Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 26, 1908
Page 8
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MAY VOTE BY MAIL BilLBOAD HEN ABE GITEN THIS SPECIAL PBIYUEGE. MUST WRITE COUNTY TICKET STATE AND NATIONAI; TICKETS ABE THE SAME. But Comty Candidates Most Be Well Bemembered—Mast Use the Blanic Colamn. Railroad men who live in lola should remember that if they happen to be called away from home on election day they need not Jose theii vote. The law provides that it shall be lawful for any employee of any railroad company, who is a qualified elector and who may, on the occurrence of any annual or biennial election, bt unavoidably absent from his townshi). or ward because his duties requin him to be elsewhere within the state to vote for all officers who are to be voted upon in his voting precinct. Must Make Affidarlt. In order to cast a vote under sucii circumstances the voter must preser; himself at the polls in any precinct in the state where he may be on sucl. election day, and subsequently to an nffidavit before one of the electioi. jadres.' In his affidavit he must d». ::,rc 'ha! he Is a qualified elector iho r'.ace of his residence, dov. i to the ward or township, and stai- that he is required by his duties, to b* absent from the precinct in which h; lives, and would have no opportunif Jr> vote thrre: fllso that he has nvi . r,ii .•-•t\':crc' that particu '.r . ! - :h i: Tii- ^:;':o^ will of cour^. •r ^.:i .r •,. (T .iiptv clerk in )!;• i> AV ;fre th? voter lives and 'he same as if it had beor sf home. n;<!Iot Onlj Partlallj Printed. Of rnursc the ballot which is givd -lie vp'er who exercises the right ir, iffrage outside his own ward lor ;> vnshir will be the same as the oi!. .i> vote at home only so far Ui 'hr- iiresidential electors and state oi n • r; concerned. If he is oui- >ul. (if h!<^ tov-nship or county, or i 'l' i! ir 3e:".c 'tori3l district the nam'.- 'I.; ;iif> hallct which the judges of ele< ; I v.;!! :;ive him will be differen: : i.' fi. tr, not entitled to vote for an> :,; u'. innnty or township officii '!i::.nii IIo can vote for the pre^' •'rr .'.in: o ;<'ctors and for that part of I'TlIyt beaded "State Ticket." iv-: •ntcn ^t to vote for officers ou •:i h'^ rrmtv. township, or oth' , .i-:;;. ;.• ^i:h!!«vislcn of the state wou''' !. !(;•;.<' f>nd would spoil the entir; 'tinvt t~f$e Blank Colamn. ;:• V. -'.)cps who made the l"v i; .Mi.-'.;''on foresaw this contingen-< ..i;.i vrcvfded for a "Ulank Co1uni:i r^'.^ the ticVet in which a man nia ^e the "^anie of whoever he pleas" i I- vi'lf'1 the panie or names wrlttc! ^ --'ii do not appear e'sewhere mrfioular ballot. If the* ral: /••nler nho is away from home knov: . the names of the local candidates home, of course he is entitled to wrli. or all of them in the blank cohinv in their proper place.s. had better vote the state and elector nnd let the rest alone. Tt -n wore th-xn likely that, unless ; T »nn [9 hissed with an exceptions • fit^:,.-y. will not be able to rcni'^ti bor nM '\)r- Tinnies which richttuUv i »r 1. r^!l b's bpllot atJhonie. and • I rovtdo •'^nlr^t nnv rhunce of miss'' 5 for :\vy of them he should pn. \:'?o !--m<'eir w'th n list of the candi .Intrr. *r,r T « be wou'd vote if V- wryi^ :i' brQi". Then, bv refprence t >,:., -i^; vM''^ »ie enabled to wr?'i :)\ -.l.r • rn!-iiin o?i bt= b^'lot i:. . . . r"ei hp wjshes to sii;- EXPECT NAMES ON TICKET. "an^es of Oardidates for U. S. Sen ator Not on the Ballot. T'lo Trnelra Csipital says: r.%--ry •iT^-=tRtp poiitlcian who comPF ;.-> Ti-.Tip'-.'» ^ri ^ffB'the remarkable tii^ thnt fiboMt twn -thirfls of the vo* .-r <s pypert the names of the candi ''atps to annear on the' regular bal'of o>r!tinn day. This subject has beer thoronrtly d'scusse'l in the newspap on? ard siirpHsp IK expressed at RP- nubltcan headouarters' that it is no^. thnrovp^!v upderstond. The names of the candidates wH] not appeal on thr ^allotB Thp United States senatn- hr> oi/^ftp*^ bv tVtp T .epislature nn<^ •n vrttfpr 'or fip csndlriatp for reprp '.rn»sHvp or state senator a vote ip "•ist for ore of thp i can,didates for itf Rta »p«5 sppntor. If a vote l^" f.ipt for a Rpn<ihMcan State senator V;:;f iiM-v.