Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 17, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1907
Page 5
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/ West Strett, l<Aa\ one bl^k from square. Diseases of domesticated animals successfully treated .charges moderate.good box stallsfor patients Calls answered promptly night or day, 20 years experience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. FrmnkS,BetkMm, V.S. Honor Qraduaid of OnUrio Veterinary College. Prop. Hospital Phone 1068 Res. Phone 139 Elks, pander EfclladelpUa, «^ tJie Grand tomorrow Blflii BRIGHTENS THE HOME — TIK ' Idciil rr*'|)urnli(in for n'liiiiNli- ? hie Floors. Fnniitiirc, etc. sizes HIKI colors. nt SPENCER'S cnr NEWE Moler Harbor COUCBP . K .nnsaa City, Mo. Tearhes (lie trade by froe clinic j and careful Instrnctloiis iu few weeks. Positions walling for ever>body who will learn. Write for particulars. f (IDPNTY Snin'i-ini-niliMit .M.ui.l-^ I I'liiiston li'fl loiiay for v:irii >Ms Dnrls 111" llie riiiuux to visi! 'irbuols. KMK) (oolics la.»iiiir :i mile of railroad track in <!0 minutes—at tlie (irand tomorrow nlchl. <Jor.\"TY Ti«M?ur<r M. I". Sickly today nccivod SKl.SO as Woodson county's shari' of ibi- bill for ihe rcpaii'ln;; of I ho ()\\ 1 Crti -k III iduo. Dr. J. F. .fiinic.son. (Jrndiiiite AiicHoti. «er and Veterinarian. ,Sali>^ <>r mils made any>>liere. IMione l.'{, lol;!. Has. D. J. STUAIN of Wolda. is today visitn?; Chief of I'olicp Win. liaTe.". Mr. Strain was a noiglihor of ilio cbii f in Webster oouniy. N.-liiast ^a. .•uid «.lf\vell cimntyTlvansas. lif v. iil rc- liirn IioniP this eveniiifr. Wanted—Rvprybody to know W. I!. Kelley &-Son have niov-d ilieir transfer and storage ofTice to 211 South Wnshincton. OfTice and Day Phone 200. Residence and night Phone IT. , ATTpR .ViCY 1.. V. Orion i-iiip l"""tn y llnniboldi loilay r ,;i l.ll^illf•^'^ .1. V. Tnnncr, licensed niictioneor and sale crier, Nortli .McKea, Oos (•it.v. .\TT0H\I-:Y Z.-iL :.r <.f C.ilT.'yvill.'. V. as ill (."bi-rryva!'- la.'-l vciiiiii:. <•:• I'.iiti' 1(1 lola. where he wiMil to at- t .iiil cciurt.- ("!iony\a!i' H.-iiublican. Two hours of lra\el lliro* the diamond mines—V lit oriii FiiIIs—Stair iiiiiit in Frnnre—Yafcliine In Knslish _jf>'aters. and twenty other liiir features at the (•riind tomorrow uiL'lit. MRS. L. S.\ARK left today f»r her home in Newman Grove. Nebr . after makinK a w.-<'k's visit wiMi IMM- daimb- ter. Mrs. .1. I,. Harn.-s: We have a few of tho.-e cheap lots left in Highland Place. Whitaker & PnnnelL O.N" "'.Vf;ii.\T.SI).\Y .-vriiins afi.r : lirayci- ;i.ri;ii:i; S '-rvu-i- at iln' .'<i':'on(: i;a|i!i .-.T o!iii!.li. til.-' mc'inb 'TS v.'hi were ill a'ti-aiia.iice ."..'id a Im.-i of oiher liieniliprs :;;i(l fri.>:!os un<!er the aiis- liices uf the W. US: 1". .M. f. went to llie parsLiuiU" of lli.^ SciMiid itaplisi cluivoli aii'l siir|.; I.:, (i I{,v. and Mr.s .1. W. (ioidciii. .Mr. aiid .Mis. l-'ralik Weslo:! iiiiisie mi llieir jTrajillOjibi':!!-. Tlie fiOIowin:; iiaini"! persons p :i' !icipaled in the surprise: Mrs. Hen H.'. i-nue. .Mis O.-or?;.' .-\lbert. Mrs. Clias. Sivawdi-r. .Mrs. Dilry Mrs. .Junti Dnnni-. Mi.-;, .loh.n Coliins. .Mrs. T. H. MeColor. Mrs. Frank We.- ton. Mrs. C. W. liiekfrson. Mr.s. Lean Danforlh. Mrs. F. H. Dale. Mrs. Thos. Roberts. Mrs. RlizT I'arki r. Mrs. Matilda (Jraysoii. ^irs. ^;a^;-,i.• Lovinir Mrs. Qibaii nippins. .Vrs. Willis Williamson. Misses ICdith Campbell. Dora I'otts. Ida .Mbert .Mabel VYeslon, Neo- jiiia Hiir;!e.