21 model wnfthltiK t of Dixie PlK. nchool. Hrrbrrt 31 pX 5.7 I r^pfilr nny make 01 machine 2 b I orKB wpj on 8ih Rt., by new Sraham. Pii 6738. for Sale, Misc. J49.10. )!: Good iiRcd IrlBlrtRl A'hlle Furn. Storr. 27 htfld of «rrsp (n Potts. Rtnole, Mo. ph. SMR H?* Vlinon 4 12 pk 10 Small Alore. goncl location Ph 4207. 4 12 pk 19 Corllr saw-mill. 2 naws. l«0. 05. nolllson. ph. il^ Qulrfc sale 40 pit 23 end 21M 61. nil] wood nt lOt tlrnf 4 9 pk 2 t Haue your own couftn i-ho IL ,V) oitrh In lots o/ 50 or mnro. each. Irs* ihun JO IMMEDIATE DKUVmY JIUCII \V. AM. ION Ark . rh 165 3 «|vmn Its (or rpllt.' 112 F Cherrs' . t 16 pit no I 4 1 |ik 5 2 risers, dri's.-rcl rrrdlnc mark Ph 3 20 cfc 4. 20 3 room furnisher! apanment kitchen, hot water, rail 2283 . r 2363 16 ck 19 3 tin Ivirn apt : 3 ml- vinfiitu .ip- ;inM- in. rh. neia. 4 is pn -'2 5 rni. unr nnt . linth. hnt \vnlor. -(irtipri £01 N" Finnfclltl, pil WV 4 IS pk 22 3 tm unAir. npt Ph. 2350 or GOBfi 4,3 rk tt :,ir rrnt. Call G ck tf John Faims I Tomato ; plimts ?(Ic w John llrprr plante ran- John Occr. rot Pfcri- ritftc harrow wltli ry hoe Hatp 3 rooin A: 4 room (tpts 9tl2. C Abraham. Modern 2 45f 5 fur apt Ph. 250i ot J.H clc tt Uodern ftpt . 3 rooms and DRlh. new- Ij dtrotRled. Rood furniture, gas «rjulp- «lint Ph 3373. F Simon. 921 cK tl Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms ?4 up single. 1M West Asli, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Unlur. flpt.. pvt. halh. 100 Cherry. Ph. 3349 or 2787. 4 17 pk 5 1 plnnls I5n <lo/. pppppr 107, 604 A^h St. Ph 4';7fi 4 1 pk 5 1 Save Monev When You liu.v — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN IIARKISOK & SON FUK.N'I'I'UKK CO. 517 W. Ash PI). 2. r )r>2 S-2 ck tl Come to 300 Broadway for Good 1949 CMC $895 An exlin clean '/j-Tim Pickup, III is (IMC has nearly new lircs. Cnllle rack, (on. (Jond healer. Only SS'15. 1947 Ford . $645 This r'ord I'icku'i runs perfect! \\'ilh new painl, K«od tires and heater, it's a wonderful liny for somtmic! 1940 Chev. . $195 An older model '/2-Ton Pickup Unit runs like a 2-year old! Very jjuod lires, loo. A real Imv at SI 95! 1949 Mercury $1295 Look nt (his: Kadio, healer, overdrive, lurn- indiciilors, windshield washers, seat covers. 2- rioor Sednn. 1951 Ford $1595 \Vhal a car! Only 12,0(10 miles! liriHianl Carnival Heel Tudor Sedan. Heater, seal covers. Powerful V-8 engine! 1940 Chev. $195 You'll get lols of service for Sin.i! Master deluxe 2-door Sedan wilh radio and healer. A (iOOI) Car. 3 room furnlsliod apt. Inr ront, 713 4 17 ck If Auto Supplies and Services Don't endtnger your family with »Tilt7 tires—BUT U!S TIRES. CHATMAH SERVICE STATION Main und DlTlslon Phnnc 158,1 15]13 ck tf Service? LAWNMOWKUS We sharpen and rrpulr nil type mowers. Also new A"- \isc<! power mowers. All kinds mower parts, Also power mowers for rent. Wcslbrook Machine Shop Across from Keeper Store 4,\ rk tf Curlnlns Inundrred. nm.ionnblp. 