^ n vp 'o ffiT .T T.. Hrlstiv 7':-«»^,i ?»ntfs jsr -nntp A vr>»f 'o: i :»f D"p.ificrnt«'' 03Pdidate for Rep rrspptatlvp or sta(<» genator means B vote for Hugh Farrelly. the Democrat Ic capdidate for the United States senate. THE CARE OFtiJEES O. B. D. Seltzer Writes Aii interesting Paper on Garden and Or* chards for Horticultural Society. The fpllowing was written by re- auest of the Allen CtJnnty HorUcul- tural society: j Webster's unabridged defines Horticulture as cultivating and caring for the garden and the orcham. Me tinnks this Is such a big and Important subject that the little tilne given for thought (as the request to write' on this subject was only hand•">d to me about twelve houns before the meeting) Is entirely top short to give a write-up worthy of! fiotlce, on a subject of such far reacnliig and vast importance. The writer will he iiardoned for endeavoring to give on- 'y a little of his own. experience \long these lines. First we will speak nf the garden. The first thing to do 'n successful gardening is to select I piece of ground well drained or that can be well drained. It matters little whether it is rich or poor, for anjj ^ell drained ground can be made fer^ tile by proper method."?. Wlien the wrlteir came to Kansas in 18S0 he was Informed by an old farmer'that he J could raise almost anything'; on the land he bought from this same old 'armer except a garden. However, he 'Ook the same old despise^ garden "^pot, limed and manured the{ ground, i^lowed it up nearly a foot deep and atsed a garden which was |he won- Ter and admiration of the neighbor- 'lood. One particular feature about raising a garden is the conservation of the moisture. This is done successfully by keeping the surface.fine- y pulverized; dusty, if possible. In ^rder to do this, it is necessary, when ^ou turn up the soil, either with the r>7ow or spade, to Immediately har- •rjw or rake it fine, and after every rain, as soon as dry enough, rake it ^ver well. This breaks up the cati- Hary attraction and conserves the :noisture In such a manner that the slants will continue to receive the bonefits thereof, instead of the mois- Mire quickly evaporating and going off into the air, and leaving the j plant to •suffer until the next delayed show- 'T comes. This is now called the Oampbell system because he; exploit- ''d It In the newspapers. Tliis system was used by the writer in farm- 'ns before ho came to Kansas »nd lf»ng before be was aware hat Mr. f^ampbell was a dcnison of this mundane sphere. Another very great ad- •antagn gained in harrowing or rak- •pg the .iftor each i rain, or *ven a few times between showers. ';s this: by turning over andj stirring m the grass seed before they take •oot you save much labor ' and ex •'«n .<!0. (The writer soldom uses a •'oe In gardening, as the other sys- "•m is quicker.-• easier nnd loss ex .^pusivo.) Some one asks, how can on rako hard soil? -\nswor: if prnp- rly drained and enriched rind thiJr- I'Mghly cultlvatod you will not hard iiard soil to contimd with, unless . luse'd by unusually hard. , dashing •ains; then if the grass pets' a start. : nu must use the hoe, but as soon .•:s the ground gpis hoed u'p, begin •isain to use your little ganjcn rako \Pother very important fcjalure in •'^rdenlng is what to plant, iwhcn to CHANGE IN LEACrE PERSONNEL. Topeka and TVIrhlta Now In Western I^nirue.' .\tVi p-!pr <'':rr nf the tPn .Jrpa*/^? Mie ..<(,.!•); .\':-:nnrJ]r,v ."jprt WpptPr'l T.r :ijino Pptrr.'inr ToppVn ^.TT^ Wrh- wiibdrr-v fron ihc Wp^^terp A?- sMc 'ation nil"! 'o'rpri 'ho •\Vo ?*oi"i) T^->.igi;p. TnTieVr.n -n -ps 'p *ho ^f??r( MI- VnVrv ?paiTt!P whffb hn? VT'''«'P fp'<i *he a!-?or»st?on when Tolf». pmiptaip'^'i n *(>>. lv thp or?anl7aMr>n_ T. f^. TT :»v dpp. mnnn.r-pr of the Tnl? -tonip her' T;i!?f Fl.-mTTT-r.'.'-vA';''' t':-- Ti:. r<':i,:: nf Ibf nias-r-iilr-. v,.....ft ?',-r field. Mn. dot a Iifjceusft. Jad;ge J. B. Smith! issued a license Saturday to Henry Haeh of Piqua and Anna Wllken, [lola. , 'rint. and where to plant. 