Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1907
Page 3
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wiK SWITCH ^ACBEP ITKB^ Tkree ttOM mat ntrtr-t^rtm lalmni li AeeMMit la 5oHk Carrtbu. - - 'Washington. N. C. Oct. 18.—Threo were hilled and ih'rty-sevpn injured, cne probably fatnlly. as ihe result of a collision at nndil. North Carolina, last niRhi. bpiwr'«>n a Sniuii«»rn railroad pasHpngrr train .and a frf'lgllt. The braknman on th(> froltht whom i thn ofllolal'" Biiy raiisod tho iicrldout.' by If ,TvfnK ihi> s'wiicli opivi. has ills apDoar /N). Ilmli ••iic:nf>R .md Iwoj /•onrh^'s arf tijiilly ilniiia )ri''i|. .Si-'vi -ral f.-o'tihl. rnri- Kotf il.'iiiollKhi'd 'I 'ni'. fload iirr ilii< fr<>iii;iii. Mrs .1 I*, j Thotnn 'i. wif"- of ih.^ frolclu fdiulitr lor, piid It. .Mi'-n Ut.niii. of itirli mr.nd, V.I, a !ci)r.'s.'tii.nUv.' nf :i |);i!>pr Ytnx c-inpiuiin. \ln i i >f •In-' Injiirl'"- siisjaiiif^'l wnrn <!lii.'li( .SKVIN IV ( tH.MSKIV. .«>(ivrt r«r> Mvi In •• httu In I liiillii- nooKn. rh .iu.Timri.'1 Ti 'ti ().•: I . ! ^ - , Siroot oar roUi^ion lnMi" ilii- nn'iiiir'; in .1 I'ou - v.'ii ii<i--fiii- wfi-. Ml't-!, .•ind Ihrliv injuiPd. uti soritm-ly. \ A confiislijn .•isiials i.s sa-il , havp br^pn tli''> r.iiisp. Th.^ cir-; whi:!! J uoro rilnnin: ;il .i f.i'"- \vot i > inio :i d|) in ir .K 'l- ;tli(l r.iti'.l.- ! • head rn. T:'.^ rix-onroi: r.TC iv.-i-; li.;. • i Vy loaded wiiii ii(-<,i>!i- on ih4> \\.i> lo; iho oiiy ami ninsi of ih^ kil'. i ^ i inj'iri""!! V TP nil ihis Mr. IV.ili iiim j omiPn wort' killp-i i!i^ianil\ Tl''> | .1f>ad ar.-: Mmi .iiiicn VA P .i;-; . T Willi IV!iiiin;zii-)ii. Will K. Si-ii 'i. a moat fir.-ilor. ;i:;d thrPf !.>iii''<-I 1 n.^groe.c. Of llp iiiliir.'.! fonrt PH .M'' pprJon?. , OIM'OMI) TO IMKHJM Hill.. ^» we Commrn-ial Inlcrovfi Do .\o( l.lUr .\<<M itill of Ladlntr. \V;i-h:nz ..n i ui i:. -Tli-il f'i.-m r.ii! ..; v iii< ii ii IHiSod lo I 'M! ili:.i I I'f t.\ (111 : !l ai.'mari-; i;f .Ji.' r<f:tii.'-y. n< x(, 1>> ilip Int 'TSj .iK' Cinmi foniniNsinn i.> i,<i[ :;aci.^i.-iitnrj lo romniPr<''.:il iiU'M'p^'.- ;in'{ ;h:.T ?f-parni<''s af !:niiii;,' slioiil I i< optPd in-l a'i I'oiui.^l i>i. . hoarinir of ..ii><<' inr'^roMs )..•[• .r (••.iIDiii:-- I. ill.- 1 V. 11 I'll Intorrinif (.•..n-.ui. i day. ' ThP a<'...;i; •nil I'f ;i iniifcnii *•! ! < ladln>4 in 't"^ i!:in-i "ii "-i'^':i '•' i - bv r')mn)on rn:.!' r- niil 'ii\i>'-. • :• ical d-':i;ir'ii:.> fiMiii ili-' IIH-' I M . i!.i>. la .\i iii<- iir.'^fP.t tiim- . . i.r. roads nfitiP In i "-d >"': M .-; ii- , .-i • nlf> hill: ni' ,:iiii!i>;. :in''i li> Hi. '1 '-i: to (.friirc iitlifiirmi-y in ili.' ii",r :.v Ihp <.i ;iv qii' .-lion : K i.>u.^. I( «"fl- in<' <<>;i< 111 < ;.i • ii •• [),f rp'iorL~ of I M.-- iiil.-r<>-'s 1>< n.l fiat a rvornpiipnin 'ion lipni.-i !.• fi .i tlio a'iopik.n !-y ilir> ooiiiniiss'o:-. i'. Pi" to p.n into pfftV! of (Wo <i:>ii:o: hill.c of ladin^i which .