1115 W- Ash. 3 25 pk O5 Need your rndlo repaired T CnH Rrrt XVaHon, Disabled vct<ri>n repntrs rt\- dlo at home, HrRsonahls prices Ph. E31B. 4|[ pk 5:i JFOT moTlni; unrt locn] h mil Ins. call 8928- ^S ^ . W. Beckham, 117 Rose. 3 20 pit 4 2n Curtains laundrrcd nnrt nlietchcd. Mrs. J. E. Lnwrenre, Ph. 63S9. 3,25 pk 4 25 M1KCTH F-HOTOSTAT10 SKnV- O'SUWM'S 6TUDIO-U5 W. MAIN 12|4 ck If Watch and Jewelry Repair l-D*y »*rTl» on Jewelry—3 clay* on wntebM »»d clocks. Guaranteed work «toD« toy *ipert repairmen Lowext "PAT o'BRYANT Main & Second tt For palntlnR and papcrlnc. r.-ill Harry Wheat anti Roy Freeman. We t,ptc- idll7^ in eheetrock (inlshliiK- Ph- 6955 Or 2B3i. 3,26 pit 4,25 Spring- is RUG CLEANING TIME For careful, thorough nisr denning Service, call on BlythrvlHp" Laundry"? 37 years ol expcrirnrr in this sprrinl- Ized field. Frr« plrlcup «nci dcHvery servlcr — Just call 44IS T^.VTHKVIM.K I.AUNDKY Cl.KAM^RS ^ 16 rk 5 Iff TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W *Ulniil Phiiiir ,1^B2 Plenty of Parking Space TKI.KVISION I!CA VICTOR Expert In s l rx I In Lion sprvJca. Day ArniiHcmonl C'o. Ph 4WQ Htghwny fll North gORP TRUCKS-LAST LDNGg 300 Broadway Phone 4453 D. &P.L.NO. 15 Ions. Mr! In tcrl. Uctitrd, AArXrtl uliintlon a-1 to m |n-r rrni Kn\v,t i BO ncrrs pinduilii'; 91 Imli-v Prlc ton. J II CiATHlNGS. LiiKora 3.19 p>c ^ 1' Cinod Sovhenn RIT<I. Funk's M fti\ Corn, Hoj'hfftn Inocula inn! PnrtUl/rr. New and Usrc! FARMKRS SOYBKAN CO!IF' N nrojMlwny. niyihevlUi-, I'll ck 4 21 Tomato Plnnis, s v/irirllp. 1 ;, Cold Frniue plan Is 1 t5c tlo?... $1.00 hiinrlrrct -V r, Rhftrp, lyint Onk Etna (I. 'i ml 18 llwny, 4 \ pic 5 4 FOR SALE D & I'L 15 COTTONSEED MACHINE DEUNTKD CKRRSAN TREATRD TN NEW 100 I,B BAGS JIRKTS AT, I, KI.UE TAG REQUIREMENTS EXCEPT 2 to 5 PER CKNT BELOW GERMINATION. ?125.00 per ton f.o.b. IBlytlie- ville Wnrehousc. CONTACT F. P. JACOBS, JR. OSCttOLA On Blrrli ,st ami hardwood floors, pinny intl clospl.s Trlrr t?.AOO<M). "c JOO.OO. 7 room nml 2 hnths on 1 Prite sv.-'iOfi oo. rush ii .soo no. Lewis Urnlly Co lit K. Dftvls. Ph, RfifiS 4 M IMIONI-; 8^ -ri2 ck 2 bedroom, hfith. ti'iift.i i H,- 1s St 19.10 CLishinrm motor srootpr. ondltlon. Spp at 1130 Walnut. Seed soyhwms, DovLchsoy No. 2. Only 1 yt»av from Rracrlcr's slock. Subject to jorUfication. Only supply. Ph. 2M2. mcnt Co, Modern 5-rooi North 5th Si , 1 Wnrd Schnol I.P ynnl. onlf!f»or BIO ancn 4% lonn d' rue Ifiir-rd In back •i»sr« *i.:ioo cftRh. hni- HO per month. Ini aiifl taicH. DON'T FAIL! Realize More Farmers Are Going FERGUSON Jack Robinson Implement Co. niylheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 Wanted to Buy Girl's foinpli-l htcyrlf. 