The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1951
Page 7
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1951 HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Great American Dish Isn't Apple Pie{*>- Its 'Red Cement' NEW YORK (API -. Americans i Betting It on vour necktie But thai are a strange nation of people milt-1 can easily be'solved ed by a Democratic constitution—! Simply'wear a bowtie Then von and a red cement called ketchup. I get lion your shirt instead at Vom It Is doubt/ul which has done ! necktie. And If you're so finlckv that more to hold them together. j «en that bothers you, well—wear a Long debates have been held on' ret * shirt. what Is the Great American Dish I Apple pie? Pumpkin pie? Pried' chicken? Turkey with cranberry S.TOCO? The hamburger? The hot dog? All these their passionate defenders. But to any one who regularly travels these United States there can be but one answer. The Great American Dish Isn't a dish at all. It's a bottle, a bottle con- ta nms the flavor in widest favor —ketchup. Court Upholds Teacher's Work Protest MEDIA. Pa.. Oct. 23. Wj-A hiah school leacher's protest against ,. ..... ..... „„.. „„ ,.„„.„..„ lakin * tickets "' & football "game and caUup, Is no mnre native oi was UIlhfld J' e stcrdiiy in Delaware these shores than folks n» me d CoUnty Courl Smith. Jones. Johnson or O'Houlli- ! Judge Harold L. Ervin ruled in nan. It fs an immigrant. H rjrleinat- I favor of >he widely-publicized up ed In Malay. It was marie usually ! P 03 ' b V A. Todd Coronway. a teach- of mushrooms, unripe walnuts and musrooms, unripe walnuts and er at rtne tomatoes, and was used to fla- School. vor soups, meat and fish. Coronway appealed from a ruling America, by the slate superintendent of pub > '-'- "- «- instruction who said that school And the scarlet, gooey semi-fluid eradiialed from a flavoring substance Into an all-purpose food lour tr. e ketchup fan today will eat it through a straw. He will douse It on everything from chictoi-a-ln- klng to ice cream, and Iron tradition keeps some enthusiasts Irom using It to cool their coffee. In times of prosperity the poor man uses 11 to anoint everything on his full plate. In times of hard! ship ketchup Is the poor man's surest fodder. He can Ko up to a cafeteria counter, ask for a cup of hot water, take the stcamlni? cup to the nearest table, pump some ketchup in It^and he has a bowl of tomato »oiir> for nothing. "During the last depression," a rlorida cafeteria owner told me that ketchup soup trick almost "used me to go broke. I think it started with a DnmYanltee visitor but he sure did spread the custom fast through the South " What explains the overwhelming popularity of ketchup? Many restaurant owners have a cynical an- ...•iT, 1 "" "'" f " e -" ""•y *»•. ..V Anything that's free Is bound to «^e popular." But I don't think that, Is the real exnlanatlon. I think the reason is party psychological—part of mankind's old quest for certainty in an uncertain world. A man crops Into the average restaurant and orders meat loaf and hash-browner! potatoes. When his loaded plate Is brought, he looks uneasily at It. Doubt surges above his nunaer. What Is In that mvs- ttrious mess before him? Where did It come from? What Is In It? He takes a. tentative taste, nnd his doubt immediately deepens. Has the cook played a Halloween trick on him? He slehs reaches for the ketchup bottle, and covers the plate from edge to edge. He no longer can see •*hnt lies hejicath the new red swamp he has created. And no matter what heady taste of glue the menu Items had before. It Is drowned In the all-enveloping flavor of Ketchup, a flavor as changeless a: the U.S. BUI of Rights. IfJ, No Americans don't turn to Tcetr.bup merely because it Is free They reach lor tt because It Is the constant friend of people who must eat out in strange places, a sentinel as faithful to them as a lighthouse IB to ships lost at sea. Some may not actually like it: but they know for sure what it Is. The biggest