--. lU-rnice Riir.-^c. Messrs T. li. Mec.iior. Frank W.-si..n. R I'ark.r. .\. WofKlaril. C. W, Hbk.rsoii i-"rfd Jackson. (leorwe Albirl. C \V. Torrenci'. Oihan FlipphiK. Masters Krtliel Weston. ICllwofMl Willlainson and Swinney itose. The ladles In their pleasiiiir niann<'r served lemon sherbet. and cake and then departed for their respective homes. #-In Darkest Africa at Ihr Orand -'tomorrow nlchf. THR SA.N'TA FE platform waB gen erally sprinkled with rice when the south iKitind pnsseVitcer arrlvi>d tlxISy at noon, the victims being two Cha- niitp people who slipped away to loIa on ih<' pIiiK this morning and were married by the probate Judge. They were .Miss Nina Bower and Albert Car wile. Mr. and Mrs. Carwlle went dl- rectlv to the home of the Inter's parents. .Mr. and -Mr.s. R. E. Bower. 312 South Illshland. where an elegant diniiir was served to the .voting couple and a few friends. The pair will make iheir home this winter with the froom 's father. K. H. Carwlle. .',20 North Forest —rhanilti- Run. P. E. Wanrt, DPDtlHt Phone 186 OWro oTer Borreirg Drag Store. PR A. n TWiAOKUh has rented tl.e rooms in the Richards building ). -r McClain's store, which for- li.eily (iceapied by the .Mel ropo'ltan li.siiiunee eomfiaiiy's ai;ent. The i.oliis have been filled nj) especially (or ibe doctor. Mrs. Canlroll. Phone 10>7. rONnrCTOR Dnrbin. of the Fris<is arranging for a hunting trip \.iib bis son. Hlaine. th"* "'("lib" from I'hieago. and the two will leave in a fev.- cViys for Sayer. Oklahoma. wlien> till y liavi' iiKiny friends. From Sayrr ilie\ will gi( into the country. IT. ^liles away from the ^llroad. The ehleUen liiinling 111 'ic Is excellent, and oceas i> nallv a deer Is kilb'd. They will re main ihere for several ilays, and ex pi-et Id bag miieli rame.--Fl SPHII He pillil'eall. Dr. Rnynnld*. PhonA SS«. Re*. CI 4 RF.V. SAM Small, who occupied the I'.ilpi! at ili.-i Methodist cliureh both r..oiiiing^Tud evening last Sabbath, nas ill the cily for a few hours yester day. He was on bis.way to lola wher.- ln" wa-; billed to deliver lecture last iiishi —Ft. Scott Republican. WA.NTKD—.\ boy over 11 to lean: t!ie elecirical business. neiniseli S. Boil. MliS. FI.ORF.NCE Cooley of Kansas Ciiy is here tills week for a visit with her daughter. ^Irs. Clar.nci Tiiompsou (if 221 Briin'-r street. RttHKRT SARtJKNT .MARKIFIi. Former lola Hoy Weds a Girl From Vew Mexico. Wi>rd was ri'ceived in bila today of till' marriage of Robirt Sariieiil. a Tor I ler lola bov to a well known ."society yniinc lady of Espinola. New Mexico oil the 2Mh of Si'pteinber. Mr. am! .Mrs. Sargent are now making their h.otn.' ill I'licblo. Colorado, where h- a t'fHid i>os:tion with a supply (•(uiipany, .Mr. SargeanI is well kiiowi' 1 lola. having taken a course in the li la I'.usiuess College. l>i:\TII OF W Ml I'. .S.MITII. .\n !<ila Smellermnii Snccumhed U Atlnek^of Apiiendlcltis. V.":t; I' S:iiiih. an I'liiployre of the 'fiii.' W 'f-'- I'll luiijilier llin-e works vl.o \^:s 'al.ili lo ilie llos|iital this we.'!, 1(1 li;r •• :iii oi'.-ratlon for appen- "fii - II 'r..i:n"u. (tic! at ei;rht o'- eloil, l:i-l iiluhi ar llie liiiKpiial. Tno ma! IS \v.r.^ t.nkr'ti thi« tifter- t'Odii lo !; > o'.i i.iihi • ill f;irard. wher. is lo ial.:.> p!;;eo. Mr. Smith was 47 y. ars of a-'e. and has lived In lola f.'ir sivrra! yi-.ars. and for some Moirl.s l::(s i working as charger a' the I'rinie Western number three '.V or !>.--. IKPIF ItKMFlllKS F\( Erii;D. i»riiL ;;i-.