1 flavor to get good seed, and First en this can '.dually be done by dealing With well • stablished and re'iable seed houses, or if you save seeij from jjour own >to<'k, label immediately, zs we are irone to forget. W^en to •Pry Important to success. plant, 13 For ill' in •^anco, if you beans early in .'«Tarch and lettuce in May, lie frost retjB your beans and tlio hot/sun par- ;.'y^e8 your lettuce. Then if you p'ant your lettuce on ,the shaded side '•f the garden (and' most gardens •lave plenty of shade trees around), nnd beans on the sunny side, you fail 'o get the best results. Thjo writer '•'as a garden densely shadcc^ on the OLD GOLDEN QOFFEt So delicately flavored that only a taste can!tell iff wonderful excellence. The special process of blending and roasting brings OLD GOLDEN to its p ii^itunfy, driving out all the i.x..v.hohscn!i bitterness 8 nd lec\ini.j lhal aiornatic, fill- bodiei ricr.::c-s f::und oily in coftee oi )(ts^h'°st qualty. ^ r. 1 OLD GOLDEN I WE WIU; KEEP YOUIL CI, OCRHIER 9C lata. CDFlUCEPCMLTfllUCEMON^ IF YOU PAY f 15:00 [OR. Men's fall Siiits, Overcoats, TOP COATS and RAIN COATS Of the Famous HART, SCHAFFNER & MARX MAKES The most forcible argument we can make for our good clothes As briefly, this: We know whaVs right for our customers—we've got it. We don't want you to buy anything that isn't right and HART, SCHAFFNER & MARX Clothes are here to prove it. You can get any kind of a fine suit you want here—any kind of a good Overcoat. You'll find Rain Coats a special feature with us—every man ought to have one. Soils at $15.00, $18.00, $20.00, $22.50, $25.00 ^nd up to $50.00 Raia Coals, Top Coats and Overcoats, $10.00 to $30.00 High Cut Boots for Men, $3.59 to $7.50 Sweater Goats for men and boys, iUl $1.50, $2.50 aod $3J V winter I'nderwear for men and lioys in wool, flrrco lined, rilibed, mrdinni and heary iveights, auy kind yuu want ( 500 TO j»;t>.oo Vossar and .Vun>luf; I'uion Suits $1..10 TO JfUl.tK) Boys* Fall .Sniti, Overcoats and Rain foats ii «:}..l0 TO NettletoD and Florsheim .Shoes JM.CM> TO $«.oo Olher Shoes !j?-i.lH> TO $:{.50 -n zoilc f; 'HUT, CO! south side by large ash and fniit tree."? and so dense in the shade that corn will not ear. Thorc beans grow to perfection, nice and ton-lnr and last twice or thrice as lohR as out -n the hot sunny part of the Karden. Likewise potatoes and radishes do best on the shady side. Corn, toni.i- toes, cucumbers and lettuce, etc., do best on the opposite or sunny side of the garden. Many rapid strides and Improvements in Hortipulturc have been made, and many more yot remain to be made, but time and space •"orbids speaking of them. The writer has had some experience in or- ehardlng on a large sf.nle. would like to offer some su &fK'stli.ns on the orchard, and may possibly do so at some convenient time, especially on tbe enemies of the fruit trees, amon? which enemies, about the most destructive is the flat head borer, which is p'aying havoc with not only apple trees hut also shade trees, especially the fine elms. A careful examination of the elms in the court house nark will fully emphasize this asser tion, as a number of |hc finest elm? In the east part of the park are already dead, one on the west side of the court house and one on the northeast side will be dead as Hector next year. Examine the' dead elni.s •standing In the central east side, of *he square and sec If you can't count <5cores of holes about the size of bird ^'hnt. also Insoecl tHe dead elm in front of the Methodist church, and the same condition exlstiner. The holps were made by the flat head on-pr. The writer, with 'two other .•it'zens. was. some half dozen years or more ago, appointed a committpf^ to examine the elms in the court house square for borers. They did 80. and reported to tbe authorities that they found borers in the elm trees on the east side of the court house ^uare, and recommended that tbe proper remedy be applied, otber- wise the ehos wonld sorely die. Ho aetloa wbaileTer was takehtm tlie re* port, except to publish It in the newspapers. Soon the elms began to die, from the incursions of the borers and will doubtless continue to do so, from year to year, until some where in the dim vista of tho futurp, .ovory stately olm in the park will go. by the flat head borer route. The wrltfr knows of no place outside of lola where the loss in flue elms Is greater, except Carthage, Mo., wtiore thousands of dollars worth of stately elm trees are dead or dying, every one of which might have been saven by properly applying the sulphur remedy, in due season. Onlj one or two other jspeclcs suffer wor.