Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1907
Page 2
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mm-' m - ' iflcf Cnity •MeK lut ii'illiiCi. ^'W4:;-'-- ^ >3Ir.;and ,Airs. U'l-rry Hans ii of Ta- J; alifu,jChina', lia-.<: iiii.n n •<•••! !!.•• li!r li I ol.d ciaii',".rfi-oil H. i"i Mill-T "v;!- yi:... 'JlantiOii will>':i!'( nvl .1 •= lliiii; -Gwiug, UaupliiT if tapi:'II iniU .Mr;. H 'A. Cwinh. ;'The V ii-•.• i.i'"ay i"' t ])oned laj-t M'liiii;; l.lH•:lu^:•• nf -kmalls luuLur- ;i! tlw .M. IC. cliuir;i. ; -> 4- * ; yiii. l-aft- Servuy. of OcIicU-iii. 1 T. iis visitlns liPr uiotliT. MIS Alit • Chastan. t Mr. and Mrs. I C. .-n! 1 ; tained al oVlorl; iliim r last !•> • I cninK for Hcv. and .Mi-s. S. Miischir. f * + + < Anion;; Ih .o rprious ?wri t^-. • • ;wh!ch nut .\<'.st«>ida.v was i!i • \\'<t i man's Foro'p" M'asionar.v riv'.i -ly 1 t / " tho ProsbyUTlan rimrcli. Tlic aitfii f - .,ancc! was lai"a<" and s -'vi -ral jiav 1 • r .^-crc prcscntpd liy tho IUOMIIHTS. M; -.. i E. 'U'. LcnioKtois ri'ad n iiaiH-;- iw i "Th« prartlonl M'SUIIK of Moriiuiii Look at Our Lili!)cv Cm (jlass, I\<>ok- v«)»0 l\>tti.Ty ;infl Hwiul i'aiiiiol Ciiiua. St wail, JewtlerandOpiic.'aa K14 Nuilh Wabhinnloj. pyrsiy in Califoniia and during tJio • ^ hocial lionr the- tudlen dl^cussiul Ihp * r -jil wli fli .small ei'llpse.s haTe in Hi',- j iiicalion of youus America. , j -Mr.s. Urunil>augli .>-,Lrv .>d an elabor- J ; a <• nuuu to l:«.r gin?sts. Tlic rooin.s ' : V.crp prettily trinimnd •niili braiu-lics ' < 1 Ijij-lii luuii autumn Ipavcs an-l M 'ason's flower-;. Mi'-is G! loy.- 1!: iiiiil>an'.:li and .Miss I'ranci-o .Mun:^)n as-h'slfd. V •:• • Iiaa>;ljt.'is of tin; fCiii;; nn-t in tl!i- •111.- ;:ii .J .Mr*. II. .\. EwhiK fold of liif wijil. nf .'Fidelia in I't-rsia in r iiifliKMlr'- ovor thf na'.Iv.s .•I:s. Kw ii:;'<! papcrji arc always tliur < i-;M.v •iij<'>fd and the ludios wcr. • •: iliiisii'stif • •ii. ••••itr> of-St. Tiiiiotiiy"s cliurcli yr -;t «'r -j| ' i'.;i> lo f-onsldi-r t'.ic r l )iisini"-.s affair-! ^] ilio i:oniln^ IMI n h of tin- jiarili.;' .Mrs. M. II .lours Was lio.'-.ii'yo i.ff l:<-r Siinilay !:i'l:i:ol rlass yusiorda.v all' • ti-rnoou for an iiour. Tlioro wa.s Mi I L'snal Piotliod of i>uti>rtainmi-nt a)i.'. ! .Mr.< Taylor |in'soiit "'i1 the iwpi-r of; '• i!u' .-ifi 'MiuJon oil "\ .Moilifr's 0 |ii")i[ iiiiiiii 's." When You Buy A WATCH from 11' yii <:iii assured thai joii gel JU...I what yon pay for. Oar priees are a^= re.!.-i;it- ahle a:- Ihey eaii be piirel.a:'••! lor any place, and oiir Kuaran- (ee lias lu'iMi made ;,'iJod duri :i-. lifleon year.-: iti loin. McXElL BROTHERS. THE JC^HCLER*. I "lit ilie club's interest. ... . . Diirilin the pasr year several li^au.i ! 'I'll" Soio.-is elui' luidi-r liie dine la\" been sii ;;geii(<d by wliicli money ,. ___,-„ f h 1 I '•• W'sbard and Mr.s.' <"iild l>i> raised to purcliasc a p uno, 1.1 praise 01 ner niscuos . y^. ^.p,f^, i^.^^.