Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 26, 1908
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Th9 Rmi^lmier Hmm ihm Lmrkfmt GIroulmUom la MMmm Coumty of May Kmwmpmpmr Pubttabadjm M Gottmfy, a» OLUXE X. NUMBER S12. EIGHT PiaES. lOLA, KASSAS, OCTOBEB S6, IMS^MOXDAY ETEXDiG. EIGHT PAGES. PBiGB TWO cram DEATH IN SHALE PIT JAMES BRADFORD, COLORED MAX. KILLED BY A CAVEIX. GEORGE GRAHAM INJURED '"^'"'^ R^P"^"'^^"^ c^""^^ A BIG CROWD IS EXPECTED BOTH CANDIDATES AT WORK ukviiub ui>ni>n ^^jj j^gj. themselves. EARTH AB(^YE PIT LOOSENED BY BLAST A>D HEAVY RAIX. Bradford*!) Nwk Was Broken, Death Re/nliine: Almost. Instantly—Ora- ham Win Kocorer. A coroner's Jury composed of Gca M. Hoch. Ed, Dunfee. A. N. BwlRart. E. C. McClaln. Clyilo Perham and J. D. Arnett sijent today mvesUgaUngStrouRth than oven their enemy D Arnett SRent toaay inveBURuuuR "... - - cjujj. The ginemor's eloquence Is Ulirnl eamj>Jiimi. IJoiU tl»« Republican the dentil of James ItraAford. color- beror«> election would have dare«l to jj^o rar.» wlno and the facts aud flc- DeimK?ratlc i.resldeuilal nominees •• .. . . ..I. . • . »_ _«> i.>..^i»<« a-ni i1i.> ;t!it*> mill simio of the the death of James uramorn, comi- ufiu^i- vin-nuu ntiuui rnrt* wiu»» «nu «••»- - - - ed vho wa.<» kuled In the s«hale i>lt of predict. There la the county printlnR uns he presont.s In favor of keeplnR *ni tour the :tate and some of the * . _ i. . . ...... .1.. •% i.i4 ....... !.. ..^.•/>.. 1^ t.•^r..\ ahlost sDoakeri) at I ho command of the tho lola PorUan«l cement plant ye; terday aTternoon at r»:30. Up to press hour no verdict had been returned. Bradford and a fellow -worker. George Graham, -were working In the .shale pit yesterday afternoon and, according toj the best Information available were stooping over shoveling when the earth ahove them caved in. A. heavy chunk fell upon nr .idford '3 neck, breaking it, and causing almost instant death. Graham was . also struck by the falling dirt and badly injured. ' The body of Bradford taken to Sleeper's mprguo, where It was viewed by Dr. David W. Reid. coroner oi Allen county, j andThe jury. Funeral service for Bradford wjll be held loMdrrow afternoon af 2:30 in the Secoiid Baptist church] Rev. _^ Gordon officia,ting. \ It Is supposed that the cavein was caused-. by I 'epeated hlasting and heavy rains. | It Is sauT~llial. - not a single~^scratcli or wound was j^und upoff Bradford's body. He had been a workman in! the cement plant quarries for aboutj five years and was hut recently transferred to work in the s^ale pit. He Is survived hy a family compose*! of a wife and two small children.' Graham, who was at lirst. Thought to be seriously injured was removed to his home where it is said that he will recover. Late this afternoon the coroner's jury returned a verdict to the effect that .lames Bradford came to his • death by being struck by a ledge of loosened dirt, while ut work in the shale pit of the lola Portland Cement company, attaching no blame whatever to the cojnpauy. L.VSLEY LIVED HEBE ... Autoinohile Driver -\rrested In Kan- sa.s CKf, Is Consin nf Raj PhUlips. Earnest Lasley, the driver of the automobile which ran down and killed Miss Louisa Olmstead at the corner of Grand avenue and Fourteenth street in Kansas City yesterday. Is the cousin of Patrolman Roy Phillips and Bud Phillips of this city, and is well known in lola. having lived here for a number of "years. As soon as the accident happened Lasley who is known among the automobilists in Kansas City as ?'.Monk," was put under arrest charged with criminal negligence. He is atj^as was holding low. did not see the automobile approaching. It Is alleged that Lasley was exceeding the \ speed !lmlt placed on automobiles In | Kansas City. IVben Hoch Come!