Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1907
Page 4
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-1 • ' .-uv r»'. The Largest .Distributers of Clothing in the State. I.-. < ft: Wear a Globe Suit or Overcoat and you will be a'mighty well dressed man. They are made by Hart, Schaffner & Marx and Stein Block—a cpnnbinalion hord to beat. In fact, they are the best knbwn and known as the best lines of ready-to-wear cloihes on ihi American continent. You gentlemen who like fine hand-tailored clothes with plenty of style and good fabric, drop in and look them over; try them on and you will be convinced that they are the most wonderful clothes you ever saw. Regulars, slims, stouts fitted to perfection. New Fancy Vests In Latest Styles. It will tone up yoar old suit or new suit eith'ir. $1.50, $2. $2.50, $3, S3.5C, $4, $4.50 and $5. 1 $15 to SOFT AND STIFF HATS. • 50»diffe»nt styles Knox, John I'.. Sic-i- son and Imperial make^. $3 to $5. Munsing and Vassar Underwear. T!i' !isiMi-. ih.- Sir•• iv.-.i'ih . ll;'.-S.i'.;>i'av•^ , llu i'.-iicii l"i!tii:v till- I' rrii-i<l \ liilir- >>p W:.V $1.50. $2, $2.50. $3. $3.50 and $5 a suit B '•yt.-'- "i .5 9 lARLU r. •COTT. M Joia, Kttoaaa. Puatoffloa. I J Mcond-ctass mattwr. C ,MMrtMB« BatM Made Knows e« ly- ' . pUcaUoo. roriiiir liilii liiix i'litniiu riiiKli* In ('<i!<iriiil<i. i Y. .IIJ <". A. KIDS TO I'l.AV I!A 1,1 WiMo fulfill.Ill, M.ii i.r Dr. S. A. I 1 uM'lM.ill. Willi l'<:iliii Vl', |.!;i\i-il <-cllt«'i i cii 111., idl.'i iiii)tl).ii; ii.'ini. ; ntiw ii!ny. I '.i' ii' pdsliii'ii ill iiiir of ilij I .(inii :ii.. ..•(•.lini; i;i ('<i'i:v:.:Ui. Waldo '\ li|.s llii- !-i-:il« V ;,l i 7 )1 in:.Mills una l.-'cl,.-! Iiiii .• vi'i;. ("V. iiK'li's iif lio- ili': a >ix fii'.r,:-. was iiiio ot (-9nti>.«( IVtll Bi> I'iill<'<l Oil l(i-l»< jllii ^lar iil:iMT-: 'ill ilii' I I 'a liipll I'lljilinii! t<Miii 'if M'u .i.i:> a ;ii aiiil will ! <!'iiiliiii'ss II" i\i» 1i, a .-lar in the I I'(ilii::nl.i lafiirc itic .-i-as'iii ia .'ill'- .\l Cilalii - It. Siicnr-fr's ^ ? The people w!io iiitoii<i<(l ila- haskrl !„•. ;• I h ^i frame at the y. .M. ('. A. will n i- j - I tajnly get a full ilinics \vo :ili of raii .j |f x,.;, 1,;^.. •,„•']•-, y.i .i want the ' I. 'njefirst game of till' l)ah!;i-! I..:!l 101111 ; laMiiii: i:i:i-i!:ai .\ii-fi-:ia siiililaili lab- -^aaient is toibe plaved and in additi.,!: j J-'^-'- '1"''< > f'"-" :|:aj»ine between <wo VO.IUSMO.- u-ams'^'f ' ,„~: notliln?. fisjto be placed l)etncon halves. •J'\ The lineup for the •kid.- " icaiii is: •••| ~first team: Watterson. j-a;.;ain: I Richard'.Iohh .«>n, Ilnward llin-liii-. I'.ill • f T«tey and Orvillo,\VilIi.ini.=. . ? t ,§€cond lenm: HITIII I - .\lilli-r. <Tp- !f f'talii; Henry Urovviiiirtiiii. .Inhii l"''il- f v1mah. iHarA' llupkius and IJ.-iin:. (i.l- "r-ciiijiisky. . i-i - ' . • . niVMTi: TKA( H !;i:s (< MII: III-WE. Thi-v \r<- Vi-.ill:i:r (hi- [iilii SihimTs ,J:«Aa 'w!p Into Naiurc'! <ii lalk at V. -Af. (. A. 11 hMiii-i • •( iv ii ..:;•.! I. r« ci-'v*' I r|u:,| !,. 