Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1907
Page 5
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- THE TOLA REfllSTEB, FBIDAT mmfl, OmBlB 1M7. Mm WHmuy HomiOtml Went Street, Tola, onR block from •-.qnare. Digeaser: of domesflrafed . oni mnls ?. nrressf it I ly trpated .rharge'; iinoderale .good 1 )ox stalls for \yxi ienLs (Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Veterin ary Dentistry a specialty. Frmak S, BeaUie, Vm Sm Honor Graduate of Ontario Veterinary Conesje, Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 a cavp-in on top ot them-plugged the •vrell tight.—Chaniite TrlbTine. t)r. J. F. JaiBF ^cn. Oradflatp AnrHon< ffr iind \«-l«-riaarlan. Halen or ralU iiiiuli' «ii>nhcro. I'lioiio J3, lola, has. Gunther Mlakes Good Candies SoM at SPENCER'S ALBERT Carwile and Miss Nina Dower, both of this city, wera raar- rlnd in lola ypsterday morning. They rotuniod to Chaniito on the afternoon train and wpiit to flu* home of the l.rid<'".s jiarents, AFr. and Mrs. Wes Ilow.r. :;i2 Soulli HlsIiTand avenno, wJKTo ii wedding dinner was served. Tlicy will nialie their home for a time with -Mr. Cmwilo's psrenf?, Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Carwilo, r.20 North Forest jivi'nue.—CMianiite Triliime. Wanted—Kveryljody to know that W. I!. Kelley & Son liavo moved their transfer and storage ofllce to 211 Snuili Washington. Ofllce and Day Phone 2:)0. Residence and night Phone 17. Till-: CITV ooiiiKil last night ln.imlit ili;n part of I'irst strrvt. lyiiip; h.iw.M-ii Madison anrl Kast streo(. 'li <• land i-: hnni^Iit from tlie Tnl.a Kl 'iiric at a joiisldornrlon of JH' Two Iiiiiirs of fmvel tliro' Ihe dia ni<i:ul minis—Yicloriii Falls—Stusr litiiil ill Fran«'«»—Yaicliinir in Kiiglisli Mal<rs, iind Iwmly oilier hisr fealnres a( the (•niud lonii;ht. Moler P.arlier Collesie, Kansas City, Mo. Teaches the trade liy free clinic hnd careful inFtrurtions in few weeks. Po.sltlons walling for everybody who will learn. Write for vartlculars. (;i:OU(;fC Aiiple and wift^ r.'Inrnrd la.--i iiiulii from a scvi-n woflis' visii I in IJH- lCa.'^t<>rn Sfat While away ijllii'V attfudi'd ilie .Vaiioiial <nrani|>- • iiieni ai t^nvatosa. N'ew Yuri-: City. Wasiiiii.uioii. 1). ('.. and th"' .Tames- (iiuii i;xiinsilic)n. Mi-. .Npi'le oxpros.^- .s liini>:.>lr as well iilcaseil with 111• xposii and ileolsui'.'^ llial the Mi«- Si.ini i!i>|ilay w;i.-; ext'c|t!ioii:illy grxii!. N. W. IIi:.\UV went ID Coldny lliis ali<-ni'i(m Ki lull!; all -r tin- w<^ik IH'- iiig (liMii- <in tin' i!'\cli>|ini<'ijl of lii-; Ciis jinil <iil hoiiliiiL^i ill that, viijiiiiv. .Mr. Hi'iiry aiul ('. (',. Woud of liiis eiiy, liotiulil tlh- .\:iil<r.-;(iii r(;iinly liold inns f'liiii.'i-Iv dWMi"! l.y llio Haimcr foiisolidalfd Oil ami d'as (•(ilii|iaiiy. 'ill'* \M-1I was Iiniiiyfit in ycylcr- d:..v. li i.s a ga.-s.T. an! nial<«s a Rood ."iliowins. CMHA fiiinid at a depth rf ."iic'i feet. Tin" wrll is iwo and one- half mll.'.s soiiilica.-i. of C'oliiiiy. Tii" BaniK-r ("on.'^olidarfii fiiniii.iiiy sank a well to a di'ptli <,i' luiir.' than l^m) f.'ot and foiiiid ;;a^. 'Jiie linl diil iii<^ company no poofl. l.riw.-.iT. as ilie tools *i!t. !n:,-ic i;i il].^ h'lrtonl of )!!<• liole wliiU- i!i" W'll was li.-iii- liiiih^ln^d an.l W.' have a f>nv nf ihope cheap lots left in Ulslil.-ind Place. Whllaker Dnnnell. IJpgLtor Want Ads Hrlng Itpsnlls. MK.^. .r. C. iloKrM.VK of OIS F.a.-;t .^tii'i'i who is now visiting her old jionic in (icraiany i xpecis to leave Kit- lYipo aboiii the I'.lrd tif this month for iliis country. Ir. will take foiirl:'en days for IKT (O reacli tin's ciKv after sill- is oiici> rnr:)iile. .-^Iio went lo Oer- iii;;iiy ahoiit three iiioiiilis aero. i Oyster Crackers that are always fresh. .^.^'i^^^. 'g Oyster Crackers that melt on '-4 your tongue. ^^»»><^4^'*^ Oyster Crackers "with a charm- >1,^ ^ ' ing flavor. * A^e »v*«Oyster Crackers that have never^ ^ >. been handled. -^:%»gfOi.i«.,^mJ \ Oyster Crackers that are just as^^ good with soup as they arei • with oysters. 