Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 18, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1907
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TOL. IX. ». 411. Whole >o. «2»1. miGUT riQES. lOLA, KANSAS, OCTOBEB 18, ISOT^FJilDAT EVESIXG. EIGHT rAGKfll PBicE TWO cnraii COWAN WASN'T BEADY HE piD>T TOTE AM) SIM)AY OK. lDL \A>tE >vA >i I)EFI:ATI:I». A LIVELY DISCUSSION FOLLOWED QUESTION OK LK^AMTY OF XEAiilKE WAS ( (»>S1I»EKE» AI-SO. Prof. DrnnlN Vins I'rinripiU Cliuniiiion of Mpasure—Or. Jjljiin Mndi' Stuiif FpiiiiiPtit Kfiimrky on Qiiotiou. The much tnlkudof Sinul:i> ;uiius<'- ment onlinaiKT" in.'t its il«»:ith lust night when Councilman \V. A. t'owan did not vote on itio iincstion. It will bo reniemboi-od that at tlif incvious mppting tho niatu-r was laid on tlio table. Aa it loqu ri-s a twothiiiis vote to lake it I'loni the table ami th ccMincil was known to stand vvi-nlv , divjded on passing tho nieasuio, th cham|)ions of the ordinance hav,^ boon . declaring that rnfair ninins ua.s tak en to defeat t. o measure, in ordr to prove that ilicy were* willinK ti give the ordinaiico a fair test, the opponents of the bill consonied to vote with the others toward taking It from the table. The motion to tak the ordinance fr<ini the talile last night, carried bv a unaninion.s vote. Wlien City Clerk V\-endorf called the roll on the ordinance Councilnien Vezie, Dennis. .lones and l.eniasters voted for it. Coiincilmen (Jlynn Am ernian .ind Fryer against it. Council' man W. S Cowan not vottne. The mavor therefore declared the nieasuii lost'. The failnre of .Mr. Cowan to vote a ail precipitated a lively discussion in which Councilman G. C. Glynn bore • away the oratorical trophies. When Mr. Cowan's name was called he said he was not ready to vote on the mat •ter.. \\^en the chauipiops of the or dlnJince saw that his failnr.-> to vot meant th«^ defeat of their measure they began to make inquiries as to whether a man c<nild not be made to vote. Knowing that .Mr. Cowans voir either for or against meant the iiass ape of the measuri'. they.seeme <i tt think that there ought to be some lawj or rulins to make him vol? y <'s or no. al.tJmiTgtJ-nn<n>cl(led on the question Dr. r;iynn asked Piof nenni» who ."seemed to be mo .>.t rnnnTneil about the fate of the ordliuineo why h: wanted the city to t;il>e up th<' mat. trr when the state already had a law that cover <-d if. Prof. Dennis ie;"it:'rl: "Why not let the state enforce the caiiililin;: law and all oihi-r laws then?" "The city can iiialic and enftiic" gamblinp laws and get the fines from tbi-'m .Xhont all we will get out of this amii.semenr ordinance will be a big law stiit. Wiien these l<ills which I 'o on the table her'' toniuht are iiar<t the city will not IK. jn a iiosition to fight a law suit. The stale is much nor? able to do it. Tf we atienipi to close the theatre because i; iirrsen'> a show on Sunday for money it --cems to nie that it woiijii be inc:imluTf oi' \n to compel the c .-ment plants and our other larg" factories to quit wnrk on the Sabtiath. and 1 hardly think it advisable to do that." "Then again." said Mr. Cnwan. "the ministers earn the most of their' sal aries on Sunday." Later on in the (iisciissie;i Mr. Cowan in answer to a nuestion fntm th< mayor, said: "I am not ready to vote or the quest'«n. I have not given the matter sufficient thought yet and do not feel prei >ared ui vote. Risht now we ar? facing legal {rGTT'?!li> if we • pass this ordinance which I '!•) not think advisable with the present state of the city 's finances. T think it can • be reached through the state autlDri- ' ties and fhn stat- is much more abl<» to stand a law suit than we. More ; than that this or.iinance seems aimn! more at the moving pir -ture shows and I thinfl they ;ir<' a help rjiiln -r than .i detriment to th>- morals of the community in that tiifv affor<l a place for ; yoiitjc p<>f>ple to CO wlio. were it - fn\ the moving idcfiire sh 'iws, might • go to i|UeKtiOMHble places." Prof. Dennis -rill ir.