Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 26, 1908
Page 6
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S' V '• i • = 1 JlilliMi :«riliiBe CrM: Film Ladies' |5 .0n Skifts. onl)r 25 of this lot left. en Choice 9vlUU One lot Ladies' and Children's SOc to $1.00 Underwear OJC Choice KiUC Still Selling Ladies $1.25 and $1.50 blaclc Undersltirt.^ Choice /•••«fuC BEGlri THE WEEK WITH SAVING-VI^T FRiSHfMAN'S STORE STORMS ARE OVER Klllino FrcAt in Wichita and Oklahoma CUy.—Telegraph Service Poor. Kansas City, Oct. 24.—The snow storm wlilch for nhnost n week has prevailed in we.itorn Alissourl. Kansas and Oklahoma had almost passed this morning. Wichita and Oklalio- ma City reported clear weathor and a killing frost. In KalisMs City a wet snow which, was general east ot here fell during the night and early morning. Telegraph - communication is bampered. ,\^- TCRJf THE TEACHEK LOOSE. aOsfi Wirt, of Court. Plaster Famf, \ot to Be Prosecuted. Kansas ,Clty. Has.. Oct, 2«.—Miss Edith Wirt, the Rosedale schoolmarm •who was. recently arrested on a warrant Issued by a Justice of the peace for sticking court plaster over the lips of a pupil as a cure for whispering, is not to be prosecuted . County Attorney Joseph Taggar of Kansas City, Kas., Friday ordered Justice Geo H. Cook to dismiss the case, stating that the. charge if true did not constitute a criminal offense, and that the young school teacher should not have been humiliated by ha%ing a warrant served on her. (First Published October 5. 1908.) SHERIFF 'S SALE. The State of Kansa?. Allen County, ss. In the District Court, Thirty- "Seventii Judicial District, sitting In and foi Allen county. State of Kansas. Midland ^Saving & I..oan Company, et al. Plaintiffe, vs. Oliver Steinman. et al.. Defendants. ' By virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of the Thirty-seventh Judicial District Court, in and for Allen Cotinty, State of Kansas, In the above entitled cause, and to me directed and delivered, I will on the Seventh day^ of November, A. D, rtOS, at 10 o'clock A. M- of said day, at the south door of the court house in the City of Tola, Allen County, State of Kansas, offer for sale ~and sell to the highest tidder. for cash In hand^ the following described real estate,! to-wit: Lot Three. (3) In Block One Hundred and £lem»n (111) City ot lola. M^en County, Kan W% Sfild lands and tenement/ win b.e spJ4 without appraisement tr satisfy said Order ot 6«k>. ... CO. :^JJJKGER. Sherli^ of Allen County. Kapsat By J. H..KBSRR, Deputy Sheriff, A proposition to amend the iconstl- tutlim relative to the disquali^catlon of Judges to ho.'d certain officjifl. Bo It resolved by the Legislature of the State of Kansas, two-thirds' ot the members elected to. each house thereof concurring therein: Section 1. The following proposition to amend the constitution of the state of Kansas is hereby submitted to the fiualllled' electors of the state for their approval or rejection: That socttoii 13, article 3, bo amended so as to read ^s follows: Sec. 13. The Justices of the supreme court and the Judges of all courts of record of this state shall, at stated times, receive tor their services such compensation as may be provided by law, which shall not bo Increased during thieir respective terms ot office. Such Justices or Judges shall receive no fees| or perquisites nor hold any other Jofflce ot proiit or trust under the authority .of the state, or the United States, except the office of judge of any federal court or justice or Judge of a jcourt of this sute, durlrfg the term of dfflce tof which such Injustices and Judges shall be elected, nor practice law In any of the counts in the state during theli continuance in office. Sec. 2. This proposition sliall be submitted to the electors of the stat<> at the general election of representatives fn the year 1S08 for their ap- i.roval or rejection. The amendment hereby proposed shall be designated on the official ballot by the following title: "The Judicial amendmerit to the constitution," and shall be voted foi or against as provided by law undei such title. I Passed the Senate January 29. 