Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 26, 1908
Page 7
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B^gan l^onlftaiy morning and wUI oi We always aim to hold this important sale about the middle of S^iteihbe^ but the[mi[rtiifaiitiirers were behind in filiini our Jhii- ^^^^ orders—bought when the season was diillest and prices lUtlest—but every miiiiiie;is delay meant a whittlmjj dfejkvn of pribes, ^ which makes it ill the better tor our customers. In fact these! Blankets shd these Con^fdrts ^re ours at less than last year's pr^. Consequently we will offer them in this sale at such a price difference that ybull rub yoiir eyes to see if ybii have! read arijftt. AjgaiUm lor the Bat BlankmtB It is a favorite in every household where kiiown. This blanket is absolntely sanitary, which cannot be said of the odor-absorbing //'.ff wool blankets. The AM- y/ikt\^,^ » OMI is warm without be- >Z-«c—^tl \ ing heavyi quickly aired and moth proof—are easily -J ^H^^^^H^ Wasbed. Borders guaran- JIB^^^^BMILA teed fast colors. On sale now. See north window display. Beacon blankets, fall size in gny» tan and white, with pretty borders, in this sale, per pair.,.. .$1,98 Beacon blankets, yon caii tell them from wool, fall aize, wash easier and more sanitary than wool, come in bemu- tifnl borders, permanent finish, per pair S2mBO Beacon Blankets, extra large size, in pretty shades of tan, gray and white, with beautiful borders, in this sale, per pair $3m00 Beacon blankets, in beautiful plaids, extra fine German finish, fast colors, they look like f lo.oo wool blanket« jn l:his sale, per pair. $3,98 J^lBtn and Fanay Outings One lot of Outings in light and dark checks and stripes, also plain, yic values, in this sale at ffo 50 pieces fancy ai^d plain Ontings, in stripes, checks, plaids and plain, well worth zoc, special In this sale 8o 75 pieces fancy and plain Outings, beautiful assortment o( colorings and plain, in this sale tr A great variety of fleeced Ontings for wrappers, in dark and light colors, special in this sale ...12 1»2o Prettt Flannelettes in a great variety of colors, dark and light, smgle and double faced, beautiful designs, they look like French Flannels, special f5o Mlf 18o Blanimi^i l^iknkeisr 10 ^4 cotton Blankets in tan, grey and white, in this sale, per pair 48e 10-4 Ashwood Blankets, in grey, tan and white, soft German finish, per pair 789 11-4 extra fine finish cotton Blankets In gray and wlute, soft German finish, in tbi^ sale, per pait 9ftmOO j it-4 Angora cotton Blankets, in white onljr. fine German BnUh, full fcize, in this sate, per pair $1m2B 12-4 Stanhope Corton Blankets in gray only, extra lirge size, fine German finish, tn this sale, pair $t»39 13 -4 Alliance Cotton Blankets, in R^y and white, extra large si2e, big enough for two, special price in this sale, per pair ^ $tm80 \ 11-4 White Wool Blankets, with pink and blue borders, silk tape binding, in this sale; pair $3m80 11-4 all wool Blankets in g^ay, with pink and blue borders special, per pair ;. i $8m98 11 -4 Sycamore Wool Blankets, in white and gray, abso- Intely sanitary, in this sale, pair. $8tOO 11-4 Palmdale Blankets, silver gray also plaids, strictly all wool, with pretty borders, special .price for .this sale, pirr pair U.^ $8M II-4 Mount Vernon whits BlankeSs. made from fine long Australian lamb's wool and steam shrunk, in this sale, per pair $7m80 11-4 Princeton strictly pare wool white Blankets, California lamb's wool, with beautiful borders, special in this sale, per pair $8m80 FmlturmiQ tmk6 mdvmfrtmgB of the mmaybmrgmimm aiTmrma ia Mm mmie Thm ~ TimMmmmmmiiy Smmiimry tm AhmoMm Staffed qhilb won't do. Woolen blankets absorb odms and itt gtnerillj^ uhplett&nt. The *'Beae6n Crib Blanket" is a light weighty warm afid stficQy sanitairy crib covering. T&is branket cdmes in whitft, p^k and blue. In plain ind iiscy flora! designs. It it €»^y washed, gnannteed fast color, has a distinct n^dol finish and yet moths have no nse for it Prkes for Beacon Crih BlAnkets ra^e. Good size, double Bed Comforts, with fincy silkoline C<TV- ering in this sale. Special each 98^ Large double bed Comforts with fancy silkoline coy^r^. and white filling, in this sale, special each 8tjt8 Full large size bed Comforts, extra heavy, filled with white cotton, special in thb sale, each *..... $tm80 Large Comforts with fancy cambric covering and sheet cot- toa filling, hand knotted, in this sale special, each. .$2mQO Full size bed Comfprte, best grade of white cotton filling, fancy qnilted or hand knotted, in this sale special, eadi 82m08 I y . ^xtra size Comforts covered with fine French satin, qnitted filled with sanitary cotton, special, each .$3»80 STola Agents for Lmaies' Home Journal Patterns rite Store that Mover Dlsappd^ts Its Customers TBEK-C. MARKETS prices weak, to $2.50 to $4.23. Rains formeVly. demond only moderate, but this week are expected to revive trade | sufficient to absorb the supply - Kansas City. Stock Yards. Oct. 24.