Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 26, 1908
Page 4
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•I • •- fIn lOU DilLT lEOSTEl OHit, P. SCOTT. •atered at lola, Kanflas, Postofflce, u Seeond-GlaM Blatter. AdTMtliliis Bates Made Knowm on Appllcatioii. POLiTIGAL GOSSIP SUBSCBIPTIOX BiTES. > c vMjir IB loiB, Cbis Clf7> laMjM- Tllle er LaHarpe. )ne Week 10 centi tee Month 44 cents One Tear $6.00 ByHaO. Ouf year Joslde eoontr 9SM §B« rear oatsldd couty H <00 Sliree Montlis, ln°advance.......|L00 One Month, In advance 44 OFFICIAL PiPEB, GITT OF BASSET. ^ TelepbODBt BaafneiiB Office - - Editorial Room - - - 18 222 \ nEPUBMCAN TICKET. For President of ihe ITnited States WlLLLVil n. TAFT of Ohio. For Vioe President JAMES S. SlIERMAM of Now York. STATE TICKET. For Governor W. II. STUBBS of Ija\frencp. For Lieutenant Governor W. J. FITZGERALD of Dodge City. For Secretary of .'^tate C/IAS. R. J>E .NTO.N of Attlcn. For Auditor JA.MES M. NATION of Erie. For Treasurer MARK TUU.Y of Independence. For Attorney General F. .S. .lACKSON i of Eureka. !For Superintendent Public Instruction E. T. FAIRCniLD of Ellsworth. For Superintendent Insurance C. W. BARNES Osage City. For State Printer T. A. McNEAL : of Topeka. For R. R. Commj.ssioners GEO. W. KANAVEL F. J. RYAN C. A. RYKER. For United States Senator , J. L. BRISTOW : of Salina. For Congressman CHAS. P. SCOTT ! of lola. For Judge Thirty-seventh District OSCAR FOUST of lola. For State Senator FRANK TRAVIS of lola. COUXTT TICKET. For Representative W. T. WATSON For County Clerk R. E. CULBBRTSON. For Treasurer C. C. AUSHER,MAX. For Register of Deeds R. L. THOMPSON. For County Attorney H. A. SWING. For Probate Judge J. B. SMITH. For Sheriff C. O. BOLLINGER. For Superintendent of Schools MRS. MAUDE FUNSTON. For Surveyor H. F- PALSTRING. For Clerk of Court C. E. ADAMS. For Coroner R. O. CHRISTIAN. For Commissioner. Second District T. J. ANDERSON. For Commissioner. Third District C, A. FRONK. The Home and Hensld. an orthodox Proie.<;tant magazine published in Chicago, prints the following letter from Judge Tuft: "August 26. 1908. "Editor of the Home Herald: "Dear Mr. Chapman:—I respond to your inquiry as to.what importance I attach to Christian character In the building of a successful career. The questions suggest two >others which must be answered In answering this: First, what Is a Christian^ character, and, second, what is a successful career? First, I consider a Christian character that of one who holds as his ideal a compliance with the two commandments given by Jesus Christ, and who earnestly strives to live up to that ideal. Second, I should define a successful career to be that career which bring."? the most real happinessvto those who happen to 1)e within the operation of the inHuence of the person M -hose character is in question. "Coming now to answer your In- quir .Vj I should say that a Christian character in the building of a successful career is Its most Important part. The longer one lives, the more convinced he must become that every other incident and element of a career loses importance in comparison, and ihat whf-n a man's life work is done this is what stands out. and whether the career is one of profession, business or politics, the same thing JS true. "Sincerely yours. 'WILLI.UI H. TA1"T." ooooooooooooooooo o o ox SECOM) THOrOHT. o o o o o o o o o o cooooocoo There is, wo ^^i7consi (!v>ral)lo onr- ioslty as to who Is going to be the Cy LolandiOf the presidential contest. The fact is. too. the country will run right along whether you register or not. (Br>'an says the Republicans bought the votes that beat him before. If that is true. wh.v. in tli<^ name of goodness, did they buy so many? Sidney C. Tapp has ber-n nominated for President by the Liberal party. Mr. Tapp concedes, however, that he can not be elected. The goose that laid the golden eg? can be accounted for. hut what, by the way, has become of the sroose that grew the fe.Hthers? The two men who were lynched in Tonnesfiee w'ero lawyers, hut that wa.