-hoiild 'i'^ un fi'irm in charari>T ono to l >i> i.viwi a.-> n "straipht" bill of ladinc .-.•i.i h. othor an "onbT" bi'I of Kwlinu. \' rrdpr bill of la'iinc. ii wns- p\|.':ji i .1 Is a np.eotmlilp in>ii'uiiPiu upon 1 nopp.v r:in lo:i !i >>,t. ;ind :! !v biU of ".ailiim i- iin .inlinr-ry r. <•• i-.i v .-hioa Tho rai 'ro .Td or.i;i;iii\ ui • .- lo ,n oon^it-'fimoni of cooii?. It Vi'a? ar-' :li:it 1 :: • . •>:• m;.s-ion ii'loj't ihp mo iiropo^r! i.i!' nf laciinp. f.'ili>!.'inlia! jiij-i r • lo A',: i- t.' oonrPrnPd ivnul,] it,-. ;if"or •<•.: Th'p pomniiss on wil! r,otniai>'' n '• fsion for •son:''' tin:'' The mtMtoa of this store is to Ivralsh Its patrons ieptete vart^ty of the world's desirable and dependable merchandise on a price ^IMIS lhat means savings In th»ir ye«r(y txpcns^s. We comit on many talcs and quick small profitu to recompense o* for oor strcnooos daily endea «9 «r»«>|K ' make good" ^ folk* thac trade herr.. Oor success has b^n beyond oor fondest h pes, and wht'e we take kome credit to oorselves, we have the peopM ^mpank for tlielr kecii^^fil;^' ccroment and consrqaent action In favoring this store with their patronage. Ihc repoiation of this stor^ as IoIa*s best place to trade sii*ifbr maintained, and tlwie^ difttincttve characteristics of Satisfactory service* polite atnd tatclligent salespeople, dependabilttyt desirable merchandise, etc., etc., for which we are noted, ihall tVft force Th »mselvcs before yoor attention. ' \ ' Ladies'. Misses' and Children's Coats. \ in kfyiP, fHbrlr and tit, lhi>«p s^}]pH aro !»np <*rior. \ romprrIi(>n«lT<> ihonlnir pro milDPiil amonr Iho o.Trlush<> i'raturr« of whirh are raanj In. l<>re.«tinir. hieh rlas<i ctamitles from (hp Lradlnir DeKlfrnor.0 of i :a«trrn Mariict«. 'the wide price ranee embrare« C'«w(s IhnI nlll meet personal prefer- anee* nio«.| satlsfartorilv. The valaes In [.utiles' Cnals handsomely lalloredi irot- len up with the »»esl sljle and Irlnimines from — lo ^10 LudleO Yelnnr and Ilroadeloth Jaekel-s from . to «3fl4)0 \ \ full line nf Junior <'oats from ^ W.:; lo i»l.-.,00 fhlldren'* foals from lo ifTwO InfnnU' Coals from lo Furs in Original and Exclusive Styles Upproved by Fashion. ."Sl.vle. dnrnbilltr, iM'eoinlnir.nes-., rlrliness. Those four words aptly express Ihe f<Mlure <i Unit dlslhi. Kulsli 'the product Ions from -A slore famous for Its fnr«." We handle the Kdward tieoree line of hetrolt. .MIeliH one of Ihe hesi |lne« of Furs made. Here yon will lliid nil kinds of Furs. I'rices rauire from I" ^4 Millineiyi At Low L Prices! ' in speelftll/inir these lines, we hnve eoneenirated our efforts to pr<duee nnmlslakahlr. siroiiii values in sljle, <|ual!ly and workmanship how we have sui-ecHled is evidenced by the models uc sebri as worthy. Excellent new Fall .Shapes—the season'«i lie si—you will lind here. Trimmed with silks, velvets and eoques. Topics of Imported models and made nf the I M-V ( materials pretlliy trimmed Hats from f*».:.