— Cattle. tBis week, 74.700; last week, 94,800; san^ week last year, 75,6pO. Prime fed steers have remained steady this week, top |7.30. but only a few cattle abQve 16.50. Grass westerners from native pastures are 10 to 15 lower, as packers claim the pastures .are failioflr. and the cattle ao not kiU out as good as heretofore, prices from |3.40 to f4.80. Cows are off 10 to 20 cents, 13.75 to |3.2S. heav^ cows up to |S.65. and fed cowi to |4.S5.^ heifers I5.2S. Bulhi range from 12.00 to |3.S0, calves |3.25 to K.50, the calf market off 25 to 50 cents this week. A good many Colo- radjos havji been, here /tills week, steers it ^75 to liiK, cows |3.00 to 1^.65, stockers and ^feeders, incla4- ing ^eersi slu>wnJn,car lot division at t&e Bojral Show, at $3.25 to 14.75. nvf tiioteaad qaaiwotfnes were Incloded in receipts. cteerriDO t» llsjlower, $2J^ to IftS.^ isiw JO, to 20 lower, $2.40 ttr Hemm for bi^vy fcieders in country kinds. Hogs, this week. 78.500: last week. 90.900; same week last year. 47,200. Prices declined till Wednesday, and there was a sensational advance of 15 to 25 cents, market again higher yesterday, top reaching 16.00. Prices are 5 to 10 lower today, top 15.90. bulk 15.10 to >5rS0. pigs 25 to 50 lower this week, at 13.50 to 15.60. Re-j celpts are only medium quality. and> weights average light. Less than one; third „the sijpply weighs above 200. Heavy buying of provisions futures this week, on the prospect of light hog supplies this winter, caused the advance this w^k on live hngs. Sheep, this week, 43,700; last week, 44,500; same week last ye^r ,^37.700. Complaint from packers of poorer killing qualities of offerings and smaller ooQet for meats oecanse of liberal BntlpUes^at easten^' markets made an Indc^erent demand this week, and prices are 15 uj 25 lower. Top Iambs are worth $5.36!, yearlings if 30 ,.w ;ether8 ewes |4:00. with fidr to itood^ stock 10 t^ 4p^eent8 be. lol^^rtBe ti ^T lAlEi^: PItV0rtion.^of iT)^ aoitable for tba coimtiT thaa at sMghtly Ibwer prices, feeding lambs 14.35 $4.75, sheep and yearlings $3.40 to $4.ftft. breeding ewps up t.«" $4.25. Cattle Hogj A. B D. £ P. Co. 994 29 000000 000000 0000;mitte€. has sent notices *#» OlDemocraUc papers in Kansas asking Armour . Cudahy . Fowler .. .Morris .. Ruddy .. S. and S. .Swift ... Total ... 5036 1707f 7339 l.=i2Sf! 1692 Sheep 1.50 539S 1956 17«>S 3SS9 4i»2 . ..38.')06 72343 210>; o o O MTTLE BITS OF K.IXS.4S HITS O O O O A Xi^ley of Prose, Poetry. Xewn O 9 >'ote«i aad ComnieBt. O O ^ O oooooooooooooboo This department notes with some , satisfaction that the open season tor j "whirlwind vember 2. finishes" will close J»o- •A -special" from Topeka to Kansas Democratic newspapers states that 3ronghton Brandenhorger. ! a newspaper writer of New Tork Itas been,arrested on a charge of forgery and grand larceny In the prodaetlon .and sale of the now famous Cleveland letter, predicting the election of Taft If Bnu^enbnrger forged the letter and then stole it from himself, he Is Indeed as. mean'as the man who robbed his own trunk. Kanns drug stores report an in- ci«ash«^j^e of hair vigor ^Inee Yaadeiliift and Bobert that any person hearing of threats by employers to discharge workmen In the event of Bryan's election, write him at once giving full Ihformatipn. It is understood that Bill Shiftless has sent in a complaint to Mr. Mack. Scipio is tearing its shirt trying to apologize to Kansas City for the weak gas supply during the "cold snap." The explanation that the water tahb got a drink ahead during th*' flood has been finally accepted. sas, speaking m iMSialf of th'r.Raital)- Ucan Qeket. Politics Is what Sherman said war Is. An (Mf the boy had seea awarded a Carnegie medal and a eaaht sum of 12 .000. • Earl Ames Is the 'uSne of the youth and he will, nae (ke njbB- ey to complete bis edacaii<Mk Aaws earned the award by rUkfifg M> life •'to save diree deaf and iinmb atod^ts who had fallen In through the ,.^ia ice on a lake. Wait till November, Billy. When the votes are phied sky high, Toull hear the answer. Wlllfftn, Don't^ Ton asked the qneati<m. Billy, "Shan the people mle?" Tonll find they do, dear WHllam, Mount yoor male. yoni^' H QMlet have d[t>dared In fiiior of the iiaoseidie. pan oC tk9 Demoeratie eampaicn eoat Now that BUly Snndar has picked the "AU Star" ball team of the world, the barber shop disennlon of the sie- lectlon may proceed. A- brotlier of the Reverenil Jere^ mlah Daaiel Botkln. Denocraitle candidate for fovemor. ia touring IsiioM to t p. m. ANOTHER PBSCEfCT •?5 SaaU Fe PasMBgar Pall Sfeaws Oaed X|torltf for Ohtoaa., . An loi^pan .who-was on |ha>.train: Santa Fe paaenger, raachifaiftaher«iat 12 :45 8atard«^^Mra that • ahprt iis- Unce ont of Xauaa €ity fCiU,^was takeo, ibowlas iS7|VTOtM»f5r TaXI,i «0 for Brrkn and » te^- scattariwc. iipar^ ]y ever* pcdl take» f »traialivOii--irhl^~ lolans were paaaengara abows a SUM Jorlty for Talt Dr. Sateliire'^ wishes to iMbfia^hli l&rmer patroB»Miftttflr|N^e that ha haa,resiae^lfiy, ifAiikL^JsmJ^ <Hr 6lBci iMrara 1» t»n a. lLt«.9.«ul

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