problem is how to thump It out of the bottle without . . - at suburban LansdoVne 1'i-h lector at football games. The assignment of Coronway to take the tickets at a game lasi'oct. 28 "was a demotion of Coronway in type of position," Judge Ervin 'ruled. ,. IThe duties of a teacher are professional and cannot be measured with a time clock." he added. Grand Jury Check Of Cicero Riots Begins Noy. 5 CHICAGO, Oct. 23. f/pj—A special grand jury on Nov. 5 will begin a full-scale investigation of the rioting in suburban Cicero last July. The jury of 13 men and 10 women was sworn in yesterday as a judge in State Criminal Court quashed indictments against four persons accused of conspiring to cause the riots. The September Cook County Grand Jury had indicted six persons in connection with the rioting. The disturbances started July lo after Harvey E. Clark. Jr.. a Negro bus driver, had attempted to move his family into an apartment building. The disorders were halted on July 12 after National Guardsmen were rushed to the suburb. Nurse Gives Life Saving Three-Year Old Child From Moving Automobile SANTA MONICA. Calif., Oct 33. (AP)—A 68-year-old nurse gave her life saving the three- year-old son of comedienne Cass Daley from death under an automobile. Mrs. Mary Slrock died In a hospital yesterday after she pushed Dale F. Kinsella from the. path of the family car when It started rolling backward down a driveway. The nurse was pinned under the wheels. ^ Miss Daley, wife of Frank J Kinsella. told police she heard the nurse scream and turned to see the woman shove Dale from the path of the moving and driverless car. In spite of the many shapes and sizes of bird beakj. not one bird is capable of chewing. Looks Practically Brand New w-tm*n,&&&<^rf ^ ^ ' Yes, it's really wonderfvil lo sec what our expert dry clcaninjr can do for vniir clolhes. Grease spnls and stains, which make your clolh"s look old before their time are Eentlv but efficicnlly removed. BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4418 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS "* t * ' -y" .-»_<- PAGE SEVEN Senator Hits Gold Coast Gambling Investigating Group Critical of Air Base Commander niLOXI, MlM.. Oct. 2], (^>, _ ^ blistering attack by a member of the Senate Prrn.ireclnF.vt CommH- teo added to the worries today of crippled gambling along Mississippi's Oold Coa-st. Winding up an investigalinn into gambling, liquor, and prostitution conriitions around Kcesler Air Force Base, Senator Lc.stor Hunt (D-Wyoi snltl last night "a highly' critical" report, would he lurried in. Before reacting a summary report at a hearing windup Hutu criticized HID commanding general of Kceslcr for failing to adopt a vlgcrouis policy to stop gambling on the gtil/ coaM, "I'm not critical of your work on the training center." the Senator told Maj. Gen. James F. 1'nwell "But I do criticize your limited action to stamp out gambline, and I am discoursed |> V your attitude about what happens to Ihc boys off the base." Defense Jobs to Go Up WASHINGTON, Oct. 23. <fp> — Secretary of Labor Tobin estimates hat the number of defense Jobs vill increase by 4.500.000 during icxt year. In a manpower report Issued recently Tobin said also that 2,000,000 additional defense workers will be needed by the end ol 19,51. There were only 2.700,000 persons employed In defense Jobs in 1950, the secretary said. Red Prisoners Missing WASHINGTON, Oct. 23, «>) — Russia has failed to account for up to 3.000,005 men and women prisoners from World War 11. the Stale Department's ' "voice of America" said in an overseas broadcast. Some elephants produce hard ivory', some produce soft. The cause for the difference in texture is not Jcnown. Sa//ors Join Marines WITH U. S. FIRST MARINE DIVISION. Korea. Oct. 23. lip,— Two sailors looking for action Jumped ship at Inchon and spent 34 days at the from with the U, S. Marines. They reluctantly (rave themselves up yesterday to Marine officers on advice of a Marine corporal (hey did not