^. ,.jrra„p,.,i eaiii- l-ai somehow iliey wore nbanUoii-d. uii to secure., a piano for library Itiirini; Ihe approaching season iiif- IIHII «!11 be u!,ed for numerous event., i'lid ii will be of Kieal advantage fi la'.e a piano for the use of patmiis. I'a Tie' lai|;i.< lave b .-KUii .netlvo pre|i j I all. It >s the intention of the club ; :ata.ns for llieir praise service wliie'.; \ I'rovide tafts of iiasteboard staliiii; ,,, , ,, .» c. . ' 'be purpose of (lie paper, and oi; <M11 p,nl,;.!.!, oceuron .he S>>"'la> : ^,ocober L-l ihev will b-;!ii« Thnnlspn n;. I ..ij ,„ eliizeiis. Th.-r> will Pe a . ..ui-.i; •> \ ':•^\ s.'alioiied III each of tile sloris The Si)r<:"s rlnb Moni 'ii "-.-r I 'o canvass amoiiR the shoppers of ibe eii.-iiaijii!;l> I'liiertahii-d je.slerday af I iiiiiiM al l!ie huine of Mrs. .\. I, Hey ThBrmJ "Where arc you going.''' "Roinp aflPr a .sack of C/« Sw Ra1 »Ht PloMf. Mv uil'.: won't nsc anyihing " Hmwlon M/g, Sr £7v. Co. ay and also repreiientatlMs in olliei place.s over the eit.x wlo will ~" ; I;/nnreaiiKli. Tlio nr<)>:raiii whirli U ^ I'ahva.vs ai| lii^(ree|;\e fe;itiii-e of (lies, • MO .'liliVs bast'd on the silbJCC! •.\la;"i .\:ii' ilea." The roll rail w.i- answercil l;> Items nf Inli-ri'sl abou! lb • iesi>iii ;'i 's of tl;e t'nited Slot"-"I'll varl'irs iJiten-srni; di-lalls j ilie (leveliipeiiieiil of mine!'. i;as aili' . nil. Mis '\V. I). \V(dfe read an e\ i ii'iiiely iiiii-n-stini: paper on "Sliiiid .-.r I Oil'" ai'd told of tlie pelll ea! :ii :i' ether i|ii '.^Mn::!: •,vl !ic^ it occaKion? 'Ir-. () 1.. ';ailiiiphnupe pave a (le« • ription of i'le l .i -l:Mid Stanford iini Beauty Pins! A N w Sekclioii lu at J W. COFFEY & SON t.\<'lui«lu- Ji-nrlrr^i. I^u>t Side. Mis- Iterlba SielJ.x and .Mr. IJiiii'iai' jsifKI.v ati''nileil a card pari.\ vvliieli 'ii.•^s .Myrtle .Mavoii i;;'ve ai her li'.iiii' i 1 l.alliirpi- last i-veniiiR. : •:• •> .;• .XiiMui.i; the autumn w 'iidlm;..; wlileii •. ;i; ei-eiir il'is iiionili Is- thai of .Mlsi •! ilessie Ki!!-.; lo .Mr. \V. Cray of Kan:is Vily .Miss K iiK Is well K'niiwi! i'llloiiK lln- yollllKer lolii folli. esjier'al I Iv ihe liiuh sclimd ludenls who wcii- I'cr classmates for se\eral y^-ar.s. t. + + .\;i- .1. A. WiJn-'d is ••nierlaiiiiiir : I e;u- .s this affemooil. •;• "5« •:• The WoiiKin's Ilelii-f Corpt. i;- 'Mi 1. ria 11 iiK .Mrs. Hell- Harris of IClii I<iri:i todav. • A + Till- I'.apl'sl .\ul soejet.i is lo :.;ivi' : ;; serii-s id leas Ibis winter ill aeeiird- > MUX' with ;i cusioni which was <-ar- rlod out last year. Tlio tirst afternoon «-ilI be held at the home of Mrs. Cowau on Scott slrjcl. The meetlni; of the jjociety yi-sterday wa.<« devot- <d to var.ous art cles of needlework V. hich the ladies will dispose of al a holiday bazaar. V • •> Only two weeks until Hallowe'en. .\ troup of little iieopl;-- were discusa- im; ilie situation today and the. im prompln confcrenc.- ended in partial \»i'.\\.