> I»o Vol Have lo Estimate \!eoli(.l IVrcentiiires. Ill an o|..!iioii ;;i\iii Moiiilay. Dr. P .1. Criuiiliiti". eecretriry of the boarc' '•r hi'allh. says ih.-t when a perso" Trts a rci;;..- to:- a liom? made med! rir.f if is not iifce.---ary that the drug- .'•«t 'ta'c (he per rrrxf of .nlcoho! or. he i;^!fl. Thi. one of the reqilir.^ •nents of ih • pure (!iiis I:iw. It has 'lecn found that •ii.i'i.. home remedier 'oniaiii s .-.r-;i! different driigs. all of which <-<.!itniii a («ifferent umoun< al'idio'. \\";:eM :!.ie home prescrip 'ieii is l:!l<'! ih^ driicTist wou'd haVv o fi- iri' oat tile iliff-r^nt jiercentages 'u e .n('i di'ic in order to ."^how th*" •"Tronnt of alcohol in the remedy. Tli'- board of !:ealth decided that this wa= •'nil H <'ssai;,. When an.v narcotics are u.'ed. siic -1, as nior[)hiiie, cocaine o- "piuiii. the label must show It ShIH SBM "hirt"?, all stales and colors ruff attached, coit shirts and cuffs detached. See oir window of $r.oo Shirts. The Barclay Shields Clothing Cs^ THK STOHE THAT SATISFIES. Stale Food Inxpeetor to - Regntate Sale Of Orsters.* Wti'orless oysters must hp sold In the butcher shops and groceries of Kansas this year, according to the deciw soon to he Issued from ttie headquarters of the slate pure food iiispector. Dr. .1. S. Crumblne. People have liecomo so accustomed !o water in the raw oysters that they cell it "liquor" which Is merely water, either put there for the purpose of Increasing the bulk of oysters, or the picdlilt of melted ice. Many shops selling oysters put a big chunk of :ce into the oyster receptacle. The 'ce looks nici! floating in the sea of cyst 'rs. Hut that isii't the only re:i- son it Is put there. As it melts away it becomes worth .'iii cents quart as "liquor." At the picsnit time J. T. "^'Illnrl. chi'mist at the state agricullural co- lege, and one of the men who do.>s '\p It foi-Kl ana'ysis for the fo<id department, of tt>o .'State, is back in N"" folk. Raliimore and oilier Ailaiilie pons, studying the oyster bn.'ilness He is finding out all about how oys- ':rs are harvestrd. how they aiv packed, and liow they are shippeil. U'lieii be eoiiii s back to Kansas be vill be qiiallHed lo speak Willi autllo;. iiy about the oysli'r business, lie can idl wlielhei- "fiveu oysliTs"' are Jiois •inoiis. or wbcilier tliey have obtained their pi-culiar voUtr from a diet of sea weed, lie can tell how much .\aler is pill into Fiie nyst-^rs when ln-y arc pac|.:cd. how miieli Is added i.y the wholesaler, and how. much I'ore is put in by the relailer. In the •ipi-t ii has been customary for each man who handled ib.-> oysters to tidd 1 little "liquor" and make three Tiiarls of oysters do the work of a ;allon It is quite possible to handle oysters without diluting them with water. It >n't necessaiy to put ice In with the lyslers. Tli.> oysters, if properly pack ed ill iee can be transported to any •lari of the country. The whole oys- tete can not be handled without cru.sU ing or breaking them. They say it is lecessary to add enough water to f'oiil tli-> oysters, in order that they "lay be d.ipped from one receptacle o another. The pure food authorilie.^ ire not ineUned to a'-Tce with thin iropiisil fen. If the pure food aiithorifes Insis' ipoii w:iterl''ss oysters, as they sa.v hey will the result will probably be in increase in the price of oysters, ".lit the purchaser will g(>t more oys- •ers for his money. If a quart, of oys •.•rs costs t'lii cents insi.