1901 Passed the House March 9j 1907. Approved March 12, 1907. 1 hereby certify that the fpregolnf is a true and correct copy of original senate concurrent resolution No. 11 now on file at my office. , C. E. DE.VTON, Secretary pf State 2-9-16-25. (First Published. October 14, 1908.) Treasury Department. Office of the Supervising Architect, Washington, D. d.. October 12,1908.—Sealed Proposals will be received at this office until' 3 o'clock p. m.--on the 16th day of November, and then opened, for the construction (including plumbing, gas piping, beating apparatus, electric conduits) and wiring), of tih( U. .8. Post Office at lola. Kansas, In accordance .with the'drawin^ and specification, copies of which may be had from •hp Custodian of th«.alte at IoIa,iKkn- sa.^. '.ir .-'.t this office, at the discretion ot the Supervising Architect JAMBS KNOX TA'SjLOR. Supervising Architect Erwin Green, the colored mian who ^as held up and robbed Saturday afternoon In Esst lola', went to (pbaQOte this afternoon- to invefitlgate t|ie B0»- pect who' vas arrested there |ye«tei> day but who was iuipad JqoM '-j «ui]r TALKS TO FARMERS Jud?<^ Taft Will End the Tonr of Indiana Tonl^ht-^FIftoon Speerlirsj Today. i Richmond, Ind.. Oct. .*»' —The Taft special left Indianapolis this morning for a tour northward In tho state which Is to end tonight at Gary. Former National Chairman Harry S. .S'cw and State Chairman Joiiei>h P. Goodrich accompanied him. Judge Taft continued short talks tu farmers where ever stops were made. Fifteen towns were on the itinerary today. Dies FROM KICKINQ CHAIR. Tetanus Develops, in Woman Who Bruised Her Leg on Rung. . Springfield.. Mo., Oct. 26.—Mrs. ja- bob Hazel, the wife of a farmer near here, recently struck her leg on the rune of. a rocking chair. The Ijrulse developed blood poisoning which ^ suited In lockjaw, causing her death today. The woman died in great agony. WANTS TIME EXTENDED. T. W. Green Says He Can't Pay Temporary Alimony Now. . Judge Foust is tWs afternoon heai> Ing th^ ,applIcation of the plaintiff In .the divorce suit of T. W. Green vs. tElla Green for an extension of time ior the payment ot attorney fees and temporary alimony. The court had directed some time ago that Green pay $15 attorney fees and $10 alimony to his wife. Green now asks that the time for paying fees and alimony be extended on the ground that he has been put to more expense in having to hire another lawyer. MR. scorrs SCHEDCLE. He AnnoaDcea SpeaklniT Dat(>s This Week. for . The following is 0)ngres|man Chas. F. Scott's speaking dates for this week: Paola tonight. Fort Scott. Tuesday; Osawatomle, Wednesday: Kansas City. Thursday afternoon and evening; Law rence, Friday: Ottawa. Saturday/afternoon; Olatbe,. Saturday night. H. T. Evana is Hopie. .H..T. Bvana retnmed Satorday ey- this morning. The suspect is said to*eii!ng from a seTeral days' Tfslt InJ Sheriff** office, Ida, Kansas, Octo- have remained In Cbanute. Sonthm lOnoarL Qulncy, llhi:. Oct. 28.~It developi^ last rilght that Judge Albert .^ers. of this city, W appointed John's. Llne- lianl 'aect^tafy an'd general managiir of thie Battle Greek Breakt^ Fd6d eompahy. llinited. monutacturera bf|* Egi-0^3ee, as receiver of the priJ^ erty and business of the companjri Tbe 'action was ti^keli Saturday quietly oa application of B. S.~ McCoy, of iBiif- I^lo. N. T.> manager of the BnCEaio plaiit-of the «ofiipany, representing as stated In tii4 petition th^nterests Involved. Line ban at once furnished the required I bond of two hundred tiiouaand dollars. HE Harold RuasellPhllllpv Aged 2, En- dtavored to Taks Shave and Cut Qash In Cheekw Harold RusseU Phillips Is the fine lltUe Vno year old son ot Patrolman David Roy Phillips, 103 South Second- street Like all other children. Harold likes to know what everything is for and how It is used. Patrolman Phillips was fortaerly a barber, but it was not supposed that the call- iii|( was inherent as seems to be the case. Patrolman PhillipsR, knowing so well how to carve his facial hirsute, frequently -performs this necessary service for himself. This morning he took his old kit of tools and spread them out