<;isteil tJi.-.i .lie / ordinance should b> pH^sed. and was visibly d'sapi'oiiitecl at the twm thinvs took. The otlier nieiiibe'-i of «he i-oun ; ci' who tavorcil the ordiii.-oice did not partie |p»ti. In ti -c nrf.uiiu-ni and sn-em P.I to fnlov i:. 11 ,1 .1 Mr ('owi .n; vot- f' for the ine;i^i :re ft woulil jiavi- . passed. Ha 'i I.- voti-rl acaln -tt it thi-, vote wouM l,:u.- li.fn a fie and the'' mayor cast TIH- .I ci .lin ^r<v Th- mayor is SHid 'n- so -ne i.i li.- with th<' measure and lir "Mi-rs to be against The question of 'ho Icaality of th" ] ordinance came up" .Tud was r !'f ?rreil to fJiP city attortie-.-. "Tr. Oylpp sabl that he had doubts as to whether the • ordinance would pass but was rather . incIlDP.? to believe that if fh.» ordin- ; ance was contested its opponents would have a big law suit on hand. Mr. Oyler also said. "Personally I don't care particularly whether the ord'nancs is passed or not. but I do believe that it ought to be voted on and settled- once for aJi, ••Ither pass it or vote it down." CIlErKIMi 1(( TLEIUiE OIT. His Oftice leases to Exist Al'te Today. W. K. Rut lodge, who for several months lias lieen superintendent o fuhlic utilities, is to l )e checke<l out I'day, and tl'at olike will be don nwiiy witli. Kiitledge has not a ct di-cided just what he will do In th luTrc. He has four posUiont; now op< I) !<• b m '-111 has n')t yet iltH -ideil jiisl wtia; < ;i' i !• wiil accept. Some of the pisitinr .s are with local com panics while ' JIII..- aio In llie wefst. The wiu 'k loraieiiy do :ie by Mr. Rut ledge wil) lie p!ac-"d in th.' hands of the heads of th«> dilfiienl depart meniK and oa< h d .'-'iii tii'int is to its own ord.-iing I lie tollowiu;; am a> the lu>ad of the dopartnicn 'is: Gas—.1. N. I{odxei>. Waaler—.Mr. Newb.v. Electrical—N. K. ,Stone. TO AlWrST WILSON TKOIHI.K. Coiinril Ket'erred .Hafler to I 'lililli Committee. Mr. and Mrs. M. F. &ylor and Mr. :End Mrs. C. R, Sucher chaperon^ a "party of youn^ people during a trip > to LaBarpe last eveaiag to see "The '.Kansas BuaQover." r tlie rmmt people whpmade up the ai«t4Btlmate triands of UteJoU t5liDbeiM*^.ta\4fci' T\w trouble ovf>r the Wilson lease was last night referred to the utili ties c<immiitee by the <'ouncil. M Wilson, it is understoml. has submit t«<I a proposition to the city wl^Jth maybe mot. It is not expiH -ted that any furtii.'r d fflwilty will arise ove the matter. Mr. Wilson maintains that the city has not itMliplied with the terms of the lease. .MISS CAIX HAS KESHiNEl). yUss MrCiiun Is Now CaMhier in (it) Ot'lices. ;MiKa luliih Cain has n-signed hi /losition at (he ;;as ofllce as cashier and .Mi-s Frances .McCann has sue ceed:'d lior. .Miss McCann has been it' the city offices for some time and 1.: familiar with the duties. Under t:ie new management in the public utilities office tiio duties which Ml.s« Cain form.^rly had in charge have been distributed among the oth( some extent at least. |*<^rks. to soni ( ITY VIOLATES LAKOK LAW. Kniplii .»ev at I'tnver IIOMNC Hu>e Rj-en Working Twehe Hoiir> n Uuj. W'or I has been received by llie city Yi'iiii ilii> state i.ihor d:'partnienl lha; must observe the eipht h «iur law with lefiTi'iice to piiidic eiiipl 'Hees at tlm power lioiise Soine of the m .'n a' the power house l.ave been working twelve hours a ilay which Is in viola ,tion of -44M »4«w. Th" matter was- re r.\"d to the ut'lHies <lepnrtment. TO F<IRF('LOSK A .MORTOAIJK. Artnii Rnildiiig and L'uiii Would Re* coicr ijiS.tW'i-i.K. The .\f-iiia lliiildiii.x and Loan assc- <-i:ifi 'in h;i.s liroii::ht .