26". Vf.tfi Ph. FSlt3. Mo,, heron 4.16 pk IS , Call 3211. Hollari'l. 4 15 pH 22 WANTED: We pay top prices f o r -oybeans. no y be an splits, shelled corn. IE. wheat mid barley Get our price •fnrft you srl] PAIIMKRS SOY UK AN CORP. ' llnmil-A-ay. H]yih(;vllle. J'Ji. 8191 3 20 ck < ^0 Female Help Wanted Settled lady exporioncer.] ns bookkeeper and typist. Shorthand not necessary. write giving a^e, references, plc«, to JJox 1)-G, c'o Courier 15 ck If Wt wlJi P»T CASrt for yo dAks, citinrniA and lenses toi O'STKVN'S STUDIO, 115 WEST ir Old Main clc tl HIGHEST PRICES PAID For I in, wire and all kinds of scrap metal. Blytheville iron & Metal Co. N. Kdwny £ Moiillne Drive Phone 89fi2 -1 15 ck tf For Rent 'THE WEARER OF THIS HELMET STILL "LIVES" -WEAR YOURS - oilctn 3-hr'drnom i hlnclt on Ash b Implc- 1 ck tf 1 Viking vr-errnmr hnx 1 V'2 HP Comprrs-or 1 M-;oot rnrnl crisp 2 3/4. ISP roinprr^ors 1 rt-loni lUlt sen-service CRA» 3 meat blorfcR 1 Ilohnri sllccr 1 Jticrvt grinder 1 Meatc n^nkcr 1 Rx6 wnltt-ln cooler I n.ifc 1 1550 model 1 1 '1 Ion GMC tnirit Contnrt Mnlvln Hiihpll at HalKpll Vt WliltB Furniture Co.. or Phone fiOnfi. 3:22 it 3-Dctlrontn noru Drive Addition. II' wlih 2 bnths, In fut. l.aiyc lot. 2- i Country Club ncnni—ynu'll like SPECIAL PAINT BATE 400 en linns, Assnrlod Spring colnrs, (Mouse A-- Ctnrtlcn Colors for 1951» wnler thlnnnd .Intirlnr flat paint, 3J rolors, 50c per n"^rt. 82 per Knllon. As lone AS prcsrni .supply Inm* MAH- TIN TRENKI.K. INC. Air Hnsr. tnln- phone 3853, niylbovjllp. Ark. 45 rk S.S SEED BfiTANS—I>ortch No, t 91 r > fUTiiiLiiHtlim H hn*»n:l Oi;drn's. fl8 r o Krrmlnntlnn. M.7S hushcl. U.S. BlrtnX- rnirilp, Dfill. ph, ?-M, ^127 i>k -1 27 Country Club shnrcs. Pli. * 15 pk 21 OE rpflHPrator, rxmllcnt comlltUm 35 S. l.aXc. Call 27CO nfier 7 p rn. 4 IS pK ?^ loot! iisptl nutoninllc wash<, Halsfll A: Willie Furn. Corkr Cnll 690 11. Good condition. ll.Wl) to JI.G50 casti will nmidle. Balnnco $51.50 per mniuh, See or cutl JOHNNY MARR Realtor 132 So. 2ml. Phone 4111 Residence Plione 250fi 1 Thrpp-rooin iipl. 2301 C:< Ph. 2-ifll, Dell fliilly U '00 to 1 ^'i- K iioMsc. ni; K A^t.. 4 13 pk 5 IB •pplns nn. ph. 2D20 4 IB |)X ?S ISP. Fh. G213, 4 16 pfc 11 23<i p « rrjxtolvn St. rtlvn St. 15 ck Zl furnished i il' npd. prlvai hnth I 14 pV: 21 Concrete [llork Bull ell HE. sulinhlo tor KKrnc-e or score n.nrt R(l]o1nln« 5 room Itli h!\th [.