-^ad of 10 cents t will be an increase of one-third. >nd the customer can probably get •long with one-third less oysters. .\nolher thine which the dealer.'; in yst >Ms will go up against this yetp- •.ill b- the law r>><iiiiring cleanliness '1 handling oysters. It is reported hill some dealers dn not clean on; •heir oyster receptacles often enough ind allow the "liquor" t»i cake, dry md collect dirt on the siiKis of Ih^ ••fssel containing the oysters. Th" nire food Inspectors of the state an- •xpected to see to it that the oysl.-r- ire handled in a manner wh'cli will nsiire their freedom from dirt. MAY IIAVK NEW PIIYSKIAX. ''r. t'. .M. liurkhart of Doone, loTva. May Loeato Here. lola may liave anotner physician in he very near future. Dr. C. M. Biirk- art. wl:o for years .practiced •edicne in fias Cily. but later mov- d Bor.ue. la., is thinking of locat ug either in lola. Can City or Parous. Mr. P.urltliarl arrived in lola his iiiriinini; :*ni\ Is looking over town or ;i suitable o.Uce location. He will roliably make a v'sit to Parsons be"ore definitely deciding to locate in o!a f r Gas City. 'IttlF. WISIIARI) TO Y. M. V. A. lich School ^Principal YVill Talk on -A Pci'p Info .Nature," ••.\ P.^ep into Nature" is llie subjec or the illustrated lecture at the Y. M. A. rooms this c.enlng. Tlie lecture - to be ii.ven hy Prof. L. H. WJsh- rd of the lola h gh school, and wil' -1 iKu-tratfd by botanical and h\o oeiea' slides. The lecture gives a ine <,pi)ortunity to students of nature Iiarn something about the study. Vo chnrgp is to be made tar the lec- •lire but a silver offering Is to be col- ected at the close of the lecture. int. K. O. CIIRISTIAX IS OFT. "Iiyslchtn Met With Pension Hoard Y'roterday. Dr. R O. Christian, who has been ill for thp past several weeks waf iblp to be in his office yesterday fo' he first time. He met with the pen 'on board of which ho is a member "'e will not resume his practice unti' f.-'ra'ns more strength. His many "li 'Ti'!;:; are piad to "^ep him out. You mra eordimliy Inviiod fo arammni mf our kfore to wttmpmn m Oamonmirmilon artho CM'Namot Symiom of Varntmhing mud Grmluing Old Floors, Furuliure, oiOm ou OotoberlT'ia-IS, r. B. SHAHHOn, The Chi-Naniel .System is so simple that by its use L'veit a child can do most beatuiful graining. Any old flojr, full of cracks and nail holes, can easily be con- %'erttd into the exact appearance of expensive hardwood. Old furniture can he changed to any color with a better .appearance than when new. Free samples while they last. Lessons fr«-e by a special in- strnctor. Her. HarkDMs Will »y to Cinfeel Indebtedness oa Church. The Junior Department Store aet your emmUjfktSufiitllom from A WoMmoh Lamp Oomplotm for 78o ATCHISON ELOQUENT Local Attorney Made Hit nt State A. II. T, A. Meotin?. Col. .1. n. .\tchIson who is attending the stale .A. 11. T. .A. ineeling at Parsons made a great hit yesterday in his response to the welcome address. The Sun says: The response to the address of welcome was delivered by Colonel Atchison of lola. one of the prominent lawyers of that town, who made u very eloquent address, thanking tho mayor and cilizeiis of Parsons for the hospitality that, had been extended them by the city. One of the most appreciated numbers of the open meeting was a recitation by .Miss Edna Wood, thirteen years of age. the daugliter of .Mr. and .Mrs. .lohn T. Wood, of lola. Her recitation caught the audience and when .she closed she was greeted with an encore which