-i.'it i'l ili -.'ri;') .•'uirr pL-aitist W. M. Smitli. (•• ii fi)rcelo.-e a liKMiuaf;'' "it piiipei ;y ir t;;is r"i;-.. it is ali "'-ed th:i' on :' iiiDtti '^'sory miip ;inii taxt 'S advanced by the I>!aintifT the defendant is indelued to the ass 'iciarion in il-.i' sum of $".'.i;:;'J.r>s which is now due atvl unpaid. The properiv on which the association would forcci'ise is lot 7 Itloek I'>. Ga.- City. SIMrSO> (ASK rtJNTINIEn. Alleged rickpockel 1" He "Iricd Oc- IOIHT :il)th. The cilsi' of the state vs. .Mort SIn;p snn who is charged with pickpocket if.g Wits n)ntiiiii'>il this niotniiig !>•>• cause 'lie il( fendaiifs atforify was 'o: al'ie Ir. utien.I trial. S'mpson is barged with picking th.-- pockets of y\r. Ru-sell. a farmer whos" home is inrth of City, on the :;uth <if las* September. The case will be tried on Friday. October 2r>Ih. WANT TEDDY TO HELP rennsylvaniii Farnier> Wonld Hair a Hear Hunt and Stop DrNtroetion oi' Corn. WiHi:inis|)(.rf. Pa.. Oct. IS,—Farmers residing in ill" vii-ini.iy of Muckli'>rn moiiniaiti. fiften nilks ffim hi'ti^. have sent all inviiati.ui to President Ho .i .-.o- vell Ifj: hiinl f'lr bears in I.yci-miii-; •oiintyaiid assist them in exierminat- Itig a fe.-t ihat is desti .i >ini; the corn. COMPANY WAKES UP Trr. 17 if 'urhlng Conijmn.v .\«k* Cil.v for Time to AdJUKi South tValnul .tlatirr. Ts the .Vnierican Concrete couuuaj' "ante.I mor..' time to atfiiiiit to ef feet an ami<-aide seiilemenl with th« pn:;ierty owners, the r<>tincl| took no action with i-'-fer"nc«> f'> ^Ihe South Walnut curbing matter lajjt niglit The council has not chang-'?I Its | M)S!ion that the company must make the work coninly with the specificatfons. 11 so much as the company believes Ihat the trouble could be adjusted wi:h the property owners, the council did not think it best to ask for new b'ds for the removal of the present curbing and the jiuttlng in of new last night. It is said that the corai>any Is proposing to repair certain portions of he work. If this can be done to the Mtlsfactton of the property owners the matter will not be adjusted in tbe courts. \VAJmBD -rFlve »irU to take tidt- •(« at liaBd carnlvaL Jnqiiire BoberCa TEBOW BOMB AT TAFT Keiiort of Attempt to Assassinate Kc CCIM-II From- JIaniia. Manila. Oct. IS.—News was received by the local police yesterday from a priest that an attempt was matle to throw a bomb at Secretary Taft white he was attending a reception in hji> htiiifir. given at the .Icaiiit c <illege. A careful Investigation of tlie rumor failed to disclose any foundtiliou for the statement. Kvery precaution was tiikon by the authorities to prevent ;iny such outrage. Secretary Taft is being closely guarded by the Insular as well as I'Blled States sei -ret ser- vi.e men. Hesides. it is believed (here ••e no atiarchistK or men of that class in the island.s. } THE WEATHER. I Forecast for KIIDSUK: Inrrea.ilniz riondiuess (.onight, iHTominK tintietUrd Satunia}. Data recorded at local office. U. S Weather Hureaii, yesterday, today and a year ago. October 17. yesterday, Yr. Age 7.". ,6 BANK GOMMITTES MET An Investigation of the Nrn York Firms Resulted. J p. in i-' I p. m "•"' fi p. m !....<>!• s p. m i;:! Ill )l. Ill tjo IJ midnight •<~ M.ix. Temp 7ti .Mill. 'I'enip r .'i I're'-lp. 7 |i. m Ortolrer |H. APPEAL TO THE PREiS HELEN MALONEY AND HUSBAND WANT WEDDINti LEfULIZED. t;4 61 :.' a. 111. . 4 a. Ml. l> a. 111. a. ni- . Ill a. m. :-.» r.i) .'ill r.i; I J noon fil Precip. 7 a. ni o 66 New York. Oct IX.—.\ special nu 11 iiig of the c-learing house contiiiiiice wii.s held this morning to consider ihe :4enral banking situation. The sol vency Ht{ the .Mercantile National liank. as ri -ported by President Mash of the Corn Exchange iiaiik last ni:;ht was icaffiriiietl- It is understood that the condition of certain other bank in ibis city was discusseil but so far ;is,coulil be learned nt) .definite tution with ii'^ard to tliese institutions wa taken. To ((iiote a repre.seiil.