5 ( In Tloisture ' ^ proofpackages^^ NATIONAL'BISCUIT'COMPANY ^a,^ WIT.\KS>» i\ f!<Mn> III .>I«R. Dr. Bcynolds. Fhone SSd. Bes. CH. MISS KTHRL Thompson rrtnrned to Cl'.antite this aftcrntwn after a few da.vs" visit in this citv with y\v. and MIS .1. .V. Itryant. • '_ If. COI.E. df-iiii(j- organizer for tiie Fraternal .My.stic. an insurance order, is in the city on biisin -ss connected Willi Till' order. Mrs. Cflulrell. Phone 1097. The Yale ^ Cderheimer, Stein & Co? j W H have a suit for every form. We illustrate here a suit f<:r the stout built tnan, also one of our many styles for the young mati. The dressy young chap that wants a suit with "snap" and "go," we show all the new styles. If you are long and slim, we have suits that will fit you.^ If you are short and thick set we will fit you. WE FIT THE HARD TO FIT. Suits from— $10.00 to $27.50. BarclafShields Clothing Co. THE STORE THAT SATISFIES," .Said He lluil IJeen Pronioied From a .Methodist lo u Pn>sl»yleriun. A witness In the Uohrbaugh case who was once on the ofllcial hoard of the ^lethodist chnrch, bm. is now a Presbyterian, created some little niirtii in district court today, in referring to his former clnirch aflili.a- iion. He had been asked to state the nature of his acqnaintance with the late .Mr. Rohrbangh. He said he kn^w him quite well, haviijg served on the church board w^h him. 'Oh. you are a Methodist, are you?" asked the attorney. •No. I am a Presbyterian. I nsed to be on the M. E. chnrch board, hut 1 Iiave haen promoted."' The witness also admitted that he alwa.v.s addressed Mr. Rohrbangh as ••Brother." having, he said, hecn nn- alde to break away from a habit he had acquired while a Methddist .STOLE ^MtMMKI .VND SnriDEH. ranndiuii Oifirial Hud Ttitled Hegt.s- tered Mail Sack. Vancouver. B. C, Oct. T.eorge Kincaid, head foreman of the public v.-orks department of the Y'ukon territory,' was arrested at l>awson recently on aVharge oC stealing forty tnousand dollars' from the registered mail sack. Yesterday Kincaid died suddenly a.s a r>'.siili of taking poison. ,• ^ ^ For T)est nni qnletett resnlts nse Uie B^rglster Want Colums. K LETTER FR03r FRED BrG'O. r He Don't Like Letter ronnectin? Him WHU Saint Case. A f.»w days ago Sheriff Bollinger received a letter from a j)arty at Parsens signing his name. A IJstener, saying that if the officers would arrest a man named Smitli and Fred Hugg at Parsons, he wo«d liave the men who coidd tell all about th? Sapp trasedy. The sheriff received a let- tor from -Fred Bugg toda.v, who is somewhat wratliy about the matter Vnietinr the letter was written by someone as a joke or sometme who hoped to make trouhlo for .Mr. Bugg is not known. The oHicers had given tl;e letter no consid?nition and so Mr. IJiigg^s anxiety so far as It nmking any einbarrassineiit for him is tinc.ill- ed for. 'I'he Smith referred lo in th<' letter Is a spec'al oflU-er at Parsons. .INOTIIEK R.\7.0R PEDDLER. ' Jim llrrshhercer Cil\e« Oi'licers a Xew (Ilie. .liin ller.shber;:er, the bpvber, has notififil the officers of a in-ddlef ^\llO went tlirongh here aiiout 11ir.%> iiioiiilis ago s<-lllng old razorn. Mr. llei-.-bberger thought be nilgiit have .'••oil! till- Our Alliance razor whifli was IOIOHI nea rwhere tlm body of Mi.^s .Sapl» lay. Tlie man is s.lld In trav.-l for a l.eavenwonh razor supply bouse .iinl the officers will write IIUTI- for fiirthi-r information. COMPLIME.VT FOR ED.NA WOOD. Uauehier of John T. Wood .Yfadc Hit at Panions. Miss Edna Wood, danghtei''of .lohn T. AViood, of this city, seems t(j have ac-initted -herself very creditably in a r< r:iiati«n hefor? the ftale A. H. T. A. meeting at Parsons this week. She war, remembered in the resolution of thanks tendered the visiting delegations by the Parsons order. The Parsons Sun says: The resolution paid the following compliment to Miss Edna Wood, of loij, who .recited before the convention yesterday: •'We especially wish to remember the very appreciative recitation of little Miss Edna Wood, wherein she depicted tha depravity of man, and t :ust that it may sink deep inio ilio hearts of this people, and may they pr.