was graciously responded to and again she was given the glad hand. WA.NTED—Stock to winter. Call on or address Uuy Tiirney, lola. >0T ILL, ONLY TOO FLESHY. Tho Reason for General Bell's Visit to Mnldoon's Sanitarlnm. PARKERS WELL DI.SI IPLINED. .Slrrcl .Shows Is Fndw Prrfcol Organization. Tho Hooinerung, Laramie, Wyo.: — Tho i'tirker aiiuisonient coni|)any Is as well discljdined and as carefully managed as the large circuses. II car ries its heads of the various depart- tiients the sanio as the large shows and th?ir ti-ainmnster. shortly after the train pulled In, had fli€ cars spotted at the intersection of -Main street and the railroad track. Local teams of powerful horses were already in readinass to haul the wagons as fast as they were unloaded from the flat cars up to Second street. Everything .ibout the show, from tent stakes to railroad cars is brand new. .At Abilene. Mr. Parkfr maifalns the largest factory in America, devoted exclusively to the manufacture of iiniisement devices. Even-thing tised n connection with his various show? s built ther?. This Includes the tents wagons, show fronts, flat cars, stock oar.t, dining and sleeping cars, private cars and carrj-ns-all. as well af the electrical and mechanical show? and military band wagons. A TEN -POr .VD girl was born night to Mr. and Mrs. George Atkinf of -127 South Fourth street. Libbey Cut Glass Our Cat Glass occupies a lare- special wall cast to itself. Wt ate ever on the alert to sectir- the latest and hand.somest pat terns In 6ne cut glass wlii ( they are new. fo. Pacn Santa Ff» and ». K. * T. W'nteh Inspeetor. Whshington, Oct. 17.—^Friends of C.eneral .L Fitinklln Bell, chief of staff of the army, say that the real purpose of the visit of the general to Muldoon's resort is not to recover lost health, but to work off surplus fat. General B611 left here about 2 weeks ago apparentiy In the best of ];;'alth, though some of his friends say that he did have a little surplus flesh which he wished to get rid of by ath Iftic exercise. In view of the recent" equestrian ex- p.-Hlitlon of the forty fat colonels and the. reports from Connecticut about the performances of the chief oC staff, the remark has'been made in a spirit of fun that General Boll Is getting ready for any posslhls order to the genenils to mount their steeds and see how sore they would get. Private letters from Muldonn's In ilicate that the g.'^neral Is accomplishing his coveted of flesh. In the conrso of one single walk over" the hills and a rub down he is said to havo reduced his. avoirdupois from 210 ro :;n5 pounds. "General Bell was always an athlet- 'c fellow." said an army officer today, who has been long associated with him. "W^en he was a lieutenant he got a leave of absence to take a course at an athletic school. Upon his return to the post ne had all sorts ot new tricks which he performed in the gymnasfnm for our edification, and many of these were adopTed for the course of training for the men. 1 hnv.