-ilive (i the tie.iring house: "The siltiati'iii i now under control and no untu^^anl developments are looked for." In conservative circles the feeling inevails that certain other inter'^sts ivili have ti> lie cliniinateil before com i'icie coiificicnce in ilie local tiankini; .-ituation can he ri 'stor'-d. It is be ieved the retirement of F. .\ugiislu Hciis/.e from the presidency of lh< .Mereaniilo National bank will be fol lowed by the retirement «i£ tither per .-•Mils frimi other b.-mks. MORE CASH FOR CROPS President Sfahl Telis Farmers Their rriMittetN Will Bring One Billion .More Tlii.s Oklahoma City. Oct. IS—President .lohii H. Stahl of Chicago, in atblress iu\i tlie National Farmers' ciuigress to- lay said: "Mecause of the higher prices the farmers of the Cnited Stal'-s will re ceive fine billion .ioilars jiinre for tliel crop than they illd last yar. I'nlik'- that of the captains of high (Inatic -•ock tnanipiilators anil buyers of gov- riiin.i; ollicials. wesilth is clean Kverj ilollar made nieaiis tb.'it jiii'cb more for fo.jil and clothe.o. making that iiiicli more for comfort and happi- less.' l-MlMi 'l ~ THIKYKS UOT^t FRO.M EDGFRTON luo SiiNpeets Convlnritl OiHicers That •Tliey Wi're Innocent. Tiiievis cnter .-ii the home of C. K IMserton Honi.-' time last night an lolo S-". Th'-y secured the money roni .""dr. Bili^erton'.': trousers. For rooil measure they to^ik a hat befor" raving the house. They effecfd "u ian 'M> by raisinp a window. No clue o th'' thieves has been secured. Tw raving floor cleaners, who weri" in h:> city ;in'l at the Kdperton iiome ycF^ eida-. Were taki'n into custody to lay and searched. The oflicers were coiiviiiceil that they were mit Ihe rig.*!! parties and releas?d them. AFTER THE STORE KEEPERS NOW. Judge WaHacp Will Enforce the Snn- day Worklnff Ijtiv. City. Oct. — ,\fter a con- e:enci' toilay witli .liidge W.illi <i -e the "iint.v niaislrtll saiil he wonbi l >oi, making arrests nrsi Siin'lav for th*' iolati'in nf the Sunday working law in all i-ase-i cxrep' tbe theaters. Th''se ill ilic(:rfe I/ie ciji^r (/ C.-INMS. grLH -ers. .irlieis. I'did au'I tiililacd lirill own : s. .•-••(•on.I b.tnd stores and all keep,-s "tViiore.- in geui-ial. TFOOY KILLED A BEAR. irst (tame Was Bairicrd by Pre«idenf in tile tune Brakes. .Vew Or'eans. Oct l.S —News of the ;<illin .i; of a lug bl.ick be,-ir by I'n'sl i -nt IJ 'iosevi 'lt in the cane brake- cur (I'-ar I-iko reachel re this morning in a telegraph to ohn M. Parker. The tidegram was igtied by Shields, a member of the pnity and lead. •President Rfinsevelt illed a great big bear. He went into he thicket after hiin." .':AYOR APPOINTED DELECUTES. F. .1. (tjier and To niRowIus to Trans- .Mississippi Conin'rss. City Attoniey P. .7. Oyler and City Tre;*.- rer Thoa. Bowlus have been ai- point.-d l>y .Ma.vor .M. (}. Robinson as delegates to the Trans-Mlsslssippi onsress which convenes at Musko gee. I. T.. on October 19th to I'lsf The expenseu of the ileleRatcs are n\t paid •y fho city. Both Air. Oyler an<I Mr Bowlus expect to attend. WHUT WILL HOCH DO Kansas Anaits His Decision as to Extra Session. Topcka. Oct. IK.-'••Will Governor lIo <'h call a special .session?" That is the i (uestiou that is para mo'.iisl in political circles, and it i agreed that the following factors en (IT into what the .governor will hav to decide ii[ton: .