-«n't the only reason. Harry Thaw's application lor a writ of testification has been refused. If you don't know what a writ of toj- liflcatiou Is don't feel badly about it Neither does a«vbo<ly ols». As we understand Mr. H. , Clay riorce's attitude, it i.<i that his health Is In no condition to stand the Toxa.s cllmatol Frank 6. Monctt has given out an interview telling why he left the Republican party. We had always understood that it was because the Republicans locked the door. R. W. Blair gave $100 to the Democratic campaign fund. But Mr. Blair Is a.bachelor and can^ afford it. . That! loud report you beard Tuesday afternoon: that was the explosion of the State Agricultural college football team. Sam 'Sadges is going to get out another' (llrectory. And It nuiy be added that Radges gets out the only directory; in the county that is literate. - i»JMat .New York. Oct. I'J,—During the early part of the canijiaign the Democrats were saying that the business interests of the country did not really care whedier Bryan or Tafi wnn elected. Because of the .apathy which marks the e:irly stage's of every Pres- ideniial campaign (he lJ(>mo <Tais finally almosi convinced themselves that this argument was true. Nathan Straus, on behalf of the Democratio Na lional Committee, went so as to start (he organization of a bu.slne.<is men's Bryan and Kern League, and sent out showers of letters to business men all over the couniry calling on them to rally lo the support of Iho Nebraskan. It has developed in the last week or two that many of hl.s'; replies were distinctly hostile to lir.v- an, and although Mr. Sirau.'i still continues to speak enthusiastically about the progress of his work, it has not been possible to get any definite information concerning the personel of any Bryan business men's clubs, and the statements of Mr. Straus are all that, have appeared as evidence of an existence. j This mistaken argument by the Democrats b.ised on the early campaign apathy seems to have proved a boomerang, for investigatioii shows that it has aroused a great wave of enthusiasm for Taft amon« tly- leading business mon of the T'nitrjd Stales. Indeed, so fearful are they that their I)osition should be misunderstood or tniscohslrucd ihat they jiave organized Rusiness Mens Taft C]hihs with the strongest possible committees ail over j the country. Althoughl notices of the' formation of tlu-se clubs have appeared in the local par»ersj it is interesting to make a compilation of them and see how strong an argiinient in favor of Mr. Taft is provided by the names of the men who form J these committees. In many of the cities the working men have joined liands with the business men in this movement. This is particularly true in Indianapolis and Cinciunatii In most instances the committees will be found to contain the names of Democrats as well as Republicans, showing with a great deal of emphasis how the business men. who form the backbone of the country, realize how dependent they are upon the uninterrupted progress of legitimate b^isiness enterprises for their own success and prosperity, in Chicago a committee of hirty representative business men gut ogether for the purpose of organization, and .selected from their number as their executive committee tlie Messrs. A. C. Bartlelt, jjohn G. Shedd. John V. Farwell. A. A.[ Spragiie. E. S. Conwa.v. Franklin JIacVeagh and J. C. Shaffer. The general committee is composed of J. Ogden .Vrmour. F. H. Armstrong. A. C. B.-irtlett. Charles l.. Uanlett. Lloyd W. Flowers. E. B, Butler, W. H. IJu?h. Clyde .M. Carr, E. .