on a table preparatory to a good eesy shave. Two especially fine razors were selected and laid aside while the officer went to another room to latber his face. Little Harold observing the razors, took advantage of the fact that there was ntf one In the room with, him, and. choosing what seemed to be the keenest edged razor of the two.'pare- fuly placed his left hand over one cheek while he scraped downward with the razor. The unusual silence Harold maintained attracted the attention of the parents, -and they hurried to the room to find that Harold had inflicted a deep gash In his right cheek and that blood was streaming front the woimd. It did not seem to Burt him, for when Mr. Phillips entered the room. Little Harold looked up and'stdd. Innocently enough, Tse savin.'" Harold was releived of the razor at once. An examination of the wound showed that It will not prove at all serious. KA5SA8 10, WASHEVGTON U. Only One Half Wa .<i Played on a Field Ankle Deep In 3fad. Lawrence. Kas.. Oct. 2G.—In a drlv 1ng Snow-storm and on a field ankle deep with water and snow the Jayhawkers defeated the Washington university elcveu of SL Louis by a score of 10 to 0. The game was called off Ht the end of the first half at the siig- ?estion of the referee, aiid with the •lonsont of both coaches. The game teas the worst ever witnessed on Mc- pook field from the standpoint of the players. The'Jayhawkers had the bet ter of the contest from the time Washington kicked off. and there was little doubt what the result would be after tie ball had been In play five" minute.^. THE BALLOT MOST IMPORTAITT TO CITIZEN, SATS RET. ELLETT. Toter Sbdald Go to Palls Seeking to Do as Gonaefeace Dletates—An Election Sermoo. -Rev. R. H. Bllett. pastor of the jChrlstlan church, devoted the morning sermon hour at his cburcTr yester-i ;day to a sermon on the subject. "Hbw^ jShould I vote?" He was given a fine Ihearing and the sermon was replete with powerful and^ logical appeals to Christian people to seek the purity of the ballot. In part. Rev. Eilett said: "This question is of the first Im< 'pprtance to, every intelligent and con-f scIehtIou.<i man. — "At the polI% a man me^ and discharges, or eiiiie fails in. one of the highest duties and obligations which, rest uponihtm. ' "It may bp taken for granted that party orgeinization Is necesst^ry to our form of government. Fidelity to party must not be placed above the control of conscience. "Party spirit temis to violate the conscience in two ways: first, by Influencing a man to override his con> science. Just as a boy Is led to deceive and Ue to'shield his gang; for what the gang la to the boy. the party Is to the man; arid secondly, by warping the conscience, so that a .man is led to feel that whatever is to the advantage of, is all right. Practically he holds to the sefatlment.—My party, may it always be rl^t; but right or wrong, my party. This tendency of party spirit is the frolttul source of moral direllc- tlon among voters and political wo* ers. And it is one of the most difficult to deal with In either one's self or In others; because when the moral leverage fails, there Is scarcely any other than can\ effect anything in the interest of righteousness. "Saul of-Tarsus was such a conscientious, ana such an utterly vicious party man. He was possessed of a party spirit which impelled him to abuse, imprison and murder Innocent men and women with entire ease of consoience. feeling that in those deeds he was doing God service, because he was acting for the interest of his party: so. r.iany a man has done since putting pariv in the place of God. His case, desperate as It was. was cured by a vision of Christ which turned him away from desiring supremely the succes.