\ dirct slate-wide primnr.v. The new freiKht rate schedule. The attiiiide of the avowed candi liates on the republican ticket next lear an;l Ihe state committee. Some ol the people who are known t'l be Governor Iloch's frieiirls declare tb;it he will not. call a special session iinle .is sonietliiui; more important tUmt Ihe inatlprH mentioned a|>pear otluMs who are equally known as hi ilose friends say that Ihe governor i just nailltig for a good chance to call a :-|ieci;tl .-lession. because ho believes that there should be one. This brings back a counter ch;irge from Hoch's critics that the governor ini.' his eyes I'ociiserl uiion the I'nited Slates s'-naie. and thai he is quietly making h .iy in that <liieciion right iKHv. llfich smiles when ih;it topic i broached. .larkson's Plan Snits Anthony. Tbe effect of Attorney General .lack son's letter Is being flguri-d upon, and a ;i'iod many pencils are worn to a stub enil in making figures, it is be ll '-vcd by t |iiile a gomi many that lloch wanted Just the cue which .lack son >;eeiiis to have Kiven. and that he will take the bull by the horns. The talk Is Ihat iffich won't wait and let the committee iict. but that he will start "doing something" in December The coniniiitee would, according to custom, meet in January. But the gov ernor is said to be a little afraid of what the committee might do. espe cially in Jjght of the fact that a poll of almost the entire committee by )ne of its members is now said to show that about 70 per cent of the inember.=: are opposed to a I'riniary next year witho'if re&trictions by law -Xnthon .i 's poll is scarcely half finish- d. but he said that np to today he has thirteen, for the primary and lour against it. In closing his letter. .A.rtorner.- Gen­ eral .lackson asked .•Anthony to say what he thought of the plan to have he comntiftee urge Hoch to call a spe cial sessitm. In reply -•Vnthony said oday. not by letter, however. "I don't see an.Mliing wrong with .lackson's proposi'ii<n. That looks all right." A pretty well defined feelin.:; now e\i;.|-; th .-it th'' rcpul'li -ans in Kan­ sas will have a primary ni !Xt jcar. wbetliHr it is at the cali '>f the com­ mittee In Older of a s|»er)al .session of the Idiisl .iiure. Twii of tlie ii'ditician.-; of the state who ai" much affected by a primary and who have frjii -.;bt it bard hat n primary i.-; iiievltal'Ie. "I think that a primary wi'l be fnrced Dp'iti us iieM year." said one of hese tii'M', ami he is a slate odicer. Th '^re rl 'i '-sti 't seem anything else to I..' The (ithri nian s.iid: "The thing Is In thi' air. ;'ud a primary next .'ear i.^ certain. Keliber we will have it by our iwn motinii or the legislature wilK meet and m.inufaciitre this ^e.ltiI•le!-y^ into law." TO ISSIK PVYINtJ BONDS. Ordinance CoTerine Three StTeetiJ Passed Ust Niithl. ^ .-\n ordinance was pussr-d la>;f night calling for the isstiing of bonds to pay for the pavinc on South Third. South First and Kast Madison strp?ts. The ordinance wiJl be in effect a)>^>n as published. The amounts 'if the liondK was something over $9.o0o. The i>avlng on ihes- streets was om- (ic-Oii some time a^o. /\VHII.K AT play this ^•ess the little son of ( morninc at re- Chas. Gardner, of S17 South Second street, had hU left arm broken. The little fellow FATHER SULLIVAN, of Wichita is <°n the city today on business. a^l i.. 1., STONE came In from Chanut/ |g lost evening for a short visit wltl pUvlng In the yard and was run- friends. He Is the supervising er gineer for the Hnat Engineerins Ci wtolcb la building^ the uefr cemeaV gnMn <L" The" toreirro Jairt- above th*! by 7» dUferoit viewa mad wfU doabt- nt>nt i» rhanBteT. '-. • > ' . w.. hmVM tn two^tolacM.. - . I len-provip- TeoFT ^illteiyf^^ rO SQUARE IT WITH THE CHURCH lELL FATHER BERNARD YAHJHN ALL ABOIT ELOPE.ME.NV. Hesnlt of Plea to London's ".lloilern SaTonaroIa" rnkuonii—Martin .Ha- i loney Is to Consnlt Yaticuu. London. Oct. 18.