<?. Conway. C. IL Cnine. .1. V. Farwell, W. E. Femon. D. R. I'orga.n, Frank H. Jones. D. K. Kc-lly. .1. L. Kesner, Rollin Keyes. .Mcdill .Mct^irmick, Julius Rosenwald. Franklin MacVeagh. J. C. Shedd. John Cl SlialTcr. .lohn \V. The rtunity to Buy Gossard Corsets at Less Than the Regular Prices a Wc have received from the factory 10 dozen of these Gossard Corsets, which, on examination, we find to have "bleach spots," some the size of a Ihumb nail, some a trifle larger, some scarcely discernible, nothing more serious than a slight discoloration here and there, which in no way weakens the fabrics or affects the corset. These corseb are fresh, clean goods, in latest models, made up to fill our Fall orders, and we must dispose of them at once. Gossard Corsets have never sold for less than SSmOO, but be* cause these appear damaged we cannot place them on sale at the regular price. Wherever fashion reigns and style is appreciated the Gossard Corset is acknowled((ed to be the finest obtainable. The Gossard Corset models are absolutely essential in the production of the Directoire styles. Every Corset sold will be fitted with the extrenie care exercised by our expert fitters in selling Gossard Corsets at regular prices. This CorsetSale continues all week Scott. Stewart Spalding. Charles .\. Stevens. J. Harry Sciz, Francis T. Simmons, E. .M. Skinner. ICnrollmenis were begun most actively and already amounts up into thousands. In Indianapolis Ihe otTicers of the -Association are: President. Winfield Miller: Treasurer, Jefferson H. Claypool: Secretarj'. H. H. il^ckwood: V- Presidents. Horace McKay. W. H. H. The reduction in price we are glad to make because we know that those who h.ave hesitated about paying the price for Gossard Corsets will, after securing one of these e.vqui'site garments, never .ifterward he cpntent to wear anything el.^c Those are but few of the improvements that GO.SSARU CORSETS accomplish in iigiin-forming. They are the principal roa:sons why the dressmakers of the rtiifed Ssates almost unanimously n^coniinend (iO.S- SARD CORSETS. The C.'O.S.SAKn CORSET alone gives •the new back." which i.^ essential to a truly fa.<;hionahle appearance. Oe- crinse the hack of the Gossard Corset is fixed and iiermanent—it cannot get onr of shape, as backs nt" all bnck- laccil corsets ninsf do. Tliis s.'ile. wljich will !i.^i,in Monday, inidoul»t|»liy will uc liic unly oppor- lunii.v offered: for our [(atinns to j)Os- K ^-ss one of iheso peerless corsets at .1 rodncfd itrice. We urije cvi -ry woman ill loin ii« lak.^ advaiirasjo of this s.ile. NEW YORK STORE Miller. Addison C. Harris, Franklin Vonnegut. John L. Ketchain. Thaddeus Gurley. Giirley Brewer. George Alig. George G. Tanner •and W. N. Harding. No;, only has the enrollment of this organization been active in the city of jiidianapoHs, but also throughout the ;smaller cilicj; of the State. The foods we eat furnish enargy for the body just as burning coal makes steam for an engine. The experiments of Prof. Frankland, Ph. D., of London, show that cod liver oil yields two and one^udf times more energy than starches or sweets. Scott's Emulsion is pure cod liver oil combfaied with hypophosphites of lime and soda. Itfonns6it,^'es strength, enriches the blood, invigorates the nerves, and repairs tissu^ thisaJvertici to which it MMM. yoBT addrac aii4<Mr ita>c*wr podaee. and we wiU send ymi a rConplcU Handy Alb» of the iVocfr :t S SOOTT&BOWKRWMWSIiwt, K«!»Y<l«k In Cincinnati a committee of 100 leading business men has been formed through the efforts of a smalbM- coni- mi.iee con.-5isting of Robert R. Reynolds. -George I'uchla. Guy .\liilli>n. Satniiel Trosi. .1. G. .Schniidlapii. .Mi- cbai'l Ryan, J. S. liill. Lucion Wulsin and Jiiiius Fleischman. Tiu! same finlinsinsm among both the ncinch-rais ;ind Rt'putil,ic;ins aiike is being evid<'iu<'d that was so iio- llcpable during the activity of the n<m- partisan Taft Notillcation Day ("om- mntce in .Inly. .