The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1966 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 29, 1966
Page 4
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Blythevllle (Ark,) Courier Newg - Monday/August »,'1W- P.W Mao's Purge Has Obvious Motive By JAMES MARLOW | Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) What's happening in China today is a children's crusade. In time the Chinese will look back with shame on this young peope's rampage set oose with the blessing of Mao Tze-tung and his leadership for a purpose that's plain. . •' ; . It's a defensive effort by Mao and his cique to throtte and for the foreseeable future intimidate critics or woud-be critics of his regime. This is being done on the heels of purges already carried out. : :;..•';•The Mao group has made progress in bringing China into the 20th century although its present: failures are not widely known in the West, with one ex eeption. That's in foreign .affairs. , .,.* * ..*But it is a chocki.ig reveation . of Mao's uncertainty about the Communist party's grip on th< people that after ITjears in control the Mao regime has t call youngsters, including hooli gans, into.the streets to frightei the masses into obedience and •silence. Control of the 700 millio Chinese is made easier if Mao* ruling group can create an im ge of him as an omniscient after whom none dare question without committing sin. *. * * In this case the sin would be onsidered stupidity or treason. But in the process the leader- hip itself becomes childish; r else is exhibiting a profound ontempt ior the intelligence of he Chinese people. The New China News Agency has just said; Absorb the great bought of Mao and you too can le on the winning team. Then it explained how Ked China's world championship tabls tennis team studied Mao's political and military tactics to learn, how to vin at tennis. But the Red Chinese are no winning in foreign-affairst. Sunday for .instance, the Italian Communist party called the pol icies of Red China a failure/ The Italian party's newspaper said stands taken by China have cost communism dearly in Asia with a setback in Indonesia am India, and had even weakenet the Communist cause in Vie Nam. • •'.:•• The paper could have gon into other continents to show Red China's foreign failures including the Russians and ott er Communists in Europe^ ex cept for tiny Albania. In Peking, Shanghai and other Hies bands of young people, nder the name of "Red Guard," were carrying out what one Red Chinese newspapr called a "fierce attack on all old deas, culture, customs and hab- ts." -•'•*' * * ' ' .' The attacks ranged from hanging street names to dese- rating : tiie few Christian churches still left in China and aiding private homes to mmiliate anyone not as faceless as the youth seem to want all to The poor foreign policy of Red China has been interpreted as aggressiveness and extremism in dealing with other Communists or backward peoples but the basic reason for the failure is probably political immaturity. The endless deification of Mao, the use of such juvenile tactics as the "Red Guard^the wretched relationships with neighbors and other Cominuriis parties give the Red Chinese a special loo kof absurdity. This is probably due to feel ings of inferiority, inflexibilitj due to the long years o preparation for the revolution and a self- consciousness due tc both. DVEIUTSEMENT FOR BIDS MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS ' ' Separate sealed bids for con- ruction of Water Supply «nd Sewage Treatment Facilities for otton Boll Vocational Technic- School at Burdette, Arkansas, ill be received by Mississippi Bounty, Arkansas, in the office f the County Judge, Court- ouse, Blytheville, Arkansas, ntil 2:00 o'clock P.M., C.S.T. eptember 12th, 1966. They will len be publicly opened arid ead aloud. The 1 work on which proposals re requested consists primari- t of: A water supply well (50 PM),; water treatment facili- es with building, package-type wage pumping station (50 G- PM), ipproKtaiiteljr «W (feet) of 3" (inch) force main, and a 0.8 acre oxidation pond and appurtenances. The information for Bidders, Plans, Specifications, Form «f Bid, Form of Contract, Form of Bid Bond, Form of Performance and Payment Bond and other Contract Documents may be examined in the Office of the County Judge, Courthouse, Blytheville, Arkansas or in the Office of Ellers & Reaves, Incorporated, Suite 2902,100 North Main Building, Memphis, Tennessee Copies may be obtained only at the office of Ellers and Reaves, inc., at the above address upon payment of $30.00 for each set. Any unsuccessful bidder, upon returnlnt auch set promptly (within 20 dayi of bid letting) when unmarked and in good condition, will be refunded his payment, and any non-bidder upo • so returning such a set will be refunded $15.00. The deposit of the successful bidder, will be retained. All bidders are required to obtain a copy of the Contract Documents and Plans and shall be licensed \.> do business in the State of Arkansas under Act 150 of 1965. The Owner reserve the right to waive any informalities or to reject any or all bids. Each bidder nu"' deposit with his bid, security in the amount, form and subject to the conditions provided in the information for Bidders. Attention of bidden to partio Aug. tt, IMS ulan. called to the requirements as to certain conditions .indiscrimination in employ- .lent to be observea and minimum wage rates to t>e paid under the contract. Bidders on this work wilt be required to comply with the President's Executive Order No. 11114 and the provisions of Executive Order 10925 as included therein. The requirements for bidders and contractors under the order are explained in the Specifications. No bidder may withdraw his bid within 30 days after the actual date of the opening thereof. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS A. A. Banks, County Judge i river frtf, Coming down a tree, a *quir- rel travels head first 'and la more careful as it moves,.setting each foot individually.. ; Mrs. Oveta Gulp Hobby -was the first head of the Department of Health, Education,and Welfare. She was sworn in - ; on April 11, 1953. . . .". The earth's atmosphere up' to 600 miles has been closely studied by satellites and instrumented rockets. : ••• Some species of deer, the musk deer and the Chinese deer, lack antlers. '•"' Wff^F'*^^^^^^ ^^^/,, .„. i. „., -iTlinniimil^r^-IIITimnrTfirHir-'^^ Get ready to enjoy the holiday ahead! Labor Day and school opening are just ahead. So are the cooler autumn days that call for heartier meals for your family. That's why we've planned this action-packed sale. It's loaded wHhi the many different foods you'll be needing these early September days. Come in and stock up at Safeway today. Savings all around the store. SALAD DRESSING MELLORINE ICE CREAM HOT DOG BUNS FRENCH FRIES WHITE BREAD Piedmont Qt. Quality Jar. Joyett frozen Assorted Flavors >/2 Gal. $ Ctns. '/ 2 Gal. Snow Star Frozen Vanilla . , M • Ctn. 5 8-ct. $4 Pkgs. ( •££- 2 Loaves lain. rBs uiar »i*- cc **« .*»««•»^-, —»~i supply ship USS Sacramento while a tanks overhead. Police 'Brutality' Is Investigated By WILLIAM J. CONWAY CHICAGO (AP) — Two policemen seized a bare-chested heckler, in the .all-white..Chicago Lawn community, rushed him to a patrol wagon and boosted him inside. The white crowd shouted: "Brutality." Twenty-four days earlier police shut off a gusliing fire IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE .JHICKASAWBA DIS- ThlCT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. JAMES M. GARDNER, SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE FOR ROBERT C. WEAVER, THE SEC- RETAR/ DF HOUSING AND TiRBAN DEVELOPMENT AS SUCCESSOR TO THE FEDERAL HOUSING COMMISSIONER PLAINTIFFS VS. NO. 16895 FLOYD COZART AND IRENE COZART, ET AL DEFENDANTS WARNING ORDER THE defendants, Floyd Cozart and Irene Cozart, Claude E. Crider, Trustee and Solmica, Inc., are hereby warned to appear within thirty (30) days in the above Court to answer a Complaint, filed against them by James M. Gardner, Substitute Trustee for Robert C. Weaver, The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development as Successor To -he Federal Housing Commission and are hereby yarned that upon their failure to so appear and defend tha said Complaint may be taken as confessed, all as by law pro vided. .... - . WITNESS the hand and sea of the Clerk of the above men tioned Court this 12th day o August, 1966. ., < GERALDiNE LISTON Cler By Geraldine Listen 8-15, n, M, «• hydrant in a West Side Negro j eighborhood and arrested eight ersons, an incident that kin-' led three nights of rioting. The Vegro crowd shouted: "Brutali- y." * * * Lt. John Harris, commander f the Excessive Force Unit of he Police epartment's Inter- al Investigations Division, has 4 sergeants—8 Negro and 6 w hite — who check into reports f brutality. Supt. O.W Wilson set up the unit May 10, 1965, for that spe- :ific purpose In the first year, Harris,said n an interview, the agency received 687 complaints. The allegations, he said, were sustained n 29 of them and all the officers were penalized. Penalties vary according to he nature 'of the offense. They ange from working on a day off to a 30 : day suspension to dismissal. If a violati,.! o' a law is nvolved, the case goes to the state's attorney. This summer — from June 12 to Aug, 25 - the unit received 192 cases, including about 35 rom the areas ot the West Side riots and the scattered civi: rights demonstrations. Harris said inquiries have been finished in 49 of them, with this score: In 39, "a thorough investiga lion reveals no substance to al legations." In 10,. the charges were "no sustained." In some instances, he went n, witnesses wouldn't coop- rate or the complainants ooled off. Investigation hasn't been ompleted in the other 143 ases. .The unit .receives most of its omplaints by telephone, some rom anonymous callers. They sually say some citizen was ushed, struck, jabbed with a lub or had his arms twisted Me being handcuffed. "Ninety-five per cent of the omplaints are linked to cases n which people are arrested and they resist arrest," Lt. Haris said. "Then the officer has :o use force to overcome resist- nce." The arrests among hecklers oE he civil rights marchers in, July and August were mostly based on charges of disobeying police orders to move along or stay >ack from the parade path, failure to disperse wTien so directed and disorderly conduct. The Caribbean island of Mar- inique has some soil so fertile that a signpost in it may take root and sprout leaves. At one time during his playing days with the St. Louis Cardinals, Stan Musia! hit five home runs in a doubleheader. •.'. *•..« * . That clause; Harris explained means 'there wasn't enougl evidence to prove or disprov the allegations." "That doesn't mean it didn happen," he added. Detergent 39 59< lOc White Magic „ With 55 or more additional J"«D«f purchase, Excluding beer and I"OZ. tobacco. Limit one. i KCJ. Fab Detergent - .. " *' 10c Off Label ... with §5 or more additional purchase, Excluding beer and tobacco. Limit one. ' " 49 Get Gold Bond Stamps at Safeway! CHOPPED STEAKS Manor House Select Steaks 8-oz. Priced to Save Pkg. SIRLOIN FILLETS'""""""" SLICED BACON • We Reserve The Right To Limit Purchases. 89 S-or. .Pkg. 2-lb. $ 4 |JA 100 Ct. Btl. Safeway ! 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