—Mr. and Mrs i ?iimue] Clarkson were in London last .Monilay and sought tha a>lvice of th famous clergyman. Father Bernard Vaughn, on their mnn -^ge, but on I einc inf'>rmef| that he was In the c;,-iintry. they nrote to him. lolatin ihe "i-ci.nistaiice.s under which they iia.l elopisl and Tf quested (he priest to I'paiize the'r marnage in the eyes of the church. The result is not 1 ii'iv.n. .Much Intel est is felt here in th a| p.-al to Father Vaughn by Mr. an' .Mrs. Clarkson. in view of the charge that the woman in the case was mar ried two years ago to a New Yorker ramed Oshorn. Father Vaughn is the scourge of smart society. His terrible arraign- mi -nts. in which he "calls a spad.-* spade" ;ind excoriates the woman in unmeasured terms are the talk of En bind He is particularly violent In his denunciations of marital Infidelity In one of his sermons on the "Sins of Soi:i,->ly" he says: "ro'lay London from end to end i l;tti'r''d with broken marrince vows iind in (he divorce coiirf.s "On (ralfors III (hfdr troth are waiting to be rellov ed In (his world of what flod will not r'lleve (hem in the Tioxt." Ka(her Vaughn is the son of Colonel T Vaughn. II distinguished veteran Ol' the Crimen. He was Intended for (be army, but went to the .I?s:iit co! I'ge at lU 'l Instead joined that or'ler. His brother was the lat r ,-.rdlnal Vaughn. Pei-sonall.v. Fathvr Vaughn is cheerful, genial man. But he belL^vc: his mission is (o flay society for it sins. FAKE RUMORS ABROAD False Report That .Urs. Whitloiv Had •"Confessed" Causes Excitement. The telephone in the offices of the -heriff. cotmty attorne.v .jailor and iPWKpapcrs have been kept busy to- lay with inquires as to w-heiher or not it was true that .Mrs. ^\^litlow had confessed to the murder of .Miss Sapp. The rumor seems (o have originated -iomo* time last night and has been aro'ving all day. From whence it came and whither it .goeih no one knows. The officers have not given out any information that might give rise to such a rtimor and the friends of the WTiiilows think if a great injustice to the family If the report has been glv- n out without si -mc reasonable iiounds. The county officers and also Jlr. Whitlow's attorneys said today that Mrs. Whitlow had not said anything hat should give rise to such a rumor, n fact .Mrs. Whitlow has for several •ays been out of town visiting rcl- •ilives in Butler county. .-Vn eqtially iinfoiindeil rumor gain e;l circulation tinlay that .Mrs. Sai 'p iiad explained the mystery of the trng- "ily. The officers deny this also. Sher- iiT Hollinger and .lailor Hoover Kerr •ere both railed out of bed last night 1 number of times by people who want i| to know If it U true that .Mrs. iVhItlow had maile a confession. A REAL ESTATE TRADE. A. Hitllsr Trades tola Property for .Missouri Farm. X deal closed by the .layhaw er I-and company tills week where>y Aiuust LiKtlR. a well known lola itizeii who has been in several dif- '•renr kinds of business in this city, rades his big residence property and 1 store room on North Buckey? street - Roherr Bares for an acre farm |>Uu'ee miles from West Plaines. .M .Mr. I.iittip experts to leave .Monday V .Alis.soiiri to take possession of he farm and Mr. Bates will move bout th • same time to lola to live. FIRST LECTIRE TONUJHT. ;er. Harkness Will Betda a Series at t:ast tela Churrb. The Rev. Harkness .pastor of the East Iota church, will tonight give his first lecture illustrated by views. The subject for the lecture tonight The Head Hunters, or a Trip Through the Malay Peninsula and Bornea" Thia lecture fa Illustrated THE MARKETS. Kansas City. Oct. 18.—Cattle, receipts 5,000. Steady. Native steers $4.7 .1 ft 6.7.".; stockers and feeders |3.00 (fH.RO; cows and heifers $2.10(5-4.15; bulls $L '.4ma .1.7 .T; calves $."5.00®6.70. Hog.s—Recelpis .=i.00n. Five (o ten higher. Heavy $6.i5 'a ('...'Jo; packers $6.