-> an idea that he is having a barrel of fun lip there doing all the various stunts, for if "there Is anything re delights In it is to learn new way." •if exercising his muscles and beatinp other men at novel tests of musclf and endurance." PEfKHAM TAKES EXCEPTION. Says ConH ronfcratalated Him, Rather Than Lectured Him. An Tola friend of-Bert Peckham is Ii; receipt of a letter from him Ir. ^•hich he refers to the interview o' Mrs. T. D. Webster of Bronson. with reference to his trial for misuse o' the mail, as erroneous in that th' court did not give him a severe lec ture. Mr. Peckham says that the court concratulated htm when the case was dismissed because tha evidence was not sufflclent to hold him. .Mr. Peckham's home is now In the northern part of the state. T. n. CAMPBELL has traded his iroiM 'rty at .McCtme, Kansas, for a residence jiropcrty In tho 800 block on North Buckeye street. .1. V. MERCHANT, the Jeweler, has •ust received a tine new solid mirror back wall case. This makes the fifth wall case for Mr. Merchant. . MRS. J. 0. Avery and son of Cherryvale, Kansas, are here visltine O. W. a 'rantham, of ll>>^' North Jefferson .Avenne. - Rev. Harkness, pastor of tlie Bast lola Methodist Episcopal chnrch, la now making an ietfort to raise enongb money to pay the Indebtedness on the chnrch, which was constructed one year ago. Instead of making a canvass the pastor has arranged a series of Illustrated lectures to be held in the church, to which admission will hf> charged. The first of thsse lectures will be held In the church Friday iiight, October 18th. The lecture, 'The Head Hunters, or a Trip Through the Malay Peninsula and Borneo," shows seventy-ntne views. Tho following are the dates and titles of the lectures for the season: With 'The Head Hunters, or a Trip Through the Malay Peninsula and Borneo." 79 views. ".Tapan and the Japanese." 100 views. Oct. 25. "The Hill Cities of the Himalayas." 100 views. Nov. 1, "Among the Sons of Ham, or Touring Africa." Nov. 15. "The Land of Incas, or Prom Panama to Cape Horn." Nov. 22. "The 1.4ind of the Korean, or Travels in Turkey." Dec. G. Season tickets will be sold for 60 cents and $1. Single admission, fifteen and twenty-five cents. PRE.SEXT FINE NATURE SCENES. Lynmii Howe's Pictnht . Shows Hare New Features. A Boston man speaks of Pittsburg as "way out west." Many New Yorkers think that the world ends at the west bank of the Hudson. So It is perhaps not remarkable that folks of limited horizon cannot conceive the wonders of nature In foreign lands. To these, as well as to everyone else, the Infinite beauty of the Great Victoria Falls in the heart of Africa to be reproduced by Lyman H. Howe In the Grand on Friday and Saturday nights w^lll come as a rare treat. The Indescribable majesty of the mighty Zam­ besi as its waters rush over the brink directly in front of the camera into the abyss below, inspires every beholder with awe. It Is nature's own superb transformation scene. In another series, man also enacts a great transformation differing in kind but not In degree of interest. The scene is laid In the depths of the African Jungle. The actors are 1000 Cooiiej laying one mile of railroad track in sixty minutes. They are therefore not actors in the sense of make-believe, but real workers making a world's record. They are the vanguard under the white man's supervision pushing civilization into the heart of Africa. AVihIle the first part of this African series—the Great Victoria Falls—seems like a beautiful dream of beauty, the latter part—the building of this Cape to C^ro railroad —Is also the realization of a great dream—the dream of the late Cecil Rhodes. So the series really Is setting a Dream of Nature side by side with the realization of the Dream of JIan. Still another feature of this same series shows every phase of diamond mining In the Premier Diamond Mine located near Pretoria. AVhen It Is recalled that what Is here shown was all a bleak and barren desert only three short years ago, the transformation be comes as remarkable as Is this reproduction Itself. Incidentally It ma;^ be said that/his is now the richest mine in the world and the only diamond mine not controlled by the DeBeers company. NORTHBOUND Mo. 202, Pas. daily 2 Vo.204.Pas.dally , 2: No. 208, Pas, daily ex. Sun ..6 Mo. 210. Pas. arrives dally ..8: Vo. 216, Freight.D. ex. Snn 12: SOtrTHBOUND. No. 201, Pa8.dany .' 