< •.or severa: -iiroraial Irolics on Ml Eve. Tliere will probably be the usual fetliv ties this y'ar. Ilie cl.arivaris and the Informal al home;;. I..a8t year .--veral of the older folk pave parti';- and I be deeoiations were uunsiially pi( tly. There will proI.nMy be a num- I'.M- of affairs this fall because the -eason has be<;n extremely 'luiet and mcveniful thus far. Tiie ladles of the W. K. M. S. of the !st M. E. churdi will hold a recep- liou for Dr. Ida S'evpnson on Satur- iay afternoon al 5:n0 o'clock at tho li'iiii.' of Mrs. .1. VC Kilwards, 602 East .Madison. LaiUiH of the different churches of the city are cordially invited to be present. * * * Mr. and .Mra. G. \V. Apple are lionie from an extended visit In New York and other northern slates. -s + .Miss .lessl.' Wiilson iias returned fii>m a vawinon in New York city. + + • li'V and .Mrs. L. C*. Harnlsh enter tallied tho members of the Reform- id church and friends of tlieir parish ioners last evening at the parsonai;.'. Durlnif the evening seventy flye nuests attended and were chariiiln;riy < aterinined by Mr. and .Mr.>--. L. C. Harnisb, .Mr.". .leijsle 'Oil Sielii ami VkSn. Prank Krosl. A number of tho younger guests asslst- eil with an Iniproniptii program which added (o the iiloaHUVc of the event. .Miss Iva Hall. Miss Mamie Itemsb.-'re, .Mrs. 'vJhidys Wykle Hyatt and Mr. Oeorge Waite contributed music and to close the evenliiT tUe lioftesK served a variety of delicious dainties. Th .• •lfrair was a very pleasant one bf- cause of the chiirming hospitality of the host and hostess. Don't handicap yourself at the start by feeling that you haven't as good a chance as the other fellow. The added amount of self confidence that our clothes give you make them well worth while. SPECIAL SALE: TAILORED SUITS TO-NIGHT and MONDAY Tenth Shipment of tailored Suits just received direct from New York. The mufjh w&nlcd Biucs, Browns and FaJicy Woisteds, go OJi tuJe Tomorrow, Saturday, at Special Prices. $20.00 Tai'ored Suiis Tomorrow for $15 00 .M.tdc ill all «'<>i »l <'ln:\i' I-, I fci :iiij.;l (Mjii.- wur.sluls in \'.tvv I -r f IJxUU values, Tuuiglil IIULI Muuday ouly OvIlUU ^i'>hl $30 00 Fine Tailored Suits Tomorrow for $25.00 Made in fun; Cliiflou bi-u.-MlnIutliy, fiuc UiiGnibbci! Woi.sUd.s and lii^li pradrt Mixluics, in ptelly shades of brc-wu, Navy Vuwc and pifctiy Novelties, ttyle.s up to the minute, coats 27 and .'•0 iuch lengths, some are trinimi'd and .some are plain tailored tffect.s, choice of any thc^e f.'{iMiO Suit--, Tonight and Monda\', for S25.00 Special Sale of Trimmed Hats Saturday Choice of 25 Bedutiful Hats, regular values from 17 50 to flU.nO. Ou bale Tomorrov. choice Special Sale Children's HaLs Tomorrow 75 G 98 C SI.25 $1.50 jg Store 'noes See Our Line of Ladies Fine Shoes in Welts and Turns in all Leathers, th^ best* shoes in America for f3.50^ |3 wd^ $2.50 "GET AN AIM IN LIFE" Ucv. lik-k C>aif iDtcrestiii? Talk the BusiiiCMii I'ollcKf. Made by Leopold, Solomon & Eisendrath, XI Chicago. Sold by one good live merchant n your city. It will pay you to look him up. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY W. II. ASDEBSON, Attorncf-st-IiaiT. Notary and StenoKrapbor In Office. Pbuiiu 4r)G. • II. A. Ewlng, S. A. Card, G.R.Oard • £>YINQ, GAKD k GABD, • . Lawyers. o Practfco In all OoortS. ^ 9 1 /4 W. Mtf'dlson. PhoB« St9. -i?»ijrY«iexAivs I)K. SIc.VII.LK.V, Special atlcniton glvoii|lo the treatment of all Chronic PlHeaa- • i" eH and Discasnii of Children. * \ • Telephonou: OJIlce 32, Kea. 233. 'i" Office III Mrs. Turner's BIdg.. • Wni -t Madison. • Pbona 687. Rei. 701. .DB. <). L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. 3ldg. "Cut some afui in liff," is thr scn- ttucc which would SiJini up tlie addcs.s of the Rpv. .1. W. Hicks, the United Brithcin evangelist, lo tho IoI:i Bus ii<'SK CDHOBP studpnts this morninm. HJclis ixpiaiicd tijal tbn ue c<'.>i.sity of young jteopU- deeidinc iii^'iii wliai position Ihoy will talio in lifi-, and after d:J>cidiug should jut every oi .'nee of onori .y toward the carrying -iin of tliosc plans. "I don't care how- poor a young man or woman is. or how many obstacles are in their w ;iy t<i success, if tlicy will get that f nn •iiiii strndfi 'isl determination to get sonic plare in til." world, tlicy are bi.iiniii to succeed. They sliould work iiiciii :ind day if iiuees.sary to carry •lilt ili;ir p !;iii." saSd .Mr. Hiel-.-. lie iiNo stilled that iinc only w:is|. rlie iiiiiiliil < diicfft'nn iiece'isiir. TIT iii'i-"^'. Inn thai ihi- heart :iMi| hiiii-! mill llllilil hlliilllil all he ei|iii'!il."l tn ttiirli in lllli ^'•ln l »efiire a pir .-iDii I-MIII'I fcr ri'iil hlieri'ss in life "In <hleur'"." etiniinn .Ml .\fr Hlek:-.- the board of etlccal'on Is; di • (•il .ssiiig tlii< advlHaliilily of pl;if',;ig tim Htudy f*r file Uiblo in Ihe reciil.-ir couiHp. Tlip buainoss men of fhieauo are lelling flin hounl of ertiicatlon thi; iiniKjrluiice of teaeliliii: the elilliiri-i) honesty In order lliat the busliw .'ss interests may not suffer. f. L. DKEE.SE. .11. 1). 3fflce Phone 108.1. HR. R. 0. CHRISTIAN. rfaysIcJan and SnrgeoD. Phone r.r .l. lola, Kaoi. • DR. EIIITII S. UAIGU. • Office anil Residence over Bur- • reli's Drug Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 tn 4 p. m., 7 to 3 eveningi. Sundays by Appointmenl. • r. H. MARTIir, Practice Limited to Sargdry. 16 N. Buckeye. Phone 576. • Rooma 7 and 8. Evans BIdg.' * j • IIB. W. B, IIEYLMim. • Pliysiciai & Sorgeon. * Office N. E. Corner of Square. • Over K.C. Plumbing Co.'a Store. • Res. Tel 38. Office Tel. 602. • 1 I'liom: Fuller BIdg. Dlt. QLTNN, Specialist Ey«. Ear. Nose and Throat Glasses Furnished. I * * DR. L. TOZEB, loin Infirmary, SOS E. Jackson, We use X-R.iy. Violet Rays, • Static, Galvanic and Faradis * Electricity with vibratory stlm- • ulation In nervous and chronic • • •: • diseases. Phone 386. Spet-ialM in Throat and LUD? Tron- I'lcs EndvrsiC!