(iciit^iJ In CHIT* on Bl nniuh nlde nf HollRinJ. Mo Call 44H4 ni write Paul Ryruin Imple ifnt Co i 22 c)t If Rent a Shetland pony to E£7 '-^SS^^SSJSJa; KOREAN STYLE NOTT — Soll-exp1;ni, r itory siijn is a grim reminder to tlic soluit-r pit--^inf: by that he must wear his head gear, to survive. Medic a I rlo- pnrtmctU csUm»ies nidicato trial 19 |icr cent of casualties are head wounds, suttoreil by men who fail lo wear their helmets. BEST BUYS IN TOWN! 1951 CUKVEtOLET Rtylemaster I-I)(M)r Sedan. Fresh air healer, plastic .seat covers. A beautiful car driven only 12,000 miles, it's priced right at Sullivan-Nelson. 19IS CIIKVIUM.KT Kleelline 2-door Sedan. Large radio, heater, defroster, seat covers, white tires lillS FOlil) V-S 5-Piissenger Coupe. Kadio, spot light, seal covers, heater and def. Only. !995 795 1910 OU)S.MOBN,E4-door Sedan. Motor in A-l ? cond, lires like new, good radio. Good cheap car !!)!<! CHIvVKOI.lCT 'A-'l'un Pickup Truck. A dandy truck at Sullivan-Nelson it's ? priced at only . ........................... 115 1!M9 1'ORI) V-8 Vi-Ton Pickup Truck. Here's ¥ an excellent buy in a K<x>d used pickup. Now only Ii)17 CIIKVKOI.KT !/ 2 -T. Pickup Truck. This ? city-driven Irk will give you lols of (jond service 1951) STUDKUAKKU V.-T I'ickup Truck. Driv- ? en only 8,000 miles! It's clean as a pin and only ]!>50 CMC li-T. Pickup Truck. Come to the big Sftf|C used car lot on Walnut St. it's yours for just. . . v33 Many More lo Choose From Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, you can always gel a go,,,! deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 Real ESTATE Farms — City Properly LOANS II Intcre&lei! 1n o Noble Gill Agency INSURANCK Glencoc Bldg. Ph. G3G8 9,30 c* tl hoiififs. a-lirrtrooms. 3-bedrooms. pin If ynu (VI., only snifill ninonnt O S. Holllsoii. ph 3309. 4 0 pk 23 Do well, pli 2 nerv 4-rooin li has batli niul city Renhtir. ph. 3HG1 house. Call 31(1,1. 2 IOOITI br>nsc. ( Inrnllon Ph. 23HS rk or mouth John Mefi_ 4 ;( pk 5 3 •ftttr. W Court Upholds -Ouster TOKYO f/Fi _ Japan's supreme j court has upheld the filing of :ri J newsmen for Communist "activity •cnt Farh or vicw - s - Kyorlo, tlu- niUion's lar«- M. Huin^, ! est news service, clischnr^ecl the 3,i -i 12 ck 19 [ in AugiLst, 1550, after Gen. MncAr- fovi'r~room ' t ' lllr ^ a< * haiin&d preM employment 4 17 nk 20 ! °^ CommunLsls or their syinpalhiz- .. ' - • crs. trln kltrhcti, ijood 0671. •! 1fi ck 5 1 For Trade Will trade — H. Farmall p(|uiprnonl in good sliape for house, Iruck or soyboans. Jack Robinson Implement Co. 4 17 ck 20 Lost and Found Htl? YOUNG MBN & WOSIKN! Atp you stitlRlled with your [irr^rnt 10-17 Chrvrnlci C •onckULon. k>ade<l IA65.00. -1D7 K. Vln • j to a.m,--I2.:iO pni., Snttintny only. be fren to li Pllfilhle. si be f r f n to l rn v p 1 You n MINNOWS — Roadies. ( '^_^'^ s Kisliiiij; oancs lOc up. I'll, nitcl Ambit inns Vdinig man \vhoi"' K ' (Uiy, !