<! of his party, to desiring supremely to do. what Christ would tave him do. In that fact of Bible history we find the answer to our question. Let every voter go to the noils as an aigent of Jesus Clhrist. and let him set the cross on his ballot opposite to tjie names of those candidates only whom he things Christ desires to have In office, and not many mistakes wnl bo made fti' answering this question. HO^f. &HOTTLD J VOTE?" If people.woulil only properly Cortlr , fy and strengthien tiieQr ir &iail'iSkiat 98 per cent bl cob^ eol ^tjiuiri^- monia might be lavolded. Ijlieaft^iora- bles are simply -the resnlt ot.iW«tfaiesa which prodaceal a catarfhat l«i^tditlbn of the mdcons membrane, ifhteh^is-as an internal sklnl of the body. When this skin -Is weakened. It becomes Infected with germs*which dfe carried through, the system by the blood. These parasites attack and break these delicate tissues and set up a soreness which produce 'jrhat is in: reality an external'scrofula. The only thingi that will cur* coughs and colds and prevent pnedmohia is a medication which Is absorbed and carried by the blood so that the diseased membrane Is disinfected, cleaned; soothed and healed. : We have a remedy which ,we honestly believe infallable .and liinsurpass-- able for the prevention and cure of coughs, colds and all cattirrhal conditions. It is the prescription ot a famous physician,' who has ah enviable reputation of 30 yeata of cures gained through the use of this medicine. We promise to^elther effect a nxte in ev- et-y case or mi|ke no charge for the medicine. We urge everybody in lola who has need of such a medicine to try Rexall Mueu-Tone. It stands to reason that we could not afford to make such statements and give our own personal guarantee to this remedy if we were not absolutely positive that wc could substantiate our claim in every particular, and we see no reason why anyone should hesitate to accept our offer and try it. We have two sizes of Rax- all MucH-Tone. Prices BOc and $1.00. Sometimes a SOc bottle is sufficient for a cure. As a general-thitig. th^ most chronic case is^ cured '#tth an average of three large bottles. Remember, the medicine vrill cost you nothing if you are not satisfied In every partlctilar. S. R. Bilri«tl.-Th« Bexall Store, West SIdb Sqdate. Clab to STeet. The colored Republican ^-luh will |iold a meeting .it the hall in Bassett jomorrow night. Business of Importance is to he transacted and every member Is urged to be present. You eta qaicMy heat ami keep cozy the 'dnti8)>t7 'l»U wcoU room- no matter wkit the weather comiiiuws are—anikil ytftu anlf knewhow much red comfort yon xaa have ifna a ii TO cAUidiuiiii tD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST AND BRITiSH COLUMBIA ON SALE Sept. l8ttoOct.3l8t Ask for Fall Information. C. P. Hale, Agt. TAlKDfC ABOUT PAOTC. Bryan Is Trying to Make 3rew. Toiler* Bbime Repnblieans. MIddletown. N. Y., Oct! 3«.—Beginning Saturday, the first day of five days' campaign In New York state^ which Is asserted to be the real p«w lltlcal battle ground. Bryan is devti- ing nearly all his time to a discussiaa of the panic of 1907, basing his' ar^ ments on the statement by Judge "^SS Friday that the panic was a Repubik can one and was due to over pro*, perity. FLUSHES SEWER WITH WINE you wooUn't be Kridioitt one another iMhir. Turn ilie-«rkk as iiigli or as km as yon please— tiie» a nb' daafltr -me smoke—no- smeQ —josl direct intenaa heat-^a keeanM ^el the ^mokelest device. Beauhhdlv fidsked in nickel abdjapanna- menlalan7 «dieR: ThebrattliiitUkk4«aarti .tiir. ing hot (or 9 koutt. It isili|hl in wd||ifc--< ' carried iron room to room. Every-kcatcr.n ^Kn JX study By. IfedeV^ proved centtat-drlfrkBaBri ^^dad ^ggHUi ifaidal ^a IriglH^ - -bi «*a^ hteitib. r ii^iJBledr Sheriff Dumps Fifteen Barrels Confiscated at Newrten. Newton, Kas., Oct. 26 .T -F(teen ba^ rels of wine, confiacated., about six weeks ago from Frank S9pp, who resided north of Bnrrton> and-who. It now serving a jail sentence fbr ing intoxicating liquors, were ed into the sewe^ Itere .this noon -by Sheriff BIaiH>Ied. The oe- casion attracted quite a crowd to the Jail. " Slnlsters Mat, The weekly meeting of the lola MIn ister's Association was held In the T. M. C. A. rooijns this montlng. Qr. S. S. Hllscher. pastor of the First Presr byterian church, read a very Interestr ing paper. • . \: Fowler a« Bartilsyjiif J. H. E..Fowler of,loia^ yesterday to tajice a, ci ^ti^ al j ithe. smelter8.--BarUMy3^^ Priae. - V laii

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