* In. Gov. E. W. Iloch, who will address the Republican rally in the Majestic theater tonight, will come In this evening from the east on the Missouri Fortunately, the Republican Pacific. eral election at. his office. A number of candidates wfere in to Inspect tbem |c today. Chas. kill In'Town. Cbas. Gill who is rejwesentlng a novelty goods bouse out* of Wichita, ^Cans.. is in tie city today on bust- 1 a ness. Be loni*rly live^-here. WHAT GOOD? I i What good has been accomplished by turning over the business of Allen County to the Democratic P ^^^J* BR,LLUXT KA>SAX TO ADDBES.S I POLITICAL r.lMPAIO> TO BE HOT. through the election of a Democratic f majority on the board of County Commissioners? That is the question well ask themselves. From the standpoint of merely party patronage the result of course has JAMES H. 01Y SPOKE AT BA.SSETT EACH PARTV WILL MAKE BI« EF been evil and only evil and that con- SATl'RD.iY XIGHT. tinually to the Republican Party. Al- thou!;h elected by Republican votes • , the two Democratic Commissioners | f""*^ «* Yates Center-He Had a Fine |D«,.l,|iol Slates .Singed Out for Last have lost no opportunity to throw the county patronage against the Republican party. Indeed they havo been vastly more brazen and have sone to greater length to use the public business to build up Democratic party for cs.nmple. When this n .^mocratlr the Repub^ean party in power Is majority fir.,t came Into omce there ^"^^^ was no Democratic paper which had been In existence long enougb to be qualified under the Xrii' for appointment as oBlclal paper. But this patronage was not to be rllowed to escape from the Democratic party and so (he ncmocratle board connived ai the boldest possible trickery, the pur- of the name of a rewspaper which had been published more than a year aind which name was used for no other purpose than to give the Democratic board a pitiful pretext for appointing the Index the official paper. To argue that the Index was a year old merely, because it assumed the name of a paper of that ago was as silly .IS it would bo to argue that an infant is SO years old because it is endowed with the n.ame of its father. If a Republican board had over done inyihing so bold a.s that the people, regardless of partj'. would havo raised up and demanded its removal .'"rom office. Not only was the printing bestowed thus upon a paper which had no legal right to it. but it was let without advertising for bids and at rates which would have provided in ^Iher papers a circulation ten times reater. But even tins was not the worst. Not content with violating the spirit if the law and with robbing the people of the publicity which they arc entitled to receive touching the county business, this Democratic board ap- uolnted as the purchasing agent of the county tbe principal owner of this napcr, the Democratic County Attor- ne.v. Upon one man. therefore, was laid Uie duly of ordering the county nrlnftng. of doing the. work,'; and of auditing his own accounts. Will anybody maintain that such an arrangc- nient is in the interest of good business management? As another matter of party patronage the county assessor and all his assistants, associates, of course, are Democrats. No complaint been made on this score nresent out on bond given by W. H. because nothins: else - Lfer>-. ,he oiner oC ..e .u,o.o.Ue e .PO«»„ from . D=.«era.. Z^X^TJ'Z' '„°,„~s Lasley was driving. Data recorded at Local Office, U. S. ment from the point, of view of the public welfare which have resulted from the mistake of two years ago. candidates for Commissioners this year are men whoso experience peciillarly O!!,K!^EI 1*'1« a few qualifies them for the transaction of Haven this morning, a stop at Port ofT'^sa^ b^lots f^r The the county's business, and the xnls- Chester this afternoon a dinner, five Of the sample, . ^^^^^^ ^^^^ f.^*^?^^' li^l '^^l ^ri? ^1 "^^^^^^^ In the county will not be repeated. Herman Paneoatt Here. , ..... H. L. Pancoast, whio is employed In ^ ETgar store at Burlington, spent yes- ter^ with lOs tamffly'faere. GOV. HOCH TONIGHT N. Y. IS THE CENTER RALLY EV MAJESTIC THEATER. Meetlng—l- L. Xorthrup Is in Topeka Today. Governor E. W. Hoch. tonight. This Is the menu at the Republican feast in the Majestic theatre this ev Mr. I loch's oratorical powers ,) I ablest speakers at iho command of the .intlonal con^milee^^ have been as are I signed to participate in the b.ittle for known all over the country and whcnp'o'**^- he Is talking Republicanism he Is nt his best. Wljen he leaves the gov ernors offioo nt the end of hla prcs- Ropublican candidate for president ent term he will go on the platform Since he has been Kovernor he has gone out every summer for lecture bureaus furnishing talent for ehautau quas and more than made good. 116 is known as one of Kansas* most briliant men and his talk this evening will be a powerful