>%!). 328 10. Main wants In Icani Conoral Jlot-i- — Rrfl hillfotri. In the vicinity of Bly- thrville Ho.spUnl. Rcwnrd offcrnri nt Courlrr NPWH nr Dlythc-vlllr HospltnL \V. E. Kcnnrdj-, Slcrle. Mo. Rt, 1. 4 15 pk 19 Clii<.'ka.s;\\vija, Blythcville, Missis- Mppi County. The utuLeroi*.rncd states that be ie a citizen of Arkansas, of gocKl mor- ul charatler, Hint he has never been cor.victcci of a felony or other crime itivoiving moi^al turpitude; that no LieTiist tfl f^ell beet 1 by the unciersigncci has been revoked within fiv« years last; and that the undersigned lias never been convicted of violating the lavr.s of this -state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application i.s for permit to be Issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July, 1952, and to expire on the 30th day of June, 1953. Herbert A. Burnett Jr., Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17 day of April, 1952. Elizabeth Ma.scn, Notary Public My Commission expires: 4-26-54. Condors have born !n existence since before tbe ice n«e. i NOTICE j Notice is hereby given that the! undersigned has filed with the De- ' pHrtmeut of Alcoholic Beverage Control of the State of Arkansas for a ppriHJt to soil and di.'-pensr beet; at retail on the premises do- : scribed as: Olc Hickory Inn, 707 $250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. 0- Gip- j son. Call 32fi2, 8423 nr 4-JbM, Cloncoe Hotel. 11 ck tf Private Rooms •om, j>t 1 vn tc rn t rniirr i ^ block id's. Ph. •JfifiO. 307 N. First. 437 pk 24 DIRT FOR SALE U> rtPllvpr Phntic rTOfi-IWT, 4 15 pk 22 Soybeans. Rod T^x llorlrhsoy No. 2— fiO^;. HUic Tftst O.:drn SS r ^ pcrinlnn- llniu M. J Ohonir. p)i. 265fi 4 11 pk 2.1 St. (;. C'. H:i\vks. -1 17 pk 5,17 CKRTlFlKn DOKTCH No. 2 nine TUK cr^ile send limns. Plant rtciiiTd approved. C. I.. WVl.IK t'roralsrci I.JUrl F.irm Or Phnnn 2fi25 BlythrvlHc •t 17 pk S 1 ovs aiilnnuilivu purls. Kxpori- PIH:P will hplp but not IIPL'PS- sary. Apply in pci'son at llor- ncr-Wilson M.oior Co., ;i!7 10. I R<-(ln .Main St. 17 rk 2.1 Insurance e Set The Standard Of Used Car Value Shop here ai:d find oul how much quality yon ci'n cot for your d:>!br of used car price. Somehody must recondition a used i';ir hpl'ore it \vill (,-ive laslins satis- I'aclion. YOti won'l h:ivi '51 Sludc. {'ommantlcr. n Automatic Irans. '•Ifl Stude. Ch. 5-I'as. Il!)5 Mil Studp. Ch. 1-dr.. 1 l!15 M9 I'onliac 1-dr. .. . l.'fll.i '!!) !'"ord V-S 1-dr. .. 1195 'in Chevrolet 2-dr. . . 