11. (i i!i if 111 III '.iilii Sun I ••• '11 V. iiii will v.::!! 111.1 • i.iiiiiiii iii.\. w ill :ir-:.l ill - :la\ \i iPlrj. .^!i-.; .Itinos, t!i«- r;.;-.iiaii :iiiii l"-i"l:v!i l'ai-ln-r w ;u .1" "Ilie best lecture o. iiic season, was' - I «:e; verdict ^;|lM;fAire. "A of those THho atten-%'I ilr Pceop into Natiir.-," whic.i ! . gi \'3n (last night at the Y. V.. C.;, , , •.:!A; hr Prcf!h. H AVlshard. o.' the lolal'^'"'" -htid achool.' Mr. W'isha.d itln.trn..-d i'"^ V sit til- I'la hiuii -il: ...I. Tin- rf.- i I ia!ni:i'i 111' till- laci't;. wiM •-;.) 1,1 Tn- (ir-jioiidrtK" (in till' 'li! l-'lyir Ui SIMMII 1 t!ic dav -.JaMi .'riaL-, :<= Irmi ihi; iiifhciis )n i.iaii'cc a; re .M'.M-ivin- I Iy <-<ii!ni\ li'v^li .-I I'l.ii'. Suiiii- (if tliB in Jiidi|ii-iii- 'iiiilay. DEFENSE SCORED TODAY \>itn<-<»i-s In KolirliauL'ii i'ii>e Drcliiro Ollana .Unii Sauv When Dri'dx IVcrc .Madr. The di-fi:u-<- ill till- Ilsli; liauKh fa..f ini rddiiccd what aiiK' ii<-d m lie sdiiit- •4i"iiid < vidi-nrc idilay to ^liov. lha! S. U. Kdlii li.iii;j'i «as in mil imssi-sdun of his nii'iital f.mi'l ii'-i wln-;i In- di-ci!- cd certain Ollawa (.rdpeiiy to lii.s i-»-l- iilivi's. The witncs.-'s iiii 1 ndiired today Will- )i('()|ili- a.:':;ed III liavi- In "ii pn-s I ril whi-n tin- i|i<-ils «ire tiiadc eiili.'r as wiliii-sse.i (ir as di.ei-ily inli'-e-i»-(| pa rtios. .Mrs. 11. i\. i:iner.-on was the flr-si wiincss. .Mrs. l-aner-Dii is an elderiy lad.v and ver.\' liri^hi. .She proved I'l he an exi -ellcni wiiness fur the di- fcnes. .She ti--iific-.| as 10 liiirr.; pres- ri;i v.hcn .V .r. Unh 1 liaii;;h made liie d(>i'(ls ;md ;.MV(- i; a; lier convii-tion ihai lie was |i< ifi-t-i ly sain. She saii! ! ^.^Ws'-talk Willi the f-lides. Kt'u'Mrr Viaiil Ads ISriii:.' lli-HtO ihai when the d-.-fis v.iie read Kij liini li" i.ia(!«' .siicii siiK-"-Iions and asked .such iinesiiiins ihal ((iiiviiiced lier lhai he was in lii .i ri :4iit tiiind. She was'il if .--iit- hail ('.i-r st i-a Mr. i;(>lirliaii.:li when in- acted'e ;>• (ir pi-ciiliai l>. .<!ie .said .-In- liaii mil e\ri-pl ill had ..11 lii:ii n li-a 111- llina-.;|i| In- hid tun.-- Ijiwin:- ill him lli:ili In- ii-n Id .« ii I ••.nr.. Ii 1 i-fii .111 e tn a |ia 11 ieirar nine n ln-ii sill- liioai'lii ;\'r i.'<»lirli.iUwii heca driiikiii:; she w.i:, a-ki'l In.w li<- ac • d. .She all.-wered thai lir' avei;--.;!- man in his'oanli:ira v.iiiild iiave ad- luilled Ihai 111- was d.-iil;. Ilir ;.a- \\<-t> were (le/iiitie .'tid |i(>.-iiive. C 1:. Siiiiiii. 111. iidtary who .iM - | nowledued il;e d.-.-d. a!-o lestilii -1 llurl . h.s :i.-:;ef :>.:ii M:-. Koliiliaii-.-h | jierfecrl.v a; ih.- time t'i<j d.'eds v.ere mad''. M;'. I)ii.;:e. -i < 1: j |.i.:il-.- who wa.i a).-.! < .iTi I in a.: 1 v.i;';.--;-. «t).'. i.ii.i.. ..••I liie 1 iiiiii.r , . Ii i i :!i.m;i!.i lir'! a!! of ihe i-vl- j li riri :;i .In- 1 i.-i. i' • 1:; I'lis .-vi ia;^. Toiii .ir Tii".*' ih.- a.,-i!ni- Ms v. HI h Tomorrow'^ Uneqaalled Values in Women's Coats^ Suits and Skirts. Read these item 5 about W.)men"s New R9acT7-to-Wear Apparel, then come and see the garments themselves, and you will understand v/hat we mean when we say see the styles and learn what our prices are Long Loose Coats, $I0. Crv.