->fit thereby, carrying this message with them to their homes, and ever shun thi-: dreaded reptile that is worse thC". the vilest serpent that crawls upon its belly In the dU8t.'* The recitation referred to was of a man who killed his little daughter who went to the saloon to hiding him home end found him drtmk. ending with an briaigumeut of the law that, puoiebes the man who cominitted tlft>. crime and allowed tha man who sold him the liquor to go free, .becaw.o he had a license to BeU Intqxlcsthig'liq- MAniLL r .VSE ( LOSIM.'. Decatur. 111.. Oct. IS.—Th.' argu- meins are proceeding today in the -Magill murder trial. The defense asked the judge to Instruct for acquittal but he refused. LEE nAMS.\Y', while enroute overland from Liberty, Mo., to Arkansas, met with the loss of a horse west of the city where lie campad last night. During the night the animal got Its leg in the fence and broke it. Dr. .lameson was called this morning, but nothing could be done for the animal. The horse was shot. Ramsay fortunately bad a third horse, so that he was able to continue his trip. MR. AXD MRS. L. P. Parker left this afternoon for Pittsburg, where they will visit friends and relatives for the next two weeks. Mr. Parker has secured a leave of absence for two weeks. FOR SALE—Good wheel, used only a short time. sell. Call 3U4. S. B. A.MIDO.V. on? or the proi I i- eni attorneys of Wichita is in lii.j city today. He is here in conn^etion with the famous Rohrbaugh casu which is being tried in the d'strlct court. « PunctuBllty Is B Virtue and can be attained only by carrying a watch that is abso lutely dependable as to its time-keeping qtialities. We pride ourselves on the fact tb;it a MERCHANT Wafcli is al" wayH depen'lahle. \ The G. M. \N heeler (hi -in) jfi • i! ii ^ii. Mic hv-A iK)\>\\- iar medium pticed gent'' v^' Jill r,f t ^i I..y. Ft >ilu^vitl^ is detailed dciL ripLiou of thc.jc movcineuts: lIuiitiuK or UiK-n Iv.ce, Bridgv: model, I'cudant set. 17 ruby, sapphire and garnet jjwels (gilded settings), af^jusled to temperature, jsochronism and three positions, exposed pallet stones, compensating balance, Breguet hafr spring, micrometric regulator, exposed winding wheels, patent recoiling click, patent self-locking setting device, double sunk dial, dust ring, cngravlug inlaid with gold, [damaskeened plates. Our price of above movement only StSm73 None Dispute the Worth of our Oumrantme CAN'T GETEMnOYEES laU PaMoffiee Wante SnbRUtnte Clerii* «nd Carriers* The lola postofiice Is experiencing a>l kinds of bard lack In aecnring substitute carriers and clerks .Just about two weeks ago an examination for cle>k and carrier service "was held and only six took the examination. Only two out of the six passed-and one of these refused the appointment to a position. The refusal of the man to. take the position has made It necessary for another examination which. Is to he held on Saturday, the 26tli, at the lola business College. WILL SEE LAWBEirci GAME. lola Foot Ball Fans to Witness Contest on NoTemlMT 9. A crowd of Tola foot ball fans are planning on going to Lawrence on the 9th of November to see the big game between the Kansas and Nebraska teams. Kansas last year sprung a snr prise on the Nebraskans by administering a stinging defeat. TheNebras- ka team is said to be weak again this rear and if such is the the Kan- sas-Negra.ska game will be one of the best ever seen on McCook field. - • . vfii:. Free Demonstration of Now Going on at Our Store T.B. Sliannon TELL.S HOW TO MIX IT. ^, j Directions to Prepare Simple, Tet Be- maiiuiMe, Home Xixtnre. A well-known authority on Rheu- i mutism gives the following valuable, JMi .simple and harmless, prescription, wliieh any one can easily prepare at hoiii';: Fluid iJ.MracI; Dandelion, one-half ounce; Compound Ivargon, one ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsapaillla, three ounces. Mix by shaking well in a bottle, and take a teaspoonful after each meal and at bedtime. He states that the ingredients can ue obtained from any good prescription pharmacy at small cost, and, be- i.'jg of vegetable extraction, are harm- • to take. Thl.