11 15 '50 1'lymonth 1-dr. . i:M5 '•IS Chevrolet 2-clr. . S195 Two In I'lionse from Most nf Ihrsp cars have n Tallin ^ M^ny olhrr makes and iTuirtols i (In il il you liny your car herp. J Mil Sliidc. ',-T. I'kp. . flftS 'I!! Sludc. !j-T. I'kp. . S05 IS Chev. ',:-T. I'kp. . . 7!15 l(i Chev. "i-'l". I'hp. . (595 17 Chpv. 1 \ 2 -Ton . . . (>95 17 DiKl.ue 2-Ton 795 IS CMC I 'i-Ton .... (in.i 17 Chev. 2-T. Slk. .. 095 Hi Dti.u'. i ',-T. Stk. . 595 19 Sludc. A <-T. !'kp. . S95 Id I-'ord 2-door 695 hrattr. SPRAY GLAZED GUARANTEED • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. ~k Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer if Railroad & Ash Call 6S88 Lvician Games 1'iirnilure Co. Trfulp \-<>ur <~>ld furniture for m»\v. I \\~ill also buy vour| "Id I'nrnituro. Farmers terms | 1 .j down, balance in I IIP fall. Forniprly Arnold & (laines. I'll. fil'oT. -1 17 ck tf PIONEER SEED CORN AT Jack Robinson Implement Co. 4 17 ck ->.\ For Sale, Real Estate Call 4553 For Complete hiRiiranco Protection \V |. Pollard /Wncy Plnnnorl Protection 13* v; Ash st CII.KNCOK IIOTKJ RtTIl.DINO i a rk Help Wanted. Male Wanted • .1 c«r 4 f i *r lrl rlr i nrrr! ti tlljr. Ark. ( rnlrnt to hnth. . Brclroom with private h^lh. Ph. 9G7L nr ?0.ia_ 41 pk 5-1 T.nrcf. comfort tiblft bedroom, newly rtrroratcd. kitchen prlvllege.s. Business tv-omcn. !"h. 2514. 45 pk 19 for So/e Cars & Trucks 19:tO 4-iinor Chevrolet, 5250 Sen nt 1224 W. Ash. ph. 2963. 4;iG pk 20 Salesman ut: hi Mississippi Count v. :]iHv TOT man wllli c;ir to sup- innd for Ruwlfflrjt I'rochKts, No M. ,1 Cla abo rly. Als In ;m<l «i Urt 0. L. Ark. \Vrlrr Rnw- ^. Mrrtiphls. 4 18 cX If> spl t all7B- of J'-ly- SPECIAL SERVICE For all Motorists No matter what kind oT car or iruck yon own, T. T. Stay Mntor Co. can offer you Ihe specialized service nf spretltiincter repair. To he .siiTe — to get better service from your car ... he sure your speedometer Is correct. l-l>aj Service. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dralcr m F,. Main Phone 2122 Foods that are Different at the* RAZORBACK Cherry Cobbler Blackberry Hot Biscuits Cobbler Barbecue Ribs Baked Beans Choice Chicken Home Made Vegetable Soup Home Made Hot Rolls "Eat Out More Often" HL> Job Wonted on l^hnr hut . \V D Hir'<•( I.S pk 22 XOT1CF. Notice is Virrrby ci\'fti fb;it inrif r>:cr\rd >nts tilrd \\ ith NFRr> A MAN to sell h n In nnrt n round vlrlnlt vtllf* \vttli capixhlllllrs of h**fomln^ n^t;i'r In fiO rtay.i Pa.lnry, ovnrwtlto, offirr l.rnds fmn1 short ' Con t A i , \v. Wuhlnctrtn. .Innrslj 72^1, Jonoshoro hptwcon K TO. or inrt 10. pk 19 Notice fhr ; Ihr ; Ihf* i -I'll ' rhc i | ^ n- r r l. Bl> Oirvill I Courr y. j Tin 1 i!iiii<'T>ii:nrd 5l WHY '•stunrm. tn?; sctiffrd floors., dlilv n $35(J.OO DOWN 1 hiiv on* of sorcrftl 5-bedroom ; !! r ^ ^o hivp that have tT-m pnlinrd 1 i l.