«. W.fld. i»l..''d up III i*3.'.. Dress Goodi Silks ar<^ Velvets ul prices that should compel attention^ Silks direct from the xtlk honw. Thtii line sold exclnshely bjr kg. The sea. son's newest and prettleft for yoa t».v^ select from, from Mr to $1.50 par yard.:. The iiest i\M Black TaCTetJi, fruraa. >^ teed, thai money wHI bay wc hare for' yon- Dress Goods in every new weare anA' color front down to loc per yaril. • The l)e>t and popular C 1 O| I IB la Waal TaiYetas, (Chiffon. Batiste^. CUITdn •?! Lounta.s, Serrc» at il.00 that yaa will And In any city. Beot Silk YelTflts ia^^^. all the new shades at flJM per yard.'V' Fall Weight Underwear, for Ladies, Misses and CiiildreB, i Mi Selection for yon l« seleei froB. 1f «;.7 :l have for you the best rmierwMr tiatr^I money can bay, to retail for SSe, HHi^ 7.> and $1.00 per flarment. 'Irr i-^'^^'l and we are snre we ran please yo#l I'udervTear. %t3 Euut Mmdl9on Avenue, RICHARDSON'S 2 tfoorm Wemt Thamp' man IIVI.I.OOMSTS IHMH- >OTK. I.. K. H.\P.,TM.\N of r .ionsoi; tho. Pity today on r-\ii p.-Jta'."" lii: He may inv.'~f in ioia nro;>.^riy Vf-Mitfr r-iliid lit l.eesbiira- T P IU Tiirlr Location. ' 'i: .i-o O' \ lo'iowlnc (Ii.-•.:<,i wii.- i -ci. iv.rl litTc tlii.~ niornlnt.' . .!if .V.^-ofi.i(.-.| l;.'.-^: ••|..'P .-!,niu. () ilii. 1^. T!'i irM-"- i:;' i.^ iliii;i;.i ,l f.-iMii ilii- li.illoi:!) slu- ..i: i -.>i -ii> ,:\ o't !oi -k :i. ni. Oi'- ol.r-r 1 o.\ I ll :!Nlioii> \Vr IIM' IIIIV- •;ini; f:i-i so ;rlii -~(!i;ii;(I!rr ;ind fpCo>.- i,ou;.~ (1c:. J-;.—M P C OJ auil liriiidlpr h :!Vi> won ihp I.aham Pii|i for oni; disiaiipp iliu!!!. bavins, wbe'i .'n> pa.KsPd ovT raliiiio',^. Ohi>\ I .PI' I I M P re 1 on! of i ".)iii liiindrpd t«piity ic^- .•>;:i)ilir^hpii l >y I.i. .ii. nam I.a- l:i>i yo;>r as ihp intprn.'iiiniia! ontpit rppord. Ciiindlpt ^o -iij MiCo; -f: Si. I.'ini- loiir ii 'h v.-i'Til.iy rifiiMiKion. Tli«- i.i 'Hii in .-l.-v.-ii hoiu • iim) lifiy iiilii- • , - pi ,\.'i .l .-I i!i ,-;;.)iPi' niP •.-ii .iii-.; • .• li!i :iti i !!:"ty nil.-- ...i a ::i'Lii line, 'riir lijiloon ih" . >-.;l:;r' I-.^H I 1: O|> I IIM| ir :M -!iiri -' .-iiii I. I I i- .-od -iii': no-i. 1- I I KI: il:t.. :;I:I; I U-LI' iiponl :.;^'i.-!i.-il \,\ I.i. .!:. ;i.!!ii I.;iham l!<ci»t«T WanlN hrintf results. KK<»SO\ >EWS. ' .hi'. T. Lnrduer and F. (". ilaybss 'v. itc ;n l.a llarpe .Monday on hiisiiu'.s.-i. .Mrs. iCIla Tripp lia.« bppii down from <;».• Cii.v ilip trpiiipf part of ilil.« we.'k lakin.^; oarp of hpr liiiie daiiKlHPr «ho I'ic liPe-n .'irk bill Is bptipr at lhii< I IniP. I n 'r.'iKP \loorp and finillv \v<r.' iii I 11'«nod falls from Thursday iin- ti! .^imd«> \isliinir rpjaiivp.s. I l >r. and .\Ir.<. .1. S. Ciiinniinss WPTP i:! Ton R POII Sunday vi.siiinf: lliPir i (i.iMuhiir. Mrs. (iiiff lliiL-lic-'. I .Miss Harlii r of .\loiiiii c-aiiip in TtiPs- d ly for a !-bi)ri vi'-ii ui |i i;,v. i::i|-- l.i-r and fami.