-at .Salnril.av special. A iri<( r»cnievcT:iviit ntip-ecctit: !:t- ed, poiitivc $12. CO to 1 .14 Co valiit.';. spfrisliv piit -e <i (or urday to demoi stiate !tail« rsliiji in cxtieme r.T .iiegivinj^ T"..^new long loose cons in brOHCc!o;Iis and li.i ^bt weiglit Kucv. lined llirutiohout wiiii >ir«y cr lilack satin, large lull .>-l t •,•-s wstii turnover fuff-;. edjjid wi-li nil tarv hratti, full li;!;!!-.- liack, inlaid velvet co 'Iar om :nv.>i.ted M i '.h ^ilk 'iraid, Rr--<:t-- fiilly full ar.d .swptpln,'^ tlylt.'^, ].iic <'i: ! >i i.i mi.rtow, $10, Coals al $12 50 Stylish If o-;e or senii-fsttinu; tr.cdcls, mp,i\f of li^ht weigltt ni'.lton or ini[.orte(i hroadcloths. collrrlcs- s:v"t-,. The neck firi I'.ed with a wivle lacing of black velvet oiitl -ned wiiii" black silk b aid; bands of wiiie si:k braid Hp;.'.;ed abDiit the .Trm holes <;ive ih- t-ew Japanese s'.ceve (;!;.-cr, iitied thi'iiigh- out HJth good qiiility o! satin, a sjilendid ..ib:i ic Special Vvbif -s in I;and;;jnio oaN .•.! s;:;,, ^i-^.^o and S-''>. That taste^ ilat flavor, TIat cleanlinest, / 71 aft richf round, aromatic toothsomeneti— lildfuid onljrin : Aii'buckles' Ariosa Coffee! than anything ''just and better than any- lIMag f just as cheap/' IfeJbfert of aH for you! rtioh ,i\ III KM V \n\ MKHiirif^. rral-ri-al M)>«'c ( in-lc ||»i| lUe I inn-' l.iiv| Ni-.'lil. •f , :-..,...nal .M.\M e f;ri-i.- I ;i.. I I (.!i 1/ (lfli.'(.rs all.I Inill. ill a, (•':-^s i.f ilii.iy nii.-iii-.'. r.-. '.i^t nl-hi. ' I'l.- cla-'- ua^ \>IIIIM'.| II; I hy () I'., I'll.'. I f Kansas ^'it^ a .li-piity oi an i /i'i in till- (Miier .\fier the ei.iiionl •K i,:li(i is i.ii- slin-..;ils w.-ri- seixiij i f'1- fii!i-.)\\ liiK tin- lai- onici-is i-lecte.l: Un:.-r - !'ia!:!i niii !.-r. V!( i> l.'iil- . - ('1 (I. '.ilin^nn. I'.ist l!iii.-i - .Mien llar'oNv. ' liui'.iii-.- Sam Ill-Ill.--'. \Vii-.l...i—Fnd fJill. ..•.ir.shjiil-.lchn Ititrns. tlii.o-'! 'i.^orgc Serrtn^. Se-jl.ii-:!—Fred Iliii:. r. Trii'!to; s—H. KwIng, .To«e|V Urn le.v. Thi.s is p. rj;; i :..i I'" ;.i I- M. i;:'h c"o..k. .-n -i c Inijil tTroiii'hoiit, i.icely iriiiii-.i. 1!. a * i-^ r'lu'!:'. i.i to se- l -.ct brill, on;- jiiii-.- t (>:ii;?!: Sale of r ^sw Pali Waisls. • 1' •• (I I- ! • CiO'lks ill $5 98. Iad:e.s' Cloak.s. 50 inches lotie. p'-iin> blac'-c and faicy mi.x tures, none \vc?rh lesi than 5^\5". \Vi 1 g 1 ijuick at $5.98 I/)ST—III lola a l:idy"8 long Mack doak Willi velvet Finder plt^se jibone G48 and receive reward. •i' i I'. It; ..f;'.', :\]'. but yon I" . I!"- 'V !.l • tbi- r-rice .11' "i.j il'>;i u iailured effects, A Sru- fonfis Linle Ones 110 Abilc iMC ni :irvkiii Coats aM ;«j;es lined " throughout. IH'UC p:-.»rl btutons. U'..i;l.| be cheap at I;,. -,'0 Specid sale p -c - - $2,65 :M b ;;st gndc Bcirtkin Cloaks in while, bro n, red, bltje aud gray. Thib is the best grade. Wid ;:ro "tomorrow, $2.98

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