-.'0'SU.;iO: pigs and light $d.!iii@6.40. BLOCKS WAY Presidential Annonncement Neces- .lary for Party Progress. •Washington, Oct. 18—Ulthln six weeks. VVlIllarti .1. Brjan will make a formal announcement as to his determination regarding the presidential nomination. His confidential friends have felt authorized to ni .Hkc this state ment and assign the reasons for it. Whether -Mr. Bryan will make his at- tiiu{le known through a letter to 'a supporter or through a public speech cannot be stated. On neither of the former occasions when he was jiominated for the presidency, did .Mr. Brvan make a formal announcement of his candidacy^ in 1904, he declared that he wmir ^not permit the use of his name !)efore the convention. .A.n entirely difrcrent condition confronts Mr. Bryan for the 1908 campaign. There arc jierhaps a dozen men In the deniocratic jtart) wlio would aggressively seek the deniocratic nomination if it were known that Bryan would not accept the nomination. .Most of these are sup porters of Hiyan who are unwilling to content with him and who would like to see him make the race again. Nominations Dejiend on Bryan. Several of these have frankly talked w-ith .Mr. ;ibout the situation. Governor .lohnson of .Minnesota has publicly declared himself. He thinks .Mr. Htjan will take fho nomination and under these-circi'imsianccs will liot permit his own name to be used. Should .Mr. Bryan decide not to run. the .Minnesota delegation will luesent the name of its governor. Senator Culbertson of Texas is another who will not permit the use ol his name before the convention should .Mr. Bryan indicate a willingness (o accept the nomianllon. It Is also asserted that I.,leutenant Governor Chanler of New York is unwilling to entei into a I'er.-^onal rf)ntest with .Mr. Bryan for the nomination. There are a number of liemocrats conspicuous In Vork politics who are forcing Chanler's name to the front and have even gone so far as to employ a press agetn to make a mighty disturbance, but desiiite all this. Bryan's friends de Clare that Chanler has no thought of actlvciy contesting with Mr. Bryan. In view of these facts, it is explained that Mr. Bryan believes he must speak out before the democrats seriously confront the question cf ^hoos ing a campaiv;n leader. Everything in democra'ic circles has been blocked for months. No progress can be m.ade n urging any candidate for the norain ation and it would he intolerable for the democrats to be compelled to start into an imjiortant session of congres.? without knowing whither they were drifting. Bryan Prolwbly Will Accept. It is believed, of course, that Mr. Bryan will announce his willingness to accept a nomination. Even this would place the party in a far better position than to have the leader.^ all at sea. If Mr. Bryan is to be the democratic candidate once more, he would of course be potent in determining congressional policies As the leader of the minority of (be house. .lohn Sharp Williams, who has never been friendly to Bry.m would feei that he must defer to the national leader in all matters where party politics were Involved. Mr. Williams could pursue no other itollcy and re- ;iln Ills position as house leader for he niinotity. liOCKTAIL PURSUES HIM VICE PBESIDENT FAIRBAXKS ET- EN AMONG PKESBYTEBU5S, . RECORDS TAKE NAME AWAY DESIGNATED IN THE BEFOBT .MEBELY AS -rflGH OFFICUL." Hot Deiiate Before Thto Dechloa Wa» Reached Yesterday by the Synod' at Kansas City. I! BREWERY CASES BEGIN. Hearinic of Tetttlmony Commenred in Pittshnnr, Ka<(.. Yesterday. Lt7ea^ .15fvi Pittsburg. Kas.. Oct. 18.