* Vinol. Me wrifcs: "Iti r.-ibe--. wliere (he curative iuflneiiee of rod liver oil is nec'kd. I prescribe Vinol. wliirli I find :o be fiir more palatable and clliiea- ious tlian other cod liver preparations. I :ini convinced from my own exiierienee and from a knowledge of llie iiatuie of Vinol. tliaf it is a worthy cod liver preparation in which a physician may have every confidence." C. L. Drccsc. .M. D.. Goshen. Ind. Siieli testiinony furinshes further evidence to the people of lola that our delicious cod liver preparation, Vluol, does ail we claim for it. As a Iiody builder and strength- creator for old people, delicate children, weak, run-down persons, after sickness, and for chronic coughs, colds, bronchitis, and all throat and lung troubles, Vinol is unexcelled. This is because Vinol is made by a scicntlllc. extractive and concentrating process from fresh codg."^4verB combining wilii peptonate of ir6n"o7f=j the medicinal, hcaliug, body-bullding elements of cod liver oil, but no oil. \Vf ask the people of Ida to try Vinol on our offer to return their money i fit falls to give satisfaction. S. R. Burrell, Druggist, loin, Kaueas. RrtS. Tel. ins. Ofliee Tel. 16:;. .1. i{. rRi'PEii. I>i-ntiNt In (lerJIiafieul l.v IO '-;ilei| over • (• .\lr('lJllI^.^ t'lolliiiii; Sliue. * iKiil Iri |ircp:i r<-il In r|>i nil l :ln >lii * iif up-io 'liili' ili'lilJil rtorli. • lOveulir.; work liv ;ii>!iolriitn<'tii. > • P. L. Lathrop, • Mrs. ne.'?sie G. Lathrop. • (>.<ri;t»p.vTnn; PHT.SICIANS. • Si;ei iiil anention given to Dls- of Women and Children. Dici- i;;i:;t Side Miirdwaro. nil;.': 'Phone. .Main "ItlS. Home Made Sausage of all Kindt. Ca .Nh Paid ft)r Poultiy and Hides OTTO niNZLs UTTO-DAfE MEAT MARKET II' Bast Aladlsnn I A.V ATCHISOX woman was mat on the street yesterday carrjftet • Ixix full of hair coinblngs. But doB't i ;.n ulurmed: she was not foloir to thrust them into the key taol* at any tuanls house vhon she qoql^,;- l ^va them ma«U< into lovely UttI* jlirW to oovar the thin apou on chiaon women know hOftiMMMS. nil rUgfH Jt)nt it l«,.Aot IB Way.r-iAtohtaw Ololbt. Pi PI iOLA STATE BANK OMPiTAL St2,500 HHJt,KAM8AS. omnroma, A. W, B«ck, L. B. HorN-ille. J. A, .RobinMH, H. L. Henderson, J. H. Campbell. Geo. K. NichoJaon. Fnudcltiddlr. PERFECTION WICK OIL STOVE SAFE CONVENIENT ECtWOMICAL If jrour dealer don't bandld ;t. wrtttt to THS STANDARD Oil. COMPANY, LivinqstoD £> Co Ijontractors and BnMcnL All kinds o; work a apeclalty ff Hoath 8;«»mar«. VhbW IttI For Sale Cheap. Good Farm and I City Property. See the j THE JATIIA1\'K£B LAJTD CO. ! for <iii''-k results. Old Court Uous^ lela. Kana. R. S, GiLFtLLAM, General Coatraetar. FiagBtunn and Cement Sldewatka ani Curbing a Specialt/. once lift East JaebOB Av» Pfeeae BM. r j-JL Taaaer. lieensed aaatlMMer 414 sale erier, SOS Harth XcBaa, «a»

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