name. Senate to Question Berkley's Secretary About RFC Loans WASHINGTON, Ocl. 23. r,7>) — Senate In rest isa tors made plans today lo question Vice President Barkley's secretary and n Senate committee employe- about the em- ploye's statement they interceded In behalf of government loan applicants. "We are coins to talk lo both of them as soon a,s il can be arranged." said Francis D. Flannngan chief counsel lo the Senate's permanent Investigations subconimil- I tee.. j Senator Hocy (D-NCi, (he sub; committee chairman, ordered a preliminary Inquiry yesterday at the request ol Senator Sparkman (D- Ala), who hearts the Senate Small Business Committee. Sparkman's requeit dealt, with evoked." The rcpnrt said the gambling interests, had so entrenched themselves as to "virtually control the j economic life of the area." j During the hearing tile commlt- | tee investigators heard promises from Sheriff Uiz- Qu.ive arid uiloxi Mayor R. Hart Chirm that gamb- ; ling laws would be enforced [luring ' the rest of their terms of office. Charles D. Shaver, counsel to th* small business unit. Shaver had declared he and Barkiey's secretary, Mrs. Flo Bratton. went to bat «l the Reconstruction Finance Corporation for (wo loan applicants In 19aO. Shaver's statement to newsmen was prompted by published reports. Shaver said he had done nothing wrong and was making no apologies. At her home in Cold Spring. Ky, Mrs. Bratton was reported enroute back to Washington to talk lo Barkley. Barkley said he knew nothing about the episode but that if Mr« Bra lion did Intercede, she acted "against my specific instructions" to his staff regarding such mat- Diving Eagle Downs | Plane — Pilot, Passengei Bird Killed would be turned over to National Guard raids DILI/ON, Monl., Oct. 23 ( AP>— ! Pilot Dave McCauley said a dlf- ing eaele .struck his light plane yesterday, forcing him to land. The huge bird, soaring above the plane, suddenly dived and struck a wing tip, he said. After landing, he found the impart hati damaged the wing struU and fabric. Neither McCauley nor his passenger were hurt. The eagle wai killed. WILK EM Buy Now Before Tax Increase Taste it! You'll agree—silken is (lie word for miken. You'll be glad you changed to extra-smooth, country-style flavor-silken Wilken. flavor. Try a bottle today. It's low in price! NOW ONLY 129 m***m Sb^t&Ar Read Courier News Classified Ads. BLENDED WHISKEY . 86 PROOF . 70* GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITl -for Proof of Take the wheel of a new Mercury and find out what an educated car can do! Ask il all tha questions: how it likes hills, who! ifj aflilode is about Ihe open road, how il handles stop-and- go. You'll be thrilled with Mercury's answers, for here S the smartest, mosl alerl performer on tho road. Top of ils do» in olher subjects, loo_lil< 9 it/ling, safety, and comfort. Best of oil Iho famous V-8 "Hi-Power Compression" engine get, A-plus in Basic Economy. Why don't you gra d. uale to Mercury? MaVe thai two-way lesl today I BydggfM- -fo Proof 2- WAY TEST PROVES "i" ' C| " I < 1 '"' ""• "TOAST or Tim TOIVK- ,, llh rrtai evcnlne. 10:30 .0 11:30 p.m., Suitor, WMCT Channel I. Does It hov. <, down-to-, orth flrlt prlc« ? Mercury', price log vclu ccm understand — a big doltor'l worlh for every cfollar invested. Will upkaep stay low? You ,cv, money yeo r offer yeor. Mercury', famous ilrjmmo keep, repair biili at a rock-bottom low. lillfomoui tor long life? II i, fncJeecl! 9?% of all Mercury, BVe , built (or u,e in this country ore still on Ihe road, according lo Irjteil annual official regi'slralion figure,. Will ircd.-ln » Q ( U , Itoy nls}h? Mercury , conlinu. to Uep ln«l, value yoa , after yeor, uied car market feporli comiitenlly provs it. Do»l It r«pr.«nt .olid volua? Mercury owner, ,ay YES! So will you wh.r, you gel ih. srory from your Mercury dealer. See Mm soon. ' TWIT SWOP YOUK L/F£/* STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut at First Street

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