\ strong Cleveland committee of has been fortintj consisting of Charh-s K. .\dams, Oor;:e W. .Avery, I'rank Hillings, .Xlvaii Chis- holin. H. G. Daltoii. Harry R. Kdwards. George .\. Garrefson, James H. Hoyt. Robert L. Lreland. Charles F. [.aiich- Un. J. H. Mcbride. Samufl M:.ihir. Otio .Milier. W. P. .Murra>. .lay .M. Pickands. F. F. I'r.Mitiss. Georpe S. Rn.s.sell. F. A. .Scott. A. S. Tayor; Lyman H.iTredway. A glance ar this list shows men of such lame iuieivsis :o insure aft in C Dayton the*foilowing seven leading men have organized: T. F. Plati, Newton Thacker, K. S. Reynolds. U. It. Dickey. J. .M. .Markhara. K. C. Harley. ,iad Henry l.oy. The business Inter- eiits of thi.^ community consider that Raw Furs! B. S. BARNARD .12I4{2C XoHh Buckeye Streef, lola, You start right, end right. Top the market. Get a square deal. Don't pay any commission or express charges. Don't sell to any trust or give middlemen any profits nnd don't have any regrets when you ship or soil ti» B. s. BARNARD "Re Stirp You're at ili<* Place. Right Men's Exchange. Real K&- latc and other associations. The executive oiTlcers the PIBLIC S.ILE POSTPONED. The Ral^ih Drake sale has been New [ posti»oned pa account of bad weather York Business .Men's Republican As-1 and will be held Friday. October 30th more and St. Louis. The committeo of business men who started the move fn Raltiniore were headed bv K. Clav sociafion are: Kiiward -\. Drake, President: Charles H. Sherrili, First VicePresident: F. Homer. Second Vive-President: Geor.!:e T. Wilson as Secretary and Treasurer. So quietly have the organizers of these different Taft bti.'iine.^s mens clubs been working, ami t-o thoroughly deiermineri are they tu do everything in tlicir imwer ti> make certain the eleciioii of ilu- Republican Kindi- di;ie. the forces .swell enormously befDre anybody knew much about it. Iii\nearly every city where such an firgani/aiion has :!ppeared ir lias igot into full swirm in a remarkably i short lime. tlir «sir ^li the business flections fit" New York aiid Rrooklyn the elTecl is noiii-ealde. V»liiie Xjithan Straus has been talking al.oiu his Democratic i.ea.mie the Repub icaris iiave been fjiiietly working and ueising on** fiOKethcr. The first piildic announcement of the existence of MICII v.n organization came on the niuht of October 1::. when the .-(.s.^oriatloii met and activity as to insure the best le- suilts for .Mr. Taft in Cleveland. In Tinianus. who was elected Mayor up- and took final actions ou the matter of on an independent ticket, aiid w.-.n the parad-. That meeting wa.« in.irk- bim are associated n strou); gror.- of led hy entlnisiasm and Irirniony. The the most representative men in the [temper of the meerin?; >ho\\ei1 coriclii- citv of Baltimore. - sivety the determinaTioii of .Now In St. Lonis thi.s great swing for York business men to -.^et to the poll-; Taft was so largely accelerated and i of the big ciiy a bi;^ \<iie for Jiid:?e increa.sed by the spleiulid impression'Taft. made by .Mr. Taft. last week, that thei .M the meeting several llu^ine^s mon question has not iM 'en who .should take [who are in toueh with other .sections part in the business men"> moveiuent. j of .N'eiv York save most favorat'le rebut to keep the committoe down to :i j |K )rts of pro-Tait feeling anionsi the working size. The final list of the r(>mmittee has not l>een announced. there should IH« no tlotibi as to how j altlough the fact of its formation is| busines... men feel f..r Mr Taft in his i wet! known. The active ender in li .e. bu>ine.->s men in every sectuvo. home Siatt lu r .uralo. the committee, which consists of .Messr.