-5e from the ravages of this pest, the box elder in Kansai^ and the mosquit in Okl.ihonia and T<^xa.^. Tlespjeotfully submitted to tie .Mien County IFortlcultural Society. D. B. D. S.\rEI.TZER. NO QUESTION Cliainiiani Dolley Sars Kansas Easily Kepublican by 30,IM)U -Hajority. Is: EXCHANGE OR SELL. List your property with n^e. I have a large list to match from. So expense unless a deal Is found for you. r have 240 acres In Neosho county. Kas, to e.tcbange for good lola property. J. T. MILES. Room 10, Old Coart Honse. l»on*t Buy Watered Oysters. Oysters should never be watered nr packed directly In Ice. The Ice should ^p arnnnd the container. Otherwise *he sharp, iacped ed?res of the Ice cttt. manirle and batter the oysters, .spoil- •ne their looks and ruining their delicate flavor. The rjvcrpp » <5j ,)f wafer pheil n=h. When pint into fresh wafer. It puffs fip and losj?s Its pleasant, piouant flavor it is just as unnatural to soak ovster? !n ice and fresh water as to subject a fine juicv steak to such treatment. ••Sefil|jhlpt" Oysters are the on'y kind that are properly packed. They ire shticked into airtieht. steel containers and ice is packed around tlie containers. ABIT for "Senlshtnt Penpe." 1 l>ook about "Sealshlpt" ovatera. Tt ?roe« Into the details of "Sealfhipt" ev- oeHencei|. You ivUI find tbe white Porcela'n Case I^arinir tbe blue "Sealsblnt" Trade-Mark at dealer 's store*.— Fryer Brotberl. Otto Hliue, "OuTwWay." The Itepublicans of Kansa.s enter< the last week of the campaign with: abus uie confidence of a splendid victory. We have conducted a clean, earnest and frank campaign, absolutely free, from all personalities. We 'have not issued a single letter, or ui- Mered a single word, attacking the per sonal character, or private affairs «if any of our opponents. I have fulfilled th»' understanding • that i iiad with Cha,irman Martin at the beginning that we would conduct •A clean and fair campaign. I resret • • that the Democrats have not pursued! a similar course. They have flooded. Kansas with scurrilous' pamphlets con | tainlng fa'se and tmfair statements, both as to the official and personal i[ecards of our candidates. j There is nothing I so deeply regret i lis the insults offered by the Uemo-' ifirats to Governor liughes. Senator^ Beveridge and other distinguished vis-| Itors to Kansas during ttils campaign. | , , There Is no question as to a deci.slve' • ' Republican victory in Kansas. The| ^r ^s-m^aJt size of the majority depends on whetli MxLm s9m Cbrll XlA|lQ.2tl er the Republicans all get out and — i vote. I appeal to every Republican in weneral iContrseter.r Kansaa to fuliill his duty as a citizen; Cement Sidewalks and and go to the polls early and vote and « «-« - a then see that bis neighbors vote. The majorities will not be less than ?.0,000 for Taft, Stubbs and the slate ticket, and it would not surprise me if they are doubled. We will also elect all eight Republican congressmen, a strong working majority of the legisT I Real Estate, Insurance ;^ity and Farm Ljoans I .OW Rate, Annual Interest. Payments received at i any time without notic*. and interest ceases on amount paid LoDf or Sbort Time Loans. CunnirisHam & Arnett Curbing a Specialty.; Oace m East Jaeksea lAve^ PhaiM «M. MAGim'Es A5D FEBI0DIC1I<« can be secured of i ..V. c. - J. E. fle0dersoB Fature insuring the' election of a Re- j who deals witb [the publishers aai' nnhiiean TTnlted States Senator, and' furnishes them at tbe loweirt nrloa pnblican United States Senator, and an overwhelming majority of all District and county officers. Tiie head of the Republican ticket will' carry at least ninety counties ' and these by good atroDS majorities. J. N. ]X)LLBr, Cba^j^ao. possible. Trial ^uljscriptlpn Korden's, 3 months 25c. i Pbone 98. IT7 tte It«glitaf wut ctiipib price to Ym

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