one. Every voter in the community Is urged to come out and hear him. A special invitation is extended to the ladies. The Black and Tan Quartette wil' furnish music. This quartette has a number of campaign songs that have taken every meeting this fall by storm. The boys will "spring" them tonight. Unless ibo weather is extremely ui> favorable there will be an immense crowd. Big. delegations are coming from over the county. James IL Guy)^ of Topeka, address-, ed a meeting of the colored voters at Bassett Saturday tiljtht. Considering the weather there was a good crowd out to hear him, many of whom -a-ere white people. There was unusual enthusiasm and the speakens* sentiments were heartily applauded. L. L. Xorthrup, chairman of the Republican County Central committee, went to Topeka this morning to attend a meeting of the executive committee of the Republican state icen- tral committee. ; Captain H. A. iPwing and .ludge FOust addressed a goo.-l meeting .it Yates Center Saturday night. Tbe Republicans of Woodson county are especially Interested in the election of Judige Foust as judge of the district which includes Woodson and Allen counties. They showed their regara for Judge Foust by coming out in large numbers and cheering his remarks on Republicanism. Three big meetings, are scedu'od for Allen county this-week, the Hoch meeting tonight^ the Bailey meeting at Humboldt tomorrow night and the T>ong meeting at Moran Wednesday night. Humboldt is expecting a rousing time when the ex-governor|Governor Chanter will continue their should I speaks there tomorrow evening. Mo- THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas:—Fair tonight •JKIPV wns rtriviuir , ^ ^ . t i j A bear Senator Long. The Republicans asie> was aruiug. toard. It certainly affords a good ,„ , . ... Forecast TOP rvansda.—r-.. .^...3... Accordine to the story of the acci- will also have a number of, meetings . ^ w - • deHven V the KaTsIs clty papers. ' ^be bad pol- 3,,^,, and Tuesday; not „,uch change .n^the .Miss Olmstead was pasJslng along the 'cy, from a Republican standpoint, of the latter part of the week. The tempe^*""- street carrying! au umbrella which she putting these important positions u^n- school house meetings for the first Consequently she jer Democratic control. ""'•*" " *" The foregoing are only some of the more obvious instances of disadvantage, from a Republican standpoint, as well as of actual loss and detrl- cance'led on account tion of the roads. of the condl- PROGRAM IS FULL Fire Sprorhes and Seme Otlier Erehts Are on Jnd(;e Taft's Calendar for Today. New York. Oct. 26.—A trip to N'ew tion In Brooklyn tonight were tasks Party the most responsible offices ^^^i^^^ to Judge Taft at the beginning of his 'campaign in the east today. The candidate arose this morning in good trim for the strennous Register want iray. LY CONTE.STED THERE. FORT FOR PRESIDEXTIAL VOTE. Speeches Before Campai^ Knit. Thi» Kausa .-i City Journal says: New York >tate will be the stornt ceut«-r t>f tho closing week of the po With the exrcpu'ou of a briof speech in Now Haven. Conn.. .Mr. Taft, the will .spend the entire w^eek within the Empire state. Mr. Bryan will devote four days to N'ew York and on Friday wll enter Ohio, which, like New York, has a place In the doubtful column." Indiana, another uncertainty, will be toured by Mr. Bryan on Saturday, the Democratic candidate closing the week's campaigning with a night speech in Chicago. Cabinet in Thict of Fray. James S. Sherman has a week's campaign outlined in New York state, while the plans of John W. Kern, who had expected to devote the week In specch-inaking in Indiana, depend upon the condition of his son, whose illness compelled Mr. Kern to abandon his tour at Syracuse last weeT .md hasten home. Members of President Roosevelt's cabinet vtiU lake an active part in the week's campaign. Socretary of State Root will speak In Ohio and New York Postmaster General Meyer in Ohio .Maryland and New Jersey: Secretary of War Wright in Virginia and Maryand; Secretary of the Navy .Metcalf in West Virginia: Atiorni->- tJeneral llonapane In New York; Secretary of the Treasury Cortelyou In New York, and Secretary of the Interior Garfield, in Ohio. Minor PaHy Plans. \\niile New York will be the center of'political activity. Ohi-j and Indiana ^^11 he