=5 pleasant mi.xtnre, if taken regu larly for a few days. Is s.iid to overcome almost any case of Rheumatism. The pain and swelling, if any, diminishes with each dose, until permanent r>?sults are obtained, and without Injuring the stonwch. While there are many so-called Rhetimatism remedies, patent medicines, etc., some of which do give relief, few really give permanent results, and the above will, no doubt, be greatly appreciated by many sufferers here at his time. ". Mo. P^c, Santa Ff and M. K. *. T. WateM Inspeetm. MILLIMERY SALE In order to rnlure my larvf stork nt .Hillinfry Ht «ur<>. I will offer for Are JMays. romenrina Satnrday. Ortnlier IHth. all .s. 3^, . ,^1 ^TRIMMED HATS and ordent taken at itt IKT cent disntunt. l'oni« at onr«> aad Umrt, • rkoiea Trom ray rery fine iwleetioa of n»t*. v , V jii dH.j.i* mas. E. PEFLY mn East Xa41seBt /•'*:: .V ^Mil '.i 014 CMH HCMM BiMlc. P. E. Waagh, Dentist. Fkaae 186b Ofiee ntx BurelFa Drag Bt*r«i A CrlraMal Attack. on an Inoffensive citizen Js frequently made In that apparently useless little tabue called the "appendix." It's generally the result of protracted constipation, following liver torpor. Dr. King's New Life Pills regulate the liver, prevent .appendicitis, and estatt- Ilsh regular habtis of the bowels. 2.5c at all drug stores. JUST MISSED ICEWABV. j OMcerii Creed aud PhiUIps Tkoaght .Night before last Officers Jack Creed and fyty Phillips thought they had made a great catch. A stranger was In the city who seemed to answer ID every {(articular the description of a man who is wanted (or murder aud for whose capture there is a reward, of $5»00. The man turned out to be a»t resident of MaRletou who Is a relative of the Wbitlow family.. He had no difllculty in proving that be was above suvplcios, .-^ • ' - October 18 and 19. m' LYMAHH, \. HOWE £ resents tte Cromu'ngr Triupk I MoTing FletBres, an latem- tlonal spectacle two k«Brs cf iroiid trayel. tmfALfiMTTLE Bealbtlc torped* sttaelc.' Dhiaff Sabmarlaei, Gnaboats la AethK, Fmrlons ArtOIery Bombardmeat. in OM MFRfOM 1000 CoollM laying 1 lUIft al' lUllroad Ttaiek In M WaatMbX; Diamond Mining, Blasttaft' Washing, Catting, Ete. Tictoria Falls, Snnsri t md M «oB light I Elks' Parade, Phnp' ^a. Stag Hnnt In Franc ! • 'g at. Cowes, Engla- ' c ^tf^ other big • •S •1 Prices 23, Ihe Special Sale on Underwearfc Beginning Monday, Oct. Men's Fleeced Garments .........Wt^^^ ' • • Men's Heavy J'leeced Garments..'.Sfte .J^^ Men's Union Suits ........y ...4i^\^ Men's All Wool Garments -..-..tiJVi^ Job lot of Underwear, 100 gar- .'ments for : ; .iSStf Men's 25c Garments for . .........IStt: Ladies' Fleece Lined Union Suits. .356 ;i Ladies' Fleece Lined Union SuIt..iS Ladies' Heavy Fleece Lined Unlpn Sutls .......: ........^JH( Children's Union Suits ...25c, SSie^SOd Misses Black Pants for ',...3S& Ladles' AH-Wool Garments .... .;ii.OQf, We have a large stock jand are going to make sacrifidof prices, and cordialhr invi' you to call and^see ror yr : self. Free music Saturday by our New Regina,. . Respect' - A, 0 i When needing anything in" the Jewdrjf line. .Sanir-i |-( The SANTA FB sells HQMBSEI^^ ERS' tickets first and third TueadiriaVl in eacK month for *bne fare pins t^Wii;/ for th^ round trip to certain! pobrts West and South West. Return limit 31^. days. One ^ay second class Colonist tldc<gi ets to ^3 Angaias and San Franc and other California points-for ia Portland, Oregon. Seattle, W| etc., for $25.20, every day during < tober, 1907. Please see us for stopover prir ^lih^ eges, and so forth. W. E. lob Bianess Penmanship. rAritluiMtie^ Dookkeeping, BnglWi^ PhyaieBl ture. etc. Shortlutild; Letter,^ •-^ • . 'v -".V • • • - -V•

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