*^ S. .M. Clement. William A. Rogers, John L. Ciawson. George B. Montgomery. R. W. Pomeroy. .facoh C. Dold. William H. Faxon. Hobart Weed, and Jes$e C. Dann. represcntlDK. as they do. respectively, banking. Iron, dry goods. Itmiber. law. movement Is RolK'n Day. of tlie Day Rubber Company. lu New York the movement has taken dennite sha|>e. Executive ofBcers of the New York .A.ssociation lieen elected and several . , h.ive been held. Arrangements are, Allen County. Kansas, now being perfected for a big demon- 1 Notice of .IppointmcnL St ration on October : M . A permit for .Notice Is hereby given, that on the la parade on that date has been issued 10«h day of October. A. D. 1908. the meat packing. «-holesaIe grocery, bro-ihy the city authorities. Already the undersigned was by the Probate Court kerage and hardware reveals how very' " •• - - -- „ . . . . _» .n——v ...ooe .t.iii- widespread Is the feeling for "Taft and stability" among the boslnesa com munlty of that active city. Of all the cities in the I'niied tates. the two in which there is most noticeable the revolt agatngt Bryan and tlie swing of ftl! hrsiness men, iieaiocrais as w ^^ll ais RepablicanB, for Taft, ai« Baltl- «First Publishe*! October ISMiS.) .Nntke of .ip|ioiatment Guardbin. State of Kansas. .Mien County, ss. In have!'he raane.r of the estate of Eviino meetings {Overmyer. a person of feeble nnnd. of membership of the New York body in- of Allen County, Kansas, duly appoint- chides more than twenty of the iarg-jed and qualified as guardian of the tst business men's associations In the estate of and per.-on Evllno Overmyer. cit". Among them are the Merchant;? person of feeble mind, of Allen Tailors. Machinery and Metals. DruglCounty. All parties interested In said Trades. Exporters. . Sporting Goods, jestate will take notice and govern r..ear Tobacco. Milliners. Jewelers, Hat • themselves accordingly, tere, Tnnnrance. Lawyers. North Shie' M. KELCY ROSS. BuElnsss Uen. Brooklyn Business Men. 10-13-19 -2S - Goardian. at his place three and one-half miles south on Kentucky street and five and one-half miles northeast of Humboldt. The following propertv will be sold; Eleven Head of Horses and Mules. One roan horse r, years old. w»i;icht 1200: one Kiay horse J2 years old. weight 140i); one hay horse \1 years old. weight 1400; otie bay more I'.', years old, weight ItjOO: one sorrel mare 11 years old. weight l.")0O. in foal by Jack: one brown mare 11 years oid. weight I.-KJ in foal by Jack, two yearlini; mule colts, two weanlings; one bay pojiy mare tJ years old. .^afe ffir «-hiiilreii arivwhere. ThirtwH Read of Cattle. five ;;ood milch cows, all giving iiiilk: one two-year-old heifer, and one yearlius; li*iiler; six spring heifer calves. Farm Iinpleraents. One Champion eisht-foot binder. f«ne Deering mtnver. one Deering lu-rnnt rake, one Sandwich side delivery rig. ii»-w: (leair Sweep hay loader, one swrei> rake, erne Kagle hay i)ress I4x I .S. one t::)Od Enough lf.-lnch riding plow. r>ne li4-inch walking plow, one two .section steei harrow, one three section steel harrow\ one harrow cart, one good t^^i-n sheller. three riilintc cultivators, one walking cultivator, one Success manure spreader, one iron wheeled farm wason. hay racks, feed one sprim; waiion one carriage, one bugjiy. ii>iir sets of heavy work harness, linht harne.-s. double and single, one H'.-l»; tongucless bar-^ row. disc with truck, five shovel walk- iuR plows, one Black Hawk corn plant er with check and drill, one Chetham Fanning mill with l)a.«.s:er attachment: one two hundred incubator. Syphers make; and brooder: blacksmith tools. car!>enter tools and harness tools, one high wheeled wagon with good grain l>ox and with a tip top box on it. Other articles too numerous to mention. Terms of Sale. All simis under $10 cash. On alt snms over that a credit of twelve months with 5 per cent interest if paid when due. If not paid when due. notes draw ten per ceiit interest from date. Five per cent discbunt for ea* RALPH DRAKia. Col. Chas. Rishop. Auctitmeer. I. F. Nigh. Clerk. ! ? Lunch on GrouBds-.-. ^ \

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