—Robert Stone, of Topeka. Charles Shuckers Sedan, and Frank B. Dawes of venworth were here today In the terest of (he prosecution of the brswery companies who have so far refused to obey the mandates of -the attorney general and the supreme court. Mr. Shuckers is an assistant Attorney General and representa Attorney General Jackson. Dr. Dawes represents 'the> brewery companies while Robert Stone ts the commissioner appointed by the supreme court^ to hear the testimony <n the cases to be heard. The taking of the testimony wa« begun thla afternoon. . • ; Kansas City, Oct. 18.— The Presby- tc-riah synod of Missouri refused yelP terday to refer to Vice President C. \V. Fairbanks by name as having been limed down for delegate to thfr Mieth-. odist general conference because hit had allowed cocktails to be served at dinner to President Ropsevelt Instead of the vice president's iiame adorning (he pages of the synodical nilniites. thattdistitigulshed, not to say- >Iongated, statesman will go down 111 jiistory arm in arm with "The Man U'ith the Iron Mask," and "The Olrl \rith the Auburn Hair," under the, vacuous des'gnation of "an oiBclAl n 'gh in the councils of his church and he nation." .' . It was all done during the debate m the report of the committee, on temperance, presented by Dr. C. B. Kircher of Maryville. This report spok3 In flowing terms of the prtv •.;ress being made by the cause of tem- •.lerancp, and after calling attentiiHi to vuriouS encouraging events which showed that the temperance cause was [trogressing. Dr. Kircher referred to the attitude of tbe church. ''One of the most encouraging "vcnt.s: in this connection of recent iccurri-nce." said the report, "wa» the icfusal of the Indiana Methodist;ct>n- fi rcnce to send as a^ delegate td the general conference at Baltimore. .Vice President Fairbanks for the reaaon that he allowed cocktails to be aerred i' a public dinner to President Boose* veil." ' . '• Name Finally Expnnnd. Dr. Kircher and H. P. Farls, of Clinton, stood out for the adoption of the report as rsad. while Dr. D. R. Kerr of Fulton, president of WTestmioater college, and Dr. Duncan Brown.^nd K. ij, .Mitchell, an attorney of Macon, op^posed the reference to the vice preai^ d?nt by nanie. They argued that the Presbyterian synod would be disconr- '< ous in commending the Methodlfta of another state for rebuking the vice president of the United States. TTje r?port was debated with anhnation for iome time, and after being laid on the table and resurrected, and hp«i ^g had various other pariiamenfary stunts done with B, the referen^ to the rics president was expunged, and he was designated only as a high at- (icial in the councils of church anil - nai;on. The report was adoptedrwlth his modification and tbe foUowinx •ecommendations were accepted by •he synod: F. est—-That the last Sunday in Oei- tober set aside as temperance Sundry in the Presbyterian chtirches of the Etate. Second—That (he attention of the church be called to the literature prepared by the tamperance board. Third—That Governor Folk be com- riencfed for his activity In the catue . o? temperance. Fourth—That one day of the "\V )tek I'f Prayor'^e set aside for tsmpeij^ atice services. Fifth—That the synod favors, a con- titudonal prohibitory amendmeift. .Mrs. L. O. .Middleton, repreceotlng. the temperance departrosnt of the IV:' C. T. 1.'.. was granted the, courtety of the floor to speak of the work dOM : by that organization. .A' ••a S9,432 IN UEEP WEU L. L. Norfbnp Presents Stateaoit'ctf; Becelpts and Dbbnrs^nwat t«i CmndL ^^^f Sinre January 7. 1907. tO.tSSM;^' bfiea expended on the dee^ ««lt;Ut^t| tbe meeting of the council laa|-yt|^^^v n report of the receipts aiid,diil|[ menu of the deep veil coin |^ais presented by L. L, ,Nor^b|rn|i^:: tary and treasurer. , Tt^ _t^j6||^ii celpte are $9,750. tha ments 99.432, ea OuO^i balance on hfnd, tiibntoi-. ta mm

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