stumped by both parties. The Democrats will send two special trains bearing prominent speakers through each state, and the Republicans are planning many meetings. Eugene W. Chafiu, Prohibition can didat:» for president, will speak during the week in New Jersey. Pennsylvania Delaware. Maryland, Ohio. Indiana and Illinois. Thomas L. Hisgen. candidate of the Independence party, will campaign in Massachusetts, Rhode Island. Connecticut, New .Jersey and New York. Speaker Cannon will address a meet ing in Philadelphia .Monday night. Uijiicd States Senator Kuox i.s sched uled to deliver au address in Pitts- I)urg Friday night. Anti-Trust Proceedings. Governor Hughes and Lieutenant campaigns in New York and Judge Alton B. Parker will make at least two speeches in the state during tbe week. The government suit against the so-called i )Owder trust will be continued in New York on Monday. Tues day will mark the ri^snmption of the hearings in the ffderal suit to dissolve the Standard Oil company in Xevr York, and on the follrfwing day rhe Inquiry into iho n'laiions esi .siing between the coal companij-s aud ihe coal carrying roads which the government is conducting will he resumed in Phitadelpfata; On Monday a general ejection will be held in Canada to choose a new ttarliament. To discuss the claims that certain operators are not living up to their agreements, a convention of coal miners in the Pittsburg district has l>een called at Pittsburg ri >r Tnesday. Forty thousand men will be affi'cte*! by the action of the con\ention. Balkans In Publlr Eye. Other conventions fvhedul'd ia- clude the .National IVderailon M t«as- pel Mi.s.ston.s at PhtladciiOiin. boKln- uing Weilnesd.iy. and the .XaituUiil .Sui I" Growers' .\ssociat!i>:i at t'hattanoogti. fTeuiu, beginning Tuesday, T.he annual meeting of the E.-»aiern l.cague of Professional Fkisa ball clubs will be held In New York on Tuesday. Abroad, Ihe situation in the BalKans will ronflnue 10 occupy ati<^niion. Tho Bulgarian assembly is .^che»luled to br convened Wednesday. On the same day the Russian duma will rea.isentole Ajnoy, China, is making preparations for the reception of the second division of the American battleship fleet, due there from Japan on Friday, The first division of the fleet is on the way to Manila. Prince Henry of Pru.ssia is planning to n]ak« an ascension in Ihe Zeppelin airship from Fredrich.shafen on Tuesday. school hottse mee lugs for he nrst —^ «„a 4.3. are puttinfe on extra touches three nights of this week had to be weatner uurea 1 evomnlification of a year ago. 2 p. m. 4 p. m. 6 ,p. m. p. m. S .44 .16 .4.^; .45 10 p. m *^ .2 midnight Maximum temperature ...47 Minimum temperature ...40 Precipitation. 7 p. m 0.04 Today Yr. ago ffespondlng, with the colors of the sen- 4^ ator. Bach Sir KJnlgtat wQl there- 4g (ore live the days of Athens and Syr- 47 acuse over' again and the candidate 47 will surely appreciate the ; degree 4g when he realizes that all this work Is 49 for Eis special beneA?: Tbe issge 0.30 room will bie fitted this evening for the Inspection of the members. Sn- W. 8. Thompson Up Town. ' pfeme Representative Britton will al. • W. S. Thompson Is able to be tip SQ be present and tell all about the Tbe best ami qniekMt way la Tbe ^^'^y ^ ^^^'B illneaa -wlUi Spstpn convention. All Knights are '—*— ' re^iieated to come /mt. 2 a, m 42 4 a. m 40 6 a. m 41 8 a. m ....42 10 a. m 43 12 noon '. 47 Precipitation, 7 a. m. ...0.02 tbe lagrippe. THEY WANT THEM NOW. Farmers Apply Too Late for Pheac ants Sent Here. \ Tho farmers of A'len county hav.» suddenly come to the conclu.slon that they want some of tho phea .iianT .s which were .shipped to the county clerk by State Game Warden Del Travis. Mr. Culbcrtson. when he first received them, asked for volunteers from among the farmers to care for the birds until March, the nesting season, when they are to be released. Only one farmer signified a sire to take a pair of the birds. Mr. CuJbenson therefore proceeded to have a cage made In which to keep the pheasants until spring. The cage was built and set up Saturday. Late Saturday and today nearly a dozen applications came in but since the cafec Has already been made, the pheasants -will be kept at tho court house until spring when they will be distributed among the farmer.s who applied for them. Real Estate Transfers. L. D. Stith of Nara Visa. New Mexico, to E. Engstrom, I.