-Fiurd n IP trie (\nd out RIK! coiii- n:-. ttu'l-irtJns tnsrs mil ln<urrtnor, 1 n:n bov. V rcn $40 00 und J42 (VI with ' E.^M. TERRY Tnry Ab'Usvt- A 1 RrnHj- Co. rrjone 2361-2134 4.3 ct IB t'\> that lir is : n, citiyn t-f Arkati>.is, of Ctmii ;H<T- nl rJui'iirtor. th;\t hf h;i.i never hrru . ronv!rtrji o! a fr1i*nv or olluT rnmr 1 invohniR nuii-iil ttirpinicir: tliAi no I l i .crii'-f to srll bi^iT b\ p the uiulor: .si^iifd li.T.d her u rrvokrd \\ithin five ' vtMiP lust p.i.-.f : Atui ihat (he un- vine Tor Ran nireo April 23,. Cnn ihrf pAfcncpTj-- J. M. DooloT, plv •*no*h ("ro^skno tntl now l« opcrnt: from phon^ P9.ll. 4 <6 pk 2^ ' i 1 !-: i .v: v i si o"x RKPA F R Mt jr.nk^, 1 * A: models. «U rrasoiiable Hay Amtisrmont Co. Fh. 4170. Hlghwfty 61 North. 321 cte 421 A Lesson In Saving HOE REPAIR doubles , the wear Hfl.LTCRS QUALITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. M«IN ST. I of vi<il.i1iiii; the la\v.> of thi.^ - l fntr,' 1 or any other statr, relative to the : i *nlr of alv-oholic liquors. i : surd for oprr.ition bccinnins; on tho 1 ] rt.iy -if July IEi,Y2. niicl in expire on tlif 30 d;iy of J;aic. IPTi^. ! | Lula Mae Ev ; \ii5 i : Suhvnlird nnd swoni to before nu-. day of April. 1052. Q-rnr Alexander i NoUiry Piiblu"' 1 Com in is, 1 -ion expires: 9-12- My 1353, FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land TRUCKS 1918 GMC 2-Ton lone 1945 OMC 1V,-Ton lontr 1013 CMC 2-Ton long wheelbase truck with 2- spced axle, new paint AND 4 new rear tiresl At Horner-YVilson 1345 GMC'l'/j-Ton king wheelhase Truck with good motor and tires. Beniiliful new painl job. Come in and save. $895 $375 1<)50 Chevrolet 2-Ton short wheelhase Truck wilh perfect tires, motor just overhauled. N e w paint. Now only ]flIS CMC I'/j-Ton long wheelhase Truck witji a practically new motor, new paint and good lires. A real value— $1295 $495 1951 GMC short wheelbase 2-Ton Truck with new tires, cab lights, signal lights . . . now offered R( a real bargain! • SAVE • 1051 STUDEHAKER 1 '/2-Ton long wheelbase (ruck wilh very low milo- ntfe. A hilly fine truck at a nice price! Only DODGE I'/i-Ton long wheelhase Truck wilh a brand new molor! Has Rood lircs, too. See this truck today! $775 Ifl IS Ford I'/i-Ton long wheelbase Truck with Rood rubber, new paint nnd good molor. It's a heckuva fine fouv— • $1295 • o $745 • See Horner-Wilson's nice pickups & used cars HORNER-WlLSON Kockct Oldsrnobile — GMC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151 ON EAST MAIN ST.

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