12 No. 203, Pas dally 2 \o.207Pas.dally ex. Snn ...8: Vo. 209, Pas. departs dally...6 Vo. 216 Freight. D. ex. Sun. .12: :22 p.u. 55 a.m :50a.m 50 p.m ;01p.n-. 45 p.n lOOajn 60 p.n. :20 a.m 20pjn DistiUei liter One hundred ponnds ot Crya- tal Ice will make 12 gallons ot distilled water snitable for famUy nsa. Try It ' Iiklce&CtMStanieC* FRANK RIDDUa. Mcr. ^-•Ji^;(t!iii>i[i]it The SANTA FE sells HOMESEEK- BRS' tickets first and third Tuesdays in each month for one fare plus $2.06 for the round trip to certain points West and South West. Return limit 30 days. One way second class Colonist 'tickets to -Los Angeles and San Francisco and other California points for 125.00 Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Wash., ^tc, for S2a.20. every day during October, 1907. Please see us for stopover privileges, and so forth. October 18 and 19. LYMAMJH. IfimE I ti-eseats the Crowning Trfomiih n MoTlng PIctnres, an lBtemi«^ tienal spectacle, two hours of world traveL OREMT MMVML BATTLE Beallstle torpedo attack. Diving:: Sqbmarines, CInnboats lo Action Farlons Artillery Bombardment. IH BARKEMT AFHtOA ItHN) Coolies Laylntr a^Hlle of Ballroad Track la 60 Hlantes. Dliimond XInIng, Blasting, Washing, CntUng, Etc. TIetoirIa Falls, Sunset and Voon Ught. Elks* Parade, PbRadelplUa, Stag Hunt In France, Toehtlng at Coiwes, England ' and < TwMtr other big featares. c Prices S.-^ 35 and Me. lEe Iowa Store Special Sale on Underwear! Beginnmg Monday, Oct. 14 Men 's Fleeced Garments 40c Men's Heavy Fleeced Oannenta ...50o Men 's Union Suits |1,00 Men's All Wool Garments .....I1.0O Job lot of Underwear, 100 garments for ., .'..65o Men's 25c Garments for .....16o Ladles' Fleece Lined Union Suits.. 35o Ladies' Fleece Lined Union Sult ...50o, Ladies' Heavy Fleece Lined Union " Satis ....?100 Children's Union Suits ...25c, 35c 50o .Misses Black Pants" for 35o Ladles' All-Wool Garments |1.00 We have a large stock and are going to make sacrificing prices, and cordially, invite you'to call and see for yourself; Free music Saturday night by our New Regina. Respectfully, j A. G. Mumma. Call on When needing a|iything in tne Jewelry line. Well, Friends Papcakes are in order. We have tho materail to make them of. Ralston P. C. Flour, per pkg .....lOc Ralston Prepared B. W. Flour, per pkg lOd Peruna "WTiole ANTieat Flour, 12tb sack .50c Good Fresh Meal, per sack 20c Symps to eat on Pancakes. -Maple, Fancy Table, White Table, and Sorghum. FRYER BROS. Qroccty and Wlea Market - FhOMS 308 aod 301 Does yonr "^o-Let" sign walk about? tenant, ote? Hardly. It's Just nailed OP On the door caalng. and lorn* peo> pl« Me it while n^Mt people do&t 4Bd yon wonder why nobody wtnta inch oa Ideal house. • Somebody doe* wont It, and waata It now. QIT * a '<ttle opeeiflc InformaUon through tba Reglater real eaUte colomsa. tad Ooe* It teU people wbere yoar tooaal home li, and bow many roomi It kalL and jnit how eoxy It is. and, hoi^ efeoMly yoolt offer It to g. illtr«f^ v'Ofr 'n probably find that

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