<eoti. Kas.. lot 6, block 12, Farmer's addition to La- Harpo. J. P. Thomp.son, Sumner connt>. Kana.. to A. J. Collins, lot 2. block 2."), Overstreet's third addition to Gas City; also lot block 1", Remsberg's second addition. K.OFP.IN STYLE NOW Lodge Has Additional Paraphernalia. Inspection Tonight by Supreme Representative. The Knights of Pythias lodge. No. In the way of exemplification of tte Ye.sterday Yr. ago Knight. rank. The full senate sess- 60 ion, as it is called, will now sit in 55 oriental trappings of Pythian and Sy- 53 racusian splendor. The King's throne 50 has been beautifully draped wltiT fine 48 canopy and in colors signifying the 48 colors of the order. E^ach senator 62 will not only wear the robe of the Ro- 48 man senator hut each chair and pe- 1.14 destal will be decked with ^lors cor- AFTER NIGHT RIDERS TEXXES-SEE EXECUTIYES! TOIL HAYE C0U3fCIL TODAY, MILITIA GUARDING THE JURY AI„SO COMPANIES OF PICEED MEN WILL HELP KEEP PEACE. Reelfoot Lake Where Fishermen Ply Trade a .^^nrre of ContenlloB— Mght Riders Molest Citlaens. .Na.shville. Tenn.. Oct. Both Union City aud Samburg. on Reelfoot l*;iko. where the soldiers are camped were ct«niers of Intere.Ht today In tho lilRht rider trouble.s. .-V special term of the Obion county court convened at I'nlon tliy ii-nlay for the purpose of liiylng before tho gnmd jury all evidence thus far colleoted. Governor Pjitterson left here to be rwesent at a meeting of tho court. Of a number of men arrested, ten are being held, and It Is promised that when thn grand jury Is convened tomorrow sufficient evidence will he furnished to secure the Indictment of every member of ihe night riders' or- ^nlzation. The sessions of tbe court «ill be under military protection. Five companies of the state national 5iiard will be at the disriosai of Colonel Tatom. To aid the militia, tbe adjoining counties have been drawn •n for iKJSses of picked men. Governors of several states of the South have approved of a suggestion of Governor Patterson, that a conference of the cxeeutives he held and t.lans devised whereby they can act in concert in an effort to destroy the alght rider organizaticKiic In the Reelfoot late district tbe ake itself is the source of contention, it was asserted by thoso living in the vicinity -that it was their right to ply their voeatinn as fishermen in its waters without molf'Station. while the >wner of the land upon which the lake is situated took an opposite view. TO PLEAD INSANITY That Will be the Defense of Capt. Peter C. Hains in Answering Murder Charge. ' New York. Oct. 26.—Temporary insanity will be the defense of Capt. Peter C. Hains. Jr.. of the United Slates army, who killed William E. Annis. at the Bayside Yacht club landing last August. Kansas Not the Place. A Western Kansas exchange says: In time,, it will daw|n upon men -who are going about the' country vith. air- ^Ips, that Kansas; is not the place for them In which t^ make fligjits. An airship can't fly if the wind is blowing at the rate of more tnau eight miles an hour, and if the wind should to blow at that rate' in this state the inhabitants would at once make compTaInt to tbe weaCber bureau. It's the gentle breeze that helps make Kansas the best place on earth in which to live, and Kansans can do without airships,^ better than they can do without tlio i breeze. ' ORE PRICE.S AGAIX CET. Rains Rednre Projdnctlon of Both Lead and Zhie. Galena, Kas.. Oct. 26.— The past week in the Kansas-Missouri zinc and ead mining district v&a marked by another cut in price of both minerals and slight reduction In output because of excessive rains. The prevailing price of 60 jier cent zinc was |36 per ton. hut a large proportion of the out- out sold at ilO cents leas. The price of grades ranged $1 under the price ct last week. A few lots of top grades sold at %[iS.:>0. or 50 cents less than a week ago. Tbe lead ore market was marked by reduction of $2 per ton. the best grades bringing $52. Tbe price of this mineral has been unsatisfactory the producers for several weeks ^nd refusal to sell at reduced prices has resulted in an unusually large surplus. A GIri Bom. A girl was bom Saturday eyenlns to Ur. and Mrs. Roy Gwlnn.

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