}. V.inrAiT llioilii-r.- Iiorsp •.:.lf. u -Ivi 'n a ilip siopk aid:- Wi'ihiP.-d.i.v. \v .is ;it • •'tided li.v a laii.''' erowd an lioise.. «ini for .1 ui 'iid [iiiri-. .Ml'.--. Map Colili w.iN in lol ;i Moml i.v I. Ill T'|p>(lay on tin- iiii' .Mrs. Uniihain ri'lnrncd ;n lipr lionip ill lo'.va Tiit.sil;iy .ifur siM .'ral da.\.s viFilin;.: rplativps hppc. MOVK KXI'UE.S.S OFFK K. .Vtiieriran and I'ucilic Express Com. puny to He on West Street. Th .Vniprican and I'ai-ide otilpps are lo lip tnnvpil llli- lir.--l nf ihi|ii('Xi nionih from tbp prc.<i'ni unartprs iin Ihe <;iH-liti);liiiiiHP block iiilo H IP I 'riii l.iiwpi'ii tbp Kaixlf restaurant .•mil 111 ' I'alacp Shop .storp on W' .•-irc":. I'liP room to bp n-pitpied by ilip f:,i:rp.>'s oHiPPS. l.^; ai iir.'spnr IIPP I as a rp.statiranl room. The ( Ity Is Waiehiuu' nrllliuB; on >ew Leases. "'Isp pity is pxpPclinK to lirlnj; in ii v .i 'll Kilay (111 tbp Dnriipy land WPS; < I t IP city, wlilpb was rppptitly tak- iti niidpr a loasp. TI IP well i.s b.-»inR v.'itphpd plosply by tho elly as a ereat. •l- al dppends II| K )II it. if a good WP M is hrouKbi in the rnnclii.siim niay be- drawn that the fiald I.s a Kood one and tin- ciiy has a valuable lease. I Carl Koberts and Warren Allei .New Baslaeas. f'arl Roberts and Wiarren Allen; twi^J iiKliiHtrioti.s yoiinff men of ihla clt^^y:^ I will open a iii -oRslnS and cleanlnif fH^Wl \ tab 'ishment at 1T<^ East Madia^^Voi ! Uoih younR men have bad inof *^"&i '->fii l.^f=<; experience in the business .^boiild have a f^d patronage. ' •.viU open for business nextMoi Dani^ii Sieinier Wrecked. I.oiidfin. <>'•• i» - T!-.' |i;ini>;i -'iin • \'f:Pil r li:!s hrpn wrpi-k'd . i i;;.' ro:!i.- "\ <':i.-i:i' I'oiiil. .-^poi­ nd, .-ih.' '.vi-i;: u.- dniiir.; il,r il.. iii:ili Mid t'v -.•r; -.1 !H" I • drowP' I LOOK YOUR BEST It's a duty you owe yourself .-jnii your friends. If you wear Kant- bebeat clothes you can look your he*t all the time with comparatively small cost. We can ilrc'^'; >ou better for less money than any other ston-. Will you give us the oppo .'tunir;. to prove this to you? Drop in and let us show \i.iii v.hy Kantlie- beat clothes arc e's Store SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! To Lovers of AH Prof. Jno. Wasloy, A. M. M. H. SPECIAL PO TRAIT AND CLASSIC ARTIST Has opened up a studio in the two corner rooms oyer the postoffice, rooms 1 and 2, wnere lie has iittedupaciisplayof his work which he respectfully invites all lovers of the beautiful to call and inspect. SPECIALTIESi 1 OH Portraits, Ivory and Porcolain MInaturas from Llt9 Portraits from Photographs, made in India Ink, Water Colors. French Pastels and Porcelain Crystals. All kind of portrait work done by hand and brush. Leave phone calls at No. 400 and Prof. Wesley will be glad to call and see you. Alt Work Quaranieed ia be Highly SaiMaolory 4

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